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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> new details about a man whose 20 child was killed when his wife was seriously and captured by a diver who is testing a high will >> and the mississippi river cresting, as a little lower than expected, but the flooding continues all up and down the river. >> president of, meeting with israel's prime minister, why the two are serious odds. >> the fund is persisting for now in san francisco, from mount tam looking east toward the rising sun, beautiful start this friday morning, in great way to end the week. cool morning, coastal clouds, partly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures will once again
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be in the '60s and '70s, just a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. we're seeing things on the mild side, 50 in napa, 50 san jose, anywhere from 3 to 8 degrees more than we were yesterday morning. sixties are outlined in green, '70s are outlined in yellow, down in the south bay with the sixties and fifties cooler, cooler along the coast. nevada 70 degrees, warmer in fairfield 74 degrees. san francisco's downtown should be in the lower 60s, 60 degrees in redwood city. mid to upper 60s for the
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shoreline, 74 and pleasanton, 75 and one accrete. doubt in the south bay you'll be lower on the 70 scale, 72 in sunnyvale. will have your 70 forecast coming up in just for a bit and look the weekend and show you where temperatures are headed next week. >> pretty well right now no problems no high spots no unusual delays, no public transit delays either, a good start friday morning commute. here's a look of the bay bridge toll plaza, like traffic, and on the lower east for freeway. the cemetery of british light and easy ride in both directions, no delays, no one advisory's. simmer until
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bridge also easy ride no delays. north bay there is reason this weekend, because of that you're likely to see a lot more traffic and in north bay, starting today running to the weekend. >> to a developing story, a driver and passenger shot, and more news we will go to a reporter in less morph. >> over by the kind of very was about 8:00 the night when this happened, to my mind driving one another truck pulled up and shot two suspects, one was hit critically, the passenger was just raise an ally. they
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quickly tried to get to a nearby see spot, at mcdonald's. since all the victims were both from the area they knew where to go, if and when they got their the passenger ship carried the driver and collapse of the mcdonald's. they call for an ambulance, medical help was immediately able to assist them by air lift, he is critical but stable, this was a targeted person this was not around or random act. they definitely know that it was target shooting, not a random one. please want everyone to another--
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this was not random all and then investigate in this case. she the driver 18 year-old caitlin dunaway, had a first court appearance yesterday her next court date is next month, she has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular lance letter, and could serve up to one year in prison. there were hit and across work
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thought >> her left tibia the plateau was shattered,, her hip was shattered, at 2 years old she is be fluent chinese and english. she kept saying mama one a little school, my wife said a kid you learned abcs and 123 is, then you'll go to school, and she did both in english and chinese. she'll be in court again on june 19th >> mississippi river has cressida more than 15 ft. above ceased see state. you can still see flooding, in mississippi that's over looking at here. our role status press for a couple
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days, maybe even till mid june. we're russell lowell since we have not seen since 1920. one person has died in the surge of water, hundreds of homes are damaged and up to 2000 people have been displaced, but the levees and flood walls seem to be holding up. >> there be some serious disagreement in the white house today, president al, is to meet with israeli prime minister today, and speech on policies,
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>> waiting on some sun. >> looking for things to shake up rather nicely. as we head into saturday and sunday, it is going to be in nice weekend. partly cloudy today, cool air on saturday and then, the clouds will come in. our temperatures
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as you can see, we do not get out of the '60s. sunday will be the coolest day of the next seven and then we will recover as we head into next. here is where temperatures are right now. outside your door at the moment, 52 in san francisco, 54 in oakland, 53 in san jose. we are a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. not a bad start. we will get cooler as we head towards sun rise. this afternoon, we're looking for me in the '60s and '70s. you can see were the warmest locations are as we head towards 3:00 p.m.. let's looks specifically at the numbers we are expecting. here is where we think temperatures will be. now, 76, fairfield 74, cooler in san francisco, downtown, 61 degrees. 65 in oakland. obverse 60's, low seventies around the bay shoreline. south bay, 74. 72 in san jose, warm in the east bay to the delta. livermore
