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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 5, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> james: this morning, as the outside, sunny, warm. the forecast coming out. top story, the latest on the death of osama bin laden. president barack obama is expected at ground zero tomorrow. we'll bring it to live if weekend. >> reporter: this will be president barack obama first trip to from service since taking office. he's marking this latest fight in terror with those hardest hit. the last time you visited was back on 911 when he was a
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candidate in 2008. now this president of traverses it is not american tragedy but triumph. no speeches or public statements are planned just are reed laying ceremony. in an effort not to push the flames of the extremist anchor the president explained why he decided not to release pictures showing of the dead and live in. >> --osama bin laden debt. >> it's important that it's and incitement to more violence as a propaganda tool, etc. we are. >> reporter: well-respected the president's decision some say that voters should be released in order to quiet skepticism. >> then everyone knows they did it. more important, its
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report for all these years to realize we're not putting up with it. arse >> reporter: the bottom line is pretty simple, there had to be justice. >> the only way to achieve that justice is a life for life in this case. >> reporter: security is very tight your current zero in anticipation of the president's visit he schedules to good engine company 54, the loss 15 firefighters on 911. reporting live, from new york. >> james: thank you, coming up pakistan's military is meeting to discuss the raid and a lot and, bart plus for the sharing of on the internet claiming to show that the lot in. >> justine: are other take story is the warm weather forecast.
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>> louisa: and a warm day on top, yesterday's the warmest day we have had all here. sfo, 84, breaking the old record of 83. oakland 85. santa cruz also set record of 86 degrees. warm temperatures in store for us once again today. right now or in the '50s, '60s. a warm start to the day and oakland 64 antioch, mt. view, rates to their sixties as well. will we are looking at as little bit of change in the weather pattern the ridge of high pressure is shifting to the east. were getting a little bit more in the way of the onshore approach we will see this temperatures drop just a little bit today. still warm
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but little bit of a drop a special around the bay and the coast. temperatures, we will ormandy's, a little cooler than yesterday. 84 santa rosa, 83 degrees expected in redwood city same for mountain view we could warrant the upper 80s and places like los gatos, morgan hill, 87 for san jose. livermore, warming up nicely. really close to the 90 degree mark. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., as we head into friday different in terms of the weather we will see this temperatures really start to cool off. patchy morning from, clouds during the day. slight chance of showers. sort of the latter part of your sunday slate chance of showers there. the lush
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slate jams. >> erica: thank you, it is,, hotspot free start no delays or accidents to tell you about. if you're heading to the bay bridge, the approach westbound looks good. no weight at the gate. san mateo as a nice, easy ride quiet in both directions. especially among those taillights. golden gate southbound-101 no problems to report. a very quiet ride into the city. no problems rewrite premarin. drive time of 24 minutes. -- out of marin. good start to public transit. no delays for ac transit come apart. >> justine: thank you, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a
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three alarm fire in san francisco. you're looking at the place, it happened on the 1000 block of folsom st. its severely burned the park hotel damaging three other buildings. yoli is live to show us the damage. >> reporter: it is pretty bad. you can see damage in the direction notes back. they have an idea of possibly where it started. still no cost to the fire. across the lot of damage. you can see her with melted. there's a tear the building that was involved on breast street. that is the one that has a lot of damage. you cannot really tell from a
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friend. this whole street and this intersection, still pretty busy with fire trucks. the watch it overnight. there were no flareups overnight. they are expecting investigators to come in here this morning and try to figure out what caused the fire. we do know at least 75 people at these two buildings and another 34 people on the other building. those people are shot to right now. >> justine: thank you, they give so much for the report. >> james: other news, to date 800 nurses at children's hospital oakland will launch a five day walkout in protested of a decrease in their health- care expenses. that the
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negotiating a new contract for vs for nearly one year. talks broke down last week. the children's hospital will remain open, replacement nurses had been hired. although some researchers have been rescheduled many of them do plan to go for it. the chief nursing officer released a statement saying " we value our nurses but they're making demands that are out of touch with the current economic realities of our hospital. >> justine: coming up, a san ramon police officer is under arrest for conspiracy theory. and grand theft. we will tell you why, coming up. right now, here's a live look outside from our roof camera. another really hot days on the way. it is now
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look like it will break any records. still not bad.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:11 and here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wil also handle a beautiful day to be upset, we cool down, cooler temperatures especially for mother's day. slightest chance of a sprinkle. primarily to the north. enough of a chance that we have to put it on the forecast. next week we slowly warm up. >> justine: gas prices, then demand for a gasoline is falling it could take the economy down with it. groups
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report that murderers are still cutting back on how much they're putting in the gas tank typically americans cut spending on other activities before they do less driving gas is now about $4 per gallon on 13th street and washington d.c.. checking bay area gas prices we are about $4 we have been for quite some time. the average price is $4.32 oakland $4.27. san as a $4.28. >> james: wall street, stocks set for a lower open. futures are down. two main reports on tap monthly sales weekly jobless claims numbers to come out. capitol hill, joe biden meets with top lawmakers, we will see how far they get for the first time in nearly two years freddie mac is reporting a quarterly gain.
