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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> within about three hours, it it's the " real it filigree don't will get 431 years-life in prison. few will never see another day of free dom
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>> we have media from all over the country including the new york times and the people magazine. paris is so much potential media, they have lot of areas behind me to make sure that the parking lot has plenty of room for the media. we plan to compete in the courtroom. -- we plan to be in the courtroom. whether or not filigree don't ordinands agreed to will be in the courtroom region not know. wheat >> and will post and the new- line affirmation throughout the day. >> new details on the attack on that san francisco giants fans at dodger stadium. the man accused of our meeting bryan
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stow has taken to lie detector tests. his attorney claims that he or demanded those tests. the polygraph expert for the defense says that america's past. reverses' it may also be a suspect in a nevada shooting. henderson police believe that giovanni ramirez support in the shooting outside of las vegas in january. new details in the search for the bay area nursing student at went missing, michelle le was seen leaving class on a break friday night from kaiser hospital in hayward. she never came back. authorities are focusing on results code which had continued operation until midday on saturday. it was accusing the
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cellphone towers and oakland, fremont and union city. >> with of we believe that that the last place of bonus provision pinged the is the place that we have to look. it is the only place we have the ability to look right now, the only evidence feel that we believe might take us to michelle was is not where she currently is. >> authorities issued search warrants and interviewed 15-20 people. some people questioned or persons of interest. no arrest had been made. a former friend was brought to the police station for questioning in the later release. >> wacky weather in northern california. a twister touched down north of yuba city about 5:30 p.m.. it was all caught on camera. it is amazing to look at. the national weather service will send 18 out today to try to determine the strength of the
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tornado. there is no damage reported. three other tornadoes touched down in that same areas last week. hundreds of from acres of wheat or orchards destroyed. >> the tornadoes came through massachusetts which is pretty strange. hair or four people have been killed from the tornadoes. there has been damaged. two dozen communities saw it damaged. as take a look at this hour video. you can see the tornado developing. her praise state of emergency has been declared. upon to 1000 national guardsmen may be called in to help. more than 40 people have been admitted to hospitals with injuries. state police say that they have or reports of tornadoes in eight other towns as well. take a look at some of
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the damage from the ground are because of those tornadoes in massachusetts. there is a tornado watch her run record and a thunderstorm watch currently in place. or >> here are still pictures of the damage in springfield mass.. while this is on main street. one of the buildings has completely crumbled. the top part of it. we can see the street lights and then toobent s a car crushed by a part of the building that fell down. " this is part and main street. industry pull is bent over. as soon as we get more pictures of
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the storm damage, we will be sure to bring nt. >> pretty we have more bad weather to come. and >> quite a bit of cloud cover still out there. we are seeing some of wrinkles in the no. 8. a slight chance of showers, but partly cloudy conditions for today especially for san francisco software. as we head towards friday and into the weekend, more wet weather. we are still seeing isolated showers through the napa valley into the delta. afternoon highs in the
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possibly in the '70s in the south bay. the coast will hold steady at about 58. future cast 4 shows some isolated to wrinkles through the north bay. it looks like the latter part of friday that will bring in those rain chances. i cannot emphasize enough, it is going to be a wet weekend. here is your 7 day around the bay. raindrops until monday and then, we dry out. partly cloudy on tuesday and wednesday and temperatures will finally start to rebound into the low seventies. >> we are looking at a pretty good commute. we are free of any hot spots. there are no major incidents or unusual delays. we're looking first at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. an easy ride with no delays as you head towards the upper deck. the metering lights are 10 minutes away from being activated. your ride on the san mateo bridge, a smooth commute with no delays in either direction. the golden gate bridge ride problem free in from marin county. there are no delays as you come down the wall the bridge. but we have been looking at the ride on the dumbarton bridge, there are no problems on the approach heading towards a menlo park. we're going to take a break, the kron 4 morning news is with you until 10:00 a.m.. we will be right back. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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power in the first place? >> they are still scratching their heads. power went out about 3:30 a.m.. at one point it affected 1500 customers who have no service. most of that has been restored. right now is down to about four blocks right around the intersection of east twelfth and forty fourth ave. they know it is somewhere around here on this block is where the power outage started. they are not sure what started it. they want to take a priority in getting people back on line. there are maybe another 50 to customers without service. they are going to concentrate on replacing lines and get them back on service. once that is done it will be able to start the investigation as to what started this power there is no rain or wind, it is pretty calm right now. i guess
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it is the call before the storm. they are not sure what causes this power outage. whe you have residential and businesses out here. it is going to be another six hours before they can get them back on line. >> take you, yoli. >> are following the latest out of springfield, massachusetts. the tornado they had yesterday, last night, we have some pictures from the area, one of the boston television stations gave us our first live pictures of the damage and destruction. 19 communities in central and western massachusetts with widespread damage. more on that in a minute.
