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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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been working at warp speed. they have uncovered the name of the woman at the heart of the scandal but also a lot of pictures. we will take a look at some of them now. here are the latest photographs posted on tnt doubt,. the first show onerous schwarzenegger with patty identified as the mother of his child. it is not clear whose house she is holding the other picture shows that he is dancing with her and that dates back to 1994. no more privacy for the governor's baby mother. he claims to be, the father of the 20 year housekeeper's 30 year-old son. >> the boy is very athletic he does charity work everyone thinks he is a great kid he really looks like arnold schwarzenegger. >> showed pictures of the
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mother house in a look before entering the pregnancy. >> the boy was born one week apart from maria and arnold schwarzenegger son christopher. the birth was separated by one week, arnold schwarzenegger was not listed on the birth certificate of the boy, her husband at the time was listed the we know that she has protected on old in this from the beginning. >> the couple's separation taper was filed three weeks after the boy was born. here is how the story unfolded. in 1991, the mother to be began to work for arnold schwarzenegger and their wives and their mansion in brentwood. six years later, she gives birth thomas was a minor child. she separated from her hubs-her husband in the same year but they're not divorce until 2008. >> patti declares that they have no children, but in january of this year she leaves her job. although other sources say that she's simply retired. radar online claims that she was fired and that made her so mad
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that she threatened to go public. that prompted arnold schwarzenegger to tell his wife, his wife moved out of the house and the scandal became public. finally let us go to chicago where fans lined up for the taping of oprah winfrey second/0. >> inside, maria shriver was making her first public appearances the news broke of her husband's infidelity. she told the talk-show host that you have shown above support wisdom and most of all, there was a because and then she said the truth. >> coming up and about half hour from now i will look at the top 10 political scandals in recent history. that should be interesting. >> we will see you then. we are now getting a look at the former housekeepers facebook page. kimberlee is here with that. >> we would jump into that i want to show the page on facebook. first of all you
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can see that this is private, but we were able to get a little information from it. first off and do a search of her friends, adjutancy she is not friends with arnold schwarzenegger, not friends with maria shriver or any of the children. there is one photograph available on the web site specials proposing and smiling for the camera. let us check out some other images posted on. >> we have a picture of her decked out as a pirate this was taken one year before she gave birth to arnold's child. then we have a baby shower for the little boy, you can see her posing by the case, holding a bloom a big cake and a smile. posing by a stroller a little later on. we want to know what you think about the latest developments this story. visit the web site to leave your thoughts. and i will have a look at what her my space page reveals. >> new details tonight about brian. this is video of him
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being transported from a southern california hospital, he suffered a fractured skull and damage to the front part of his brain. the 42 year-old paramedic and the father of two is now being treated at san francisco general hospital. his doctors held a special news conference to talk about his condition. >> today, brian remains in critical condition. however i am happy to report that after 30 hours of continuous monitoring, he has had no further seizure activity. as you know, there was an epic struggle with the physicians there to control the seizures. at this point he is beginning to show some privet--some primitive functions. how that relates to his prognosis is still unclear, we are taking a positive a realistic view towards the future and taking this day by day. >> as we said, he has two children shown here in a picture with his ex-wife. she tells kron4 news that
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she plans to bring to the hospital sometime in the near future to see their father. they have not seen him since his injury. >> new details about a story that which is brought you last night. some passengers were kicked off of a charlotte down flight as they were about to leave san francisco as what they call a belligerent flight attendant. kron4 reporter asked bant joins us with the story that is resonating with a lot of viewers. >> that is right, but more than 25,000 people have been reading about after we posted this. passengers kicked off a late flight they say for no reason. they say that the flight attendant was rooted out of line. we are now learning that one of the passengers that was kicked off with a former flight attendant herself. that month this flight was due to depart charlotte at 120 in the afternoon. but do to bad weather, it wasn't until
