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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  May 23, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. a mother and her missing a putt kron their way back to the bay area taking her to las angeles. we turn to dan kerman who joins us live. with the latest. >> darya: >> reporter: a very unusual story, the bottom line, the baby is fine. she's on her way back to the bay area with her mother. let's roll some video, police are telling us that the foreman told was taken some time after she was put to bed saturday night. her 58 year-
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old grandmother smack into the home, and known to the parents. wrapped the baby, called the taxi, took a cab all the way from the bay to loss angeles. with the baby. since you switch from a taxicab to a bus taking a bust your home. that is that is their story. police say they do not have a motive but the grandmother had did not have permission to take the child. >> she never had permission to take her from our house. we believe and she stepped into the home without the parents' knowledge. they had no idea that erica was in possession area's we have not specifically established a motive. we may learn that as our investigation continues. it's still in the very early stages. pop
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>> reporter: she's 58 years old, the grandmother of the child. she will be sent back up here in the next days. she's a been arrested for kidnapping. the reason authorities found a baby so quickly this someone the grandmother knows contacted authorities and tipped them. today for the first time we're hearing from the babies were other. will be here you can see him getting hugs from family, friends. he told reporters earlier today about what his mother is a two-step. >> she came into my house. pop took my baby girl. -- took my baby girl. we're
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still trying to figure out why she did it. i don't believe she would harm her. i just think she took mental wrong turn. i just hope she gets help. she's my mom, but she broke the law. she took the baby from a home. it was hard for us. will report on july things, it was hard. don't just in my baby, i don't care for my wife, a friend, mont. this is my child. you're dancing get prosecuted. >> the baby's father says his mother was able to get into the home because she had the alarm cups, was she was staying with them over mother's day. >> the mother has been
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updating her facebook with the latest developments. let's take a look. just after midnight, kristin road " praise the lord, thank you for all your purse. " let's take a look, at the next coast, a few hours later she updated for status to let friends, family know, we're headed to pick up our beautiful baby. thank you, for the quick work of law enforcement. the last one, a few hours after that. she said " this is probably the longest i've ever been on, i can't wait for my baby to be in my arms. croats >> new details, we are hearing from the family be didn't giant family. they've waited in east hollywood of part in. they're arrested
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the man in this sketch of gm on the merits. it was a tip from a parole officer that led them to ramirez. he said to be the main aggressor. to date brian's parents and his two sisters spoke outside of s f o general hospital. his sister prays the police department for the hard work. >> our family would like to express our deep gratitude. he said i wanted to give you some information, before you run down the news, at that time my heart dropped. it was a very emotional day yesterday. we're very excited. now the one of the pieces of the puzzle has been taken. >> brian has a long road ahead of him, we urge thankful that the suspect is
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in custody and is unable to do this to another family. we hope the other man, woman, will be brought into custody. >> it's still hard, we continue to talk to him. we lead to medical stuff up to the doctor. >> reporter: he's a paramedic, his fellow paramedics and co-workers are elated that one of his alleged assailant is in custody. >> we're excited, happy, it has been a rough road waiting for some sort of news. we are all overwhelmed with having this. we just hope they find the other man who did this. and the female. >> we are all just very thankful for the hard work they have been doing. for
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the increase roared money, rain now we're just praying for brian. hopefully they'll get the other people involved. >> reporter: the employer and coasters -- coworker's posted a barbecue and raised several thousands of dollars. they continue to pull for his recovery and look for today he returns to work. the giants displeased a statement saying " it is welcome news and what has been a difficult time for the family. it's " police are still searching for two other suspects, a man, and a woman who drove the two men from the stadium. stay with kron4 and as we continue to follow the latest. >> reporter: a live look up side, plenty of sunshine,
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the fog is broken this morning. the winds are picking up. current conditions, temperatures are warmer. one-five degrees warmer than yesterday. upper 60s-plus seven days. 72 and napa. let's get a look at those when speech, it is windy. -- when speeds. thus even stronger than that. gus and the '20s. all plants will stay with us this evening. they will die down overnight. upper '50's, low 60s. tomorrow, fog returns. south of the golden gate. down the peninsula. mostly sunny skies, temperatures warmer than today. big changes in store mid-week.
