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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 28, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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united states history, dozens of tornadoes territory this of killing nearly 300 people. many reporters have moved to the area, one of the hardest hit is alabama. a university town, other states included tennessee, kentucky, virginia. again the death toll is rising to 300. it is expected to go high in europe. >> reporter:--to go higher. >> reporter: one of the hardest-hit areas, you can see behind me when used to be homes destroyed. all you see is rubble. a state of emergency has been declared.
5:31 pm
president obama called the loss of life heartbreaking. >> i want every american affected by this disaster to note the federal government will do everything we can to help you recover. >> reporter: this is what several parts of that region look like. >> the middle school, it collapsed. >> reporter: people scouring the debris for belongings that may have been blown miles away. >> to several areas, homes that are nothing but foundations. we are searching for additional victims. hopefully it will be a rescue situation. >> reporter: based on the number of dead alabama was the hardest hit. they've transformed at the flagship university town into a makeshift selvage liar. campus was largely untouched. the last salvage
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yard. >> seeing the damage done by stern's by katrina, ivan, dennis when they moved through. -- storms. the damage here is a lot, a lot worse. >> reporter: the town's mayor says it could take months to recover. president obama is expected to tour the areas to see firsthand the devastation tomorrow. >> pam: either search dogs and teams looking for survivors? >> there are search teams that we have seen, we saw some fire men a little while ago. they were looking into this area, making a sweep. earlier on, two hours ago there were people looking for a little girl. we spoke to jim and passing through, he said he joined that search team and he was able
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to find a little girl, dead. >> pam: where the families are their emergency shelters? >> yes. some of the families that is spoken to by staying with other family members. friends. some of the people lived in houses, some of them did survive. there were some people able to get that if you're just in time to go to friends homes or families. there are shelters, we're not sure how many shelters tonight. >> pam: thank you, it really is just unbelievable destruction. we check in with jonathan bloom for a closer look. >> reporter: it's all over the united states, you can see this aero indicating the
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travel of this group of storms. those storms started brewing friday in eastern texas. and throughout the course of the past week making their way towards the seaboard. they sucked up through mississippi, alabama, tennessee to the point where they made it to virginia in the last 24 hours. i want to take you in for the closer look, one of the things that is troubling is just how far the individual storms cells have to travel. specifically it will move a little, dropped a few, break apart. some of these are traveling for well over 100 mi.. this particular storm cell which up those tornadoes low, although it passed here, that line 13 3 mi. long. much longer than the average storm will travel. you can see just how
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forceful this group of storms is. how rapidly it has been traveling. obviously you just of those pictures. >> pam: kimberly has a look at more pictures and videos posted online. and all of the damage. >> reporter: i want to show you a video i found posted on twitter. you can see the person ticket and alcohol the legislation, leaving a--belongings behind. let's begin with some pictures, starting in alabama. the person who posted this pictures said it was taken in a town near birmingham. you can see it destroyed everything. trees stripped, in the debris everywhere. you can see the house, collapse, trees on the car. the person who posted says
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it was taken up their grandparents' house. thankfully everyone made it out safe and time. >> pam: it has been four days since a gunman opened fire killing two people, wounding four. sweet jimmy's is still closed for business. there's a lock on the front gate. oakland police are still trying to identify the suspects connected to the shooting. 22 year-old adam williams was one of the victims. williams was recently hired at a school for an after- school program. today the principal their shared promotions about losing an i'm very emotional the 22 arab adam well as worked prior to being shot to death. she told me she has
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been holding back promotions following the tragedy. now, she's ready to talk about losing atom. >> am very angry, very angry that broom the type of violence that killed at them. -- room. you can't conceive of them having to learn that someone they love, their work with daly is no longer part of their lives because of a violent assaults. >> >> reporter: he has been a part of of the elementary long before being hired. speak-e went to school year. >> reporter: returning here was his way of reconnecting to where you came from. >> he is connecting with the school, teachers, he really wanted to give something back. he did. , he really did. >> pam: other news, a
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homeless man is dead after authorities say a dublin police captured in tran to -- a dublin police sgt shot him. the suspect shot term -- the badly decomposed body of a woman in the santa cruz home roadsides of physical trauma. her boyfriend had been living with the remains for several days. autopsy showed she suffered multiple injuries. prosecutors have decided to retry a case against teenager accused of setting up to pipe bombs at a san mateo high school. not pursuing a checked second trial of 18 year-old alex youshock would amount to him not been guilty of insanity.
