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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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three people at the center of this public scandal. in this corner, arnold schwarzenegger former actor, former governor and possibly former husband. his only public comment a statement admitting paternity of a 10 year-old child born to a woman who worked in his home. i understand and deserved the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family he said. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. in this corner, maria shriver ex journalists, ex first lady. today she released a statement saying " this is a painful and heartbreaking time, i ask for compassion, respecting privacy and i try to rebuild our allies and heal, i will have no further comment ". in his corner, the mystery woman who was not identified but we do know she retired in january apparently on good terms. the child was born before he entered politics. if the mother told everyone that
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her that husband fathered the child. arnold schwarzenegger it took financial responsibility for the child and continues to provide support. there is the fourth quarter. celebrity gossip harvey levin weighing in with inside information. >> maria has been miserable in the marriage for years and made that clear to people who knew her. part of the reason was the womanizing. it's not this one incident that set her off by any means. >>grant: 8 say five years ago arnold schwarzenegger was having late nights with office staff at his santa monica headquarters. >> they would come in in the middle of the night when he was there at 1:00 a.m. and stay on for hours behind closed doors. >>grant: part of the fallout the head of the democratic party in los angeles said they want an investigation into the scandal. eric bowman said he wants to know if arnold
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schwarzenegger used campaign funds as part of the cover- up. >>pam: you will see more as this unfolds. kimberly has a look at what the former governor's children are saying about the news. >>kimberlee: 2 of the children had. his tweed read some days you feel like playing, some days you want to quit in just a normal for a day, yet i love my family till death do us part. from the daughter catherine, she said this is definitely not easy but i appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward in life i will always love my family! we want to know what you think, isn't kron 4 facebook page and leave your comment.
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>>pam: new details tonight about ongoing charges of police misconduct in the san francisco police department. several videos released have led to the dismissal of at least 83 drug and robbery cases. a while due to allegations of improper searches and other misconduct by san francisco police officers. today, new video release and new charges of misconduct. band is here with the latest. public defender is here accusing san francisco police of an illegal search and stealing from a suspect on february 25th. the public defender accuses police of stealing two bags, one containing possibly a laptop and the other camera. i the way the public defenders said both are missing and police failed to block anything into evidence. uc police officers entering the julien hotel. the public
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defender's stresses that none of the officers are carrying anything. here they go to the third floor with the suspect, this video to watch to pay attention to. take a look at the officers, two of the officers in the rear are carrying things. neither of these things are checked into evidence. the officer behind him as we pick up the video and a moment, you will see he is also carrying something right there. that also might be another bag that was in the location. as they leave it easy the last office are once again carrying in his left hand at another item. the public defender indicates none of these were checked into evidence. >> we have a pattern of the legal searches and seizures that are occurring. this does appear to be a pattern as we have shown in the other videos. what is more
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disturbing is the fact that there is property being taken without justification. why is it being taken? why are the officers removing personal property that doesn't belong to them? you tell me, that's the answer were waiting for. the public defender said they're reviewing other cases involving these officers to see if there's additional misconduct. he is concerned these officers continue to testify in other cases it as credible witnesses. >>pam: our team coverage on this continues with reggie who is live in san francisco. >>reporter: san francisco police chief address the allegations, here in city hall he said all of the accused police officers have now been reassigned. some of the administration, the chief wouldn't say how many officers. he did tell us some are still patrolling
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the streets and some are being called as credible witnesses in court cases. here's a little bit about the chief had to say. >> any officers that were seen in these videos none of them are in plain clothes and has of this hearing, i have to emphasize that all of these officers are innocent until proven guilty, the discipline will be swift and up to termination. >>reporter: the chief went on to say that dishonesty will not be tolerated. live in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: crazy what they're going on, look at the pictures this is from the sierra were you see the rain coming down. this has been remarkable what they're for the month of may. so much so that the breeze that was scheduled to start in sierra had to change its location. tell us what's happening
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here? >>louisa: there is a winter storm warning. keyword winter. i was outside this morning do a live shot and everyone kept coming up and saying it's mate, what's happening? showers continuing they will persist, storm tracker 4 showing you where the heavier showers are at his current at were. it in the north bay and spreading down the peninsula as well. your saying heavier downpours, for the south bay were starting to see the showers pick up in two places like sausalito where we see showers and a cell right now approaching the golden gate bridge and pushing towards the bay bridge. everyone just dealing with it like showers, overcast and heavier downpours. satellite and radar shows you the system, pushing its way through the bay area and we will continue to tap into
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moisture even overnight. we will have a look at the time line of that when we come back with your full forecast a >>pam:. at 5:10 p.m. of fan attacked, new details on the search for suspects in the brutal attack on a san francisco giants fan. at 5:25 p.m. not flex on top why the movie rental company is now no. 1 on the web. at 5:40 p.m. parking lot of look at the success of san francisco's new parking app one month after its launch. coming up.
