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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 19, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> you can see on this oil spill in this arena at the part southern end of the bay. rob fladeboe shows the the oil is leaking from an abandoned part over, with the ebb and flow from the tide waters. >> this remote site and al viso early sunday morning with a kayaker thought that was an oil sheen of the water. upon further inspection that was traced to this watercraft. 60 ft.- 70 ft. a barge. of steel abandoned. it is been stuck in the mud for quite a while. people are going to track down the owner. in the meantime, trying to assess how much fuel, oil escaping from this watercraft. they are not sure but prepared with absorbent pads what ever is possibly leaking. it
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is moving as this tide comes in and goes out. the fish and wildlife are also on the scene assessing the threat. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> the city of san francisco has a $306 million deficit. they are spending $4.1 billion! and only bringing in 3.8 billion in revenue kimberly joins us with a look at interactive long online tool with presidents to try to reduce the budget themselves. >> that is correct, this- online tool to reduce the budget. -- >> you are going to see a series of different pages. he will decide to decrease, increase funding. this a budget meter will tell you should at the city change
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the funding for the department of public works? you are able to highlight the different options. the arguments it to fund? or against. video is a bit fast you can see how many people are able to agree. 34.4 people reduced that funding. with each choice you will see changes in the budget. you can see the status quo, your budget and the new budget. if you'd like to see this? just as our website. >> the parent teacher organization at the trace supplementary is facing one year in jail. this actor vanessa pleaded no contest to embezzlement. over this- teacher--with restitution that she stole as part of a pduring her plea agreement, she used a debit card issued by the p t 0 to
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withdraw cash and even givfts. >> the suspension tower expansion project for the bay bridge. >> this work started early as crews began lifting the world's largest cable settle. it will sit on top of the suspension tower. this work was slow, tedious and they only get one shot at making it right. engineers are keeping a close eye because of the storms grolier. thursday, with clear skies and relatively low wind make ideal conditions for this lifting of this settled. monitoring the situation as that settle was put into place. you can see in this animation provided by caltran that this is bolted on top of the suspension tower. this has one simple function to hold those cables in place within a perfect alignment. once this is in place? to stretch out on each portion of the
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strand. each section of that step along with 450 t, with 20-feet wide. on treasure island, just push, kron 4 news. >> if you skip the bridge and right use bart? the upward machines are able to use the metric transportation commission with a $10.6 million program. to be able to refill your card with using the public transportation, bart. >> temperatures 5, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. with the dry weather on tap this weekend temperatures getting into the upper 60s/low 70's for the former in the spots. this weekend will be breezy over around the bay area. more on that with your
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extended forecast. the future cast you can see the green is indicating 60s. that yellow is indicating 70's. at the delta, and even in the celtic amounted to, say. towards a p.m., it-the south bay -- with 70's. 60s inland at 8:00 p.m. temperatures right now, part 70s bayt-area wide. 77 in santa rosa, they-very wide. in the bay area, we can see mostly 70's and 10's are going to be similar to what we see today. temperatures -- and 68 expected for a word. a bit cooler and half moon bay and a worhayward.
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>> and national news, it had kosinski was involved in in 1982 tylenol poisoning case. the unabomber. that chicago poisoning case with potassium cyanide. it led to a massive recall. kosinski claimed he had never had that poisoned. he has even volunteered to provide a dna sample, however, he is serving time with the explosion. >> cabral defergabrielle giffor has even a and another for actual surgery. on her
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frontal lobe. with a piece of plastic. she will be able to remove that helmet. >> she is going to speak in court to mitch to return to mitchell, keeping her captive for nine months. >> i certainly have moved on with my life and i do not dwell on it. i have, for giving them. i have forgiven him. >> the attorney of brian mitchell are arguing that the amount of the sentence but that she came away with no significant psychological damage. >> with a programming change to tell you about. dr. phil is moving time slots to 4:00 p.m. that will begin monday, may 30th we will be right back.
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sports? robert black is back. >> yes. last night i was watching a little bit of the basketball playoffs. >> and you do not need that to pursley to not like lebroan james? >> i like the yankees. >> and all star team. >> if we brought the first half of basketball we could add $4 billion to the nike >> 4 billion? >> china, asia, perhaps not as much. kobe bryant is the number-one moneymaker for california. and if you want to compare that with nike. >> are you saying that they're significantly larger? >> yes, one. sik$1.6 million. ad
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since i am an investor, i like them, with 1.6 billion- by the year 2020. james has annual endorsement with coca-cola and mcdonald's and even nike he is getting up there to the level of michael jordan. tiger woods, and his endorsements. even code-owner of the boston red sox did you know that? >> call owner? >> ljust partial owner of the boston red sox who knew? lebraun james.
