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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  April 25, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this student is missing since friday. 12 0 lbs. and brown hair. blue eyes. oakland police are searching for several suspects after a series of armed robberies. most of them around lake merritt. on friday a woman was walking her dog in the 400 block of james street. later that day another victim was rocked by two people at gunpoint. there weren't sitting on a bench near grand ave. saturday-- they were on a bench. >> also somebody driving a mercedes was also a victim. the amount it witnesses and petaluma are trying to identified this suspect/burglar. the smashed this front window and
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petaluma boulevard jewelry store. smashing display cases and stole jewelry. these are images with from video surveillance. and he is expected to be driving a white four-door maxima and your model. or all to wh fun---- =ultima a tinted windows. . hello this shooting was a 7- eleven on one eightsomebody oakd 1:00 a.m., a shooting, on a magazine st. several hundred dead fish and watsonville. jeff bush shows you where this was found and shows you what officials believe they died from. >>reporter: 300 dead fish were found. friday the
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game/warden came to investigate because of the run off of firefighting material extinguishing the apple cannery recent fire. this fire raged for days with millions of water and fire retardant on the warehouse during that time. eventually, that combined with the intense heat and the smoke, the soot produced killed the fish. the california fish and game removed the dead fish that this kill-off was one time deal and the remaining fish would be okay. catfish, fish, carp, bluegill. in watsonville, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>pam: north east firehouse seems to be accidental two- alarm was reported after midnight that to a residential streeor on 8213 peoe
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displaced from to residences. $1.5 million in damages. two different presidents, 13 people, with nearly certain to be electrical of nature. >>pam: a new development iran native americans are camping out at the site protesting the development that would say it is an ancient and sacred burial ground. the native-americans near glen cove. not to put this into a park that would include a public restroom. (music) >> jacqueline: a live look with lingering clouds and some of these are mainly along the coast. these current conditions are a bit cooler line of the self-
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proclaimed inland valleys. a bit warmer through san francisco, and breezy. perhaps you noticed the wind speeds. at 21 m.p.h.. gusting even stronger. we will stay breezy through this evening. clearing tonight patchy fog and the north bay. , just a few clouds and tabs will be a tad more than today. coastal storms with-attac temperatures will warm up. on this weekend. >>pam: the california department of public health is finding a nursing home after finding in adequate care. leading the death to a resident. it is receiving a financial fine. the convalescence under has changed its name to the
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california nursing center. investigators say that residents were physically abused by staff members and are dead because of it. this facility received a double citation from the state and a $100,000 fine which is the most severe penalty under state law. >> one of the cable car lines will be partially shut down. this could last until friday starting today with an ongoing rehabilitation and maintenance. traffic delays along the pile line will maintenance crews do their work. your writers will expected increase with a 5 percent hike. and commuters --can expect a hike. $89 million deficit over that. if the fare increases will go into impact july 1st. also in proving customer service by cutting four t
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full-time jobs. trying to improve their budget efforts by cutting for jobs. more news after this. coming four different positions-- cutting four different positions california should be proud.
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>>pam: mark kelly willis have his wife by his side for the launch. he is the commander of the mission the bomb wapresident obama and mrs. obama are expected to also attend that launch. gabrielle giffords has been given the green light to also attend. >>pam: the secret military documents from wikileaks describe the intelligence of the detainees in guantanamo bay. if there were released
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how much of it impact safety they would have to be done it states. there would also describe what are some of that a lot and and other al qaeda leaders were going before and after the 911 attacks and osama bin laden and there impact on the safety of the united states population. >>pam: also the virginia attorney general would like that he's thrown out of the appeals courscourts but that decision was reversed. details coming up on your forecast.
