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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 3, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> one san francisco firefighter lost his life after fighting a blaze last night. more on that. >> the dow is down, we'll tell you more about that. >> around san francisco and the bay area, we are headed for rain. >> a quick update on whether with james fletcher. >> what are live here out mt. tam sean you low clouds and light skies up above. today is a little bit of mr., some sunshine and increasing clouds as we progress towards the afternoon. we are expecting our first rain sometimes after the noon hour. " the rain will be steady all weekends. we will walk you through step-by-step we are expecting with the ring. here is the system coming our way. " spiraling counterclockwise, but it is pulling moisture towards us. around noon we will see the
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first raindrops' beginning to saturday morning, widespread light rain. we will walk you through saturday and sunday coming up and about 10 minutes. as for temperatures this afternoon, a perfect sees in the low 60s across north bay. -- upper 50s and low 60s across the
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north bay. you will get warmer as you head south. as for the east bay, right around 63. here is your 7 day forecast. the wet weather continues through the weekend. i will update you with more in 10 minutes. by monday, maybe some sprinkles still hanging around, but tuesday a look at dry weather that will continue into the middle of next week. >> light traffic continues with no problems for the commute. it looks as though we will remain dry through the morning. that is one of the reasons why we have such good conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have any hot spots to track. the westbound ride is barely backed up. on the san mateo bridge, slowing on the 92 connector ramp coming from the nimitz freeway. that is because of the ramp was reduced to one lane earlier in the week in order to facilitate construction going on. the trip
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across the bridge is very slight. there are no delays. your ride on 101, it looks good through marin county. on the golden gate bridge, there are no delays. a problem free ride along oil drive in san francisco as well. the a strange looks good, caltrain, no delays or problems. >> topping the news this hour, investigation continues into a deadly fire in san francisco that killed one firefighter and left another fighting for his life this morning. vincent perez died yesterday after going into full cardiac arrest, suffering severe burns, smoke inhalation, all of that in a flash area. everything spontaneously combusted inside, an explosion of sorts. a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. a former marine and the alameda county sheriff's deputy. will tran is live and since is good general hospital
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records the latest on the firefighter who is in critical condition >> this >> his name is anthony valerio, a 14 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. one of the first permits to join the san francisco fire department after the department of health merged with the fire department. i talked to the public information officer, he is still in critical condition. here is this picture. he and perez were knocked unconscious at the scene and rushed to san francisco general. anthony perez died and excuse me been some perez died, anthony valerio is in critical condition. the big concern is his lungs. 1000 degrees care in his lungs and having severe burns to his body. support team from the san francisco a police department is
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here as well as his family. here is what they have to say about being in san francisco general. >> a lot of times it is not what you say, it is your presence, just being there. letting them know that they are not going to this along, that there are other peoples of for their hearts into resources >> according to the public information officer, so many people are following this story and concerned, she is trying to get a holof the family to see the family will release more information. we do not know at this time if he even has children. as far as the investigation into what caused the fire, it will take a long time right now it does not look suspicious.
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>> we are also hearing this morning, for the first time, parts of the fire dispatch call. we have a graphic to show you where this happens, the diamond heights neighborhood, the 100 block of berkeley way. about 10:45 a.m. when the fire broke out. let's listen to dispatch. >> they have activated their emergency alarm. they have not gotten a response for five minutes. >> by copy that. hawks fire on the ground outside right now, i need to companies on the ground right >> we will have another live report from the scene of the fire coming up later. >> disappointing job numbers came palette, unfortunately the market update is not loaded at this hour but i can tell you that the dow is down about 90 points. that is just about a
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half an hour since the market opened. it is now at 12,157. more updates in 15 minutes. >> things are improving slightly from the opening bell. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from the mt. tam cam showing high clouds and fog.
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>> 54,000 new workers in the month of may. paul police department is reporting unemployment has risen to 9.1%. most economists thought the job market would add 154,000 new jobs. to 83,000 jobs in the private sector, local government jobs were cut by 28,000. the dow is down 85 points right now. just crossing the wires, a federal grand jury has now indicted two-time presidential candidate john edwards. he is accused of breaking campaign finance laws by using his 2008 presidential campaign money if to hide his extramarital affair. >> there is word this morning
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that the assisted suicide doctor jack kevorkian has died. the man who says that he helped with one of 30 suicides over the years has now died in the hospital. he was in a detroit area hospital for the past few weeks her receiving care when he died. he was 83 years old. he served seven years in prison for second-degree murder. he was out in 2007. kevorkian claims that he has held with 130 suicides and devoted his life to helping people die. 7:11 a.m., we will be back with more news. new details in the case of bryan stow, the giants been beaten at dodger stadium and the alibi that the suspect has, his daughter is now coming forward. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is starting to get great.
