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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 25, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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later tonight, in l.a., witnesses will try to identify the suspect in a police lineup. kron4 brand lotus records on an alibi and how to in year-old girl can make or break the case. >> giovanni ramirez remains in police custody in, for now he is being held on a parole violation and is not being charged, they believe they leave the primary aggressor in the brian still attack. something that the family lawyer denies. they say that the lapd has the wrong guy, and ramirez in year-old daughter of leas. he says that he spent the opening day babysitting his daughter at home to. the daughter remembers the day very clearly and was adamant that she was with her that all day. should the attorney claims that there are several friends and relatives who did that of the alibi. in addition, the senate is willing to take a polygraph to prove that his
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story is true. see nude pictures at 5:30 p.m. our that ramirez says will back up his innocence. >> former players are stepping in, gary barnes said that he will pay college expenses for brian's and children. because his ex-wife and it made that information available to her. it also presented him with a team of banner. the family is also suing the las angeles dodgers and his owner, and they say that the lack of security and inadequate lighting and contributed to the attack. now we hear from the attorney that is written in the family. bamboo they have not be security budget, eliminated all the people that were out there doing the securities of what you think will happen? him out
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of all sales are up, the security is nonexistent, and the incident does continue to grow and grow. citing club policy, a spokesman for the giants decided not to comment on that lawsuit. stay tune for any developments in that investigation. >> a follow-up for a man that is suspected in the east coast is in a suitcase. the 77 year-old reno resident was accused of killing four women in 1997 and 1994. a media attorney says that the public has the right to see the information and a probable cause document. the deputy d.a. says that there is no previous ruling to support the argument. naso will be back in court friday to enter a plea this scholarship fund has been set up for these two people.
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they were shot to death at a campus parking garage. that was two weeks ago, the university set up a scholarship to honor marcory "cindy" tarlit caliguiran and kyle williams they were shot in a parking garages high at the woman's husband who then he killed his self. they were shot only three weeks from graduation. the u.s. park service is providing parents freak --freak fingerprinting. this is a national missing children today. this could be invaluable in the case of a missing child, servers can be available until six tonight, if you missed the opportunity, there will provide this service at the office on weekdays. four people have been taken to the hospital after a major injury crash, it is on cross town 680. the crash happened
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on 680, near state highway 242, it happened about 1:00 this afternoon. the chp says that at least one car was on the side, one person had a broken leg. three lanes of highway 8 were closed for about an hour. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> a live look outside shot at the golden gate bridge, partly cloudy skies in the north bay. here's a look at storm tracker 4, we still see the rain and snow well to the east and north of us. but this system could drop into the north bay this evening. we cannot rule out the possibility of showers continuing in the north bay and later into the hours. current conditions, a lot cooler out there as expected with the storm pushing through, the '50s and the low 60s, it is 67 in los
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gatos. 67 and 63 in napa. we still see the wind speeds into the teens livermore has 21 hours per hour winds. as we head into the evening, a slight chance of north bay showers clearing skies. a few clouds will remain, but temperature is will be five to 10 degrees warmer. we have cooler weather on tap, and a possibility of rain as it headed to the weekend. details coming up and a little bit. >> the report card about california beaches came today. it gives a letter grade to more than 444 of the beaches across the state. the majority of them get a grade eight or eight great be, there were some
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exceptions,--grade a ore grade b but there were some exceptions, this one was ranked the eighth dirty is to shore and the entire state, the most polluted beach was calo and santa cruz. >> of it turns out that the most polluted beach, happens to be one of the most popular beaches in santa cruz county. it is called " cowel beach. it is very popular when beach goers. they say that this one tends to get looted because of the business in the area. the high number of tourists, traffic, of that is not the only reason, there aren't route with very many factors going on cups--there are many factors going on here. this figure is also a lot of
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kelp and the water. there is a high number of wildlife in the area here. birds, sea lions, the also contribute to the bacteria count. in fact, last year of the 142 beach days when they're more warnings about high levels of bacteria in the water, their warnings posted here about this beadh. the health officials say that there is not a lot more movement, not a lot of mortar flow root of farther out into the water that you go, who0--not a lot of water flow, but the farther out you go the better it is. >> now this is in san jose, by the guadalupe parkway. traffic is moving well in both directions. tonight, while the nbc gears be a giant game, they will air nbc programming that includes two hours of minute to win it. a special edition of kron4 news will be at
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>> that is the rate from the left-hand side of the screen. there are several tornado warnings in this area. we have seen heavy rain, hail rotation and the thunderstorms that means a threat of a tornado is imminent. >> let us talk about the sharks, the season is over for the san jose sharks, they lost last night to the canucks. we continue to say why? what went wrong? how can you explain this? >> the sharks were flat out better. when they were all over the place this series. it was a miscommunication, bad bounces, bad calls, and organized, it was just
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everything. and then last night, they had a chance, let us roll this up. kraft there is the puck right to-- there is the puck off the glass no one knows where is except for kevin, he blasted by the goalie, and that would do it in overtime. he is the only one that sought, by then it was too late, and of goal goes by and the game was over. that is just one of the things that went wrong. and this guy, he does play the game of his life. the sharks gave them everything they could, he still said no 54 times. to and then the sharks are up, 2-113 seconds left. a redirected shot by brian
