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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 12, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> james: 48 4:00 a.m. top cop s charged with thank you, now finding out he may have been running a brothel. member would along the mississippi river sitting under water, residents downstream bracing for what could be historic flooding. >> live from the bay area news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> justine: we will get to those stores and a minute. first check
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on weather and traffic. >> louisa: 7 day around the bay, next couple of days will be dry but the weekend big changes on tap, details coming up. >> erica: we are in great shape in the traffic department. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving well. >> james: on to top stories, public defender releases misconduct by police officers in the past few months the four videos by the public defender's office. they have led to the dismissal of charges due to allegations of improper searchers and other misconduct. we will sue the newest complained and video. >> reporter: more trouble in
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surveillance video showing san francisco police misconduct. this is from a drug arrest at the jefferson hotel in december 2010. one of the victims is seen here and lobby, and the report they say they saw a crack cocaine in his hand. he claims his hands were in his pockets. police say he was given permission to search their room. but video of him shaking his head no disputes that. a friend of sen thomas walked by officers proceeded to tackle and choke him. the man was let go after surging him. the incident as a brief detention. he was eventually are arrested for possession of crack cocaine. he noticed a black duffel bag was
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missing from his home. he filed please report but this video shows officer leaving santana's home with the black duffel bag. his attorney said it was never booked into evidence or mentioned in the police report, the egg is still missing. -- beg-bag-- >> james: state to for continuing coverage of the alleged misconduct. >> justine: law-enforcement were first accused of the bird3 dui . they are now looking into whether they were running a brothel. kron 4 is richie tells
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us what their attorneys are saying. >> reporter: in pleasant hill to the allocations in the casals accused of selling drugs, and now it shows they may have been involved in this prostitution business, it was shut down after the business owner noticed criminal activity. in pleasant hill kron 4 new spiris. >> james: let's go to local weather before we go to the flood. >> louisa: we are looking at some fog this morning, settling over the golden gate bridge, low cloud cover shifting towardand r
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the next couple of hours. this afternoon temperatures will warm up some. big changes towards weekend. starting you off with the temperatures at 52 degrees in san francisco. '40's for san rosa, now, 51 in mountain view, 52 san jose. afternoon highs look like they will stay to the '60s, '70s bring us up to 72 in vallejo, 71 in fairfield, 59 in san francisco. low 60s right around the bay, in the south bay we could injure way up in to the '70s as well. in terms of wet whether we are expecting it to moving towards the later part of your day on saturday. showers cushion over night, by sunday morning early sunday morning, certainly it widespread showers continuing a will station our through sunday with the potential of thunderstorms. --
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will station a worrstay with she seven days shows sunshine mixes with clouds, and you can see on saturday during starts and doesn't let up even next week >> erica:. we don't have any hotspots as we head out the door out of oakland to san francisco the approach to the bay bridge looks good. very few cars making their car way to the city. nice light ride in both directions no problems headed to the bridge along highway 101 or either direction of the nimitz freeway. golden gate bridge ride still of few cars streaming there way into severances " tops be that of novato and drive time
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of 23 minutes. >> james: watching the mississippi river were the governor is urging people to get out if there's a chance their homes will flood. it will pass to the delta of next week. you can see here the road are flooded, back yards are underwater. feet of water for that matter. they are on high alert for more possible flooding over the next few days. 600 homes have already been flooded in the delta over the past several days. the river has not crested yet. elsewhere in the town kurds are doing all they can to hold back the river. -- crews--. they are being urged to
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get out now before the roads are inundated. >> justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news, let's look outside to see what we are dealing on this thursday morning, not a lot of traffic out there we are a couple days away from the bay to breakers race on kron 4. quick break and come back.
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>> james: this just didn't a german court convicts 91 year- old man on thousands of tons of excess rate of murder when he served in a nazi death camp. the defense said it would appeal a conviction. more details road the day. >> justine: foreclosure rate is down, few were on americans had
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their homes repossessed compared to your goal. it is lower because it is taking longer to lenders to move against home owners to stop playinpaying ther mortgage. it took an average of 400 days to run its course. news for the battered housing market it shows an increase in the amount of empty homes and rental apartments. homeowners vacancy rate shot up 1% while rental vacancy almost doubled over 10 years. at the same time the average size in both owner occupied and rental increase to. >> james: a look at wall street stock futures are quite a bit off. oil plunged 6% down to $97
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a barrel. april read til cells are out this morning, and weekly jobless claims. one that won the opening bell rings. >> justine: new poll suggests americans are more optimistic about the economy. more than two out of five people believe the economy will get better, one- third think it will stay the same. one-quarter think it will get worse, for the first time slightly more than half approve of president obama is handling of the economy. >> james: we will be right back, it with more stores around the
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bay. and a story about the giants. also an update on the giants fan beaten in the stadium. more and your forecast of full look in a minute.
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>> justine: one man is dead and another injured in san rafael. officers say the men armed with sticks and baths were running near the san rafael community center. they are now looking for this car. and it has this license plate number. 3ulg274. in campbell a three year-old girl who may be the victim of such severe child abuse is safe.
