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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 11, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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live from the bay area this is kron4 news morning. this >>james: of look at whether to start. beautiful sky. we have patchy cloud cover along the coast. cool and breezy as you head out the door. we are in store for mild weather pattern. this is this weekend or we are still looking for the possibility of rain. we're breaking it down for you to come up. a full check of weather. a full check of traffic with george. >>george: no hot spots. our recent stall on the upper deck was cleared from the
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lanes. beat have better conditions than 15 minutes ago. complete check coming up. >>darya: our top story is three people dead. there was a shooting end up parking rush of sand jose it university. the parking garage at set times and ease fernandes trade with the shooting happened last night that 38 at 8:30 p.m.. what unfolded? >> reporter: situation on the fifth floor it. two people killed on scene. a third died later at a hospital. he is believed to be the shooter himself. after 830 last night. as a reminder of how surprising this is. it is not every day that the daily newspaper says something about the shooting. the reminder of
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how unusual it is. the wrapping up of this scene with police cleared the area of of the crime scene. intel university police figured what had happened and why. they said that a tag and and do not expect it to happen on a campus like this. what you cannot get away from it. december 1st. you need to live your life and everything happens. but things happen and it unfortunately at things have been gearing >> reporter: the idea that something like this could happen is shocking. they said it is not a gang- related or robbery they do not know what happened. students are coming back to school to see. i shot the incident. -- a shocking
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incident. >>darya: where they students? >> reporter: no names or genders have been released. they do not think it involves to the door faculty. we do not know why they are saying that. if it was somebody from the upside, happening here. this in and answer a question. the left and an answer to question. there were no security cameras. and that we are following the latest in flooding in the mississippi. the worst that has happened. can they have a the mississippi river flowing into lake pontchartrain and making its way towards your lives. there easing the flooding.
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the mississippi delta flood waters have washed away crops andand forced many to evacuate. the damage estimated at $328 million. check out the flood damage here in arkansas. more than 1 million a. under water. but state farm estimated to match loss. the losses do not taken account farm equipment, arms or silos. we have a google earth animation to show you what the army corps has been doing. they blew up levees. they're trying to ease the flooding in cairo. it did not save the town. this spillway they opened up. they tried to help norland. now they are opening up the organza spillway to flood farmland to ease the pressure on the mississippi. >>darya: let us get to our
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own weather. it cool down starting. >>james: we are looking good. temperatures of and about and have not seen movement yet. it has been this way for the last hour. hopefully we will start to warm up. 50 degrees in san francisco, 53 and fremont. everyone is right around the 50 degree mark. gradual warming before too much longer. maximum heap of the day will talk it at 70 degrees in santa rosa pier 58 in san francisco. oakland will be 63 degrees. wanna south. 66 expected and fremont. you might to seat 74 degrees today. 72 expected out in the delta. all right, if you are headed into the ballpark, not bad. giants vs. the diamondbacks.
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it is 7:15 a.m. purity cannot see it here but the temperature will plateau here. your giants forecast when we come back we will be more on the seven day. also more on the bay to breakers race in a minute. >>george: thank you. it will be slowing today but no unusual delays. the ride is a good one. antioch on highway 4. west palm looks good. starting our live look at projects. toll plaza at = no problems. there is no
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delays as they cleared the second stall from the upper deck. the san mateo bridge looks good. the volume is building. there no problems in either direction. problem for a former county. >>darya: thank you. seven 07 a.m. and we will be back. here is a live look out side.
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>> will come back. the cost of tuition is going up. they are proposing to raise tuitions this time by it 32%. will tran looks at the numbers. >>will: if the proposals past cal escaped east they will depend lot more for their education next spring. here is how the member breaks down. tuition jump 6000 to raise it before the hundred dollars. to assemble a double since 2007. it will also shut off enrollment to thousands of dissidents. there's a chance to avoid all of these drastic measures. it depends on taxpayers and republicans if they agree to extend taxes that are set to expire next month. they could raise $14
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billion every year for our state. >>darya: but it marked the obol school board voted to lay off 111 teachers. the layoffs coughed in effect for 2011 school year to help close a projected deficit of $12 million. the increase could go down based on whether the governor makes more cuts to education this month. >>mark: we'll be right back. i'll live look from the debris of camp on the fog rebate.
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>>darya: iranian authorities postponed the long-awaited their lawyer said. two of the accused, still jailed in tehran, did not appear in court as expected and the authorities gave no explanation. shane bauer and josh fattal have been held since july 2009 after being taken into custody on the iran-iraq border. a third american who was taken with them, sarah shourd, was released in september on to the united states. she is being tried in absentia. bauer and fattal, who are both 28, remain in jail. the three claim they were hiking in iraq's northern kurdish region and any crossing into iran was inadvertent.
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today's development appears to be the example of an arbitrary treatment that shane and jobs have been subjected to far more than 21 months. the iranian authorities continue to play games with their lives ". >>mark: the retail end kentucky caused much damage. it smashed windows in the area and carl windows were smashed as well. no reports of injuries. watching whether the fog is really coming back. james fletcher has more. >>james: they have the low coastal fog that we're still dealing with. as they had this morning it is partly
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cloudy and cooler. as they get into the '70s it is getting into the mid and upper 70's as they did yesterday. as relate for cooler temperatures to have our way on the weekend. outside your door, 52 and oakland, 52 and antioch. 53 in san jose. 50 and half moon bay. as we look at our highs this afternoon we're warming them up again. a handful where we were yesterday. 70 degrees and 67 and vallejo. 58 degrees in san francisco. across the bake your in the low 60s, 63. " one of the farther south and get into the low 70's by the time we get to san jose. 74 and those cuts. cool along the coast. far east basebay is looking at it 70's and high 60s. friday
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will be fine, and at one and after words we get cooler weather we will get rain. widespread on sunday. that will give us light rain and the possibility of thunder shower activity. it will be a wet day. especially, if your at the bay to breakers run. plan accordingly. the satellite shot, we can see that system, i lot of cold air. we will be following it as it draws closer. 7:17 a.m.. >>george: we have been looking at the commute to and have not had to track any hot spots yet. no unusual do laser major incidents. a pretty good ride despite with current skills. the back cover to is to at&t and the 80 approach that is not badly that the battle. the right to san mateo bridge looks good.
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golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound, no problems for your ride. >>darya: 7:17 a.m.. japan's earthquake and tsunami has taken its toll on twitter. just as the company was recovering from an economic slump a play about it now says that quarterly profit is down. car production was disrupted. but we'll that gave their current fiscal year through 2012 looking like a in an uncertain outlook. they will return to normal by november. that is earlier than first expected. >>mark: a federal judge will allow eight civil lawsuits proceeded against johannes for the death of oscar grant's. much of the claim was alleged by a grant's mother. parts as an
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organization cannot be held liable. johannes the officer who shot him was found guilty last year involuntary manslaughter. he was sentenced years in prison. >>darya: it san jose police are looking for mario hernandez. these are the photos that were just released of him. he was accused of killing a man last month. police say that target is has a twin brother. san jose police officers are searching for 22-year-old mario jesus hernandez, a suspect in a fatal shooting that happened on april 17. officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of south capitol avenue on a reported shooting. when they arrived, they found 25-year- old marco paredes had been fatally shot. paredes was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics. the investigation revealed that hernandez of san jose, entered the residence and shot paredes. hernandez fled prior to police arrival and remains at large. the investigation also revealed the victim was visiting with mario's girlfriend at the time of the shooting. mario has an identical twin brother named gilbert paul hernandez and investigators believe he may be using gilbert's identification card and name in order to avoid capture. investigators believe mario may be hiding with family or >>mark: there is three shots fired leading to an investigation the east palo alto. there's also bike tire treads that led men to
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discover a thief who had been stealing copper wire. the impressions had been left near it the theft. the suspect had also banned. night vision goggles. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. a fishing boat is turned into a toy. we have the latest of this. taking a live look from our mount tam. taking a look above the clouds. sunshine. we will see some of the sunshine. temperatures will also be declining. it is breezy out too. we will be right back.
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and that of the bay to breakers may be a great event to watch because of the rain. on and off. it cool leather with fall for the next few days. saturday looks dry. we might see showers by saturday night with rain on and off. perhaps a chance of a thunderstorm on saturday. chance of lingering showers monday and tuesday. national news and we have this like for you, a big scallop
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fishing boat is overturned on new jersey shore. ain't hit a divvy after mechanical problems reported. >>darya: a brush fire erupted in the big cypress national park two weeks ago. it occurred because of lightning. smoke is being pushed across the region and the land from mexico are warning of drivers of visibility it issues. take a look at this. jet demand. he is jumping out of the helicopter and propelling himself with his own jet pack and wings. over the grand canyon in arizona. they just released this video. this is misadventure named it jet man rossi. it
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is a wing and what he does is he launches himself from a helicopter. he flies 190 mi. an hour for eight minutes and then there, you can see the parachute. that is how he gets on page uses his body to steer. you got down safely. he is also able to do it other feats. he did his thing over the english channel and this is his first time in the u.s.. >> reporter: one of the things that your watching for you life is a meeting about the at&t mobile merger. they're trying to figure out whether or not is a good idea. some of the top executives are talking right now. i do not listen in. >> interest these days. i have to be there but to, when you talk about the positive impact of at&t's proposal 40 mobile home and combine the nation's homes i
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advise wireless staycation. it goes without saying that i have a lasting impact on the wireless industry. at present for companies control 90 percent of the wireless market. this acquisition would further console wireless medication. i predict nearly concerned about what this could mean another it rural parts of the country. many parts of my state have no service. >> reporter: we are listening live. at&t sure day takeover? if you have either of these companies should of at&t, they're saying that will be good, and it will have fewer dropped calls. faster data speeds. if they are able to do this merge. it is a $40
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billion deal. >>darya: 7:27 a.m. and we will be back with more. speaking of live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is heavy. both directions. moving ok. i start to debate. we will achieve
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>>darya: 730 set a.m.. here's a look at san francisco. when you get above the clouds you can see that there is plenty of sun to be had. not very warm. >>mark: we're opening up more floodgates in alabama.