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shares of news corp. call when the company reported earnings and revenue that fell short. >> justine: some people might like this, ground- breaking begins today in san francisco for its first downtown target store. mayor ed lee will break the trend on the store. >> james: we will take a quick break, at 4:13 a.m. we'll have much more straight ahead on the kron 4 morning news. lots of news to get to, police are still searching for a murder suspect. a quick look get sad, and shot as we go traffic is light.
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>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news.
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>> louisa: unclear shattered downtown san francisco, lots of sunshine and of our way yesterday we set some records, today a little bit cooler especially around the bay and the coast. nice, warm, sunny. we see this temperatures and to these once again the much as we head into the weekend. currently a mixture of 50s and 60s all warm start to the day. 66 for antioch, mind you, san jose low 60s. satellite, radar richard high-pressure shifting to the east a bit of a change even today a bit more that onshore breeze as we had to into the afternoon temperatures along the coast a little bit cooler today. as we head into the afternoon our eyes warm, 73
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in san francisco today lower than we were yesterday. 84 santa rosa the state, after seven days could reach 80 degrees in places like hayward. 87 san jose, tomorrow, cool down, 77 lunch. sixties around the bay. on lot more clout covered -- '70s inland. a lot more cloud cover. >> erica: no hot spot. bay bridge toll plaza just a handful of cars streaming westbound a smooth sailing. metering lights are not on.
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cemetery ridge, nice, light. 13 minutes. golden gate, at of marin county pretty quiet. just a couple of cars. top speeds for your entire ride at of the north bay. >> james: news around the bay, a hayward highway is reopened after being shut down because of a crash that injured two officers three lanes closed when a van rear ended a california highway patrol officer early this morning the reopened just after 2:00 to officers taken to basketball police are searching for murder suspect in san jose officers responded to call founding a man suffering from the rush they found a man suffering from stab wounds. the victim was taken to a medical center pronounced dead. motive and description have
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not been released. >> justine: we may now know what might of caused a fire at a construction and building supply company in red road city. the company went up in flames on monday. we're now told that an explosion of 20,000 gal. tank holding liquid-world may be to blame. it could take three-four months to determine. >> james: a follow on bryan stowe, the giants fan who was attacked your means in hospital, his family posted online that brian is not responding to stimulation. there was destroyed it yesterday to lower the dosage of the eight medications he is taking. all his family to do now is wait, a parade. police still searching for those who attacked him. closing
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arguments have been set for may 17th in the triple murder trial of the your black muslim bakery. they're each charged with three counts of murder for the jets of try to play lead and two other men. the lawyers ask for war to be issued for witnesses he could not find. the judge agreed to halt the trial to give it more time to find with this. >> justine: an egyptian court has convicted the ousted president on charges of money-laundering sentencing him to 12 years in jail. it was the first against any of the some two dozen cabinet mr. leicester's. --have been--- syrian stearin tv says the
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army is worth drawing from a southern city at the heart of the uprising. the gradual withdrawal began after the military carried out its mission in detaining terrorists. troops have cut off electricity and telephone services. there also reports of security forces shot at a rooftop water tank which is of vital supply of water in the bone dry region by zero people reported killed, violence over the past 10 days. >> james: workers haven't entered the damaged nuclear plant since the electric power plant had problems after the earthquake. the work is expected to state 4- 5 days. also this morning video from inside that reactor building. our robot found radiation levels much
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higher than expected. >> justine: still much more had including the latest on the weather that hit the nation including some records being broken because of the violent storms will assure you that damage. programming note,a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today will be a beautiful day, tad cooler but still fantastic, friday things change we not protector's weighed down by mother's day. slightest
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chance of a sprinkle mainly in the north bay. next week temperatures go back up. flood waters still causing chaos for many areas in the northwest including illinois. olive branch this is just southeast of the keys were rare. the waterway swamped much of the city driving homes and several streets 1000 houses suffered flood damage officials say the water is receding but the cleanup will take a while. >> james: last week's deadly tornado was one for the record books at least 178 tornados swarmed through the midwest. that is the largest outbreak in u.s. history. the number of confirmed twister's is expected to rise. the storms killed more than 300 people
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many still missing. more than 50 red cross volunteers are helping with relief efforts that are concentrated on hard hit areas there are also few volunteers dispatch to where the tornadoes first hit. the red cross says they're working to assist in short- term and long-term aid. >> justine: mother nature can do some serious damage it could also give some pretty good images. doesn't this look like a halo? one reporter caught it on video it's known as a sun god. meteorologist say it is caused by high clouds that reflect the sun's light and that creates the halo effect. another incredible work of mother nature, this is a waterspout forming off
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hawaii. it stayed far away from land no damage was reported. it just goes straight from the crowd into the water. >> james: much more straight ahead including the latest set of san ramon where police officer is under arrest for conspiracy and grand theft. we will tell you about that in a minute. don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m. -- 7:00 p.m. we have pam, gary, they will be hosting it. i will be out at the start line. people gave us a high.