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valley, low-mid-70s. here is your 74 past and what we are expecting. holly off as we head toward sunday.--here is your 78 forecast. mid-70s and land by the middle of next week. if that is the weather, let's check in your commute. >> still a good ride around the bay area, no delays or hot spots. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. here is the westbound ride. the lights have been activated. san mateo drive, a good one in both directions. the golden gate bridge, 1 01, problem free with no delays. we have an accident top in millbrae, 101 south down around a millbrae avenue past sfo. this could turn into a problem with the report that two lanes of traffic may be blocked. so far, there is no back up in the southbound direction. at
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millbrae avenue, it will not affect your right to sfo but could later on. we'll keep an eye on that end of the year. >> gave you, george. if you are planning to travel this memorial weekend, roughly 35 million americans who will travel 50 mi. or more according to aaa. the vast majority of americans will travel by car but aaa expects an increase in air travel. gas prices are up but almost all travel costs are increased. if people who travel this holiday will be more frugal, spending about $100.00 less than those who traveled last memorial day. high gas prices are making americans in a ditch the car all together. in some extreme cases, reports that seniors are choosing a tank of gas over prescriptions. the associated press shows that 41 percent of americans say the increase in gas prices is causing serious financial hardship for them and
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their families and will continue to do so in the next six months. 71 percent say that rising prices will cause some hardship. 29 percent said the rise is not causing any negative effect on their finances. pear speaking of gas prices, there are still high in the bay area. this is from gas body--this is from the san francisco averages $4.22, oakland, $4.13 and san jose, $4.12. >> the federal officials are now getting a close look at the pipeline explosion. officials, as you can see are taking a tour, taking a look at the area into what is being done now to make sure an explosion like this does not happen again. even as federal investigators are working to determine a cause, the u.s. from of justice has been looking into the blast. >> i do not recall another time in my 35 years of public service
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where i have ever felt as bad as i do today. what has happened to these families, the great loss of their loved ones, the injuries that have been caused, we will double our efforts beginning this august par. we will require all operators of gas distribution pipelines will evaluate their risk and take immediate steps to mitigate them. >> numerous data and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies are pursuing their own investigations as to what led to that pipeline rupture. >> to top executives behind the tokyo electric power co. the runs the nuclear power plant in japan are stepping down. the president and vice president announced resignations which must be approved by the board of directors in june. the company has reported a net loss of 1.2 trillion yen. that is over $15.00 billion for the fiscal year that ended in march. the
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nuclear power plants are not pop looking to be cooled until september. >> in libya, nato said it that the ships were hit in the harbor today. gaddafi has been using those ships against rebel fighters. here is video of the overnight fighting. there is smoke rising from one of those warships. nato is operating over a u.n. mandate to protect civilians. also, a nato strike at a police academy and a triple the neighborhood. >> 6:22 a.m. is the time, we are back with more and a couple of minutes. less take a look outside on the roof of the best avenue. the sun is trying to make an appearance. we will be right back where it hawks
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>> 6:25 a.m., here is the 7 day around the bay forecast as we try to head into the weekend. it is going to beat sonny, you can count down the hours until the weekend. we do count on the
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temperature is a little bit. they caall but a couple of degrees for tomorrow. it gets pretty classy. we are struggling to keep the sunshine. >> there is a chance of a shower in the north bay on sunday. >> and then, we will be bursting right back into sunshine when it is time to go back to work. >> the sharks are back home tonight, they are facing what looks like must win a game. the vancouver canucks. if the sharks are going to find a way back into this battle it will have to be tonight. they are down two games to one. in the last game, san as they called for 44 minutes of penalties. they wound up losing 7-3 in game 2. they are out of three power-play goals overall. the giants and
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oakland a's are renewing their battle of debate tonight at at&t park. the giants enter the game riding high, 82 games week in los angeles. chavez ravine, a great showing last night by madison baumgartner. he came in, just one else of a major league shutout. baumgartner has not won a game since the world series. freddie sanchez of drove in two runs to help the giants win over the dodgers to three-one, that game ending with an incredible catch. watch this. nature of the diving catch in the saves the game. >> i love the way he flung his body. he did a bill is law. [crying] hook--he did a belly flop. >> what are they doing? they would like teenage girls. i have seen my daughter to that.