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supporters are capturing it in video. here is one man floating through his neighborhood. paddling his way up past his home. floodwaters of 14 ft. above flood stage are around this. just shy of the 1937 record of 48 ft.. we have video from another reporter rolling as the sun goes down. all you see as floodwater. the worst month this is over but it could be several weeks before the flood waters recede. here's an update on the bay area weather. fog rolling in. james fletcher. >>james: here is our san jose camera. the skies are brightening up with the sun up. we're seeing some slight warming. temperatures show good news. in store for nice smile disappeared let's walk through what we're expecting here in terms of temperature. temperatures in san jose with 50 degrees. we are showing 72 degrees in the afternoon. as you
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noticed it is a little cooler than yesterday. all in all and they stay. we are seen 50 degrees, still predominant temperatures and the area. upper 60s low seventies for the east bay. some parts for the south bay. we should see it low 70's and settles it. , a very low 70's. temperatures revoke your. a santa rosa 70. 58 in san francisco.
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this weekend is coming through. one on saturday night should give a slight grin. on sunday we have another round. widespread, longer lasting. it will be with us all day. it will give us a chance for a pop- up thunderstorm. this is the date for the bay to breakers race street and the outdoor plants it will be a wet seventh grade. more chars next week we're keeping an eye on that. georgetown is the ride look? >>george: a little bit heavier. no hot spots for your drive around the bay. pg quite new. i normal slow down here and there. late in both directions. golden gate bridge by former county is a little heavier. the delays
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coming in from red county. public transit is problem free. >>darya: taking a look at this half hour. three people are dead this morning. police are doing an investigation on what happened. san jose state's university. but assuming on google maps to show you where the shooting happened. it was at the university and a parking roche. it happened at 10th street and east from industry. it happened last night. people get a lot of unanswered questions. what does it to the solo reporter who is at there with a live look at the crotch. but the flesh grosz.--garage >> reporter: this is the parking crunch. it happened on the fifth floor where the shooting occurred. we'll show you pictures from a short while ago. they are wrapping up their investigation on scene. this is the site right here. the
7:35 am
idea that to work killed on scene and the third 1 sent to the hospital. students and teachers are quite tender. then i you know, you have to, you can't get away from the spirited as ever were. he just to live your life. hope that everything will happen to good but unfortunately things happened that. >> reporter: this is considering the fact that this building is for faculty and students and not its fighters. university officials say that they believe that it has nothing to do with students or anyone who was a faculty member. these were outsiders. they're wondering why in the world this would happen. if it is such a big deal that the university papers have had one here how you see here three dead in canada shooting it reminds us how unusual this
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situation is. they do not believe it was caring related or robbery, what was it? we will find out fairly soon. >>darya: this campus and roger are safe? >> reporter: yes, they a patrols. but the please happen not to be on the floor when the shootings occurred. this is one of the places you would expect to be safe and all of a sudden this happens. what a shock. >>mark: a federal judge setting bail for and man at entering a cockpit of the plane on sunday. that the native and end the interpreter went through the trial. he was said that he was a threat to society. he
7:37 am
had shouted god is great in arabic. that phrase was used by the hijackers in september 11th. he had it to post dated checks in his wallet labeling $14,000. investigators say that he was going to stay with relatives in fillet but the family numbers have no idea he was coming. passengers say that in the flight headed to boston and and try to open the emergency door. they're taken off from orlando. they say that the man was visibly drunk and upset. the officials say that he was subdued by an off-duty officer and a man's is being taken away in this video shot. >>darya: 737 we will be back with more. latest on the
7:38 am
threat from alkyne death. here is a live look from san francisco. slowdown. looks good at the lower deck.
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have had my way of following the nominee is an option with hobart in a posama bin ladens said. the head of all kind it in that raid and counsel is looking the live to serve london. the arabian prince was one of the import limits of the terrorist. and the meantime we are learning that the cia will we'll be showing photos of his body to members of intelligent committees. as of the obama said he will not publicly released it.
7:42 am
>>darya: president barack obama approval rating is at the highest point in two years. 60 percent now approve of the job the president is doing. and more than half of those surveyed say he deserves to be reelected. the poll was taken after a u.s. forces
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>>darya: 7:45 a.m.. recap. three people are dead and police are investing in a shooting that happened. it happened instead was a
7:46 am
university. this is the tent street grosz at 10th and ease foreign industry. the university says that the campus is safe. these are not students. the best theaters are not said what they think happened. ahead of the state university system warns that the tuition hikes are want to be unavoidable if the state does not extend temporary tax increases. officials warned that failing to extend the increases for sales tax on automobile registration fees could be another $500 million in cuts for state already opposed. >>darya: half americans on wednesday, court as expected and the josh fattal have been held taken into custody on the iran-iraq border. a third released in september on $500,000 bail and returned to the united states. she is iran was inadvertent.
7:47 am
>>james: a quick check of weather. here is a look out side it from our we've camera. low clouds, patchy coastal fog. of breezy start to the day. temperatures and the '50s. will 40's. temperatures getting into the low 70's and coastal fog returning. here's a closer look at where temperatures are. 50 and san francisco appeared 52 oakland. you can see by this map where we are. just give or take a degree. 51 degrees in concord. it 53 in san jose. it is a mild, cold start. a bit breezy to appear do not be surprised if the wind gust around you. here we go santa rosa. said
7:48 am
do degrees premier expecting 78. 54 and concord. oakland will top good at 63 degrees. 69 redwood city. down in the south behof, up to 75 degrees. 57 their various free.
7:49 am
>>george: of west bound ride looks good. the commute to the san mateo bridge also with the delay. half
7:50 am
>> vicki: governor arnold
7:51 am
for a center. >> legal love each other very much. we'll have for extraordinaire eight children. we take one day at a time. >>darya: there were married for 25 years. >>george: will be right back.
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a memo will come back we're watching wall street. the downed industrial jones is up 79 points of the nasdaq up 7 and a half. pete pulled disney's stock is getting hammered right now. walt disney shares are down about 62 a share. intel, of their
7:55 am
shares are up right now. due to the fact that they are increasing their dividends. we are watching the weather and fault. this is a live look at the golden gate. chillier day today. especially in san francisco. 50 degrees right now looking at mid-50s but sunshine for the middle of that state. the other stories. o pat is going to take on broadway. want to show maps that she is one to appear on broadway. she tells the chicago tribune that she has a stack of play she is looking at. there's no formal answer yet. >>darya: lindsey low hand has a court hearing today. she is not going to be there. she does not have to appear because it is not necessary for her to enter
7:56 am
it a common text. i do that. this is for the necklace that she walked it up a jewelry store within less angeles. the trial set for early june. this will happen today with her lawyer only present. bristol pailin admits that her change in appearance is due to a procedure. not plastic surgery. the 20 year-old daughter of sir appellant says that she underwent correct of dross surgery in december. the best corrective john surgery. can you tell the difference? it is hard for me to tell. this new look, plus, she's lost 5 lbs. wholand then she looks the
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same to me. we will be back. here is a look from are about to tan can't. . our planes start flying when it's dark.
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>> darya: 80 a.m. three people dead after a shooting here in the parking garage of the san jose state university campus >> mark: state university students being warned of big tuition hikes. >> darya: long awaited trial for three uc-berkeley runs being
8:00 am
delayed again. >> mark: more on these stories coming up let's start with weather. >> james: blue skies above, but we have a blanket of low cloud cover it keeping our temperatures down this morning. now warming it up yet but it is cool and breezy starting. mild temperatures this afternoon. that mild weather will last the rest of the week on the weekend we hold out for more rain saturday night in through the day sunday. more details coming up in a full check of was there. >> george: bay bridge toll plaza we start here no hotspots, the westbound bay bridge ride not the bad one. slow from the 880 over costs. public transit as a good commute a complete check coming up. >> darya: top story which is the
8:01 am
shooting that happened in the parking garage in san jose state. the area we're resuming and where the grudges it happened after 8:30 p.m. last night--galosrage-- >> craig: officials will be out here and a short while to explain students are coming in to campus to find this headline in the paper. what you don't normally see it happen here on the fifth floor, university police and san jose police are working to figure this out. that is the senior looking at where the shooting happened. two people shot and killed here, a third person dies at the hospital believe to be the shooter. students and faculty are surprised.