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>> justine: hot temperatures will continue around the day. >> james: good morning, if you slept there yesterday him another chance to enjoy it a beautiful day. it will be a little cooler along the coast. nothing to complain about. >> louisa: yesterday we set some records at sfo yesterday, into the 80s and air record and oakland and in santa cruz. still clear conditions as you can see from our shot of the san mateo bridge. coming in right around 84 degrees at sfo that's a degree warmer than the old record set in 1953. oakland to 85 degrees.
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santa cruz warm up to about 86 degrees. breaking the old record of 84. currently are in the '50s, '60s. 66 in antioch. keep the rate around 64 degrees for fremont satellite, radar a ridge of high pressure that brought us warm temperatures is taking a shift to the east as it does so we see a pushed through the afternoon a little bit breezy temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday it will still be a really nice day. really comfortable into low 80s in the north bay. when on the '80s anymore, 80 degrees and your hayward, redwood city. as you make your way down temperatures stay to the '80s. aid to
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greece for low status, morgan hill. it will be a bit cooler today for the beach but still pretty nice. friday we stay significant slate changing gradually making a change. big change tomorrow temperatures drop to the '60s, '70s. a bit more in the way of cloud cover patchy morning fog, cloudy into the morning and afternoon. sunday a little store images its way in which could produce some showers a better chance for the second part of your day. not that big washoe. we could pick up some raindrops. >> erica: it is a great time to leave your house, no hot spots good conditions all- around you can see that indicated here at the approach, very few cars
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headed toward san francisco streaming from all the approaches no problems at the incline. say mattel is a good ride, no problems in either direction golden gate southbound 101 looks good top speeds 60 mi. an hour. another camera for you, not tracking in the hot spots in san jose this is usually one of our first, it is pretty quiet here. 101 looks good. same goes for northbound-280. 880 . i'm 17 >> justine: . president obama is marking the death of osama bin laden by honoring those who died the september 11th attacks. we
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hope to bring that liked you. the president will meet privately with families killed and emergency responders who rushed to the towers. no schedule remarks but he is likely to release formal commons what the site. we believe joe biden will also be there. pakistan is army chief is meeting to discuss the u.s. raid. both pakistan and the united states say islamabad was not involved. they're not saying when or how or why they didn't take action against the arrival of the helicopters. >> james: i found out of the man who gave the go order for the operation that led to the osama bin laden's death. he was on the ground
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in afghanistan as they stormed the compound he had set the military secret joint command. if confirmed by the senate he will add another star to his guard and had to tampa where he will lead the command. meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton says she has no idea which she and the rest of the security team were watching at the price side is a moment that this photograph was taken. secretary of state hillary clinton says the raid was 38 of the most intense minutes in her life. clinton says she was embarrassed the other hand gesture given her son to stay afloat a cop or a sneeze. >> justine: graphic on line
4:36 am
for those that show a dead osama bin laden are fake. there is no reason to release the real images, there's one photo that has become widely distributed. it shows and bloody osama bin laden with a missing a left thigh. but these images are fake. --left side. -- left eye. >> james: 70 will have been arrested in connection with the german shooting--the germans killed in union square. police say she was caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs. two other bystanders or strap. the suspects arrested yesterday were all king affiliate's. >> our police dog harmon took seven people off the streets as san francisco
4:37 am
this goes a long way to saying what we feel and what we do with in regard to gang violence. >> james: it comes nearly nine months after she was killed. police and the continuing their search for an 8 suspect. >> justine: more trouble for the drug enforcement team. the fourth person, third police officer to be charged in connection with criminal activities and allegedly related to the nets parks enforcement task force. the san ramon police says the recent investigation revealed that he is the latest officer involved in the growing scandal. >> as a result of a search
4:38 am
warrant, a restaurant was issued for former senior officer and police officer louis. he was arrested this morning without incident at 9:00 a.m. at the police department in san ramon. >> justine: police say he's been placed on administrative leave being held on $760,000 bail. here's a look at the other people involved, former commander of the narcotics enforcement team. along with a private investigator, the third is another deputy come out all of these men have pled not guilty. >> james: as we had to break, a live look at children's hospital in oakland. 800 nurses planning a walkout today. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a quick look from our roof camera, and towards downtown san francisco. so far so good. another beautiful day before the cool them full look coming up. >> justine: a new report says the bay area needs to get ready for rising sea levels because of climate change. >> reporter: district attorney mark pederson sounding off about budget cuts that his department could see next year. cuts that would force them to eliminate 12 positions in his office. >> required registered sex offenders are out how to prosecute as misdemeanors. >> reporter: their current 929 registered sex offenders. without a felony prosecution many choose to
4:42 am