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four individuals actually boarded the plane and that is when the trouble began. >> from the second we got on there was serious panic by the flight attendant. >> they said that if the passengers denied in their seats and the plane was not in the air in 10 minutes they would miss the connection in charlotte. >> the way that the flight attendant expressed and cleared over the intercom will * of the flight was overwhelming. >> i verbally said that you reported as one hour late to the people around me and beside me and then ran over to me and started yelling at me saying what did you say what did you say? >> i was appalled, seeing that i will look at a fly- flight attendant as someone caring. >> i said that you boarded us one hour late and you should be accountable. >> he does express his point that if you were not one hour late in boarding us, we
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would not have this issue. >> then she said you are done, you are going home. >> she was very aggressive. >> san drug was a former flight attendant for self chicane to his defense and then the flight attendants over to be off the plane as well. >> she kicked off mr. hazzlewood and kick me off as well, saying that she could reproached the situation differently. >> u.s. airways refused to answer questions about the matter should is issued the statement that the passengers interfered with the flight crew and in the interests of safety they had to be removed. >> they say the former flight attendant took a red eye to sanford arriving at 6:00 this morning, she says that the u.s. airways person that she sought out apologize after hearing her story, but she says she and hazel decide to write letters and will see more--
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>> the bay area leg of the race wraps up tonight, at 520, where are the jobs and if you have the right skills, you can write your own ticket. at 540, there are political scandals the families, the careers, and the fallout coming up. [music] sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked
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>> the four month stage of the amgen tour kicked off this morning in livermore. it is the only bay area leg of the tour this year. kron4 rob fladeboe is there. >> that is right, after the first stage was canceled because of snow, the second leg of the race was also shortened, the sun came out in san jose. the fourth stage came off without a hitch. is in the books right now look to the videotape. statice the writer to write--rounding the corner. they are making their way up
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the hill. there were two front runners making their way up. the lead with a change i am told a couple of times as the mere dot-dash made their way the rest of the way. about 20 to 30 came of sierra road. about 30 seconds after that, when it was all over chris hrner writing for radio shack was the winner. fall by andy of luxembourg. levi was the third winter that came in fourth place today. a lot of amateurs were trying to win on sierra road not an easy thing to do. i ask some of them for their experience and what makes this such a tough road. >> this is the nasty as ps of hill i have ever seen in my life. these guys are crazy for racing of this hill i was scared is looking at it. i almost lost my cookies up this thing. >> the seer road is a very
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tough climb. he conceded there are some steep spots that you need to get up and over. there are some places that flatten out that you can rest and recuperate and plan the next attack but overall this is a beast to crime. that you watch every one of them there will be no one panting said it will be totally grinning, you know that they're suffering but they just whiz by you, in six seconds in is over that is what it is about. >> that is right, if you blinked will miss it. it was about 82 mi. between livermore and here at the top of zero. the winning time perform by chris horner. three hours 27 minutes and 21 seconds, he is the overall leader. we were told that if you win the sierra road, you have a good chance of winning the whole thing. as the next stage tomorrow is from seaside to pass a robles. liza kron4 news. >> for the most part the rain is on your still sing some isolated showers. we
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will time goes out to sea when they will be out of here, and warmer weather is on the way coming up in just a little bit. [music]
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>> and national news, the flood waters are not expected to go over the mississippi levee that is protected thousands of acres of farmland. today the forecasters lowered their expectations of how high the flooding will get. the governor said that it could take until late june for the water to retreat in some places. a little dog and alabama amazes people with his stamina and determination. after a tornado blew him away, literally more than two weeks ago, he crawled home on two broken legs. his family almost gave up on him, but on the visit back to the damage home, he was waiting for them on the doorstep. >> congresswoman get real difference is taking another step in her recovery. the doctor to place a piece of first call today with a plastic implants, they have to remove a piece of the school to allow for brain
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swelling that shortly after she was shot in january, the surgery, two days after she was in florida to watch for astronauts husband mark kelly launched into space. he is commanding the last mission for this shuttle endeavor. the next-to-last mission before nasa stops the program. the endeavor is carrying the most expensive payload ever carried. it is a $2 billion magnetic device that is designed to help explain what the universe is made of and how it is formed. [music] >> a live look outside, now on tam can you can see a live look out in the distance. we have seen the rain for the past couple of days, let us look rainfall totals in the past 48 hours. santa rosa sucked over an inch of rain in the past 48 hours in this is in late may. nearly 1 in. of rain in
