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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 27, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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san jose translates into pink slips. 106 san jose police officers have been notified as they are among 600 city workers were facing layoffs. it would be the first time police officers have been laid off in san jose. rob houses about one of the officers on the list. >>rob: it's a shock to me, my family. 29 year-old san jose police officer badge #4086 about to lose his job with no prospects for another one any time soon. what am i going to do tomorrow july 1st? a police officer's job is not a job you can justify and get accepted the next day. it takes a long process, background. he showed me the layoff notice he got from the city manager. he is a detective in the sexual assault unit which she says is already understaffed. i have the caseload i have to deal with, but the real victims kids. he has a
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bachelor's degree and a master's but just four years seniority. he's convinced to be one of the first to be laid off but until that day, i have this in the back of my mind and continue with my job and do my duty and serve the community. and san jose, rob kron 4 news. >>pam: boulders continue to struggle with burglaries and customers continue to be assaulted and oakland's diamond district. that's an up-and-coming business area. in response to crime in that part of town the manager of the bakery recently installed the high-tech surveillance camera system. he said it has already recorded in neighboring business been vandalized. >> here's a picture from 2:30 a.m. you could see a guy walking down the sidewalk appears to be intoxicated and then he's
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going to take a tumble. " we found out was a couple minutes later when emitted down to the corner he decided to take is raging out on another business. he just kicked a glass door out of rage and kept on walking. if he would've taken the time to actually rob that business and come out we would of had three different angles of exactly what he did. alarms would of gone off at the business. police would come in and i could of been down here and handing over the evidence while the guys sitting in the back seat of the car. >>pam: in addition to bringing his other merchants into the surveillance camera network, he also wants to patch in the oakland pleased apartment to the security system to increase officer response time. golden gate park has once again the target of vandals. trees were cut down over the weekend. the damage was discovered it in a meadow on monday morning. to pick it tables and benches
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cut in half. there have also been similar incidents in the park last summer 44 young trees and three dozen rose bushes were cut down. causing thousands of dollars in damage. so far police have no suspects in any incidents. >> we've looked at indigenous forces not indigenous species in the focus of the attacks, we consider people with passions for the park that arch participating in more. nothing has worn out. >>pam: are stepping up controls in light of the incident. there are other significant changes to how the park is one which are under consideration. kron 4 has information about the new curfew. >>maureen:: gate park may soon be off limits after dark. right now it's only illegal to camper sleep in the park, soon it could be an offense to take a walk in the park at night. this is happening because of
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incidents like this, because analysts used the cover of dark to cut down trees. there's been a string of violent attacks in the park and problems associated with homeless people camping out here. under the plan that's being discussed at city hall, the roads would remain open to traffic while this plan is being finalized its been recommended that the park to close between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. seven days a week. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: in other news around the bay, in san jose and 24 year-old man who was killed at a residential care facility last name appears to have been strangled. this man 20 year-old alex is in custody. police believe there may have been some sort of confrontation or dispute between the two men. in oakland a suspect vehicle has been identified in the fatal shooting at sweet jimmy's restaurant in jack london square. police are looking for new are modeled clay of the camry not a dodge avenger as was
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previously reported. two men were killed, four people wounded in the monday morning shooting. in a roundup police are looking for these two suspects, they are accused of burglarizing homes that happen monday morning. numerous items were taken to include in an atm card. police say the card was used in richmond and tunnels and after it was stolen. part is once again exploring the possibility of running trains later at night. kron 4 shows us what schedule board is looking to change in how it could affect some writers. >>haazig: if the new proposal is given, they could depart at 1:00 a.m. on friday. if the idea has been explored before but this time is past the thought of later running trains has again become a popular one. it does even if is the page that is rattling in part to run 24 hours a day. the page has 23,000 likes. for now
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bart is focusing on the experiment with longer hours on fridays but 24-hour service would be occurred. bart need to stop the trains for a nightly meighen's in the can afford to shave any more time the few hours to get each night. because of those means our if trains ran an hour long from friday that would mean they would have to start and how or later on saturday morning. some writers we spoke with said they could see the benefits of later running friday night trains. >> i believe it would keep some individuals that liked to drink off the road. that's another form discipline. >>haazig: approved on thursday the experiment would begin sometime in september. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: temperatures slightly cooler this afternoon and when starting to pick up as well. we will see cooler weather into tomorrow. the current temperatures 57 san francisco and in half moon bay. 61 hayward, 59 oakland.
