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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 20, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> at 530, the authorities are searching for at least one person who shot two others last night. this is video from a mcdonald's were the victims arrived after the shooting. the men were hit while they were driving down-718 about 730 on sunday evening near vallejo. >> it all went down around
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8:00 thursday night. two men were driving is down on interstate 780 near the glen cove exit. >> in other vehicle pulled alongside of them and fired multiple shots, the driver receive very serious injuries, and the passengers one of the book to graze his leg. it continued to travel on 780 and exited at east second street. >> that is when the two of them arrived at mcdonald's. this shows exactly what happened. the passenger helps with driver inside the restaurant inside he lost consciousness and collapsed. that is phi >> feel if my cashier, who came in here, she is a medical assistant. and within 10 minutes of the evidence was here. >> your cruise saved her life--in his life. >> yes,
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>> and perhaps to some quick thinking fast acting that individual will be ok. >> are there looking for the suspect is in this is not a random shooting. they think that he is driving a light blue chevy pickup truck with an extended cab on the back. in the information regarding the incident contact the police. >> the national spotlight is shining on in antioch and the--on an antigang prevention task force. >> this is one of the top five in the country. he was in town to see for himself. what i saw today, the resources dedicated, the approach that has been used, i think this will work in any city. >> holder met with others
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and youth. >> we heard heart wrenching stories about things that young people here have overcome, the successes that they have had and i think the great future is that they will have not only for them, but for this community, for this nation. >> even though five of san jose's 19 homicides are gang-related. he says that this is still the gold standard and other large american cities would be wise to try to replicate the success here. but his visit to san jose, amid looming budget cuts and police to lay off that may have an impact on the city's efforts to maintain the current level of gang suppression. >> meantime the leader of the mayor's task force a insists that we have less
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than violence on average. mario says continuing the funding by the once visited by the attorneys general is crucial for keeping a lid on gang violence otherwise he says it is too easy for kids like these to get into trouble. it >> the fact that we do not have the gang homicide rate that major cities have sometimes gives the perception that this is not a serious issue, it is very much so serious and i guarantee if we remove the resources that help to maintain this a city, we will back slide into the categories that we do not want to be a part of. >> he says that job corps and similar programs have significantly reduced the number of gang programs in san jose that still hovers around 6000. >> his men could face life in prison after killing his wife's pat hope--can'puppy. he
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already has a spot for a deadly weapon he expected in court on tuesday. >> we are taking a look outside from the roof acam in san francisco we are looking around a little out there, about two degrees cooler compared to yesterday. as we head into the evening hours temperatures will pull back down, the wind gusts may be a to 15 mi. per hour for san francisco county, as we get in tomorrow morning, the patchy fog is expected along the coast. 50s and 60s on the board. as the into the afternoon as will see partly cloudy conditions compared to what we saw today. taking a look of the seven they around the bay forecasts, mild conditions on top for the next week. it will be in the low seventies for the in the spot, and '60s around
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the bay, upper 50s along the coast. very similar to yesterday and today the good news is that we do not have the rain in the extended forecast. we have sunny conditions into friday. >> back live to fern, san jose at the shark tank, they're getting ready for game 3 and even though the sharks are down 2 there's a lot of optimism tonight. >> there is, energy and energy energy. what i have seen it for the better part of two hours this is about to wind down. a little few minutes after 6:00, let me show some of the energy. we actually had a dunk the canuck dunk tank. that kind of set the tone. speaking of passion how about the teal men and orange men that will
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be outside of the penalty box to taunt to the players. it will be a fever pitch, game time. the hope that the players will match that same energy years with the players have to say about the opponents tonight. >> they are in your face, they do not give you any free in trees, they make you work to get the puck back. we have to be a lot better. >> we have had success in the past, but at l.a., we hold high standards. we got off to a good start. each series gets better, we have to step up and become better players as this series goes on. >> that was jo ann ryan, two players that have been silent for this series. when they make noise, look out. the sharks need to win this one, it includes, where a can button? i had a little
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while ago. back to new in the studio. >> the sharks are not the only game in town, san jose is hopping with entertainment options, kron4 just book shows what there is to do over the next few days. >> this is about to be one of the disease even weeks. some workers at the hp pavilion are earning their money. last night prince performed, crews are getting a busy for the sold-out sharks game against been canucks. another game, and then press plays again at the pavilion. sunday will not been a day of rest, because the sharks played the canucks and then monday everyone can catch their breath because the other big show is coming to town early next week. the cast of the television show glee is in town for a 2 night performance on tuesday and wednesday at the pavilion. this is all good news for the san jose business district and for the people
