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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 25, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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a live look at the golden gate bridge. now to our opening story it was called off at dusk last 90. people searched all day for the 15 year-old missing teen. >> the search continues for 15 year-old at risk of teen.
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that is why search efforts have continued in this area. in what police a trailer behind me the parents r angeles sleet waiting-----to anxiously waiting. >> the other mystery is that possibly two or three year- old child that was left in a hospital. now the latest in a bar in scope beating case
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a suspect in the may 8th meeting house said alibiing. ramirez is a lawyer claims he is babysitting at the time. his mother stayed in they have the wrong man not her son. the dodgers are committed to in the lawsuit.
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the lawsuit seeks over $50 million. still chasers' got one of the storms on camera. >> a news crew captured this video of the tornado any conceit where a telephone pole in sheered off. a string of tornadoes strong through many midwestern states one in oklahoma, arkansas.
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>> i indenture many disasters but never been this many in the short period of time. >> the sunday storm has claimed over zero hundred lives. >> the next thing i heard was the breaking of glass and the walls are of my house collapsing. it is only 30 seconds that seemed like a lifetime. >> in kansas two people died when not rooted tree fell on telemann during
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>> we'd all have wet weather today showers in the north bay area closer to 10:00 a.m. after an ice will be a little cooler than where expecting. the bay area is just getting the tail end of it stolen tractor for not seeing too much as wet weather. temperatures around the area temperatures in the
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40's and 50's right now as you can say. a quick check of your seventh day around the bay forecast partly cloudy conditions around the bay area and temperatures to rise for your sunday seventies around the bay. a quick check on the traffic department the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. pretty good conditions out there right now. their headlights from
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southbound 101 the time right now is for 07 a.m..
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and coming up on the crown for morning news a look at the weather has to look outside at the golden gate
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>> salat county deputies are
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investigating a double murder that happened earlier this month. this surveillance video in the front of the video of the two-man are what they are looking for. >> the video shows these and gentlemen cleaving and the establishment. there is a window that these two individuals would know what
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happened. the victims of them murdered. >> now there whether we have some rain today and into the leader morning hours. on a rate lower you concede it is mostly to the west of us. it is expected to hit us about fiber 6:00 p.m..
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pleasure in seeing the temperatures in the bay area right now. we will be sitting in the '50s and '60s for most of the day. a cool 61 degrees here in oakland, chile's 55 degrees. your seventh day and are bound to the bay area shows partly cloudy conditions slight a spike in temperatures. traffic
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outside looks good we do not currently have any hot spots in the area. the san mateo bridge its accident and backup free at this time. a drive to nine of 24 minutes. the abc board of directors is having a meeting. >> bart board of directors
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are looking into purchasing new guns. giving each officer '80s there will improve. school officials report they confiscate at least one and done per week. >> when a reporter when
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tisch school they were locked down. the chief and stated they confiscate at least one gun per week from students. they are trying to make a difference to younger students. >> i do not have a younger brother and they do not need strong. if
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>> we have police officers the coming into the school and we have anti violence counseling for elementary school students. and we encourage the students to come forward and speak about their problems. >> we will be right back with a crime for morning news
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>> smart was just 14 years old and says she plans to be in the court ruled today. >> the two astronauts will be working on the hind wire or work to the russian.
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supplying more power to the russian side of the space station. we'll be right back with more crime foreigners
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this system is like fedex where they stand information on who went where. is loaded onto a secure web sites and then they will try to find that person. they hope fast track will expand at statewide. >> the latest death toll in
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the storm is 122 deaths. >> a little wrinkle in our weather conditions in the bay area, a quick look at the traffic no delays at this time. as far as whether rain is approaching we are dry drive out the bay area right now. the weather is just north of santa rosa.
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wet weather is going to be spotty with off and on showers. we are not expecting too much in the bay area but we will keep an eye on can distort. mixed bag of temperatures and throw out the bay area '40's and 50's are right now. a little cooler than what we had yesterday. high temperatures for today will be in the '60s after most of
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the area. wet weather is on its way but drier weather on thursday. as we head into the weekend will have a little warmer weather. overnight construction in the bay area. lots of space between cars as you can say softbound 1013 quiet right now. time right now for at
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30 7:00 a.m. we will be back with mourners.