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kessler. he was injured, but somehow he gets it through. that is the fourth overtime, the sharks and 13 seconds away from posting a game 6 tomorrow night and then carried is. so what happens now, there is a list of free agents that the sharks have, and this is when management has to figure out what they want to do. the column on the left, those are the free agents, the two names on the right, they are restricted free agents. but the head coach had this this to say last night. >> we lose a game possibly because of the team, ran out of gas in day number one, we lost our composure and a number two, we get down to game 4, we have a matter of penalties. ruth but we got better as the series went on. >> five games and it is over. but as we said in the beginning they were the better team. >> i heard you say that. i
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am loving the fact that the sharks fans are very loyal and remain optimistic. >> back to back, years. we will talk to the sharks tomorrow. they were off today. >> a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving time slots to 4:00 p.m.. at 8:00 p.m. there'll be a new kron4 newscast. that will happen monday may 30th. [music]
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>> we can see the rain out there this morning. right now on storm tracker 4, we have some scattered showers that could come through the north bay this evening. most of the rain has been pushed to the east. we will have one day of dry warm conditions before we get clipped with another round of rain into friday. the only other place is the north bay that we have the threat of rain, we would
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normally see the clouds and cooler temperatures. here's a look at the cooler temperatures that we see today. a little warmer in los gatos. we see clear skies, it just a little bit. 64 in concord, 64 and antioch, and 61 in san francisco, the upper 60s for the delta. into the low seventies for places like antioch. upper 60s as we get down into the south bay. temperatures have been running below average for quite some time. as we get into tomorrow it will not be an exception. the high temperatures tomorrow, normal conditions, normally the temperatures are in the '70s and low 80s. napa is usually 72 degrees, and livermore it will only be 66 degrees. usually 80 in
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concord, only 68 tomorrow afternoon. we will keep the cooler than average temperatures as we head into the weekend. we have the chances of rain on friday morning. mainly will be cloudy and cool conditions for the rest of the bay area. temperatures may want a little bit, but still will run below average for this time of year. >> rob is back, he is not only talking about oprah winfrey, but he says the greatest brand of all time. >> it is a huge business, look at her career, the brand that she has created even of controversies in her life. she's due date roger ebert. >> i did not know that. when oscar that is some news. >> of 23 years ago she decided that she wanted to take control of her life, her boyfriend roger ebert said that used to do what you do, i work for the
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network, and in my partner decided to take our television show at the movies. they took it private, the syndicated themselves. how it >> that is what prompted her to do it? >> yes, she said goodbye to abc, she was making about 100 million new-$100 million in revenue. her fortune is worth over $2.7 billion. clearly the biggest owner on the forbes a celebrity list. >> she is behind several other shows that are doing well. >> yes, she has learned how to syndicate the others which makes her power now four times is exponential. she can still do a book club on all four of the shows, she can do the advertising because she owns the advertising on all four of the shows, she is in no way downsizing, but she may become an executive. o'
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channel, she is like her own cable show. >> , yes that is called own the oprah winfrey and network. she will probably do well. even if it is not here. >> and she started to lose some ratings in the last few years, she could do a show on hbo. the opportunity is huge, she does it pay $100 million per year and i will do a show for you. you will see some unique things, " harpo did some great films like the great debaters. the type of talk show that she had, i never seen a whole episode for talk-show i'm kind of guilty of that. >> i did not like how said jenny mccarthy in getting kids shops could lead to losses and, that was a mother when tied to suzanne somers. >> yes, heard her vitamins i am a little open to that. >> she is also into
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hormones, i think that starts to as a pure chemistry. >> but the people kept watching. >> as i say, but by oprah winfrey, we will not miss her over here. >> i want to tell you about the programming change, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m., at 8:00 p.m., will have kron4 newscast, that change will begin monday made 30 years. do --may 3tyh
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and >> can in the buzz today, one of tom and trauma, disney back out from the navy, and another card that she will be walking down the aisle, concur that sheehan is officially off the market. who do jersey nets
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are surprised her in her home, she is now wearing an engagement ring that is worth 2 million of >> the disney the company is no longer trying to trademark phrase, seal team #6. that is the name of the hour for chips, who rated osama bin ladens compound. " disney said that it was trying to create a tv show about it. >> actor tom hanks and his wife have been fighting with an idaho contractor, they have some problems within $10 million home in sun valley. fair to say an arbitration panel rejected their plea for compensation from the contractor. stay with us some more news coming up the news at 5:00 is next.
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>> authorities have changed the nature of the search for the missing girl. allison bayliss, rosa reported missing monday--was reported missing monday, the authorities believe that she killed herself. the authorities are trying to figure out why she might have done it. what are they saying jr? >> they are not saying much, suicide is what they think, they have been passing out fliers for 48 hours, but that is all over. as you see the mobile command is in the distance right there, but that is not being used because as they believe she to her life. >> i can confirm that she walked out onto the golden gate bridge monday after 10:00 a.m.. we believe that she did not walk off a bridge. house >> with that, therc


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