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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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help you write it. >> a developing story tonight in the search for a missing nursing student michelle le. >> this evidence that we have points conclusively to a homicide. >> the 26 year-old has not been seen until may 27th when she took a break from her shift at kaiser medical center in hayward. family and friends have handed out fliers, held vigils, and posted billboards for lee. today, the reward for information in the case increase to $65,000. >> alive, this is kron4 news 8:00 p.m. with the developing story. >> we begin our coverage of tonight's developing story of michelle le homicide investigation. we're with dan kerman that joins us live.
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>> the missing persons case has now turned into a murder investigation, police have not found the body of michelle le, but they said all the evidence leads up to one thing. homicide. >> based on compelling evidence that we have recovered during the course of our investigation throughout the week, the hayward police department is now officially classified this case as a homicide. >> tragic news from hayward police monday night, though they still have not found michelle le. the detailed in general terms numerous pieces of evidence that suggest a missing nursing student was murdered. >> the results of forensic examination never car, and the area of the desk-of her car in the area of the parking where it was parked. including multiple interviews of those of friends, family and and others to. examination of
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things collected during the search of several search warrants. examination of videos from the garage and other places, examination of her cellphone records before her phone went dead last saturday. >> police say they believe she was killed in the kaiser hospital parking garages which went to her car during a break during the night of may 27th. they said that her killing was not random. >> this is not a stranger incident, jumped out of the bushes kind of thing. the investigation is telling us that the person who did this intended to do this to michelle. >> authorities are continuing to look at a number of persons of interest and are discussing some of the possible suspects with the district attorney's office. in addition to that, they are searching remote areas of the east bay not only for michelle le's body, but for
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evidence that they believe could be related to this case. >> to help with the investigation, there are several billboards now featuring michelle le set up around oakland. this one is near the oakland coliseum along 880, the billboards were put up before the reward was increase, is now standing at $65,000. >> this is where michelle le was last seen, at 7:00 p.m. on friday may 27th she grabbed her cellphone, told a friend she had to get something from her car and headed to the rise. surveillance cameras show that a car drove out of the ground, but they do not show who was driving. her white honda crv was found the next day half a mile away in a cul-de-sac known as a pound rose accord. her cellphone was not inside, the investigators say that it pinged cellphone towers in
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these three cities before going silent midday saturday. her family reported her missing on saturday but the police did not search her home until tuesday, four days after her disappearance. it was not until two days later that they turn herself on records over to the fbi. as for any evidence recovered from her car, the family says that they were told it would take one month to get results from a police lab. the police agreed to expedite the case, but the lab report is still not expected before next week. hayward police released a statement saying that the analysis of forensic evidence has in no way hampered or slowed the investigation, for its part, the fbi said they have been in constant contact with the hayward police and since the onset of their investigation. >> stay with kron4 and kron4 got, as we continue to follow the latest in the case of the nursing
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student missing michelle le. >> two suspects under arrest in connection with a shooting that killed a 3 month old baby in east palo alto. we will hear from the mother that tried to shield her children with her own body. >> i tried to protect my children with my own body, i thought that i protected my baby in the car seat to one of the bullets went into his head. >> we have team coverage, including the newest investigation details and we talk to the police about combating gang violence. let us go live to j.r. stone, he joins us live from the neighborhood with a tragic shooting happened. >> this is a shooting that happens in the morning on the street, directly behind me, but on monday, the police announced that they had one of the suspect directly linked to this case and they got him just one block away. >> they destroyed my family. they killed my baby and they killed part of my soul to. >> a tear for mother is
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describing her three month old baby isaacs who was shot and killed early that morning when the family left the baby shower. >> he was such a precious thing, he was my little angel, he was my everything. >> today police announced that they have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting. a 70 year-old teen who along with the suspect walked up to this car and opened fire on yvonne lopez, her husband and their two kids. >> i try to protect the one i heard the gunfire. i protected the four year-old my body and i thought i had protected my baby in the car seat one of the bullets went into his head. i did not even realize it until i saw him crying and i saw him bleeding from his head. i took him out of the car seat and he had a hole in his head. [so cockybbing]--
