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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>: a tornado caught on to her, in settling of rise as more tournedos stripe and left. >>: in look at the golden gate bridge, the possibility of rain showers. >>: a bit more and away the cloud cover, increasing clouds and increasing right soccer. the rain is starting to have the, the first arranger a skewed santa rosa. upothe future cast 4
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shows us even into the next couple of hours we will keep the best chance of rain into the north bay. it could stay dry along the peninsula for the early morning. then, as we shift to the latter part of the morning, that is when we have a better chance of rain. you'll notice wet roads this morning. we will continue to keep rain chances to the morning hours into the afternoon, as we head into the evening, a better chance of drying out. right now the temperature is are a mix of '40's and '50's. by the afternoon is going to be cold. the temperature is well below we should typically be. san francisco not even listed in the 50s today, low 50s in santa rosa. along the coast, mid-50s. 64 in redwood and 65 in san jose. here is your 7 day around the bay. after dato day we will try it out. it will be dry for your memorial weekend >>: of the golden gate bridge,
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the ride on 101 southbound, as you can see, no cars are getting through currently in the southbound direction. there was a problem with a piece of equipment involved in construction work scheduled for the overnight hours. elaine's should have been picked up at 5:00 p.m.. are received word that they're going to toe the disabled that could need backups and to iran county. southdown had been slow from about spencer. we are in the dark right now, just waiting to see when it released the
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on the san mateo, lighter than usual traffic southbound. >>: 6 of 3:00 a.m., a developing story, the search for a missing 15 year-old danville girl resumes this morning when the sun comes up. they are looking for allison bayliss, they called off the search at dusk. contra costa and alameda search and rescue teams scoured the grounds around the recreation area near fort point. the only sign of the girl was her abandoned a bicycle that was locked up with the helmet. for more news, yoli eceves. yoli, you have been following the search since yesterday. what are they doing today? anything differently? >>: we are supposed to get an
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update in about an hour and a half, what has been done so far and what they plan to do, we do know that the search is going to continue and resume today, that is what the word was yesterday. as you mentioned, they spent all day yesterday, we have some video of them searching. i was speaking with some of the volunteers, they said it is tough because the terrain is pretty steep, there are a lot of steep hills and brush. they kept searching and holding out hope to find her or at least some clues to help find her safely. as it stands right now, there is still no sign of her. i imagine they will be using all of the forces that they did yesterday, there were five different agencies helping out. san francisco police, the park police, the rangers, the coast guard and the dental police department as well. so far right now, a at fort point, this is the location where they found her by. they do have the command
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center still here. we are waiting to see in an hour or so if someone will give us an update on what they're doing today. >>: yesterday we saw helicopters and a water searching as well, are they going to do here in water search? >>: we will find that information out when we get the of the. we will have an update in about an hour. >>: the latest now and the bryan
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still attack at dodger stadium, a suspect under arrest, 31 year- old giovanni ramirez is expected to be part of a line of today in front of witnesses. the suspect in the may 8th meeting and dr. stadium says he has an alibi. ramirez was babysitting the night of attack and never went to the game. the lawyer from ramirez says that three of the people can confirm that story in the mother of ramirez is speaking out, she says las angeles please have the wrong man and her son did not attack friend still. >>: we have asked on our facebook fan page web are not the dog team is financially liable for the attack impending the multimillion-dollar lawsuit. one dealer said yes, a lack of security until to provide a safe environment for fans. how the security team around the park, maybe, but not the park is what another fan said. if you like to his aid, go
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to facebook and like us on >>: the latest information on the devastation in misery. taking a look at our skyline in san francisco, if a mix of clouds. we will be right back.
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>>: p d two of president obama state visit to britain, this morning's meeting with prime minister, the to discuss
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afghanistan, the continuing financial crisis in europe in libya. >>: we will continue to strongly oppose the use of violence against protesters and any effort to silence those who yearn for freedom, dignity and basic human rights. if that is one of the reasons we are working together puerto alongside our nato allies and partners to protect the libyan people and we will continue those operations until the attacks on civilians seized. >>: both presidents agree they need to turn up the heat on libya. later today the president will speak to a joint session of british parliament, and on the usually reserved for marks. >>: back with more in a couple of minutes. gas prices are slowing down since going down a bit more slowly, you have the latest report, more and a couple of minutes.