8:02 am
>> we have sorority sisters that part here one of them could of been there, witnessed it, or they could of been shot it's scary. >> you cannot get away from it it's everywhere. live your life, hope good things happen to you. unfortunately we can't predict what happens. >> craig: it happened well students were in class, and the student could of been going to their car when this occurred. it is designed for students and faculty not as outsiders. so far please don't believe it's gang- related or robbery, what was it? hopefully we will find out soon. you wouldn't have this normally happen here. thankfully no students or faculty work in that area when it happened. >> mark: following the latest
8:03 am
on the mississippi river flooding, continuing to open the gates this is in louisiana north of norland, hoping the water flowing out of the mississippi into the lake will ease pressure on the levees in new orleans. in the past week flood waters have washed away crops forced the thousands to flee. in memphis 25 hours ago crested. 14 ft. above flood stage. the flooding in arkansas 1 million a. of agriculture under water. half a billion dollars in losses will come to the agricultural section here. that doesn't take into account from equipment. this is what they're trying to do. last week the blew up the levees, but to save the town of illinois
8:04 am
there were successful in doing that. now there's the mississippi see the water now flowing into the lake to help normans. now they are thinking about opening up another one to the north west to ease the pressure more. this will flood farms to save some towns. it will be several weeks before the flooding uses. >> justine: people along the mississippi river expecting the worst happen over the next several days. a video of people preparing in mississippi. the army corps of engineers are putting out hard to try and stop the water. they're bringing in heavy equipment to try and help. flood waters have already consumed some homes. the river has not crested there yet. it is waist high in some
8:05 am
areas than they are trying to figure out how to stop it. >> darya: but whether still trying to the weekend although sunday in shaping up to be worse. >> james: if you have outdoor plans we will have rain. a live look at the bay bridge approach, oakland you can see the cloud cover of, that's boy we are still cool. oakland it is still 52 degrees, we've been there for cut flowers not seen any warming because it is having a hard time penetrating a low cloud. by noon time hoping not 60, max and at 63. you can see 49 napa, 53 in san jose, 50 in san francisco of fact we have our roof camera shot to show you the cloud cover. you have the blanket over head with some low fog along the coast. once that breaks up them we see
8:06 am
temperatures warm up and are afternoon highs we will see looking good by comparison. we are going to see los '70s as let spots appeared those are the yellow portions of your map. san rosa getting around 70, 68 san rafael, 58 in san francisco. 63 in oakland, 66 in fremont, down in the south bay 72 in san jose. that's where temperatures will be this afternoon. we will hold on to this pattern for the rest of the week mild with on-again off-again clouds with bricks of sun. this we can we see the big change, a cold front rolls through and it gives us a chance of showers saturday night and all day sunday it will throw off line in need ointment for those
8:07 am
running in the bay to breakers --it will throw a fly in the ointment. --- >> george: not much in the way of a back up at the bay bridge there is a stall on the incline section. no other hot spots free ride around the bay area, we will give you a look at the commute to the san mateo bridge as we continue our bridge check. the ride looks good on the right-hand side of your screen which is headed towards foster city. san francisco for marin county still uneasy commute here heavier traffic for the two lanes northbound right now, no back up coming from doyle drive. in san francisco it's been all little slow, but not bad enough to back up traffic towards mission that mass. >> darya: the first half will be
8:08 am
back with more of a couple of minutes this is the amount tam tam, above the clouds there is plenty of sunshine. we will be right back. sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked
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with cattlemen's barbecue sauce. get a half-rack with sweet potato fries and corn bread. plus, add our incredible endless salad bar. sizzler. >> darya: the head of the california state university diversity system one students could have huge tuition hikes.
8:11 am
failing to extend taxes which expire in july would result in another $500 million in cuts on top of the 500 million already proposed. how much more with students pay? under the planned the tuition for full-time undergraduates would go up by 32% next year. on top of the 10% already approved. that would be an additional $1,500. the total tuition would be $6,450. >> mark: you can't raise tuition in public schools. teachers handing out leaflets to budget cuts. they are trying to rally support. we turn to a soluta single reporter yoli. >> reporter: 5 minutes ago there
8:12 am
were passing out leaflets to parents and students saying we are in the state of emergency when it comes to school budget. i'm here right now with the teacher who works here at alameda high. her name is the turbutpatricia. you handed leafs today what were you trying to accomplish? >> we want community and the parents to know to call the legislators to tell them we want to thank them for all their support but we need to have a budget that actually will allow public education to continue. is a tax extensions expire we will have horrendous cuts. the kinds of things i hear and possibly cutting 20 days off of the
8:13 am
school year. that is one month and you can't educate children like that. one means huge increases to class sizes. last year our ninth grade class was 35 kids to one teacher. that is a huge increase. the teachers are not as effective because they can't do one-on-one. we need to budget. >> reporter: and we're saying just extend the tax is going on right now is that correct >> and exactly. >> reporter: we are time sensitive we need to urge them by a certain time. >> the revises coming out this week or next week, there will be the budget and if we miss the opportunity for the june election, if we don't want to have these cuts impact as the need to do something now. i think that's what people of
8:14 am
state of california has said. >> reporter: this is not the only school there are several schools pushing this tried to get people's attention because there's a bigger rally at the end of the week in san francisco over by the civic center. basically they want to get everybody aware of this rally and it is all about tried to keep tax cuts current and not to let it expire. >> darya: kron 4 has exclusive coverage of the zazzle bay to breakers this sunday may 15th at 8:00 a.m.. whether you're running or maybe sleeping and miss the adm coverage we have read play sunday night at 7:00 p.m. we
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>> darya: so billet-doux we worry now? >> gray: on the sharks or the bay to breakers? i don't know if you worry but i'm always said me optimist. detroit dominated last night. as they sang he was standing on his head--as they say--detroit kept pounding. you worry, but would rather play at
8:18 am
home or the road? >> darya: that is true, but three down and only three teams have ever done this. >> gray: i was just thinking to myself, if somebody said take $500 of your hard-earned money and you had to bet on it who would put it on? i would probably have a hard time not putting it on detroit. >> darya: it's because they just, the games they won the looks so good. i think that the war for the goalie they would've had seven. >> gray: you can look it both ways. can they play as well as they did last night. detroit is an older team. any team that can
8:19 am
come up 3-nothing and come back >> darya: maybe the sharks will get at home great desperation thing. >> gray: we do this a lot in sports where the next big thing. you could say this is the biggest game in the history of the franchise. >> darya: we will see that tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and was intended to this but i'm going to now. sports guys and you would commit this you say all the time you sit on your couch and you guess dauphin you're not doing anything right? >> gray: that's my thing. it came up the other day with marlowe i didn't do much last night but i guess that's a man's sport that hockey. when you're sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream you think he has to be good. >> darya: every sport and every
8:20 am
commentator this is a blockger. he said this player he said he should have taken the head. instead of dodging like he was getting pecked at.pitch that ape the you know what they did to put a minute cage and showed a much that it felt like. they hit him. will show it. >> gray: but he took it half- assed will this behow fast was >> darya: and now he's saying of course you would judge those the pitch. the giane
8:21 am
won four road right now, six of the last seven everything is coming together tim was great yesterday, wilson looks good, cody looks like he has his swing back. >> gray: they're not dominating anybody with their pitching but this is the third game in for on his home stand that they won it last at bat. >> darya: is aware that they've played 30 games only nine at home. --is it weird-- >> gray: i think of mentioned before the first couple of weeks the giants always request eight
8:22 am
out of the last 10 to open on the road. they want to insure the weather being better. i don't know to be honest like the. i know the firstfirst 10 ds they want to open on the road. is seems a lot but if you hang get through that first part. >> darya: we're done with the lakers but the guy got a five game suspension he apologized it's horrible an uncharacteristic. so he is $25,000 for a fine for the way he left. when you add it up with the suspension this has caused him $700,000. >> gray: when i heard the story i thought jackson got 35,000 for
8:23 am
saying he didn't like the referee. this guy only got 25,004 heinous act on the court. when you take away five games there you go. >> darya: i showed lot more because people were thinking this show was making lumbar >> gray: they say that he married the wrong carcould-jan. >> darya: we will be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> george: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we have a hot spot at the bay bridge, a
8:27 am
nasty stall was clear here from the middle of the incline. traffic is so badly backed up that it is taking this long to recover even though the lanes are cleared for the west bound ride. expect bigger delays for your westbound bridge approach. >> mark: iranian authorities postponed the long-awaited espionage trial of three americans on wednesday, their lawyer said. two of the accused, still jailed in tehran, did not appear in court as expected and the authorities gave no explanation. shane bauer and josh fattal have been held since july 2009 after being taken into custody on the iran-iraq border. a third american who was taken with them, sarah shourd, was released in september on $500,000 bail and returned to the united states. she is being tried in absentia. bauer and fattal, who are both 28, remain in jail. the three claim they were hiking in iraq's northern kurdish region and any crossing into iran was inadvertent. federa the attorney for the
8:28 am