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they began a search after she was discovered missing when officers went to perform a wellness check. she was thought to be with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. they found the child at a parking lot with the mother. the three year-old girl has been taken to hospital to get checked out. >> james: three men arrested yesterday on suspicion of possession of marijuana and cocaine for sale. police say the area has been plagued by violent crimes. 21 year-old adam carpenter, and lee roy washington. the swat team ensures office conducted the search. >> justine: we are expecting an update on the murder-suicide that happened at san jose state
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university on tuesday night. it left three people dead including the suspected shooter happened in this parking garages people report hearing at least 10 shots fired. the identities have not been released. officials say the three did have an affiliation with the school. officials are reassuring students everything is safe. >> james: details now we are learning the giants fan that was a salted in march at the stadium could be transferred it next week. they're trying to determine if he is stable enough to be transported, he will likely be taken to ucsf medical center. a new effort to try and find the man who attacked him has been launched. there is a new campaign to find the suspect will be hard to mess. 300
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billboards will be going up in l.a. plastered with sketches of the two men wanted in that murdeand attempted murder. the company thought it was pushed that needed to keep the story alive. the police department gave them locate to do this. >> justine: investigation into the plane disturbance where the man raced down the aisle and pounded on cockpit door. he remains in custody he is charged with interfering with that flight crew. the anchorman looks at red flags. >> reporter: we have been told he holds a yemeni passport. we know he bought a one-way ticket to san francisco he chopped no bags nor had carry-on bags. all of that could raise red flags.
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officials say it does lay out that way. first and foremost the suspect carried several ids they didn't mention the yemeni passport. the ideas he had on him world from the united states. to new york state bernard herrmann's, one new york state license, one expired california id. as for the one- way ticket there's no way for them to know. and that's not the security risk. as for the lack of luggage security administration say the agents would have no way of knowing he had no begs as he went through security cell no obvious red flag there. the key point is to make sure nothing harmful is being brought on to the plane in the bag or by the passenger
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themselves, in this case it wasn't. an official is quoted as saying he was not on any terrorist watch list. >> james: let's get a look get the local weather here, it looks like we have rain on the horizon? >> louisa: certainly by the weekend, for the next couple of days and enjoy the dry weather the later part of your saturday that's when rain kickstand. we are watching low cloud shiftesht and, by the evening we will have temperatures into the 40's and 50's. right now 52 and san rafael, san francisco, redwood city, 51 antioch, your afternoon highs into the '60s and '70s. 59
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degrees in san francisco, 62 oakland, los 60s during fremont, hayward, 66 mountain view. you're 7 day around the bay you can see how it all changes. temperatures cool off by the end of day friday that's when we expect the wet whether to take hold. it will continuing to sunday. showers persists sunday but we have all potential for thunderstorms. you could see some periods of heavy downpours sunday embeded in some of these cells. >> erica: no news is good news in the traffic center, no hotspots bay area wide. chp traffic log shows there are minor accident sprinkled throughout the area but none of them adding to your drive time. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is flowing freely no way. san mateo bridge
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is a nice easy ride out of hayward and foster city, for if you taillights on the right-hand side of your screen. traffic on the last hand side looks good. traffic moves well mid span of purging the toll plaza with an excellent drive time. >> james: 4:22 a.m. today is bike to work day it's an event that is hosted by. nine beria counties it's like they do it every time the stations provide free snacks, goody bags, and first class cheering for the people commuting to work on their bikes. we will show you some of those by first throughout the morning. >> justine: all i heard was free
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snacks. three more days until zazzle bay to breakers, henry has a look at what we can expect. >> henry: i have the plum assignment i'm going to be on he's hill which is the best place. you get to watch the leaders in the peak moment of the entire race. then you get to watch everybody up struggling, to reach the top of the hell, then you get people having a great time, they are so happy they want to stay for a while. i'm looking forward to bay to breakers.
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>> james: 4:25 a.m. new details of spain thousands of people slept outdoors overnight too afraid to go inside dr. earthquakes rocked the country. the death toll has been lowered to eight, one victim was a child. 167 people have been
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injured, numerous buildings have been damaged. two quakes struck late wednesday. spain has not seen earthquakes that size in 50 years. it could take months to go through osama bin laden is massive computer files and journal. official say so far they have learned how he remained key to running al-qaida and wanted desperately to hit u.s. targets. his sons say he is not convinced their father is dead. they say if he is international laws were broken. >> justine: health-care costs have more than doubled for some families over the past nine years with few signs of it dropping back down. the most common form of employers' health insurance will climb to at
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$8,000 this year up from $3,500 in 2002. health care cost include health care premiums. >> james: the age gap has between the region have grown. the trend is being driven by immigrants and young people moving mostly to the south and west well older americans stay put elsewhere the region had bill last. >> justine: kron 4 morning news coming up top stories we're following for you this thursday morning on the details plus. >> reporter: some neighborhoods along mississippi are underwater while residents downstream braced for what could be as start flooding. the latest coming up.
