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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 6, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> justine: president barack obama heading to kentucky today showing his appreciation to the military including a private think you to the navy seals who killed osama bin laden. yesterday he visited crown zero laying a wreath in the
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footprints of or the twin tower stood. he met with family members to of people who were killed on the attack, also the firefighter station. >> we had a very light and joyful conversation, at the same time will remember everything going on and all the sacrifices the military is making for us now. all the sacrifices the families made on september 11th and continue to make. >> justine: today in addition to talking to the navy seal team the president will thank troops just returning from afghanistan. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on osama bin laden. we have coverage as well as comments. >> james: local topics including the whether we have a cool down beginning today. the latest with the weather. >> louisa: we have been watching
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mount tam camera shake around a bit. waking up to some breeze around the peninsula, the wind is it especially strong at s at all. sustained winds of 30 mi. an hour at this current hour. redwood city fairly breezy conditions ought to fairfield as well. your temperatures a mixture of 505 '60s, 61 in fairfield, 53 degrees and present francisco. in the south bay mountain view and san jose temperatures into the upper 50s. through the afternoon we will see cooler conditions them we saw yesterday. that range breaking down continuing to seek clouds streaming in, temperatures will be quite a bit cooler. this should stay in the 60s and san rafael, novato, san
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francisco, around the bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. when you come back we will have a look at the 7 day around bay. >> erica: friday light, no slowdowns or hot spots. it is windy out there but there is no advisory's, that includes the bay bridge toll plaza, this is one of the first to see the advisory's, not the case just yet. the toll plaza handful of cars streaming in the meter and light cycled off, next report from hayward to foster city, san mateo bridge the camera shaking but no special strong wind advisory issued. someone no one your golden gate bridge ride nice and light into san francisco, traffic moves like towards the toll plaza, a top speeds starting at novato.
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>> justine: major flooding in some parts of the country more rain on the way. the very latest as soon as we get back. don't forget about those cooler temperatures in the bay area, a live look from san francisco it feels cooler out there this morning your 7 day forecast on the other side of this break. [ male announcer ] this sunday is one of the best sundays of all,
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>> justine: it is finally friday 4:09 a.m. are meant tam tam showing you this san francisco, cooler today and for the weekend full details in just a few moments. >> james: thousands of people in the south are facing decisions about evacuation as is the mississippi begins to flood. this is the wet airport in memphis tennessee, it looks more
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like a lake. the water is getting higher, across the mississippi and ohio river they have allot to worry about but they shouldn't have to worry about these and looters. we show you how law enforcement is making sure that. >> reporter: this is not a lake but the neighborhood. sheriff's deputies on lookout for anything suspicious. >> zero tolerance for looters. >> reporter: they are here to prevent that from happening. devastation made worse when worrying if somebody will break into your flooded home and steel. >> we are reassuring people we are doing what we can to keep your property safer.
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>> reporter: mike is helping save valuable items the things he does someone stolen. >> people lost everything they got and and people doing that. it's another low. >> reporter: honoring the oath to serve and protect >> so far no problems with people being on the water. >> james: here are some elitist image is she snuffed from photographers, this is mississippi, hundreds of acres of farmland underwater right now, here's the shot out of missouri, you wouldn't know there's a row there except for telephone poles. another shot out of misery road are impassable, at of mississippi farm land there also under water. hundreds of acres of
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prime farmland is now ruined appear the question is how long? >> justine: two dozen d.c. schools received letters with unknown white top powepowder inl the letters head and sent to the lab for testing. they have dallas postmarks and could be part of a nationwide pattern. postal service in d.c. authorities will screen all incoming mail to make sure it is safe. >> james: 4:12 p.m. we will take a break, the dismal news about rising gas prices coming of how your pain at the pump could affect your ability to get a job. we will be back with details on more local news in a moment.
