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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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an allied allison bayliss was ended. so the few volunteers that showed up wednesday its were sent home. >> this today was my hope for finding her. >> she's 15 and was last seen friday morning at her school. people were searching for her on tuesday, but the detectives had a video clip that showed the 15 year old and a bike a bike, that was found near the golden gate recreational area. they believe that she biked to the bridge, then took her life. >> it is not much of a problem with this is a problem me to go away absolutely. that money as if--as to the authorities if they use a camera to know if she jumped off the bridge they did not say. >> yesterday's we are claiming now that were investigative efforts. >> a young girl who touched
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the lives of so many. it is because of her story and why so many different people held out is why we are covering this story. this is the golden gate recreational area. so many searchers spent long hours more on this story in 6:00 hour. you will see more of the search that went on today. j. r. stone, kron4 news. >> her classmates along with a school district spokesperson talk about allison bayliss. >> everyone was crying when she went missing we were searching for her. and when we found out, we wrote letters to her family. >> i am shocked, i thought that she would come home alive. >> it is a sad. >> we swam on the swim team for about five years, a lot of kids at our school really knew her well, we will miss her a lot. is >> our worst fears have been
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realized. we are trying to communicate with our community and support the kids, support the students, staff members, parents, who are now instead of you know, hoping for a rescue effort are now coping with the lost. >> the school district continues to have counselors on hand for any counseling that might be needed on campus by students and faculty. the golden gate bridge has seen its fair share of suicide jumper, they are in the final stages of trying to get a suicide barrier net system. that might not happen for a long time, the project has been approved, but the $45 million project has been said to be too high right now. >> we do not have the funding for it, but we are working in washington and sacramento. everyone knows that the money is hard to come by right now, but we do
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have that project and we are moving in right analong through the final process. >> that might not be here until at least next year. they say that that same neck, presented suicid--suicide attempts in switzerland. >> now let the funnel cloud. this is huge, this is one more sign of the ongoing storm problems that has devastated an area of by storms and tornadoes. you are looking like a funnel cloud, this is a really big one. it apparently has not touched the ground, but there is concern for people in the area. for the last several days, we have seen the kind of destruction done by tornadoes. tuesday tornadoes killed 14 people, sunday and was sorry, 125
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people were killed. as jacqueline told us, the storms are moving eastward. our reporter shows as the devastating midwest. >> as the forecasters predicted, mother nature unleashed another round of killer tornadoes on the midwest. making this the deadly tornado season since 1953. twisters ripped through oklahoma, arkansas, texas, and kansas. checkout the shriller, it sends pieces of the truck line, the driver survived. when daylight came, of residents got a heart wrenching look at the devastation. >> this is devastating. we've lost everything. >> 68 counties are understates of emergencies, and search efforts are underway. the search effort
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contends in joplin missouri, a deadly tornado struck sunday. new images show how powerful the tornado was, look at these images taken inside of the st. john medical center with a nine story building took a direct hit. surveillance taken inside a yogurt shop, it shows that class and debris are flying as workers run for cover. president old, met with the prime minister in london where a tornado victims were remembered. >> our hard in britain go out to of the people to. >> yet another tornado touched down, north of joplin reporting from joplin, i am appalled. >> several of them have been classified as f5 the when has been up to 200 mi. per hour. grant shows us how powerful they are.
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>> we have the satellite images in most places, when the disaster rose true, the contrast between the before and after is quite telling. take a look at a school in joplin missouri, it got hit so hard earlier this week. there is the school, it looks normal the after is unbelievable. the tennis court in the upper left-hand side of the screen, but other than that it is unrecognizable. this is a shopping center, several businesses, it is just unbelievable. the destruction, only one road on the right-hand side. and here, the home depot, you have one in most towns, look at that, the roof reps right off. and here is a wal- mart, this is a similar situation utter destruction, dusty rubble. it looks as if that is dust. luke this is a neighborhood in joplin, each and every
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home got pulverized. as if it was put into a blender. this is an apartment complex, take a look at the pool. it is the only thing that you might recognize in the aftershock. people actually used to live here. it is unbelievable. and sometimes the residential destruction seems worse than when a big story is destroyed. you can look at the impact of people's lives, that picture says it all. >> this is not over, jacqueline bennett tracks this storm that is brewing tonight in the midwest. >> the reason why we see all of this activity is because we have a level of low pressure that continues to push through the midwest. it is a spawning all of this tornado activity. zoom in a little closer, a line of severe thunderstorms are moving through indiana and indianapolis i mean excuse
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me, indiana and illinois. as you can see, there is red on the screen that indicates very heavy rainfall. we see several heavy rainfall in that area as well as indianapolis. this indicates rotation, that is what we are afraid of, we do not want the tornadoes touching down, but it looks as if we may have a tornado warning in this area just north of indianapolis. we have been watching cleveland ohio. there have been severe thunderstorms, but no tornadoes in this area. they're all under a tornado watch. we have the heavy rainfall, pretty heavy hail and stones. yesterday we saw baseball size hail coming out of the system. and you can see all of these places are under a tornado watch. there are several tornado warnings, there are some around indianapolis, cleveland looks like it is clear to severe thunderstorms.