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who live here and then to see one or all of the grievance. in san jose, just was at kron4 news. >> checking again, it has slow all evening long. we will be back. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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>> tomorrow marks the end of days, according to one christian group based in oakland. family radio worldwide has predicted the rapture for tomorrow, on my team was see quite a few odd items on sale associated with the event. >> if you are making plans for a judgment day on the 21st, you may want to take out some rapture insurance. yes, for the low price of $19.99, you can leave your family members $100,000. all you have to do is go on eba
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on to lead to an. but to be frank in the bay area some people do simply because it is raining so that is nothing new. now this final pages on facebook, iraq and does not come on harold camping luke. in san clinton's goal stanley roberts kron4 news. >> now this showed that temperatures are in the '60s around the bay, in the '70s for the warmer in the spot to a close check on the weather just ahead. >> a programming note to tell you about tonight, we're erring nbc programming while the giants are airing on nbc and the line will be shown at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron4. it will be followed by a special edition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. will be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] >> disturbing video from arizona, the little girl is trying to outrun cars at the
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busy intersection. everyone involved is ok believe it or not as bad as this looks. the driver of the black s u z did not notice the people. there is the woman and a little girl lying in the street. the mangled stroller after the suvs drove off. little girl only had a screech farm, the only injury it says of the driver's view was blocked by an rv in the turning lane. donald trump is under the microscope not for his local activity but the new york daily news says that his online for-profit school is now being investigated. it says that the school will be looked at for potentially deceptive business practices. the schools or original name trump university was named to the trump on to ensure an initiative after it was a challenge for not being accredited. the former wrestler known as macho man has died in a car crash in florida. this is randy savage he is known for his raspy voice, the bandanna, the sunglasses. it says that
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his vehicle crossed the median in hit a tree in clear water florida i believe yes a medical problem before the crash, possibly a heart attack he was 58 years old. >> this is a pretty mild day and when the department, we see fluctuation in the temperature throughout the bay area. live lobster out pretty sunny--- >> live a look through out, for the senate. we are about to the preschooler compared to the temperatures we saw yesterday, still enjoying partly sunny conditions into the rest of the afternoon. you're temperature will be in the high fifties and the mid-70s. right out the door you will see a mixed bag of '50s, '60s, 70 degrees. 71 napa, 74 in fairfield. chilly at the coast, 57 for half moon bay, but as we head into the overnight hours, you may want to bundle up. the temperatures are in the upper '40's and
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low 50s, 44 for napa, 49 oakland, 49 concord, for 48 in antioch. as a ticket into tomorrow afternoon, the temperature very similar to what we saw today, in the '60s and '70s throughout the bay area. mild conditions tomorrow. 65 percent rosa. 68 for those at the bottom. mid-60's around the immediate bay areas, the low '70's down in the south bay. finally let us take a look at the seven day around the bay forecast. pretty uneventful temperatures in a mostly low seventies for the inland spots, '60s around the bay and upper 60s for the coast. partly cloudy, breezy conditions but the good news is that would keep the rain out of the forecast. >> let us go live to logs for landing. that is where ferry riders have a reason to stick around for
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author the evening commute. we are there to tell you what has been set up for the incoming commuters trawls. >> they're up to seven trucks, this one is a curried truck, a rebel truck, a pizza truck, and another from back there. the idea is that they're letting toppled drugs and food trucks parked here at 4:00 p.m. until--cockle trucks and food trucks parked here the idea is >> a lot of people are coming in to watch the game. it will go like this probably through september on a trial basis to see how things work. the food is great there are a lot of things out here. i will toss it back to you so that i can get some food. >> good for you. we have a programming change to tell about, dr. phil is moving
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time slot to 4:00 p.m.. that will begin on monday may 13th. we will be right back. [music] ♪ you'll run outside
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>> kimberlee sakamoto is here with today's conditions. >> take a look at this brawl with the police offer --officer in south carolina. see the person driving away that is not the police officer that the suspect in the park. you see him sitting in zagging out of traffic. he reached over 100 mi. per hour, he came to a stop and crashed into the truck right there, of he was taken into custody and take a look at this. another police fight caught on camera in ohio, the man was agitated and then all seven he jumped over the desk, attacked a police officer and the police say that he was going for the officer's
5:56 pm
gun, but the officer did not have a gun on him. adjutancy him jumping over the desk, he was able to put the suspect into a chokehold before the other police rushed over to come to the aid of the officer behind the counter pam. >> the center for disease control says that it is better to be safe than sorry after planning for what it calls a zombie apocalypse. this is a quirky block the " posting by the cbc-corky blog posting. >> the title is prepared this 1 01, zombie apocalypse. yes, the issue things on serious topics like terrorism and salmonella and then offering tips for a zombie attacked. >> zombie means that people come alive and dead people?