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hhhhh welcome back to the crown
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for morning news we do have a system that is making its way around the center rosette area the rain approaching the bay area is heading south as we advance
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the picklock ec by 11:00 a.m. we will see the rain heading into the oakland area. just north of san francisco. as we head into the afternoon at hours we will have on and off showers. the temperatures and the area are in the '40's and '50's as you can see. 62 but in a bottle and 64. a quick check of the
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seven day at around the day mostly showers in the north heading southward and friday we bring in a partly cloudy conditions low seventies around the bay. in the >> in the traffic area a few more cars out there no weight at all at the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge softbound 11 nice and easy conditions. >> the city of san jose
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calif. has delayed on budget cut in the area. it would raise the retirement age to 60 and would raise eligibility for employees. >> union and officials are
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saying it is all politics. >> anthony cobb told city officials it will hinder city workers. and called for a voter referendum bank elected to the bargaining for all employees.
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this contamination in the day is also a concern in
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fish in the day. a live look outside we are free of fog free of rain might have a chance of light rain later on today.
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partly cloudy conditions as you head into the of the weekend. >> first lady michelle up,
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are as her hair is being blown. the year of prince charles stood at attention very least half mast blowing here and clean clutched her out. is one thing for a weatherman to lose is that. or a soldier to have his parade lasted half of his
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head. what happens on the queen's head stays on the queen's head. the pope is always losing his hat. larry king landed on a website. and hillary clinton and her hair her hair. nothing in comparison to the headpiece
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princess beatrice war to the royal wedding. now on ebay is a paper version of the out. at least with a ribbon it is a catcher. >> i kind of what one of this paper hats. >> astronauts are now taking another space walk outside and this is the third the two astronauts will install cable to install more ticket power to the russian side of the
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>> a tornado caught on camera. we're starting to see a few sprinkles in the area and when you can expect some other range move into the picture. we take a look right now at storm trackers for. ec some showers in the norris a few sprinkles are just to the east of packard
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bell. we're watching the rain. it is the showers continuing to make their way as we head into the morning hours. we expect the range the late most of the day heading into the bay area around 11:00 a.m. and a better chance as we head into the evening of drier weather. in the afternoon temperatures in the '60s and '70s temperatures well below as to what they were
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seasonal average. partly cloudy conditions with a weekend. >> as we evolve at the beit toll plaza there had been an incident in santa rosa and will not confect their route. no delays and coming down the shore. the golden gate bridge ride, there with construction work on the lot on aldo ray at least they had one bond opened and they were set and the lanes off. public transit note grovels
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to report and that i do believe the ferry will be back in service today >> 5 02 is the morning the search for the 15 year old allison bayless will continue the search was called off at dusk last night. the only sign of bailey's yesterday whys finding her bike. >> we are searching around at the golden gate bridge. were hoping for an outcome that is good
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>> in the latest in the brand still tastes ramirez states he was babysitting at the time of the attack. his mother is speaking out saying that her son did not attack princeton a dodgers made a statement the dodgers are committed to providing our fans the safest of sports venue. lawsuit that was fault he yesterday stated that it took 10 to 15 minutes for security guards
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to respond to the incident. the lawsuit is it expected 40 or 50 million >> look at the size of the twister that a storm chaser caught on video and canton of love, all among some directors delayed and cars overturned, to people in kansas when a tree slammed into their vehicle. in joplin missouri to death toll continues there are so
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full bar the nine survivors had been rescued back on hundred and 22 people have died. over 2000 homes and businesses were destroyed in the area the worst alarm since 1950 >> we're seeing strong storms approaching the minneapolis area we are keeping an eye on the storm drain >> i look at traffic at the cemetery ridge will be right back
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>> that is while the traffic is funneled into one lane due to construction at that they are correcting their picking up this lane closure. >> now we want to go live where president hope, is holding a press conference in england. >> we are increasing pressure in order to end his policy of the persian in the area. in a nation that is
5:11 am
more unified. seek an orderly and peaceful transfer of power. we push for lasting peace in the area. i appreciate the prime minister's support to provide a sound basis were two sides can negotiate. we are working closely together to find a peaceful resolution and a rapid
5:12 am
reinforcement. we want to keep our people safe. and finally we want to support our veteran and military families. before we came today michelle and i attended an outstanding barbeque it was a wonderful event. the long line of american and british servicemen. mr. prime
5:13 am
minister i want to thank you for your time and your special relationship that we will have in the coming months ahead. >> presidential, speaking from london this morning about the relations between u.s. and england.