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>> james: 4:14 a.m. new details police have identified the victim of the fatal stabbing that happened wednesday night in san jose. he was stabbed in the 2000 block of flint crest drive. prior to the stabbing campbell and the suspect were in an argument at a party. the suspect is on loose, they have no description as of yet. it is the 16th homicide of this year. handgun on grounds is leading to the arrest of a team. they were tipped off a student was in possession of a gun police say they found a loaded revolver in his pocket, the 17 year-old was arrested for fire arm are wron >> justine: joseph naso is back
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in court this morning he says he should represent himself at his own trial. he is accused of four murders and three counties he said he doesn't trust the ethical and of an attorney and can't afford one. he is order to meet with the public defender. he possesses one morand more th1 million in assets. suspects in the tourist killings were in court yesterday. she was killed following the party mere union square last august, she was just an innocent bystander. all five suspects will be back in court may 16th when they will enter plea. >> james: the giants fan that
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was attacked and loss angeles march 31st, he will go through another surgery today, and his family posted he is not responding to stimulation as much as doctors want him to. it was decided wednesday to lower the dosage of the medications he's taking. the statement and by saying they can only wait and pray. doctors will remove some of the fluid surrounding his brain today. >> justine: time for look at the full forecast let's find out how mother's day sunday. >> louisa: don't talk about it. here's our look at mt. tam, it is shaking around, ran around the bay san francisco seeing
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dusty winds. we will talk about a significant cool down as we head into the afternoon. cooler temperatures, or 21 degrees cooler, more than held this is actually 12 degrees cooler, san francisco 10 degrees cooler, a redwood city 26 degrees cooler soil across the board we are looking at a big cool them.bigg temperatures in the '50s and '60s, antioch 68 degrees, 64 concord, 53 in downtown san francisco, south bay 574 hayward, mountainview, san jose. we are looking at a system moving into the area that could produce showers, it will move
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into your sunday, a few sprinkles as we head into the sunday hours, we might even get some snow up in the high country. temperatures as we head into the afternoon a big difference for you compared to yesterday, 75 in san rosa today, 65 in san rafael, 64 in san francisco, 65 in oakland, upper 60s hayward, fremont, 71 san jose. here's your 7 day, showing us the coulomb we will cool down into the weekend temperatures into the '60s and especially on your sunday, breezy and a chance of rain moves in. sunny and warmer headed into next week. >> erica: as you head out the door no hot spots that's the good news, the bay bridge toll plaza looks good, no problems here making your way to san
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francisco. san mateo bridge looking good, there is no special traffic advisory no reports of strong winds. golden gate bridge a couple of cars streaming in for yourself bound ride into san francisco. one last camera across town freeways practically a ghost town. nice and easy ride as you make your way further south toward the peninsula. >> justine: the high price of gas may diem to deal look of jobs. the economy added 185,000 jobs in april, that is down from the 216,000 jobs it added in march. the rising price of gas has gone off 44 straight days
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and row, consumers will pay more to fill their tanks leaving them less money to spend elsewhere. san francisco is set for 32 a gallon, oakland $4.27, san jose $4.28. >> james: stocks are set for a positive start, wall street waiting labor numbers they will be out this morning they predict they added 185,000 jobs in april we will see it that holds true. sony apologize for day the breach of gaming accounts, the company's focus on fixing the hacker attack in getting place station network back up and running. these several reporting a jump in second quarter profits. >> justine: high price of food,
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and shortages could be a threat to society according to secretary of state hillary clinton. she is asking for immediate reaction. the un estimates 44 million people have been pushed into pop povertintoe of the price of food. >> james: shish-kebabs have been recalled, they may have been sold a sale by date may 3rd, there were so that safeway, pavilions and pack and save stores. no related illnesses have been reported to recall as a precaution. we have this information on our web site
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incidentally. >> justine: just-in-time for mother's day barbeques. open nurses went on strike date to of a five day strike we will tell you what they are asking for. for saturday are reminder we will have to chase at 8:00 p.m. followed by the kron 4 news and 9:00 p.m. but the morning news will be right back.
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>> justine: taking a look at the 7 day around the bay, it is cooler today i high of almost 80, partly sunny skies, the we can definitely starting to see the cooling trend by saturday into the '70s, upper 60s across the bay, on sunday there is a chance of rain. monday mostly
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cloudy, lower '70s upper 60s the beginning of next week. sunny and warmer and more on your forecast coming up. >> james: japan's prime minister told utility company to halt three reactors because of the safety concern. they asked operators to suspend operations at those reactors until a complete inspection can happen appeare. the government says ita precaution after the crisis at the nuclear plant that was crippled on march 11th. >> justine: 700 nurses have walked out of their job. it is the second day of a five day strike. replacement nurses have been brought in as the contract
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dispute continues. the nurses are objecting to the help caheae options. >> $140,000 a year to pay a $62 an hour, to be able to select where they bring their children for care, that is an option that gives them the flexibility to do that, it is the reason we offer the option, we do not think it is unreasonable. >> they are exaggerating the wages i don't make $67 an hour. it makes it look like we're being greedy and selfish and we don't want to again, we feel part of our benefit package has been health care, without co pay
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we don't want a change that we think that is to take away. >> justine: official say they lost $80 million in 2009 and the continued strike today. >> james: documents and computers from the raid that killed osama bin laden revealed they plan to to attack the rail system details coming up in a moment. a quick reminder not to miss coverage of the 100 running of the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday may 15th, cameras around the course, gary, p.m. at the anchor desk manning the show. i will be at the start line. --gary, p.mpam--it all
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starts at 8:00 a.m..