go under the radar knowing they would only be given a slap on the rest if caught. meaning they could be living next deal and not know it. the proposed budget on tuesday it would mean cuts of the board. 42 officers, 32 conservation, 28 sheriff's office positions. it could take deputies off the streets. foresail less productive patrolling. >> their likely to come up at the county meeting but the district attorney says there are options one is to reduce the retirement benefits currently in place the of the things we could use reserve money and use the subsidy money that currently goes to different hospitals however there could be some legalities' with that option to be used. >> james: we're going to take a quick break, we'll be back with morning moment. as
4:43 am
we go,a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> justine: it was rather hot in emeryville last week. another warm weather day is on the way. >> louisa: good morning, we'll see another warm day sure folks will still be packing the beaches and outside in the parks but it will not be quite as warm. certainly we're expecting temperatures to climb into the 80s however, yesterday we set some records. a little bit cooler especially around the bay and the
4:46 am
coast. warm and sunny as we head into the afternoon much cooler by the weekend. we will start to offer temperatures, are in the '60s there antioch. starting to cool off. 54 degrees in downtown san francisco. as we head into the afternoon we will get a little bit more of a flow to the afternoon. we will still reach the '80s to date. he cannot complain. 84 in santa rosa, 81 mill valley along the peninsula at of the 80s today. yesterday we set a record. today red around 73. --right around. 86 and walnut creek, 88 for pittsburgh, concord, antioch. south bay we will
4:47 am
continue to stay in the '80s as well. close to 90 in places like cupertino, campbell. 83 mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow is a big change, big drop in temperatures from the '80s-'70s '70s to the '60s around the bay apaches fought the morning hours cloud cover hangs around into the weekend--patches of fog. slight chance of showers the later half of your day on sunday. cloud cover hang around, temperatures warm up, dry and clear up. >> erica: no hot spots, the bridges still look good. bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, no problems. traffic is moving well. as you make your way down to
4:48 am
the toll plaza. metering lights are not acted. from end to end, no problems to report although we are seeing a couple more cars on their road especially in the westbound direction. currently, no proms getting to the bridge. but such problem--problems toll plaza, de times 24 minutes. >> james: hundred city light cases in the said they could be tossed out as prosecutors launched a review of faulty breathalyzer is. some856 cases will undergo scrutiny after was determined that the breathalyzer machine is defective. it turns out condensation can cause the device to give false positives. if the reading is
4:49 am
the only device used in the case that case could be thrown out. >> it could be the case of some blue in and was too intoxicated to give a breath sample. were unable to give a blood sample. in those cases we might have a situation where the failed screening device is the main piece of evidence. >> james: those cases date back to early last year the device was used by police in san jose and palo alto. they have been released--replaced by the older model. >> reporter: it will affect them in several ways, was the person lawfully arrested? these are used in the field to determine whether someone should be arrested. if there were faulty those individuals should not been arrested in the first place. there used to bolster a court to show the field and combine them with the test at the
4:50 am
station. if the d.a. relied heavily on these tests, i think you will see those cases return to court, people given a new trial. >> james: the investigation will likely lead to extra diligence when police conduct field sobriety test. >> justine: new details in the effort to rebuild san bruno, nearly eight months since the gas line level the neighborhood killing eight people. one retired couple is ready to start over. they've received the first permanent to rebuild. he is a retired san bruno firefighter. they're very anxious to get back into a home they can call their own. >> i wanted to come back. >> i was much sure i was out
4:51 am
of town when it happened i wanted to see. >> reporter: team believe it? >> no. it's still hard for me. i still think it's a nightmare. >> we're breaking ground in the process, the first one to go through the permit. it was new to some of the people at city hall. they set a goal to get back in this thing as soon as i can. edges worked out there we moved at first. >> reporter: they expect 20 neighbors to also rebuilt. they plan to break ground next month and hope to move back as soon as possible. they say their insurance company and pacific gas and electric company will pay for their $800,000 home. >> james: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. coming up the latest in sports. here's a look inside a shot of the bay bridge, headlights westbound on 80,
4:52 am
so far, so good.
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>> justine: a live but outside, police and investigating the stabbing in san jose. we have a crew and the scene, a live report coming up. two sports stories, third call, 9-21 overtime, sharks a 4-3 win over detroit. 3-0 lead in the western conference. san as they had plenty of help from the goaltender who stopped 38 shots. the sharks had their first of four chances to advance. at the joe louis arena. baseball, tim and struck out 12, most double-digit straight get games in giant history. tie-
4:55 am
breaking single, 2-0 win. over the mets. it is the 29th time he has fanned out at least 10 batters. he even his record to 3-3. five hits, seven innings. brian wilson perfect night for his 10th save so far. check this out, the first ever to game homer of this guy's life. all it did was stop the hottest baseball team so far. he had his first two home runs of the season pitching another gem. the a's snapped cleveland's seven game winning streak. much more ahead here in the kron 4 morning news including the latest on our top stories that includes obama strip to ground zero. and new report on the stabbing in san jose. and
4:56 am
don't forget, two weeks away from bay to breakers. >> reporter: 100 running at this as well bay to breakers kron4 has exclusive coverage. james kicks it off at the starting line, camera crews all along that course. we will be all along that course. i will be there finding the wildest and wet kiss costumes. sunday morning, may 15th, 8:00.
