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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. he was trying to turn left but instead at the second arrow, he got to this gravel and lost control and jumped the curb, jumped up, hit the pole here and the car ended up landing where it's sitting now. >> he ran across the street. >> reporter: officers captured the suspect a few minutes later in the backyard of a home. authorities say the suspect robbed high street pharmacy on mcarthur boulevard and mount clair pharmacy. >> police credit a witness who quickly jotted down the license plate of the suspect. >> reporter: police are still searching for more possible suspects that were involved in these robberies. has news has learned some of
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the items stolen, cough syrup with codeine. the sergeant says this suspect could be the same man who sexually assaulted a woman in the oakland hills early friday morning but he doesn't know for sure yet. >> i have no information to tie him in with that sexual assault. the investigators, they will gathther information we have, they will look at the suspect, contact the victims and so forth and they'll make a determination whether they feel there is enough information to tie him in. >> reporter: there was a sexual assault investigator at the scene, but cuvington says that's not unusual to see when more than one crime has occurred on the same day. in oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we want to give you a closer look at the area reggie just mentioned where that woman was sexually assaulted today and it happened during an early morning home inivation robbery. we've indicated it here on our map. this is the 6800 block of wilten drive. we were at the scene as police
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searched for the suspect. >> heavily armed, oakland police officers canvassing the area, crime scene technicians taking photos while a k9 unit tried to pick up the consent of the suspect, where an early morning home invasion escalated to a woman being sexually assaulted. >> it appears that 38-year-old female victim was awakened by a dog barking. she went to investigate and was confronted by a suspect. at that time, she was robbed of some personal items, some cash, and a sexual assault did occur. there were two children in the house, they were not harmed, they were not in danger. they were asleep. >> reporter: perkins says the victim's husband was also home when the crime occurred but investigators will not say much more about that at this time. oakland police say the suspect appears to have fled on foot.
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however, investigators only have a general description of the person responsible at this time. in oakland, kron4 news. we got a little bit of rain out there this morning in the north bay and we can't rule out the threat of more showers as we head into tomorrow afternoon. a look at storm tracker 4, spotty showers up to the north and you can see the spotty activity continues offshore and this is diving ever so slowly to the south so we could catch a little bit of that rain but we're definitely going to catch it the win. right now, winds ascertain too bad, 18-mile-per-hour winds in oakland and 16 in fairfield. that's going to get a lot worse as we head into tomorrow afternoon. starting the day with cloudy conditions, the clouds will increase overnight, could see a few sun-breaks out there tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. the winds are going to pick up after the noon hour. by the 4:00 hour, just a slight chance of showers and those winds will be howling. we'll take a look at futurecast and we'll took at temperatures running below average coming up in just a bit. and you are looking at a
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live picture of the bay bridge and get ready for some major delays on the ridge this holiday weekend. cal tran will be doing some work to get the new section of the bridge ready and that means lane closures all weekend long. our coverage of the big delays begins with kron4 news' moreen kelly. >> reporter: the most important fact: the bay bridge will remain open. there will be no full bridge closure. there will be some lane closures in the overnight hours on saturday, may 28th, and sunday, may 29th, between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. these closures will affect the lower deck only, but eastbound traffic will be able to get through. westbound lanes will not be affected. what they're doing is shifting over the eastbound approach to the toll plaza. you can see in this animation what those lanes look like now and this is what they'll look like when the work is finished, and all five lanes are moved to the south to make room for construction on the new eastern
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span. here's a simulation of what drivers can expect the new detour to look like which is expected to be easier to manager. the speed limit will remain the same at 50 miles per hour. the new lanes are expected to be open to traffic by monday, may 30th. kron4 news. our team coverage continues now with kron4 news' george rask with a closer look at how the changes will affect your drive. >> here's a look now at the bay bridge as it exists. so you can see the cars coming off have to make a right turn, then a left turn in order to get into the toll plaza flats. i'll show you what the new alignment looks like from exactly the same position so you can see that the curves with the new asphalt there are much more gentle, it's a broader, sweeping turn so it should actually be easier for motorists to navigate than this old layout. again, that's the old one and here's an exactly of the new one. so here's exactly how it looks like now on the lower deck of
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the bay bridge as you're heading eastbound and we're at 50 miles per hour, which is the recommended speed, and even with these lane changes, there will be no reduction in speed because now, we're approaching the area where the new construction will be and this is exactly what it will be like after memorial day weekend. there is the new asphalt, we're farther to the south and we're driving in a gentler curved lane. any sort of change is liable to have a different kind of impact on drivers. it could take some time for people to get adjusted to these changes. george rask, kron4 news. also, bart riders can expect delays this weekend, half of the transbay tube will be closed as crews perform maintenance and repairwork to the electric cable. only the pittsburg bay point line will travel under the bay. if riders need to use any other line, they will have to transfer in oakland.