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>> justine: will latest on milan's debt and the real situation but first we will start off with what appeared >> louisa: the address in temperatures will look and that in a minute. >> erica: southbound one-to-one easy, no problems in the northbound direction of flow checked on your vergers street ahead. >> james: big story the fact that u.s. real way stations were out target for all canada, that was information gathered from the compound. it suggests al-
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qaida was the he about targeting real stations throughout the united states. >> reporter: homeland's security issue and and noticed that they may have been wanting to the rail trains. information was obtained during their raid of osama bin laden compound. >> this is the most important how we will ever get. >> reporter: computers, cell phones, papers are what they received. >> you want a fine of threats, applauds actively under way that is the first thing. >> reporter: their real plot was set to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 9-eleven and tax. they did not to mention the specific cities, it shows it was i in major cities. >> the people they're trying to
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influence don't know little towns they're looking at big cities. >> reporter: there is no imminent threat, it is a reminder there is a potential target. >> it's a warning, tried it is appropriate they send this out to people responsible for that infrastructure. >> reporter: table but were in the raider expected to meet with president barack obama today. >> justine: united states the train riders are run the edge this danseuse kron 4 melissa that are encountering. >> friend. >> there's not time they can prevent if somebody has amal and tena mile intent.
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>> i have more chance of being heard at home than a train. >> i feel safe. >> if you have to fear mortality all the time you'll just i hate to say this but i knew him to leave. >> reporter: we are learning pakistan's intelligence officer is describing a split al-qaida in bin laden is final days. officials say bin laden was a cash crunch. coming up continuing copper of the death of osama bin laden latest comments and information. it can always go to our web site for the latest information. >> james: let's get the latest on the forecast, of cool down
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and look head of mother's day. >> louisa: we don't want to say it. we don't want to put it out there, there is a chance of showers. but then you can stay inside with a long period is doing inside. it is cooler as we head into the afternoon starting off with breezy conditions around the bay, as you head towards the sfo, big cool down this afternoon cool temperatures and to the weekend and even a chance of sprinkles as we head towards weekend. windscreens right nowind speeds right now th the delta and breezy, happen bay about 15 mi. an hour, current temperatures rain on the '50s and '60s, 64 concord, 53 in downtown san francisco, mild start for the day. as we head
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into the afternoon we will continue to see a few changes. we're looking at the breakdown, a system passing through towards the weekend. at the wet whether by sunday, cloudy into the weekend as well. temperatures in the '60s read through novato, a san francisco, down into the '60s along the peninsula as well. a big cool down for today along the coast temperature in the '60s for happen bay, 74 los gatos, 71 san jose. 7 day shows us tomorrow partly cloudy still continuing with the cooling, and breezy conditions sunday and a chance of rain during mostly cloudy on monday then we warmer and dry it out next week. >> erica: no hot spots on the freeways, but here in san francisco we are following a
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fatal accident impacting some of their roads in the area. is the investigation continues it could affect your bus routes. more on that in the next report, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound 18 no problems were delays, metering lights are not active, direct time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze towards san francisco, san mateo bridge ride looks good although it is a bit windy out there we don't have any traffic by a series, traffic moves well in both directions. quiet southbound 1 01 on the golden gate bridge a nice easy ride into san francisco. public transit car is running on time, if you're off taking ace train our reminder free all morning long due to customer appreciation day. >> james: and new target store
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broke ground we will tell you how many jobs in the potentially generate. and the nice weather we have been having it is behind us we have a cool down and a chance of rain on the way. if you miss the forecast another one coming
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>> justine: first year should know we have hot spot and san francisco possible fatal accident more on that and moment. first let's look at the bay bridge. next up we have san mateo, no issues there, then the golden gate bridge traffic is doing fine. james has more on other news. >> james: the matriarch of makeover, it is an artist
4:41 am
rendition upon of what it will look like. renovation costing $30 million during kelley tells us how many jobs. >> reporter: 1300 jobs will be completed, 600 are those are construction jobs, 700 prominent positions will be created as the stores open up next year, the first to hire will most likely be 20 storefront businesses they are expected to open up the beginning of 2012. a lot of restaurants from going into the complex, but there will be retail openings as well. target will employ 200. they will begin hiring six months before their opening day. they want to fil1500..
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>> caller wal- >> justine: wal-mart is the talks company for fortune 500 list. it earned its place on the top exxon mobil is no. 2, followed by chevron. still ahead much more ahead, here is look at the james lick freeway, and no traffic problems, but arafat is following the fatal accident in san francisco. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. whoo-hoo! [ both ] it's an unbelievable deal. [ chuckles ] well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee.