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in this lab test, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than 3 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable, super absorbent, super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. >> mark: 10:00 a.m., a residential hotel/lease dozens displaced. 100 firefighters battled this blaze. >> darya: police are searching for a murder suspect in san essay. >> reporter: the respect of which earned him and his body was far greater than the respect that osama bin
5:00 am
laden share to the victims on 911. that is because that is where we are. >> mark: the decision has been made not to release photos of is that osama bin laden. president obama is traveling to ground zero. weather, traffic early here this morning james, already had to tell the difference. >> james: the coast of the cooler than yesterday and then spots up and the low 90s but it is along the coast that it will feel cooler all and all a nice day. a lot of sunshine still in play than we have the cooler weekend in jury today, temperatures taken a dive into the weekend especially for mother's day. slight possibility of a sprinkle or two. traffic, erica?
5:01 am
>> erica: problem free, full check on your bay area bridges coming up. if you're taking public transit, things look good. >> mark: san francisco, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a three alarm fire that broke out south of market. it happened in the 1000 block the fires severely burned the park hotel. damaging three other about things over 100 firefighters battling the blaze. to get to more news faster we have whenever solo reporters on the scene. yoli? >> reporter: the damage is extensive, you can see on the top of this particular apartment building all the roof has practically melted off. this is not the only building affected as well as
5:02 am
the one right here on the corner and went down on the street. most of the damages on these two buildings have been concentrated more on the back. they've done a fire watch throughout the night. they have their houses in these buildings in case something flares up. they also have a piece of the current that can see if there's any hotspot. it's not very common to have a for alarm fire in the city this was a big one they want to make sure it doesn't restart. on the upside, in the last 20 minutes they found a pet. this building did allow pets. they found a little chihuahua, i don't know of we've been able to turn around some of the
5:03 am
video a little bit of a good news, i know people worry when they run out sometimes they cannot spot their pets. it was kind of nice that one of the firefighters was going through the building and on the third floor he was able to see something moving, it ended up being a small little to what. he seems like he survived. they will send that pet to the spca and get in contact with the residents are not too far away, they're at a nearby center about one block away from here they're being housed by the red cross tried to hook up the honor and that pat together a little bit of good news at this terrible fire. >> mark: 75 people displaced, four people injured. >> darya: police are searching for a murder suspect after a man was
5:04 am
found with stab wounds in the 2000 block to get to more news faster we turn to craig sklar whose life what is the latest? >> reporter: their interviewed some witnesses, you can see the street is blocked police are standing guard 11:30 p.m. this happened, down the street, it is blocked off. there are a lot of people more at the home, the victim was found in the doorway of the house taken to hospital, dying at the scene. they have no description of whom have done this, there is someone at large, with a knife who committed this crime. at the moment they're just trying to find out who that might of been and get a description of that person for the time being there interfering witnesses here on the street. they will continue to try and find
5:05 am
out their patrols out here. along wide boulevard. they're looking for that person. >> darya: mark bay area weather, live look at the golden gate and looks like another hot one in one inland. >> darya: >> james: yesterday was a scorcher, we did break some records. sfo, temperature 84 degrees that beat the old one of 83. oakland, that the its old record. santa cruz 86 degrees. there you go. it was a record high yesterday. today will be warm. 54 san francisco, 53 oakland. 59 san jose. we are ready at 60
5:06 am
degrees in antioch. another warm start to the day. temperatures warming up quite a bit. along the coast it will be a touch:. 80 in novato, 80 mill valley. san francisco 73. not up in the decree marked like yesterday. the coast '60s. it will still be a great day. 83 in fremont, over the hell 86 degrees, 86 in san ramon. south bay, 87 expected everyone else is around that mark. more coming up. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: no hot spots, nothing on our radar pretty free of accidents around the
5:07 am
bay area bridges look good, a live look here from the approach to the bay bridge, westbound eat zero traffic moves well. metering lights are off. here red of hayward into foster city, a clear shot lots of space travel time of just 13 minutes from end to end. golden gate,- 101, is still a pretty good ride mid span no problems reported. mark? >> mark: president barack obama is marking the death of osama bin laden by honoring those who died in the september 11th attacks. the president will be laying air reed at the memorial at ground zero. he will also meet privately with families of those killed. mr. obama has no
5:08 am
scheduled remarks but he may make a comment at the site. graphic on line for those that show that that osama bin laden are fake. one has become widely distributed it shows a bloody osama bin laden with a missing eye. president obama said there's no reason to release the images with the secretary says why he made that decision. >> there's no date amount al-qaida members of his dead we don't think a photograph will make any difference. they're going to be some folks to deny it. the fact of the matter is, you will not see him walking on this earth again. >> mark: meanwhile pakistan's army chief is meeting with leaders to discuss the raid both are saying is, was not involved. the army has so far not
5:09 am
explained when and how it learned about the operation or why it didn't take any action against the arrival of the helicopters. >> darya: coming up hundreds of nurses in oakland will walk off the job and go on a five day strike. live report only come back. this was so easy. that was quick. no envelopes to lick. no deposit slips to fill out. a lot less paper to deal with. i like that. i just feed in my check... feed the cash right in.
