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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  April 25, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>>pam: in late night shootout with two injuries, and four deaths. in the jacjack london square neighborhood. how this violent attack could happen near oakland's safest neighborhoods. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: police in oakland are searching for four suspects. after two were killed and four wounded. this fatal shooting were at this restaurant, not far from jack london square. less than two hours later, another shooting at clay street. haazig madyun a close look at what happened. >> the pilot seen an
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oakland's jacqueline and square gunfire or russet sweet jimmy's restaurants. six victims, two-man die. and others taken to local hospitals for injuries. these were family members at the scene. you can still sue the police evidence markers right there in the yellow in front of the restaurant. an official oakland investigator said that for some reason male person brought eight assaul brought ane sian assault rifle onto the restaurant, with opening fire. while there were investigating this week jimmy shooting officers at came---'kimmel's were also heard. shots. still not sure
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if these both were related. >>pam: 84-4 white avenger. this set happened-this is a white car. and this neighborhood was a surprise. >>reporter: this is new condos, and look at these pictures, great views only two blocks from the jack london square. also, just one block from a sui jimmies sweet jimmy's. this jack london square developers as well just from walking around you can still see several empty storefronts and businesses. three blocks north of where the shooting was and there is new building after a new building with condos. this area has been marketed hard but now that shooting has
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been that will likely not help things. the mayor responded with a statement. " particularly disturbed with the firearms, with still crime is decreasing, the increase in homicides is still disturbing. the revitalizing efforts also responded. >> if we can figure out how to raise more money and put that money into protection, schools, to get guns off the street i do not know what we can do. >>reporter: i spoke with people living in this area to move into this area. despite what happened there still interested in coming here. you'll hear what the have to say at 6:00 p.m. for now, j. r. stone, kron 4 news pie >>pam: pg&e will be testing a holding of-meeting-to test
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a pipeline near the san bruno. that natural gas pipeline explosion from last year now they're testing pipeline throughout the bay area. it is holding informational meetings that the middle school in mountain view. to address people's concern ts 50 people are expected at the meeting and will have more information coming up at 5:00 p.m. we will have continuing coverage at 6:00 p.m.. >>pam: san jose department heads have one on one meetings with hundreds of workers that are facing transfers for job cuts. with a $150 million budget deficit. the city manager's office as saying police officers, library and the positions could be eliminated by may 1st. also, they could be transferred to a lower paying job. so far only one half of the city
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emplemployees have taken an agreement of 10 percent pay cut for a balanced budget. this will also mean less city services going forward. >> the mayors are message with the budget and.. notifying the likely candidates it will be laid off. and also the approximate number of job elimination's. also regular people, or people that are slated for retirement. this will impact see these services and it could impact the public. in some way, we're all taking a hit to the city. we have to close our budget gcap it is over $100 million this year. we have no choice but to just eliminate jobs.
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>>pam: san jose could join other cities and challenging these numbers from the u.s. census. the san jose population fell short of the expected 1 million. according to the san jose deputy manager that means of grants and other funds based on population could be at stake. >>pam: the san carlos city council is meeting how it will divide emergency services won the belmont city fire district is resolved. there are two primary proposals. one to use the redwood city fire department and the other would be from a private, firefighter. private provider could save $6.6 million, annually but it is causing quite a bit of controversy. will have crews at the meetings to bring you updates. and also operates 11:00 p.m.. >> good news of the antioch. despite cuts, there has been
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a reduction in crime. according to the interim police chief violent crime has gone down by 18.8%. that is the same quarter as last year. only one homicide this year, compared to three this year from 2010. and property crime has gone down 9.5% parenthood (music) >> jacqueline: a live look outside. with mostly sunny skies and some lingering clouds this afternoon. those sprinkles the we saw this morning. first, the satellite radar showing a lingering activity in the north bay. this morning and also in santa rosa, those clear skies at this hour. temperatures are cool. closer to the coast a group warmer to the south bay. and in the inland, 66, and a 65 in napa, santa rosa with rainfall and thus clearing
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skies and the possibility of fog in the north bay and along the coast towards tomorrow. preconditions. with 20 m.p.h. wind speed and 18 m.p.h.-with precediconditions reconditions d the increasing cloud coverage preconditionthese preconditiowallbreezy these bres continue..
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by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. >>pam: new bart trades and your opinion matters. it has its new sheet - seat labs its train of the future. fill out a survey and everything from your leg room, your shoulder room, and even a light thing. and even an escape door. these trains could be smaller. >> we are going to try to accommodate more passengers
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and the same amount of space so something had to give. and we decided seats. >> i think it is pretty important because of a use part every table i'd want to be able to enjoy my part o right. >>pam: 2018. how you can test the bart new seats? check our website. >>pam: the lower traffic towards the peninsula is pretty slow. we will be back, more news ahead.
