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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 24, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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and we'll drink to that. >> the president cut short his tripipipipip live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight, words of thanks. >> very excited. one of the pieces has been put in place. >> the family of san francisco giants' fan brian stow reacts to the arrest of suspect, plus the latest on the investigation. first a happy reunion after a kidnapping. the baby taken away from his home by his grandmother is back with his mother tonight. we have reaction to the situation. this was the scene just a few hours ago as ramy amadea gallego was reunited with her parents. she is being held by her mother outside their home.
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the baby was taken from the home over the weekend. investigators in southern california have now charged the grandmother, erica gallego with kidnapping. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us how the story unfolded at 11:00. >> reporter: after a day of not knowing why someone kidnapped the baby, her mom and dad got the news sunday evening, every parents wants to hear when their child is missing. southern california officers located the child, she was with her grandmother, erica gallego, she kidnapped her while her parents were asleep. she madehair this past mother's day. and she memorized the codes to get into her son's home. her parents went to a bbq, that's when erica gallego
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snubbing into the house and kid in a closet. when they returned family members say erica gallego waited till everyone was asloped and that's when she took her and left the house. investigators say e.g. and go the baby took a taxi back to southern california. her mother says she had a feeling her mother-in-law had something to do with the disappearance. >> i thought -- we know she had issues. i will be happy if they lock her away. she needs to pay for what she has done. i don't have hatred in my heart. >> reporter: her uncle says erica gallego pretended like she was pregnant. >> came to a party and said she had a baby.
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>> reporter: her parents are still inside celebrating. he believes his mother, erica gallego should mace kidnapping charges. he is being brought back to the bay area where she could face more charges. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 11:00, a massive search for a missing teenager. police say this girl, 15-year- old allison bayliss was last seen this morning. she was riding her bicycle, described as a purple and black diamondback mountain bike. she was last seen wearing a red zippered hoodie and blue jeans. she is 5 feet 8 inches, weighs approximately 130 pounds, and has blond hair in a ponytail. anyone with information on her whereabouts is ask to contact police. scary moments for 50 passengers on a tour bus today after the breaks malfunctioned, causing a accident. it happened in vacaville.
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the bus was carrying tourist from sacramento to san francisco. >> doing 70 miles per hour. she indicated she had difficulties with the bus. she felt her only choice was to drive the bus to the right where she was unable to keep the vehicle non roadway and she crashed. >> 13 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. an initial investigation determined drugs and alcohol are not a factor in the crash. the family of san francisco giants' fan brian stow is thankful for the police work that led to the capture of one of the suspects in the attack. >> reporter: brian stow's sisters didn't have to say a word. their apparel spoke for itself. one wore a los angeles police
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department shirt and the other a hat. >> brian has a long road ahead of him but we are thankful the suspect is in custody. >> reporter: brian stow has been in the hospital for 7 weeks. just look at his family and you can see, he is not the only one suffering. his mother ann stow and father david looked warn down on monday. one day after learning one of the guys suspected of butting brian in the hospital is now in jail. ann stow didn't speak for very long during the press conference but the few words she used echoed her feelings. >> it was a very emotional day yesterday. we were very excited that piece of the puzzle has been put in place. >> reporter: as police continue to case in los angeles the
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stows continue hoping and praying for brian who is still in critical condition in the hospital. >> it's still hard. regardless we continue to talk to him and play music. >> reporter: stow left most of the talking to brian's sister. she talked about the support from folks in california and the united states but also world wide. you will hear more at 6:00. reporting in fran, jr stone, kron 4 news. a look at the other suspects still on the loose tonight. police hope that the first arrest will lead to a second and a third as they also search for a woman who helped them escape. a live look outside from our cam. still bouncing around. breezy around the bay area. wind speeds, 30 miles per hour in san francisco.
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22 miles per hour in fairfield. it has been a breezy afternoon. the winds will die down overnight. look at what we are expecting tomorrow. fog along the coast line, that is going to clear out, sunny skies. into the afternoon, less wind unplaces. temperatures are going to feel warmer and they will warm over what we saw today. great afternoon but big changes for wednesday. rain set to hit the forecast. one of the -- one of the worst tornadoes in united states histories, a twister hit missouri. the death toll is more than 100 and climbing. a
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welcome in ireland where they were greeted by thousands. the home of his great, great, grandfather. ireland was the first stop-the president had to leave early because of the volcanic ash from iceland threatening visibility for his flight. the cloud is expected to effect the uk throughout the week. britishbritish air ways is chancing all flights. people familiar with the investigation say dna of the french banker, dominique strauss-kahn has been found on the clothes of the maid who accuses him of sexual assault. the head of ow#ç3
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. the tornado that flattened joplin, missouri is the second deadliest in american history.
