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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at love o'clock. >>pam: pain at the pump gasoline prices continued to soar, tonight will show you how much more it's costing you in the daily grind. muni under fire after recent series of mishaps including a new controversy after a driver caught texting behind the we will is discovered back on the job. first, to local hotels that house more than a dozen sex offenders and the neighbor shock to find out who they were living next to. kron 4 joins us live from santa clara with our top story tonight at 11:00. >>reporter: parole agents tell me 20 convicted sex offenders live at these two motels behind me. san france's minitel has a 14 and next door at sterling motel 6 sex offenders. piquancy santa clara
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university over there on on this clocks you have a lot of students and families with young children living here. all the neighbors are asking whether so many sex offender is concentrated at one place. the answer is simple, just as law. many of the neighbors don't want them here. some of the sex offenders now there today. but because of jessica's loss, sex offenders don't have a lot of choices where they can live. jessica's law prohibits convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 ft. stores school. >> their parks and schools everywhere especially in such an urban area. it's hard to find places that are in compliance and are reasonably priced. >>reporter: christopher davis is one of the 14 sex offenders living at st. francis hotel on the alameda and santa clara. he said the parole department recommended this place because this is one of the very few pockets in the
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south bay that's in compliance with jessicas law. that's why so many of them live here. >> i made a mistake when i was 18 and i know that i will never reassigned again. >>reporter: davis said he committed a sex crime involving a minor and has lived here for about a month. he's trying to move and that's good news for neighbors. it she wants those sex offenders gone. she and her three young children live a block away from the motel. >> one of my children has down syndrome, so she's even more vulnerable. >>reporter: said the sex offenders have taken her children strolled away. if she will let them walk to school and the template on the street. as the unafraid of a stranger danger. kidnapping or killing or rape. >> i understand their concerns and the release sorry there in this predicament. but the law is what it is. >>reporter: if you're a
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parent you could certainly sympathize with that car and i just interviewed, because there are low risk and high risk sex offenders living here. if for parole agents as they say it's beneficial for them to live here because it's easier for them to keep track of one group of sex offenders and continued under them. it live in santa clara, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage continues now, that location that we just showed you in santa clara is not the only one with multiple sex offenders. j.r. stone joins us now. you exit found several other locations similar to this one? >>j.r. stone: searched this web site here the california sex offender website. it took several hours but i found eight different locations scattered across the bay area. these locations have multiple sex offenders living in the same complex and sometimes the same building. when it comes to a registered sex offenders in our area, the city of san jose has the
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most with 1000 in 44. to keep in mind san jose also has the largest population in our area at of the seven cities and look back, concord has the least amount. as for specific locations, this is the day breeze and the website said there beautiful rooms and great food. there are also least 13 registered sex offenders living here. the in has the largest population of sex offenders that i found during my search. we jump to santa clara, a mobile home park on monterey road if there are seven sex offenders living there. in san francisco, and the seven offenders live on gary. and san jose of the six offenders are registered to boxer's senior apartments, the most of the senior living facilities the location given five stars in the offing. for more locations came of, a mobile home park in san jose, 3 apartment complexes in daly
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city, concord in antioch. all locations with not just three but at least for sex offenders living there. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>louisa: we still have quite a bit of cloud cover outside right now, a clear shot the golden gate bridge looks like we do have a slight chance of light showers rate on three-year saturday. it for watching a series of pretty weak storms moving through. bringing us that threat of a few raindrops. saturday night mostly cloudy conditions. right now your radar shows what weather to the north is sitting off shore. our area staying drive this current hour. and that's the temperatures are dropping down into the 50's and '40's. 48 san rafael, 51 san francisco and oakland, 52 redwood city. 46 along the coast line. when we come back that i will give you a full look at the forecast and rick down for you and let you know when you can
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expect the wet weather. >>pam: gasoline prices well north of $4 a gallon, commuters are feeling the pain. kate thompson compares commuting costs and the bay area from last year to this. >>kate: daily commute from san jose the san francisco is about 112 mi. round trip. last april with the cost of gas at $3.19 a gallon, driving a car that gets 22 mi. a gallon and it would cost the average commuter this year with a gallon of regular costing $4.22, the cost of the commute jumps more than $4 to just over $21 a day. to the east bay, walnut creek is a 50 mi. commute round trip. last year it would cost around $7.50 a day, this year and $9.50 a day. it's a similar story for north bay commuters making the 56 mi. drive from novato. it would cost an extra $40 a month.
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kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: company in oakland is now offering bio diesel out of its production facility. sir ron of fuels in oakland started sales to the public today. the company said the fuel is sold at an average of 255 per gallon less than regular diesel. the company says its fuel is made from used cooking oil and to be put in most petroleum diesel engines without modification. high prices at the, for causing the problems in california. a newly released triple a study shows more people running out of gasoline compared to last year. the study shows this bike is up in northern california, nevada and utah. aaa said 26 percent more people have called in this order out of gas than last year. >> ones that $4 mark is reached to that's a psychological barrier for some people, he may say some
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people are trying to stretch of the tank because of the thought of how much this will cost. >>pam: experts warn running out of gasoline can be bad for multiple reasons. if drivers to be stranded in an unsafe situation and it could be harmful to your engine. >>reporter: markets the most annoying thing about driving in san francisco, going up and down the city hills looking for parking space. while this transportation authority agrees with that statement, they brought out and i phone up to make parking more painless. coming up later we will find out if it works. i'm a curious seeker.