family of shot by a bart officer in 2009, says that a judge dismissed the civil case against bart tuesday. the judge upheld the civil cases against johannes mehserle and tony pirone, another bart police officer, who was present when grant was shot. as for the civil charges against maresol dominici, burris says that some were dismissed and others upheld. the details of exactly which charges were upheld for her and which were dismissed for her are unclear at this time. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes the golden gate bridge and traffic has loosened up a bit here it is moving well and is still great.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> george: welcome but that date 30 a.m. an accident on 101 marin county not a big accident but a big back up, hot spot for 1 01 south bound ride. mininmelinda
8:31 am
hamollen has been light all day long but that has changed now. the bay bridge we just cleared a stall here, we are recovering from that. it was out there long enough it had an impact on the back up which before that stall occurred was backed up between 880 in west grand. san mateo bridge heavy in the westbound direction but no problems for commute. your ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound we talked about the hot spot in marin but it will be in easy crossing into said francisco. >> louisa >> james: here we have looked at
8:32 am
walnut creek, we have a cloud cover the sun is having trouble getting through but it is having more success in the east bay. temperatures are starting to pick up there, livermore 51, fremont 51, these are the areas we see the gradual increase in temperatures. 50 @ san rafael, redwood city, san francisco. were the cloud cover is the greatest that is where we see temperatures having a tougher time. we aren't store for a nice afternoon, mainly '60s and '70s. yellows and greens on your map here. specifically santa rosa 70, 74 concord, san francisco 58, oakland 63, south bay
8:33 am
warmer 72 san jose, 75 morgan hill. this afternoon that is your temperatures, if you're headed out to the game mostly cloudy and cool, there will be breezes well in your temperature at the start of the game 52. at the end of the game 52 degrees. all the cloud cover keeping us mild in terms of temperature fluctuation. we'll tell you more about the 7 day coming up. >> darya: 8:33 a.m. we want is zoom in at san jose when a shooting happened on the university campus it happened at 8:30 p.m. last night on a tent and east. 10th-- >> craig: officials say they are investigating this as a
8:34 am
murder-suicide. it happened here at this building on the fifth floor, we will show you pictures of them running up the investigation. they found a murder weapon, they're trying to figure out if these people were students, they don't believe they work, they're not releasing names of who was involved. they are leaving that with the coroner's office, they are looking at it though as the possible murder-suicide. people are seen the headlines in the daily paper, they're surprised to see this. this is a faculty of the student facility not designed for somebody from the outside. if no students were involved why in this location? class's were in class is at the time. they're getting text messages explain a dangerous situation. some people saying it
8:35 am
took an hour to find out something was happening and to their some explanations for that. >> mark: judge setting no bail for trend to break into the cockpit monoplane sunday night. he appeared for the first time yesterday. he displayed allow emotion as the judge told him the u.s. considers him as a again threat to society in a flight risk. prosecutor saying during the tirade of the plane he shouted god is great in arabic. that was all so shrouded by the 98-11 hijackers. he had no keys, no cellphone, no luggage, two posted it checks in his possession totaling $1,300, and a number of expired id cars. he said he was going to stay
8:36 am
with relatives of the layout but those family members had no idea he was coming. tense moments aboard a delta plane passengers on that flight headed to boston noticed a man trying to open an emergency door, it was from orlando. the man was drunk and upset. official saying the passenger was subdued by an off- duty officer aboard the flight, the man charged with interfering with the flight crew. >> darya: when travelers take a flight it won a reasonable price, and comfort. a survey on ear trouble shows the bottom up the list for overall customer satisfaction is u.s. airways. what did customers it was the best? southwest number one, jet blew came in second, alaska air came in third. >> mark: highway 50 will be
8:37 am
closed starting today at noon. it will stay like that for two weeks. it will be replacing a rock wall. there is an alternative to get around you have to go up 50 and then go on to 88 it will add 35 mi. to the trip. it will reopen memorial day weekend but it is causing problems. it could affect tourism and even after reopens there will be delays for an additional month. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes, live look aside right here walnut creek traffic is moving ok. we're looking for nice day just backing off a few degrees from yesterday. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it
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>> george: will come back bigger delays than usual through marin county a hot spot here, three accidents the most recently solidly backing up the traffic to rowland. we have seen a slight improvement but you are still behind schedule here. drive time could be 44 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >> mark: developing story in vallejo and shooting leaves to people dead late last night. to gain more news faster return to jackie. >> reporter: you can see investigators are still out here, they say they got a call last night of shots fired and they responded to the area. when they got here they discovered that car, a person was inside who had been shot. at that point they cordoned off the area
8:42 am
calling and investigators. this started investigating a homicide. sometime later they canvassed the area to look for possible witnesses and anybody who may have heard appeared about a quarter mile away they found a second person shot, he was dead in the driveway about a quarter mile away from the car. they are investigating these as a homicide. they don't have any suspect information at this point, they don't even know if these two victims are related in any way. they are at a dead-end at this point but not telling us much. a sheriff's department is still on seen trying to see if somebody heard or saw something >> mark: think you for the update. >> darya: 8:42 a.m. to we will be right back. a look from a roof and then mass avenue cloudy start for the day. we will be
8:43 am
right back.--then mess up a
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> george: 8:46 a.m., but delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and a hot spot 1 01 southbound where a series of accidents backed up traffic in to the bottom out really slowing this the bound ride. the back up now reaching to north of highway 37, and extremely slow to you get past the civic center. the bay bridge as a hot spot this morning as well with believe it or not yet another stall. this is the fourth quarter fifth of the morning. --fourth or fifth--.
8:47 am
now there is another disabled vehicle right there so once again traffic is jammed. it will push the back up into the macarthur maze for the west bound ride san mateo bridge commute has been problem free continuing our bridge check, traffic is heavy but it is moving well. problem free for 1 01 out of marin county, heavier from the south tower. 8:47 a.m. check on the weather. >> james: low cloud cover, fog on the coast that has been the name of the game all morning long. patchy fog and temperatures in to the upper 40's low 50s. having a hard time warming up because of the cloud cover. this evening the fog will come back. we love having an
8:48 am
to off time warming things up. sinaloa's the 50, san rosa 50, a san francisco, redwood city. 53 in san jose, eventually the sun will come out make that stronger present and warming up to round here. 71 fairfield, 71 and that but, 74 concord, 724 in the up and san jose. antioch 72. we have been walking you through all morning long we will stay mile till friday, holding the weather pattern, saturday, sunday things change so we have rain in the mix. saturday night it starts to
8:49 am
then all day sunday a chance of pop thunder shower activity is restate, planned it to be it wet day. it should be a fun time out there we will be out there we look forward to seeing you to. >> darya: authorities investigating a shooting in east palo alto. when police got there they found a body of somebody who had been shot in the car, they thought it was the nearby hit and run because they also found another person had been shot. they are investigating. bike tire treads lead to a man who is suspected of stealing copper wires. the suspects by had two different tread patterns that matched the tracks that were left at the side of the wire theft. they think this man is well he had a night mission
8:50 am
>> mark: about scalpina scallopt capsizing, turning over after lost power and headed jetty. three men aboard the boat were rescued by the coast guard. skies over south florida smoky and hazy because of our brushfire. it started two weeks ago, it was blamed on lightning, the winds coming out of the gulf of mexico pushing smoke across the county. >> darya: 8:50 a.m. back with more couple of minutes. a live look outside at the james lick in san francisco, you have company slow in both directions.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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>> george: welcome back to kron 4 morning news, tracking the bay bridge as a hot spot this morning, no less than for possibly five separate incidents on the bridge, the last is which is at the top of the incline what was reported as the stall turned out to be an accident. one of the vehicles being pushed by the tow truck right now. it is moving toward the island. traffic backed up to and through the macarthur maze. >> darya: we are taking a look and vallejo where there was a double shooting we do know please have gone into the house you see here, with their guns drawn, we have been told we cannot get closer than this so we have a live camera on the scene. we will see if something
8:55 am
else is going on inside of this house. we will train on this house where we know police have just gone in with their guns drawn. >> mark: following the latest with that story. also following bay to breakers. we had a chance to sit down with the youngest winner. >> will jog around the track. >> reporter: coached mary puts her runners for their paces, she has been running as long as she has been able to walk. at 1968 shows a five year-old challenger of a tv show what's my line. >> i was the youngest ever to run a marathon. >> reporter: sports illustrator used her as a face in the crowd. she and her brother would go on to win that ruling race with the
8:56 am
670 uphills steps. she faced another of hill battle with the bay to breakers. >> we try to run as a family they wouldn't let us. >> reporter: although they were ready and willing. her and her mother were not able to compete. the second grader had learned an important lesson about life and herself. >> make sure a stronger person when someone says no. >> reporter: three years before urging women to empower themselves the women did just that. >> we put that sun and we signed up. so they can tell if where boy or girl. >> reporter: there are back starting with their protest. they told women long distance woman where running was bad for
8:57 am
the help of >>. they said there would be consequences. >> reporter: in boston a woman was physically pushed off the marathon course, next year they relented and women were officially allowed to compete. in 1973 she won the tipsy. in 1974 at age 11 she was the youngest winner of the bay to breakers. her time of 43 minutes and 22 seconds stood for six years. before the victory there was disappointment. >> i thought for two or three days that i was second. >> reporter: three days later. >> they said the woman she did you are the winner. >> reporter: she won the next two bay to breakers to this day she is the only woman to win both that race and the did see.