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[sobbing] >> police say he was going after a gang member that beat him up last week in redwood city. but the officers and i believe that person was in the car, now she is left without a sung. >> i definitely have to stick to their parents, attention to their young ones, be involved in their kids' lives, pay attention to them, give them love because if they do not they will find it on the streets and they will hang out with the wrong people and they will in the been killers. >> a very tragic story to say the least, you saw that one sketch, but the police believe they have a second suspect that was behind bars right now, but not linked him to the case yet, they're still building the case against him, but he is behind bars on gun charges. reporting live, j.r. stone kron4 news. >> since it is believed that a gain retribution
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played a role in the east palo alto shooting, we sent reggie kumar to that city to get an update from the police on their efforts to put an end to this kind of balance. >> i talk to the chief said this police department he tells me that gains are a major problem, but his police force have been able to the upper hand through community outreach and making arrests. tickets to these numbers, in 2005 the homicide rate was 15, that number dropped to 4 last year. with the killing of the three months over the weekend, this year's homicide rate is just too. he tells me that the numbers have stay low because dozens of a gang members were arrested through the cease- fire program in 2009. >> we see a decrease in crime and violence, but i will be very candid, two homicides is still too much. now with the shooting and for people being shot, or shot at yesterday we are at 13 shootings of that is still too high for our community with the three
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months old in the triple shooting, that is one of the most heinous crimes i have seen in my 27 years. there is no way to minimize it and know what i even tried to do that. but it is a community that has changed over the last 10 years, actually the last 20 years in what we have been known for its violence is not the case today. although we still have violence that we have to deal with. >> the chief tells me that his city held the second highest murder rate in the state six years ago but not anymore. >> a live look outside from our roof pam over downtown san for cisco, a mix of clouds and sun at this time. in the distance, you can see a little sun breaking through. in our satellite picture as a mixture of clouds and son out there this evening, mostly cloudy in the north bay, but a lot clearer in the south bay. we will continue with the conditions through the evening but as we headed to tomorrow morning, a little
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fog bills along the coastline. in the afternoon, we will have sunny skies and warm conditions, we will take a look at that neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a bit. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started, still ahead, new details about funeral arrangements as a sad for cisco fire department grapples with the loss of two firefighters. >> testing, 1, 2, 3. >> oakland city leaders are rolling out the new p25 communication system on kron4 news. >> vallejo is using new technology in order to crack down on the world's oldest profession i will have that story coming up. >> a new york congressman confesses that he pleaded a lewd photograph of himself and we will show you new photographs surfacing today. + apple ceo steve jobs makes
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>> i want to show them and teach them life lessons. how someone can go so quickly. >> i did not want to come empty-handed. i wanted to put my love into this peach cobbler. >> mrs. carter's daughter tammy is a member of station 26. >> is tammy had been at work, it could have been hurt because there are a small station and they all had out together. >> outside the sweet smell of support, members of the san jose fire department purchase, marinated, and transported in grilled all of this food. >> what ever we can do to make it in a little easier they are going through hard times. i think this effort right here speaks louder than any words can say. this is the kind of support that we will put forward for them
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now and in the future. >> meanwhile, the san francisco fire family mourns the loss of two of their own. >> we are still in shock, the realization that we will be very into he rose, it is weighed heavy on a lot of our hearts--2 heroes is weighing heavy on a lot of our hearts. >> our team coverage continues now we have the latest on the investigation into the deadly fire. >> fire investigators were on scene monday combing through firefighters have since left the home, but are still searching for a cause they have ruled that it was not suspicious the cannot elaborate if an electric fire was to blame, we are told that they might not be able to determine the origin of the fire, if that is the case it will be ruled accidental but undetermined. this may take longer because of the two firefighter
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deaths, the home is uninhabitable and has yet to be boarded up. >> services for lieutenant vincent perez and tony valerio will be held later this week, there'll be a vigil on thursday night at 7:00 p.m.. funeral services will be friday afternoon at 12:30 p.m.. both events are at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. stay with us for continuing coverage on the tragedy. we have extended coverage on our web site including a place for you to leave your messages of condolences to the families of the firefighters. that is all on will you back after the break.