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>> james: our favorite time of day here, this is video of yesterday. a lot of people enjoying the warm weather while it lasted your things are changing today. >> louisa: a couple of things
4:45 am
going on, if you're in downtown san francisco, will discuss the, we will notice the winds continuing through the next couple of hours. temperatures will drop, and much cooler today than yesterday. in concord 21 degree drop, 24 morgan hill, san francisco, redwood city 26 degrees drop in temperature, 18 for san jose, this in mountain view. in terms of wind around the peninsula we are seeing a strong lure wins. sustained winds 26 mi. an hour along the coast 12th have conveyed through the delta have been a breeze, 14 mi. an hour winds at fairfield. current temperatures are in the '60s and the '60s, 68 in antioch, half moon bay 50, 51 in
4:46 am
san francisco. we are expecting a big change as we head in the weekend. we see a cloud cover on saturday, sunday as late chance of sprinkles for mother's day, potential of snow in the sierra. your highs today is different in terms of the numbers. warming up 75 san rosa, 60 novato, 65 in richmond, 64 downtown san francisco, temperatures were the most progressive peninsula be in the '60s, 72 livermore, 71 in san jose. here is that 7 day and you can see the weekend is shaping up to be a bit different than the weather we have gotten used to. using a chance of rain
4:47 am
on sunday, mostly cloudy monday and then we dryout and warm-up. >> erica: san francisco we are following the fatal accident on masonic. it was the fatal accident that happened about 2:30 a.m. asset p date are investigating and this is ongoing. this could impact the many lines to avoid the area to can. we will have alive report shortly. are a bridge check the bay bridge toll plaza looks good easy ride in to san francisco out of oakland, traffic moves well from the shore freeway, westbound 580 and the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway. you're going to go at the san mateo bridge no snags or delays, traffic equal in both directions of the span. 14 minutes froacross this ban. goln
4:48 am
gate bridge nice ride. >> james: the man charged in the attack of the 84 year-old man at fisherman's wharf has pleaded. marcus allegedly grabbed the victim by the neck and through him to the ground. the victim didn't know the suspect and they don't know why he was attacked. is that clara county's six people in custody in the fed uri home invasion, these five suspects along with one juvenile ambushed a man as he entered his home. the suspects tortured the man, in an attempt to get into his safe. the victim was able to untie himself and he was able to call that you days.that you this.
4:49 am
>> justine: and delivery man was shot the victim was comconfrontd by men who wanted the peace and the money. his attackers shot at him straight in his car several times. police are looking for suspects police arrested a man before filming under woman stress. the suspect is accused of using a camera headed in and ihidden in his shg church with disorderly conduct and a felony charge of violating his probation for that security was caught when somebody noticed him using the camera and alerted police. >> james: high-tech camera network is what the school
4:50 am
district is putting into place. a federal grant has helped pay for that. story will see only on kron 4. >> in this green yours interesting call. >> reporter: they call it the divvying awareness center. surveillance cameras set up throughout the school district by this man. pleas. >> this is a a comprehensive way to keep our schools safe. we covered center here we monitor can muster for the district, a monitoring them reacted coolly and proactively purine >> you can see if somebody was killed in that sense. >> reporter: a text messaging subsystem is lending to the system. dinkins text message
4:51 am
>> they can tax plans the edge into our system so the will to move our cameras to see what it stood and is looking at. >> reporter: the center should be fully operational in a few weeks. >> justine: a sheltered place was issued for plows and held,, who will pg&e responded to a gas leak. the directive, was issued around oak park boulevard. it happened at 9:30 p.m. pg&e is still working on the problem this morning. pg&e natural gas operation will be going through or realignment. a new vice president to oversee the changes in the wake of a pipeline explosion in september that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the public
4:52 am
commission says it elevates the importance of gas safety at pg&e. you could be paying more for electricity to help pay for the smart meters. they approved a plan allowing the company to charge the customers more for electricity to make up for what profits lost once are meters are installed. threeof four members approved that yesterday. >> james: we will take a quick break the latest in sports coming up, this saturday we will air nbc's programming will the giants is there. we will have chase for you ready p.m. following up with kron 4
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>> erica: following the fatal accident on streets of san francisco, masonic by the golden gate bridge. >> justine: sharks will have their chance to advance tonight in detroit, san jose leads the series 3-0. the sharks seemed to be beating royals mentally and physically. if the sharks can advance to the finals it would only be the third time the fanned franchises two decades. now let's talk about the giants and the mets. they avoided a sweep with a win last night, the giants went 5-5 in their trip
4:56 am
east, their return home defaced colorado tonight. the a's played as well, 12 innings for them to get 4-23 win against the a spirias. >> james: popular host being honored, steven cole there he will get a degree from northwestern. he will join a class of honoring degree during commencement ceremonies. he is a graduate of northwestern communications. he just got smarter. the latest coming up
4:57 am
including the death of osama bin laden we befallen yohave been following that all week. don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 7:00 p.m. in between we have 60, henry all of us out there enjoying the festivities.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> darya: top stories documents
5:00 am