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>>: a tornado near canton oklahoma yesterday. this is the video of the aftermath. you can see the tornado tearing through homes, damaging homes, cars are thrown everywhere. at least eight people killed in oklahoma. in kansas, two people killed one and up for the trees slammed into their van and two other people killed in arkansas from the weather there. there were twisters in dallas and several northern texas counties. in joplin, missouri were the worst twister was on sunday, look at the piles of wreckage. pale looks like a dump. the cars are
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a new gold mess. they are continuing to search for survivors 122 people reported dead. 17 people polled alive as it is today, an additional nine more. >>: severe weather in chicago and iowa and up into southern minnesota, we have some rain in the bay area, let's go to louisa hodge. >>: good morning, a look outside for mt. tam, plenty of cloud cover, overcast conditions. we are expected to see some showers. hall light rain is starting off in the north bay and really cool temperatures. we will talk about
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how much colder temperatures are compared to where they normally are. trying out as we head into the evening. into the evening and after that things right out nicely. we have to get through one day of oil whether. right now wet weather in the northern portion of california, as we take a closer look you could see the wet weather moving south. we have seen some have your downpour with some of this rain and started to just noticed some showers in santa rosa. what are also seeing showers and places like bodega bay. the future cast 4 shows us as we head into the next couple of hours the rain chances are really in the north bay, it is not until the latter part of the morning that we will see a better chance of picking up showers along the peninsula and the south fork. daylight raid on and off as we have today, we are really getting the tail end of this sweeping through today, by the end of the day a better chance of drying
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out. this morning, temperatures in the '40's and 50's, as we head into the afternoon we are 10-15 degrees below the seasonal average. a low 60s to the east bay. 55 in half moon bay, 10 degrees warmer in san jose. look at your seventh day, after the date we are warming up and try it out, keeping a few clouds around as we work our way into the memorial day weekend. if you have plans for the holiday weekend outdoors, you will be in luck. we're going to keep the dry weather around. color >>: we are going to start a bridge to check with the golden gate bridge, we have been watching closely this morning as crews have been working to try to clear some construction equipment from the north end of the bridge. there was overnight road work, one piece of equipment had some problems, that had to be towed. we
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understand that most of the lanes are at least partially opened. one of them might still be blocked at the north end. traffic backed up to the top of the walled old great from 101 to the southbound direction. the hold has been lifted. traffic is getting through. it is likely to be sluggish at least for a little while longer for the southbound 101 ride coming in from marin county. we are not calling it a hot spot, but that might account for an extra two- three minutes in your drive time from southbound 101. should be completely cleared in the next 10-15 minutes. over to the bay bridge, but was about right, there are still no delays. the san mateo bridge ride is a problem for free. >>: read you ever think that we
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would be cheering when gas prices were at $4.90 for regular? they are on the way down, craig skalar live in san jose with more. >>: it all depends on your perspective, $4.90 looks good now, it has been up quite a bit in the past few months. here in san jose it was at $4.25 just a few weeks ago, it is now $4.90. aaa says you can have ballist optimistic outlook when it comes to those gas prices. >>: the gas prices over the past several months have been driven up by wall street and speculation more than supply and demand. that is really the main reason why gas prices have spited a recent months. now, their level of. crude oil has dropped, gas prices are coming down a little by little it is stabilizing. you will thus the any major increase from here for the memorial weekend.
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>>: the price of the beryl oil has gone down, some people complain that it goes as quickly when the price of of world oil goes up but does not go down as fast when the price goes down on the open market. at least it is going down and more people are expected to hit their roads if it continues dakota. $4.90 a gallon, base and a perspective that looks pretty good right now, not a year ago, but it looks good versus a captain ed wood is the new police chief in early gains. he was asked to have the department her while the police hawk's service was quick about merging. a father to, he lives with his wife in san carlos and his appointment is effective immediately. it that pink ceremony will happen at the
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berlin game city council meeting on june 6th. grande driving charges will not be fine against a decline, the d.a. office says the results are in, the alcohol test was done by highway patrol on may 12th and they found his blood alcohol level was 0.07 which is just below the legal limit of 0.08. klein had pulled over to the shoulder of edgewood road, there is an offramp there, to make a phone call. when officers pulled over they smelled alcohol. he withdrew his name from consideration for mayor and holds that this incident did not bring an embarrassment to the city of san carlos. >>: i will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a tough night for the san jose sharks. a live look from our growth camera, clouds with rain showers.