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winds are breezy in san francisco, 20 mi. an hour winds and mountain view and it will get breezy as we head into tomorrow. i will have more details plus a warming trend coming up. >>catherine: we have some discouraging news on the air quality in the bay area and beyond. the american lung association has issued its annual report card on the state of the air. he could see for yourself, the big asked the >> for themselves. they are failing grades and solano county contra costa county and santa clara county. this is based on ozone, pollution and fine based pollution. the collected between 2007 and 2009, this report said there were fewer days overall when californians were breathing smog and fumes. that's compared to the last decade.
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still were talking very dirty air. and it's any consolation it's even worse in the south where it's the dirty is placed in the entire nation recording these three spots, of visalia, bakersfield and loss angeles. l.a. top the list for ozone offenders fall by bakersfield and visalia. bakersfield were ranked worst in the country for fine particle pollution. >>pam: traffic in walnut creek, 680-24 exchange low in all directions. very heavy. the james lick in san francisco, the slowest traffic is at the top of your screen headed toward the lower deck of the bay bridge also pretty slow getting southbound 101 toward the peninsula. we'll be back. i i'm done with all these lists.
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just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>pam: a fireball in the night sky, an innocent game
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of basketball terms terrified. kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look of this. >>kimberlee: take a look of this, a gas pipeline used to send a natural gas from egypt and jordan exploded wednesday morning. no injuries reported. the cause of the explosion is unclear. earlier local authorities in other pipeline was set on fire that incident was ruled as a terrorist attack. take a look at this motorist to crash into a fire hydrant this morning. water was shooting high into the sky, firefighters were called to the scene to cap the back geyser while several streets were closed while repairs were done. take a look of this the new hampshire woman celebrates her 100th birthday doing laps on the nascar track. this is unbelievable. >> i can make up my mind
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that i'm here at 100 years old. >>kimberlee: the birthday girl hadn't been behind the we will of a car since 1995. as you saw she was right at home on the track even topping high speeds of 50 m.p.h.. >>pam:don't miss kron 4 exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday may 15. we will have cameras all along the course capturing all of the fun. the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. right back.
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>>pam: playoff fever is heating up in san jose and around the bay area. f brown to the sharks will face an old foe. it vern is here to talk about what's coming up. >>vern: the fifth time it will be the sharks' and redwings again. this is the second round, last year 2010
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the sharks beat them soundly in five games. years ago by patrick to do it. they advanced to the western conference finals. but the sharks were practicing today getting ready for the red wings. the regular season strikes were 3-1 against detroit. and they're very similar teams, going to be tough and physical. hear, couple of viewpoints on perhaps friday's game one matchup. >> once the public drops, it's a new series everything goes up the window. >> detroit puts fear and you just buy their experience. it been successful, the fact that we have a good record gives us a little confidence. if we put our game on the ice we have a good chance. >>vern: we think it's going to be a friday, sunday game
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were waiting for confirmation from the nhl. they want us to wait for the outcome of the eastern conference games. then they will look at the matchups and figure out who plays where and what time. >>pam: other sports news, keep smart is out as the golden state warriors coach just one season. smart spent seven years as an assistant with golden state before he replaced don nelson before training camp. >>catherine: severe weather continues to be over the huge problem in the south. this is one of their tornados spotted late today in alabama. at one point about a dozen tornado warnings in alabama and tennessee tonight. for example, people scrambling for cover there are reports of major damage. some people cover 91 to report been trapped in homes and businesses. aside from the
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usual damage we sec two homes. , a lot of animals killed. workers managed to rescue some of them in that same area. there were a lot of power outages. in ohio a teenager would been waiting in a creek made the mistake of chasing after basketball and then got trapped on some rocks and had to be rescued. he was afraid if you try to get to shore he would be swept away. crews were able to pull him to safety. more >>jacqueline: on the wicked weather right now, still seem tornado thunderstorms as are producing tornados especially in central tennessee. the radar is lit up with heavy rain, hundreds of lightning strikes, really big hailstones and the possibility of tornados. the chance goes down after sunset and temperatures cool but were still sellinseeing