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>> new york congressman anthony wiener his week of the line is over today. today the democrats came clean publicly admitting that his twitter account was not attacked as he claimed, and that he did post a lewd photograph of himself. >> last friday night tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as a part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realize i had posted to twitter i panicked, i took it down and said i had a hat. i intended to stick to the story which was a regrettable mistake. to be clear, the picture was of me and i scented. i am deeply sorry for the pain that this is cause my wife and our family and my
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constituents, my friends, supporters, and staff. >> kimberlee has more details from today's news conference and a look at other photographs of that service today. >> today he also a committed to participating in several inappropriate conversation with many women also he said that they never became physical, he never met them in person. take a picture--take a look at the few fuel for those that cannot today, a young woman said that he sent his picture to her on may 20th. that was a little earlier this month, the picture shows his bare torso, and look a little closer in the background, the picture right here is a picture of him and his wife, and this is one of him and bill clinton. now let us take the next picture, we will show the conservative blogger who posted these, when you do a quick search for the melody is that used to post these pictures, it has an e-mail full of photos of himself,
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this is a thumbnail of the last pictures that he uploaded on the profile. in today's news conference, he said that he and his wife did not intend on splitting and he does not plan on resigning. [music] >> we have seen a cool and rainy weekend, today was cool, but as we head into to mark the war temperatures are on tap, temperatures are in the low 50s, will warm up quickly. it will be passing will saw today by noon tomorrow, 72 in fairfield, 72 in santa rosa. as we head into the later afternoon hours, quite a few seventies creeping on the screen. warmer weather out there tomorrow, coming up i will tell you how much longer the weather will stick with us. we will be back after this.
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>> steve jobs this a standing ovation as he takes the stage today for apple's keynote address at the annual worldwide development conference in san cisco. he appeared to be thinner and more week than in the past. he went to introduce new items for the iphone, ipad and mac computer. we were
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there and have more tonight on steve jobs health and the new apple products unveiled. >> steve was talking slowed today he seemed frail and his voice sounded week, here's a picture of comparison to the you can see how much weight he has lost in the past six years. on the left is 2005 and here's what it looks like now. he survived pancreatic cancer, we do not know his medical condition today he is not made public but he is on medical leave. i think he wanted to be there to release in the new icloud. >> we will remove the center of your digital like in the cloud. >> this is a way to store all of your digital information and media and sink everything you do with your devices. >> icloud stores your content in the cloud and then wirelessly pushes it to all of your devices. if i get something on my iphone, it is sent up to the cloudy
8:26 pm
immediately. if i take pictures with the, the pictures are in the cloud and they're now push down to my device is completely automatically. i make a new calendar even on my iphone, is stored in the cloud and is pushed much of the devices. >> itunes is in the clown, and i lewd music can be accessed from anywhere you and i have to connected to your computer to purchase or remove songs. if you buy something on your computer or iphone, that new video or music will transfer to your other devices automatically. apple will store this on a giant servers, you will not have to put it on your hard drive here's a picture of one of the data centers they have built to process the icloud. >> just to give you a feeling for the size, see those two little doubt on the roof, those are two people right there. >> that service is free, you have to have an apple mobile me a count which is free. the other icloud applications will roll out
8:27 pm
this fall.