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>> 6:70 a.m., we are keeping an eye on wall street. eight big needed as we wake up. the dow plummeted nearly 280 fewer americans applied for and implement last week. the labor department reports the claims dropped to four to 22,000, that is still far above the level consistent with a significant job growth. tomorrow we will get jobs reports for may. >> gas prices are on their way back up just in time for the
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summer. triple it records the national average for gas is just about one penny up today after 20 consecutive days of going >> let's check the weather. >> we are getting a bit of debris there. the wayne tapered off this morning. take advantage of the dry weather. if you need to do something outdoors, it is destined to get it done today. we might have a sprinkles or two, but here is a dry shot of the james lick. mostly dry conditions. we will stay that way for a good portion of the day. satellite and radar shows the system breaking apart with a bit of instability and a pop-up
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shower into the afternoon. temperatures into the 40's and '50's. by the afternoon highs in the '60s. it will be a cool afternoon. through the delta, the upper 60s. the same story into south bay. given terms of what the weather, it looks like it is really going to kick into high gear as we head towards friday. on thursday, isolated sprinkles and then, as we head towards the latter part of friday, watched the rain chances increase as, more widespread by friday. rain expected for much of the day saturday and then on sunday, rain chances will be around. it is going to be a wet weekend ahead of us. here is your 7 day around the bay. raindrops until monday. tuesday and wednesday we dry up and warm of. >> as we continue to track to
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become a pretty good ride for the bay bridge westbound headed towards san francisco. no backups or delays. the metering lights are active. they have just been turned on for the westbound earth the san mateo bridge and you're right on 92, it easy ride in both directions. 101 southbound, no delays either through oak or from marin the golden gate is clear, an easy trick to sfo this morning. >> 6:21 a.m.. an east bay school
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at risk of being shut down is going to be staying open. the west contra costa school board voted unanimously to keep open shannon elementary at least for the next school where where there cordwood have saved 380,000 a year by closing the school but it would have had to spend 1.5 million to move students into building portables. >> the people's voices were heard. i am glad to see the board was not willing to waste 1.5 million to save 380,000. >> the final decision will be made by a state trustee that that person has already said
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that she will allow shannon to stay open for one more year. >> a quick break at 6:22 a.m., back with more in a minute. the las angeles angels had to make an emergency landing yesterday. we will tell you what happens coming up. a beautiful shot right there looking out at san miguelthe tale. ast a rawt san . .
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>> a flight carrying its members of the las angeles angels was forced to make an emergency landing overnight. mechanical issues force that delta plane to change plans and come down at lax instead of the intended airport. a hydraulic problem was to blame. the team was headed back from an away game in misery. no one was hurt. the team finished their trip to anaheim by bus. take a look at
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this, a massive blaze in southern california. it was sparked last night at a furniture factory. but about 100 firefighters had to jump on this. no injuries were reported. >> mitt romney is expected to officially toss his hat into the race for president today. romney makes the case and he is positioned to defeat barack obama. her romney ran four years ago, he is said to enter a race in new hampshire today awhile at a barbecue. >> 6:27 a.m., we are back with more than a minute. when here is a live look outside. twisters in springfield to tell you about.
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more in a minute.
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>> 6:29 a.m., here is a live look at the new york stock exchange. there is the rate of the opening bell. but a little this morning, not by a lot. yesterday the dow slipped almost 2 percent, we will see where the numbers go today. a lot of economic reports coming out, and jobless claims, productivity, says a lot of things investors will be chewing over today. now, a check on whether >> we have seen it all over the last couple of days inns and more to come. >> we have a small window of dry weather, this is added. here is a dry shot of downtown san francisco. we still see some clouds in maybe a chance of isolated showers and what
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whether through the weekend. we will have details and when you can expect the most in the wet weather straight ahead. >> still a pretty good-looking on your ride on the bay bridge, metering lights were just activated. the backup regisher regis to end of the east parking lot. it >> 6:31 a.m.. the couple that captured jaycee lee dugard and kept her for 18 years ago here their sentence today. will tran is live whisk the latest on this legal sa and will this really come to an end? 1/4 >> in it should come to an end, the already pleaded guilty last month. today they will be officially sentence. as phillip garrido has agreed to forfeit 31 years-life in prison. at 61 years old, he will never see another day of freedom and his life. with his wife nancy, there is an outside chance that she will be able to walk away from
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prison. she agreed to 36 years- life in prison but is eligible for parole after 31 years when she is 86. by then, they may see her as not be a risk to society. the big question this morning is not how much time they will get, that is already taken care of, the big question is whether jaycee dugard people make an appearance in court. right before sentencing, any victims or potential victims have the right to make a victim impact statement to tell the court with these people did to their lives. we will wait and see if jaycee dugard will be here. after the sentencing, the big question is whether or not the judge will release the transcripts and then we will get to hear what jaycee dugard per told the grand jury and what led up to the
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>> the latest on michelle le le
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, m is the nursing student from hayward. herself always getting paint on cellphone towers and in oakland, fremont, union city as well. authorities are now trying to obtain cellphone records to find that a specific location and they are looking at surveillance video near the hospital. >> we see what appears to be machel's car leaving, we can determine what is in the car or determine that is >> authorities have interviewed 15-20 people, at this point no arrests have been made. >> live to springfield, massachusetts. a chopper over head of the damage caused by tornadoes.