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>> a great catch by the twins. minnesota twins are beating up on oakland, 11-1. komatsu we walked and scored for the oakland a's. they've lost their starting pitcher out with a strained a bleak. seven pitches and that was it. >> the sharks tonight. 6:20 a.m. is the time. cliff's take a quick peek at the approach to the bay bridge, it looks good, there are no meaning light or anything. we will be right back.
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>> 6:30 a.m.. the opening bell just rang. everyone is looking to see what is going to happen 5.--everyone is looking to see
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what happens with linkedin yesterday. >> the first u.s. social networking site heto go public. this is a california company. >> that is a good thing. a local bay area company, linkedin. not bad, we will keep our eyes on wall street. looking at our temperatures, down just a couple of degrees. >> not nearly as dramatic, here is a look at mt. tam. the blue sky above, a layer of low clouds above the coast. we are dealing with some of that this morning. as you step outside, you might see some cloud cover, but that will warm up nicely. in napa, 51 degrees, 70 minute and 73 by 3:00 p.m.. we are looking for just about every bay area location to be in the '60s and '70s this afternoon. a great forecast for today and a look at the weekend coming up in a
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little bit. now a look at traffic, george. >> on the bay bridge the metering lights have not been activated yet, traffic is so light. it is like that around the bay area. we were concerned about problems on the peninsula, but so far, no backups. >> two people shot while driving on interstate 780 in vallejo. they pulled off of the road and into this mcdonald's. yolie as does is on the scene. >> the good morning, marc. the victim did end up here on the mcdonald's with a passenger who was shot. kirk he brought in his friend was driving the car, shot several times, once in the by set, once in his wrist. they brought them into this mcdonald's where they collapsed and were airlifted. we spoke to a highway patrol officer in as he explained exactly what happened prior to arriving at the mcdonald's. what
6:33 am
>> last night at approximately ppm, two hispanic male adults not traveling east down on 780 in the area of east coast. another vehicle pulled alongside of them and fired multiple shots. the driver received very serious injuries. the passenger, one bullet grazed his leg. they traveled on 7 a.d., exited the freeway on second street, the passenger carried the driver into mcdonald's. but inside mcdonald's, the driver lost consciousness and collapsed. shortly thereafter he was airlifted to the hospital, serious condition. he is stable at this point. he is expected to survive. her >> just a little bit more on the victim, a 20 year-old male from the benicia as well as a passenger, he is a 19 year-old hispanic male from the nation. as far as the suspect, the only description that we have is he
6:34 am
is 8 light skinned male with a black pony tail. he is a driving a light blue pickup, possibly a double tab. one thing that highway patrol wanted to stress, they feel that this was a targeted shooting. they do not believe it was random or a case of road rage or anything of that circumstance. they were targeted and they said that since this happened at 8:00 a.m., a lot of people were on the freeway, if you witnessed anything, they are asking for the public to call. you can remain anonymous. they want to catch this person so that they did not do any further damage or harm. >> yolie, a dinky. hot >> the sex scandal that across hot the personal life for arnold schwarzenegger is now also taking an impact on his hollywood career. of the former governor has just announced today that he is putting his acting career on hold.