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tornado warnings. the cooking that you see here, and looks of the hook of the thinker that indicate the rotation and possibly a tornado forming. local weather, you could see on storm tracker for a few high clouds streaming into the bay area. the storm is pulling its high clouds in, he you will certainly see cool temperatures and also gusty winds but no rain. tonight into tomorrow, the high clouds will stream in this evening, morning mostly clear skies. in the afternoon mostly sunny but winds will kick up and temperatures will cool a few degrees. let's check out the winds tomorrow, in the morning not too bad it a couple areas seeing gusts in the 20 mi. an hour range. later in the morning that will pick up in a number of places will seek us in the 20 mi. an hour range. the afternoon will be widespread us, this will continue
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through the afternoon into the early evening. tablatures for tomorrow, 60 san rafael, 58 san francisco 57, 67 in concord. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, cooler weather but we start to warm into the weekend. the loss of 80 degrees readings by wednesday, the warm weather is here to stay. enter snow bomb ski report carried no snow to report, ski resorts are winding down. bear valley won 44 of the bays, 67 runs. squaw valley 188 at the base, 155 runs open. you get more informations at snow juicy johnsonville sausage.
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>>pam: you can be a part of the wedding right here in the bay area. the british consulate in san francisco has the royal guest book that anyone to sign did one opportunity for people to pass on their congratulations. >> we want to make sure the general public to help celebrate this amusing location with us. once the book has been signed, we will then send it to to the official representative for prince william. >>pam: tomorrow's the last day you consign the book, it will be available from 9 in
5:56 pm
the morning until 4 in the evening at the british consulate. if you're looking for a breakfast with a little more majesty, to try a recipe from her majesty. karen has all the ingredients for breakfast it for a queen. >>reporter: it's tough to imagine queen elisabeth rolling up her sleeves and baking but she wants to swap to this restaurant with president eisenhower. he visited her in scotland in she prepared these cones for him. he asked for the recipe. a curator at the national archives cam across the recipe in hand written letter while preparing for an upcoming exhibit. she also talks in a letter about variations that she has tried with the recipe. substitutes that you can make and how to modify it for fewer people. she has clearly made this a few times. if you're going to make the clean scones, stephen said you need can get the appropriate items.
5:57 pm
>> you have to have the appropriate things. we have these items which actually made by the dutch of cornwall that's prince charles company. >>reporter: to sit on t of course. a >> for your royal wedding celebration of robert racks at the t cells are at washington higrecommends english breakfast, earl grey. it will stand up to pastries and strong flavored ice damages. everything you need for an early morning meal it for clean. king, queen or princess to be. >>pam:>>pam: save the date for the royal wedding, on friday we will be ready at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every
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moment of the marriage ceremony. well be right back.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00. with a developing story. >>pam: this out of new work of a woman found stabbed to death inside her home and police quickly arrested a man they say was covered in blood and found near the crime scene. are reggie is live in a workshop where police say the victim and the suspects knew each other. >>reggie: the crime tape is still a lot, investigators still out to gathering evidence. neighbors tell me please 7 called to the home several times in the past for domestic violence. she lives in this corner house, if you could see her standing outside, she said she knew the woman who was killed because her two kids played with the victims kids. the suspected murder
6:01 pm
jason was in a relationship with the victim who was also the father of the victims to kids. she tells me the woman did file a restraining order against him and he wasn't supposed to be at the home. she said it was a gruesome scene inside the house. >> i ran in there, i was yelling are you ok. she wouldn't respond. she was covered in blood. i feel bad. my kids are flat crying on the sidewalk, my mom is dying, my mom is dead. this little kid is 3 years old on the other kid was 5 years old. my reaction was to grab them and take them to my house because i told the kids grandmother i will take them to my house. the little boy three-year-old was telling me my mom is dead, my mom is dead. >>reggie: will not release the name of the victim until family members have been notified. this is the first homicide of the year here.