5:57 pm
>> exactly. >> i am not prepared for that. >> and it draws attention to americans having the basics in terror attacks, hurricanes, or even zombies. >> i do not know you need, batteries? >> it includes water, food, medication, first aid supplies, important documents, a change of clothes and blankets among others things. a cdc official is among the post, a admiral and he says that the zombie fleet is like resident evil. they want to pick up buzz on facebook and twitter. looking at the topics, it has. >> of we figured that these zombies might not appeal to the older but the and the generations may know what it means. >> the cdc is pretty sure that zombies are hollywood
5:58 pm
fiction, but there's something more to the awareness campaign than what meets the eye. >> it is a sunny day in berkeley, currently in the '60s, a full look at the weekend forecast and kron4 we did news returns. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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>> live, this is kron4 news
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at 6:00 p.m.. >> an officer in trouble with the lot after a marijuana bust. authorities say a narcotics officer tried to sell more than 1 lb. of to a police informant. we have the details on what this is all about. >> that office adjacen--and surgeons and, and his wife is also in the mix and. the officers wife is also in the mix, marcion's on administrative leave. someone at what he was working a row only to narcotics unit and an anemic dick attorney's office this afternoon
6:02 pm
>> we had an active informant. we believed the officer was acting alone, it was not acting with anyone in the police department and not with any other police agency both local, or federal. the wife is currently a dispatcher and on and a paid administrative leave. she is currently under investigation for administrative purposes. >> nothing to do this particular case? >> at this point there is not a connection between the two. >> is there any idea of what relation he had with the informant. >> the police will not say if it was a romantic relationship only that it was personal and that is being investigated. the chief said that these allegations of misconduct is extremely disappointing. >> we are also falling the misconduct allegations against the san francisco police officers. the public
6:03 pm
defender displayed this video from the julian hotel as proof that some of the officers are stealing property from suspects. dan kerman joins us now with the latest fallout of these allegations. this keeps mounting. >> this is right. these officers are involved in hundreds of cases. " we are talking about is that we have now found out that one of the cases has been dismissed. as well as to others, we can tell you about them, they will begin today. the two of them have been delayed until the d.a.'s office will conduct a thorough review of the hundreds of cases. >> any word on when the review is completed? >> we are hearing that the office will complete their review early next week. in the meantime, the police department as well as the police officers are investigating, one dismissed, to be late. this is put off until they continue the review. we do
6:04 pm
not know how many will be delayed until next week or dismissed. >> we will continue to follow the story as new information continue to come out. the napa state hospital opened its doors to the media today after several violent attacks within the last year. to therapists were attacked by inmates, one of them died last month, an inmate died after being subdued by hospital staff and just last week an inmate was severely beaten by another prisoner at a hospital. to recess-year was allowed to view the facility and see what measure was being taken to keep the tragedy from happening again. >> here at the hospital we got a rare look inside tillich as the camera captured the video, the officials gave us the video to show new safety measures in place in response to several new cases of assault and as well as the murder of donna gross a worker at the hospital. see this area, this is where she
6:05 pm
was murdered. there used to be a large wall right here. she was attacked, strangled and robbed. the building's entrance is here. each treatment wing that used to have the wall, they have not been torn down to provide security a better view of all the entrances. they say that their mission is to treat people and not house them like people in prison, but all the windows have bars, and the wire that used the is around the entire 1.6 mi. that line the hospitals perimeter. cops are in state prisons like the one that you see here, and locked doors are everywhere. three sestos phil kron4 news. >> taking a look outside at the conditions in berkeley overall is been at a pretty sunny how keating. a quick look at the forecast, today we saw sunny mild conditions throughout the bay area as we headed to tomorrow it will be breezy, partly cloudy conditions heading into sunday. for san