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the death toll is 116. hundreds more were hurt when the twister destroyed 3/4 of the town. as kron 4's catherine heenan shows us the survivors say what remains is unrecognizable. >> debris on the ground. on the ground right here. tornado is coming. gelt the sirens going -- get the sirens going. >> oh, gosh. that is a monster tornado. >> reporter: ef-four, 200 miles per hour winds. in 17 minutes it left a mile wide trail through a city of 50,000, nothing left standing. >> total devitation. hospital down. high school down. >> indiscribable. >> reporter: when the twister
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hit, some took refuge in a convenience store and piled into a small walk-in cooler. you feel their terror. [ screams ] >> the only thing left standing was the cooler we were in. everything, everything around it was gone. >> reporter: john's medical center took a direct hit. >> every window is blown out, debris hanging out of the windows. cars stacked all over. >> reporter: four people died in the hospital. x-rays sucked out of the building were found 70 miles away. even as they searched for survivors, emergency workers had to cope with their own losses. >> it has been destroyed. >> reporter: catherine heenan,
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kron 4 news. warning sirens gave them 15 minutes to take cover but the residents say the rain and hail from the storm were so loud they drowned out the sound of the sirens. it was a nice day today, apart from the winds. tomorrow similar conditions temperature wise. tomorrow temperatures nice and comfortable. san francisco, low 60s, cooling down on wednesday to the 50s. warmer conditions in san jose tomorrow, 70s. cooling down on wednesday. same in santa rosa, 76 tomorrow. 62 on wednesday. and the cause of the cool down is a storm digging in. bringing us late season rainfall. let's look at temperatures for tomorrow. 76 in santa rosa. 72 napa. 72 concord. again a nice day tomorrow. 60s bay shores. 70s in the south bay. changes coming through on
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wednesday. as this storm that is pushing towards the coast line moves in. one more day of drier conditions. rain for wednesday morning. future cast. north day, 7:00, light showers. 10:00, moderate rainfall over napa. lighter showers in the north bay. and in the peninsula. storm moving to the southeast, few lingering showers into the early afternoon hours. south bay and inland valleys. e tended forecast, wednesday -- extended forecast, wednesday, cooler morning. the warming trend continues into the weekend. temperatures running couple degrees below average. now a look at other big stories around the bay covered by our kron 4 news crews. >> reporter: theuse supreme court ruled a judge's order restricting the state prison system to 110,000 inmates is "required by the constitution" because of a long history of
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what it found to be violations of inmate rights. overcrowding has been a serious problem in california. this is a picture inside one prison. no prisoners will be released to comply. kron 4 news. >> reporter: continuing with our big story, mike says the supreme court ruling will impact the jail system but not as baddie as it will other counties. he will need to hire new deputies and open up the alternative jail. he is not sure where the money will come from but has been in talks with officials. 40% of his jail population is in for drug charges. he hopes to get
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cooperateeration from the court. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> reporter: in san francisco, educators facing layoffs may be able to hang on to their jobs. it may be fewer budget cuts and fewer teacher layoffs. in san francisco, kron 4 news. the sharks prepare for their must-win game 5. gary has a preview and a a's pitcher returns to the mound, gary has that story and all the sports. he is next. programming change. dr. phil is changing time monopolies 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and we are also launching our newscast, kron
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. all right. good evening, everybody. giants off so the a's had the local baseball to themselves. tony phillips through out the first pitch. played 9 years with the a's. one season for the angels. in anaheim to watch josh. his first big league start over two years. 7 innings, allowed one run. michael gives up this double. angel had a 2 run lead and then jeff puts the game away with a single. a's 6th straight loss. 4-1, angels. the a's really, really rocking. joe thorton should be in the lineup tomorrow night in vancouver. you have the story memorized. he didn't have anything to do with the sharks today doing the optional skate but he is on the
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plane to vancouver. canucks lead 3-1. it's win or the season is over for san jose. >> if we do get a chance to come back home, which i hope we will, we will be a better team and -- and -- and that's it. we are going there to win a game. we like our chances coming back here. it will come down to 7 games. that's the thought process. >> the f the sharks win there will be a game 6 thursday night in san jose. a come back to remember for a while. the mavericks being pushed all over by oklahoma city. they are down 15 with four minutes to play and dirk nowitzki went off. finishing with 40 points. the mavericks force an overtime. 15 points made up in four minutes and then in the extra session, jason kidd from st. joes. 38 years of age. headed to the hall of fame. 17 points, 7 assists.
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mark cuban, yep, mavericks overcome the lead and lead the series 3-1. joe has been fined $50,000 for directing an anti- -- slur at a fan during game three. his bulls play miami, trailing 2 games to 1. shack is tomorrow night. phoenix suns, steve nash showing the nba's other side. >> a growing number of athletes are speaking out on support of gay and lesbians getting marries. i am one of them. >> this psa aired moments after joe shouted the gay slur in game three. tennis history. novak djokovic 140 connective matches. did it again today. one win away from roger federer
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streak set in 2007. six matches away in 1977 won 46. making tennis news. and we had this guy on, the soapbox derby, there in the blue shirt, remember, pam? >> that's right. >> picked up the phone, we invited him. here he is. encouraged to get up knowing he had kron 4 news backing. finished fifth before 115,000 fans. [ laughter ] >> look. >> nice guy. called up, would you like to put me on? we had president obama
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