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>> there's just a few minutes until the end f l forty-niners will make their pitch. we will bring you a live report after the break. only six minutes until their pick. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. hey marcel, watch this!
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ryland: that we saw yesterday, 62 oakland, 66 in
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antioch. off we are in for a warming trend as we head into the next several days. temperatures warm up a little bit over what we saw today. 70 vallejo, fairfield. 7 these inland antioch, pleasanton. 60 in the coast. breezy along the coast. as we look into the weekend temperatures warm into saturday. hitting the '70s. eighties as we make our way into sunday. more and your extended forecasts, 82 sunday, '80s into next week. >> pam: it is draft time, the nfl is holding its annual draft tonight in new york. 49ers' get the seventh pick tonight.
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>> reporter: it's a bittersweet moment, they did pick up clear of misery. they didn't get the quarterback they wanted, they got holden smith. fast rushing has been one of their needs for years. 12 tackles, 29 losses. he will fill a void. and a lot of needs. as the rest of the 49 discouraging stuff currently have. a number flyspeck with patrick peterson standing quarterback. that is the guy at the 49ers are wanted. everybody knew it. when they didn't get him, what do you do. they went for holden smith. out of misery. what will happen now is in about
5:45 pm
20 minutes head coach jim will take downstage and address some 4-500 nfl 40 niner fans. when he made this election. you'll bump up the crowd and go back to 49 years and explain why they went with him. from that santa clara convention center back to you. >> pam: thank you, for that update we will be back and have more on the royal wedding press
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we'll have a three tiered cake stand as a very english. area id pulsebeat will well a live look like roughing it, and it landowners are turning it into a high class event. >> it is the royal wedding, fantastic occasion. we thought we would do the same. >> reporter: a royal welcome from prince charles a strike. she greeted campers. in the last remaining hours other details emerging. it will feature music from some of the greatest composers. kate middleton will walk down the aisle to traditional song.
5:50 pm
>> it is the first wedding to a commoner. it's like an actual fairytale. she's going to become a princess. >> thousands of people right here in the bay area will be staying up late to watch the fun. kron4 went in search for the best local spots to watch them tied the knot. >> with the royal wedding only hours away kron4 sent me here to see how the english are celebrating. but, if you want to have an authentic the viewing experience you could do a lot worse than camerons pub. cameron owns the place. >> for you as excited as i am? >> it's hard to put into words, but yes. >> with to a plant? >> if they want to wake up in the middle of the night we will show alive and we are sharing breakfast.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: if you don't feel like getting up, cameras will be celebrating all day. >> we're going to have a band. british invasion, biddle's tribute band. cake cutting ceremony at 9:00 p.m.. >> reporter: she looks almost identical to my mom, she will be here and to be available for photo ops. >> reporter: you don't sound very english. >> i was born in the states. but my dad was born in new castle. >> give me your accent. >> i would like everyone to stop by the pub. >> reporter: it sounds like a good time, if you don't want to come to half moon bay, starting at 2:00 a.m. friday morning. >> pam: that is not the only place there are a lot of
5:52 pm
spots around the bay celebrating the royal wedding. san francisco, british consulate is having breakfast, reassuring the wedding. party planned for friday evening. -- three showing. britannia arms pub is having a 2:00 a.m. during a party. and the crown but has food and drink specials. kron4 has your coverage of those royal wedding. join us at 2:00 a.m.. their big day is right here on kron4 on friday. ñ# ái