8:58 am
she ran as far away as japan. this year she is returning to the scene of one of her earliest triumphs. >> it's a great race. for people like me would take it serious. >> darya: kron 4 has recovered of the zazzle bay to breakers race sunday may 15th. live at 8:00 a.m. or even watched the replay that somame sunday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> darya: 90 a.m. starting off with a hot spot. >> george: we have had no less than for possibly five incidents this morning. this morning most of the more quickly handled. the back up is to the macarthur
9:01 am
maze appeared as you see the incline the traffic is starting to move, the last incident was a minor accident which is still being cleared to the island. they tried to speed up the metering lights but the traffic is already backed up in to the macarthur maze. 40-60 minute delays depending if you're coming from 580, or 880. the delays will be with us through the end of the broadcast. remember we are with you until 11:00 a.m.. continuing the bridge check this is gonna good ride. the golden gate bridge this is a good ride here, you can see the traffic is breaking up nicely now just read left on the sensors, between novato and
9:02 am
the civic center, red is where the speed drops below 25 mi. an hour. but over to thethe weather center. >> james: we are still seeing clouds and that's what's keeping us from warming things up. it will stay cool this morning with breezy. mild weather for the rest of the week, this afternoon slightly cooler than yesterday, cool in towards the weekend and that's when we introduced the rain. more on that in a moment. this is where temperatures are, still holding on to where we were an hour ago one exception is now but you are now 50. otherwise everybody else holding firm to where we were an hour ago. cloud cover doing the job in keeping us from warming up. but by 3:00 p.m. we look at
9:03 am
temperatures like this mixture of '60s and '70s, cooler around the coast. here's where temperatures are projected to be, santa rosa 70, 58 san francisco, 71 in fairfield, oakland 63, east bay shoreline there warmer. 72 san jose, 75 morgan hill. along the coast 57 at half moon bay. we will stay nice for the remainder of the week, saturday evening a few drops fall more on sunday, a system coming through giving is widespread light rain, the possibility of a pop-up thunderstorms here and there that day. >> mark: we want to go to vallejo a developing story kron 4 the only one on the scene, two people shot and killed and some
9:04 am
police activity. let's go to jackie live with an update. >> reporter: new development just happened, in happen next to kron 4 is a man, that house somebody came out a couple of minutes ago and said somebody was hiding in their graves they kicked me out of my location without my camera and tell me i had to leave. they had guns drawn, bringing out somebody who was hiding inside of the broagrz arage. the person who lives there doesn't know who this is. this may be key part. last night they got a call of shots fired when they got here they discovered a body inside a but this car, the victim had been shot and pronounced dead at the scene. there were
9:05 am
investigating, collecting evidence going around the evidence to talk to potential witnesses, at that point quarter mile away the discovered another body. that person had been shot, lying in the driveway but a quarter of a mile or so away from where the first victim was found investigators had no witnesses, they didn't even have a description, they don't even know of these victims are related in any way. literally about five minutes ago, sheriffs deputies from the department came men with guns drawn when inside a house literally about half a block from here, that is the crime scene and that is the house. they brought knows somebody who was hiding inside of the garage as soon as we get more from asia and we will pass along. >> darya: 3 people dead after a
9:06 am
shooting in the parking kron as state university. today more news faster let's go to clegg scorclegg. >> craig: they are investigating this as a murder- suicide, it happened on the fifth floor after a 30 p.m. last night there wrapping it up earlier, to the people who died on scene were considered the victims, the third one died early morning hours thought to be the actual shooter. officials saying they are looking into this as a murder-suicide. >> the weapon was retrieved at the scene, that it's an indication we knew immediately our people were not at risk nor the public. within 30 minutes we
9:07 am
had a message sent out. it links to all of the offices and classrooms, to reiterate that our people were safe. >> craig: it wasn't clear whether somebody was safe for a while, that system took about an hour for some people to actually get those text canal. this is on campus and people were in class nearby. for a couple of hours it was a scary situation a situation students said they don't expect to see something like that happened. as it will cut this morning and saw the paper on campus you don't see a headline like that. a lot of surprise for the people here. again being investigated as a murder-suicide, a trend find out if there were students from campus, they are not sure. they have to make sure by checking to see. >> darya: thank you. >> justine: billboard company
9:08 am
loss angeles doing everything it can to help out bryan stow. they are putting up this bill board. 300 of these across loss angeles. is is wanted for attempted murder, it includes the money for the reward, and the sketches of the suspects. numbers for the police department if you have tips. the company wanted to do this to help the family. we will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> darya: 90 7:00 a.m. ahead of the state university system is warning tuition hikes might be unavoidable if temporary tax increases are not extended. failing to extend the increases which expire in july it will result in another $500 million in cuts on top of the 500
9:12 am
million already proposed. under the planned tuition for full- time undergrads would go up 32% on top of the 10% increase already approved. that would be an additionalan additional $1,5 >> will: in means tuition will be twice as much as 2007 school year. many students that also means the clock is ticking on them. >> i want it done as soon as possible and a double major i'm thinking about cutting back and doing one thing i just wanna get out of school. >> if tuition goes up we have to pay for the box, materials, parking, it's really a big expense. >> will: there's a chance to
9:13 am
avoid the measures but it depends on whether republicans and tax bears agree to give the extension in place, if not expires next month. it will raise $14 billion each year for california. will tran kron 4 news. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m. alive look right now is the low clouds and fog pushing and around the bay.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> mark: the latest of mississippi flood. they are getting the water to go into lake pontchartrain. these flood waters washing away crops, of memphis seeing the water peak 48
9:17 am
ft., the damage alone in memphis will be $320 million. the damage in arkansas 1 million a. of crop land under water. estimating half a billion dollars in off losses to agriculture industry that doesn't exclude repairs necessary to our aunt and sorrows.burns and silos. they ag tas the flooding continues talking about opening the spill way here. the flooding expected to continue for several more weeks as it will take that long for the water to drain from the flooded areas. >> darya: we won a get a look at
9:18 am
the weather is see how everything is shaping up. >> james: still can't get rid of the cloud cover so that will be the forecast calling on to the patchy, coastal fog, temperatures in the '50s numb much getting out of them. cool because the sun is not one to get the early start warming is up. we will not replace it all tomorrow morning. temperatures today we only see the warming in the delta and out by fairfield. 54 concord, 54 antioch, everybody still holding stepping. 52 oakland, 55 san jose, for the most part flat with the temperatures. when it rises we will see temperatures more like this. '60s and '70s. '70s will be low '70s not
9:19 am
warming it up as much as yesterday. the warmest is maybe 75 morgan hill. everybody will be in like this, 71 fairfield, 59 richmond, 58 san francisco, half moon bay 57 for you, 63 oakland, in the south it gets warmer still. for livermore and the delta 72, 73. here's your baseball forecast the giants taking on the diamondbacks at at&t park appeared cloudy, cool. 52 degrees at first holding that through the game. more on your 7 day forecast in just a bit. >> george: we will start with an update on our hot spot the bay bridge, it is usually part of a bridge check that i will interrupt i want to show you the back up. this is backed up to
9:20 am
the diamond lane split nearly near the post office. it is backed up to highway 24, even 24 is low. lower east shore freeway is heavy, normally would go to san mateo bridge but let's go to the maps. westbound 24 heavy from children's hospital, 580 is beyond 24, east shore freeway is heavy traffic from golden gate fields. now continuing the bridge check, some retail brigid commute is nearly over in both the west and eastbound directions, the golden gate bridge ride after marin was a hot spot earlier, now it is a light ride from marin county, marin is cleared out nicely though there are still a few pockets of slowing go traffic between central san rafael and novato. >> darya: a federal judge wil te
9:21 am
family of oscar grant, the man fatally shot by a bart officer in 2009, says that a judge dismissed the civil case against bart tuesday. the judge upheld the civil cases against johannes mehserle and tony pirone, another bart police officer, who was present when grant was shot. as for the civil charges against maresol dominici, burris says that some were dismissed and others upheld. the details of exactly which charges were upheld for her and which were dismissed for her are unclear at this time. >> mark: iranian authorities postponed the long-awaited espionage trial of three americans on wednesday, their lawyer said. two of the accused, still jailed in tehran, did not appear in court as expected and the authorities gave no explanation. shane bauer and josh fattal have been held since july 2009 after being taken into custody on the iran-iraq border. a third american who was taken with them, sarah shourd, was released in september on $500,000 bail and returned to the united states. she is being tried in absentia. bauer and fattal, who are both 28, remain in jail. the three claim they were hiking in iraq's northern
9:22 am
kurdish region and any crossing into iran was inadvertent. this is what the families had to say. today's developments seems to be another example of the all but free treatment she and jobs have been subject to for 21 months. they play games with their lives. >> darya: japan's earthquake and tsunami took their toll on toyota. they say quarterly profits suffered as car production was disrupted. uncertain outlook meantime toyota's global car production will return to normal by november. let's look at wall street it's been down all day, down 151 points. >> mark: we will be right back
9:23 am