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hawks >> the 10 year-old daughter of giovanni ramirez, the man
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accused in the beating bryan stow says that she was with him on that day in march. the mother says that the girl wanted to tell police her story. >> when she saw the newscasts, she wanted to speak to police about her father. >> police believe they have proof that ramirez it was there. ramirez is expected to be charged with the the attack on bryan stow. bryan stow was severely beaten and remains in serious condition. >> latest on the rain coming in for the weekend, we will go to james fletcher. >> a quick look on mt. tam, things actually look really nice. a mix of low clouds and high clouds and sunshine. the clouds will steadily increase as we head into the afternoon. we have a storm of of the pacific headed that way. the system as
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large. it will take all weekend to pass over us and move on. a very wet weekend. in terms of rain is beginning today around noon. we're going to start out dry, but by noon the rain begins to fall. at about 2:00 p.m. the light rain becomes widespread. it will continue that way until 5:00 p.m.. in all likelihood, a black evening commute with closing conditions. as we continue to push the clock to 9:00 p.m., we have a moderate rain it through than half of valley. light rain just about everywhere else. in the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. we will walk you through saturday and sunday at our next update. the upper 50s and low 60s across most of the north bay. as you work your way
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down the peninsula, you will get warmer the farther south you head. 63 or so in the east bay. still to live along the coast. 56 in half moon bay. here is your 7 day forecast. the rain will continue through the weekend and intensify on saturday. sunday, we could see thundershowers. monday, some sprinkles hang it on. tuesday- thursday we are nice and dry. we're finally warming back up. 7:17 a.m.. >> a backup on the bay bridge toll plaza, on average 280,000 cars a travel day bridge. that puts half of the year in the morning, so far is a pretty good ride. on the san mateo bridge,
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no hot spots to track. we have seen some slowing down 580, the lighter than usual for the west about altemont past. on the golden gate bridge, 101, a combination of an easy trip through 33 minutes before the navato golden gate bridge commute. 101, a pretty good barometer of how light things are. no slowing at all in downtown san jose. in late in the easy ride. we are still problems free for public transit, there are no delays or problems to report. >> the latest on our top story, the death of a san francisco firefighter killed in the line of duty and another one in serious condition in fighting for his life this morning after a fire in the san francisco diamond heights neighborhood.
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vincent perez was killed yesterday, he went into full cardiac arrest and suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation. a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. anthony valerio is currently inseam francisco general hospital in critical condition. here is the fire. you can see a giant amount of smoke pouring from the structure yesterday when the fire broke out. the two of them were caught in a flash over which basically is a sudden explosion that overwhelms them. jackie sissel is live at the scene when of where the fire broke out. the investigation is continuing this morning. >> you can see the evidence of how intense in this fire was, this is 20 hours after the fact. still the smell of smoke and the ear. you can see some of the firefighting equipment still unseen. we are below the house,
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on the street where the entrance to the home is. the street is blocked off. investigators from the fire department and the police department will be coming back out here this morning to continue with their investigation into to figure out exactly what happened yesterday morning when to fire fighters when inside the building and one did not come out alive. the second is fighting for his live at san francisco general hospital. you can see how close the houses are. they're basically wall-to-wall. the amount of damage done to this home, you can see inside the home right there, it is amazing that the fire did not spread more than it did. the investigators will be out here this morning, continuing to investigate and see what happens on this home on berkeley wade. >> will tran this lot of the hospital with more on that firefighters condition. he is struggling to keep alive. he is in bad shape after battling this
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fire. >> another big story, the couple who kidnapped, tortured and raped jaycee dugard are handed their sentences. as phillip garrido was sentenced to life, his wife nancy was sentenced to 36 years-life. in the courtroom, there were no words spoken by the couple who held dugard captive in the backyard of their home for 18 years. the judge referred to fill a stream as evil and called him a poster child for sexual predators. jaycee dugard was snatched a few hundred yards from her home near lake tahoe. the judge unsealed some of the grand jury testimony describing how she was taser it. she told the grand jury that a hand came out of the car window and she felt a shock. dugard said she did not remember the couple and driving away because she blacked out. she came to into the person who grantor moved to the frenzy. she testified that she heard voices
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in the front and a man said, i cannot believe we get and got awad laughing. the man threatened to tease her again for this you get attacked by dogs. >> we're watching stocks have a hard time this friday morning, a new and unemployment report just came out. unemployment is at 9.1%. the dow is down about 110 points and 12,138. the snb is down 10 points and the nasdaq is down 23 points. coming up at 7:30 a.m., i will be interviewing a portfolio manager live on the phone. if you have questions about this crash on the market, 401 k, i will be asking him questions wide. you can also go on our facebook page and pose questions, i will try to read them live on air.
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>> her back more in a couple of minutes -- we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam.
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>> major wild fires burning in parts of arizona. more than 40,000 a. have been burned so far. the blaze is growing quickly because it is very dry. there are high winds and low humidity. arizona crews are dealing with three other wild fires in the state as well. check out this fire, flames shooting from a home and in durham, north carolina. it started in the basement of the home, they do not know the cause yet. there are no people inside the home at the time, no one was
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hurt. >> this airbus has been in a new jersey storage facility since it was pulled from the hudson river, a bird strike the engine during takeoff and forced the pilot to land on the hudson river. all 155 people survived. many survivors are expected your attended the reception in charlotte once the plane arrives. we are back in 2 minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from the james with freeway. traffic is very light on this friday.