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>> at 8:30 p.m. look at the big stories tonighthe hayward
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police are now calling the disappearance of michelle le a homicide. investigators said they have enough evidence to call the cases, even though her body has not been found. and just moments ago, and hermann spoke with the family of michelle le. he joins us live from the hayward police headquarters with the reaction. >> pam, as you can imagine there are many tears among family members, michelle le her father was here. in addition to him, her brother and cousin were also here and a family friend. they met with police for about 90 minutes, you see them,uh uh and we can tell you that they did not have much to say. they are preparing a statement tomorrow. this is them uh pulling out. there was a family friend among them that was driving. as i said, the father, brother
8:31 pm
and cousin, a prepared statement will come tomorrow from the family. from now we just heard from the family friend and the father. >> she is not found yet, so, until we know otherwise. >> would you like to say anything at all? >> no, we want to have a statement by tomorrow. >> the hayward police headquarters again, the missing persons case has now turned into a murder investigation. the police say they have enough evidence, that evidence regarding her car, evidence concerning things in the parking structure, the cellphone records, video cameras all that they say points to one thing that michelle le was murdered. they have not found the body but they now look at this as a murder investigation. they believe she was targeted, they say this was not random and they believed she was
8:32 pm
killed in some of the parking garage, we will have more on this a little later for now, dan kerman kron4 news. >> two suspects are under arrest with connection with a shooting that killed a 3 month old baby over the weekend, it happened sunday morning in east palo alto. police say one of the suspects, a 17 year-old opened fire on a par with a family inside. the boy's mother and father were injured, but survived, a young boy was unharmed the 17 year old is being charged with murder. the new information about funeral services for the firefighters that would kill last week in a san francisco fire. a joint service will be held for lieutenant anthony valerio and vincent perez. no official cause has been determined in the house fire. a disturbing discovery in a sunnyvale neighborhood, a homeowner found a body stuffed inside of a garbage bag that was hidden in the
8:33 pm
bushes. this happened yesterday morning. investigators say that the body is a hispanic female, they talk with residents that were shocked by the discovery. >> this is a quiet street tree-lined street in sunnyvale. news of eight dead body in a garbage bag was unsettling to residence. >> i think is crazy, it is something that does not happen in sunnyvale often, it was weird hearing that a body was found especially near my house. >> very upsetting, this is a really good neighborhood i was really disappointed. >> the black garbage bag was found here in these bushes just off the tree. it was loosely tied and had will look like was blood seeping out of it. and nearby residents from across the street said it was about the size of her flower pot and she would never imagine that anybody would have been inside. she did not want to appear on camera but she
8:34 pm
said since it is just a little ways from highway 85 she believes someone randomly chose to dump the back there. >> some of the radio problems may be over for the oakland police now that the city has launched a new citywide communication system. you may remember this when the oakland police had trouble communicating with mutual aid partners, law enforcement agencies that came in from oakland to help following the bar shouldt and trout. but we have learned that the new radio system may not fix that problem right away. >> testing, 1, 2, 3. >> oakland city leaders are ruling out the new key 25 communication system that will be shared by police, and other units. it is fast becoming the standard for first responders nationwide. the oakland mayor says lessons learned from the
8:35 pm
city's previous history with emergencies like the oakland hills fire, and the civil unrest following the board's shooting put oakland at forefront for getting the technology. >> we learned firsthand that even the we had a lot of nearby neighbors and could not talk to each other, the federal government is trying to move everyone to the p25 or the platform. >> however at this time oakland is the only city in the area to make the switch, for now if oakland these mutual aid from a neighboring city in order to communicate, opd will have to switch back to their old analog system that city leaders say will remain in place until other cities in the bay area get online with the new digital system. in oakland, hazzig manyud kron4 news. >> the city of vallejo is
8:36 pm
turning to technology to combat the oldest profession. this is how their 20s crime camera to fight prostitution. >> this is a newly installed crime camera keeping a watchful eye, here on the map, you can see where two of the cameras have gone in. one as sonoma boulevard in tennessee and the other at georgia and marin street. these areas were picked because they are hot spots for prostitution. the police say a third camera will go in in the future and all of them can be moved in case the pimps, hookers, and john's that there track migrate to another area. each one represents a different angle that is being monitored. here you can see the live feed that is being transmitted via the internet back to the police station which is also being recorded so that the police can review the tape looking for evidence. three of the ankles are fixed, but this act on the bottom can can, tilt and zoom in.