6:06 pm
francisco, expect the low 60s, mid-60's for oakland, upper 60s for san jose. over all this is a cream out forecast. your temperatures outside in the 60s, 50s, and '70s out there. oaklanit will cl down in san francisco. we have 61 degrees currently, a quick look at the seven they're around the bay forecastles mild conditions for the next seven days. temperatures mostly in the '70s, lower seventies were the inland spot, mid-60's for the bay, upper 60s for the coast. a mix of partly cloudy breezy conditions of mixed it with the morning fog. but the good news is that we would keep the wet weather out of the forecast. >> a programming note to tell you about tonight kron4 will be airing nbc programming and the giants will air on nbc that means that they lied we showed a
6:07 pm
8:00 p.m. right here on kron4. then a special edition of kron4 at 10:00 p.m.. more news ahead. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> the flood the mississippi may not come down into june. but this is never seen so much water. >> this is in a slow-moving disaster, even so, a man during vicksburg mississippi was killed the river crested earlier than expected. about 2000 people were displaced. warren county deputies have traded patrol cars for a bowl. trying to make sure that people are out of danger. they now feared that people locally will not come back. some people are taking a flood protection in their own hands, they built small earth levees around the houses. they're holding up well, a adjutancy some of
6:11 pm
the dirt is washing away, public levys and flood walls seem to be holding despite some leagues. the scientists are doing testing at the swamp in louisiana they see that slugging may be good for the nature and the long run, fish, birds and trees. it after weeks of sour news, and other casino hasn't reopened in mississippi a bit of good news for the economy complete with a welcome back to visitors. >> if you have not been here for a while it has been lonely without you. >> just a few hours ago, this happened, a tangle of barges after some get a bridge near baton rouge, to sank but none were hurt. a 5 mi. stretch of the mississippi had to be closed, it is believed that high waters may have contributed to the accident. >> for the next 24 hours, you see everything from morning fog, highs in the
6:12 pm
'60s and '70s a full check of the weather after the break.
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>> tomorrow marks the end of day is according to one christian group based in oakland. family radio worldwide has predicted that the rapture is coming on saturday. a small group of christian protesters have gathered outside of the radio station. the city is a false profit and the whole signs that says jesus said no man knows the day or the hour. >> to the to watch this, to not judge my faith, the christian faith by harold campings false facts. deuteronomy 1822 says that yes often speaks as from god and he is wrong ones, he is a false prophet and to not believe him again. this is exactly what happened with
6:16 pm
harold camping in 1994. >> the protesters said they plan to stand outside of the radio station until 7:00 tonight. some people actually are preparing for the rapture, there are a few odd items for sale. kron4 texas online to see them. >> if you are making plans for a judgment day on the 21st, you may want to take out some wrapped trencherman's. yes, for only $19.99, you could leave your family members wanted thousand dollars. all you have to do is go to ebay. it if it is postponed or cancelled due by mr. camping there are no refunds. i scoured the internet looking for deals it just in case and this is what i found. rapture ready diapers. they're supposed to dissolve upon levitation.
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become with ipod and cell phone pockets if needed. this one called eternal earthbound pets offers posted rapture care for the pets. but they will only in except submissions on payapl all others--on paypal. if you are wondering to not worry, they're a lobbyist in the was to be here. now in the bay area some people simply gto do this because it is raining. now when the rap tran does not come, you can audit harold camping my favorite.