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>> and wet and cold by late this afternoon and a steady rain as we head into the weekends. for the weekend we have future cast 4 is set for 5:00 a.m.. widespread light rain with pockets of moderate rain falling in the north bay and in the delta as well. we will push the claw of towards noon, widespread light rain all morning long towards the rain is a lasting into
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saturday evening and sunday. light-moderate rain even at midnight on sunday. there, the potential for thunderstorms as well. 2:00 p.m. sunday, moderate-heavy rain falling in the east bay. with all of that in the mix for sunday, as we push the clock towards a 9:00 p.m., the rain moves out. so it will start this afternoon and will not let up until 9:00 p.m. on sunday. keep that in mind if you have any weekend plans. it is gone to be wet forecast no matter where you are. all of the moisture is getting pushed through the bay area, it is a large system that will take all weekend to get through our neck of the woods. afternoon highs are not very impressive, 60 degrees in navato, 67 in san francisco. it is not warm by any stretch of the imagination. we will not start warming up until
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sometime next week, once again the system out of our hair. we will look forward to that. >> we are picking up a few more delays of at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is where we have seen the biggest change in the last 20 minutes. we have watched the bay bridge go from no back of tobacco to the 880 over crossing. we have not seen anything reported in the way of a stall on the upper deck a lightly there may have been one. -- likely, there may have been one. it is quite possible that there was a problem in the that is why the metering lights were slow down. otherwise, a good commute, we have not been tracking in the hot spots. it is still a delay free ride on the
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san mateo bridge. on the golden gate bridge, a smooth commuter marin county and across fan. from walnut creek, the 680 into ramon valley, a little slowing on the ride into alamo but not nearly as heavy as yesterday or the day before. after a great start for public transit and a great start for ace train, train # one ran into problems before getting to san jose. finally arriving recently, about an hour behind trains # 3 and no. 5 are still on time. >> let's go to the newsroom for a market update. >> we're watching wall street have a hard time this morning. at last check the dow was down 71 points. this is coming on news that the on the plan rate is at
7:34 am
hot >> with irma watching the market's slide, it was not really an inspected, we have bad jobs of course, earlier this week. >> that is correct. adp is a private company that makes an estimate of employment 2 days prior to the government's number coming else. the adp number was very poor. clock hot
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>> on the line with me, steve moussaka. >> there are many great values out there with companies that pay excellent dividends. that is an area to focus on. >> her it has to be on an individual basis as well, it is clear that the economy is slowing down. >> a double dip recession? >> the definition of a recession, there is i do not know if when we have gotten to that, but clearly the direction thisis the economy is getting worse, not better. >> the dow is down 67 points at
7:36 am
12,181, how do you think things will go the rest of the day? >> as we have already had significant declines this week. to a large degree this employment number, although it was bad, it did not hit many market professionals as a total surprise. we have seen it- economic data for a number of days. my guess is you probably will see the worst of it today and we will have to see what next week's information brings her to determine how the >> market trends> did you, steve. -- thank you, steve. >> an investigation continuing in a deadly house fire that killed one firefighter and left another fighting for his life. 48 year-old lt. vincent perez died yesterday after going into full cardiac arrest, suffering severe burns and hot smoke inhalation. are there was a flash burns, that is where temperatures rise so quickly that everything spontaneously
7:37 am
combust. perez was a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. a former marine and alan lee county sheriff's deputy. will tran is live right now and san francisco general waiting an update for a firefighter in critical condition. >> we are hoping to hear from the public information officer from san francisco general, but i can tell you, according to the spokeswoman, anthony valerio is still here and in critical condition. here is his picture, a 14 year veteran. he joined the fire department back in 1997 from the department of health as a paramedic. he was found unconscious in the room with perez. and they were rushed here. perez it did not make it. delirious fighting for his life. the big concern this morning are his lungs. he took in hot air and perhaps as long as are burned. right now, he is on a ventilator, his family by
7:38 am
his bedside. a lot of people swinging by this morning, including police departments to make sure that anthony valerio is ok. we did get a chance to talk to a colleague, here is what he had to say. >> we are hanging in there, doing everything we can. it is on a holding pattern a right now. i do not have any updates, i just came on duty, shift just started a little while ago. >> the reason why information is hard to come by is because he is in the intensive care unit. we understand that his family is by his bedside. the san francisco police department was asked to send over a support team to give whatever support they can to the family members of anthony perez excuse me, vincent perez and anthony valerio. they spent a lot of time with the perez family because he was the lone
7:39 am
fatality. they are here on standby in case his family needs to talk to anyone. we will try to get you more information. anthony's brother is here. he told reporters that he in a room was so intense that part of his mass melted. for >> on our facebook fan page, people have been sending it well wishes and condolences. our first comment to was written by jessica. she says, " frere to the family, the ems family, your loved and respected. ". another comment says, " we appreciate all they do for us. one firefighter rest in peace in the event of a speedy recovery. ". to have a discussion, go to our facebook fan page and like us. we will be right back the kron 4 more news after this break.
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>> 7:42 a.m.. it is going to be
7:43 am
a wet one if you are going to the baseball game tonight. mostly cloudy and light rain. the first pitch at 7:15 p.m.. that is equipped baseball forecast. >> utility companies will now have to install automatic or remote controlled shut off the valves on natural gas pipelines. this bill was approved by the state senate. that is in response to last september's deadly san bruno gas line explosion. the pg&e pipeline in that area only have a manual shut of about. another bill requires the california public utility companies to set stricter emergency response standards and natural gas operators. >> pg&e is taking out full-page ads in 24 california newspapers apologizing for last year's deadly explosions. the ad creek will be featured in 21 weekly newspapers in northern
7:44 am
california into the central valley. pg&e says they want to show how deeply sorry they were for the blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the company paid to under $50,000 for the advertising. >> 7:43 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. hmm ask
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>> the time is a 7:47 a.m., we have a lot to talk about. here is a quick view from mt. tam as a are following all of that cloud cover in the rain that is headed our way. we're born to start off the day with clouds, it will continue to increase as we head towards noon. after the noon hour we will have light rain that will grow to steady rain by the evening and stay with us to the overnight hours
7:48 am
and into tomorrow and beyond. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., light-moderate showers. widespread rain saturday. or diaz
7:49 am
systemwide duke. f hot tar to bush's afternoon are not bad. -- power temperatures of this afternoon are not that. by monday we start to warm up and dry out. hot >> we have a hot spot free morning but a delay on the bay bridge. it turns out there was she rocks that was dumped on the upper deck of the debris in the middle lane.