8:37 pm
>> we should be able to pick up faces, distinct characteristics of people in the area. >> once they work out the bugs, there will be able to see the same video from laptops and a squad car. >> they could be around the corner in the area out of sight viewing the action, but close enough to take action. >> the police hope that this will help lead on the sex trade by catching crime as it happens and deterring people from committing illegal acts in the first place knowing that the police could be watching from above. >> new details and the rest of a man that runs a children's our program in san francisco, you are looking at a picture of an to the norris, a 46 year- old sanford's as president and the director and founder of kids served. his been charged with being in possession of child pornography this after police say thousands of images were discovered on his home computer. san francisco officials and
8:38 pm
other bay area authorities are now launching their own investigation to make sure that local children were not harmed. >> anthony joseph norris and his nonprofit agency kids served along with dozens of children helped to create this mural in san francisco. now they have learned that city and school officials plan to reach out and alert them about norris in an effort to make sure that kids were not harmed in any way by the 46 year-old. but they have not done so yet. in addition, the city officials have suspended the entire kid serve program freezing funds to the non- profit. all this comes on the heels of norris being arrested last week for being in the possession of child pornography. in this criminal affidavit obtained by kron4 news, he is committed to federal authorities to downloading child pornography, that he had been collecting child pornography for years. the fbi officials say they began to investigate him after
8:39 pm
tracing a series of explicit in traffic down low to his home address. when approached, the authorities in a he confessed. he is currently out on bail, in the meantime is the founder and director of kid serve. originally based in san francisco but now it has expanded to other bay area cities such as oakland, berkeley, maranta county passed as one ran counter. kron4 news contacted them to see if they were looking into norris, oakland police say they are investigating. >> warmer temperatures are expected to marini were from 5 to 15 degrees. temperatures in the '60s and '70s for the most part but a little cooler by half moon bay, we expect some fault this afternoon. --fog this afternoon. let us take a look at the extended forecast, warmer out there
8:40 pm
tomorrow but this temperatures do not change much into wednesday. a couple degrees of warming, stay warm saturday as well. cooling sunday and monday. >> it is a little unusual to have this cold weather this time of year as we approach summer in the bay area. the same is true for the sierra, that is where we send jeff bush to show the conditions in the mountains. >> elevation 6070 and 68 in the snow is still on the ground, the trucks, the houses and pretty much everywhere you look. this says a resort will stay open on the weekends until the snow is gone which i the looks of things could be a while. this should give you an idea about how much snow is on the ground, this driveway looks like it has not used in a while. my tape measure reads 4 in. of snow on the ground. monday the temperature was not that cold, you can see signs of the snow melting but there's
8:41 pm
a lot more to go, to get the creek, the cold water is rushing along a look at the snow bank and how much of it the creek has cut away. justin has lived here for years and says he is not seen it like this in june. >> the only thing i could think of is it is definitely not global warming. it is still snow and still cold. i did not know what is going on, but we are in a boat with them and we get snow. instead of the to rental rain. >> justice says people still use snow mobiles and cross-country ski, but the local say that they're ready for warmer temperatures and the summer activities are still on hold. the snow will melt eventually but until then the residents will continue to look at the snow and back to the calendar with the confused look.
