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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tore through a residential hotel in downtown san francisco. live update >> will: 800 nurses at children's hospital will hit the picket lines here if we will tell you but that affects services. >> darya: president barack obama will leave for ground zero at this hour to meet with families of victims from 9-11. >> darya >> james: a look at the bay bridge approach, the sun coming up over the eastern hills, a beautiful morning, mild temperatures. it will be cooler today than yesterday but this afternoon will be plenty warm. we do have a cooler weekend on tap, clouds are rolling in, temperatures and dies heading toward sunday, possibility of a sprinkle or two for mother's day holiday on sunday. for now let's
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check on your commute. >> erica: no hot spots for your ride around the bay, golden gate bridge they reconfigure the lanes for yourself down commute, we will show you where the backups are. >> darya: 6:01 a.m. developing story dozens of people have been displaced this morning, this fire ripped through a residential hotel in downtown san francisco. investigators were out there this morning, we are watching them investigate, this is south of market, on fulton street. this fire damaged a adjoining buildings three other buildings as well. let's go to the scene with are solelso low.
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>> reporter: this one has the most damage, it is an extensive, no roof or ceiling in their it is all burned out through the sides, you can see some of the studs on this side of the building. this has a lot of damage as well as the back of this building, at the very back end of this other building here to. they said some of the roof has collapsed as well. on ross street, all lot of extensive damage, displacing 70 people, they have registered with the red cross, they were put up at a shelter. a lot of people that need to be addressed as to where they are one to stay. just looking at it here they will not be able to state at this building. that's what we are waiting for right now, investigators to come in and try
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to figure out what actually caused this fire. once they get through the investigation they have to see if the structure is even save enough for people to go in and collect their personal items. at this point it is we are sitting and waiting. throughout the night they have been on fire watch, they have poses' hooked up and ready to go in case something breaks out. so far has been a quiet evening. >> darya: yoli on wondering as i look at the building, is that how these two firefighters injured? >> reporter: it was one fire fighter that got injured tutu smoke inhalation--due to. --. one resident was also sent to the hospital. it seems like that
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person will recover from their injuries nothing to serious. >> darya: the sweet survivor story of the chihuahua. >> reporter: i know there are several residents saying they couldn't get their pets out. at least one resident did. the pet did survive. they founded on the third floor in the closet. they were trying to pull out debris, and a firefighter saw something move. it startled him and you realized it was the twa. they took him to the spca and they hope to reunite them with the owner. >> mark: police looking for murder suspect demand found with stab wounds in 2000 lot of flood crest drive. >> craig: this is this seen this
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quiet neighborhood east san jose. police say the fatal stabbing happened at about 11:30 p.m. they are trying to find out what the reason was and who was behind it. rescue attempt efforts to save the life failed. >> as police arrived, a male was found stabbed in the area of the front door. once fire and paramedics arrived they started cpr. they transferred him to a hospital where the patient was pronounced deceased. >> craig: they are interviewing witnesses and there was a lot of people at the house at the time of the stabbing. it's not clear whether he lived at the house and what kind of gathering this was. they don't have a solid description of any suspects yet or individual suspect if it was more than one. whoever it is is
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out there somewhere. a little unnerving for people who live here. the motive is unclear as well. there's a lot of unanswered questions in this fatal stabbing. live in san jose pact you. >> darya: president barack obama is marking the death of osama bin laden by honoring those who died in september-11 attacks. the present well lay a wreath at the scene. he will also meet privately with families. emergency responders as well. meantime photos taken of bin laden after he was killed will not be released. he says releasing the pictures is not who we are a as a country. we don't need to spike the ball as he puts it. he doesn't want to be a propaganda tool to
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incite more violence. >> mark: of hot spot yesterday let's find out if more in store today. >> james: james lick freeway, you can see san francisco of the sun is up, we are starting mile this morning all in all nice out there. 54 and there francisco, a number of spots warmer than yesterday at this time. 45 in san rosa, in the north bay we dropped it a couple of degrees, a few more spots in the 40's. san jose you were close to 60 drop back down to 57, antioch was at 60 has drop down listo 5. this afternoon you will notice we are a bit cooler but all in all and i stay 84 in san rosa, 80 in novato, 81 in mill valley, along the peninsula we are
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cooler around the coast this afternoon them were yesterday. 73 in san francisco, oakland 85 yesterday, 78 today. plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures nonetheless. 86 and walnut creek, 86 in san ramon, 88 for pittsburgh and antioch, in the south bay upper 80s as well. if you're headed out for holiday plans this weekend we have a cooling trend on tap. today is sunny and warm a lot like yesterday, friday the clouds roll in and the cool down begins, temperatures in san francisco down to 60, we hold on to that cooler trend on saturday, they take another dive on sunday. more and that in just a bit. >> erica: early that the but the approach to the it bay bridge toll plaza, i checked the traffic clogs nothing to account