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a suspects 7, pretty simple image of least what they say he was driving. the suspects--to kidnap a 12 year-old girl and richmond
5:56 pm
yesterday afternoon as she walked to school they say he is hispanic, '30s, 56-59. medium build. black glasses, that blue truck it might have a dent above the rear right wheel. any information call police. >> pam: the america's cup is still a few years away by the world cross event does not happen without a lot of planning. officials gathered today to discuss the challenges and the intricate level of urban planning that has to happen for the festivities among the challenges permanent and temporary structures doing so without harming the environment. >> it's a long complicated process. we cherish the day. we considers those streets of the day, we're working
5:57 pm
with all of our sister agencies from the city. to make sure we're doing the right thing when it comes to new construction of the facilities. >> pam: one of the biggest challenges is the transportation plan to get people back-and-forth with the least amount of impact on traffic. >> with this facile bay to breakers race just weeks away the watch a to go here, take pictures, videos and post them here. the race is near for short on any fund costumes. -- never short from funny costumes. we know you're up there getting ready. we want to see all the preparation and final outcomes go to kron4 expanded to post your images, pictures, videos all of the above could be featured r
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>> pam: 4 classroom tests during of storms leaves hundreds of miles of devastation -- a string of storms. >> amazing and sat at the same time. >> when you look at the areas that have been struck it looks like a war zone. >> pam: the death toll continues to crime. we show you how several tornadoes leave hundreds crept with fear. -- the death toll continues to climb. >> the journey towards recovery will be long and difficult period, >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. news.
6:01 pm
>> catherine: the devastation is incredible. arkansas, mississippi, all of those states have declared states of emergency. president obama is preparing to go to the hardest-hit region tomorrow. >> this is the worst natural disaster that is that this state in my lifetime. >> catherine: alabama's governor says he is stunned by the extent of the destruction. the average turning out as a few hundred yards wide staying on the ground for just a few miles. this path is a mile wide going on for dozens. look at the size of the funnel, as it bore down home of the university of alabama. >> my heart was racing, you see things like that in movies. you never see anything like that in real life. >> catherine: survivors
6:02 pm
remember natalie the power but their speed. >> of a sudden they got really loud. really dark. i saw these trees snapped. it all happened in less than two minutes. >> and was screaming, appalling. >> there is a ditch rate their. the trees landed on top of this. >> catherine: when the sun came up those who lived through its other world transformed. >> we have lost to water tanks on the side of the city. crippling the water supply. we're facing an overwhelming situation in which we are short on everything. recovery efforts will not begin for 24-48 hours. our focus is finding some disinterred and missing. >> catherine: the death toll stands at 195 alabama, 32
6:03 pm
mississippi, 34 tennessee, eight virginia, won the arkansas. >> pam: our coverage continues with kate thompson more dramatic pictures of the devastation. >> these photographs show the extent neighborhoods fund, buildings destroyed. hases rubble. -- houses reduced to rubble. they're searching for any items a could be saved. many overwhelmed by their motion stood in the streets hugging each other. this woman comforts her grandchildren as they lay on a mattress on the front lawn of the home. it flipped over cars, ripped open tractor-trailer's and took off their roofs of homes. these women are checking out the damage. you can see the ceiling and then hanging from a thread. this woman had a tree falls under house.