and computers reveal al-qaida plan for attacking american realigns appeared telling you what they are doing a local leak. >> james: violence break out in san jose. >> darya: first we wanted check weather and traffic rolling into the weekend. >> louisa: rolling in with colder temperatures, a significant drop in temperatures this afternoon, stubbing out the door today we might be struck by the gust the wind. strong winds at sfo and in san francisco continuing to see a cool down through the week details coming up. >> george: as we start the friday morning commute the bay bridge no backup for july, it is a light and easy ride. in san francisco oncidium streets of closure will investigation
5:01 am
continues of a fatal hit and run incident. details coming up. >> darya: 05 a.m. and the news, the day after laying a wreath at the trade center president barack obama is going to kentucky to show gratitude to the participants in the raid of osama bin laden's compound. >> james: railways were on the hit list, documents were found well they were investigating the computers, a damdocuments insidf the compound. this is the situation it was in when they went in. the attack was supposed happen on the 10th anniversary of september 11th attacks. it has been a marxisin the mix sint
5:02 am
year. the attack would tilt train, they would only to once. a is what they are calling it eight to your wish list it wanted to hit the u.s. with large scale attacks on key dates like anniversaries and holidays. no word that these were ever carried out or brought deep into the planning stage. it is more like a wish list. >> darya: fbi warning about the real paul plot yesterday they asked to keep a close eye on clips or spikes missing on railway tracks. also keeping an i/o for packages left near or on the tracks. --keeping an eye
5:03 am
on-- >> will: there is no specific threats but they have extra police officers here and going through the drains. we are on street live all you can see some officers here. i'm trying to go through the stations and i'm telling you i don't see officers but they are here and they are monitoring this 24 hours a day not to mention asking passengers even officers admit they can't be there all the time. they ask passengers if they see anything suspicious, any suspicious packages to let them know immediately, they have stepped up the efforts after osama bin laden had been killed monday morning, this reinforces continuing at the germaextra
5:04 am
manpower. i put a phone call into a bar spokesman maybe we will get a live interview with him. >> darya: finding out about lot reveals you can't get comfortable. >> james: on to local coverage a store we are following vandalism and violence broke out during cinco. we will explain more about what happened. >> craig: this sums it up, boarded up businesses, several look these up and down royal rocked. this happened after 11:00 p.m. cinco de my all celebrations going on. they're hoping this was going to stop
5:05 am
but apparently not. police came and and cleared things up after 11:00 p.m. unfortunately not before this kind of damage was done. they are concerned that this isn't the only time it will happen, usually if there's problems it carries over into friday, saturday. they will be out in force to prevent this from happening. fortunately no serious injuries in this situation but they will definitely be watching. other businesses will keep their eye open as well for the next 48 hours to make sure we don't see more of the spirit you can see the broken glass here, it is like this through several of the buildings, there's a boutique down the street, a salon, things like that. what san jose thought was over with still happening here along allan rock. >> james: think you for that report.
5:06 am
>> louisa: 5:05 a.m. a quick check on whether it a shot of the golden gate bridge. it is a fairly mild start, this afternoon the big story will be the significant drop in temperatures today. we have the chance of showers. we will start off with how warm temperatures should be today stay in the '60s and san francisco, concord 71, same for san jose, 67 in redwood city, now we have dropped significantly from yesterday, san francisco 10 degree drop, concord 21 degree drop. sfo the wednesday there to
5:07 am
26 mi. an hour, temperatures and the '50s and '60s. 68 in india in the south bay temperature and to the upper 50s. towards the afternoon we will bring back those highs again much cooler we will see a system were its way through through the weekend and bringing with it a slight chance of rain into sunday. here afternoon high 75 for san rosa, 60s novato and southport, san francisco 64, 71 in san jose today. 7 day shows a big change for the weekend, mostly cloudy as we head into the end of the weekend bring you a chance of rain, mostly cloudy monday, clearing up and warming up next week. >> george: this friday morning on the freeways we are not looking at hot spots that's good news. the ride on the freeway is pretty light right now. are
5:08 am
bridge taxes would not have any hot spots, the right to the bay bridge, it is good and an easy commute westbound. no backup or delayed. traffic through the macarthur maze looks good. so is the right to the san mateo bridge, in the background coming eastbound from the high will rise the much traffic in the opposite direction. commute to the golden gate bridge through marin county is problem sri, it is very light traffic, not to karst and then a big break. no delays into san francisco. in san francisco an accident masonic is closed right now between golden gate and turk. the reason is a fatal accident the investigation it was a hit and run that occurred at 2:30 a.m. police are there with the streets and shut down. a live
5:09 am
report from the scene comincomi. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: 5:11 a.m. stocks set for a positive start, futures are up this morning, wall street awaiting labor numbers bay project they added jobs in april. we will get the report and the next half-hour. sony ceo is apologizing for massive breach. he said the company is focused on fixing the hacker attack. visa posted 24% jump in second quarter profits that beat estimations. >> darya: the high price of gas did not see job growth. the economy added 185,000 jobs in april that would be down from
5:13 am
the 216,000 added in march. it is still stalled. average gas prices have rows for 44 straight days. they're spending more to fill the tanks, it leads to at last to spend on everything else. after you fill up and it is $100 what you have left. san francisco $4.32, oakland $4.27, san jose $4.28. 5:13 a.m. once you are fuelled up and headed to work in looks like an easy ride. we will be right back.