6:35 am
remember, there were plans to do a comic spinoff called the governator. that is no longer in the works at this point. it is on hold since arnold schwarzenegger confirmed is bothering a child with a woman who was formerly a housekeeper for the shriver-schwarzenegger household for 20 years. this revelation came after he and his wife of 25 years announced that they were separating. we have also learned that there were reports this morning coming in from tmz that sir schwarzenegger put a $65,000.00 downpayment on that housekeeper's home. she lives in the bakersfield. we have shown video of that home. 65,000 is about one-quarter of the entire buying price. they came from his personal bank account. crops >> a group of journalists swarmed haddad are of patty baena, they want to squeeze in a couple questions, the daughter's name is jacqueline how roso. she
6:36 am
did not want to talk to reporters but she did defend her mother. >> my mother is a great woman, that is all i have to say. >> she upset? >> my mother is a great woman. she is the most caring person you'll ever know. >> i have no comment. >> roso did say that her 50 year-old mother worked for the former governor until recently, but had no other comments. >> the weekend weather forecast, james fletcher is watching that. >> we are keeping an eye out side, this is the golden gate bridge, we have coastal fog that we're dealing with this morning. that may delay when we see in the warm up. this afternoon should ship but nicely. a partly sunny afternoon. temperatures will get near where they were yesterday, mid-60's-7 is for the most part. a good way to end the
6:37 am
week. at 6:30 a.m., 52 in san francisco, 45 in santa rosa, now but is now at 51 degrees. 53 out in antioch. san jose coming in at 52 degrees at the moment. we are going to warm things up considerably this afternoon. 70 expected in nevada, 73 in santa rosa. 69 in san rafael, 70 in vallejo. in san francisco, 61 degrees. we will be in a warming as we head further south on 101, getting into the '70s in redwood city. 70 in fremont, not bad. miles on the eastern side of the day. 75 and walnut creek. 76 out in the delta. 72 in the livermore valley. in the south bay, mid-low 70's. 72 in san jose, 72 in morgan hill and 76
6:38 am
in campbell. here is your 7 day forecast. as we head towards the weekend, as temperatures will drop a degree or two. the afternoon high when will get out of the '60s, a chilly day for sure, but next week more sunshine and warmer temperatures. 6:38 a.m.. how is the commute? >> there are no problems for the ride around the bay area, and there was an accident reported on the peninsula, there is no slowing showing up. it has not turned into a hot spot. you're right on the they bridge looks good, the metering lights have been activated, slowing in the center lanes. the san mateo bridge is a problem free. there are no delays ease fell or was found. the golden gate bridge ride looks good in and out of marine county. at 60 8:00 a.m., it is time for a break, the kron 4 morning news will return right after this. meanwhile
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>> we are back, the time is 6:41 a.m., the giants and oakland a's at at&t park this evening at 7:15 p.m.. partly cloudy and cool. 55 degrees at the first pitch, 53 degrees by the ninth inning. we have a local forecast and a look at the weekend coming up. >> 6:42 a.m.. a major disagreement, a showdown current fare between where president barack obama and when he meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. yesterday in a major middle east policy speech, mr. 0, said that he supports a palestinian state conference based on the 1967 borders. that was before the six-day war in which israel won the east jerusalem area, the west bank and gaza. netanyahu calls israel with those smarter borders indefensible. top congressional leaders--top
6:43 am
congressional leaders have defended the patriot act and given that an extension. the deal between senate majority leader's and house speaker's calls for a vote before next week when parts of the kind act expire. the idea is to pass the extension with as little debate as possible to avoid an argument over expanded power that the law gives the government. >> a quick break as the kron 4 meaninmorning news continues. he is one of the sunny spots above mt. tam, 2,500 ft. above the clouds.
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>> welcome back, taking a look at some of the top stories, the father of a two year-old who was killed in an accident is speaking out. this is after the 18 year-old driver that allegedly caused this accident is making her first court appearance. the accident seriously injured a man's wife as well.