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>>pam: the city of san francisco has released an i phone at which promises to help find a parking space on a city streets. jonathan blum talked in the car to but that up to the test. >>jonathan: some will argue it's the most annoying thing about driving in san francisco. it going up and down the city hills looking for parking. san francisco transportation authority
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agrees with that statement so they brought out a knife on how to try to make parking in the city marking this. the app uses sensors buried in the ground to tell when a space is occupied and vacant. it right now only works in a few neighborhoods. if you're thinking of using the alp while driving, think again. it says morning, your moving at more than 10 mi. an hour and continues to tell you you should use this on as your passenger or happen to be looking for parking what you're driving the bus. it went to dismiss the warning you consume in on where you want to park. up lot will show up read a parking is taken or various shades of blue of spots are available. but sale want to have a dinner on chestnut street, to the bad on a friday night. so at a stoplight and get the act and appears most of chestnut street is a disaster but i see one little spot just west of here street or all the parking spaces are available. with the light
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turning green and off i go. as we arrive at the block that supposed to have ample parking, there's actually nine. no spots on the next block either. so we pull over the bus stop to figure things out. after circling the neighborhood of four times, we didn't find any and finally gave up. it a spokesman said the absence of for a couple of days of there's still working out the kinks. he generally said it's supposed to be 90 percent accurate but he points out the data that comes your phone is already about a minute out of caves. not something you should use while driving around the block, more of a planning tool. >>louisa: we are try it at this current moment, some weak systems expected to pass. it will have all the details coming up after the break.
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>>pam: a muni train running down the tracks with the door open, this is video that surfaced yesterday. it you will be able to see this, it's a big problem this comes three weeks, actually this is video of the driver that was texting. there was a muni train that was driving down the tracks with the door open it was the second time it happened. three weeks ago that other video surfaced in a train was traveling down the tracks with the store opened. muni said it pulled the train involved in that incident out of service and is investigating the cause of that particular problem. more problems for muni an investigation has been launched as to why a bus driver was caught texting on the job and the driver was found back behind the we will. this is an amateur video, we were showing you the damage your video, there muni said it is now
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trying to figure out how to dress for got back behind the we will after breaking company policy and breaking the law. muni said the driver has now been let go. depending on negotiations that muni drivers could go on strike. the union representing the operators and form the transportation agency that its members have approved a strike authorization vote both management and union are continuing to discuss the details of the new contract and they say right now, the talks are progressing. >>louisa: overall up pretty call me evening for you, and lots of clouds out there. a few sprinkles today, not much actually. as we head into the weekend, it looks like to keep the wet weather chance around in fact you could see light rain in through tomorrow and that wet weather continues until about monday. we will start you off getting idea of
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where the wet weather is currently we are currently try end of looks like are going to stay that way fridley's the next couple of hours. right now temperatures are in the '40's and 50's 48 san rafael, 50 degrees san francisco, 51 oakland. future cast for shows is the timeline of saturday giving us an idea that we could pick up sprinkles early morning very light rain expected it and we will see it from the showers throughout the day. a lot of cloud cover expected. sunday, dry creek skeet bringing in another week storm by late sunday night and monday. that could bring widespread rain. our overnight lows expected it into the '40's, 41 santa rosa, 49 san francisco, 48 and mountain view. dura hide should stay and to the 60s tomorrow and that's where
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will stay for much of the weekend. that wet weather will last until monday and tuesday we will try and bring in those guys back into the '70s by mid-week. >>pam: around the bay, three sexual assaults were reported within hours of each other near the ucsf parnassus campus. these are the police sketches of the suspects put together following the incidents. all the wall three sketches look different, the police believe two sketches are the same suspect. a santa clara mother has been charged with felony child endangerment for leaving her child in the car while she went gambling. police said the 25 year-old was at the garden city casino in san jose, when a security guard spotted the child in the car. she is accused of intentionally locking her daughter inside the car for as long as an hour. kobe bryant and the lakers take on chris paul and the hornets. vern has highlights straight ahead.
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>>vern: the brazen chance us tonightbraves and the giants tonight. miguel making a great play in the second, that was one of the few electrifying moments for the giants. he admitted tonight that he was channeling the playoffs last year when the braves lost to the giants. madison roughed up, a chipper jones back against the wall. cody can make the play. they had a 4 1/3 ending and that did the giants fan. it took all the wind out of the sales. cody
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ross 0-3, giants lose sight of final four-one. tim lincecum will go against tim hutton tomorrow. the a shadow for back-to-back games for the first time in three years. the mariners said 24 this, happy birthday. ross lasted four innings, and miguel strikes out trash willingham swinging. six innings, five hits, five strikeouts. adam kennedy one time a, two runs coming to score that made it the four-zero, that's all they needed to see. it the a's did load the bases with one out in the ninth only with conner jackson to hit a double play to end the game. a four-zero days in seattle again tomorrow. old-
11:26 pm
fashioned playoff lakers showed up tonight in new orleans. here we go phil jackson looking for another ring, making a charge, kobe bryant in the basket goes in. shannon brown, there you go andrew and the lakers win 100-86. it was all about the celtics and ray allen. allen had 8, three-pointers of the game. the celtics, they put this one to bed. if they lead the series three games to nothing. this is the first playoff game, he had a triple double in the game 113-96 in the final period
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here's the latest, the kings the family is still deciding whether not to move the team to anaheim or stay in the state capital. he said no decision has been made, he's waiting to hear from the mayor kevin johnson on whether he'll make good on his commitment to the team. they have until may 2nd to request permission to relocate. kolff, the players learn how to share in the carolinas. henry protected himself from the alligator. the 15th hole donald if he wins this weekend, he will be the no. 1 ranked player in the world. he is at 10 under par. good enough. another alligator, this time it's that led to georgia, this was the senior legends of golf. this is the team told, just like he's done it
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for years. a couple of goals shops and alligators. >>pam: not bad. have a good weekend everybody. and a good easter. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director.
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