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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 28, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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part of a growing business in england. kate scene of horror. >> i thought i would never come back to the city. >> a german man whose wife was shot and killed last year in san francisco is back in the city tonight. we tell you why he came back to the scene of his wife's death. a young mother found stabbed to death. who police have in custody. but first, developing news out of the south tonight, violent storms killed dozens of people and destroyed towns. >> the latest numbers indicate 72 people are dead across four states tonight. tornadoes are spawning severe
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storms which are sweeping through georgia, mississippi and tennessee and the hardest hit, alabama where 58 people have been killed. >> reporter: these images were captured near the university of alabama. the school reported no significant damage but much of the rest of the city got clobbered. the storms caused deaths and injuries. this is video of one of the rescues. firefighters and residents helped lift a child out from the rubble of a housing development that was destroyed. you can see the six-year-old boy on top of that door which is used as a gurney. the father, who was also injured wep before his son was taken in an ambulance. that ambulance already held two other residents. the mayor says his city is devastated. >> the main communication tower
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is damaged. the city's infrastructure has been decimated. >> reporter: numerous tornadoes from texas to tennessee ripped off roofs, over turned cars and left residents without power. the death toll is expected to increase. late tonight president obama declared an emergency in alabama allowing for federal assistance. jacqueline bennett is here now. >> let's look at the radar. this has been historic outbreak of tornadic thunderstorms. the threat is still going. severe thunderstorm through western georgia, the threat is still in alabama as well. let's zoom in. we are seeing a lot of instability for the night time. normally these storms die down at night because it cools.
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here, looking at western georgia, south of atlanta, temperatures near 80 degrees. we are still seeing the signature of rotation. which means tornadoes are still possible in this area and night time tornadoes can be most dangerous. wider view. the red rock you see indicating a tornado watch. there are also tornado warnings in this area. the threat continue through the overnight area and metro atlanta is also effected. mother is dead tonight. found stabbed in her home. it happened here at the home on cherry street. police say they responded to a report of someone beating someone up. it was just at 11:30 this morning. officers found a man outside the home covered in blood. today police described how things unfolded in their first homicide of the year.
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>> officers found a subject, identified as jason otis monroe, age 33. his clothes and hands were bloody. officers checked the interior of the residents and found an adult female. age 25, deceased from stab wounds. >> john mccain is in custody tonight and faces murder charges. information on the victim's identity and her relationship with the suspect haven't been released. police are unsure of the motive. kron 4's reggie kumar spoke with neighbors about this murder. >> reporter: she is still in shock about seeing her 25-year- old neighbor covered ibblood, lying on the floor. authorities have been here most of the day collecting evidence.
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she saw the victim's boyfriend or husband, now murder suspect, jason otis monroe, laying on the ground with blood on him waiting for officers to arrest him. police aren't saying what the relationship was. only that they knew each other. however she says he is the fog of the victim's two kids. >> i ran out there and saw the kids crying on the sidewalk. my mom is dead, they don't know what to say. he was three years old. so what my reaction was, grab them and take them to my house. i told the grandma, i will take them to my house. the boy is like my mommy is dead. my dad stabbed her. i am like, it's okay. >> reporter: after leaving the kids with her mother, she went into the house to try to help the woman. i ran in, are you okay. she wouldn't respond.
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she was just covered in blood. it's something so unexplainable. >> reporter: investigators say they have been called to this home several times in the past. neighbors say the problem was domestic violence. no one else on cherry street wanted to talk on camera but they did tell me he caused problems in the neighborhood. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. the husband of a german tourist who was killed last summer is back in the bay area tonight. they were taking a walk when they rounded a corner and she was struck in the head by a stray bullet. this was the scene last year after what was a gun battle between teenagers. police haven't charged anyone. now kron 4's jonathan bloom
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explains what the victim's husband learned. >> to be here and remember those moments of last year. >> reporter: after his wife was shot and killed last summer he never intended to come back to san francisco. but he says he returned in part because of his two sons. >> my sons had the wish to come and see the place where their mother died. >> reporter: have you been back? >> yes, of course. >> it's moving. >> reporter: they translated parts of a press conference where he said he met with the district attorney and now has new hope in the request to solve the murder. >> i have a good feeling. they are seriously trying to
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administer justice. >> they had -- they were hoping to be able to soon charge someone. >> reporter: he was caught in the cross fire of a gun battle between teenagers on august 8. it underscore as tragic cultural difference between the united states and europe. >> for him as a german it is hard to understand that -- weapons are so easy to get for even young people. >> reporter: before he spoke to the media here, he and his two sons attended a memorial service at a church here in san francisco. he promises to return to the city men times as a bitter sweet way of honoring his wife's memory. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news.