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>> james: weather in the south east getting bad through the midwest really a lot of pictures coming in showing all the flooding. the mississippi and missouri river. they have had to
5:17 am
blow holes in the levees to keep it from flooding towns up stream. a lot of the farmlands getting inundated with water. this is mississippi you can see water everywhere, crops are destroyed. this is another form house, it is incredible to watch the shots. this used to be a field. now looks more like the gulf. the last shot their roof is all that is left of this home. this is possibly the street nearby. >> darya: in tennessee this is threatening the airport in memphis. it is drenched with water, this is the mississippi river appeared heavy vehicles can get through, contractors are
5:18 am
scrambling to build a temporary levy. they are trying to raise an existing levy as well. a quarter the northeast is dealing with high water headaches of its own. much of it is runoff from the snowmelt from all of the rain they got there in the northeast from the wettest april on record. no deaths or mandatory evacuation. surviving are tornadoes scary, it more so if you can't hear it coming. a couple from alabama lucky to be alive. they never heard it because both of them are daft, the tornado ripped the roof off their house, it happened in 15
5:19 am
minutes, it is tough to be ready for the hearing impaired. it points out a problem. they are focusing on the future now but this is something to think about now. they might need to set up the visual warning. >> james: maybe some blinking lights. obviously are whether not as violent as that. >> louisa: change is enough to for people to complain about. temperatures are dropping, chance of showers in the picture towards the weekend, clear shot of san francisco currently around 51 degrees, a mild start today, by noon time working our way up to 60, your highs today will be 64. we are intended preschooler today. your wind speed up to 28 mi. an hour in sfo. breezy conditions through the delta as well right now.
5:20 am
temperatures right now in the '50s and '60s, by the afternoon the numbers are a bit different, this is 71 not 711. in the south bay upper 60s low 70's, 74 in los gatos. showing you big change toward so weekend, a looks like a slight chance of mother's day being wet weather. monday mostly cloudy, drying it out sunny and warmer next week. >> george: we will do some traffic, starting off with the right through san francisco city streets where where we are looking at a street closure here at the intersection of the masonic and golden gate and turk. we had a fatal accident
5:21 am
earlier this morning. a look at the bay bridge this morning, westbound commute not at all backed up, like an easy ride for your bridge check no problems here, san mateo bridge also looks good. no delays in that direction taillights headed toward center span. if you're headed in the opposite direction headed back towards hayward in looks good there as well. the right to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound still problem free. that is a good ride. ace train is free today, train number one is behind schedule but through the entire day's zero fare charged. >> darya: 5:21 a.m. listen to weeks away from the 100th running of the zazzle bay to
5:22 am
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5:25 am
>> james: police have identified the man was fatally stabbed. he was stabbed wednesday night and later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. prior to the stabbing campbell and the suspect were in an argument at a party. the suspect is on the
5:26 am
loose. no description yet appeared it is the 16th homicide of 2011. joseph naso is expected back in court this morning, arguing he should represent himself. he is accused of four murders in three counties told the judge yesterday he does not trust the ethics of attorneys and cannot afford one anyway. he is ordered to meet and discuss his concerns with the public defender side of his court room public defender said he possesses $1 million in assets. >> darya: handgun least to their arrest of a team. in fairfield a student was holding and on or had a gun at a high school. police went there a found a loaded 22 caliber revolver in the students pocket. the 17
5:27 am
year-old was arrested and booked into juvenile hall. detectives looking for to people who burglarized a home in berlin game. they pried open the sliding glass door in the 1500 block of columbus avenue. they took a bunch of stuff from inside and so authorities are warning people in that area of a pattern of burglaries' like this were suspects pry open the sliding doors in the back >> james: investigators trying to determine the cars of a massive fire that burned for busines4 buildings. the flames d three and half million dollars in damage. five people went to the hospital as a result of injuries from the fire. four of them were firefighters suffered smoke immolation.immolation.