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sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>: 6:25 a.m., a look at the 7
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day around the bay forecast. as we are getting some rain. you can expect sprinkel today and cool weather. 66 for the high and then, the clouds stick around. the rain will move out, we will struggle to reach 70% it looks like >>: the san jose sharks in vancouver taken on the no. 1 seed canucks, it is do-or-die last night as they were down three games to one in the best or seven series. the canucks took an early lead. it was tied 1-1 and then the sharks with a 2-1 lead in the game as we had our way towards the closing seconds of the third. it, the chemicals a goal and scored a game-tying goal with just 13 seconds left in regulation. then, we had over time, no score in the first overtime. we head over to the second overtime and
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in that second overtime kevin bst with an incredible to give the canucks a win. disappointment in san jose, a tough loss as the sharks below a third period lead once again. the sharks about out for the conference finals for the second season. >>: on to the florida marlins take the first game of this series. >>: david hays is a two homers and drove in four runs. oakland snapped their six game losing
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streak with a 6-1 victory over the las angeles angels. >>: 6:27 a.m., we will back mopes--we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud
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>>: the opening bell on wall street, will bring in the numbers throughout the morning, european and asian trading, the shares are lower. we will bring you the numbers throughout the morning. a downward trend in the last few days, the dow is off over 400 sleeves for morris to the beginning of the month. back here in the bay area, watching weather and watching some late rain. louisa hodge has latest in the forecast. >>: it looked at storm tracker 4, the wet weather has situated to the north, as we head to the morning it will shift
6:31 am
southward. mostly light rain but here and there we are getting pockets of heavier downpour. right along the coast, into the hills, not just noticing the showers. from santa rosa and down into places like rohnert park. a few showers kirin's in nevada and vallejo, everything is very light this morning. temperatures right now in the low 50s. your afternoon high provides us with a mixture of '50s and '60s. look at help cool these temperatures are. the temperatures are well below we should typically be seeing, low
6:32 am
sixties around the bay, it could warm up to about 65 in mountain view, 65% as a. here is your 7 day around the bay. >>: it is barely chilly out there, right now is 6:32 a.m.. >>: we are going to continue to start our bridge to check with the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound is not a hot spot but still subject to delays from the waldo tunnel to the top of the waldo, lake road work and a piece of equipment that broke down.
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>>: on the san mateo, the bridge ride continues to be pretty good. not a very clear picture but what we can make out is that the traffic is pretty light in the canyon direction. this is wednesday midweek, we're pretty
6:34 am
much on track with what we thought would be lighter than usual traffic for the week, certainly that has been the case for bay area bridges. >>: our developing story is the search for allison bayliss. they ended efforts last night. her bike and helmet were found locked up near four.. for more news faster, yoli eceves is alive on the scene. yoli, you are there yesterday's the end of today, wendy's think things will get going question marks >>: it looks like they will not get started until around 7:00 a.m., that is when the agencies will gather to review with the coverage yester day and then try to strategizing what they are going to do today, they did
6:35 am
cover a lot of ground, i spoke to the public information officer on the phone earlier this morning and he told me, they cover quite a bit of ground from the west and east sides of the bridge, the marin site in san francisco side, even towards the ocean beach. they have basically covered every trail, bluff or beach that they could in this closed area. they do not know if they are going to use the helicopters again today, but they definitely have to regroup and strategize of where the search will go next. >>: we will check in with you again later to see when the search gets going. >>: the stories we are falling, police still did not know the identity of a little girl abandoned in the central valley hospital months ago. now, they want help from the public. the
6:36 am
girl picture here was left at a stockton hospital. police believe she is between two and three years old. brown eyes and black here, the girl was first noticed on january 6th, she has been in foster care ever since. anyone knows anything about this child could be is asked to contact scott the police. >>: the estranged husband of the housekeeper of arnold schwarzenegger is a former housekeeper, the estranged husband is now speaking out in an interviewrahelio baena says that he feels betrayed, he said that you learned last week that he was not this boy's biological father but concluded by saying he will always regard the boy as his own. >>: the time now is 6:36 a.m., here is a programming note. today the giants are on nbc and we will be running nbc programming. in it to when it-- minute to win it at 8:00 p.m.
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and 9:00 p.m., the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. and burn notice at 11:00 p.m. ñwkó
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>>: welcome back, the time is 6:40 a.m., in national news, and jarred laughner in court on whether he is confident to stand trial in the shooting spree that critically route loaded congressman and--that critically wounded congresswoman's his gabby giffords. laughner spent five weeks get a mental evaluation. if he is ruled mentally unstable, he could be kept in custody under psychiatric evaluation. convicted rapist brian david mitchell is " to be sentenced today, the homeless--the former
6:41 am
homeless street preacher faces life in prison for the abduction and sexual assault of elizabeth smart. at 14 she was forced out of her bed at night point it taken away by mitchell. nine months later she would--nine months later she was rescued. >>: christie look har >>: christie lazard is a front runner in the position for the imf. the first woman who will hold the top job if she wins the
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1/2 carat
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>>: contra costa n alan he can teach cts are continuing their search around golden gate recreation area near fort point. >>: more severe weather, as you to unseat sen and midwest. at least eight people died in storms if that have ravaged discipline it all,. in kansas, two people were killed when an operative trees planted to and. two people killed ark. she it twisters half's the dallas and several northern texas
6:46 am
>>: we can see the rain heading down 101, pockets of heavy rain here in the therefore the most part, a light rain shifting south of santa rosa. her also see a few less bodies showers along highway 37 as you head towards a vallejo and we're picking up a few showers on the peninsula. we are watching this cell into its way in and moving through the gate into sausalito and portions of the sunset.