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>> justine: wet weather is moving and and we are tracking
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that. >> louisa: 7 day around the bay, dry today, tomorrow lots of sunshine for your friday, by your weekend the wet weather sets in, we could be talking about thunderstorms. we will have more details straight ahead. >> erica: alive look at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving smoothly, a complete bridge check in a moment. >> james: public defender releases and other video that shows misconduct by officers. for videos have been released by the public defender's office, they led to the dismissal of dozens of cases due to allegations of improper searches and other misconduct. san francisco's public defender says he is fed up with the alleged misconduct. one reported victims says he's outraged. >> in every instance where we
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have much matched of the deal with the police report we found police are creek crating perjury. >> when you first saw this what did you think? >> it was a police officer taking my bag out of my room. >> james: chief of police to held a press conference he says he is moving quickly to look into the matter. >> i initiated an investigation, we shut down on all the other cases, i believe that character of our officers are paramount and it is my intention to find out whether not this did or did not happen the way he alleges. so that the officers can continue the good work they do. i had a press release said. officers who caught breaking the law they should be up holding or
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he says brutalizing citizen, they should be protecting they have no place serving san francisco. i would have to say i agree with him 100 percent. and the police department agree with him 100 percent. >> james: we will keep an eye on the story stay with us as we move forward on a continuing coverage of alleged police misconduct a good resource. >> justine: many neighborhoods and the mississippi are under water but the worst are yet to come in some areas. this historic crust moves forward. >> you can see the water to the front of the houses appeared it's devastating. >> reporter: the mayor gets a boat tour of what used to be the town's road, three hours south you will see a similar scene.
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>> it's flooded in years past and i think we will flood in the future but not like the spirit >> reporter: it is packing the economic punch to the city one dozen casinos have closed, as long as the doors are locked, $30 million in tax revenue is lost every month in louisiana they are getting a lot of attention, engineers has deciding whether to open the major spill well it would spare bonn rouge but it would also funnel flood waters towards the smaller towns like gibson. all people can do this sandbagging help for the best. >>, i am preparing for the high water i hope that were working for nothing. >> reporter: it could be opened as early as saturday depending on the river's flow. greg black reporting. >> justine: yesterday 38 days
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were open in louisiana bringing the total number of bay is open up to 110. 21 parishes have local state of emergency is, in mississippi 14 counties have been declared disaster areas. we will be following this flooding for you right here on kron 4. updating our local forecast. >> louisa: hold on to the next couple of days we will see a shift in the weather comes weekend. you can see the wind shaking the camera around a bend we will be breezy for the next couple of days. patchy morning fog expected to set in in the next couple of hours, warming up slightly today and into your friday, wet weather becomes a big picture by the weekend. 51 san francisco, 53 degrees in oakland, temperatures in mt. view and san jose low 50s, by
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the afternoon a mixture of '60s and '70s. staying in to the upper 50s in downtown san francisco, along the coast in the fifties as well down to los gatos it could warm to 745 story for morgan hill, 664 mountain view. the time line shows sprinkles moving in by 6:00 p.m. saturday starting north shifting south. widespread showers chances in for your sunday for bay to breakers prepared for the wet whether to move and have the umbrella, that water proof costume as well. chances of rain throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. sunday instability shows potential for thunderstorms to kick in on your sunday even the potential for help coming down as well. 7 day around the bay shows once that
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wet weather roads than it doesn't look like it will let up. it stays around for monday, tuesday, wednesday next week as well. temperatures will cool down into the '60s. >> erica: for those of you just headed out the door we are not tracking hotspots which means we don't have any significant accidents or delays. bay bridge toll plaza is a nice and easy ride, usually their first hot spot of the morning but not the case right now. we are seeing more cars on the approaches westbound is an easy ride with no way that the pay gates. san mateo bridge no accidents, incidents or stalls. traffic moves will about directions across drive time of 14 minutes. north bay across the golden gate bridge it is still quiet.
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top speeds for your entire ride out of marin county. south bay not tracking any hotspots 41 01 in either direction spirit traffic is moving at a good clip. >> james: a quick break the latest in the sports news including the giants game last night against the diamondbacks. a live look as we go and we will give you a shot of the james lick freeway. traffic moving well more news whether
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>> justine: you're 7 day around the bay, breezy with partly cloudy skies changes for your weekend forecast showers moving in and temperatures dropping. we will keep you updated throughout
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the day on kron 4. >> james: the giants delivering the go-ahead rbi double, aubrey half tysouff head said. for san francisco was the fifth when, five and r roche appearewinds. e rangers to hit seven runs and washing away the stacks of the worst inane ever. this skies were threatening and a few raindrops started to fall while the rangers sent 13 players to the plate in a seven run third.
4:41 am
all the runs were basically charged to gone solace.gonzale' >> justine: games 7 today it is a do-or-die for the sharks. their rent wind scored three times in the final period and of the last game. the sharks took the first three games, but now they must defend a home ice tonight. they have to do it tonight. >> james: they will do it. >> justine: if you know a guy named steve lawrence and, he won a 10 pair of tickets.