6:04 pm
>> pam: kimberly has a look at a video posted online showing one of the tornadoes. >> the video was posted on it shows one man trying to document the tornado. but not get caught. let's take a look. it was taken while he was standing at the university of alabama. you see the ground is wet. not training. wendy's in san you can see it moving the trees and bushes. the turn is moving closer, they see a better outline of its whirling around. debris hovering. a few minutes later the torrential downpour the person taking the video had to jump into my driveway. he kept rolling on the tornado. this is about six minutes and i think this is the best year yet. just a few blocks
6:05 pm
away. you can see spot subflooring around the tornado. those are cars, homes, trees. the wind is blowing really hard. the camera is struggling to stay put. he jumped into the car to flee the area. so far to students among the victims. >> pam: a former doctor at uc-berkeley has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting patients. he was in court today, to reset was there as well. >> reporter: prosecutors alleged that he began molesting patients and health services center in 2006. prosecutors say he legally penetrated his male victim and during an exam. the next case happened in 2007 similar crime,
6:06 pm
different victims. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted six victims over five years. police say was in march of this year when a victim came forward. >> the patient provided detailed allegations of illegal sexual contact. in a case like this it's not unusual for other victims to come forward. >> this individual violated many ethical limits the designed to preserve the integrity. >> he has resigned from uc- berkeley turning himself into authorities and has agreed to temporary suspension of his medical license. his attorney says he will fight the charges. >> we feel it is grossly overcharged. will make motions to dismiss the charges of the complaint. we're looking for to that.
6:07 pm
he is holding up under this. >> pam: students on campus say they are shocked about the allegations. >> you should feel safe, there should be no consensus about for you go to a specially a health-care professional that is sponsored by the school. >> its uprising that a doctor at the university would be molesting students. -- surprising. >> i don't know what kind of background check they do. or what kind of checks they have before, i definitely think it's important at a place like this where you have students, people that come in with their coty to even talk to the doctors. to have something like this happen is unfortunate. >> he is resigned from the university where he worked as a physician since 1988.
6:08 pm
we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> reporter: oakland police say they l looking for a kidnapping victim that issued an amber color. let's take a look, the oakland police a permit has to share this information if they're looking for a blue four-door honda. they believe it's a 15 year-old victim. the victim may been apprehended near 90th avenue if you any information call the police department. >> pam: guilty pleas from philip and nancy teredo. -- teredo. jaycee lee dugard was held captive in their
6:12 pm
backyard philippe pleaded guilty to kidnapping and 13 counts of sexual assaults. the judge said he would be sentenced to a maximum of 443 years. nancy pleaded guilty to kidnapping one count of rape by force. the judge said she will also be sentenced on june 2, 1936 years-like. the lawyer for nancy said today's guilty plea was the best we could do. >> she obviously committed a serious wrong. her view now, she's made peace with god. she wants to get on with life and what's left of that. it's the best i could do. obviously you don't like to plead your client guilty to a life sentence. that's the best i could get. >> pam: jaycee lee dugard
6:13 pm
released a statement, she says " i am relieved that philip and nancy. no have finally acknowledge their guilt and best of their crimes against me and my family. " the made national headlines, kron4 shows us how it started. >> reporter: she was 11 years old when she was kidnapped while walking to school bus stop. her mother appeared to send this message. >> if your up there and wanted to come home. >> reporter: her road home began when philippe showed up 18 years later in august 2009 with two young girls sparking the concerns of police. the officer did a background check finding out this is a registered sex offender. speak-e stock when i city broaden his two
6:14 pm
daughters. he said he does not have any. >> following up with that agent. joe brought his wife nancy the two children and a young woman parent under interrogation the twisted story came out jaycee lee dugard to identity was revealed and so is the fact that her to curt's -- girls were fathered by him. an army confronted where they were living in tents tense. jaycee lee dugard and her girls were finally reunited with her mother.