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>> apple is now work the more--more than microsoft
8:44 pm
and intel combined. they have market value of about $316 billion which is still less than apple $317.6 billion evaluation. as they move towards that, transportation secretary is lobbying automakers to not add features that could distract drivers. he said that there is no reason why people should download facebook into a car. a teenager in germany forgot to mark her birth the invitation as a private fled her own party when more than 1500 guests showed up. their shows a huge crowd, they had to be on horses to keep the crowd under control. >> the warriors feel their head coaching vacancy with a former all-star player, gary is here to tell us about who they are. endangering hit from the stanley cup finals land one player in the hospital. gary has the scoop
8:45 pm
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what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> the evening everyone the warriors hadn't coached, surprising, he has no coaching experience at any level, mark jackson place 72 in the seasons, and very good point guard, probably just a step below holophane status, the third all-time innocence behind john stockton and jason kidd. you
8:48 pm
saw him with the headset on, there we is with the new york knicks. play for seven teams, you know the leak, excellent broadcast a lot of fun a big presence. >> the word on the street gary, you know me i am on the street, it is that what they're looking for was a new version of doc rivers, they wanted a doc rivers kind of guy, they wanted someone that was a former good basketball player in the lead, and also, a big personality, can talk with people deal with people, smart, and i think he will be like doc rivers and the mets, if you give him a bad team he will lose, but if you give him three hall of fame dies, he will probably be to the finals. >> to mean, they're like to have the hollywood team here, and this guy, even if they did not win a championship at least like something. >> in may have been that used close, they know the
8:49 pm
east coast to die, they like the celtics in one and a bit of the east coast magic. cannot that, like to say the personality which is good. >> right, he is now currently broadcasting in dallas i and the--dallas miami championship. now the a's at camden yards, remember that park, what a beauty, the head 10,000 tonight. it is for nothing baltimore. nick has hit one. the a's have lost seven in a row. three of them to be changing, straight, 32 boston red sox tonight to the ball to--the orioles in. now the a's have the 18th pick in the draft. >> the oakland a's select
8:50 pm
sunny gray from vanderbilt university. >> let us see sunny great, no one has really heard of these guys, a lot like the college draft accord the nfl had for basketball, but sonny and grain, he can throw. not from our analyst down and pages says that he is said to have a good personality. the giants the with the 29 selections. >> the san francisco giants to a select a shortstop from st. john's university jamaica n.y., who show panic. >> this they might for st. john's perez lives. mark jackson and to st. john's, an hour and show panic, the hard hitting shortstop hit 398. out and try to hang on had cottoned to baseball tryouts, it is seven to three, if they lose, they
8:51 pm
are intimidated baylor on top. stanley cup final, ugly piece of business, nathan horton is taken out on this headed by kanuck. airing receive a five minutes till he on this hit. when he lit up in the local hospital but was moving his extremities of. a boston himself back in the series, they go out vancouver 821, and vancouver still leads the series two games to one . usc is no longer the 2004 national collegiate champions. reggie the bush was said of his heisman trophy and now pete carroll championship team be no more in the record book according to bcs. you know how this works, reggie lewis got caught, folks at the
8:52 pm
apartment, he was driving big type vehicles and that was it for u.s. scene. is the first time any major football team was stripped of a national title but for what it's worth, the associated press said will still lead the trojans back in 2004 have the crown. a texaco bursas out of prison, it is my favorite, there is his agent-to-texaco vs was out of prison, that is his agent, he said and said yes, i get 10 percent out of me is that they liked really involved, so that is likely hundred thousand dollars for the agent. plaxico buress was released after 21 months of incarceration, that is one of those skills, if you remember the story, he was in a nightclub with a weapon, the gun went off accidentally shot himself in and indeed he went to prison, at 34 and his agent would be interesting to see who will give him a shot, somebody will because it is
8:53 pm
a great player but michael they came out he was 28. but this guy is 34. >> that is live at into a standing by. >> just a we heat into the ear. >> we have a father is a giveaway to tell you about coming the next. ♪ aand stuff ♪me shows ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you.
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>> father is a is quickly approaching and we want to help you give your dad a perfect gift. we are giving away 2 a 50 in. flat screen tvs. go to the kron4 facebook fan page on the left-hand side he was the
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old their father's day sweepstakes. when you see that, it will today to another page that is very important, you have to like the kron4 facebook page. now the next video, you have to click like in order to access and enter the contest. once you click on like, you have access and a chance to win one of the two flat screen tvs, or a row of eight commuter and gps. >> jacqueline is back with a quick look at the weather. >> it has been cool and rainy through the weekend years in the tomorrow with a glance, and little fog that will clear out by the afternoon, a lot of places are into the '70s, the warmer weather will stick with us. wednesday not a lot of change, we will warmup, but towards the end of the beaten in we will cool down. finally more mild weather but the temperatures are below average of at this time of year. >> the key for joining us
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