4:42 am
actually is tonight's game. he won a pair of tickets. he just like this on facebook it's that easy. >> james: we will take a break alive look outside where we have traffic moving nice and light, the view from mt. tam looking back at san francisco, look cloud cover and fog to deal with and cooler temperatures this afternoon. a look at your forecast, commute straight ahead.
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>> louisa: 40 4:00 a.m. we are getting a mixture of clouds and sunshine as we head through the day to day with temperatures staying into the '60s, '70s into the afternoon. could warm up today and tomorrow and we will be breezy. coastal fog sets in from your other current
4:45 am
temperatures 44 san rosa, 54 have monday, 51 percent francisco and mountain view. your afternoon highest 67 degrees in napa, 65 in san rosa. fifties in san francisco we also stay into the low sixties around the media pay warming to 74 for los gatos and morton halperin future cast 4, if you have plans for the oyster fast you could stay dry. overcast conditions are expected by the end of saturday the wet whether peck sought, rain chances pick up over night into the sunday. bay to breakers be prepared for the wet weather. showers throughout most of the day and getting heavier downpour's with that. we have a forecast weekend ahead of
4:46 am
us. wet whether chances continued through the evening. 7 day around the bay after this weekend we continue with the chance of wet weather, raindrops are not leaving the forecast, monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. >> erica: if you're just leaving your house and not tracking and hot spots around the bay area, wrapping up the 4:00 a.m. hour with no accidents out there, highway 4 looks good and westbound 580. the bay bridge moving well, sam it tillsan mato bridge is moving well it is the typical building we see every morning giving you the correct time of 14 minutes across the span. out of the north bay golden gate bridge 1 01 lots of
4:47 am
space between cars, no problems making your weight down 1 01. san francisco crosstown freeways moving well. clearly a nice easy ride. if you're headed east bound we do have overnight construction in effect between four and a and the anchorage. three lanes will be shut down until 6:00 a.m.. >> justine: privacy leak at facebook. it's supplications accidentally opened access to your personal information, mainly to advertisers. this has been happening for years but facebook dispute the accuracy of that report. a new production agency is being made. if you're worried about your reformation change your password. >> james: the white house
4:48 am
announces plans to take internet security to a new level. experts say it would require companies to tell consumers when their personal information has been compromised and agencies would be monitoring their computer networks more often. it would better protect systems as well. the justice department antitrust settlement with microsoft is expected to expire today. in the era of iphone is an google web search the controls through the windows operating system seems decades old. the credit as a settlement reached after challenging the french fries, microsoft shipped how. use the industry. her >> justine: the annual developing conference in san francisco there is a new one of
4:49 am
the kind computer out there, gave a slate takes a look. >> gabe: every google has teamed up with samsung creating a laptop. they are calling it the clomb book. google and samsung did not have them here on site at the show for the press to get their hands on, for now here's what i can tell you about this new type of laptop. it is truly unique a computer that will not use windows or mac operating system, it runs on google operating system called qualm. it will not use any software, it documents, games anything you do on normal computer you could do on this using google web based software and programs. everything you do with day you will use the web. the major spot
4:50 am
in its why fight and three g enabled you can take it anywhere in the world and have your computer digital life when he appeared it blends a smart phone with a net book. it has a 12.1 in. screen, a full-sized skeat keyboard to colors over the end of white, a solid state hard drive so bosomed superfast it takes eight seconds to turn on and get you surfing. the new hardware does the 14 hour battery life samsung google book costs $429 for the life i only and $499 for the wife i + 3 g. version appeared >> james: taking a quick break more on the bay to breakers three days away from the brink, we will talk to our runner who
4:51 am
has a challenge that most don't contend with. he's blind. more on that the moment.
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>> justine: breezy today, this high of 74 today, same temperatures for friday before showers movement for the weekend. we're watching rain chances for sunday because that is the is zazzle bay to breakers race three days away. the countdown is now on for those running in their races. pam talked to or runner who was blind to find out how this riders getting ready. >> reporter: early morning at the ymca getting ready for the bay to breakers as he has every spring since lyndon johnson was
4:54 am
in the white house. >> i'm just a permanent fixture the race. >> reporter: 44 years but that is not all that makes him unique. blind but harley disabled not too many years ago he was among the fastest 500 to finish bay to breakers >> 460 people finishing ahead of you about 32,000 behind me. >> reporter: u.s. not was that confident as a teenager he was allowed to take this said, he credits a counselor at camp for the blind >> in the amount of time it takes to yell hit it to i became a water skier appeared if i thought i could water ski i can do anything. >> reporter: that was 1958, 10 years later he took, it will be from the bay to breakers, he
4:55 am
might be as old as the hills, he's been running since. >> the hayes st. hell. >> reporter it washill. >> reporter: mike has been their racing partner for more than a decade >> i get the credit and them in the spotlight if i did have partners accomplish these goals i couldn't do any of it. >> reporter: besides guiding him he provides a commentary. >> he asked who was near me, if i see a pretty naked girl and i tell him. >> reporter: even though he can't see his runners he can feel the excitement >> it's like a carnival, imagine
4:56 am
their roller-coaster the anticipation of what it's all going to be like. >> reporter: that moving mass has grown a lot in the past 44 years. >> i think it was 900 the first year i ran it. when we got 2000 we thought it was out of control. >> reporter: he took part from marathons' to hire man triathlon spirit but he says the bay to breakers will always be special. >> it was the first fruit race i ever ran. it's a matter of silver and held a and that as being a part of the tradition is what i like about it. >> reporter: at an age where many people are looking back on our lives, he is looking forward to a new milestone. >> i want #50 when i run my 50th bay to breakers appeared >> justine: we have exclusive coverage cameras all over the
4:57 am
course, pam more and carry it will bring you more on the race you will not want to miss that. we will air right sunday morning the 15th at 8:00 a.m. on kron 4. if you want to watch we will replay at 7:00 p.m. on sunday night. much more coming up including a look at our top stories, weather and traffic. taking a live look outside right now between 66 and had been burger street. no problem there. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we spend a lot of time together.
