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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this is kron 4 news at 11:00. the shark tank explodes with excitement tonight, how fans reacted to the win. also beyond recognition. the president tours the devastated areas of the south after massive storms destroy entire homes. first, against all odds. a story of survival. a man is rescued after spending three days trapped in his car after went off a road. this map shows you where the rescue happened. this is in the oakland hills
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outside berkeley. kron 4's reggie kumar talked to the park ranger who saved the man's life. >> reporter: he doesn't consider himself a hero. he was just doing his job. but if he never spotted this car in the oakland hills the driver may have never been rescued. the ranger explains how he made the discovery. >> driving back up after a park clean up i was sitting in the passenger seat, it gave me the time to look around and i saw the light from the sun off the roof of the car. had i been driving i wouldn't have seen it. i saw there was someone in the car. and i went closer and opened the door, there was a guy in it. >> reporter: it happened right here. his car plunged 150 feet down this embankment. before they put him into the
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ambulance, they took off his shoes and left them here. >> he seemed okay. no obvious injuries. i asked him if anything hurt, he said no. >> reporter: he said he didn't have food or water for three days. the man also told the ranger he was in and out of consciousness after having a medical accident while driving. he is expected to survive. the ranger says whenever they found cars off this road, they outcome is usually much different. >> when we find them it usually happens at night. the next morning the person has already been rescued or crawls up and gets help. i am so happy he is okay. and going to see his wife or if he hasn't already. >> reporter: he didn't have a cell on him but park officials said cell phone reception isn't
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good along this stretch of road. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. to the developing story in the south. the devastation from storms. the death toll continues to rise after a flurry of tornadoes. 337 dead, making this the deadliest storm since the great depression, second deadliest in u.s. history. they are weighing for basic supplies, flash lights. president obama and the first lady toured the area today. the destruction and the first family's response. >> reporter: president obama arrived in alabama to survey the storm ravage region. acuring the people that the federal government is ready to help. that help can't come soon
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enough. >> it's just gone. it's -- devastating. i don't know how to do this. >> reporter: survivors are returning home but many are finding their lives are reduced to rubble. >> it is unreal. it looks like a third world country. a place that has been hit by war. >> we lost everything as well. the back of our house, the church is upended. everything is gone. >> reporter: while residents went threw debris, search crews are looking for bodies. 300 died in six days. nearly 1 million people remain without power and it could be weeks before it is retored. >> spirits are high and we want to deliver are the serves
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necessary that people expect their government to do. >> reporter: 35 emergency response teams have been deployed to alabama alone. another crisis looming, the power outages are impacting gas stations. in tuscaloosa, alabama. new details tonight. update on the condition on the giants fan, brian stow, he was attacked in los angeles. doctors say they stopped using the sedation medication. so far they say there has been no seizure activity. he is still in critical condition. it's hard to anticipate what to expect in the next couple of days. well, we have warm weather on the way for this weekend. we are looking nice around the bay area. temperatures into the 70s for tomorrow.
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even the 80s in some spots. for tomorrow look for 70 in san francisco. mid-70s in to the south bay. upper 70s maybe for santa rosa and concord. warmer temperatures for warm. and i would show you this if my clicker was working but it's not. i will come back later and tell you more about it. in the mean time, back to you. >> thank you. the shark tank, that's an explosive place tonight with playoff excitement. the sharks taking on the red wings in round two. this was an exciting game, down to the last second of overtime. da lin thoughs us the fan excitement. >> reporter: the sharks came back to win in overtime 2-1. we got excited fans in the back ground here. >> great win. we needed it. way to start.