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expect delays beginning with the first trains on saturday morning up until 7:30 in the morning, and then again on sunday and on monday. delays starting with the first trains until 2:30 in the afternoon. new allegations and new video tonight of alleged misconduct in the san francisco police department. tonight, what the city's public defender says the video shows and why a number of criminal cases have already been dropped, just ahead on kron4 news. @
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in headlines tonight, search and rescue efforts are continuing following sunday's devastating tornado in joplin, missouri, the death toll now stands at 132. crews are working 24 hours a day, searching for more than 150 people still unaccounted for. yesterday, 90 people were found, six of them had been killed by the form. jared loughner, the man suspected in the deadly tucson shooting rampage was transferred to missouri. that's where mental health experts will attempt to make
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him fit for trial. he is accused of shooting gabrielle giffords and 12 others. experts have concluded he suffers from schizophrenia. president obama visited poland today. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he met with holocaust survivors and leaders of poland's jewish community. he returns to washington tomorrow.
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new tonight at 11:00, parole agents in california will soon get some much-needed help in monitoring violent sex offenders. a program that kicks off next week will cut down their workload and allow the agency to spend more time out in the field. we explain how the new system will work. >> many parole agency complain they don't get to spend enough time doing this, checking you have on high-risk sex offenders out in the field.
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a government report blames ankle bracelet for that problem. that report shows every month those gps tracking devices send out 60,000 alerts to parole agents and many of those alerts are for minor problems like the gps battery running low or the device bumping into something. >> most of the alerts are inconsequential. >> reporter: and parole agency end up spending hours on the computer clearing the alerts. parole agents get to spend only 12% of their time out in the field. to solve the problem, the california department of corrections will start a monitoring center next week to screen those alerts. it's a pilot program that will last for three months. with the help of the company that makes the gps tracking devices, the monitoring center will take care of the low- priority alerts and forward the serious alerts to parole agency. the hope is it will free up
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agents to spend more time checking on those offenders. >> they can visit their workplace, they can have more face to face time with the sex offenders. >> reporter: in san francisco, kron4 news. a live look outside from our cam down on the city, it's shaking around a little bit right now. we are seeing gusty winds in the hills, not too bad down in the valley but the winds are certainly going to be picking up as we head into tomorrow. taking a look on futurecast in the morning, not too bad. but watch this, i'm going to put it into motion, all that blue creeping onto your screen indicates wind gusts increasing into the 20-mile-per-hour range. the dark blue is the 30-mile- per-hour range. that's going to continue to increase around the bay shores, oakland, 30-mile-per-hour gusts into the 5:00 hour, that will continue through the evening as well with gusts reaching the 40- mile-per-hour range which is the purple here down near san francisco. it is going to be quite breeza out there tomorrow. there is a slight chance of getting clipped by a little bit of rain, spotty showers in the afternoon but mainly the winds
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and the cool temperatures. 64 in santa rosa, 58 in san francisco, and the low to upper 60s depending on where you are down in the south bay. temperatures, though, still running well below average for this time of year. tomorrow, mostly in the 60s, but our average temperatures are in the 70s, even 80s for the most part. look at livermore, 16 degrees below where it should be for this time of year and concord, 15 degrees below average. we're going to keep that cool weather with us through the extended forecast, as well. again tomorrow, slight chance of rain but mainly the cool and windy conditions. sunday we're having a rebound a little bit but still staying below average and that's where we're going to stay all the way through next week. and now a look at other big stories covered by our kron4 news crews. a handful of students here at so cal high school have been suspended for wearing clothing associated with a white supremacist group. students were also seen giving