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>> the chopper is zeroing in on the damage, trees have been uprooted, some homes are left in splinters, some homes are left standing. over in joplin, missouri, where they have the deadliest tornado, everyone has been accounted for that was listed as missing. that means either that were located where the deaths have been confirmed. at one point more than 1300 people were listed as missing. that tornado on may 22nd killed more than 100 people. that makes it the deadliest tornado since 1950. the death count could still rise because many of those victims are in the
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hospital still and fighting for their lives. we have tornadoes in northern california as well. we have had a wild weather, totally unseasonable. we will see more continuing this weekend. >> record rainfall totals yesterday in downtown san francisco. more what weather to come. storm tracker 4 shows some isolated sprinkles in the north bay. tenders in the 40's and 50's. by the afternoon of widespread 60's expected. 5 degrees warmer in santa rosa. it looks like 66 for redwood city, a degree cooler than that in hayward. now we're going to take you through what you could expect in terms of what weather. as for today, isolated sprinkles and for the most part partly cloudy conditions. watch
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the future cast 4 set for the latter part of the day on friday. rain chances increase its continue to be widespread friday night. you'll wake up saturday morning to terrain. widespread showers into sunday and monday as well. your 7 day around the bay shows a long stretch of what whether into the beginning of next hour work week. tuesday and wednesday we start to dry out and see the temperature is a >> the metering lights on the
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bay bridge were kicked on about 20 minutes ago. on the 880 over crossing it is not too bad yet. there are no incidents or hot spots. on the san mateo bridge, problem free. a nice burst of sunshine in the area. there are no delays in either direction. your commute on the golden gate is still smooth and a problem for a period the volume is pretty high for this hour. on the dumbarton bridge, here is a look at the approach to the toll plaza. a bit of a back up in the right hand cash lanes. it is an easy commute across the span and out towards the bayfront expressway. the corridor on 880 between san leandro and downtown oakland is light this morning, there are no delays as you head out. >> 6:38 a.m., the san francisco
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giants are the first major sports franchise to record a video for the it gets better project. and on-line campaign that helped to curb suicide among lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgendered useyouth. taka look. >> we speak for the entire giants organization when we say there is no place in society for hatred in the league against anyone. >> there is no place for children and teenagers to feel isolated or like they have to endure all lives. >> and for everyone, >> please note you have an amazing future in front of you. >> and the entire committee in your corner. >> we promise you, it gets better. it >> it gets better. >> that is nice. it is really uplifting. they are trying to be the heroes hot that sports people and athletes are supposed to
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>> a live picture from washington d.c. the government reform committee is hosting this hearing, republicans are expected to criticize all ball must response to the gulf oil spill in heavily of recovery operations. it's called the assessing the recovery efforts by bp. mississippi governor
6:44 am
is expected to be a witness. we will provide you with any updates. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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>> the couple that kidnapped jaycee dugard for 18 years held her captive, both defendant pled guilty. to build and nancy garrido. phillip garrido, a maximum term of 431 years-live, nancy garrido, 36 years-like. >> of assessing the damage in massachusetts this morning, there were fierce storms. at least four people killed. you're looking at the live damage. rules are ripped off of buildings. the tops completely
6:48 am
exposed. this is in central and western massachusetts. >> here is a shot of walnut creek. sunshine out there trying to peak between the clouds. we
6:49 am
will continue to see rain through saturday. on the majority of the day, widespread showers continue to send a. we could even see some lingering rain into monday. right at the temperatures are in the '50s, by the afternoon, 60's. hawks a slight chance of showers on monday and we will dry out tuesday and wednesday and at temperatures back into the '70s. >> as we continue our bridge check, of the san mateo bridge, your ride on highway 92, conditions are good. no delays or unusual slowing in either direction. the golden gate
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bridge ride is a problem free. so is the commute through marin county. frointerstate 680, there was an accident southbound at vargas road. this is the area with the new express toll lane. >> police have arrested a man that they believe caused the accident that shut down 80 in oakland yesterday. 24 year old
6:51 am
man was driving the white acura the cost another vehicle to spin out of control and crashed into a big rig. the man has been arrested for the accident. >> police in san rafael are asking for the public's help in identifying this man who robbed a sandwich shop at gunpoint.
6:52 am
police want you to take a good look to see if you know who this person is. pg&e will miss a deadline to turn over key documents requested by california regulators in the wake of last year's deadly pie plate explosion. they likely will not have all of the document complete until the end of 2012. the commission had given pg&e hauntil june of this year. weld flaws are being looked at in last year's explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> stocks are poised for some slight gains in early trading after the dow industrial average had its largest drop in nearly a year yesterday. a lot of wednesday's losses were
6:53 am
triggered by reports suggesting that the economy is not doing as well as expected. >> 6:53 a.m.. a live loo in a minutewe will be back in a minu. pretty good day on tap for today, but another rain storm coming. here we're looking at snow in the sierra. fact ha ha
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>> a quick look at the 7 day forecast. a partly cloudy day.
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more rain on the way for friday, saturday and sunday. >> a drug test from lance armstrong in 2001 were found consistent with epo use. attorneys from lance armstrong have demanded an on-air apology. 6:57 a.m., we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. a live a peek at the golden gate bridge. she hot
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