6:02 pm
reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: developing details and to the murder of this woman, a taurus from germany who was visiting san francisco last summer. her family is back in town and they are speaking out. she was 50 year-old, she was hit by a stray bullet from a gunfight between two gangs near san francisco union square. the victim was visiting with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. we go live to the german consulate in san francisco where jonathan blum has denied developing story. >>jonathan: we've learned tonight that authorities here in san francisco are moving closer to making an arrest. we found that out because the husband of the tourists who you could see in this picture, was speaking to media today along with the german consulate. they had a meeting in private with the district attorney's office who gave them new details about the case. the shooting
6:03 pm
happened on august 8th to 2010, this is one they were visiting san francisco on a trip intended to be a vacation. unfortunately the woman was hit by a stray bullet in a very complicated gunfight that police say they're still trying to unravel. it happened in a historic the safe area off union square near an intersection of kiri. speaking to reporters, the insured it has been of the woman who was killed he felt it was important to bring his two sons to the place where the mother was killed in order to get closure for the tragic event. here's what he told us. >> i thought i would never come back to the city however in the months after it became clear to me and to our sons that we would have to come back to san francisco in order to better
6:04 pm
understand what has happened. the message was clear that the police and the d.a. office had worked very hard in the last weeks and months and they had progressed in the investigation to an extent that they were now hoping to be able to charge. no arrests have been made, i have a good feeling that the police in san francisco are seriously trying to administer justice in this case. >>jonathan: although he had not planned to come back to san francisco and now realizes it's an important place for his family and a place he will return to many times in order to pay honor to his wife. earlier today there is a private memorial service held at a lutheran church. if primarily for the family friends in on her upper memory. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: a disturbing
6:05 pm
discovery inside the santa cruz department officials find a decomposing body and the man who lived there is now in custody and facing a lot of tough questions. this is the mug shot of the man who was arrested. his name is john. it appears the body of the victim was inside his apartment for days. and lotus was able to go inside the apartment and he takes you as well. >>grant: tuesday night santa cruz police got a call about a bad smell coming from a unit at the apartment on east cliff drive. when they went inside, they found the decomposing body of a 30 year-old woman. i was allowed to go inside and take a look. as you can see it's a studio apartment and it does still small. police say the man who runs the cnn failed to report the death. they say he was living here with the woman whom police suspect was here decomposing for several days. the medical examiner's findings will help officials
6:06 pm
decide how to proceed. for now was a suspicious death. barbara owns and manages the complex, she said she knew the suspect fairly well and was stunned to hear what police found inside. >> i don't expect anything like this. i'm 77 years old and here am witnessing this. it bothers me. you get the smell in your nostrils and it's it's in your brain like it is in me, you will be the same. he was older and as late fifties or early 60s. he was very nice as far as i'm concerned he was always very polite to me. >>grant: was on parole and is currently being held on parol. several >>pam: cisco has a new
6:07 pm
police chief. he has been on the force for us 30 years and has worked in a variety of positions. we will have more on his background in a moment. j.r. stone has a look of the challenges he faces a new chief. >>j.r. stone: greg has been open about explaining those things away, i would trust my life with great caree. >>pam: team coverage continues with kate thompson who has a look at the new police chief background. >>kate: during his 30 year career at the san francisco police department right sir has gone from a beat cop in the tenderloin to chief of police. in between he has been promoted, demoted and indicted. in 2009 he became captain of the bay view station a challenging post
6:08 pm
overseeing the city's largest district. last year he had to tackle a string of attacks on muni and deal with public outcry by using community outreach and putting undercover officers out on the train. he has also served as station capt. in the mission and deputy chief of field operations overseen 1400 officers. it was in 2003 he was indicted for trying to obstruct the investigation and the now infamous. an incident where three off-duty officers allegedly beat up to men for their take-out food. he was cleared of all charges. two years later he was demoted by then police chief had there after an officer was injured during a protest. he was sent to oversee the security for the city's water supply. greg is also credited with starting sports programs for gang members answers on the board of directors for the san francisco boys and girls club. kate thompson kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: slightly cooler out there today in a