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well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas. i think it's more than that.
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i think that you care about me. you're a good friend. best friends? um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you. care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. ow. >> mark: 5:00 a.m. top stories
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we're following right now one man dead in san rafael after a gain related. please are searching for the vehicle. >> darya: award is out for child a man accused of child abuse. >> mark: top cops accused of drugs now were they may have been running a brothel. >> darya: first get a look ahead a weather and traffic. >> james: you can see it is dusty, a lot like yesterday that's the way it will be this morning, maybe a little warmer but not bad. patchy morning fog warm today and tomorrow although will be cooler than are highs today, still a nice day with plenty of sunshine. 70 forecast in your bay to breakers were test coming up. >> george: a look in your ride to the bay bridge were traffic
5:01 am
is still pretty like this morning around the bay. no hotspots other bridges also doing well a complete check coming up. >> mark: the latest is san rafael a man dead two other injured after fight the police said were gang-related the men armed with sticks and bats were running in the 600 block of be street near the community center. a woman reported a man suffering this up will came to our own asking for help he was pronounced dead at hospital. they're looking for white pontiac grand am with a license plate 3 you algae 274. it is wanted as a felony vehicle. >> darya: in campbell they are looking for a man suspected of child abuse. george rodriquez is wanted on a felony warrant after
5:02 am
police found a missing three year-old girl believed to be up victimless severe child abuse. they found the child with the mother jane. in the parking lot. the mothers in custody the three year-old girl has been taken to hospital, rodriguez is believed to be the former board friend appeareboyfriend. were they may 's client was asked to open a business called my divine scan it was really a front for prostitution the business folded because it wasn't generating enough money. butler is making up stories in an effort to reduce his possible punishment, it is not known if new charges
5:03 am
will be added to the drug charges. >> mark: public defender releasing another video he says shows misconduct by police officers, in the past few months, several videos had been released by the public defender's office. these have led to the dismissal of dozens of drug and robbery. due to improper searches. the latest video at jefferson hotel in december 2010 here is that video. one of the alleged victim's santana in the police report they say they saw crackle it came in as hand but the video shows his hands were in the pockets. officer said there were given permission to searches hotel room but he says it shows he sang know. santana was arrested for selling crack
5:04 am
cocaine but the charges were drought appeared the video shows a the officer leaving with a bag that was never broken off evidence. >> darya: it could take months to go through computer files and a journal that were taken from osama bin laden to compound, so far they learned how he remain key to running al-qaida and wanted desperately to hit more targets. his sons say they are convinced their father is dead. they and if he is international laws were broken. the white house says it was justified. a poll says most americans say killing bin laden was the right thing to do. 9 per cent said no, 87 percent said yes. 50 percent say it increases the
5:05 am
threat to terrorism in the united states. when asked whether obama administration should release of photo of the court to 64 percent said no, 34 percent said yes. >> mark: bay area weather with live looks from the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge pie. >> james: walking you through storm tracker for showing you were that rain will fall. all live look from our roof camera we are off to a cool start, you are right about where you were yesterday at this time is 56 9 by noontime, your highs today will be 59. 43 san rosa, 47 napa, 49 in fairfield, 53 oakland, 53 in san jose, 54
5:06 am
concord, antioch and livermore. temperatures will warm up to almost were there were yesterday, 59 in san francisco, 72 vallejo, fairfield 71, we will hold the temperatures street down the eastern side of the base 63 for hayward and fremont, 66 san jose. los gatos the morgan hill will be our warm spots again today. the sunday shows camp continued mild weather for the week, the weekend is wet primarily saturday night into sunday lingering into monday, tuesday, wednesday. sunday could have thunderstorms a possibility the chance of hail out there and lightning as well be careful of that. in terms of the bay to breakers race let's walk you through. the 6:00 p.m. light
5:07 am
rain moving through it goes bay area wide by 7:00 a.m. on sunday morning, that a start time for the bay to breakers race, maybe a break at 11:00 a.m. and then it comes back down the rest of the day. that is how it is playing out right now, more day that as we get to race time. five 07 a.m. good morning george. >> george: not tracking hotspots around the area anything that would qualify is unusual or major to slow your ride around the bay area. light traffic 4580 and highway 4. bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza west bound light traffic, no delays, san mateo bridge a good ride with light traffic in both directions. golden gate bridge ride problem free in from marin county. five 07 a.m. the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>> mark: 2 shares are down again this morning, oil plunged nearly 6 percent it was over 110 a barrel is down to $97 a barrel. we will see how much people bought in the month of april. labor department reported on the weekly jobless claims. this will have an effect on wall street this morning. >> darya: 4 closure rate is down to your had their homes repossessed by banks or put on notice that they were behind on the mortgage payments last month. the foreclosure rate is lower because it is taking longer for lenders to move against homeowners who have stopped paying mortgages. that drags out hate housing recovery.