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>> pam: an officer fights for her life and wins. police sgt is recovering after a deadly plague. authorities say the female sergeant was brutally attacked by a man who may have been homeless. this is where the female sergeant
6:18 pm
shot and killed the man. a shares spokesman tells kron4 the surgeon called in a suspicious person of around 1:30 a.m. he then attacked the sergeant. they fought, as they cross the busy intersection. the fight ended in a car dealerships parking lot. firefighters were cleaning up the blood earlier this morning. colleagues say the surgeon is lucky to be alive. >> face, head of bloody. numerous wounds on her face. she had been through a terrible and vicious fight for her life. >> pam: they say she had a long arrest history, churches fighting, resisting arrest, petty theft. -- he -- church. new details about the muni light rail crash
6:19 pm
back in july of 2009 investigators released a new report that says the driver had blacked out just after switching off the controls that would automatically stopped the train. they also say this is a disco municipal railway system was partly to blame for not enforcing a rule that's meant to stop them from switching off automatic braking controls. >> reporter: a live look outside you can see breezy conditions. we have been seen pretty windy conditions in the afternoon. right now wind gusts are 20 mi. an hour range. as we head into the evening that will not change much. still precede very area wide. the winds will die down into
6:20 pm
midnight. especially over night. 3:00, closer to the coastline breezy. tomorrow, warming trend. warm into the weekend. tomorrow, 70 santa rosa, 70 in vallejo. temperatures up about 5 degrees over yesterday. it will stay little breezy over the coastline. warmer to the coastline. bake in warming as we had in to the weekend. temperatures will warm into the '60s. low-upper '70's bay area wide as we head into sunday even warmer. a lot of eighties out there on the board. low eighties for san jose, santa rosa, concord. the warm apple not just be this weekend it will carry over into next week.
6:21 pm
temperatures tuesday, wednesday it will get pretty warm. upper 80s, ladies for bay shore. >> reporter: national men's, president obama officially introduced the reese shuffled security team. >> catherine: church should not only fighting the war in afghanistan but budget issues. he is leading the cia he will be the new defense secretary. and general david precarious will replace panetta. the driver of this fedex truck is lucky to be alive after his tractor burst into a wall of flames. it happened in seattle, cleo i did with the car leaking fuel before catching fire. two explosions. the driver of the truck escaped without
6:22 pm
injury. no word on if the driver was hurt. is this beautiful or blasphemous. at 10 ft. stained-glass mistake was put up by a group who posed as construction workers. some residents like others say it's inappropriate. officials are considering iremoving it. no official decision has been made yet. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ññ
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rusty i phone pork comes in two colors. (no audio) dow >> pam: was steve jobs last year, he denied it then sank to as the first available in a color other than black. but it never came up. it's been a mystery ever since.
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president obama call loss of life surmounting the deadly tornado heartbreaking. >> i want every american affected by the disaster to know the government will do everything we can to help you recover. >> reporter: that devastated the border. >> i cannot compare it to anything in my lifetime. it was terrifying. >> reporter: based on the number of dead alabama was the hardest hit. it turned off downtown state tests alyssa, alabama into a
6:31 pm
chair side. >> we categorize this as a nightmare. we are confident, better days are ahead. >> reporter: the campus was largely untouched. seeing the damage done by storm psychogenic, ivan, then this. -- katrina, ivan, then this. the damage here was a lot worse. >> reporter: president barack obama is expected to tour the areas to see firsthand the devastation tomorrow. >> pam: now that is nightfall are there restrictions as to where people can go? >> reporter: there are still people that are roaming around here. we are seeing more vehicles, police vehicles that are blocking of some of these routes.