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>> a little less pain at the pump, despite the summer travel season that is about to kick off, gas prices dropped 105. right now in san francisco, the average is $4.19 per gallon. in san jose and oakland, it is $4.80 per gallon. we are close to $1 more a gallon per last year. tesla motors has a waiting list. and there is a second car that may be sold next year. today the company plans on selling stock, 5.3 million shares will soon be on the market, they want to invest 214 million back into the company, most of the shares have been accounted for, the diamler ag former owners of chrysler are planning to buy
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a big stock in it. >> now we all know what an initial public offering is. they sell a portion of the company. secondary means they sell the second portion of the company, it is diluted to current shareholders, but if you want to do a secondary, now the time to do it because you are raising shares, you are raising cash with higher shares, that will be used to hire fund may be a tester model, that will be coming off of the factory floors later this month. >> and another company plans to change the inside of their car, not the engine but the dashboard. >> i have some really cool new technology for cards to show you. pioneer want to revolutionize the way that we interact with the dashboards in our vehicles. i and james slate, that is coming up in my tech report. >> memphis tennessee, look to the dark and disturbing sky, a lot of problems in
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>> the neighbors are calling the tree, granny. it has been on that lot for a long time. workers are trying to work around it, but they say it will cost a lot of money. the department said it may lead to some trouble in the future, the tree roots can come into contact with the new pipes. but for now, the tree will stand there as the two of the side decide on their next move.
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>> we saw some rain out there. but dry conditions expected tomorrow, we will talk all about this and cooler temperatures in the forecast coming up in a little bit.
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>> take a look at the storm tracker and the radar. there is the snow, we still see this pushing through the sierra. as we put this into
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motion, the movement is basically dew east but some of the showers could clip the north bay this evening. you may see a few scattered showers and the north bay should keep their umbrella handy. dry conditions will fill in behind the storm, but we have another one right on the hills. there is a slight chance for some showers in the north bay on friday morning. did a look of the current conditions in the 50's and low 60s except for down los gatos, 68 degrees there. 62 and napa, temperatures below one up about 5 to 10 degrees we will see 63 in oakland, 71 and los gatos, and 78 in san jose. the temperatures are much cooler than we normally see at this time of year. for tomorrow afternoon versus the average
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temperature we should be in the '70s and '80s for the most part. 72 is that average for napa, 79 is for livermore, and concord, it is 12 degrees cooler and it is cooler as well in san francisco. we will warm up into the weekend, but the temperatures will run several degrees below what they should be for this time of year. >> and the national news, the man that kidnapped elizabeth's marked nine years ago has been sentenced to life in prison. brian mitchell was convicted for abducting and raping elizabeth smart. he took the 14 year-old from her bedroom at knife point that was in june of 2002. after nine months of abuse, she was rescued in reunited with her family. today a elizabeth's market reacted to the sentencing. >> once again, i want to
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express my gratitude to everyone that ever pray for me, that ever searched for me, that put time in thinking about me that made an effort to bring me home. i want to thank the u.s. attorney's office for all of their work and everything that they have done. i am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart. i am so grateful to everyone and for the wonderful out, that has happened today. like my dad said, i am so, i am so thrilled with the results that came out today. the life sentence, i could not be happier. >> she said that today's sentence mark the end of a very long chapter and the beginning of a very beautiful chapter. >> a federal judge says it jerry is not comparable of standing trial for shooting six people and injuring 13
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others. including the congress won't and their real difference. the u.s. marshals had to remove him from court today for the outburst. a reporter said that he said thank you for the freak show, she died right in front of me. the next court date is in september. former presidential candidate john edwards could face charges. he is accused of using campaign money for covering up an affair with his campaign staffer. a person familiar with the case says that an indictment could come in a few days unless a plea deal is reached. you are looking at the golden gate bridge. the traffic is moving well in both directions at stay with us. [music] dad, i was wondering if you've --
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>> the national weather service has issued a tornado warning right there on your screen for this particular pop-up thunderstorm. >> this memorial day, millions of americans will be flipping burgers and barbecuing chicken, but before you get out the grill, there are new guidelines on cooking meat safely. >> the u.s. department of agriculture has just come out with update recommendations on how to cook meats. grilling outdoors are cooking in the oven, remember the three temperatures, 145 degrees, 160 degrees, and 165 degrees. the new guidelines say that when cooking pork,
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the meat could be cooked at 145 degrees, this is new because it used to have a cooking temperature of 160. also new, a suggestion of a three minute rest time for the meat, so that he can cook a little longer. when cooking beef, veal or lamb the recommendation is about the same 160 degrees. higher temperatures are needed to make sure that the bacteria in the center of the meat is killed. all poultry should be cooked at a temperature of 165. that includes ground chicken. to make sure that it is cooked, put a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the meat and remember that just because a look done, or if it feels
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done does not mean that it is safe to eat. >> now the downtown area has very dark skies. a lot of severe weather is still out there tonight, moving eastward. there is a risk of tornadoes in some places, stay with us, more news after this.
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