6:09 pm
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>>catherine: new details about the san bruno gas line explosion, federal prosecutors are getting involved in want to see thousands of pages of documents as they launched their own investigation. this is the scene from last year. they will look at things like mountain reports. an emergency plans, the september blast killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno. the national transportation safety board still try to pinpoint the cause for sure. investigators think the pipeline probably burst under high pressure >>pam:>>pam: save the date
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>>pam: the coach for the atlanta braves has apologized for his actions at a reason giants game. catherine is here to tell us what led to that apology. unman >>catherine: from fresno said he was at the giants game april 23rd at there with his family, he said the pitching coach and made some rude comments and gestures. that man said fans were yelling at players on the field. he said he responded with homophobic slurs and sexual gestures with a bat. the father said he didn't think those actions were appropriate for family ballpark. >> it was a shocking moment i didn't expect to see that on a baseball field saturday afternoon. then i proceeded to yell that there are kids here, and he proceeded to turn and say what you've been told is that kids don't
6:17 pm
belong at the ballpark. at that point he turned completely towards me grabbed his bat and ask me how much my teeth were worth to me. >>catherine: there were people listening, the coaches saying that he is deeply sorry, he responded to heckling fans. >>pam: the coaches abolishinapologizing, are the gs apologizing. >>catherine: this said he is troubled, he said he wants to review the facts in more detail and then he will decide what if anything will happen. >>jacqueline: it's been a nice day of their with mostly sunny skies, this is a look from mount tam was clouds still trimming overhead her to a 24 mi. an hour winds in san francisco, 21 and fairfield.
6:18 pm
the other locations seeing speeds in the teens. tonight and tomorrow, a few high clouds streaming into tomorrow morning mostly clear skies. by the afternoon winds will pick up even more today, temperatures: a couple degrees and will keep the mostly sunny conditions going. there is the storm passing to the north spreading reign to seattle, portland. we will not get rain just high clouds. who that will continue into tomorrow as well as the winds. in the morning winds not too bad, gusts in the teens, the leader morning hours when it's there to pick up you will notice more of the blue creeping on your screen indicating wind speed. that will continue in the afternoon where were seeing gusts the conditions bay area wide. winds will continue into the afternoon and evening and temperatures will be a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. 58 san
6:19 pm
francisco, upper 60s santa rosa, concord. our inland valleys will range from the mid to upper 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, cooler out there tomorrow, windy into the afternoon and evening. we will rebound into friday, temperatures warming a little bit. we will keep the warm weather all the way for next week. wednesday tablatures in the '80s, along the coast they will reach the low seventies. >>catherine: tornados continue to be a big threat tonight in the south. people were running for cover, some people calling 911 to report been trapped in buildings. from arkansas and alabama storms of caused chaos.
6:20 pm
different towns. the storms have damaged homes, sheered of treetops, toppled rv. huge trees have been up loaded landing on homes. tangling power lines on the are in shambles. this is what's left of one neighborhood in little rock. the roof of a local high school was torn from the auditorium and high school. a student who lives nearby says this is painful. it hurts to see it. >>catherine: the little rock air force base in a mess. these cars were actually thrown across the parking lot. storms blew through northern georgia today, this is some of the damage left behind at a college in rome georgia. trees are uprooted below campus, one split apart a roof. and kentucky, a lot of rebuilding will have to be
6:21 pm
done before the county fair opens in july. in the louisville area people are getting around by boats. flood waters have taken over blocking roads and invading homes. in central michigan you could see the scorched earth from a lightning strike. the skies opened up during a soccer match last night. seven people were injured by lightning including young children. >> after the crash you could hear them from the house, you could hear them screaming. >>catherine: these tornados are still causing problems. this is one of the biggest and most recent happening in alabama. among the dead stay with us more news after the break.
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the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: apple has finally broken the silence on the i phone tracking controversy. if apple says it is not tracking users whereabouts.