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for the spirit >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: this. the 880 over cs moving well, we are looking at a decent drive time of about 10 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco. san mateo bridge that looked could in both directions. quiet making your way into san francisco i've checked the road maps for you 65 mi. an hour pass highway 37. 6:09 a.m. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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never using preservatives or artificial flavors. lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> darya: in about an hour at 7:00 a.m. hundreds of nurses at children's hospital in oakland will block off the job to make a
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point. will tran is live to talk about the point they are trying to make >> will: what they are trying to do is they are fighting over money. basically they're being asked to take a pay cut by the hospital asking them to contribute to health benefits. they say the irony is the work at a world class hospital but with these proposals on the table, they won't be able to take their children to this hospital, they would take the children to and that at all. the hospital says they do have the money, but they believe this is fair. they've been working north and nurses for more than the air, they're not to drink the proposal, i saw the spokeswomen for and to the hospitagoing to l
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spoke to her later. they feel they should get health care for freewill they were at a hospital. >> darya: this walkout is not just today but for almost a whole week is that right? >> will: until monday. there are new and security, and i have to be honest it is upsetting the nurses, the money they are spending on the replacement workers, the second time since october as well as extra security, they believe that money could be put into the health care benefit money. instead of being adamant about not working with the nurses they believe the money is wasted. hopefully we will hear from the hospital. >> darya: they want to make sure they have nursing staff for the kids who come in and need help today. >> will: they say service shred want on that interrupted despite
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having less nurses, elective surgery those things that can wait, that should be done when the nurses come back. >> mark: coming up on the kron 4 morning news, in about four minutes we will tell you about what is happening from illinois to mississippi. the mississippi river is swelling its banks. we will tell you what the president as saying. 6:40 a.m. new word the future king and queen of england will be coming to california. deja vu, sharks when the first three games in the series of the red wings to your son or road we will
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>> darya: the president declared in emergency for parts of tennessee, kentucky, mississippi. look at all of the flooding. this is memphis tennessee. it is hard to tell where the mississippi river ends and the streets began. the order which is now in effect means federal emergency management can coordinate with the disaster relief effort. this is kentucky, this area the water came in so fast without warning of a lot of them lost everything. kentucky is one of the three states declared as a disaster. >> mark: 1 weeks since the tornadoes in the midwest, 320 people dead dozens still missing, official accounts this was the largest outbreak of
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tornadoes in history. one of 78 tornados confirmed. it is expected to rise as weather teams wrap up field service. back in the bay area watching he to. >> james: alive look remarks roof camera we are seeing a mile and start today, temperatures in the '50s for many locations, of couple of spots or near 60, we have pulled back slightly: this morning. the north bay widespread 40's right now. everybody else boat in mid to upper 50s at this hour. we will warming up considerably this afternoon. 84 rooms romer park, 80 in the bottle, san rafael 80 degrees, cooler around the coast upper 60s for the most part, downtown san francisco 68 for
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you, 81 in castro valley, 83 in fremont, 680 down to pleasanton we are looking for temperatures mid-upper 80s. in the south bay a or '80s. your 7 day forecast if you have any outdoor plans we have a chance for a sprinkle and cooler temperatures as well. 67 degrees for inland spots, chance for a sprinkler two at this point it will be light, it will fall mainly to the north, breaking it down more detail in just a whilethe close three get >> erica: you can see the cars
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stacking up the meter lights have been turned on. this is only affecting one half of the toll plaza, traffic is moving well, it looks good up the incline and along the deck. 13 minute trip from the foot of the maze into seven francisco. san mateo bridge nothing to report here, it's easy ride into foster city. golden gate bridge ride is still quiet as you approach san francisco. across town for ways looks good were the james lick museum down central. drive time from this camera shot towards the airport clocking and and 18 minutes. >> darya: another search for jobless benefits applications rose by 43,000. third increase
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in four weeks and the highest level in 18 months. they blame it on new york weren't more schools closed for spring break last week, 25,000 layoffs. >> mark: strong earnings from general motors. the net income tripled. $1.77 a share. it is one of their best performances since dearly 2000's. think credit strong car sales. >> justine: wal-mart is doing good, it is on top of the fortune 500 list. it was released today fortune magazine compiled its list based on revenue for 2010. companies that
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made the list this year, posted the third largest combined profit gain in history. the company's increased profits by increasing productivity and cutting jobs, they grew faster overseas than in the united states as well. three other oil companies exxon mobil, chevron, fannie mae rounds out the top five. we will be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> mark: workers entered a reactor building that was damaged at the nuclear plant for the first time since yours quicken tsunami. workers installing six ventilation machine an attempt to absorb radiation from the air. [ male announcer ] hi lauren and greg, what's up?