6:47 am
right now, temperatures are warming to the '50s, we will not get much warmer than this. we are only topping out writer around 57 degrees for an afternoon high, in santa rosa, 67, 64 for nafta and fairfield. temperatures staying in the low sixties around the bay. we will hold on to the '50s in half moon bay. overall a pretty chilly day, you will certainly need your jacket and a rain jacket. here is your 7 day around the bay. partly cloudy conditions as wheat crop up the work week and headed into a long memorial day weekend. temperatures will stay below where they should be, but we will keep it dry >>: we are going to continue to start our bridge a check, the golden gate bridge, sluggish conditions. from spencer heading south, that there was roadwork
6:48 am
that may not yet be completely out of the way. the road workable leave is gone but there may still be what lanes closed near the walled old tunnel. southbound traffic as we have seen has been fairly heavy as the backlog stars to break through and move across the span. it is not going to account for more than two-three minutes if that much of extra time for your southbound drive but it is a surprise for early wednesday morning, to encounter any delay to the golden gate bridge from marin county. the other bridges in our bridge check look good. on the bay bridge the back of does not even reach the 880 over crossing. on the san mateo bridge, problem free in both directions eastbound and westbound. >>: next court hearing for barry bonds has been postponed for a second time. the u.s. district court in san francisco says the hearing will be continued until june 24th due to the courts of
6:49 am
availability. bonds was convicted in april on one count of obstruction of justice. the jury deadlocked on three counts of the bonds making false statements when he denied knowingly using performance enhancement drugs. prosecutors have not said whether they will retry bonds on those counts. >>: to san francisco bay area gambling halls caught up in a criminal racketeering investigation. the commission says at the oaks card club in emeryville and artichoke joe's casino in san bruno have each paid five his seventh $5,000 in fines when and investigations costs and have agreed to better supervise their courtrooms. gambling halls were rated in march and arrested 15 people suspected of using their ties to the establishment to engage in drug dealing and loan sharking. >>: the stand as a city council voted 8-3 to afford with an analysis from the proposal of
6:50 am
marriage agreed to proposreforme pension system. contributions would be capped at 9 percent of their base salary under the reform, the retirement age would raise to sixty first warm public safety workers in 65 for other city employees. it would raise the eligibility for retiree health-care benefits to 20 years of service. poehl does not reduce retirement benefits which current employees and retirees have already earned and a crew. in sonoma county, the county is forced to make big cuts, officials say they have to eliminate to the 22 positions and lay off 63 additional employees to balance their to does 11, to those 12 budget-- 2011-2012 budget. county departments grass in january to
6:51 am
identify 25 percent savings in their budgets. >>: time is 6:50 a.m., we are back with more and a couple of minutes. programming change, dr. still is moving to 4:00 p.m. starting may 30th. also, we will have an 8:00 p.m. newscast starting that day as well. and when to go this break and it dropped the difficult to question and her sta
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>>: bay area weather, rain showers especially in the north bay. highs in the '60s. the rain will clear and is little warmer, and the '70s through memorial day. no rain chance expected. >>: 05 major cities are receiving public to cars and the charging stations to be used by federal agents in those cities. san francisco is one of them.
6:55 am
116 cars are expected to cut gas usage by 29,000 gal. a year. $116,000 in savings for taxpayers and a reduction of 257 metric tons of greenhouse gas. sony is reported in all my insecurity breeds for 2000 customers of the sunny erickson joint venture in canada. sony says the names, e-mail and it to pass words may have been stolen from the company web site but no credit card information was taken. no reports of damage from the security breach. it was discovered yesterday. the police station that work was hacked last month, that affected more than 100 million online accounts worldwide. attorneys for toymaker mgn will argue for damages and court costs against mattel in a trade secret case. the two companies are arguing about the bratz
6:56 am
>>: queen latifah is launching her own clothing line for hsn. the collection will feature clothing and accessories for women sizes 2-24. >>: the dow jones industrial average is down a few points, down four points. the s&p 500 down a fraction. durable-goods, long-term goods are way down as autumn demands have been >>: we are back in 2 minutes, louisa hodge has been tracking
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the rain showers, we will have the very latest on the forecast coming up around the break. here is a look at san jose, 1 01 northbound and southbound traffic moving pretty smoothly. no problems in san francisco on the james lick. this was so easy.
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at short narrow caught on camera as more storms strike a m


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