alive look outside bloomy day over san francisco and many bay area cities and marine lawyers returned.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> mark: bay area weather tough to clear around the bay today, upper 50s at the coast inland spots mid-70s today cooling down each day into the weekend probably some showers saturday night, rain on and off for the bay to breakers. >> darya: president barack obama as approval raid thing is that the highest point in two years. 60 percent approved of the job the president is doing. half say he deserves to be reelected. it was taken one week after osama bin laden was killed, it comes on the heels of a strong jobs report as well. president barack obama meeting with democrats today and with
9:27 am
republicans tomorrow in an effort to trim down the deficit. white house and congress are working to sort out that saving measures. the meetings, as joe biden leads efforts to identify areas that could be reduced. >> mark: we will be right back following this developing story kron 4 is the only one on the scene to a double shot and killed of the layout, strange details report coming up in a moment.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> darya: 9:29 a.m. san francisco and the left, clouds as we look at the cool down, on the right the golden gate bridge traffic is like, that is looking good, however we do have a hot spot. >> george: the bay bridge toll
9:30 am
plaza traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze, no less than four incidents for the bridge this morning. some muslim take awhile to clear. with that many problem is it's hard not to get back up. pass highway 24 for 580. interstate 80 slope the light of that entire be short. >> james: we will have alive look outside gray skies about the marine layer hugging close not just to the close but stretching far inland. that's why we don't see tenters rise that much. cooler temperatures this afternoon that cloud cover will stick around quick synopsis of what we see whether wise. >> darya: in vallejo police investigating a shooting that left two people dead just before 11:00 p.m. last night, to
9:31 am
give you more news faster let's go live to the scene jackie who was out there. >> reporter: i can tell you we had a development about 35 minutes ago. investigators are still investigating, you can see where i am parked in front of the yellow house, a couple of minutes ago we reported deputies came over here to this house after somebody said somebody was hiding inside of that tgarage. i pointed my camera down because they made me get out of the way. deputies when and with their jackets gone and their guns drawn. they entered the house, you could hear yelling inside of the house telling him to give up, to not try to resist. then several seconds later you saw
9:32 am
somebody walked out of the house in handcuffs. it was unclear whether not this was a suspect in this double homicide that was reported, i have talked to investigators out here, they do not believe this person is associated with this double homicide, they found drugs on the suspect but they say it's unrelated. it started last night when deputies received a call of shots fired when they got here they discovered this car with the body inside that had been shot. they started to conduct an investigation, called out investigators, during the investigation they decided to campus to see if they get witnesses or any more evidence to collect. at that point they found a second body in a driveway in the house about a quarter of a mile away. that
9:33 am
person had also been shot, the person was also pronounced dead at the scene. solano county sheriff's it did not have suspects information to go on, they are hoping that the folks that live out here could give them some kind of information. maybe somebody saw something or heard something it's a developing story of last couple of minutes. what may have been a suspect may turn out not to be one at all. >> darya: think to jackie. >> mark: 3 people are dead this morning after a shooting in a parking rogarage. it happened at 8:30 p.m. last night, let's go out to clegraig. >> craig: they are treating this
9:34 am
as a murder-suicide according to officials. pictures of the scene earlier today, that's how they treat that, we found that out an hour ago, two people shot and killed, the third 15 to valley medical center dying over night at a hospital. they're definitely treating it as a murder-suicide. >> the weapon was retreat at the scene and again that is an indication why we knew immediately our people were not at risk, within about 30 minutes of the incident, the palo alto system links to the offices and classrooms to reiterate that people were safe. >> craig: it took more than an hour to get the alert. considering people were going to
9:35 am
class is not far from the building on campus that was the cause for concern the building is back open again, students on campus things are back to normal. they're not releasing the names of the three people just yet. it is beinhandled by e coroner's office. they wanted to know if it was outsiders or students on campus. >> darya: 90 5:00 a.m. taking alive look at san francisco's city hall dome. you can see how great it is out there a big change even bigger for the weekend >> james: a look at what it's like. you can see that the marine layer right there, clear blue skies but we have this stuff in between the sunshine and gas. once they move away we will see warming. -- and us--.
9:36 am
it will get up to about 55 by noon, your highs today will be 58. cloud cover will be stubborn for you in san francisco. here's where temperatures are at the moment, oakland 52, san rafael 50, 55 in the south bay, in the east bay you are nearing the 60 degree mark, livermore valley 53. warming out to the east where we see breaks in the cloud cover, thickest along the peninsula and the north bay. don't worry we will warming up this afternoon. 70 san rosa, novato 64, 58 san francisco, oakland 63, fremont 66, redwood city 69, half moon bay chile 57.
9:37 am
7 day forecast changes coming our way after friday you can see that on the map saturday, sunday beginning with the rain saturday evening, sunday looks like an all day eve and with possible thundershowers throughout the day. if you are going to bay to breakers be it will be it wet day. keep it tuned here we will keep you updated. a check on your traffic. >> george: bay bridge in the back up to it is extensive this morning. let's pick up the maps you will see, westbound 580 beyond 24, 24 slow from before children's hospital. crude sing- along from goldecrippen along. n
9:38 am
gate bridge easy traffic in both directions. no problems from marin county into san francisco. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
9:39 am
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9:41 am
>> darya: cost of tuition at cal state university looks like it's going up. a loss of $1 billion from state funds, the board is proposing raising tuition rates by 32 percent. will tran shows us the numbers. >> will: if it is passed students at state schools will pay a lot more for their education next spring. this is how the numbers break down, tuition jumps $1,600, adding all of the fees that means tuition will have doubled since 2007 school year. because there's
9:42 am
less money the system will shut off enrollment to thousands of new students looking to enter. there's a chance to avoid these measures but that depends on taxpayers and republicans agreed to extend taxes which are set to expire next month. if taxes go on it will raise $14 billion every year for state. will tran kron 4 news. >> mark: a quick break as the news continues until 11:00 a.m. a live look at the james lick slow traffic coming into san francisco.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> darya: welcome at the time is 9:45 a.m., temperatures warming up a bit is only supposed to be a few degrees cooler >> james: we can get the cloud cover to go way, you can see how thick it is, it will be until after this is, before sunshine warm springs up. it takes awhile
9:46 am
particularly around coast. warming inland, patchy fog and low cloud cover the routine for a repeat. the sun will come out and warming up. then the fog comes back tonight so will be back again tomorrow morning. we a gradually warming it up a bit 52 in oakland, 53 in hayward, 59 and antioch, 53 livermore, 51 fremont. slowly but surely we are seen temperatures rise, ultimately they will get up in to the upper 60s, los '70s for most spots. '70s and rosa, 58 in san francisco, east of the bay 63 in oakland. out in the far
9:47 am
east bay in the up 72, livermore 73, around the coast half moon bay mid-50s. the 7 day forecast, sticking to day's pattern through thursday, friday, saturday the cold front pushes through. that makes sunday at wet one. possibility of thunderstorms to. it will be wet for their running of the 100 bay to breakers run. in any event it will be a good time nonetheless. let's get to traffic with george. >> george: let's start off with our hotspots the bay bridge in the westbound commute, and i i macarthur maze the shore freeway in need in the north down nimitz freeway slow and in the bridge this morning. numerous incidents all of which are long cleared,
9:48 am
and heavy back up remains with us. back up through the macarthur maze for 580 and even highway 24. the right to the san mateo, we continue with our bridge check, nice in both directions, golden gate bridge ride there was some rough going in marin county but the golden gate bridge has been clear all morning long. >> darya: starting today at noon, highway 50 is closed at echo summit. it is to replace our rock wall to prevent people from driving off the cliff. a map of the alternate route which is 88. 35 mi. to the trip from sacramento it will be open memorial day weekend but in may cause problems and affect
9:49 am
tourism. delays are expected for about a month. >> mark: bay to breakers four days away, 50,000 race registration sold-out weeks ago. we take a look at the history. >> reporter: >> vern: on new years day 1912, runners dashed for the starting it took five years to get back on the fee. >> once it did they had this big race. >> vern: on new years day 1912, runners dashed for the starting off inline at the foot of market street along the still visible fire line from the quake. 7 1/2 miles and 44 minutes later, st. mary's college student bobby vlught, crossed the finish line. the first winner of what was then known as the cross city race. >> vern: bobby and his 200
9:50 am
companions would be amazed at the changes! crazy cautions, centipedes, and women. >> vern: for it's first 60 years, the main role of women was to wait at the finish line to give the winner his reward. women were first allowed to outnumbered men. three years before the summer of love the race attracted just 25 runners. and went through changes three years before the summer slope. the turnaround began next year when it was renamed the bay to
9:51 am
breakers. in 1968 a less welcome change. to accommodate bart construction runners were detoured up the hayes st. hill. the '70s brought more change today the bay to breakers is the official world's centipede event. in the 80's the bay to breakers itself goes into the record book as the largest foot race in the world. in the 1990's television coverage encouraged runners to put on costumes, although sometimes not all the way.
