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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 11:00. >>vicki: new videos of the compound were osama lived. they showed what he did in the days leading up to his killing. tonight we will break down five videos for you and get to up to date on new details as they emerge. u.s. authorities say osama used his compound in pakistan as an al-qaeda command center. five videos give this a peek inside life. chairs on takes us inside. >>j.r. stone: this is newly released video of osama in london, five new videos of the former al-qaeda leader. the department of defense les the clips, officials said this video shows osama
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watching himself on television. a different picture of the former leader than we previously seen. you could see he is wrapped in a blanket, holding remote- control and rocking as he watches television. have beard it that is grey and cut. the video is total opposite of this one. sitting in a chair, well lit giving a message to the united states. it believes this was recorded in october or november of last year. it appears much was involved in getting to this point. this video shows in laughton looking off-camera. and looks as though a light may have gone out. this shows a wrinkled sheets behind the leader, in this video you can see and are more behind him one u.s. official say was found inside the compound. american leaders believe that although some was fighting he was still very active when it came to decision making and strategic moves for al- qaeda. the assault came from
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computers, hard drives, all sorts of storage devices that were found inside his compound. u.s. officials say they are still sorting through that stuff as we >> . reporting in the newsroom, kron 4 news. >>vicki: and extraordinary week from last sunday's announcement to today it as videos are released from inside the compound. here's a time line. on friday president barack obama. authorizes an operation to get ahead of al-qaeda. that operation happened sunday in the pakistan town about 60 mi. from the capital of islam. the mission carried out by an elite group of navy seals and helicopters. a small team of americans carry it out. in lawton resist the assault and is killed in the firefight. shot in the head. breaking news from sunday night. osama bin laden is dead. the president takes to the airwaves and speaks to the
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american people. a behind- the-scenes this video shows more candid moments. president barack obama sits down with 60 minutes saying there will be no release of graphic photos showing his death. that's not who we are. on thursday the president and vice president attended a ceremony at ground zero. on friday al- qaeda confirmed osamas death in a message and vows not to abandon armed struggle. on saturday, the u.s. government releases these videos found during the raid showing the most wanted man in the world sitting in a bare room and watching himself on a small tv set. in local news, police in two separate bay area communities are investigating multiple homicides. in san jose two people were killed, in fairfield three people lost their lives in a shooting. jeff starts off with the team coverage in fairfield. >>jeff: fairfield police are
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investigating what happened that left three people dead in the suburban home. they responded to a call from inside the residence of the shots had been fired. >> i saw the police coming in with pistols and rifles drawn. two helicopters in the air circling the home. >>jeff: the police entered the home they found for people suffering from gunshot wounds. >> there were several people shot, to were deceased, one had critical injuries and one had non-life threatening injuries. >>jeff: is a 37 year-old fairfield resident who suffered the critical injuries. >> the person we believe was the suspect in the event. that person was later pronounced deceased at the trauma center. from what we believe to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. >>jeff: this was a home that the police had visited before. is because there
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were several calls going back to it least the middle of last year that were aware of. >>jeff: some 24 hours prior to the shooting was the most recent visit. >> police responded to a scene over some disturbance from what we know some sort of a simple process that had taken place earlier in the day. >>jeff: whatever happened here, the police are still trying to sort it out on saturday evening. >> we believe we have all the people that were involved in this either as victims, witnesses or suspects. we believe we have them all accounted for. we are still trying to ascertain what will lead to the persons and what they played in the incident. >>jeff: in fairfield, kron 4 news. >>nicole: police officers are here on the crime scene investigating the shooting were two people were killed us early saturday morning.