6:25 pm
they are locked in the locations of wife i hot spots and cellphone tower is that are close ties phones to maintain a database and intend to improve location base services is in apps. if apple also said it cannot track individual users with the location information that is sent to the company because it is said to apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. if that's good news apple does not know where you've been, they're not tracking you but they did mess up because this tracking data if was stored on the i phone and i pad with 3 g and the computer these devices sink with. app ltd. that was a mistake, they call it above that needs to be fixed high software flaw in the intent to fix it. it will release an update in the next couple of weeks that will get rid of the problem. soon lead tracking location data will not be stored on your computer or by phone i pad but members of our government still want answers as to how and why apple let this happen? if this is raised larger questions of how the
6:26 pm
location of mobile devices are track and shared by companies like apple and google and whether federal laws provide adequate protection as technology has advanced. steve jobs said apple intends to participate in discussions with several legislators and regulatory agencies to reassure them about apples practices. apple posted online a question and answer page on location tracking and their products for customers who are still concerned. if if you like to look at this clause lot on to and look for my tech page. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>pam: speaking of apple the white colored i phone 4 is finally here. to help it will be on sale tomorrow at apple, of verizon and at&t stores and online. it was supposed to come out the same time as the black i phone 4 did but due to a design flaw as a was delayed. but if you been waiting for the white i phone for you might not want to rush out and buy it because apple is expected to
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6:30 pm
to san francisco after his wife was killed there while they were visiting as a celebration. he said he realized that san francisco is an important place for a family to come back in honor his wife memory. he said he's confident that authorities are moving closer to solving the case and is looking for to the day when they make an arrest. reporting live, kron 4 news. please >>reporter: are investigating a murder that happened on the street. neighbors are in shock about what happened. and she lives in the corner house and said she knew the woman who was killed, her two kids played with the victims kids. she said suspected murderer jason was the relationship of the victim, he was also the father of the victims to kids. she tells me the victim did file a restraining order against him and he wasn't supposed to be at the home. this point police will not release the name of the victim until relatives have been notified. in the work, kron 4 news. >>grant: police are
6:31 pm
investigating a suspicious death they said they got a call tuesday night about a bad odor coming from one of the units at the shoreview apartments. the one inside and found a decomposing body of a 30 year-old woman. also in the firm was john. to say he'd been living with the dead body for several days. if no word on how the two may have known each other or how that there year-old woman died. police say john who was on parole is being held up pending the results of the medical examiner. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>maureen: let's serial killer joseph naso was in court fighting to represent himself. at times argumentative with the judge, he said he alone wants to see the evidence against tamil and that he has an ethical concerns in regard to attorneys. joseph is charged with murdering four women, he will be back in court next week to find out of the judge will allow him to represent himself. in marin county, kron 4 news.
6:32 pm
>>j.r. stone: greg suhr was officially named chief of police. among his priorities keeping as many officers on the streets despite budget cuts and also holding his officers accountable for their actions. for now reporting in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>kate: sir has had a 30 year career with the sfc. he was indicted in 2003 while serving as deputy chief, for allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation. 13 off- duty police officer allegedly beat up 2 men for their take-out food. he was cleared of that charge. he started his career as a cop in the tenderloin climbing the ranks to become captain of the bay view and mission stations. he also serves on the board of directors for the san francisco boys and girls club. reporting live, kron 4 news.