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the nazi salute here in recent days. one school official blames a white power gang thought to be recruiting in the community. kron4 news. here at the courthouse, joseph naso, the man charged with murdering four woman, entered a not guilty plea. he also asked a judge to reese him from jail, saying that the evidence against him does not show that he committed any crime. he said photos taken from his home do not so women in bondage or deceased. he was ordered back to jail and the judge set a preliminary hearing. the district attorney dropped another two dozen cases in connection with those officers accused of misconduct. at the same time, the public defender releases a new video, this one showing a drug best and he says what happens in the video completely contradicts what officers swore to in a
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police report. he says that opens up a pandora's box, suggesting that officers could have lied on dozens or possibly hundreds of other cases and it's possible there are people in jail who should not be there. at the hall of justice, kron4 news. the boston bruins will be looking for their first nhl championship in nearly four decades suspect the story straight ahead. and it was deja vu for the giants, a collision at the plate involving the catcher. only this time, nobody got hurt. and we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil moving time slots to 4:00 p.m. that means that at 8:00 p.m., there will be a new kron4 news prime time newscast. the changes begin monday. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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giants tonight, what a major league debut. brandon crawford, his first- ever major league game for the giants, rickey weeks got the best of tim lincecum in the 3rd, back away and gone, the brewers would lead 2-0. lincecum, seven innings, had to really work for it. weeks grounds out to lincecum here, play at the plate, runners called safe, bochy says huh-uh, i'm getting my dander up, i'm saying the magic words and i'm tossed. that's one play at the plate. it-tosses the manager. now, bases loaded for crawford. >> high drive, right center field, outta here! welcome to the big leagues, kids. and what you're hearing is the roar. >> can you imagine your first
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major league hit, a grand slam. another play at the plate, prince fielder crashes into eli whiteside. remember, the posey play the other night, very similar but whiteside took all 225 pounds of man at the plate. brian wilson punches him out to end the game and the giants, they come from behind and win by a final of 5-4. the giants' buster posey did have a few words for three beat writers today. posey on the play at the plate, with scott cousins, i think there's a big difference if you're completely in front of the plate camped out. the runner doesn't have a choice at that point. i feel cousins had a choice. he had a choice to slide or directly come at me and he came directly at me. posey, of course, says that he thinks he's pretty much done for the season. the as tonight, the first of six games at home, the as trying to protect a one-run lead against the orioles in the 5th, gonzalez gets a double
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play ball but the throw back to gonzalez gets behind him and he fell awkwardly, a runner scored and tied it, gonzalez left an inning later, his pitch count was high. geren was tossed, seemed to fire up the as because sweeney broke a 2-2 tie, sweeney had an rbi every starter had a hit, they battered around in the sixth, five hits were with two outs and brought in five runs. aswin it 6-2. they've won 3-4. all right, meantime, gerhardt, usually, you think of toby gerhardt in football, the heisman trophy runnerup. how about his sisters who play a little softball for the cardinal, that's tegan and kelsy gerhardt and an ncaa superregional at alabama, bottom of the sixth, casey, triple down the line, that scores a run to make it 1-0 and that will be all 'bama would need as they're able to take
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care of the 15-seed stanford cardinal, 1-0, it is 'bama moving onto the college world series, stanford is coming home. nhl, the stanley cup finals, vancouver, of course, wraps the west. eastern conference, decided game 7 in boston against the tampa bay lightning, nicholas thornton, 1-0. and the clock struck 12, the lightning season, boston is going to face vancouver beginning wednesday in that final. kevin mckale is not going to coach the golden state warriors because he is going to be coach of the houston rockets. he was the former minnesota general manager, had a couple of stints as coach, one of the nba's 50 greatest players of all time. mckale will run the show for
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the houston rockets. and speaking of the nba, michael jordan's former teammate pippin, he says that lebron james may be the greatest of all time. >> ouch. ouch. >> good night, everybody. have a good weekend. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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