7:50 am
not a bad morning at all for the westbound lane bridge. >> the new unemployment rates
7:51 am
came out, 9.1%. at last check the dow is down 65 points. 12,183. it is still above 12,000 which is a good way to be. continued updates right here on the kron 4 morning news on how wall street is responding to a weakening in her job market report. president obama is expected to announce that the u.s. government is selling its 6% stake in chrysler to the italian auto maker fiat. once this deal closes the feds will no longer owns a stake in the automaker. chrysler has already repaid the government a large portion of the 12.5 billion at a borrowed during the financial crisis. the u.s. government will ultimately lose about 1.3 billion in this deal. a chicago- based group, groupon, the real time deal finder wants to become a public company poughkeepsie. they've filed for 8 $7 million ipo. and they turned down a $6
7:52 am
billion buyout offer from google just a few months ago. the move to go public is followed by the ipo from linkedin. the company was valued at 9 billion by the end of the first day. >> drinkers are consuming more wine than people in france. we drank more wine than they do according to sales. the wine institute of san francisco says a domestic wine sales jumped 7% in 2010 and exports nearly three times as much. wine industry watchers say that it is the poster session rebound. like us
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on facebook by 10:00 a.m. to get in on a chance to win u2 tickets. that will give you access to a special entry form that you can fill out. there is another contest of sorts, it is from soles for souls, go to the hard rock cafe on monday by 3:00 p.m., the first 100 people to donate new or gently used shoes get a pair of tickets. we will be right back.
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>> a monument at before 8:00 a.m.. let's see if whereat
8:00 am
many breaks in is whether her this weekend >> we are going have thunderstorms in there this weekend. ford today were run have increasing cloudiness and wet and cooler in the overnight hours. by noon future cast 4 is predicting rain moving into the area and as we move the clock forward 5:00 p.m. during your ride home your evening commute will be a well one.
8:01 am
in the north bay area it will intensify. right up until midnight saturday. just one is alleging know how the rain is going to play out today. it will slowly tracked over our area in the next 72 hours. do not make any with weekend plans as it will be what most of the weekend. a look at the temperatures right now those of the temperatures but you will be more concerned about their rain over had.
8:02 am
monday a few sprinkles and tuesday when state we start warming up a little. >> no hot spots to report on the road lies at the bay bridge toll plaza of hot clearing it did back up to the 880 over crossing. and the san mateo bridge is the problem free. and southbound 101 delivery the golden gate
8:03 am
bridge and no problems and a very easy ride and after delays on as a train and # one in bound central freeway also looks very good as a train no. 1 and arrived over one hour late. >> the investigation continues into a deadly house fire riparian 48 year- old lt. vincent perhaps suffered severe burns. he
8:04 am
was a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department of former sure step for a and a marine. >> new legislation to pass along at six you can see firefighters continued to come and. anthony and filarial is in critical condition and has been with the san francisco fire department for 14 years he is not married and has no children. he and perhaps as where the lead going into the home. another
8:05 am
firefighter that was injured is a female. >> the biggest concern is about he made it through with the night and that is a good thing we need to get his blood pressure back up and they are doing everything they can to expand his lungs. >> we just saw firefighters leaving the scene. they are offering support to the family of of filarial. . it
8:06 am
is a very difficult day for him 1500 firefighters have seven hearts. >> we're also hearing for the first time the dispatch calls. that scene is still
8:07 am
an active same with this morning and will have more on this coverage on this route today >> employers added the fewest number of jobs in the month to make. the dow jones is now done at 81. right now these new job numbers as well as gas prices are making it fall >> and also news on command and that they used to call dr. death thought. we just found out about the death of jack kevorkian. we will be
8:08 am
back in just a few minutes ♪
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>> we have gotten word this morning and that dr. death dr. kevorkian he has now died in hospital where in a detroit area hospital. he was 83 years old. he served eight years for second- degree murder. he was sentenced to prison for assisted suicide. he he believed he was helping people. a 11:00 a.m. and we will people. a 11:00 a.m. and we will back in just @ ñ3ñ
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>> i saw that they he were and had and i thought well that is over. >> they showed all size they could not hang into the game they had an injured finger and they turned out to be champions in the and
8:15 am
and now the series is even at one >> you think it was because of the brazen just bumped in front of the other guys >> when you're running up and down the floor in the championship game i don't think your eyes would be killed. >> i kept on hearing they were better players they were better players. >> that is why you do not listen to the media. now they are going back to dallas for the next three danon. i don't think it will
8:16 am
blow another 15. lead it will not happen again >> i was talking to dan and he had a tear in his side as i was talking about sports. >> i'm surprised he was so excited about you talking about sports >> i saw the giants beat st. louis and what help was a three straight homers and it was also his white, birthday. >> the giants are a team who now the posies out they have no stars.
