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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron 4news no as thousand had in and out of seven cisco, cal tran has plans to shut down lanes of the bay bridge and could mean a few big backups for holiday travelers. we have more details >> reporter: it will be a very busy saturday and sunday overnight for workers on the bay bridge. me show you what they are doing. they are going to open that up to traffic, as they do, we go to the west and some of the current lanes open will soon. >> closed, all in an effort for the new bay bridge. i want to give you an idea of what is going on here. usually when you come in on the
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oakland touchdown or five lanes open. i have these model cars representing different lands. the first phase are close two and keep reopen the. the second is close three and keep them to open. this will happen in the overnight hours between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. according to cal tran, most of those lame closures will have been big twain 12:00 and 5:00 a.m. train delays are creating delays. we see what passengers can do to avoid major delays were back as a result of these emergency repairs, the most impacted writers will be on the dublin and fremont train lines heading to and from san francisco. if you are one of those trends, the most important thing for you to remember issue will have to transfer trains at the 12th street station in oakland. passengers on the lines will
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need to change trains and get on the pittsburgh bay line that opened during these repairs at. you need to figure transfer within 3-5 minutes to avoid a 20 minute delay for the following times during the next two weekends. these delays are expected sunday and monday and told 2:30:00 p.m. you can expect similar delays next weekend on saturday, june 4 until 7:30:00 a.m. and on sunday, june fifth until 2:30. no hayward police are searching for a woman who was last seen on friday at kaiser hospital. michelle was taking in nursing growth at the hospital for college credit. at friday night she said she was driving to reno to visit friends and loved plastering break but did not return. her vehicle was found a few blocks from the hospital and police say she did not have any psychological or medical conditions that would account for her disappearance in for several years now, the san
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francisco housing authority has got civil injunctions to keep people off their properties. this past week in superior court judge called them unconstitutional. we see how it affects public housing and the people who live there what mcelroy is a major setback for the san francisco housing authority. similar to getting a -- housing officials need it to try to reduce crime and low income housing projects like this in the western addition. here's some background background information. the san francisco housing authority has injunctions against 75 people, basically saying those people do not visit any of the public housing developments in the city. they cannot even come within 150 yards up the properties. the housing authority wants to keep them away because it claims they are the people who have, in the past, committed crimes at their properties. a man named marcus johnson challenged the injunction.
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he was arrested four times for violating the injunction. his attorney says each time he was just visiting his children who live here. the housing authority arc is that they banned him from their properties because in the past he had robbed and assaulted people at the same development. he was also selling drugs. after looking at the information presented by both sides, a judge will do in favor of johnson saying the injunction violated his right. now, it looks like all of the injunction obtained by the housing authority will be tossed out. no a small earthquake has shaken sonoma county. the 3.9 hit about 24 miles north of santa rosa about 4:00. there have been no reports of damages or injuries as the result. on the some oil day weekend, the rain has ended for tonight.