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he conceded blocked off a few streets around the neighborhood well they collected evidence and interviewed witnesses. two men were shot and killed at this home. according to a neighbor one of the men killed was 31 year-old joe ledbetter. police say a 17 year-old boy was also shot and taken to hospital. we don't know what his condition is at this point. police have not released information about the circumstances of the shooting war description on any possible suspects. we will continue to bring you more information as it becomes available. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>brian: gusty winds out there for tonight, live at the golden gate bridge low clouds pushing into the bay this evening. strong winds today. causing damage in some places, and downed trees the winds over 62 m.p.h. earlier today. big
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rock ridge, mount diablo and wins in fairfield and sfo over 40 m.p.h. more gusty winds in the forecast for tomorrow. highs today '50s san francisco, '60s around the bay in the '70s in to the inland locations. it's going to be cooler tomorrow as we have a weather system passing tonight. on the backside of the system some air coming in off the gulf of alaska which will provide chilly temperatures for a couple of days. a couple sprinkles into the east bay but no significant rain falls from this expected not even enough to have to turn on your windshield wipers. there it is, producing rain and snow into the sierra. a couple sprinkles this evening a couple cloudy skies and sunshine for the afternoon with cool temperatures and gusty winds that could be getting up between 35 and 45 m.p.h. i will lead to more but the sunday forecast and
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a look into next week coming up. >>vicki: parts of the country are experiencing floods like anything and seen her in generations. major league baseball tried to appease the family claimed they were harassed by a former coach well in the stands. >>gary: sunday may 15th to 8:00 a.m. the 100th bay to breakers pam and i will be playing around. >>pam: sponsored by zazzle were so happy to be here and we hope you join us at adm the morning when things get started. >>gary: you know it today when its 100, last year pam wouldn't get out of bed. when an events. sunday may 15th, >>pam: we hope you're there. !
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>>vicki: residents are being forced to evacuate. barbara
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has news on the worst floods of people seen in years. >>reporter: the mississippi river overflows. in memphis bob director of the office of preparedness said rivers flowing into the mississippi are beginning to flood to. are tributaries are beginning to back up of west and east. the mississippi is rising up as forecast. it looks like tentacles that are wrapping its arms around shelby county. flooding forced evacuations in missouri, illinois and kentucky. meanwhile people in arkansas and tennessee are stacking sandbags in an effort to keep flood waters at bay. >> or working seven days a week late hours in trying to keep everybody from flooding. >>reporter: an engineer said sandbagging is something that should be done sooner
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rather than later. >> my recommendation is to do it now, don't wait if you break and it happens it's going to be too late. once the water comes in it's too late. >>reporter: forecasts predict the mississippi river will crest wednesday evening at 48 ft. in memphis just short of the all-time record it set in 1937. barbara hall kron 4 news. >>vicki: we all know long- distance relationships can be tough. a new device designed to help couples take dating to interesting new heights. >>brian: in northern california tonight the storm pushing through. some snow in the sierra, i will let you know how long this will stick around coming up. ♪
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>>vicki: a horse named animal kingdom is the winner of the 137th running of the kentucky derby. three-year- old as the past leaders in churchill downs and more down the stretch to claim
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victory. the jockey one after the original writer broke his nose. the a's came up short against the kansas city royals despite the three run homer. oakland lost on a sacrifice fly. the bases were loaded in the bottom of the night. two games at a first. the sacrifice fly worked in favor of the giants. mike and drove in the winning run as san francisco beat colorado 3-2. and they had a victory against the rockies on friday also. they compete with their division rivals on friday afternoon. civil giants fans return to at&t park since the first time since the major league pitching coaches threatened them with a baseball bat. the incident happened when the atlanta braves were in time to play games the giants. major league baseball suspended the pitching coach roger mcdowell and ordered him to pay a fine. kron 4 tells us