8:17 am
>> while buster is out buster is not taking calls from scott and dozens he does not even one a year the apology it seems like its fuelling the fire >> i think he wants to see a role change. i shall think it would cease fabian speaking now like that what
8:18 am
will live on what took place at dodger family and the still family burying i'm not sure we had and is mine. when you hear him talk he takes his time he just wanted to put it out there and maybe get this rule change. what happened earlier in the season is real-life treasury. >> this is a " i if he never plays in another game if he doesn't ever play again i don't care. >> if this happened to
8:19 am
somebody were very close to he would have a different feeling, and the majority of the people in sports the players media coaches he could've gone in another wing. in the middle the game you have to make a split decision. >> did you hear about the of this nhl player vancouver has these twisty or why in the roads and this guy and his girlfriend drive bulk by
8:20 am
and pick up a lot of beer in a turnaround and say bonn el. he was at seeing and this guy got free tickets to the concert i thought this was the finest so instead of going to the hockey game they went to the u2 concert
8:21 am
>> could you unimagined and driving by in and see a nice person standing alongside the road and winds up being bought out. hospital >> will see later have a good weekend
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traveling to the north look for showers or apollo's 63 degrees. if you're heading to northern carolina- california's-hot in palm springs >> it has been a great ride around bay area we had slowing at the toll plaza. the backup has been clearing up also. >> the prime suspect in the beating of a dodger fan has
8:26 am
more information and more proof that he is in a sense >> with the daughter that he was watching what is very upset she said mom can i go and tell them he was with me all day. >> 8:26 a.m. and a live look outside at mt. tam cam. enjoy it while the sun is still there it'll be away for a few days. you also have one hour and half to get into cuba u2 concert tickets just go to our
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>> welcome back is now 8:29 a.m.. what about the is whether >> the let the sunshine will yield it will be raining in on your way home. increasing clouds and wet cold later on this afternoon and we are looking at steady rain
8:30 am
throughout the weekend. is going to be wet for real. even see the system off shore right now apparent it will be a stretch of what weather for the weekend we begin at new and that is when we see the first indication of light rain or. and as we advance the plot to 5:00 p.m. more wide spread showers. all what evening commute for you. by 9:00 p.m. more rain and moderate cells law. more
8:31 am
intense on saturday and sunday. current temperatures are warming up right now. san jose 54 i don't 48 in nassau. upper 50s in santa rosa. 57 in san francisco. your seventh day forecast your friday saturday sunday is going to be what and we will stay wet into monday
8:32 am
and then at the rest of the week we warm-up belittle >> we have been warm of hot spots all morning long here in even at the bay bridge toll plaza even lighter than usual. we had some delays when there was debris on the upper deck but that has all cleared up. san mateo bridge as been a problem free all morning long. and the right to the golden gate 1 01 south an easy commute. south bay and your san jose ride there are no delays. a
8:33 am
train no. 1 broken-down and had to be pushed trains a three and five were also delayed >> we're also talking and looking at a deadly house fire. 48 year-old vincent perez died in what they say is a flashover. it is like it explosion perez was of but when the year veteran of the art department. >> the other injured a fireman is and believe valerio. things are so bad
8:34 am
when they said they are glad he made it through the night. he is currently on a ventilator. here is his picture he and perez were the two front man that walk were in the house. anthony's family is here her and near his bedside he is not married and has no children. this is pat gardner talk about the scene >> there was an event we don't know what was left everything in place and we
8:35 am
had a team of investigators coming in and they checked every a hose and interviewed every firefighter the was on the same, we photographed and discussed everything that happened we don't know what happened and how our firefighters were injured >> they take all fires seriously and obviously with one fatality they are going to be thorough with his investigation. according to gardner he is not just a colleague he is a friend. >> also the couple that
8:36 am
right and kidnapped a jaycee lee dugard were sentenced yesterday the wife was sentenced to 36 years to life. they held dugard captive in their backyard for 18 years. >> evil, monster, these are just of few of the words which perez said to colorado nancy garrido sobbed off and on. and when the mother called them a selfish and monsters. the judge said that when he kidnapped a 11 year-old
8:37 am
jaycee dugard he is the poster child for sexual predators. what you did to that style is unbelievable. >> it was appalling which you went thrown and what i would want to tell her how amazed i am and how strong she is and continuing to being not only for herself and her family but our children >> the calloway hall was abducted and assaulted by the good cards before it jaycee. >> she was unable to >> at a hearing but she just had to sit and watch >> it helped me deal i came
8:38 am
to do what i needed to do i needed to see him sentenced and put away eight helps me all hops it all >> so is a reminder of the failure of the justice system and why they did not keep garrido off the street. >> this from will rogers airport carrying and also we are going to orlando florida where the jurors are watching videotapes in that casey anthony case. casey is
8:39 am
on trial for the murder of her to your old daughter caylee.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> age 40 2:00 a.m. if you're heading to the ballpark at the game starts said 7:15 p.m. and there might be light rain through the entire game. it will warm up by the ninth inning. bring your umbrella and your raincoat if going to the game. if that is your giants forecast for the day >> 8:42 a.m. they have to install automatic shutoff valves upon. this bill is in
8:43 am
response to the deadly blast that happened at p g and e they only had a manual shut off valve. it also and requires the california puc. and p g and e took out a full-page ad to apologize to all those that were involved therein they wanted to say how deeply sorry they were for the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 28 homes >> 8:43 a.m. and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge her. you come upon
8:44 am
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at&t. >> we're back at 8:46 a.m. and of view from our roof cam we see colada clouds no rain and it will increase later on this afternoon it will increase even more in the overnight hours the main event starts saturday. it is going to be wet when you wake up by noontime on saturday and by 6:00 p.m. in the east bay area light to moderate rain and continuing to sunday heavy at times.
8:48 am
towards a 6:00 a.m. might get some sunshine it is a mixed bag will be dealing with a potential of this. finally by sunday evening leaders sunday night we get a break and it moves out of the area. at times like grain, moderate rain for most of the day. any rain is falling as well north of our area. and we will watch it approach later on this afternoon temperatures now the upper '40's low fifties in every where else. a quick
8:49 am
look at 7 day forecast weekend storms are there monday we storm to wind down and what ought in the middle of next week. >> it the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic has been moving we've had minor incidents here and there and we've had slowed traffic from the mirror island bridge and the bay bridge ride. the san mateo bridge pretty good volume but has been problem free. southbound 101 movement
8:50 am
right along apparent no delays and no rain yet and at walnut creek and 680 of hotspots the last couple of days. nothing much to report are a their >> one firefighter has lost his life and another is battling to stay alive sustaining serious injuries after battling our house fire in the diamond hills area. vincent for arrest suffered a fatal heart attack her. and the other firefighter anthony valerio is in critical condition. and here is a look at the fire that they were battling yesterday. with they
8:51 am
experience what is called a flashover it is expressed extreme heat and fire. and that's what landed this a firefighter in a hospital >> we are 24 hours out and you can still smell the smoke in the air and you can see the extensive damage to this town you see the chart side of the patio. the investigators her to be back out here this morning to go over and see exactly what happened. there haven't been several fire fire to stopping at the scene just to take look and move their
8:52 am
hearts are heavy this morning. what is remarkable is how close these houses are. these houses are side- by-side. this investigation will continue until they can figure out exactly what happened. >> on our facebook fan page people have been sending out well wishes to the firefighters' families. this is a few postings of what is being said on our facebook page. join the
8:53 am
discussion go door fan book page. >> bill will rogers airport has been evaluated. and you can see people taking their luggage and walking down the street a suspicious package was found. all the traffic leading into the airport has been stopped its all do a suspicious package that was found during >> a reminder you only have one hour left to join us and win tickets to the u2
8:54 am
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8:58 am
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>> slow traffic in san jose on 101 northbound. we will update that and our next report >> topping the news this hour, the investigation is continuing into the deadly house fire in san francisco that killed one firefighter in the left another fighting for his life this
9:04 am
morning. lt. vincent perez died yesterday after going into full cardiac arrest suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation from a flash over. that is when the temperature gets so hot that all the items spontaneously combust like an explosion. perez was a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department . will tran is live outside of san francisco general r with more information on the other a firefighter in critical condition. >> 6 his name is anthony valerio, his brother is here, we hope to speak with him soon. a 14 year veteran of the san francisco fire department and a
9:05 am
paramedic. he and peres were the two front men leading the charge into the house when the explosion took he received 12 percent severe burns to his body. the big concern is his longest from taking in all of that hot air. >> or the biggest concern is belongs. we have not gotten a report yet. he made it through the night which is a good >> we have also learned this morning that he is not married and it does not have any children. feast that was so hot, part of his helmet melted.