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>> darya: 5:12 a.m. hundreds of nurses will walk off the job, it is the first of a five day strike kron4 is live. what are they upset about? >> will: they're upset about being asked to contribute $4,100 cash into their health benefits that is equivalent to a pay cut. the house and says they need that money because last year than last 15 million. this is a fair deal that they want the nurses to except. they're trying to
5:13 am
work with the nurses. a few days ago they were supposed to meet at the bargaining table but the hospital called that off because they wanted to make sure they brought in another replacement workers. everything should go on as smooth as possible but they will not continue to do elective surgery. some of the nurses are the here. i will try and get sound from them with the children's hospital of oakland lots of people should be here. once they walked off the job they will pick up picket lines. >> darya: that is an incredible hospital. we will stand by to make sure it doesn't interest services. we wh the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:14 am
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♪ and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus the highest in customer satisfaction. no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row. see your lexus dealer. >> mark: and following the severe weather, the presence
5:17 am
declaring america and the front part of tennessee, mississippi, kentucky. the white house is saying the order signed on wednesday means the emergency management team and other departments can help coordinate all disaster relief efforts as you see the river continues to flood is expected to be 20 ft. above flood stage. water is very close to the pyramid arena. there red or is cresting at 48 ft. in my office. here we see people in kentucky surveying what is left of their homes many residents say came fast without any warning. >> justine: a well known native of alabama kaffirs can look at the tornado damage. check out who went
5:18 am
to go visit connolly said wright stirred an elementary school and early him yesterday, part of the community were obliterated. at least 178 tornados swarmed the midwest and the south. that is the largest outbreak in history. >> i used to drive to overtime, parts of it or just signed. he realizes every house that is far and there are dreams come families, memories. >> justine: crews are still working to assess the damage. >> darya: let's get a look at the weather, some people stuck in the heat wave and others getting a little relief. >> james: set bay, san essay another clear start to the early-morning hour that is
5:19 am
mile. 54 degrees san francisco, san jose, 59. 53 oakland cooler to the north center is it is typically one of the cooler spots 60 degrees already in antioch. this afternoon we warm things up almost where there were yesterday. a few degrees off from yesterday. 84 were expecting, the san rafael. san francisco he promulgated to the 80s today. 74 in san bruno. upper 60s along the coast. oakland 85 yesterday still a great day. nothing much to complain about. 87 livermore. set bay, our final stop 87 is expected in
5:20 am
san jose. 89 is the high in campbell. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. after today, friday the clouds roll in we cool it down take a look at our temperatures as we head towards mother's day we did down to the '60s for just about every part of the bay. slight chance of a sprinkle. keep it to and we will tweak the forecast as we get closer. erica >> erica: ? we're not tracking the bay bridge as a hot spot it's an easy enough ride at a oakland, traffic is moving well from all the approaches traffic is flowing freely no weight at the gate. san mateo bridge is a nice, easy ride at a hayward, traffic is getting a little heavier in the commute direction. still looking at a pretty typical
5:21 am
drive time 14 minutes from end to end north bay, golden gate, no snakes here. traffic moves well. no hot spot for you down and assess big 101 looks good, i sure to this camera shot 45 minutes ago there was less cars. but that's why i showed you this camera shot. mark? >> mark: santa clara law- enforcement agencies are advising the public to have fun in this a responsible way on cinco de mayo. aaa is offering three towns to drivers who had to much to drink. it is a freak show, it's valid within 10 mi. of to the driver's home six
5:22 am
this evening in six to run morning. call 1800-aaa-help. tell them they need eight to see to go. >> darya: new details on bryan stowe, he remains in the hospital his family has posted online he is not responding to stimulation as much as directors had wanted he set for another surgery today or tomorrow. it was decided yesterday to lower the dishes of the eight medications it ends by saying all the family can do is wait, pray police are still searching for the people who attacked him. seven people have been arrested in connection with the shooting that left a german tourist that. she was in san francisco celebrating her wedding anniversary and
5:23 am
birthday. that is when she was caught in the crossfire between rival gangs. two other bystanders shot suffering minor injuries police say the suspects arrested yesterday were all gang affiliated. i police department today took seven people seven violent criminals off the streets. this goes a long way to saying, what we feel, what we do with regard to gang violence. >> darya: nearly nine months after she was killed. for suspects turned to murder the other three lesser charge police are continuing their search for and eight suspects. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4
5:24 am
news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. secretary of state hillary clinton is calling for the ester of qadhafi. she arrived in rome for a team meeting this comes after the uns idea for a cease-fire the obama administration is moving to free up some of the more than $30 billion in has been frozen libya assets. >> darya: an egyptian court has convicted the top security official on charges of corruption and money laundering. he's been given 12 years this is of the former interior minister the first against any of about two dozen cabinet ministers
5:28 am
linked in businessmen who've been detained since mubarak's esther. >> justine: hot off the wires just into the newsroom, rail officials are saying prince william and his wife catherine will visit california. the duke and duchess of cambridge will be in the state for three days starting july 8th. this is after their tour of canada. it will be williams' first official trip indicates a first visit to the country. i'm really hoping they come to san francisco. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed.