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trip morning and welcome back is now 5:16 a.m. and delicate art of black leather that we both see in the area >> right now heading down 1
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01 e conceded storm up losing end on santa rosa and at the beach and see if used showers. starting to pick up actually get into the valley. plus locations in the area are drying. we will continue to see the bulk of the moisture shifting. we're going to see hit and miss showers throughout the area better chances of seeing showers in the evening. 49 degrees in redwood city. check out the
5:18 am
cold temperatures these temperatures are well below what we average for this time of year. we're looking at a private view. as you can see there are no major backups in the bay area ridge at the bridge's first the san mateo bridge word traffic in both directions is looking well here is the
5:19 am
golden gate bridge shot. and you can see the eight bridge work which they are doing near the north tower and it does not appear they are in a big hurry to wrap this up. they have still not clear out the guns that were blocking off the lanes earlier. it would just hope- slowly ride in the area of. also want to update you on the harbored vague jerry they are going to be out of service again today he will recall high winds on monday did damage to the dock
5:20 am
>> gas prices are going down. how does a record >> you're looking at the prices in seven is a 4 on 9 prices had gone all out in the area but is has dropped 115 per gallon in the area. price was 425 a gallon and reach you can see it is now 409 per gallon and it is coming at a good time with the memorial day weekend. >> the main reason the price of gas has spiked is supply
5:21 am
and demand. we're not going to see any major increases through now through and the memorial day weekend. >> baby into the summer season the barrel of oil will dictate the prices it we see at the pumps crusher thinkers it will not continue to rise. >> captain edward has served has cost acting police chief police. father of two and his appointment will take affect can immediately. >> andy klein and drunk
5:22 am
driving charges will not be applied shows " clients " blood level with or below the level. >> to san francisco bay area and gambling halls the oaks card from an emeryville seen in this video and artichoke joe's in while not to pay $550,000 fines federal and
5:23 am
state agents raided indies places in march. and then next court hearing for barry bonds has been postponed for the second time than the hearing will continue again on to june 24th. prosecutors have not stated whether they will retry barry bonds on drug charges. >> still dry in the area and if you beat to cease dollars in the area they will be like. >>
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5:26 a.m. 5:26 a.m. as we look in the area. as a look into the 74 cast and will be in the mid-70s for the weekend and holiday weekend >> down three games to the one with 13 seconds left brian caster walled up tying the game at 22 and had to go into the second overtime and in the second overtime scored on a lucky goal.
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>> the time now is now 528 and will be right back with a crime for morning knows california should be proud.
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>>: problems for the golden gate bridge. they are doing some construction, i can show you the golden gate bridge. the construction work at the north anchorage near the north tower is still in the lanes.