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what happened and he talked to the fans. >>reporter: drilling is full is hoping to win back the loyalty of the friends and family and many others after an embarrassing incident. the league invited justin, his wife and daughters to attend the saturday giants game at at&t park. it is at the same ballpark a few weeks ago in visiting team atlanta braves pitching coach roger mcdowell apparently shouted keisters of fans and threatened to someone with a baseball bat. it happened during batting practice on april 23rd after fans of something to coach mcdowell, apparently s three giants fans are you all home a couple or three some? he simulated case sex with the baseball bat. justin and his twin daughters of the exchange, lin said he told the coach that children were present. he claims that's when mcdowell approached him with a bat and asked how
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much are your teeth worth? it was the girl's first time attending a baseball game. >> i felt worried and scared at first and then i felt ok. >>reporter: major-league investigated after when contacted lee. major league baseball suspended if roger mcdowell for two weeks without pay. it is required to complete sensitivity training. >> i'm happy to see major league baseball take the issue. he hopes he will learn from the mistakes because he said his daughters have learned a valuable lesson. we are trying to teach the kids that forgiveness is a trait that we aspire to have because nobody is perfect. >>reporter: in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>brian: of cool and windy great day. a great day for all sorts of land related activities. windsurfing, flying a kite creek, because today we have winds cover
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up and over 30 mi. per hour. still pretty breezy tonight, at sfo with plans to 20 and 30 m.p.h. for oakland in the bottle. fairfield winds blowing to 41 m.p.h. these wins will be a factor in the forecast tomorrow as well as monday. where in an unsettled weather pattern. here's lake tahoe earlier today if you can see it. clouds there, rainfall falling for this evening. snow levels will come down through the day tomorrow, he will see snow showers tomorrow. and monday as well. future cast at midnight, a lot of clubs in the bay this evening. a weather system coming through the forecast not showing any rain, maybe a couple sprinkles. there is a little something in the malcolms' but very small. a passing sprinkles more morning with clouds that's about it. by the afternoon
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mostly sunny, cool and fairly windy. the winds could be topping 35 maybe even 45 m.p.h. temperatures in the low to mid 60's, these numbers are below average. '50s for the coast, 59 san francisco and san bruno, look for upper 50s for redwood city, we have the clouds in the morning and sunshine for the afternoon. brisk winds over. though. in the south a low to mid '60's. 62 santa clara, cupertino and campbell just about everywhere. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, looking ahead to another cool and lost three day for monday with temperatures a few degrees warmer we start to get a little bit nicer by the middle of the week tuesday, wednesday and thursday with 60's by the bay. low seventies inland and there
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may be some rain coming up for late next weekend. mother's day tomorrow looking ok. >>vicki: the east bay spca is having a to well want to lose that. to sweep the shelters in oakland in dublin will reduce the adoption fee by half. apparently there's an abundance of to what was available because they often turn out to be a little bit more work than the owners bargained for. it's definitely a regional issue, these dogs are cute, small house and they are popular. you see them as an accessory. people want what's popular. are we see lots of people coming in find the dog and unfortunately they end up in our shelters. >>vicki: the to well was doubled since theto well below e been spayed and neutered.
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: i have something really bizarre to show you. a lab in japan is developing an internet kissing machine. this device will let people french kiss someone over the internet. this breakthrough in virtual love it was unveiled. it posted a video on youtube in action. it's still developing, here's how works. two people in different locations will set the computer, the device will be connected to the computer and then basically they would make out the tubes sticking out of the device. the movement of the tongue and lip will be
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translated through the device, through the computer, through the internet to the other person on the other and through their computer and through their device. people will be able to virtually kiss with these devices feeling with the other one is doing on the other end. another way is a kiss transmission device. the researchers behind its it's the beginning of what can become muffled on person to person experience over the internet. the idea is to help lovers and long distance relationship save. my initial thoughts besides it's really weird, is that the lead in technology is already keeping people physically apart enough. i don't think we need to add the ability to kiss through the internet. what do you think? i'd like to know, senate tweak or send me an e-mail to slate@
11:28 pm >>vicki: i think it's best we don't comment at all. how about the weather tomorrow? >>brian: windy clouds and a few sprinkles. >>vicki: good night. hey marcel, watch this!
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