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♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months. >> darya: a devil of luck as we're waiting for the ascent to arrive. from our roof on van ness, the approach to the bay bridge nice, clear things are looking good. the last of one of those really hot days that we enjoy it
5:31 am
yesterday. and then things changed. walnut creek, mild. let's walk through it, it will be slightly cooler around the bay but still fantastic after noon. cooler temperatures on tap for this weekend, more cloud cover headed our way and the possibility of rain. temperatures are mild, 53 in oakland, 55 concord 60 in antioch. 59 for san jose, santa rosa is a cool spot 49 degrees right now and the north bay. this afternoon we will warm up up to 84 just below where we were yesterday a fantastic day to the outside. 80 degrees in san rafael. upper 60s along the coast bayside upper '70's, low 80s.
5:32 am
oakland 78, 80 in hayward maybe 83 in fremont slightly warmer in the valley 87 in pleasanton. south bay, 87 san jose, 86 and milpitas. campbell 89 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as i said redo of changes on the way this is today, the last of the really nice day. to mark it gets colder, and clouds roll in. dropping down into the 60s slight chance of a sprinkle for mother's day. sting to the north. were not looking for a whole lot. we will get closer to the timing of the closer we get to it. traffic, erica. >> erica: mark cars making their way to san francisco still not tracking get as hot spot nice, easy
5:33 am
conditions 45 minutes out from me bring let. --45 minutes until the meeting lights will be activated. still tracking the normal drive times of 13-14 minutes from end to end. no delays getting to the bridge. set bound-101, nice, quiet. very light -- southbound. top speed for your entire ride. we just checked those road maps, 60 mi. per hour is the average. public transit looks good. >> mark: police are searching for a murder suspect a man found with stab or loans. to get to more news faster we turn to ask craig sklar. >> justine: >> reporter: you can see the road blocked, and the
5:34 am
cytosine as a. police are investigating the stabbing at 11:30 p.m. radio, police are in front of that house. the street is blocked off. -- right here. there was an incident at the house, they got people calling in. they have been interviewing people about the interests --incident. >> there is a male stopped, once fire and paramedics arrived they started cpr, they transferred into the hospital where the patient was deceased. the dutch pronounced disease. >> reporter: no specific descriptions. what ever happened that day or fled the scene. it started like a party was going on, police
5:35 am
have not confirmed that. they're not confirming whether not the person who died here was a resident. the suspect is at large. as they continue to do a search in this area. this street is blocked off. this is normally a very quiet neighborhood. >> darya: 5:35 a.m. developing story at a san francisco, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a fire that broke out at a residential hotel. it's severely burned to the park hotel, damaging three other buildings. more than 100 firefighters fought that fire. to get to more news faster yoli is there taking a look at the damage. high yoli? >> reporter: high darya. you can see the damage. it's
5:36 am
pretty extensive. it has burned through and collapse. it is pretty bad all along this building. this is not the only building that was involved. there are two other buildings that were involved. there's still waiting for inspectors to come in and try to figure out what started this fire. they're waiting for more light before they come in. aside from that it's been fire watch throughout the night they had no hot spots, but just before 5:00 a.m. they found a chihuahua. iq little guy, they were doing their rounds and a firefighter spotted him, he was in a closet on the third floor. he was moving some degree he some movement and he's bought the to watch. i felt jet of happiness in
5:37 am
this terrible fire, there were a lot of pets that there were missing that is one of the things that owners were concerned about what happened to their pets? at least someone will get their dog. he has just been picked up by the s p ca they will hold him and make sure he's in good condition and he has no smoke in his lungs. they will try reunite him with his owner. >> darya: it's as dozens on our little runt, how many people were displaced? >> reporter: 75 people registered with the red cross at of this apartment. another 34 people registered with them who ended up using the center which is only about 1.5 blocks away. i don't know of all of those people registered spend the
5:38 am
night at the center, a lot of people did get displaced. they're going to have to wait for a while, until the investigators go through the building, after you get clearance from building inspectors that the structure's okay only then will they be allowed to come by again and try to salvage whatever they can. >> darya: i know in the process to firefighters were injured, we wish them well to this morning. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>> justine: this just in, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits is that the highest level in heymans it's a sign that the job market may be weakening. applications rose by 43,000 to the week that ended april 30th. it's the third increase in four weeks. we will bring you more developments.