9:06 am
hopefully we will hear from his brother shortly. the deputy chief wants to extend his thanks to the people of san francisco because so many people are coming up to the firefighters and offering condolences. 1500 firefighters altogether piece showing up to work with heavy hearts, but nonetheless still showing up to work. much more on this story throughout the morning. >> we are hearing for the first time this morning, the dispatch call from yesterday's blaze. the fire that broke out at 1045 yes today was in the 100 block of berkeley way in the diamond heights neighborhood. >> engine for the activated their emergency alarm, they have not confirmed in response for five minutes. copy that? if >> i copy that. i am on the floor right now. fire on the ground outside right now, i need to companies outside right now >> how to units go to the front door, downstairs to the right. >> we will continue f-14
9:07 am
coverage this morning as we will have a report live for and the scene of that fire as the investigation continues. >> the dow is down over and under 40 points at the opening, is now down 70. a dismal job outlook for the month of may. most economists thought the economy would add one had a 50,000 jobs, and only added 54,000. the u.s. unemployment rate has gone from 9% up to 9.1% as it has been a rough week on wall street. the dow started the month of may over 12,800 points. right now is 12,178. >> some live pictures coming to us from oklahoma city were the will rogers world airport has been evacuated because of a suspicious package. here is a live picture of the airport. we have seen people leaving the airport with their luggage. part of the building has been
9:08 am
evacuating. a lot of departing flights have been canceled because of this suspicious box that was discovered at the baggage claim office. how the box was discovered friday morning, the oklahoma city bomb squad has arrived on the scene. they are on location right now. the ticket lobby in the baggage claim levels or all of that you did. arriving plates have not been allowed to pull up to the gates. an interesting situation happening in oklahoma city. the kron 4 morning news will take a quick break and we will be right back.
9:09 am
ho green woolen have the bones of
9:10 am
involvement via lead to the he and hefrom the her breat
9:11 am
>> the daughter of the man
9:12 am
accused of beating the giants fan at dodger stadium says that her father was with her. her mother who asked not to be revealed said that the daughter want to tell her story to lapd. >> she saw the news and one of the police to know that her father was with her. >> the police say that they have sufficient evidence that premier is was at dodger stadium. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the labor department has reported that there was a rise in unemployment from 9 percent of to 9.1%. 83,000 jobs were added in the private sector,
9:16 am
28,000 government jobs were cut. the nasdaq is down 19, the s&p 500 is down seven. >> fema officials are assessing what is needed in massachusetts after a deadly tornadoes swept through the area and cause a giant mess. people are still recovering is still searching for survivors. national guard troops are going door-to-door looking for survivors and trying to help people. authorities say that three people have died and about 200 injured when those twisters swept through massachusetts. 18 cities and towns were affected. check out this video of a man in springfield when the tornado came. the winds are picking up, you can hear him screaming if let me in. you can hear the wind. he gets into the house and telling the family, go to the basement. he said, if he had stayed outside for one more
9:17 am
second, a tree would have likely fallen on him. >> a wet weekend on tap, louisa hodge has the restforecast. >> her a different picture in our neck of the woods, we are starting of dry this morning, not the case for the rest of the weekend. friday afternoon, light rain expected through the evening. right now, we are starting to see some showers into their way southward. by 1:00 p.m. we could start picking up struggles around the bay. the afternoon brings us a better chance of light showers persisted to the evening tonight. when you wake up tomorrow you could even see a moderate downpours at times. notice the intensity level, it picks up to saturday morning. most of saturday will produce a steady rain is throughout a good portion of the day. by sunday, we could continue to see some scattered showers. we'll catch some breaks here and there, that will allow for some daytime
9:18 am
heating that could cause some instability and in the afternoon we could see some thunderstorm activity. look at 5:00. we have a silk producing some pretty heavy downpours. we could certainly have a threat of pale with some of these thunderstorms as well. here is a look at current of bidders. right now in the '50s. but the afternoons of the highs will be in the mid- we could continue to see showers and monday, after that we will dry out and just slowly getting out of these cool temperatures, warming back up into the '70s and blends, and for cities around the bay. 9:80 a.m., now to traffic. prepare >> we did not escape the commuter hotspot free. the first one is here in san jose, a minor accident northbound between
9:19 am
troubled accrues end of the san tomas the his have backed up even in the carpool lane. that is the worst of the slow traffic we have seen for the south bay. on the bay bridge westbound, hardly any backups or delays. on the san mateo bridge, problem free all morning long. you might say the commute is over for 92. 101 marin county, southbound, no problems here or the golden gate bridge. as trains had a rough morning, train # 1 had a mechanical
9:20 am
failure and was an hour and a half behind schedule by the time it finally made it into san jose by being pushed in. even though train # 3 and train # five were on time started out the vote experience delays as well. >> 9:19 a.m., vice-president abided met with the pope today. this meeting took place at the vatican. it was private. biden is and observing catholic supports abortion rights. some think the vatican strongly
9:21 am
>> vice-president of candidate john edwards has been indicted. he is being accused of misusing campaign funds to hide his extramarital affair. >> he is quick to be in the courthouse facing those charges today, indicted by a federal grand jury. it is standing outside waiting for him to show up. it should be an interesting day in north carolina in across the nation. throughout the morning we will update. >> and the couple who kidnapped, tortured and rick jaycee lee dugard were handed their senses. phillip garrido will serve a life in prison, his wife was sentenced to 36 years-life. the mother of jaycee dugard read a statement from her daughter, terisa estacio reports what it said. >> jaycee began the statement by saying, i refuse to waste and other second of my life in your presence. i have chosen to have my mother read this for me. what you and nancy did was
9:22 am
reprehensible. both of you can save your apologies and empty words. for all the crimes that you have both committed, i hope that you have as many sleepless nights as i did. the mother of the jaycees said she spoke of a wish and pain passed after j.c. disappeared. addressing the and feel of she said, i am not just at the thought of the sexual exploitation and brutal abuse that she adored at your and caring hands adding that you do not deserve to live or die or even exist. you are nothing other than selfish, self-serving and self gratifying she went on to say that the two children that jaycee has knows what you did, they know that your backyard was a prison. they are aware that they have been deceived and i am here to tell you that there is no love lost.