5:28 am
>> darya: back with more of a couple of minutes, a live look at the golden gate bridge, traffic is still light out there and visibility is good too. we aren't for cool down this weekend. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at
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i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> justine: good morning just off the wires al-qaida has confirmed osama bin laden death in an internmeninternet statem's says his blood will not be wasted and will continue to attack americans and their allies. more on this on kron 4 morning news. >> louisa: we will see clear conditions through the morning,
5:31 am
breezy as we head into the afternoon a big cool down to talk about. >> george: a look at your bay bridge toll plaza the commute looks good no back up, and no delay, we are hot spot free for your free ride this morning. >> james: we will have more minutes on osama bin laden. first live pictures of a fatal hit-and-run jackie is live with that. >> reporter: i met masonic and golden gate where they took away the body of that victim is turnaround to 30 4:00 a.m. san francisco police department got a call a body in the street, when they got here they discovered the body of a man in the street he was pronounced dead at the scene.
5:32 am
simultaneously they got calls from cabdriver who saw a car hitting parked cars, and other cab driver called and said he saw a car hitting a parked cars on schrader. police officers that he was behind it toyota that had crashed into the back of st. mary's hospital. we have video of that car. 23 year-old man was taken into custody booked with the hit killer manslaughter. he is in hospital with minor injuries at this point. you can see masonic is still close to between turkey and golden gate and probably will remain so for about another half hour while they collect evidence out here. so if you can avoid this area do so, for right now there's one person dead, one
5:33 am
person in custody. >> james: thank you for that. you said about half an hour. >> reporter: they are hoping so. they are collecting evidence and then pick up in the debris appeared >> james: thank you for that. >> darya: another developing story vandalism and violence in san jose. you can see them repairing the class here. let's go out live in san jose. >> craig: you are looking at one of the many businesses, a handful of them here that have been damage from cinco de milo. you can see the glass on the ground, this is the common sight. there was a couple of
5:34 am
injuries, it hopes that this sort of thing was over and done with with the we wouldn't see this anymore, this area downtown unfortunately it happened again i spoke with a business owner who said there's not much you can do about it except for deal with it as it happens. unfortunately that's the situation. they're concerned about the next 48 hours, when this sort of things happens that the friday, and saturday could be a problem as well. they were prepared for this sort of thing last night, they clear the street shortly after the problem happened. they will be on the lookout for the next couple of days for any more problems. they said even with what happened it's not as bad as it used to be. >> darya: did they find people who did this? >> craig: they made some arrests we don't know who they were or oneunder what circumstances
5:35 am
they were arrested. >> james: turning our attention to the weather we had some nice hot days, but today we cool it down. >> louisa: we are going to be in store for big cool down by the afternoon starting off fairly more mild. breezy in san francisco but as we head into the afternoon those numbers will drop. chance of showers this weekend, it looks like it might be coming in right from other state. a look right now temperatures towards the afternoon we will stay in the this 60s in many areas 64 is in francisco, warming up to 71 in concord, san jose, 67 redwood city, 72 livermore. this is how much cooler it was compared to yesterday. dropping 21 degrees
5:36 am
in concord, 26 in redwood city, 18 through the livermore valley. across the board will see big drops. current temperatures in the '50s and '60s, a 57 mountain view, 55 in san jose. by this afternoon we will stay around 65 san rafael, warmer than that through novato and the napa valley around 74. temperatures mid to upper 60s around the bay . your 7 day shows is a big change breezy on your sunday chance of rain by mother's day. mostly cloudy on monday, warming up and keeping sunshine around till next week. >> george: tracking the good commute here no hot spots on the freeways, in fact we are looking at lighter than usual traffic, it is friday. a bridge check
5:37 am
since we have no hot spots the bay bridge westbound still a smooth commute with light traffic coming in from the macarthur maze. hardly any traffic on the 2 80 approach. san mateo bridge looks good, headlights are the cars headed back toward hayward and the eastbound direction. westbound connection normally the commute direction pretty light. 1 01 southbound is problem free coming in for marin county very light traffic. you can count them. through marin county sensors indicate a very light ride with no delays from 37 down to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. >> darya: as we first reported at the top of the show, al-qaida has issued its first confirmation of osama bin laden death. internet statement posted
5:38 am
on militant websites. intelligence discovered railways were on all cut its hit list. they discovered when they went into the compound in pakistan and took out all sorts of evidence. documents and computer drives, documents found in the months to all of this does indicate they had this plot. it was suppose to happen on the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. it had been in the works since february of 2010. there were granted tamper with the tracks to make a train falloff the tracks into a valley. they were only going to carry it out if there ripple to. and of course bin laden was killed. at carroll list which was found as well. --a terrorist