5:42 am
>> darya: 7:00, about 1.5 hours from now hundreds of nurses in oakland will be off the job. will tran is live to see what is causing this? will? >> will: you can guess it's about money. the hospital once the nurses to pay more. including possibly a higher deductible but the nurses say they should not be forced to do it. today can amount to a pay cut. something they don't want since they claim they don't make a lot of money to begin with. once they walk off the job they will pick up their signs and hit the lines. joining now is heather, she set to go on strike. team tell me why your backyard again? it's a standoff you guys have been negotiating for year. >> it's time to join
5:43 am
together as a group, take a stand we've been in negotiations for one year. the hospital really hasn't made much change in their proposal. the nurses really would like to settle the contract. >> will: $4,100 that's unacceptable to you? a lot of people are unemployed. they still but for you but what you say to people like that are watching and saying that stuff but at least your vagina? speak-e as we have jobs, we're happy to work here. there's many who report to 30-40 years. we love the hospital and the community we would like to be able to retrain and recruit new nurses. i would like to continue to work here. under the car proposal, we will be able to retain good news is. >> reporter: the irony is
5:44 am
you work here, but under this proposal there's a chance you'll be able to be able to afford to bring your children here. >> in the airline industry you fly for free. in health care each a house health care for free. >> reporter: the nurses, the hospital says they're bringing in replacement nurses there should not be a drastic change in the service although they won't have 800 nurses. coming up we will get the hospital's response. >> darya: thank you, >> mark: san francisco the city is looking to transform fisherman's wharf in time for the cup. as city officials want to upgrade part of it to a vibrant outdoor destination. part of the plan includes redesigning jefferson street. city and business
5:45 am
representatives say hoping limiting vehicle traffic was led visitors connect. it shows that only 20 percent of the visitors are locals. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> mark: estate among police officer is under arrest. he is the fourth person of that city in this case the third police officer charged in connection with alleged criminal activities. he is being held on suspicion of aiding and abetting, a conspiracy, grand theft and possession of an illegal assault rifle. it revealed he's the latest officer involved in this growing scandal. >> the result of that investigation is search and
5:49 am
arrest warrant were issued. he was arrested this morning without incident. at 9:00 a.m. san ramon police department. >> mark: he's present administrative leave, being held on $760,000 bail. here's a look at the other people involved, the former commander of the narcotics enforcement team he was the first arrested along with a private investigator. the third arrested is of former deputy. all of these men have pleaded not guilty. >> james: a checked on weather, we will begin with a quick look at what were expecting for a look today, golden gate bridge, this morning is going to be mild. the rtc that in our current temperatures. a lot of folks in the mid-50s. nearly as warm this afternoon as it was yesterday we will not see any of the '90s mainly
5:50 am
upper 80s. a nice mild evening, but let's begin to build. will break that down in a moment. mild to begin with, 56 redwood city, mid- 50s in concord, 60 antioch. such bay 59, santa rosa stiller cool spot 49. some afternoon, not as warm as it is today but really pleasant 80 in novato, 80 in fladeboe. san francisco 78. -- vallejo. slightly warmer and palo alto 86. 80 hayward, fremont. warmer over the hill into the valley we have pleasanton coming in at 87. 86 in walnut creek. along highway 480 degrees. south bay, 87
5:51 am
is were expecting, 89 in campbell, 80 in cupertino. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., as we head into the holiday weekend changes in store, clouds roll in temperatures take a dive. slight chance of sprinkles on sunday. we will fine-tune wary expect those drops to fall. >> erica: take a look at this come in early backed up at the approach to the bay bridge, about mid lot, some of those cash lanes added westbound. i just checked the traffic logs, leading lights are off. your moving smoothly. drive time = 9 minutes. all is well at the san mateo bridge, hayward into foster city. traffic is moving well in both directions. tell it moving well. east bound into
5:52 am
hayward, south of-101 just as quiet as ever. no delays at of the north bay. one last camera, southbound-680 into and out of walnut creek a dark shot, traffic still moving well. westbound-24 is moving well. >> darya: we're less than two weeks away from naso. >> 100 running, kron4 has exclusive coverage, pam, james, carry it will all be hosting. henry will be at the hill, duron alongside the runners, i will be out there fighting the wildest, wacky as costumes. jackie will see you at the finish line. it starts at 8:00 a.m.
5:53 am
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>> darya: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. date changes, in your neighborhood if it was hot yesterday it will be hot today. and i struck the coast we cool down a bit. 80 degrees inland, the cool them comes, we lose 10 degrees by tomorrow. mother's day, mother's day, sunday, that's a reminder. 60 degrees in cloudy. i know we climb degree by degree into next week. >> mark: play up hockey, game 3, sector month, the sharks into trade. >> darya: was that can block? >> mark: yes. scoring a goal in overtime this strikes get a 4-3 win. three nothing
5:57 am
lead in this series. san jose got plenty of from their goalies. 38 stops. the end of the night was. >> we never give up. we said earlier, resiliency. the boys that we had to keep steady. not try be individuals. >> mark: they will have their first four chances to advance, the next game is friday night. >> darya: we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. a live look of the golden gate bridge as we wait for the sun to shine. traffic
5:58 am
5:59 am
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