9:23 am
terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> coming up at 9:45 a.m. we will talk to ivan gold about the garridos sentencing and what lies ahead for jaycee dugard. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look outside as we're watching conditions around the area. # 2 bumper traffic 101 northbound at the 87 interchange.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> rain expected this afternoon and for friday night. showers and thunderstorms through the weekend a chance of rain on monday. it looks like the weather pattern will finally change on tuesday and into next >> week> debra madden has pled guilty to a possession, a drug possession charge. the city's crime lab was ordered to close last year after the 61 year-old admitted to taking small quantities of cocaine from evidence. prosecutors dismiss hundreds of drug cases in the
9:27 am
city as a result. matt and originally pleaded not guilty. she has been placed on 18 months of deferred entry of judgment and order to enter a drug program and pay court fines and fees. if she attends the glasses and stays clean, her case will be set aside. occur >> check out this and video. residents in abilene kansas are cleaning up after a big storm with pale. look at the size of the >> we are giving you an opportunity to win tickets to see youtube in concert -- we are giving you an opportunity to win tickets to see u2 in concert. like us on facebook and gain access to an entry form to
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9:30 am
>> host a live look from the golden gate bridge and walnut creek. clouds building around the bay, we are waiting for grain to move into the bay area, not just this afternoon but the weekend as well. >> here is a shot right now of downtown san francisco. we are seeing more cloud cover and a less of the sky. we are expecting a wet and cold afternoon. certainly a different picture for the evening commute. be prepared for what roads and light rains. we have
9:31 am
steady rate expected for this weekends. we could be talking about the potential for thunderstorms. right now, let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. we are talking about a steady rain through much of the weekend. by sunday horse showers on and off. we will see. the drying here and there. would that will allow it is a bit of daytime surface heating. we did
9:32 am
actually get some thunderstorms into the afternoon. those areas of yellow or moderate her downpours. be prepared, you could catch some dry spots or see some thunderstorms which will produce heavy downpours. right now to reduce are in the '50s. as we head towards the afternoon it doesn't look like we will escape the '60s is around the inlet spots. the basic will at temperatures into the upper 50s. we will stay with through the weekend and into monday, dry out tuesday- thursday. i 30 2:00 a.m.. -- 9:32 a.m.. >> 68 back up near the san tomas expressway. hall of the lanes have been cleared of the crash for a while, about 20 minutes, there is debris in the lanes.
9:33 am
that is the slowest stretch of traffic and thankfully not very long. continuing with the bridge check, let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, no back up to speak up. it has been an easy ride the better part of the morning. san mateo bridge is a problem free. the commute is over. your ride on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, for a while slow traffic. that has even cleared out. you might still see speeds below 50 mi. per hour but not for very long in the southbound 101 commute. >> 9:33 a.m., the investigation continues in a deadly house fire in san francisco. one firefighter was killed in action. another is fighting for his life. 48 year-old vincent
9:34 am
perez died yesterday. he went into full cardiac arrest after suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation from a flash over where everything ignites at once. a 21 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. he is also a former marine and alameda county sheriff's deputy. will tran is live at san francisco general hospital or the other firefighter is in critical condition. >> his name is anthony valerio. you know it is bad when firefighters are just grateful that he made it through the night. here is his picture. a 14 year veteran of the san francisco fire department. he is also a paramedic and according to the deputy chief he and perez were the two front men who entered the house. it was their house, initially, to knock on the flames. we do not know exactly what happens. we did get a chance to talk to the fire chief, she was off yesterday's pause, here is what she has to
9:35 am
say after finding out exactly what happened to her colleagues. >> i received a text message, it seemed like a pretty routine fire. we have had more complicated by years. this was a single family dwelling. i normally would not respond, it did not go into a second alarm. >> dear to firefighters down and cpr in progress is parking. >> you could hear joanne start choking up as she was talking about the delivery of family. we understand that his brother is still here, we are hoping to get an interview with
9:36 am
>> the fire broke out yesterday morning at 1045 in the diamond heights neighborhood. take a listen. >> engine for the active in their emergency along, they have not confirmed in response for 5 minutes. copy that? >> i copy that. >> higher on the ground, outside right now, i need to companies outside right now. how hot in the front door, down the stairs
9:37 am
to the >> this morning jackie sissel, a sole reporter is live at the scene of that fire with an >> 24 hours after the fact there is still a smell of heavy smoke. extensive damage was >> sent investigators want to know what happened and why the two firefighters and to the hon. one died inside, the other is fighting for his life as san francisco general
9:38 am
you can see the close proximity of the homes. pour right now, the investigators really want to get inside and find out exactly what >> we will be right back after the break. her
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> former two-time presidential candidate john edwards has been indicted by a federal grand jury. he is supposed to be arriving at the federal courthouse in charlotte, n.c. any moment. the news crews are all over the scene waiting to watch him walk into court. john edwards is going to tell the court that he is innocent of all the charges and will plead not guilty. his attorney says edwards did not break a lot and will mount a vigorous defense.