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>>pam: a news conference with the loss angeles police department just wrapped up. officers gave the latest details on the brian stow case. as you recall he was the giants fan who was attacked on opening day outside dodger stadium. j. r. stone has been following the story. people were hoping that some arrests would of been made that they happened? >>j.r.stone: not at this
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point, they're hoping the police department will eventually make it, but the message was a clear one and his press conference. we have to find these two guys, these pictures we have shown you over and over again, pictures you will see more of an sketches you will likely see more of. they will be on billboards across the state. they still need leads at this point. in the press conference, they talked about a number of things and they basically had hundreds of leads. more than 500 to be exact. you're looking at andre e. sear, they believe at this point the suspect may have been wary this jersey and that is new information they wanted to get out during the press conference. the bottom line, they're still looking for leads and they need people to come forward. they believe someone knows something else about this case. >> were going to make or break this on a leak, when you give us leads and those
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leads with the names and addresses and they match the composites and you have inside information may be overheard them talking. >>j.r.stone: we will have much more on this because the news conference just wrapped up, i've been talking with family members all day. they say the attack lasted just 30 seconds, they also said they will be fought security at the giants dodgers game tomorrow. more on the story at 6:00 story. reporting live in the newsroom, kron 4 news. >>louisa: a look outside right now, continuing to see showers in the bay area. i will have the details on how much longer you can expect those to the stick around coming up. ow#ç3
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>>pam: the flood that the threat that has sent thousands of people fleeing their homes all along the mississippi river had put a stop to shipping as well. minutes ago the coast guard reopened the river at least for now. as meg reports, tens of thousands of people
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throughout the midwest and south >>reporter: the disastrous flooding along the mississippi has forced thousands of people from their home. in louisiana more than 4000 residents have evacuated. wendy is one of them. her home is directly in the path of flood waters. spewing from the spillway. opened up to spare more populated areas like new orleans and baton rouge. >> i don't know what i would do if the water would come and take it. i guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. >>reporter: more than a dozen days are open and for a northern louisiana releasing those bays has improved flooding projections. still the state's governor says that residents should not take the situation might lead. >> even though the forecasts have gotten better, they're still setting records that of been in place since 1927.
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there's still a lot of water headed our way. >>reporter: more than 1000 national guard members have been deployed against mississippi. water isn't the only concern, resident should also be on the lookout for wildlife heading for safer ground. >> at they now reported for bear sightings due to the water rising. >>reporter: meanwhile, homeowners are returning to see the damage done. >> in the base and about 18 in. of water. >>reporter: in washington, meghan kron 4 news. >>louisa: showers continue in the bay, look at the shot over christie field. a few showers there and in san francisco we have seen too tense of an inch over the past 24 hours. really close
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to three-quarters of an inch in the north bay. storm tracker for showing us what's going on. heavy rain along highway 17 toward santa cruz. also right through san jose really starting to notice the showers. the south bay not much rain but we are starting to see the intensity level rise. in the east bay, were starting to see showers pick up along skyline boulevard. for watching another band of rain push through marin. feature cast 4 shows us or not done with the wet weather. by the evening we will continue to see some moisture final land through the bay area. --funnel. we're certainly going to continue to see the showers and we could at times see heavier downpours over
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night. we will continue with wet weather into early morning tomorrow. certainly tomorrow morning will be a wet start to the day and of looks like we will try out over to the latter part of your day. i winter storm warning in the sierra. --a we will see those still levels dropped to 4,000 ft.. --snow. by thursday and nice day, sunshine comes out and temperatures rebound, the weekend will be partly cloudy and breezy. >>pam: kron 4 haazig gives us a look into the oakland hills. >>haazig: take a look over this hillside, which you would normally see our role after role of homes across the canyon. not today just a
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blanket of white covering everything. driving in the fog is a challenge in the oakland hills. then there is the wind, take a listen. look at those tall trees out there beyond the electric wires. ending with the force of the strong wind. another common sight are the orange cones indicating rock slides like you see here. burning down stones that could do damage to automobiles. not so, aside our bales of hay rocking debris from cluttering storm drains. in the oakland hills, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage continues with rob in santa cruz. >>rob: a chp cruiser lights flashing stationed as a sign of what type of day it was on high with 17. there were other signs like this one at the summit advising drivers
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to reduce their speed. >> when it rains like this, it makes the roads slick and people they don't slow down the crash easy. >>rob: the chp said there were few minor crashes tuesday and crews cleared away and down tree and rock slides. standing water like this is another sign the rain is beginning to add up contributing to the slippery conditions. more consistent with the real first real rain followed the fall or spring. poor visibility another challenge for drivers most of home seem to be heeding the advice to slow down. most drivers remembering the state law that if the wipers are on the headlights' need to be on to. with few breaks in the clouds, both were on pretty much all day. on highway 17, rob a kron 4 news.
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>>pam: checking traffic, colgate bridge moving while south and north bound. -- golden gate, no problems moving ahead. we'll be right back.
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cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>pam: >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: a big day for net flix, according to a study net flix is now the largest source of traffic on the web in the united states. that means that of all the websites and services offered on the internet net flix is popping more data and talk homes than anyone else. there streaming video now accounts for 30% = home. you to use double the number one traffic spot now they only account for 11%. this makes sense if you consider the rapid growth they experience. they have 26.3 million viewers. net
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flix is available for $8 a month, this is now taken over its average no through the mail business. i'm curious, if you're a net flix subscriber do still get the babies from them or you doing this streaming plan? and like to hear from you e- mail me >>pam:we have a programming note this friday we will air nbc programming while the giants air on nbc. that means dateline will be shown at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4. that will be followed by a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. more news coming up after the break. ♪ you'll run outside
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m.


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