5:12 am
from january to march the foreclosure process took 400 days to run its course. the latest news census data out today is shows an increasing the number of empty homes and rental apartments in california. data out shows the homeowner vacancy rate shot up 1% while the rental vacancy it rate nearly doubled over last 10 years. over the same time people live in the same home increased. >> mark: a poll finds too out of five people think the economy will get better. one-third thinks it will stay the same period for the first time since the 100th day marker of his presidency said half approval of president barack obama is handling of the economy.
5:13 am
>> darya: let's take a look outside the james lick freeway nice and quiet. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> darya: mississippi gov. urging people there to get out if they think there's a chance their homes will flood. you can see how high the water is for some of them. it will push past the dollar slid late next week. the streets look like rivers, backyards are drowned under a few feet of water. along the mississippi they are on high alert for more flooding. 600 homes have been flooded out in the past several days as the water rose to their highest levels on record elsewhere in the same town crews are doing all they can to hold back the river. you can see them building levees here, the flood crest
5:17 am
will pass the delta by late next week. >> mark: on to the weather watching things cleare out toda >> mark: here's what i. >> james: garrison patchy fog but not bad. ford is the 50 right now, warming this afternoon upper 60's, low '70s once again, the same thing coast of fog comes back 7 day forecast shows cool our afternoon highs as we head toward the weekend. temperatures chilean the north bay 43 san jose, 53 in san jose. low 50s far east bay, this afternoon warming it up just a
5:18 am
degree or two cooler than youngsters 65 in san rosa, 67 napa, 72 vallejo, 59 san francisco across the bay you will top out at 62, maybe warming it up to the '60s and san jose. hasidim bay will be chilly 56 today, livermore valley 66. here's your 7 day forecast fighting for their sick, friday, the weekend is when we looked at. bay to breakers sunday possible showers and thunderstorms. a lot of cold air behind this faltering in to the bay over the course of the weekend showers might linger around monday, tuesday, wednesday. we will refine the forecast day-by-day as we get closer. >> george: no hotspots, a bridge
5:19 am
check in the bay bridge toll plaza still light and easy ride through the macarthur maze node delays to or across the upper back. san mateo bridge ride you see is a good commute as well right side of your screen headed towards foster city. the golden gate bridge 101 inbound no delays now coming from right county or through marin county. is the right over the wall boat ride. >> mark: bike to work day bay area why the event the transit committee and kaiser permanente. hundreds of energizing stations all over the county's. let's go to yoli. she is near the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: this one is
5:20 am
typically here every year, all lot of goodies stop by here and get a nice bed, energy bars,, a bed goals, the idea is trying get it people on bikes and of of their cars.out of their cars. we learned about people and getting them on a bike? >> it's easy to get people to buy back once they've tried it once. this is a great opportunity to try commuting by bicycle. once they get out their bicycles it is fun. >> reporter: you can save money by not paying high gas prices. >> it's good for you and affordable, you are a lowering
5:21 am
your health care cost. >> reporter: just to give you an idea, this originally started 17 years ago with oakland and san francisco participating doubt is across the bay area. you have up to napa and sonoma participating you'll find areas like this and through the area. 25 of them in san francisco, if you're headed to the city you can pick up good is a long way. >> mark: people are already out about? >> reporter: in the past 20 minutes i've seen a lot of bite riders come in, a lot of these people have been looking like they biking quite a while. it's a reward for them an incentive for first timers. >> darya: 3 more days the start of the zazzle bay to breakers kron 4 as you covered.
5:22 am
>> henry: i have the plum assignment i'm going to be on hate spill which is the best place. it to watch the leaders in what is the peak moment of the entire race. then you get to watch everybody up struggling and exhausted to reach the top of the hill. then you have people that her having a great time they're so happy they want to stay for awhile.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> mark: earthquake out of spain thousands of people forced to sleep outdoors, you can see all the damage here, the dental was reported to 10. --double the tol 0. two earthquakes of 4.4 and 5.2. spain has not seen
5:26 am
earthquakes this date in 50 years. >> darya: gaddafi supporters are gathering in tripoli after nato air strikes struck a compound there appeared the strikes have been hours after he was shown on state tv in his first appearance since his son was almost killed two weeks ago. syrian troops are moving into volatile areas across the country as they are trying to crush an uprising that exploded two months ago. troops have deployed around the city activists say security forces dispersed protesters at the universities appeared 750 have been killed and thousands detained since the uprising. >> mark: a quick break we will be back in two minutes.