9:42 am
we're waiting for john edwards to arrive in court today. >> today marks one week since bay area nursing l student michelle pickede disappeared. family and friends are holding a rally tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the corner of panda rose to an all-out drive in hayward, a few blocks from where she disappeared. more than 20 people have been questioned about her disappearance. a person of interest has been arrested. authorities say there are more persons of interest they want to talk to. they have been tracking down her mobile phone. there remains a key component of finding out what happens. >> 9:42 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of a live look outside in tahoe, we will be right back.
9:43 am
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>> the raindrops have not set in yet. increasing clouds, rain for the afternoon and train will continue to the evening hours. then, will have a storm headed our way by the weekend. storm tracker 4 shows what whether into its way south. by 1:00 p.m. we will certainly have a few sprinkles. light rain for the rest of the date. your evening commute will be what one. be prepared for what roads. it will continue to stay really as we head into the overnight hours. by saturday the intensity will pick up. we will notice heavier downpours. look at this area of yellow indicating in moderate downpour curious much of the day on saturday will produce steady rain for sunday, a bit of a different picture. passing
9:47 am
showers and throughout much of the morning allowing for daytime heating, heeding the service they're in creating instability. watching the 5:00 hour producing a pretty heavy downpours. do not be surprised, we could even see thunderstorms producing hail. right now and chargers in the '50s. by the afternoon we will warm to the mid-60s. we have wet weather continuing through the weekend and into monday. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week, partly cloudy, we will dry up and warm up slightly. a steady climb, it is certainly trying to move up. temperatures and to the mid-70s by midweek, a person sees around the bay. >> lead in the canyon, san jose 101 northbound became a hot spot. the only good news is there is not a long stretch of
9:48 am
slow and go traffic. from just before the guadalupe parkway to just about the san tomas expressway. we are already starting to see little improvement. it has been over 30 minutes a sense of the liens were clearing. >> 9:48 a.m., it is time to talk to ivan gold. our attorney who we consult with when things come up in the news. there was a man who drowned and alan need in
9:49 am
firefighters who only watched from the shore. >> they said that they were not trained, they did not have the authority and they were told not to do any land-based water rescues. a female swimmer pulled him to shore. the coastguard said it was too shallow for them to get there. from an official standing on the shore line saying they could not do a rescue because they have to follow orders and are not trained to do so. >> this is a beach community. there is water throughout the city of alameda yet there is no policy for firefighters or police to enter the water to save a drowning person. that seems absolutely outrageous. it is complete negligence on the city's part. all believe me, if this family wanted to file a lawsuit, they could do so. there is a legal basis to do so. home there is no rationalization for not having a policy. they withdrew the policy. they said because of budget cuts corkers.
9:50 am
where will that is why they said the country in the firefighters. the police and firefighters sat on the short and watched this man in the houwater for an hour to wash ths man drowned. the same people approve of their lives on the line is that there and watched a man drowned. it seems to me, notwithstanding the fact that there was no policy at this point, then they rushould have jumped in the water to save that man. give this negligence and a lawsuit because it was not done. >> from the other side, let's say that firefighters or police say, which are not trained, for example, we have crews with kron 4 and we say, if you are in a neighborhood and you feel if that you should not be there, d. >> that is a classic example of hiding behind the line. legally
9:51 am
that is a correct statement of the law, but isn't there a moral obligation? any and is in the water trying to commit suicide, trying to get the attention of everyone, isn't there some sort of moral obligation? a moral obligation home reverses a legal obligation. and i would submit that it is. in this case the behavior is so >> what about passing a good samaritan law where you are legally obligated to help. a >> i do not think citizens should not be held liable if they do not take action to save someone. the responsibility should not be on all
9:52 am
these are firefighters, people who have been trained to pull people out of fires, to help people in need it and they are sitting there watching a man in the water. we could say there is no policy, that is what they're saying. i talked to delors berry, the foster mother of this man. she is not going to bring a lawsuit because the officials of the city of alameda that they will change this policy and from now on they will go into the water, they will get training, the funding will be there. that is what has come of this case, but does it take a death to bring the policy back? that is the plan. >> the think you for your insight. >> 9:52 a.m., we will back with more in a couple of minutes. eight minutes remaining to get in on the space-bar deal to get a chance to win u2 tickets. like us on facebook by 10:00 a.m., we will get access to a special and reform to win tickets to the oakland show on tuesday june 7th. there is something else that you can do on monday to a
9:53 am
lucky enough to get in line early, at a hard rock cafe in san francisco, renew or gently used shoes and donate those to soles for souls. the first 100 people to donate will eat to get a pair of
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9:56 am
the evocative path of older your of of his hidden of her >> it is known to rain this afternoon and arraigned for the evening. widespread showers. on sunday a chance of thunderstorms. the entire weekend is a washout. taking a look at the big board we have been following the look
9:57 am
on wall street, recovering a little. the dow is down 42 points. >> >> have a good weekend.
9:58 am
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