6:33 pm
>>rob: hundred and six police officers have been put on notice they could be laid off as a result of city-wide budget cuts. police chief but said the limit layoffs are lifted out cloud over his the permanent they come to passed that will lead to fewer police services. for example, the chief said it will mean slower response times and fewer officers to respond in any crimes. reporting live, kron 4 news. merchant >>haazig: here in the diamond district say they are considering the installation of a sophisticated surveillance video camera now work to help deter crime in the area. if the oakland police say crime overall is down in the diamond district. however shop owners say break-in's continue to be a problem in the looking to use surveillance cameras to help police catch the criminals. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>nicole: in san francisco, vandals have struck again. six trees were cut down and to pick table and benches were cut in half. the damage
6:34 pm
was discovered monday morning. this follows a string of incidents be rear 44 trees and three dozen rosebushes were cut down. police are stepping up patrols and asking people to report anything unusual. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>reporter: is looking to experiment with later running trains over the summer. that could mean the other chains will start later in the morning. it will vote on the proposal thursday doubled extend the service by one hour to see how riders like it. currently the last train leaves at home on friday at midnight, if approved it would be 1:00 a.m.. the idea may have killed to writers who work late or want to enjoy night life. because of the nightly maintenance, saturday morning with start an hour later than they do now. for cellphone, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: our big weather story tonight up cool them continues tomorrow but big warmup in store for
6:35 pm
the weekend next week. temperatures cooling slightly as the storm passes to the north. we will see windy conditions into the evening hours. of rebounding friday in especially to the weekend with temperatures reaching 8 degrees inland. i send it will cut in the '80s in the inland valleys all the way for next week. by wednesday hitting '80s by air bay shores. >>pam: internet reporter kimberly is here with the look of a kron 4 facebook fan page comment of the day. >>kimberlee: let's take a look of the comments of the day comes from alexandre who writes why is this still an issue, seriously our education system is in the dumps, we have no energy policy, our foreign policy needs a boost in this is the big concern in washington? and sometimes wonder what it will get aneurysms, this is one of the reasons. if you'd like to comment had to or
6:36 pm
facebook fan page, click like and start leaving on your thoughts on all the stories, pictures and videos we post. >>jacqueline: and check up on your snow bomb ski report, a number of ski resorts have closed for this season. sugar bowl and won 59 of the bays, 1 lifts open but the runs on an open not available right now. squaw valley won 80 of the bays, 9 lifts open. for more informations just log on to we will be right back. [ wheezing breaths ]
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lots of royal wedding of memorabilia is up for sale monday bay. kimberly has a look at a few items. >>kimberlee: was take a look, there stands a not just any stamps. there this special split stance that encourage you to tear the a couple apart. a perforated line separates them on the stand which is released in new zealand. william side of
6:40 pm
the staff is worth more than kate's. if you're trying to decide what to wear to an upcoming fantasy of then why not make the nightly special with these. commemorative cufflinks with kate and williams face on it. the starting bid about $16. you could be the top of the town of when you bring these out of the next dinner party. four posters designed for the upcoming wedding. it has the union jack with the crown motif. it also has the couple's initials inside and the wedding date 3 last and not least, maybe kitten william can bring a lot next time you play a game of poker. the description said commemorate the marriage with these lovely playing cards. the current bid of 05 dollars. >>pam:>>pam: save the date for the royal wedding, on friday we will be ready at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment of be right back.
6:41 pm
coming up next gary has details on the warriors' coach. daryl hannah is in town and she's promoting the new live in mexico and she joins have carried live next and studio to talk about it. carol hand at end gary next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
good evening everybody the warriors need a new coach after seven seasons as a warrior assistant and one as head coach there not smiling today. he very rarely have to do the execution, and certainly the new owners wanted their own guide. keep smart decided 10 when an improvement shown the door today. the next coach will be the 11th in the last 60 more years seasons. >> our businesses such that these things happen, it never makes it easier. it's
6:45 pm
more difficult when you have a quality guy. i've worked with keys for couple of years and i've enjoyed the association i've had with him. that's what makes these things hard. everyone to speculate but there's no use of faking. the giants struggling again to score runs and hits hard tonight. when you're the world champs all this stuff stands out when you don't score. here is a little blooper hot batch of chris. aubrey huff down the line, pedro and he's ok. the sixth inning, james mcdonald do know where he decided to live in a rundown. carey is worth millions. i don't think you will take part
6:46 pm
card show.bart. the home of the day's end raiders' now known as coliseum. they pay a million per year. when you think about it, let's say nummi and jackie wanted to, $4 million that's nothing. would you want to put your name on a coliseum hook? 4 million a year! ho- hum million dollars the year. the shirts in detroit at glamorous rise to stanley cup match up. here we go, right now the sharks going up and down. the detroit red