9:52 am
>> i'm the love bug. (music) >> vern: the runners haven't looked back since. >> mark: bay to breakers race this sunday watching don kron 4 at 8:00 a.m. if you miss that we have--watching don kron it on - >> darya: we will be right back, a lot of clouds and all
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
test. >> mark: it live look at the gold in the sec declined cover permission. right now a cool day. 51 degrees. bayside clearing. upper fifties turn high. >> darya: new video of the flood. this is along the mississippi delta is coming at of mississippi. you can see the army corps is putting up tarps to stop the water and bring in heavy a commitment. flood waters have are the inundated homes and the river is waist high. it has not even crested there yet. severe storms rippling across kentucky. look at that handful of pale. this is from lexington. homes and cars
9:57 am
were damaged. no reports of anyone being hurt. >> mark: when the travelers fly they want comfort at a reasonable price. many airlines don't deliver according to a new survey. at the bottom up the list, u.s. air ways. who was the best? southwest. followed by jet blew, alaska. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look care wall street, big numbers, the dow is off 146 points following the first three the dow is off 146 points following the first three day rally. re going to need a sitter on saturday night. i almost forgot. we're having dinner together on friday for dad's 65th birthday. maybe i'll ask my parents to baby sit. are you sure you want to go there? you're right. ♪ born to be wild
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9:59 am
>> louisa: good morning, ted >> james: 10:00 a.m. top stories police are on the scene of a double homicide
10:00 am
we'll have the latest. following
10:01 am
10:02 am
>> reporter: they had no suspect information, when we were reporting, this is where the shooting happened. this is where i am part, they got calls of somebody inside of this house right here. they kick me out of the area so quickly the only video we could get to is in from the mass camera. for guns drawn, yelling at the suspect inside of later they bought it inside of the home. we're being told that person probably is not related appeared that person
10:03 am
wasn't arrested on drug charges investigators to the powder test on him to see if he fired a gun, they consider that person not a suspect. it is a wide-open investigation >> james: good deal on that. what did you see when you alive to. was anybody talking. >> will: it happened last night at 11:00 p.m. by the time i got here about 8:00 p.m. it had calmed down. that white-colla c. that's where the call was part that was where they found a first victim. a lot of people
10:04 am
still live here, news crews have come out but they have blocked off some of the neighborhood. obviously invested derringers halhope somebody saw something. >> james: we will keep an eye on this. >> justine: students at james logan high school are protesting budget cuts to get you more news faster turn into a solo reporter yoli is live right now in union city with more on the protest. >> reporter: hard to believe but this a long and parking lot was filled with 500 students protesting state budget and what came down to a local issue of position be which is a partial tax that loss by few votes it means less extra curriculum for students here. this is the guy
10:05 am
along with a friend who organized the rally to express frustration. you were explaining what this means that you don't have. because the parcel tax didn't pass it is going to hurt extracurricular. >> it eliminates money for coaches and staff its crippling students. it's a little over the years and wheeler going to face cuts i'm a senior it won't affect me. i understand how much it's done for me and i think it's criminal. >> reporter: you said this was the straw that but the camel's back. >> it's been happening for years, always when anything happens on the education system
10:06 am
we rely on our parents to do something. and we don't do anything. it's time we need to stand up for ourselves and fight for what we believe in. >> reporter: what's next? your turn to come up with funds. >> we need to raise $475,000 to fund the coaches and transportation for next year. the district along with boosters committee of a trend fund-raiser. >> reporter: good luck to you guys. he and his friend organized this rally, i will try to some new video of how big it looked. in the two days, facebook and twitter power able to organize this and get this
10:07 am
program with its any indication >> justine: the paula facebook twitter. >> james: keeping l i on wall street. the dallaall our eyes os down 144. we heard from walt disney reporting disappointing results because of poor performance abouin japan appeart the forecast. >> erica: today will be cooler than what we saw yesterday, by a few degrees around the bay area, it james lick freeway in san francisco still dealing with a
10:08 am
cloud cover here, we are still seen bricks of sunshine, currently is in francisco, 51 degrees warming up a bit as we make our way toward noon getting up to 58 degrees, cool it down to 55 by the 8:00 p.m. hour. temperatures rain now on the cool side, fifty's along the border, 50 currently in san rafael, 52 in oakland, almost 60 in antioch, as we make it into the afternoon temperatures really are not going to climb by much, '50s and '60s freer coastal spots. 60 percent or felt, 69 redwood city, warming up nicely in antioch. 73 livermore '70s and the south bay. rain will move in saturday night headed into sunday morning, more on that in the extended forecast 7 day around
10:09 am
the bay forecast, partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days, high pressure is going to keep conditions a relatively some learn to friday, we expect showers saturday lasting into sunday, chance of rain into monday, tuesday. turning your attention to the traffic department we have been tracking the bay bridge toll plaza as a hot spot. we head up to six accidents and stalls throughout the morning. a solid backup stretching towards a foot of the maze. san mateo bridge is properly a good alternative nothing to report here. drive time of just 14 minutes from and to end. someone 01 years will the gate bridge ride, it is an easy ride into san francisco, traffic flowing freely in both directions. sh >> justine: there is an effort
10:10 am
to track down plant stow's attacker. it says wanted attempted murder at dodgers stadium. it's about the reward money, all of these posters will be around orange county and near dodger stadium. it will step from month, i talked to the owner of the company that is putting these up he said the reason is he wants to get the word out for the search for the suspects so people don't forget they are out there. >> james: a quick break back with more
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
>> justine: developing story in san jose three people dead after a shooting at a parking rod as the university. it happened inside the tent the street
10:14 am
parking garage. we turn to a sole reporter in san jose. >> craig: this is the parking broughgargae, we will show you pictures from in there right now, they are treating this as a murder-suicide case. they won't give us details be on that. two people killed after a 30 p.m. last night the third person sent to the hospital does short time after. >> the weapon was retrieved at the scene, that is one indication why we knew the general public was not at risk. within 30 minutes we did send a message out via our internal palo alto system which links to class's to reiterate our people
10:15 am
were safe. --pa system-- >> craig: she was mentioning that text system that tells us when things are going wrong. students say it took over an hour for them to find out this was happening. they wanted to know that sooner. it is being treated as a murder-suicide. >> justine: following this story, keep it on kron 4. we will
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
>> justine: following the severe flooding by the mississippi river. they're continuing to open up gates. they have opened up 600 gates to direct water away from mississippi. waters have washed away crops and forced many people to leave for
10:19 am
higher ground. memphis the flood damage alone is estimated at $320 million. in arkansas $1 million of crop land is under water right now. half a billion dollars in losses, felt by agriculture industry. it doesn't account for from equipment or cost to repair things like barns or silos. >> james: we are showing you the spill ways that have been opened up, birds. may 6th opens may 2nd, in louisiana may ninth that releasing water into lake pontchartrain. now they're deciding whether not they want to open that one flooding low- lying farmlands appeare.
10:20 am
>> justine: new details on the store with the following for the espionage trial of regret to what students. iranian authorities postponed the long- awaited espionage trial of three americans on wednesday, their lawyer said. two of the accused, still jailed in tehran, did not appear in court as expected and the authorities gave no explanation. shane bauer and josh fattal have been held since july 2009 after being taken into custody on the iran-iraq border. a third american who was taken with them, sarah shourd, was released in september on $500,000 bail and returned to the united states. she is being tried in absentia. bauer and fattal, who are both 28, remain in jail. the three claim they were hiking in iraq's northern kurdish region and any crossing into iran was inadvertent. the families released a statement today's developments are yet another example of the opera trade treatment they have been subjected to for 21 months. authorities continue to play games with their lives. >> james: an update on our
10:21 am
forecast at 10:20 a.m. >> erica: cooler as you step out the door, five degrees cooler than what you saw yesterday. a live look at the golden gate bridge, low cloud cover. the whether headlines, exactly what is on tap as we head through the day. conditions that were cool and breezy for the rest of the morning, mild weather for the rest of the week. we will see high-pressure stabilize conditions as we head into friday, we have the chance of rain for saturday night, into sunday all day. more on that in your extended forecast. temperatures right now in the fifties from north to south. 51 redwood city, 55 currently in san jose, 59 almost 60 over and antioch. as we take it into the
10:22 am
afternoon not that manmuch of a climate temperature. 70 san rosa, 72 in antioch, 69 redwood city, mid-70s down in the south bay. i hate to put a damper on your weekend but we are expecting rainfall, future cast 4 set for 6:00 p.m. saturday, widespread rain all over the bay area, light green indicating light rainfall. as we head later saturday night we anticipate thunderstorms mixed with hail. as we make it into the overnight hours you can see the green becomes dark so modern rain could be expected as you are sleeping. 5:00 a.m. sunday we see rain out there bay area wide, taking it into the
10:23 am
afternoon still seeing the rain is not one to lift until about 7:00 p.m. sunday. some clearing in the south bay, most of the bay area gets a break headed in to 10:00 p.m. sunday. we anticipate showers and to monday and tuesday 7 day around the bay forecast partly cloudy and breezy conditions for the next few days, saturday we introduce a chance of rain had been to the evening hours. showers and thunderstorms certainly possible for sunday. keeping a slight chance of rain in to monday and tuesday we will fine-tune that as we make it further into the week. that is a look to your weather, moving it to traffic we are tracking bay bridge toll plaza as a hot spot. the back up stretching well into the foot of the maze right now, fast track might be getting a break but the meter lights are still cycled on. the alternate is a san mateo bridge. cemetery
10:24 am
bridge you can see westbound and eastbound traffic is in good shape right now--san mateo bridge--. southbound 101 worry free it has been all street morning. >> james: 10:24 a.m. much more straight ahead on on the kron 4 morning news including the big board we are following that this morning is off by quite a bit 130 points. we will keep an eye on the numbers.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
>> justine: 2 students were on board the small plane that crashed in western pennsylvania. they're part of the program that encourages interest in aviation it when down an embankment. the