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there are still a few showers left well to the south of san jose and are moving south and east and out of the bay area and will see a better day for tomorrow. the rain was heavy at times and added a pretty quickly. san francisco had more than a corder of an inch of rain, oakland about a quarter of an edge in the high was mill valley, about a third of an inch. for tomorrow we will see more sunshine and we'll have some really strong winds for tomorrow as this weather system tonight begins to depart. symbol temperatures today, just into the 60s and for tomorrow, look for a dry day and sunshine. it will be windy and going to be on the cool side. we will have temperatures warmer than what we had today. look for partly cloudy skies tonight, gusty winds between 20- 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, a mixture of sunshine and clouds, breezy winds and will crank up through the afternoon and could top 40 miles per hour, but we will see the sun and warmer temperatures and we'll talk about that later
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on. the state government wants to close down 70 parks to help build a massive budget deficit. 16 of them receive federal funding. the state cannot close them down. a handle are right here in the bay area. we explain why they must remain open were back abandoned picnic tables -- candlestick point part in san francisco, the popular urban park is on the list for slated closing under the plan to shut down a quarter of california's state parks. >> i don't see why you need to close this part. it is a very good part. it has a unique aspect to it will not park patrons find a reprieve because it is one of 16 parks on the governor's list that has received federal funding from the land and water conservation fund. the fund administered by the national park service is a major source of funding for
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parks. california has received hundreds of millions of dollars of park since the establishment nearly 50 but gosh 50 years ago. a grant from the fund comes with some stringent requirement. most importantly, it requires that parks receiving those grants must remain open to the public in perpetuity. >> it was lucky that it was created with this hitch. they created the park for a reason. you took the money and built the park. you cannot take that away want to have taken my money back even a second step is overheard, states must provide new parkland nearby that is subject to federal approval. other bay parks have received funding from the park and recreation fund. >> a little later on we will take a look at one state park were business is booming
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despite these potential cut. at the death toll rises from the tornado outbreak in the midwest, a search for survivor continues and we will show you tales of survival as president obama prepares to visit the disaster area. not everyone is taking memorial day op. are we becoming a nation of all work and no play compared to other countries? no we have a programming change to tell you about. doctor phil is moving timeslots. that needs at 8:00 there will be a new kron4 newscast. the change begins this monday dad, i was wondering if you've -- what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph.
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them at 139 are now confirmed dead from the joplin turn into a 105 are still unaccounted for. some families have grown frustrated by the slow process to identify remains. president obama will be in missouri to see damage firsthand. >> reporter: the joplin tornado continues to deliver heartbreak
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as missouri state officials say they were able to identify more victims and notify loved ones. troopers say they are working hard to make the identification process gentle for families. >> i can tell you it is a very respectful process. i can tell you that someone is without loved ones every step of the way >> reporter: incredible stories continue to emerge from joplin. an army veteran and manager at a home depot is credited with meeting six people at the store and leaving them to safety. his family said they expected no less from have. >> that is who he was. he helped everybody and i doing that were back established a care in his pharmacy when the disaster struck. he and others survived by clinging onto a toilet to avoid being swept away. >> all i can say is i am really glad that toilet help, because i didn't think it would work that president obama will come to joplin and see those
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affected by the tornado. the death toll from the joplin drum is the largest for any single tornado since record- keeping began in 1950. there are allegations that osama bin laden was cutting a deal with pakistan shortly before his death. we will show you how do you is dealing with the allied, pakistan's. the wet weather is creating a spectacle in affinity and see what is in store for visitors this holiday weekend ♪
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. in officials say they have proved that osama bin laden was willing to make a deal with pakistan. the pakistani officials denied they were aware of the terrorist's alleged proposals were back we see that he was ready to make a deal. now qaeda would keep his hands off of pakistan, note tax of
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pakistan protected it leaders and allow them to live their. >> we are not aware of it were that cnn was told there was no contact with in the country. >> the question is, did he visit with anyone? >> reporter: a u.s. official says that bin laden to communicate with now qaeda's operation chief around protection. while there is no evidence they approach pakistani officials to cut a deal, american officials say there is an open question about his links to people in pakistan. >> our counterparts in the government were very forthcoming in saying that somebody, somewhere was providing some kind of support for hillary clinton has left islamabad. u.s. official say the u.s. high- tech as danny relationship has been walked back from the brink.