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napa, a little over a quarter of an inch and oakland and less than that down south of the rain fall to hold all of this nature is a pretty remarkable at this time of year. take a look of the picture again, we see clouds over the hills, the santa cruz mountains. we do not see any rain, just a few showers in the north. the most part dry conditions, pretty much pushed to the east, but we still see the snow and the sierra. we have some warm dry air that will be building up in the bay area over the next couple of days, here it is tomorrow, starting off today with some chillier temperatures. the low 40's, but in san francisco 50 degrees, 49 in san jose. it will be five to 10 degrees more than what we saw today. let us take a look. it is 75 degrees in
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san rosa, 75 in napa, 75-7- the in richmond. and there are 70 is in the south bay. now around the bay forecast, we have mild conditions but the fault should return to the coastline by friday and into saturday. the temperatures will cool this weekend. we will get more cloud coverage, but will not see the rain. we head into next week, we will keep a partly cloudy with temperatures and the mild side. >> i am in san francisco for the center for the arts, we have in the tv of tomorrow conference going on. they bring together a tv set makers broadcasters and companies in developing new technology to improve the tv in your living room the theme is connected in interacting. connecting our devices like television to
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let us in iraq with them in different ways. so being able to control and interact with our smart phones and computers and our tv and the content that we watch. the future is continuing to blend the internet and television to make it more interactive. this is something cool, at issue has a special sensors built into it, it has a with camera to offer and a unique playing experience. the tv recognize the issue, and then it makes the game to play with it, this will be coming in to television in some way in some fashion. maybe if you have the special shoes on and a camera connected to your television maybe if the adidas commercial comes on, you can interact with a commercial, play a game ticket ball around. i have to show you this, this is a new gadget coming out this august i have never heard of this, this is the ipod touch the new thing that is attached to this is the palm top leader. you add this to the ipod or i touched our ipad. it would change what
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ever is on the screen to 3 d. it may be hard to see through my camera, but this is very interesting i am very excited to see this come out later this summer i think that iphone users will get a kick out of this it will let you watch any movie in three d on your iphone. gabe slate kron4 news. >> of the date line on 8:00 p.m. and kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. will be right back. [music]
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>> the job market is tough, a new survey of college graduates have found that the recession has hit them hard, forcing them into a run--that paying jobs, and the median starting salary between those that redwood between 2006 and 2008 was $30,000 between 2009 and 2010, it went down to $27,000. the job market may
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be tight, but if you have the right skills, you can write your own career ticket in silicon valley. then talks to a college student that already has offers. >> this young man is used to standing out because of his unusual name the big--what really sets him apart is the innovative web site that he has developed like this one. >> so you start typing in what you search, and i predict what you will search for and then i offer it to you. >> the has offered him a job, choosing a suitor when time comes will be hard. >> this is an example on facebook they have larger services, then said that laundry will take you an hour to do every week so we would do for you. >> companies are all bring him perks like free around the clock food because the
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competition is fierce. >> people like him generally do not have time-trouble-5 in employment, but here it is especially good, because they need software engineers and high demand. >> chiief raboy >> that is the fine details are important, and another one like color likes to show off its basement. >> in keeping with the loose atmosphere, there is a ping- pong table and some were to sit down before they picked up a notch, because in this room, you actually have tents and sleeping bags for all of the restless engineers burning the midnight oil. >> that is what it does about it is about working part of playing hard, if you have an idea for a company to get funding for it. if you are looking for an internship, there are tons
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of companies that are hiring. you can get an interview anywhere. you just have a really good shot at getting a job. >> the starting salary is 80,000 to $100,000 per year, that is what it means to have the skills and how silicon valley job market. dan simon cnn. bill >> we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving time slot to 4:00 p.m. that begins monday may 13th we will be right back. [music] ♪ you'll run outside
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