10:28 am
front of the aircraft was heavily damaged. >> james: we will be right back. heavily damaged. >> james: we will be right back. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity, and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later. with lifelock, as soon as we spot a threat to your identity within our network, our advanced lifelock id alert system
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10:30 am
lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> live from the very new station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> james: 10:30 a.m. lot of stores to get to, first check on weather and traffic. >> erica: a look here 7 day around bay forecast, temperatures on a mild side for the next couple of days, week high pressure is going to keep temperatures like that for the next couple of days, we anticipate showers headed in to the weekend. more on that and a full report. avoid the toll bay bridge toll plaza we had stahl's an accident earlier this morning metering lights are cycled on. allow extra time for
10:31 am
your drive time or you san mateo bridge. more and whether traffic in a bit. >> justine: topping our news vallejo police investigating a shooting that has left to people that just before 11:00 p.m. last night. we want to keep you updated, jackie cecil is on the scene right now. >> reporter: you can see investigators are still out here o12 hours after the fact. it started last night when the sheriff's department received a call of shots fired. when they got here they discovered this car with the victim inside who had been shot. they pronounced him dead at scene. during their investigation were collecting evidence, going around doing the crime scene
10:32 am
investigation with investigators, later in the evening they decided it was time to go around the neighborhood to find witnesses or collect evidence. at that point they found a second body quarter mile away from the first one. he had also been shot multiple times line in the driveway of a home not far away. they don't know whether not these two victims are related in any way, or if they were in the car at one time or another they don't know if they're shot by the same suspect or not. they don't have a suspect information at this point. they hope the public can help them out in some way. somebody heard or saw something. it is an ongoing in mark investigation. they entered a home nearby, pulling some the out of the garage. he is not a
10:33 am
suspect, they did arrest him on drug charges. they hope the public to help. >> justine: we will continue to follow the story for now we move over to james beard >> james: san jose three people are dead after a shooting at san jose state university. on 10th street kron 4 has more from san jose state. >> craig: this was the crime scene during the early morning hours, university police say to people were shot and killed. the person believing to be the suspect dying at the medical center later on. >> the weapon was retrieved at the scene that is one indication of why we knew immediately that people were not risk nor the general public. within 30 minutes of the incident, we send a message be are our internal palo alto system linked to all
10:34 am
of our classrooms to reiterate people were safe. >> craig: the complaint it took an hour before they're notified about the shooting. university tried to find out if they were students at the school sold no names have been given out yet. and san jose kron 4 news. >> justine: seven weeks since giants fan was beaten out of side of giants stadium. now they are trying to track down his attackers. this billboard is going up in las angeles. the 300 of them going up. it says wanted attempt order, sketches of the two suspects and the phone numbers for tips. the world mostly be near dodger stadium, they will stay up for about a month. the owner of the company is doing this for free, he said
10:35 am
he wanted to get the word out about the search for suspects so people will forget. >> james: we will see if that does something. if you're at best it the cost of college will go up again. the system is looking at looking at another $500 million because a $15.4 billion budget gap like they did not pass the state is turning to students to pay more. under the planned tuition could go up 32% next year on top of the 10% increase or approve for fall of 2011. an additional $1,566, but total tuition $6,450. will tran has reaction. >> will: if the proposals are packed it will be twice as much
10:36 am
then the 2007 school year. for many students that also means the clock is ticking. >> i wanted it done as soon as possible. i'm thinking about cutting back and just made during the month in because i want to get out. >> if tuition goes up we have to pay for books, materials, parking. it's just a really big expense. >> will: there's a chance to avoid these measures, it only if they agree to keep the tax extension in place if not the will expire next month. it will raise $14 billion for next year. >> james: last night they voted to lay off teachers. pink slips and the layoffs will go into effect for the 2011, 2012 school
10:37 am
year. that deficit could increase or decrease depending on whether the governor makes more cut. >> justine: a check with weather and traffic. >> erica: our roof camera looking at a downtown san francisco, dealing with cloud cover, temperatures are about five degrees cooler, as you step out the door, looking ahead at what we expect for the day, getting through some patchy coastal fog. as we head into the afternoon temperatures in the '60s and '70s. cooler conditions compared to what we saw yesterday, and the days before that. in the evening coastal fog return, temperatures dipping into the '40's. fifties inland. temperatures in the 50s across
10:38 am
the board, 51 san rosa same with redwood city, 53 hayward, warming up nicely in antioch, almost 60 degrees, future cast 4 what we expect his temperature rise by 3:00 p.m. you can see we will be in the '50s along the coastal areas, warming up better in the east bay locations getting into the '60s. squeezing out 70 degree readings indicated by the yellow. we also have a chance of rain for the bay area, making your way into sunday morning so will affect those affected by the bay to breakers. you can see widespread rain around the bay area, definitely going to increase in intensity as to make it into the evening hours, dark green for sunday and is to wake up repair to " for the zazzle bay to
10:39 am
breakers we anticipate heavier rain. certainly be aware bring your umbrella and a raincoat. as we head into a sunday evening a chance for lifting in the south bay we will seek a hearing by 10:00 p.m. sunday. we will dry out and we do expect rain to return closer to monday, tuesday. 7 day shows you partly cloudy and breezy conditions, from today and friday we to introduce a chance of rain headed into the evening hours for saturday, lasting pretty much all day into sunday. thunderstorms are possibility. the keep the chance of rain and your monday, tuesday. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, we track is a hot spot throughout the morning, we are seeing improvements for those of you that have fast track, meter lights are cycled on due to
10:40 am
several earlier accidents and stalls. tack on 15 minutes for your usual drive time or you can use the san mateo bridge that is problem free. definitely a good alternative headed towards the peninsula. golden gate bridge rights act, no one is a problem free commute. no problems for your ride out of the north bay. >> james: 10:40 a.m. but was born in a minute. ♪
10:41 am
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10:43 am
>> justine: lindsay lohan did not appear in court this morning, at the hearing the judge accepted a plea for misdemeanor grand theft from her attorney. she will be on probation until november. the plea means the 24 year-old
10:44 am
actress is not acknowledging guilt to. the case stands as a conviction. >> james: here is wall street we are following the market's the dow has been off by quite a bit all morning long. it is down and we were off on the wrong front from the beginning we had commodities take a hit. crude oil and metal is down right now >> justine: google shelling out millions they are facing the justice department investigation expected to cost five under million dollars. its service as a reminder of the scrutiny facing the company appear t. tht
10:45 am
to know if they search in june is choosing what to advertise.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
the bloated mississippi river flows towards the gulf, how that fund homes and businesses in its path. >> reporter: the crest of the mississippi move past month as the water is rising as it continues to flow south. it is surpassed its record wednesday. it is expected to crest later this month as 64 ft.. officials are preparing for the worst. >> we have movinlouisiana mobils
10:49 am
have made. in mississippi's sixth occurred people have been forced to leave their homes in itthe home tunica. >> it came in so fast. it is completely gone. >> reporter: the town's casinos have been forced to close their casinos. we don't have a clue. >> reporter: the parking lot is flooded... >> james: more on that in a
10:50 am
minute. now back to our forecast appeared cooler temperatures today. >> erica: that videos showed severe rainfall across the united states but we expect some rain in our forecast. golden gate bridge dealing with cloud cover of there, look at what is on tap for today, dealing with cool and breezy conditions this morning, mild weather for the rest of the week. as we head into the weekend we do expect rain saturday night headed into sunday day. one that coming up. i have updated this for you, temperatures epic in the 50s across the board. 52 oakland, 54 los gatos, 55 in san jose, as we head into the afternoon not warming up significantly only up to 68 in san rafael, 71 for napa and fairfield, 74 in concord. in
10:51 am
the immediate bay area '60s, 72 for antioch 74 for los gatos. now for those headed to the giants' game this evening you will need your jacket, mostly cloudy and cool conditions by the time the game starts at 715. 52 degrees, 52 headed into 9:00 p.m.. another event this weekend in the bay area, expecting rainfall into saturday evening headed into sunday. you can see future cast 4 set for 6:00 p.m. saturday, rainfall bay area wide. as we head into saturday night over night sunday the green is definitely intensifying indicating heavy rainfall. chance of
10:52 am
thunderstorms mix with the help. p aware of that, as you like a sunday morning expected to go to the zazzle bay to breakers expect rain to exclude as by 7:00 p.m. we see a break, by 10:00 p.m. we dry out for most of the bay area chance of rain headed into monday, tuesday we will see partly cloudy and breezy conditions for a today until friday, anticipating a chance of rain from saturday, into sunday. chance of rain into monday, tuesday over to traffic now avoid the bay bridge toll plaza it has been on hot spot all morning long, the metering lights are cycled on, at the cemetery bridge a much better ride away to, no major problems out of hayward and a foster city that drive time of about 14 minutes to cross the stand.
10:53 am
golden gate bridge someone no one looks good lots of space between cars. just checking the road map no problems just 25 minutes out of novato. >> james: there will be game 7 after all to see you who faces vancouver in the final period to read woulredwings scored. san je must defend home ice tomorrow night to avoid becoming the fourth team to lose a best of seven series after leading 3- there appears when does the puck dropped, 6:00 p.m. we will give away a pair of tickets for the chance to win " to kron 4 facebook page and like us that's
10:54 am
all we ask just like us a little bit. >> justine: high school teacher doing something out of this world. she is one of six teachers of the whole nation who gets to take a ride with nassau. she will go on the aircraft that studies the formation of black holes and stars. they are doing this so they can share the reformation with their children in the schools.
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
a jet on wall street the dow was down. will have long black in. >> justine: bay to breakers is the son they get excited this bay
10:58 am
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