5:33 am
>>: your san mateo ride looks good both directions, eastbound in the west and. >>: in the search for a missing 15 year-old girl condemned bill will resume this morning, the search for allison bayliss was called off at dusk yesterday. product search teams scoured the grounds, the only peroxide of
5:34 am
bayliss was her bicycle found it yesterday morning. " but we spoke to a spokesperson to hear what they're doing to help thousands classmates called her disappearance. note >>: it is kind of weird. it is sad and depressing. a lot of people are crying. it is a depressing day >>: every one is on alert for others who might be at risk. it is raising awareness. >>: everyone is showing that they care. they're putting up posters, they are supporting the family as carol going for of law. >>: it is everyone is wearing blue today. " i got this ribbon in one of my glasses, is a way that everyone is showing support. we really care. >>: the district says there are a dozen crisis counselors on hand to help students and factory. if >>: police still did not know the identity of a young girl
5:35 am
abandoned in central valley months ago. now, that are asking for your help. we will see in the three years old. brown eyes, if anyone knows anything about this a little girl, contact the stockton police. her former husband of a woman who had a baby with arnold schwarzenegger is speaking out. he said that he feels betrayed by the former governor. 1/4 baena says that he learned last week that he was not actually his sons and biological father. he concluded by saying that he will always regard the boy as his own. >>: delayed is in the midwest, another deadly night of storms.
5:36 am
tornadoes in oklahoma, kansas and arkansas. >>: more death and destruction across the midwest tuesday, a line of tornadoes in several midwestern states including oklahoma, kansas and arkansas. here is video of a tornado in just outside of oklahoma city. >>: 1/2 mile wide, a killer tornado. >>: several killed, dozens heard, this series of storms is unprecedented >>: i have been in office for 20 years, i have been through a lot of natural disasters, i have never seen this many in this short period of time. >>: in joplin, a tornado warnings were recently. fortunately, the worst of the weather passed to the north of the town. rescuers are still picking to rubble from sunday's historic storms. survivors in joplin are sharing their experiences. >>: what i remember is like armageddon. it is like
5:37 am
everything you think is real and solid is deadly weapon, everything is blowing up. there have been some incredible stories of survival. this catholic priest survived by taking a shelter in an open a bathtub. >>: i lay there, i prayed and said, let thy will be done. >>: 5:37 a.m. is the time, we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a programming note about tonight. the giants are on nbc, kron will be. nbc programming, minute to win it acne p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m.. burn notice will be on at 11:00 p.m..
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pre >>: awaiting for the opening bell on wall street coming up in 50 minutes. another down day yesterday arc. the government sold off a chunk of its stake in
5:41 am
american international group. selling 300 million shares of aig. if the government could make 7.1 billion. they will drop their ownership stake from 92 percent down to 77 percent. chrysler has repaid 7.6 billion in loans it received from the u.s. government and canada. 6 billion from the u.s. government. it has paid most of its bailout money. the u.s. treasury still parked owns 6.6 percent of chrysler. the number of costco members are increasing. the nation's biggest wholesale club has been a top performer during a down economy. earnings of $324 million for the quarter. that is up from three and 6 million a year ago. tickets >>: and national news, and george lauder is going to appear in court for hearings on
5:42 am
whether he's competent to stand trial for the shooting that critically wounded congresswoman gabby giffords. this is video from the scene that happened in january. six people were killed in the attack. often spends five weeks getting a mental >>: and brian and david mitchell faces life in prison before conducting an essentially a veteran of elizabeth smart. smart says she plans to be in the courtroom when mitchell is sentenced. >>: a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a lot of look from san jose on this wednesday morning. traffic is moving this looselsmoothly.