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>> this was an especially important visit because we have reached a turning point were it not that question is, turning where? pakistan is demanding a decrease in u.s. droned strikes and tell you the u.s. military to send many of it 200 trainers home. >> they are talking about reducing the number of personnel, intelligence fusion centers. there is a bunch of mixed signals or that they agreed to send a forensic team into the compound to swap services for dna samples and possibly use infrared cameras to search for anything embedded in the walls in is potentially explosive material in this intelligence find where that u.s. officials reiterated that right now there is no evidence that pakistani officials knew bin laden was there. in fact, secretary of state clinton hinted in the coming days there could be no announcement of some possible new joint missions of the u.s. and
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pakistan working together in counterterrorism. no we have somewhat weather on this saturday, memorial day weekend. the wet weather is pushing out into the bay area and will have a nicer day tomorrow, although it will still. >> on the cool side and blustery. airstrip tracker, there are a few showers around salinas and hollister to the south of the bay area and that is about it, some snow falling in the sierra, but that is wrapping up, as well. we have a couple patches of blue showing the snow, things getting better. the requirements of the earlier tonight have now been dropped. the trouble is improving. in the bay area, a lot of one's surpassing -- they are going to be with us tonight and too much of the day tomorrow. at midnight we see some cloudiness (-left-paren, but the skies will clear it
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somewhat into tomorrow morning, still image of clouds and sunshine tomorrow morning. watch the clouds clear out of here and we will get north winds that pushed the clouds out. double dude lots of sunshine for the late morning and afternoon. the temperatures are below average and the winds could possibly pick up and surpassed 40 miles per hour it. temperatures for the day -- we were stuck in the 60s, but tomorrow a few degrees warmer getting into the 70s into santa rosa. 61 in san francisco with san jose up to 69. this is the seven day. looking at memorial day monday, still kind of cool. the average high on the top row is, typically, 80, but we will have 70 on monday, mid- 60s by mostly sunny skies and another system roles in for the midweek and coming to stay and hang out here for three days and bring a chance for showers and early
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cool temperatures but looking better to stand end of the week. >> of course, we know that memorial day weekend marks the unofficial kickoff to summer, a season traditionally marked by family vacations and long weekend getaways. recent survey found many americans are hesitant to leave the office. why don't americans unplug like workers in other countries? what that did at the beach, tricks you will remember for a lifetime, that is what summer is all about, right now? that for most american workers that lie behind international counterparts in the vacation time given and taken. according to a survey, workers in great britain got an average of 28 day vacation last year. in france, 37. here in the u.s., 18 and only used 14. what is holding americans got? with the economy recovering, some workers are happy to have a job to go to every day. with staffing down to bare bones during the recession,
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they would rather. >> at their desks. >> we are afraid of the work waiting for us when we got back from vacation. the guilt will make us not take the days off that we really need were back up one in four workers cannot afford a getaways. 12% say they can afford it but won't go. one in the reason they felt more covetable taking a vacation this summer than they did last year. if finances are holding you back, try a long weekend just to unwind and, most importantly, unplug close to home. >> try to take a friday off work early on a friday and utilize the whole weekend and turn on your guard cell phones. a weekend celebration in san francisco, carnival of out
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music and dancing all around fun. the difference is the version is a lot more family-friendly than it south american's counterpart, but the parade is pretty lively and colorful. starts at 9:30 tomorrow at harrison street between 23rd and 16th street them up with the snowpack well above normal, visitors at yosemite are in for a rare treat. we will give you a look at one of the best years for waterfalls. ♪
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded...
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so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. related crowds are expected to exhibit a national holiday weekend. we see the winter snow giving visitors some stunning waterfalls were back they are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary at your samiti. waterfalls rank one. >> they have all been gorgeous. >> reporter: with the snowpack, waterfalls are shooting over
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cliffs, under bridges and down mountainsides. government of the best years for waterfalls, ever. >> reporter: it has been closed due to snow at the half dome. all details are open now, but many are still covered in snow and ice. tents are going up in campgrounds and reservations are full. for some, the holiday weekend at yosemite are a holiday tradition. >> every year after friday, it is crazy >> reporter: many yosemite visitors will be coming from nearby. >> the way gas prices are, it is a local area to a number of different areas including central valley and differences the los angeles >> reporter: a cold winter's solid heavy snow and power outages but spring and summer promise a nice visit. >> they are expected to be at full capacity the first week of
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june. i just got back from the s- sierra senate is knowing. >> it is snowing there and in yosemite. pretty unusual. >> it will give it more were not. >> yeah. >> have a good night, everybody. ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin. but if it was going to do the same for my spa, i had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called my citibank small business expert. he got me a line of credit to make it happen and even improved my cash flow. now, my spa has more business than ever.
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