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>> reporter: the supreme court has endorsed a court order requiring california to cut their present population by thousands. the high court said the reduction is " required by the constitution to correct longstanding violations. " it involves around in adequate mental, physical, faltered in the system. four men are recovering from injuries after nearly 200 inmates rioted at san quentin last may. the wounded in mates had wounds. a guard stopped the brawl using pepper spray and noncommittal bullets. it came just two days after another riot in eight sacramento state prison. six injured, two seriously. >> reporter: programming change, dr.phil is moving
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norman brokaw news, president obama was treated like a long-lost son today in ireland. he made ireland his first thought. >> president obama, he's part of it. as part of our future. >> reporter: people were so excited to see them the prime minister could barely make the introduction. lookit this crowd, thousands, thousands, of people trying to get a glimpse of the president. his great, great grandfather was one of them. >> we feel very much at home. i feel even more home
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after the fight that i had. speak-e is talking about a pint of guinness he had at that little village. where his ancestors once worked as a shoemaker. >> i suspect you don't always dress up this much. [laughter] laughter. >> earlier they met with what look like the entire population shaking hands, in going to ireland to the president was retracing the footsteps of candy, reagan, clinton. -- kennedy. ed carey is churchmen track down his mother's family is records. that study found out about his record. he had about, he got stuck. the president was going to spend
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local >> reporter: it's a pretty nice day up there today, the wind is not as bad as yesterday. especially close to the coastline. mostly sunny skies. temperatures are mild. they will stay mild tomorrow. the will cool down as a storm approaches. temperatures equal low 60s. upper 50s in vacaville. we will slingshot to the temperatures. 66 wednesday. 76 in santa rosa. temperatures in a different neighborhood, similar to today. 70 degree readings.
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70 novato, 72 napa, 72 concord. less wind tomorrow. temperatures will feel warmer. 57 half moon bay. los '70s equal south bay. dry air air and between the storms and the bay area. tomorrow, wednesday, a break on wednesday. future cast, 7:00 a.m., slate rain to the north bay. 10:00 a.m., showers spread. love- moderate rain in napa. the last low. -- low. things look dry, a quarter of an inch of rain.
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extended forecasts, tomorrow similar, broken fog, less windy. wednesday rain, a decrease in clubs thursday. >> reporter: and business news, taking a look at stocks, the dow ended the day down 131 points. nasdaq was lower -44. and internet security researcher says he's discovered a major security flaw in link-been. >> reporter: impacts a lot of users, it is a huge wednesday website. it has to do with the way they handle cookies which is of the common data file. let's take a look at the prom, according to the other research they discovered
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that the cookies are unusual because they don't expire until the year after the day that was created. most expire very quickly within 24 hours. according to the security research that makes their accounts vulnerable to the accounts you could try to break in. the next video, they have declined to response. they did great police a statement saying " they take the privacy and security of their members seriously. whether you are on their site or any other it's always a good idea to use a trusted, and encrypted wifi network. " a lot of people may be worried about this. don't worry, i put a link on look for the what's on the web section i will tell you about cookies, how to get
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rid of them. >> reporter: an independent panel set up to review toyota says the company does not do a good job of incorporating customer feedback. toyota set up the panel after recalling millions of vehicles. now they say it is already following some of their recommendations. it has extended the development time of its vehicles to allow for more safety testing. this wednesday, while nbc airs the giants can we will air nbc programming to hours of minute to win it. special airing of kron4 news at 10. more news after the break. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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our sleep time now for tech talk. >> reporter:. the annual tv
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of tomorrow conference is going on. broadcasters, companies developing new technologies. connecting are devices to a tv. expect in the future are smart phones, tablets, computers being able to control and interact with their tvs. the future is blinding the internet and tv. here's something cool, this is a special sensor it works with the web cam to offer a unique experience. augmented reality. they make a virtual shoo to plant a game with. this will come to tv in some way, some fashion. maybe if bennett d.
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this commercial comes on you can interact. this is a little of the place, it is a new gadget. ipod touch, the new gadget attached is the home top theater. you added to the iphone, it makes it 3-d viewer. it changes what's on the screen 23 d. it looks really cool. it was interesting. i'm excited to see it. i think i phone users will get a big kick of it. >> reporter: monday traffic on the golden gate bridge, there is not much there. traffic is moving well. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ow#ç3
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chris be alive, and the bay area's news station, if this is kron4 news. >> to any of that flood i


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