6:47 am
>> look at the billboard. with the bill toward says that the world could end tomorrow. what you think there is a chance of that or not is up to you. cadiz bay area billboards are all around warning about judgment day, may 21st. one >> day after linkedin went public, the dow jones industrial average is of 35, but linkedin is up again, $7.79 a share. originally $45.00 a share is now at $102.40. >> less see with as temperatures are. >> the temperatures are going to be going down a few more degrees as we get to sun rise and beyond. this morning we're looking pretty good, partly cloudy. this afternoon sunny and warm. we are setting ourselves up for a nice weekend. more with that in the 7 day forecast. here is where temperatures are at the
6:48 am
moment as we work our way around the bay. right now we are cool in the north day. but in the mid '40's for the most part in santa rosa. it now but is 51, 52 in san francisco, 54 in oakland. in san jose, 52 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday. this afternoon temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. most of the bay area is dominated by that temperature range. click here is a quick tour. 73 in santa rosa, 76 and out of. 61 in downtown san francisco, warmer in concord. 76 for folks in the delta. oakland, 65. san jose, 72, you get the idea, the '60s and '70s. have a bit cooler than yesterday. a fantastic friday. the weekend is looking good until sunday, that will be the
6:49 am
coldest day until about monday. the mountains might get a sprinkel but the most of us will be dealing with cold temperatures, cloudy and breezy. monday-wednesday a lot of sunshine and temperatures increasing slightly with each passing day. 6:49 a.m., good morning george. lick >> a bit of a back up at the bay bridge. the metering lights cleared out fairly quickly. no slowing. all around the bay area there is no slowing or hot spots. there are no unusual delays. no problems so far. continuing with our bridge a check, we are heading to the san mateo bridge. lighter than usual and the westbound direction. the golden gate bridge is problem freight, 101 to and from marin county, no delays southbound. an accident near sfo on millbrae avenue, it did for a while block the two left lanes with the right for the south of peninsula commute
6:50 am
has not been slowed. >> thank you, and george, former imf leader, the man considered to be the candidate to become the next french president, and dominique strauss-kahn is expected to be free from the new york city jails, a judge agreeing to his release, $1.00 million bail and house arrest in a new york city apartment where he will be watched by armed guards. strauss, will also have to take out a $5.00 million bond insurance are up, he is awaiting trial on charges that he allegedly tried to rape a hotel maid. united >> states attorney general eric holder delivered a keynote speech at a child exploitation conference in san jose where he emphasized the importance of protecting children from exploitation. there has been a rise in the distribution of child pornography. he made all those remarks at the conference for exploiting child
6:51 am
exploitation. prosecutors and agents from all levels or their craft as speech. >> rule the world and tomorrow? you may have seen this and billboards around the area and other cities saying that the end of the world is may 21st. billboards like this were put up in the bay area by oakland base family radio worldwide. here are a few unanswered questions to what is being called the rapture. >> in case you did not get the memo or see the billboards around the city, the rapture is supposed to happen this weekend. if you are not sure what the rapture is, i will try to explain. i looked up the rupture as it relates to religion, it means some people will be transported to heaven. pack that is really heavy. that leaves a few unanswered questions. this could result in gridlock in the city streets, after all, drivers might be taken out of their cars. what
6:52 am
about pilots? what if both are sucked into heaven. think about this, the rapture is indeed pans funny. i thought someone said at the end of the world was in 2012, not 2011. according to this website, i still have a little over 500 days left, not a couple of hours. there are too many people claiming the end of the world, who am i to believe? what is my boss gets sucked up in the rector? who is going to approve my script? i always said, is the end of what happened, i want to be clear to cover it. maybe i will get my chance. " every guarantees this judgment day will be on my list of people beating badly for ever. i impatiently waiting in the newsrooms of that i can show you the end of the world. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> this prediction started from
6:53 am
harold camping, he made his first condition about the end of the world 15 years ago. obviously that did not pan out. he said that it is one to begin with an earthquake that is felt around the world and in a series of natural disasters. if i do not see you, thank you for watching. we are caught with more in a couple of minutes, 60 3:00 a.m.. here is san francisco, the james lick freeway. this is a pretty good. "--things look pretty good. hawke
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>> welcome back, nasa managers today are cutting a space walk because one of the astronauts carbon dioxide sensor stopped working. the the astronauts were five hours into this six hour space walk. there is a view from one of the helmet cameras. one
6:57 am
of the astronauts' space suits sensors was not working. the carbon dioxide center broke down. the decision was made because they did not have any information, this was the first of four space walks. >> 6:57 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. it we are going to take a look outside as san jose. traffic, once you get onto the highway is easy, it is a breeze. we are waiting for a breeze to blow out some of the fog that we are seeing this morning. right now, we have a programming note. tonight at 8:00 p.m. nbc dateline while the giants are on nbc and kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m.. prop
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