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>>: a quick recap, the search for a missing 15 year-old danville girl will resume shortly. the search from allison bayliss which was called off at dusk last night. contra costa county cruz will resume their search around the national gay recreation area near fort mason. >>: it is the second day of president obama state visit to britain, a meeting with the prime minister, the two talked about libya, afghanistan and the continuing financial crisis in europe. >>: more severe weather slamming the midwest, we have the latest video out of oklahoma, the people are dead from tornadoes that ravaged the area in kansas, two people died when and uprooted trees slammed into their van. two people are dead in arkansas. twisters in dallas and several northern texas counties. >>: certainly not severe out
5:47 am
here in northern california however we are looking at our own and what what they're starting to move in from the north. if you can see the northern portion of the state right now is dealing with quite a bit of what weather. right now we're watching the rain shift south or. clover dale is actually seen light rain and heavy downpours as well. kill sperm, if you clean drops appeared in the future cast 4 shows us as we head towards the sea p.m. hour, and next couple of hours, situated to the no. 8. i ask we stand a better chance of seeing their grain moving south of the golden gate bridge, as we head towards the latter part of the morning and into the afternoon. we are talking of light green. we could see a period of on and off rings throughout the morning hours and i believe better chance of drying out. right now temperatures in the '40's and '50's. with horror the big story
5:48 am
is, along with wet weather, the cold temperatures. if it is certainly going to deal actually to date. attack our enormous temperatures in the mid-60s. we will stay in the '50s in san francisco today, along the coast as once the rain pushes out we have a different picture for the rest of the week. we will be dry as we head into the work week into the weekend. hot you have outdoor plans, you are in love. it will remain fairly cool, and temperatures are still below obligation be. we will stay dry for a stretch. 5:48 a.m., let's check in with george. >>: trouble borrowing or at least the potential in marin county for the golden gate bridge communes out of bounds. this could become a huge hot
5:49 am
spot. there is construction or overnight at the north tower of the bridge. his they have traffic reduced from one lane duck. that roadwork was scheduled to be picked up before 5:00 p.m. has not been picked up. or traffic leading to the golden gate bridge is still restricted to one lane at the truck carrying the country graylings were down, that are trying to get that truck to working again. as we get closer t 6:00 p.m.0o 6:00 a.m., there d easily cause a delay.
5:50 am
we are watching to see when they are going to get that truck removed. let's take a look at the bay bridge ride, no backups or delays, still an easy commute on the upper deck and toward san francisco. the san mateo bridge, problem free in both directions. sad >>: as a city council voted 8-3 to move forward renowned and analysis, a proposal from chuck reed to reform the pension. a $115 million budget deficit, the mayor's plan to cap the city's contributions to retirement benefits at 9 percent of their base salary. it would raise the retirement age to 60 for public workers and 65 for other employees. it would raise eligibility or to 20 years of service. the proposal does not
5:51 am
reduce retirement benefits which current employees and retirees have already resigned and a crew. with, to sonoma county where the county been forced to make some big cuts to take on the budget battle, officials say they have to eliminate 223 county positions in and lay off 63 employees to balance the 2011-2012 budget. " this is to close a $44 million deficit. the county currently has around 3800 employees. county departments were asked in january to identify a 25% savings in their budget. >>: 5 6:01 a.m., five major cities in the united states are receiving an electric cars and a charging stations to be used by federal agents. san francisco is one of them. these 116 cars are expected to cut gas usage by $116,000 a year, that savings is for taxpayers and a reduction of 2 1/5 to 87 metric tons of
5:52 am
greenhouse gas emissions. sony is reporting and other online security breach at this time for 2000 customers of the sunni arabs and joint venture in canada., sony says that names, e-mail and encrypted passwords may have been stolen from a company web site: no credit card information was that affected 200 million accounts worldwide. mgm says they will argue for damages against mattel in a trade secrets case. mattel will ask a federal judge in california to throw out a jury's guilty verdict today. a multimillion- dollar argument is ove the btratz doll line. >>: a programming change to tell you about, the adoptive still is
5:53 am
moving to a new time. catch dr. phil weekdays at 4:00 p.m. starting on monday, we also have dr. phil episodes airing at 10:00 a.m.. at 8:00 p.m., the kron 4 prime-time newscast. the changes start on monday. >>: here is a look at walnut creek. dark skies, cloudy skies. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>>: cq rainshowers in the forecast for today, we will clear things out as we had our way through memorial weekend. not that and warm. a little warmer sunday and monday of a high as only in the '60s. dockhand >>: to countdown is over, the long lines of happy people waiting to watch the end of the television era, after 25 years, the final episode of the oprah winfrey show in paris
5:57 am
>>: everyone watches oprah, she is a gold standard. the big finale, no one knows what is going to be we will be watching. >>: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. 5:57 a.m., a live look at san francisco, clouds and a few rainshowers, back in a few minutes.
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