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>> mark: opening bell on wall street, watching wall street the dow was down 83. yesterday, they are down 60 points today. big jump in unemployment last week although we had strong gains from companies like gm, whole foods. bring new the numbers rather morning. we want a get a look at whether. >> james: are temperatures are going down for the weekend, we can enjoy that with sun though. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza the approach on westbound 80 kind of nice out there, yesterday was in fact record- breaking day in terms of our afternoon highs, sfo 84 beating the record set in 1953, oakland similar temperature, the broker
6:31 am
record from 1987. coming up temperatures right now is a warm start this morning, nice day today but we do have changes in store for the weekend. cool temperatures and the possibly offering. early check on traffic. >> erica: a nice easy ride out of the north bay into san francisco, a fault check on your traffic straight ahead. >> darya: we are live on the scene in san jose is police are searching for a murder suspect. a man was found stabbed to death cran we have law live repr following the story. >> craig: that is planned cross rate thereflint crested right ts
6:32 am
a crime scene that is going on, this fatal stabbing happened, they are determining the reason behind the attack and who was behind it. attempts to save the stabbing victims failed. >> as police arrived they found a male stab at the area of the front door. once paramedics arrive they started cpr and transported him to the hospital where the patient was pronounced deceased. >> craig: ever since then they have been interviewing witnesses saying there was a lot of people at the house at the time of the stabbing, it's not clear what the motivation was behind this, whether there was one or multiple suspects. people were seen fleeing the area after the
6:33 am
stabbings. not all lot in terms of descriptions yet, they are working on that now. this road is blocked off police are there as this investigation continues. >> mark: other stories more trouble for the drug enforcement team, san ramon police officer under arrest. he was charged with suspicion of stealing and selling drug evidence. it is related to the task force. aiding and abetting, conspiracy, grand theft, he is on administrative leave. here the other people involved so far. norman she was the former commander, he was the first person arrested along with a
6:34 am
private investigator. the third person is stephen. all have pleaded not guilty. millions of dollars of drugs have been seized, 35 people arrested. to the operation connected by federal analogical law- enforcement was conducted investigators served 30 search warrants and $7,000 in net and fed me. it was a two-year investigation beginning in san pablo. >> darya: the giants fan that was attacked at dodger stadium in los angeles he remains in hospital his family has posted online he is not responding to stimulation as much as the doctors wanted him to. he is set for another surgery today or tomorrow, they decided yesterday to lower the nose of the eight medications they are giving him.
6:35 am
in answer by saying they can wait and pray. police are searching for the people who attacked him >> mark: getting new awful check out whether with james. >> james: a shot out of walnut creek, san ramon valley is beginning to lighten up with the sun. temperatures decline in just a bit but it will warm up before too much longer, all in all slightly cooler day today, still warm inland, we will still be in the upper 80s, much cooler weekend on tap we will explain that in the second. right now we're looking okay for temperatures, cool to our north mid to upper 40's for san rosa, napa, fairfield. antioch had been showing 60 now has dropped to 57, san tempter in san jose. to go we drop a few degrees rain
6:36 am
around sunset. once this afternoon to extend this is what we expect 84 in san rosa, run of parks, the peninsula if you're on the bayside you will be in the upper 70's, along the coast mainly upper 60s. oakland 78 degrees, warming the farther south you get 80 in hayward, 83 fremont, san ramon valley will be warm today, as you head south to pleasanton warming up a degree or two. in the south bay 88 degrees give or take a degree. friday, saturday, sunday at cooling trend against. friday temperatures take a dive, along sunday a similar pattern. 636 a m let's go traffic. >> erica: we are slowing things
6:37 am
down at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty much solid the back up beginning from the first over cross. 880 is probably the best bet to the bridge. the san mateo bridge ride looks good, abet said on the right-hand side making your way towards foster city, golden gate bridge probably the best perjure of them all. lots of space between cars, no delays for your ride through marin county just 24 minutes out of novato in to san francisco. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues, president barack obama headed to ground as the news continues, president barack obama headed to ground zero. úúúo
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>> james: the final game of the three game series against the
6:41 am
indians. first pitch 74 at 12:35 p.m., better today than at any point in the next seven days get out and enjoy it. >> mark: 7 people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a german tourist. she was celebrating her birthday and anniversary last year police say she was caught in the crossfire between rival gangs appeared to whether by standard were shot with minor injuries. >> our place department took seven violent criminals off the streets of san francisco it goes a long way to sanying what we feel and what we do against gang violence. >> mark: it comes nine months
6:42 am
after shore was killed. four suspects charged with murder the other ones that are juvenile have lesser charges. >> darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. a live look for mount tam camp. we can see how clear it is today.