6:47 pm
wings of course is at least on american soil the number one hockey franchise of all time. cordon who scored the winning goal the other night. they're ready to go. back and forth. it looks like friday and sunday in san jose, nothing official yet. >> it's a new series, everything goes up the window. detroit sometimes, they've won the cup it they've been successful the fact that we had a good record gives us a little confidence. we have a pretty good chance. >>gary: you can go see the sharks opener. kron 4 continuing to give, go to facebook be one of our friends in fact you could win sharks tickets. what we throw something extra. to
6:48 pm
want to chat with this guy back and forth wherever winds? fajyou do what i wanted to it. become one of all pam's krenz on facebook. go to the a's right now 1-1 in the ninth inning against the angels. when we return for many years one of america's top actress now known for her and our mental work. carol hannah would join us next.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
daryl hannah, no stranger to america he probably know her from movies like killed bill, the mermaid and/. now for first love she is an activist, a champion for environmental causes and helping to promote ways we
6:52 pm
can reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet. this friday she was beat up the new living expo in san francisco. welcome. let's clear up the car that ran as, he did not arrive in the car he still have limos. >> we just got its first up a little bit. the trans am from killed bill and it runs on 100 percent alcohol. >>gary: is that what your promoting in a sense, it you think more people should use alcohol? >> look of the problems were having with the petroleum industry and the fuel industry. just recently was the one-year anniversary of the oil spill in the gulf. yesterday there was an accident in taxes with a beat the plant of lost power and people had to stay inside and not turn on the air conditioning for fear of igniting a fire in getting
6:53 pm
poisoned. these are obviously unsustainable practices. it's not something that's good for anybody. there are solutions to those. why all fuels if they're grown and harvested in distributed in the same manner and not in this industrial method, they are a big part of the solution. even cooking fuel. 2 million women at a year died from inhaling toxic fuel from burning over gas stoves. >>gary: how old were you when you became conscious of helping the planet? you're in the business outside of news broadcasters nobody thinks more about themselves than actors or actresses right? can my and i are an exception we care about the and are meant to. what made you how old were you when you said hey there's more than just
6:54 pm
saying to what began and cried this time. >> i fell in the natural world as a kid, i grew up in this city in the 42nd floor of the building. when i started getting experiences outside as started learning that it made sense, the way the natural world works makes sense. it's had millions of years to evolve and perfect. we spend our time fighting against it. to a >>gary: you have to fight people sang, you're an actress, of beautiful women don't tell me how to lives. >> if i want to tell anybody how to live i just want to inform people and inspire people who had been driving both of my cars on different forms of biofuels. i have this car that runs of alcohol fuel. i know what works. >>gary: be talking about that friday of the new living expo in san
6:55 pm
francisco. go to for more information. if i said splasher most identified with would you argue? >> for some people yes, for some people its blade runner or killed bill. >>gary: how tough is that you were made it how many weeks did it take you to film the movie? >> that was the old days when it took about three months to make a movie. >> you like being a mermaid? >> i like swimming yes. >>gary: course to kill bills thing if they don't identify with dive, a little scary? >> it was really fun learning kong food and samurai sword of training. >>gary: skies lit me in the theater who were scared. to ever become your character, as you hear some actors for the three months or so to run the said they have to become who they are. did you go that route? >> i don't have to become a murderer to play a murderer.
6:56 pm
but definitely you have to identify with your character and you have to experience the emotional circumstances that they've gone through. >>gary: have though charlie sheen he did wall street, he played his girlfriend in the movie's many years ago with michael douglas is he right now or showbiz or in need of help? >> i don't have the television so i haven't followed the sock up. charlie was overly lovely boy when i worked with him. i wish him the best. i hope he's all right. >>gary: he's putting on a show that's one thing and hopefully that's what it is as opposed to that. you don't have a television? >> no otherwise it just in front of it and watch it. can do have an extract tv for miss hannah. very nice to meet again, it's friday >> all be speaking with julia and were speaking to inspire people to take power
6:57 pm
back. >>gary: thank you very much nice to me to your good sport. " work on that tv, hang on will get you one. >> i don't want one.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the amazing royal wedding rehearsal. i was up all night covering the action. >> i had the best night's sleep last night. what did i miss? >> thanks for being on the team. >> this is what you missed. >> "the insider" is on. behind us here at westminster abbey, prince william and kate middleton, going through their final wedding rehearsal before friday's big day. >> kate, the dress, the best man. could these be her vows? and the military run-through. kate and wum's carriage, the queen's royal bentley. here's the amazing thing. i'm a couple feet away from history. >> the queen thinks that "the insider" wouldn't know what was going on in the middle of the night. >> sharon osbourne joins kevin


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