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state regulators, pg&e officials and jackie spear held a town hall meeting tonight with the victims of the san bruno gas line explosion. the main issue, lawn term recovery efforts. dozens turned out to hear what action pg&e is taking a prevent another action. spear said everyone has a right to know about the safety of gas lines that run through their neighborhoods. >> anyone in the system should be interested. if they have a line running
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through their neighborhood schayes be apprised of that and be vigilant about it and schayes have the confidence in knowing it is safe. >> the blast killed eight people, destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e committed to testing 200 miles of its lines by october of this year. it also reduced pressure in some gas lines. new details tonight. police released a description of a car which may have been used by the suspects in monday's shooting near jack london square. a four door white toyota camre. -- camry. the shooting inside sweet jimmie's killed two and injured four others. two are still in critical condition. >> if you have been waiting for nice spring weather, you will >> if you have been waiting for nice spring weather, you will get [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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man is behind bars after a body was discovered in his apartment. grant lodes went inside that apartment. >> reporter: after 7:00 tuesday night police got a call about a bad smell coming from one of the units here at these apartments. when they went inside they found a body of a 30-year-old woman. i was allowed to go inside and look. it is a studio apartment and it still smells. the man, john clauer famed to report the death. he was living here with the woman who was decomposing for several days. the findings will help officials decide how to proceed. she knew the suspect well and was stunned to hear what police
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found inside. >> i don't expect anything like this. it shocked me. i am 77 years old and i am witnessing this. it bothers me. you get that smell in your nose and fixed in your brain, like it is in me, you won't be the same. late 50s, early 60s. something like that. >> reporter: how well did you get to know him? >> very nice. as far as i am concerned. he was always polite. >> reporter: he was on parole and hing held. grant lodes, kron 4 news. breezy this afternoon but the winds will pick up tomorrow. tomorrow, clear skys to start the day. winds picking up by the afternoon and windy cooler
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conditions into the afternoon. winds through the evening. the storm is up to the north. spreading rain to seattle, portland. we are not going to get rain but the storm is pulling in high clouds. we will continue to see high clouds stream through and the breezy conditions into tomorrow afternoon. 8:00 tomorrow, breezy in san rafael. 20 miles per hour gusts. that's all the blue here into the 1:00 hour. 31 miles per hour gusts in san francisco. they continue into the afternoon hours and evening with wind gusts into the 20s. temperatures cooler tomorrow. 87 in santa rosa. 60 in san rafael. 58 in san francisco. 60s for the delta. and upper 60s in antioch and mid-60s in livermore.
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low 60s for the bay shores. we have been wanting a warm up and it's on the way. cooler tomorrow. warm up into friday. big warm up is this weekend and lasts into next week. temperatures hitting the 80 inland by sunday. wednesday, 80 degrees. nearly bay area wide. gary is up next with giants and a's highlights and a warriors coaching change. and a thrilling finish in the nba as the spurs try
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all right. good evening, everybody. the warriors need a new coach. making it official today. keith smart, a 7 year assist want, one year as as head coach gone. he was told this morning that
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even though they won 10 more games than last year, they were going to go in a different direction. warriors 11th coach in the last 16 years. >> our business is such that these things happen and it never makes them easier and it's more difficult when you got a quality guy. i worked with keith for a couple years and i ennead the association i had with him and that's what makes this difficult. >> that guy has to make the announcement but it was the owner joe lacob who said go talk to keith. everybody speculating, we will wait till it gets clearer. incred nba finish in san antonio. the spurs facing elimination against memphis. all right? ginobili appeared to tie the game with 2 seconds left but no
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they say his foot was on the line, only a 2 pointer. after they shoot free-throws. look at that. boom. 1.7. down by 3. neil hits a three to send the game into overtime. spurs win 110-103. with 1 point acceptable left they keep their hopes alive. oklahoma city eliminates den arever and miami eliminates philadelphia. the giants having trouble scoring runs. tonight in pittsburgh. james mcdonald came in with an e.r.a over 10. huff pops one down the line. grunt out of pam at 6. she is still grunting. there it. huff really slumping this year.
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hitting .225. jose, never heard of him. baumgartner one run allowed. tejada ends the thing. giants back to a game under .500. they start at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is funny. the home of the a's and raiders now known as coliseum. the company aquering naming rights. the a's went out and celebrated the naming of their stadium with kevin. 6 errors, having a rough time. that allows the angels life in the 9th. and bobby off brian goes down the line to tie it at 1-1. but the team from coliseum comes back. and give them credit. they didn't let the upset.
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they score a run here. that's it. jackson with a chopper gives the a's a 2-1 win over the angels. sharks-detroit open round 2 friday, 7:00 start. sharks back to work after polishing off the los angeles kings in six games. neyepa will be in goal. 7:00 friday. noon sunday. first two games. best of 7. pair of games 7 tonight. canadiens and bruins. >> good rivalry. i didn't see that. >> rough stuff. overtime. 3-3. nathan horten. boston wins 4-3. they go on to the second round. one play of the next one. tampa pay and pittsburgh. just to show you a a winner. that's a nnnninin hey marcel, watch this!
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