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[ screams ] >> reporter: long series. [ screams ] >> reporter: how many wins do you think we need? >> three more. three more. >> reporter: pretty confident fans. they are looking for a sweep. more fans inside the tank. >> score! [ screams ] >> this is awesome. >> reporter: awesome because the sharks came back in the 3rd period to tie the game up. you can see a lot of fans were jumping up and done. fans -- down. the fans are comparing the sharks to the giants. they say this is torture hockey a. >> when your team wins makes all that worth wild. it's like a big reward. >> reporter: the sharks come back to hp for game two on sunday and they hope the sharks
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can pull out another win. da lin, kron 4 news. >> gary will have highlights later in sports. money problems for bay area cities. including oakland. the mayor announced plans for cutting the budget. we will have a look at the impact and how it could affect taxes just ahead on kron 4 news. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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in headlines, the launch of space shuttle endeavor delayed because of technical problems. spectators including the obama family and congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was there to see her husband mark kelly off and met with president obama. nasa is hoping to try the launch on monday. lawmakers are demanding more information on the breach that effected 77 million play station network users. two members of congress sent a
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letter to sony's chairman. they want to know when they informed users and what steps they are taking a fix the problem. and kate middleton, the new duchess of cambridge said she had a great wedding day. she made that comment. first public comment. tonight she and prince william were toasted at a dinner at buckingham palace and prince harry is planning a british pry up breakfast for anybody still standing at dawn. we are starting what should be a beautiful weekend. 70 tomorrow and even 80s in the forecast. more about that coming up. ♪
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break ins back to january of this year. there have been 31 burglaries. so far in this low crime area. compare that to 14 last year. the majority of the crimes are taking place during the day time hours when homes are unoccupied. kron 4 news. >> in san jose the police officer union agreed to take a 10% pay cut. this could prevent the layoffs set to kick in if the union didn't agree to the pay cut. it will probably not have an impact on the 106 layoff notices that went off this week. kron 4 news. >> reporter: mayor jean quan released three city budgets. a is a worse case scenario,
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assuming oakland gets no money. b is a middle ground. c, accums voters approve a property tax for additional revenue this summer. the worst case scenario includes 300 city layoffs. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> reporter: continuing coverage of theficial crisis. 14-19 libraries could be shut done if the financial picture doesn't improve. those using the library say they are shocked to hear about that. saying during tough times it is vital to keep libraries open. kron 4 news. a view tonight. the camera is shaking. it's still windy tonight. 10-20 miles per hour. yeah. with temperatures right now in the 50s currently around the bay area.
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that's where we will be tomorrow morning. 40s, and even 30s into the coolest inland valleys. during the day things warm up. in the afternoon, 70. most places, north bay, east bay, south bay, the 70s in the forecast. that's what we will see. santa rosa 77. everybody is warming up. even the coast is going to be warmer with highs into the 60s. look for sunny skys and gusty winds for the afternoon. over 30 miles per hour. another blustery afternoon. otherwise nice weather. low to mid-70s for the east shore. 75 oakland. 75 for inland. fix for walnut creek. pleasanton 75. south bay look for nice weather here tomorrow for saturday. low to mid-70s for w lots of sunshine and nice weather
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all right. good evening, everybody. put the sharks in overtime and look out. tonight round one -- excuse me, round 2, game one versus detroit red wings. both teams going at it early.
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nicholas, 51 career playoff goal. detroit 1-0 lead. back and forth. jimmy howard was great. 44 saves. less than 10 minutes to go. little joe one more time in the clutch. via the rebound. 1-1. stays that way into overtime. ben in his first ever playoff game on his 24th birthday. the game winner. his 24th birthday wins it. everybody going nuts at the shark tank. beating the red wings 2-1. san jose is 4-0 in overtimes games this playoff season. sunday at noon, game 2. second day of the draft. the 49ers found a quarterback. they traded up.
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5 up threeesh -- gave up three picks to get contra costa. the only -- to get colin kaepernick. rushed for over 4,000. responsible for 142 touchdowns. colin kaepernick on working out before the draft. >> number one, the energy he brought. he was running all over the field with me, throwing the football around. it was just a competition out there, we will see who can throw the most perfect spierals and see who can be the most accurate from different spots. didn't have a deep ball competition. [ laughter ] >> vern glenn with colin kaepernick tonight. you could feel the energy in the room. same story for aldon smith. number one draft choice out of missouri, selected yesterday and in camp today.
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the 49ers aldon smith and colin kaepernick, they got a foundation for a pretty nice rookie class. 49 collected chris culver out of south carolina, south carolina in the third round. the raiders first pick in the draft came in the second round, introduced by willie brown. >> with the pick in the 2011 nfl draft the oakland raiders select stephen. >> now if you are familiar with that name, his uncle steve played 13 seasons for the raiders. now an assistant coach in oakland. he is a guard/center. also in the third round raiders select demarcus out of miami, offensive tackle joe from lsu also in the third round. the draft goes on one more day
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with the 49ers and raiders having some selections. shane went late in the second round. 56 over all. that's pretty good to the new england patriots. tim lincecum, not bad, but not good either. stroked out here. 7 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs, 7 strikeouts. very -- very rarely does he get outpitched. jason did it tonight. he shut out the giants on five hits. 3-0 washington, a winner over the san francisco giants. here at home at the coliseum, trevor cahill, help from his defense. nice play here against yorvit torrealba. he is now with the rangers. kurt suzuki gaves the a's a 1-0
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lead. and josh willingham off the wall. a's 3-1. trevor cahill e.r.a under two. in 2007 the warriors upset dallas the number one seed. that was the only time that happened till tonight. memphis leading. san antonio had the best regular season record in the nba but they ran out of steam. they looked tired. and jack had 31 points. 17 in the fourth and that's it. fourth time in nba history an eightede beat a one seed. warriors in 2007. grizzlies play oklahoma city beginning sunday. and back to the sharks. catherine, i wish you liked hockey. a little bit. >> i do. >> look at me, all he cares about is high pressure systems.
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