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>> our viewers are rating on whether they think tomorrow will be the in. kymmene has a review. >> this has received over 100, a lot of people are talking about what they plan to do tomorrow, take a look at the comments from the fan page. >> i am hosting a dish to die for backyard even with family and friends, we can share one last meal, or into the morning after. >> >> anna says that she is doing nothing, but sun valley have an we are still here party. for more information visit kron4 facebook fan page. >> we still see the sun
6:19 pm
shine overlooking the golden gate bridge, temperatures are cooling back down. if a quick look at the weather headlines, a little cooler than yesterday averaging two degrees. partly sunny conditions around the bay area. we will see the temperatures ranging in tomorrow between the high 50s in the mid-70s. outside the door, we looked at '50s, '60s, '70s, some warmer in the spots. 684 napa, 57 in oakland, 57 in san francisco. as it headed to the overnight hours, a bundle of, in the upper '40's low 50s. 48 expected for san francisco, 46 for half moon bay. as we take this into tomorrow afternoon, very similar conditions outside compared to what we saw today looking mostly into the '60s and '70s outside the door. by
6:20 pm
the time we hit 3:00 p.m., we will expect 70. mid-60s and chilly at the post, it is coming in at 58 degrees finally we are taking a look at the seven day around the bay forecast. temperatures in the '70s, 60 around the bay and upper 60s on the coast. we have some partly cloudy breezy conditions and morning fog for the coastal areas. >> informational seized from osama bin laden high out has revealed that al qaeda plan to hijack oil tankers and turn them into floating bombs. the department of homeland's security send out a warning saying that the refineries and other facilities may be targeted. >> 8 days before christmas 1976, the las angeles harbor
6:21 pm
was turned into an inferno had a massive infloexplosion tae place. it killed nine crew members and it breaks the 800 ft. ship into pieces. the calls was accidental. but according to information found in been moderns compound--osama bin laden compound, they expected to do this and blow things up. >> they determined that the best way to do this was a hijacking in that made the explosives from the inside. >> last summer when a japanese tanker suffered a mysterious collision watcwhile traveling through the persian gulf. the ship was dented, but there was no sign of what the cause was. now they said that it was a trial run, convincing al qaeda to ram the tanker like the u.s. as coal in 2000. today president omar month visited the cia headquarters
6:22 pm
to thank the spy agency for its work rain down osama bin laden and leading the navy seals to the biggest trolled of terrorist material ever found in the war on terror. >> we will review every video, examine every photograph, read every page, pursue every lead. we'll go wherever it takes us. we will finish the job. we will defeat al qaeda. >> the choice of tankers was apparently aimed at striking a crippling economic blow. the terrorists may have miscalculated because even the biggest tanker only carry enough fuel to power the world for 30 minutes. >> in national news, israeli prime minister met with president old, at the white house today. making it clear that he is concerned about the remarks that president abominate regarding the meeting. the president says that he supports a two-stage solution between israel and palestinians based on pre-
6:23 pm
1967 borders. the prime minister said that those borders are indispensable. >> this is some of the land in--not far from stanford. but it's just a number of wild fires in texas. the services that more than 175,000 a. have burned. this is a mess along the utah highway, a really big mud slide it shut down part of route 39 about 2,000 t of rocks came crashing down near the kind you area, some of the rocks are the size of small cars. they have been working to clear this all day. the shuttle astronauts did a five hour space walk today it was supposed to last longer but there was a problem with the sensor in the space suit, the astronauts were pickin--or
6:24 pm
picking up experiments. they it decided the final shuttle launch will be july 8th. >> programming change, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. that change will begin on monday may 30th. we'll be back with more news ahead.