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(music) >> jacqueline: a live look from golden gate sunny skies but we are seeing lingering clouds mainly over the hills this afternoon. early morning rainfall was not that impressive in most
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locations but mill valley received one-third of 1 in.. not quite two tenths of an inch and other areas, elsewhere, just traces. that has moved on. the satellite is showing lingering clouds at this hour but mostly sunny skies. towards overnight, clear skies will leave cool temperatures tonight. the north bay will also have fog. early, temperatures will be in the low forties for the most part. warming up by noon until the upper 50s, low 60s. the inland valleys will see the warmest locations tomorrow and warmer in the south bay. will take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood, 70's in santa rosa and cooler in the north bay 63 and the son of ago, 60s and novado. 65 in novado, 67 and san rafeal-- and upper 60s in the south
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bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and another storm is going to pass us wednesday and thursday. temperatures kidding cooler but not that much. it does not look like iran is going to cut costs temperatures getting cooler -- and live it looks like-those temperatures are not going to get that much worse. in libya, shall be a limitless of the latest on that the libyan underestimates the united states is saying what is trying to oust moammar gaddafi. >> this is what is left, from the libyan government is calling an assassination attempt. we'll live there is no word on his condition. tran and if >> is certainly not the
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policy role of a coalition to and it ministration to " decapitate " or out with force. >> gadhafi's people are outraged. >> this is outrageous. >>reporter: libyan state television is reporting that casualties and dozens of injuries and it will only say it will launch what to do in the air strikes. in response to the ongoing about violence to rebels. the international efforts route ssanctioned in reaction to the economic sanctions from the ongoing threat of violence. >>pam: a weekend of cracked down from the syrian government with 300 people
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have died during protests. it started one month ago. many died during this weekend raids. the white house will consider sanctions if the syrian government does not stop violent retaliation against the protesters. it could include freezing assets and blocking trouble by syrian leaders. >> 500 inmates have escaped in a prison from afghanistan from a massive tunnel. prison officials noticed the best from 4:00 a.m., local time 30 minutes after the escape was posted by the taliban they started this tunnel nearly six months ago. >>pam: 25,000 troops have surged on the northern japananese coast recovering the dead bodies. checking
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traffic, southbound for the peninsula is moving slow. no problems at the top that is traffic on the 80 towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. it cannot forget kron4's exclusive coverage. of the saddlzazzle bay to breakers. on may 15th. ♪ you'll run outside
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[ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months. ♪ >>pam: the countdown has started to pick a date. the royal wedding will be on friday, westminster abbey. more on the latest of what to expect. >> a buckingham palace guard has been taken off his duties because of offense of comments posted on
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facebook. in the meantime, the town is buzzing when royalty is married a commoner. and this last time was 30 years ago. >> the prince and charles wedding was unbelievable. >> guests include sir elton johan and the beckhams the procession towards westminster abbey will begin. many will camp out to score a prime spot. the british government estimates 2 billion viewers will watch the nuptials live on television. we will broadcast on you tube. royal wedding experts that kate middleton will take all the fuss in stride. >> she has rehearsed, she is rehearsed, she has rehearsed and she will get on with
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wedding will. >> pop and circumstance it on like no other in london fashion. she will return as princess catherine, her life never the same. >>pam: from the few clicks of the most you can of a bird's eye view of the royal wedding. and 3-d! kimberlee? >> kimberlee: things to google earth in the 3 d. we can see the procession in london. let us check it out. it is a set to the traditional song here comes the bride " the beautiful westminster abbey beginning. as it switches around it will swing by the house of
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parliament, white hall. and 10 downing street before it will go before the horse drawn carriage and this is going to be complete with three-degrees. you can see this before it reaches buckingham palace 3-the-and check it out. 3-d and white the guest list has been a senbit of a controversy. and will have your coverage at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment of prince william and kate middleton this friday on kron 4. >>pam: the box office for the second week in a row was the 3 d animated film , $26.81, rio. and adeas' the
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cap the family was second and hot water for elephants with reese witherspoon came in third. $17.5 million. >>pam: hall of fame and 49 legend, joe perry has died. perry was the first clear that went back to back 1,000 yd rushing rushing season. he was nicknamed the jets for his speech he was inducted in 1969 following 16 years of his nfl. 14 years with the 49ers into with the baltimore colts. he is still at the san francisco leader in yards rushing and touchdown rushing. he died at 84 in arizona of complications from dementia. >>pam: at 5:00 p.m. tensions from the san francisco pension. for city employees. >>pam: smoking curbing. why that area outside buildings
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: a wet morning to the bay area. you can see through san francisco earlier the umbrellas are out. by the end of the day the sun was shining with more great weather. s with a beautiful day jacqueline. >> jacqueline: as you mentioned, with that sunshine we saw early. with this recent clearing we will see cooler temperatures tonight. >>pam: the full read on! [laughter] >> jacqueline: fog in the north bay. and most of that rainfall at this point will help with...


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