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>> jeanne moos spoke with people about judgment day. >> i do not want to be
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judgmental. they say that judgment day is saturday the end of the world! it does not improve the daily commute. here is what is supposed to happen. 6:00 p.m. eastern time saturday. >> the largest earthquake the earth will see with a big-bang, and a collapse, just awful! >> like the movie, 2012, of arriving early and earthquakes world-wide. with rapture, heavenly a cent and non-believers will have hellish month until the fiery-heaven-sent. >> 90% of the people that god will to strike. >> i do not believe it. >> low key and polite people and have a tough skin as they are putting out there opinions. >> you are convinced? >> absolutely, the bible guarantees it.
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>> the bible is interpreted by this california preacher lately, he's been getting some flak. >> the bible warns about that you are one of the worst!, miscalculating the last predictions from 1994. what happens if that on sunday we're all still here? no earthquake? >> well, there is going to be an earthquake. >> this transit spent $140,000 on an bus shelter. >> that is our life savings? >> a good chunk. >> on saturday, robert where will they be? >> right now i plan on being in times squre. >> and if you love it egg all of his face? >> what about those family pet to leave behind you can have these services are
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arranged. to have non- christians take care of your animals. one non-believer wants to celebrate that we are still here today. the 22nd, for some of the 21st is problematic. but this is my birthday? it is weird. if my birthday is on the 21st what you recommend? >> pray. >> perhaps silbert early. >> happy birthday-celebrate --jeanne moss, n.y.. he has been spreading his message to his family radio and at work. with the deadline approaching. to recess the show is going to talk to the minister and here is what she foun to reset >> i got a interview however, when i try to contact the front desk to
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get an interview with mr. camping the receptionist who refused to answer and pulled down the blinds. when i called earlier i was told that he was busy preparing for the end of the world. when i ask for details of it would not elaborate. when i was attempting to talk to somebody a piece of delivery crew showed up. yet, nobody would come to the front door. instructed the delivery people to go to the back of the building. as they went inside a camera operator spoke with me. he said that nobody was around to speak with me about the predictions of camp. as a prediction, and the state draws near is and sparking a controversy within. >> i noticed a lot more people are getting crazy around here. they are getting more afraid. they think that a lot of battles,
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the arguments with the believers-nonbelievers. >> as far as if the predictions to not come true? decamping has had no comment. in oakland, teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >> a bit breezy you can see the cameras shaking. overall, a pleasant. compared to what we saw the good news is that we're tryinhe is dry. and 77 in santa rosa, a bit cooler in half moon bay. warmer in the south bay. 77 in los gatos. as we take it into overnight temperatures are going to drop into the upper 40's. 44 expected for santa rosa, 46
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degrees for half an bay. from a mountain view 43 degrees expected. and tomorrow afternoon at things are going to warm up similar to what we saw, today. temperatures in the upper 60s. 74 in santa rosa, 60s for sian -san rafeal and through morgan hill. finally, your 7 day from the bay mild conditions on tap for tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 70's. and-60s with low 60s with the coast. towards this weekend partly cloudy the good news is that they will remain high and dry on monday to thursday. >>jayson kron 4 will lead nbc programming will the giants
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>> the san jose sharks are down after the loss to vancouver. in the conference finals and as finalsvern gleen looking forward to the tomorrow's game three. has been insensitive the sharks and optional skate but who was not on the ice. in san jose with the seven- three meltdown and vancouver. the answer? everybody. >> the team, the sum of all its parts we need all of it to participate at a higher level. >> sometimes want to have victory so bad that we get frustrated. perhaps that happened last night. i think that all of these guys look at each other not. one
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element exclusively from one another. we have to respond. >> a team meeting this morning and a lot was said with clearing the air and take a look at what they're going to do about this game three tomorrow night at the hb pavilion at 6:00 p.m. and saturday, and the h-p pavilions thursday traffic >> it is a parking lot out there. the parking lot 680- 20 interchange traffic is slowed all directions. a look of the golden gate bridge what a difference no problems north, south, traffic moving well. the kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m. is coming up right after the break.
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>> now at 5:00 p.m., seven months after the seven tragedy of the san bruno explosion what changes are being made to keep the bay area neighborhood say. >> first, to san francisco where federal officials towards where pg&e crews are in the process of replacing aging gas pipe lines. dan carmen is a live elephant. >> 15/irving in the sunset district. -- he is light, replacing the-aging pipelines and it is video re la hood and jackie spper touring the area and exactly what they were doing and trying to accomplish for their entire network.


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