6:32 pm
there are some residents that are roaming around. not nearly as many as there were earlier today. people who are coming by to look at the devastation. >> pam: we heard about the number dead how the hemlock hospitals handling the people injured? -- how are the hospitals. >> reporter: then mayor earlier said there are many people injured, so many areas of the city there were unrecognizable. the red cross is in this area. national guard, everyone has all hands on deck. trying to help out. . they're passing out food, water. >> pam: any specifics about president barack obama is a visit? >> reporter: we know that
6:33 pm
you'll come into the area of birmingham. also into this area. of the night, the seville the specifics we have. it is certainly something that will be a sign showing here understands the amount of devastation in this area. it's one thing when you look at it on camera. but when you see it in person it's unbelievable. so many people pass by stunned. summit people that told us it looks almost like a bomb went off -- so many people. >> pam: thank you, free live report. >> reporter: justin, new information about the camber a load. -- just in. they now believe they know the name of the alleged victim. sierra gorton, 15 years old
6:34 pm
five-one, 14 0 lbs., black hair, black eyes. they believe richard barton abducted her 57, black, 612 70 lbs.. the car they believe he was driving when he abducted her, for a blue honda -- 6 ft. 1 in., at 2 70 lbs.. they believe she was abducted amount 90th ave. any information call police. >> pam: kron4 crews have all your big local stories, oakland with his feet. spring. ( planned buildup
6:35 pm
blowpipe plymouth >> reporter: five-year period, y health-care services prosecutors say. he has resigned from berkeley, he pled not guilty. his attorney said he would fight the charges. oakland, kron4 news. >> the head of the mayor's gang prevention task force's budget cuts could not come at a worse time. lange of case workers, cutting hours would provide kids with things to do other than joining gangs will almost certainly lead tuning keys-
6:36 pm
-to an increase in gang activity. last year there were six gang-related, for the entire year. this year there are 35. >> reporter: another big story, two guilty pleas. philippi pled guilty to 14 counts, he faces a maximum of 431 years-like. his wife nancy plant guilty to one count, kidnapping and rape. 36 years-life. its paris tuesday, blue bird and two daughters--it spares jaycee lee dugard and her two daughters from testifying. >> reporter: of the big warmup into the weekend will last into the week. temperatures will get a little bit warmer. but the big one upstarts' on saturday. -- the big warmup starts saturday. we will
6:37 pm
warm or tuesday-wednesday. temperatures pretty warm upper 80s expected. load- mid-70s for coastline. -- low-mid '70s. now let's check on your ski report. obviously this season as winding down. 100 runs oakland, skiing, 67 runs, 275 base, 35 friends. if you want information log on to their webe right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all. great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway list. [ male announcer ] with thousands of everyday low prices you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] plus we have great club card specials like refreshe water,
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that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... y marcel, h this! [ zer sounds [ rs and appe ]s!
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♪ heycel, watchs! yeah, ma! -ma! marcel! are yistening t? -ma! mama!l! [ announcer at&t u-ve you follour favorit chan on one sc. t $29 a mofor the fi x months -r included in the ork there ar hard choi >> pam: only hours until the royal wedding. there has been so much hype, all around the world. . . not everyone will be watching >> vicki, the dress caught
6:41 pm
princess, the prince. so much hype, it hasn't even had to get. some people say, enough already. >> if that's how they want to spend tax dollars, that is up to them. it i just don't care. >> reporter: you can find suppliers sediment. we even found this barf bag for sale featuring the royal couple for people who are sick of that call. >> reporter: love it, can't get enough, tell me more. then the others, had it, don't wanna hear about it. over it. and then, the third, what royal wedding? it's like the song you've heard too many times, you blanket out. >> reporter: after all there's much more to talk about then tiaras, flowers,
6:42 pm
horse-drawn carriages. >> puller turned off because of the tragedies that are going into the world. the budget, the tragedy in japan. people looking at it as a moment to escape and not focus on what's going on here at home or in other places. >> reporter: if you want to escape, but this weekend it will be over. >> pam: kron4 has your coverage of the royal wedding joint is at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment of the big day. right here friday. coming up next, gary is joined by a very funny man he goes one-on-one with gary next. many forty- niner fans are scratching their heads after that takes less of a relatively unknown unknown player.