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> mark: live look from the golden gate bridge lets, look at weather and traffic. >> james: walnut creek wheezy current conditions looking good, temperature wise right around 51 degrees all and all not bad. when we come back with a full report we will talk about the forecast for saturday, abc rain on the horizon for the bay to breakers run. check on traffic before we get to the news. >> george: bay bridge westbound no delays the approaches look good so does the approach across
5:30 am
the upper deck. a complete check coming up. >> darya: law-enforcement first accused of drug and now there's words these two may have been running a brothel. new allegations involving contra costa commander norman weilsch and investigator christopher butler are surfacingthis time, they are accused of running an alleged prostitution business. contra costa narcotics enforcement team commander weilsch and butler were recently charged with selling drugs. weilsch' >> reporter: mozart used to selling drugs documents now ledge they may have been involved in this prostitution business called might divide this again it was shut down after a business owner noticed normal activity, it is not known
5:31 am
if they will face additional charges appeared >> mark: developing story one man dead two others injured in san rafael. a fight that police they were gang related one person's done to death. officers said sticks and that's running your san rafael community center. moments later a woman reported a man suffering this debt will can tear our home looking for help. he was later pronounced dead at hospital. they're looking for a white pontiac grand them. it is one of by police as a felony vehicle in this homicide. occupants are considered armed and dangerous >> darya: a man suspected of child abuse george rodriguez is wanted for felony warrant after police found the three year-old daughter of his former
5:32 am
girlfriend, they found she had been severely abused, she found her with the mother they were in a parking lot when they were found. now the mothers in custody, they are looking for rodriquez. the three year-old has been taken to hospital. >> mark: update about the murder-suicide at the state university on tuesday that left three people debt including the suspected shooter. it happened in the parking garage. people herreported hearing at least 10 shots appeared officials say they have an affiliation with the school. officials are reassuring students and campus is safe. >> darya: a look at the whether we are bracing for the school down sliding from yesterday right into the weekend. >> james: from san jose to days when to be ok, you can see that
5:33 am
here not as much low cloud cover and fog but it is still out there hampering the warming by this afternoon we should be ok, let's bring them to know in terms of whether as we make our way through the next few days and the mile today, nice this afternoon, friday looks good but the rain comes in saturday night and all day sunday. it may be the lender be on that will show you that in a moment. current temperatures 53 oakland, 43 san rosa, 53 san jose, 50 degree mark for contra costa and alameda county. all little mile start all lot like get today, 65 is your highs today, 71724 concord and vallejo, 62 in
5:34 am
oakland, 63 in hayward, a crossed on the peninsula 64 in morganfremont, 74 in morgan hill appeare. the weekend we are watg showers still on track to arrive saturday night continuing through sunday temperatures will be cooler is well low seventies for your highs in london friday to condemn mid-60's for saturday, los 60s by sunday. by monday, tuesday holding on to a residual showers here and there. more and whether in a bit now a lot bigger traffic. >> george: a good commute no hot spots around the bay area, bridge check for you at the bay
5:35 am
bridge toll plaza west bound ride looks good no delays here, your ride to the san mateo bridge is also a smooth one is we pick up archemorus at the toll plaza. no delays and other direction, golden gate bridge ride northbound and southbound looks good coming in from marring county, the right through marin county is still problem 3. a trip on public transit is an easy one, it is bike to work day. it might be a nice change for you today. >> justine: mississippi as cell levels it has not seen in a decade. i found pictures to show you how bad the flooding is. this is the house in mississippi, water levels are halfway through the front door and the windows are boarded up but i doubt that will do any good to keep the water out. here is some people try to figure out how to get out of our homes, the water has taken over a
5:36 am
playground set of sorts. they are commuting on this boat. this house as well, water levels are up to covering the front steps of this house. one more of an aerial view of the damage. this is how muddy and dirty the water is covering the farm, that is the mississippi river in the background, it shows you how far the water has crested all. we are following this story and kron 4. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes a live look to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well. we're looking for your highs today 62 we will be right back hey marcel, watch this!
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new information on the unemployment the numbers deployment. the number of people seeking benefits dropped to 44,000. seasonally adjusted 434,000 people seeking help. part of the reason is because the state of new york said applications were down because temporary layoffs. following the latest on kron 4. new study shows health-care costs have more than doubled for some families over nine years with few signs of dropping. the most common form of employers sponsored health care should climb to 8000 this year. health care cost includes insurance premium and the cost of an employee's pocket. $8,500 a
5:41 am
year. the age gap has grown. take a look at the data just out, the trend is being driven by immigrants and young people moving to the south and west. older americans are staying put. western u.s. region has the nation's lowest median age at 35, that's why i feel old. northwest 39, midwest 39. >> mark: alive look from san jose not such a cloudy morning this morning, waiting for sunrise, 53 degrees rain now low 60s by noon.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> darya: today is bike to work day, it is brought to buy 511 .