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>> let us will live with the ferry riders were eager to stick around after their commute. what has been set up for the incoming commuters charles? >> we have about six trucks out here. the golden gate bridge district is letting the trucks parked here from 4:00 in the evening. the idea is that thewhen the
6:28 pm
people and get off the ferry, they will stop here in the food and then go to their cars. they're trying to slow down people from going straight to their cars and help with the traffic. things are going very well. pam we will go back to you. >> a perfect friday evening for that kind of fun, check in with traffic, look at how things are back up, this is west bound, people are headed across the bay bridge to san francisco, all lanes are backed up except for those in the carpool lane. more news will be coming up after the break. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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>> in san francisco's these passengers demanded an apology u.s. airways call today to save the day standby the flight attendant and there will be no apology. this man says that this is not the individual who. >> it is interstate 7 a new had a shooting and the police are searching for--a shooting happened near 780 take a look at this mcdonald's. the passenger helping the driver into madonna's. once they got inside, the driver collapse, a worker here was able to stabilize the victim. they're calling this a target shooting, looking for a light skin melted likely tell driving a light blue chevy pickup. i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> here is san jose a, a top official praises the job
6:32 pm
corps center. here colder praises this job corps center today, it is more at risk used, at the same time there is concern in the community. they feel that the cuts may increase the gang population. >> in oakland, the family of matthew lewis shot by the police in january on a domestic violence case went public today about their inability to gain access to the records of the investigation in more than four months from the only document they have seen is a death certificate. the oakland police said the victim had a replica of the gun before the crime occurred. >> there will be an international pow wo
6:33 pm
convention for tourism all the world. it ever occurred in more than 500 volunteers and commenced a taxi drivers as well other servers to meet extra nice to receive visitors. >> now tonight and sunday the sharks will play it the canucks monday the take a second is the breath and not for long, the cast of the television show glee it is coming to town. local businesses are happy about all these events come to town. in san jose jeff bush, kron4 news. >> and other big story here at the napa state hospital we had a rare look inside the facility. take a look as the cameras capture the video officials gave the tour to show new safety measures in place after a staff member was murdered
6:34 pm
this asphaltum--this past fall, officials are trying to strike a balance. the senate is a treatment hospital not a prison. from a >> of our a police officer has had a criminal charges pressed against him san leandro police say that jason has turned himself into the courts, the charges against ferguson come from a investigation this is that he gave more than a pound of marijuana to a informant that he had relationships with. his bail is set at $50,000. in san leandro kron4 news. >> him that these christians are standing outside of harold camping and radio station who played the theme of the world and taking place on may 21st. take a look at this time, he was
6:35 pm
wrong in 1994, denied judge our faith by his false teachings. jesus said that no man knows the day on the hour. these protesters say that they did not want kristin's to lose faith about the real judgment day. in oakland, reggie could mark kron4 news. >> today was a little more cooler than yesterday we saw a pleasant conditions around the bay area. are around the base forforecast shows cloudy and breezy conditions. a string of temperatures into the low '70's, mid-60's around the bay in the upper 60s and the coast. the weather is in a more stable, we will keep the wet weather out of the forecast area today is friday. how >> this is free moving friday on the facebook case. i want to show you how you can get your free movie tickets. we are giving away movie tickets to the, food
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>> up a new movie, parts of the caribbean. >> and johnny depp is at again pirates of the caribbean this time jack spero is trying to find the fountain of youth.
6:40 pm
>> there should be a captain in there somewhere. >> it and reconnect with a woman from his past played by penelope cruz and finds himself on a ship that belongs to a black beard. >> amount is black beard is not enough to contend with, there are zombies and mermaids. >> on a strange and tides is rated pg-13. --on stranger tides is rated pg-13. >> director james cameron is taking a three been under the sea, the director of avatar is working on a 3 d version of the titanic. the release is expected to happen next april. starbucks
6:41 pm
it is apparently starstruck by lady gaga carotenes up to celebrate her new album born this way that comes out may 23rd. starbucks will give out a limited number as well as her new song the end of glory and they will stream- and they will stream and born this way. >> are now they make their big hiring/, bringing in the basketball icon that inspired the nba logo. and a programming note to tell you about tonight. we will air the line at 8:00 p.m. on kron4 and followed by a special edition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. a programming change to tell you about. dr. phil is moving time slot to 4:00
6:42 pm
p.m.. that change will begin on monday may 30th will be right back.
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>> good evening, the warriors won big time today. the nba logo is a picture of jerry west. today he was announced as a member of the new executive board. he will report directly to the ownership rule, a 14th time all-star with the lakers, 18 seasons as the lakers and general manager. it won four titles and five years running the offense. he acquired shaquille o'neal from orlando that inspired three championships, and you may want to wonder what will he do? someone says he may deal and marketing? he will remain in l.a.. i may want
6:46 pm
to spend $1 million and have my name all over the rain i am not sure. but if you want your picture with him, when the call and say what you think? these owners, they really mean business. of course, jerry west could play in the good, but he is in his honor and '70s that probably will not happen. , jerry west is now with the warriors. of the sharks are off to a great start, they scored two goals. after losing the first game, they're up 2-0. wrestling fans lost a legend today. we will get to that in a minute, but winnipeg hockey fans are excited. the work out that the atlanta thrashers are moving to winnipeg. how he never quite caught on in atlanta georgia, but winnipeg they lost their team in 1996, they're back and highlights.