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>> gary: the 49 is certainly did not go for a big man anyone heard of this fellow? alvin smith. six- foot four the fetus of lineman from missouri. -- defensive. >> reporter: the 49 assault of and smith. (cheering & applause) >> gary: pam was a rise in the mmi here. this guy 21 years of age declared early after junior season considered on known by many. if you'd been to those of mock trials, he was not listed with most of the boards. for all the people
6:47 pm
who say, 49 is going to go up quarterback, this is a major surprise. verne will join us. byrne what was their reaction?--burn? >> reporter: it was a shocker. all you have to do is go outside and listened to those cricket's chirping. that was the reaction. 20 minutes ago, jim was on that stage. he addressed the that. >> we like him as a football player. coming end of college. from my school. he is going to be a guy there weakened by first, second, third. (inaudible)
6:48 pm
>> reporter: we apologize for the audio quality there's a little problem with the mixing board. that second question, he said we will see. we will see. a quarterback is what everyone wanted. they'll have to deal with this. the other guy from misery. back to you. >> gary: thank you, the nfl's no. 1 overall, >> the panthers select kim newton. --cam >> gary: . that guy looks like a star. this guys drinking, he has slipped a million. you step true. for
6:49 pm
all of the eight people who want to bury him. his father had his hand up. he has the last laugh. picked first by carolina. if you're watching, with all of the lockout business, back and forth and the nfl spending a lot of time against the players in court. for a least one night and live like business as usual. the giants, get that this bird taking 2-3. -- pittsburgh. they've had three crowds around 10,000. aaron at of his fight delivering. a couple of hits. three rbis. same inning, you start stealing bases. their egos. four-one, 33 rolls. 5-2/3,
6:50 pm
four hits, two runs. he also spent four years in japan. that is exciting. the giants went 5-2. when we return fresh from the strike might show and courtside seats at the lakers, red hot canadian kevin hart. he is next. ♪ you'll run outside
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>> gary: were not joking he's going from the tonight towed to kron. this is like. >> time to start testing. let's get those fines. -- cussing. i like it in l.a.. , i have kids. i stay away
6:54 pm
from hollywood. >> gary: i had to laugh last night you're telling a story about people, you have money in your pocket people want to buy a boat? >> the more money your mate, the more your company changes. i have learned that i don't keep up with the company i have. i was talking about doing, he was out " shopping. i do have a house yet, i can't get about. >> gary: someone else public to attend to get about. >> he can go up some votes. >> gary: red in our area, pleasanton. >> i just did it tv show with her on fox. >> gary: terrific. >> is that one of those things you want to get picked up?
6:55 pm
>> i took her weight. -- rife. >> gary: is there someone you looked up and you influence? >> bill cosby, chris rock. i love the comedy. storyteller. honest. i love the approach. self-made. writer, actor, director, producer. when i looked at him i see what i want. >> gary: in the old days when carson was hosting, when navy would be a star. obviously it's different now. lewis scored big last night. did you feel at this morning? -- use scored big last night. >> i had a good time. it's easy for our house to do they want. he set me up with
6:56 pm
great questions. it was a great audience. the feedback i got was great. it was immediate feedback. that is the big step for my career. the history that that man has the list is so long. for me to finally have done that is huge. it shows me i am going in the right direction. >> gary: , if neil looks up that's all right. >> if he doesn't can i just yelled his name to make him look up? (laughter) >> gary: we want to plug hurts of paradise. >> i was originally doing two shows, we sold them out so we added a show on sunday. you don't have your tickets go by, if you don't i will limit on racism.
6:57 pm
>> gary: if they don't watch me it's racism. nice to me to. lots of guys come and i and funnier than them. not you. we will see you at 11. ♪
6:58 pm
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we are just hour as way from the royal wedding. >> and, kevin, this is what i heard william and kate are up to tonight. >> what? >> oh, come on. i'm going to tell you too. "the insider" is on. prince william greets fans today. >> the last shot of kate before her i dos. as matt lawyer turns the tables on our sharon osbourne. >> what little piece of drama are you looking for? every wedding, i have never been to a wedding where there wasn't one piece of family drama. >> i have the couple's last move until they walk down the aisle. >> bride-to-be kate and best man harry's last second rehearsal today. william's final soccer game as a single man. >> the groom's motorcycle escape from the paparazzi as hollywood heads to london. >> the royal wedding, it's amazing.


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