5:45 am
org. there are refreshment stands around the area to encourage you to give it a try. yoli is out by the golden gate bridge with details. yoli if you'd like to work like that you probably have to shower when you get there? >> reporter: if you stop at an energizing station you don't build up a sweat. you will see some of these stations throughout your ride, basically this is larry king get water juice, energy bar. a couple of other trinkets this is pocket holders you can put your blinkers in error or a couple
5:46 am
little gaffes. most importantly information worried and a year loathful by coalition, information on what to expect when you get on your bike. keep in mind they are trying to get people out of their cars on their bikes to reduce pollution , the benefit is getting healthier, sometimes first-time writers we don't know what we might need in our ride, they told me sometimes people come by not realizing they needed to bottles of water. it is a good opportunity if you want to try it, thinking about it, get on your bike today this is a day you will get a load of support and information. hopefully become a permanent compete commuter ride your bike. >> darya: it gives you a chance to think about what you need to do. what is a different route and how long will it take? and
5:47 am
how much fuel line need? one bottle of water, two bottles of water? that is what they support you with around the county today. >> mark: nice morning for biking to work the latest on the forecast. >> james: it is only 51 in san francisco were yoli as a just the north is 52, all in all agree whether to be all about it especially if you're biking. 43 in san rosa, 52 mountain view, 53 san jose. 46 currently los gatos. cool start like yesterday, expect that as you head out the door, this afternoon temperatures will be on the rise here, 65 san rosa, 595 francisco, depending where you are you could be a bit warmer this afternoon. 62 in oakland, a chilly along the coast of half moon bay 56. san
5:48 am
jose 66 and we are looking for 66 and livermore valley, 73 antioch, 74 more and help.morgaf you're going to the game we should be mild, 58 degrees by 1:00 p.m. and then by 3:00 p.m. it will warm up a degree more 59 there. all in all honesty to be at park. changes for the forecast rain coming in for the weekend breaking it down coming up in the next report. let's get over to the traffic center. >> george: quiet start for the morning commute no back up at the bay bridge, no hot spots or incidents or delays. you can see it is an easy ride coming from the maze. both sides of this
5:49 am
screen left side is eastbound towards hayward no delays 13 minutes both ways. golden gate bridge they reconfigured the spans of the fourth line is available the stretch of the span no problems. >> mark: ac transit adopting a new fare policy that will raise fares are regular intervals for the next decade. the first one will not be august 15th 105 increase and a 55 increase for seniors or do disabled. it will increase first 255 every five years after that, ac transit is facing the $15 million shortfall. >> louisa: three days away from the is zazzle bay to breakers
5:50 am
the best station for everything you need to know. we will air the race at 8:00 a.m. on sunday, we are holding a photo contest on facebook. download the application on your phone and log in. then find the photo contest and take pictures. it will be displaced on our facebook fan page. the five pictures with the most lakes will get a $50 gift certificate. if you don't have a smart phone up loaded on the fan page more formation on the left side of our page. >> darya: the countdown is on, we have a couple of days before sunday's big race. p.m. talk to one runner who is blind to talk about how he's getting ready. >> reporter: early morning at the ymca hendry is getting ready for the bay to breakers just as
5:51 am
he has every spring since lyndon johnson was in the white house. >> i'm considered one of the permanent fixtures appear >> reporter: he holds the record 44 years, that is not all that makes him unique. >> i'm blind. >> reporter: blind but not this labeled. he was among the fastest 500 to finish bay to breakers. >> 460 people finished ahead of view but 30,000 or behind you. >> reporter: it was not always that confident as a teenager he was allowed to take this said, he credits a counselor at a camp for the blind. they put a rope in his hand at the lake. >> in the amount of time it takes steal hit it and step on the gas i became a water skier. i figured if i can water skier can do anything. >> reporter: that was 1958, 10 years later he entered bay to breakers taking home a trophy
5:52 am
for his courage. will he not be as old as the hills he's been running ever since the course all acquired hay street hill. it was added in 1968 as a detour around some construction >>. he wears a sign that says i get my thrill at a street hell. he street hell ill. >> reporter: he provides a commentary. >> asking me what's going on in whose near me. if i see a pretty room i tell him a >> reporter:. even though he can see his fellow runners he has no problems sentencing the excitement. >> is like a carnival
5:53 am
atmosphere. imagine what it's like when you are struck into roller-coastered the anticipation when this thing starts moving. >> reporter: it has grown a lot in 44 years. >> 900 the first year. >> reporter: he has taken part in competitions ranging from marathon stock iron man triathlon spirit is says the bay to breakers will always be special. >> it was the first race i ever ran its a matter of celebrating health and fitness been part of the sam francisco tradition is what i like about it. >> reporter: and an age where people are looking back on their life he is looking forward to a new milestone. >> i one #50 when i run my 50th bay to breakers. >> mark: you watch the bay to breakers at 8:00 a.m. on sunday.
5:54 am
we will be back in a moment, san rosa actually start was clear skies 43 >> darya: degrees mid-60's this afternoon. ♪
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