6:47 pm
as we said, a great wrestler passed away today. >> oh yea! >> he went by the name of randy macho man savage, he died in a car crash on the florida highway, the highway patrol said that he lost control of his deep around 9:25 a.m.. this guy was a really great performer. he and cocoa been, his girlfriend he is a this they were in the first--he and hulk hogan he and his girlfriend were like the first sidekicks. the macho man passed away at the age of 58. >> now former cycle is accused lance armstrong of using performance enhancement drugs. that came out on sunday night.
6:48 pm
hamilton has handed back his 2004 olympic gold medal. saying that he just does not deserve it. that is the end of a gold medalist title for hamilton and his olympic glory. really quickly, the tour of california, is a shame, you hear that every bicycle is is doping and then you watch this and wonder is this guy legit? this 15 mao course, 40 minutes, levi finished second today from santa rosa, chris retains the yellow jersey but once again, when you watch this, you wonder how much of this is really legitimate? >> saturday, the second leg of this race. we now have an official mascot, half of a
6:49 pm
man and half of a horse. there he is. he has long hair, earrings and nipple rings. he is not associated with... now when we return, is e-mail time. you will not believe this, an audience member called me out. i know you read that information with such conviction. someone compared my physicality to that of patrick marlow. i've have been called a wuss! >> how long have we been together? about 15 years and you have never see me fight. we will be back in a moment. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>> alright, we have an update is now 3-0 could lose out of san jose. >> i hate when you talk got cocky, why can't you admit that the sharks are choking? >> now you have it, it he wrote this credit after the loss in game no. 2. but i do not like that word. i would tell you what james, i will make you happy if they blow the three nothing lead, i will put both hands over my throat. but you do not become a professional athlete unless you have the guts to pull it off. when i'm sitting on my couch, i have a hard time looking at someone committing mayhem on ice and to say you are a choker. >> i agree. >> bernie said put on a dress you wuss! he is the
6:54 pm
reason that san jose is losing. >> it to me, i looked at marlow, i do not like to fight but if i was mouthing off in vegas i'd make sure that two of my teammates were holding me. i would really want to get the guy but they're holding back. iambs frustrated with dumb people. this guy has been with the team for 13 years, that is given a contract for $7 million per year, if he were not doing what they wanted him to do, 13 years in one place? a guy told me this on the radio it was kind of cute, the guys who cannot fight make about one 10th of what he makes. who fights? no good people fight. when you grew up using your fist? >> i never! it looks tacky.
6:55 pm
let us move on to leicester, what happened to the once great dodgers rivalry, did you see all the empty seats? >> it used to be sold out for months, but it that, i think that frank is going through divorce, the major league baseball to go to the team and that is one of the reasons. the second thing, the players they switched so much. in the old days, you have to look at someone over and over again to build a contempt. the more you get to know someone, you laugh at me, but they say why don't you shut your face more @ kron4? but the more you look is someone the more you dislike them! >> to their in their out. >> it is a shame, because they are a great franchise but having tough times. >> phil i am surprise you
6:56 pm
have not jumped on this for making the regular employees by--sell season tickets at the nfl. >> yes but the miami dolphins they cut their employees' salaries by 15 to 10%. i do not make fun of what anyone is doing with the economy. >> i agree. now like everyone else is wondering when the you think the lockout will in? >> i do not think they will miss any games. it is one of the things that we just talked about, the owners are billion years, the players have enough, but what if you are a secretarial staff member and you do not have a reserve. the players and owners will get this done before the first game in september. >> patrick, that was something when i saw that pam grab your jacket i have never seen anything like that on a news show. >> i had never seen anything like that either, i was
6:57 pm
making a friendly, then all of a sudden out of the blue i said pam, have a good night. the >> have a good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the world exclusive photos of arnold schwarzenegger, and his alleged love child. >> we are the only show to obtain the stunning pictures. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier in hollywood. >> "the insider" is on. world exclusive, arnold, maria, the love child and the housekeeper in church. the backyard party. opening presents. >> inside his christening. >> examining the over 21 world exclusive shots. >> when we took arnold's photograph and superimposed it the mouth lined up perfectly. >> could they affect a divorce case? >> arnold should give maria whatever she asks for. >> p


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