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>>pam: just three days from a powerful tornado in st. louis airport is that in business. from a friday night, one half of these large windows and passengers
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and airport workers scrambling for safety. it >> a dark and stormy night in st. louis at the airport. the wind whipping past the giant when those in concourse 'c' >> the skies with black. >> the sirens. the windows started coming out at one time! >>pam: as the windows started crumbling and security guards hustled people towards the bathrooms and ran for their lives of dodging debris pushed by wind and a strong as 160 m.p.h. some passengers were already strapped in their seats waiting to leave the gate. >> we were looking to the left of the debris. >> you could see the airport with the mother's blood, glass, debris, people were inside. >>pam: nixon became clear the next day the concourse group-the amount of damage
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came clear the next day. if the mayor of st. louis gave the media a tour. >> this is the worst hit airport, the roof is off. this is the worst part of the airport, this is a real not be operational for quite some time. >>pam: this map shows the tremendous path ride across the runway tearing through nearby towns destroying subdivisions and thousands of smahomes and people left homeless. many people spent easter sunday searching for their belongings. the mayor is saying there is a curren reason to get things. >> for the grace of god there were no fatalities. >>pam: also in missouri other neighborhoods this is in boulder county under
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water and officials say it could get worse. a weekend levy on the black river is expected to give away any time. a weakening levy must evacuate. the national guard has responded with 8 in. of rain fall in one week. >>pam: in kentucky big storm problems in northern kentucky. look at what these violent winds did on saturday. part of these winds ripped that groof off and even toppled trees and tossed around a camper. >>pam: paca severe drought devastating fire fighter efforts still in texas. 800,000 a. so far.
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storms over night but not much rain. over the 127 belsen acre fir that spread across three different counties. with 127,000 a., homes and churches destroyed. (music) >> jacqueline: a few showers out there appeareclearing skiest a line of moisture extending offshore. seeing them well to the north but clear, dry conditions over the bay area. towards tomorrow, the clear skies are going to leave for some patchy fog in the morning. so, early in the morning fog will be possible in the north bay. by noon, clouds overhead and then a nice warm-up close to what we saw today adjusted to degrees warmer. let us take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood of what we can expect. with 70 in santa rosa. the 67 in vallejo, upper 60s for the delta and also for the inland valleys.
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66 along the coast. we could see a big deal of a fall in the morning lingering burning off by noon. 60s for the bayshore and 70's in los gatos for your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures are going to stay a virtually where they are right now. a bit of a cool off on wednesday, thursday with a storm passing to the north. it will not clip us but cooler temperatures as a result. warm, dry air after that with potential the warring this weekend. '70s. london sunshine the potential for warming this weekend-- >>pam: california voters are backing jerry brown. a new poll to the newspaper released that 52 percent of voters agree with governor brown's budget plans. that would close california's
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billion dollars deficit with $12 billion in spending cuts. many have already been made. 14 billion in renewing increased taxes. this plan has not been able to get through the state legislator so far. also, bayto may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. on kron 4. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t.
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on the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. i'd love that. frank! over here! [ female announcer ] just go online to call to get three services starting at $89 a month. switch and get the hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. you can even choose wireless voice service. at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] it's easy to compare online at and see for yourself. tandem stocks ended mixed. that >>pam: the nasdaq ended up six points. the dow jones was down 18 points. new househ sales rose. these numbers of to the worst winter sales and nearly one half century. it remains far
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below the seven other thousand that economists view as healthy. at 700,000 economists view as healthy. >>pam: againprices according to the nationwide survey of gasoline. prices have peaked. analysts say a lower demand and less creasinthe or ol prices are actually leaving out. the average price for 1 gal. and san francisco is $4.27. oakland, san jose is $4.22. >> kimberlee: and tech and social media it appears that steve jobs has responded that is devices could be tracking users locations. this is a newhy would apple need to be tracking device?
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steve jobs answered in three short sentences. yes they do, we do not track anybody. circulations of rumors are false. they believe that this is a real message. and other apple news and imac? perhaps you should hold off. the '95 is shown that america becoming to apple as soon as next week according to the buyer's guide. from desktop computers is due for an upgrade, soon. and also nintendo is going to launch an accessory to the wii. it will demonstrate prototype of the new wii and los angeles june 7th. nintendo is dominated video game consoles games since 20 06. with the launch of microsoft
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kinnect, the wii is starting to show its age. >> new, free, software upgrade for the knock from barnes and noble packed full of features. this update makes the color reader more like a tablet. with this update to the e-revo barnes and noble is heating up with temblor's. now a competitor to the ipad or the android with-heating up with the tabloid. even rival during the google entered system. with changes to the nut ability to download and run popular applications like angry 5:00 p.m., /+ angy birds,.. on this later. tonight
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