5:39 am
mission last.wish list.--they hd officials to keep an eye on the clips and the spikes that could be missing from tracks. also packages. will tran is at oakland bart station to see what art is doing. >> will: what art is doing is adding police officers, you see the middle car it pulled up about three minutes ago, a police officer got out with a lot of gear in her hand going downstairs. extra security at the stations as well as going through drains. they started doing that monday after the news that bin laden had been killed sunday. at that time there was no plan on ending this. it is in deficit. with the latest news
5:40 am
you know will go on longer. they are adding extra police officers at the stations. they are letting anybody who is thinking about this that we are watching them. there are warning passengers they are the first defense keep your eyes and ears open. it almost feels some the months after a 9-eleven11. the constant reminder to help police officers, i'm still waiting bacto hear back from barred. we know it's not a matter of if but where and when those attacks what happened.what had happened
5:41 am
>> darya:
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> justine: just dent, have a good half bad. employers added 244,000 jobs in april, the biggest in five years, these numbers are higher than expected. the bad news of the unemployment rate is at 9 per cent, it went up because some people resumed looking for work. >> mar >> james: opinion poll says people don't feel good about the economy. 38 percent call it the very poor, 44 say is somewhat poor, they say president bush as at fault read the them president barack obama. >> darya: mayor ed lee broke
5:45 am
ground on the project yesterday it will bring 1300 jobs and generate for a half million dollars in tax revenue. it will be bringing 20 new businesses to san francisco as well. this will be ready october of 2012. oakland mayor is set to travel to china today and hopes to build business connections to the air that would bring investments in jobs in to the city of oakland. she wants to increase maritime trade. >> james: we will head off to break a live look at san jose, traffic is ok, a complete check of whether an traffic coming up. traffic is ok, a complete check of whether an traffic coming up.
5:46 am
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>> louisa: time right now is
5:49 am
5:48 a.m. a shot of san mateo, you can see the breezy out there it will be dusty round sfo. this afternoon lots of sunshine but much cooler. significant cool down on tap today, cooler and even in as well. the clouds moved in and we have changes towards weekend. right now temperatures hovering in the '50s, '60s off to a mild start, 50 in san francisco, 52 and san rafael, antioch 66 degrees this morning. as we take it through the day we will see changes, we are watching the system coming for the weekend could pick up sprinkles by mother's day, temperatures tinkle three-year weekend. your afternoon highs mostly in the '60s novato southward. we could get up to 74 in napa, mid-70s in vallejo,
5:50 am
'60s around the bay and the coast as well. as a major way down to san jose, los gatos, morton hell could get up to , morgan hill could get into the '70s. toward saturday, sunday you notice a cool down continuing, by sunday breezy we could see sprinkles. then on monday mostly cloudy conditions with the sunshine coming in next week. >> george: good chance of your headed out the door now you will enjoy a good commute, no hot spots right now. we like to get that information right out of the gate, that is what you need to know. starting with a bridge check the bay bridge first and the westbound ride is very light as you can see no delays or
5:51 am
problems work your way at the macarthur maze. even comes from the east shore freeway a light and easy ride out to the bridge. some of his trip across san mateo bridge very light even on the commute side which is westbound. no delays from a 80 is to come through keyword. at 101392 its moves traffic. 101 there ride through it looks good at the golden gate bridge it is an exceptionally light traffic. the bridge has been reconfigured for the morning commute. or is another motiomention ace train s writing for free as customer appreciation day. >> darya: you could be paying more for electricity to help pay for this more meters. regulators
5:52 am
approved a plan to allow utilities to charge more for electricity to make up for the profits lost when smart meters were installed. three of the four members approve that yesterday. >> james: act of this what some grave markers change. the cemetery is in the foothills. the markers have the and word to identify those who are buried there. they are trying to change what is written on the markers. >> darya: back with more the moment, a programming note for tomorrow,a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. a live look
5:53 am
outside clear but he's the at the san mateo bridge and traffic is moving well.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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>> james: the western conference finals in detroit. san jose leads 3-0. the sharks seemed to be beating the red wings mentally and physically. if they advance it will be the third time in two decades. >> darya: mets averted a sweep with a 5-2 win last night in san francisco loaded the bases with one out in the ninth against rodriquez miguel struck out as posy grounded out. giants went 5-5 on the trip east. 12 innings
5:57 am
for the indians to get a 4-3 victory with the a's. the athletics wasted another strong performance. nine innings and and no decision. the indians are looking amazing that's what people are saying. >> james: we wish das better luck next time. nice conditions today l lot cooler than yesterday, saturday, sunday chile. sunday we have a chance of rain. more on that to come. a live look here and i start for your friday.
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