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>> darya: hillary clinton calling for the ousting of gaddafi. she arrived in rome for today's discussion about strategy. it comes after the uns idea for a cease fire. they're trying to free up to $30 billion frozen in libyan assets and use that money to fund the rebels. new details on an egyptian court convicted in the top security official of mubarak of
6:46 am
corruption and money laundering, he is sentenced to 12 years in prison. it is the first against any of the two dozen mubarak cabinet ministers and officials that had been detained. >> james: a check on whether at 6:46 a.m. all live look here from mt. tam showing you san francisco. a beautiful day on tap for today. current conditions right now not bad san francisco 53, san jose 57 load to mid-50s for the heart of the bay. farther north center rows of 45, livermore 55. -san rosa 45--. later today we are looking
6:47 am
for oakland 78, san francisco about 73. attached cooler than yesterday but still looking good as we head into the afternoon. --eight catca touch---. a sprinn mother's day, maybe you won't fall in your area we will have a better idea the closer we get to it. >> erica: we are moving closer to 7:00 a.m., her no hot spots around the bay area, some of our slow spots the usual delays on highway 4, and 580. slowing things down a bit here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, a solid backup stretching pass the first over cross, 880 is still good meter lights were
6:48 am
activated at 6:19 a.m. the back uavoid the back up altogether by using the san mateo bridge, the peak of the commute we still see space between cars. no problems or delays at the golden gate bridge, beautiful driving to san francisco, walnut creek camera one of our hot spots of the morning certainly not the case right now. 680 moves well past south main street continuing into the san ramon valley. >> mark: today is in good a mile. law-enforcement agencies of bison people to have fun in a safe and responsible way. they are deploying extra unit to
6:49 am
check for drunk drivers. aaa is offering free tows today. it is valid for 10 mi., offering between six this morning, i'm sorry 6:00 p.m. tonight and 6:00 a.m. friday. you can call 1-800- aaa-help. >> darya: we are just a week away from bay to breakers. >> 100 zazzle bay to breakers. i have been here for years. i've been up and down crawling on my knees trying to make it to the top. straitjacket, clown, whatever. i cannot be waiting to be in the sidecar with the elite
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runners. i am here to bring it to you all. >> darya: dingy star when you were for, he looks so young. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a programming note for this weekend, saturday the giants are and on nbc so we are very chase at 8:00 p.m. saturday night and then we to watch the news i am a sneeze whisperer.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> justine: you are watching president barack obama had to ground zero, he is boarding air force one. he will go to ground zero to meet with families of victims from those killed during the 9-11 attacks. there will be a real laying ceremony later
6:54 am
today. >> darya: 7 day around the bay forecast as we are going to be backing off from the heat of yesterday. inland we will see close to 90, by the close to will notice the difference. then everybody cooling down 10 degrees friday, saturday even cooler mother's day sunday. only 67 is the best we can do. slow climb back to sunshine next work week. the dow was down on unemployment claims that are up. we have the most we have seen in about eight months. it is down 56 points. >> mark: san jose sharks are on fire over time. devon scoring at 921 in overtime. he has a hat
6:55 am
trick in the game. three-0 lead. a bit of deja vu they loss seven playoff games to the sharks in two years. the sharks have won five overtime games. >> darya: tech top game slate has look at headlines including why you should wait to buy a week. >> if you're about to buy nintendo wii don't wait because they are dropping the price down to $150. they will throw in mario kart for free when you buy it after may 15th. they are doing it because they are coming out with the new consoles next year. good news for a batch of
6:56 am
lovers, intel had a press conference announcing a breakthrough in computer chip development. creating a new kind of computer chip that will make future computers faster, smaller, cheaper, more environmentally friendly. anything using intel chips would benefit from this, laptops, smart phones, tablets. all devices will operate faster and come in smaller packages. remember the iphone tracking and storing user location fiasco, apple released an update that fixes the whole issue. . you can go to itunes and secure iphone and yet they will happen yo. >> darya: let's do a bridge
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check gm the approach to the bay bridge, we do have a lot of sunshine. san mateo bridge you can see traffic is moving well, visibility is great, at the golden gate bridge our nicest shot of the day, traffic is moving well. i [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value better than any other luxury brand. ♪ intellichoice proclaims that lexus has the best overall value of any brand. ♪ and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus the highest in customer satisfaction. no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row.
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>> mark: 70 a.m. top stories we're following right now president barack obama on route to ground zero. he will meet with families of the victims from september 11th. >> darya:


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