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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 7, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah developing story tonight in the search for missing nursing student michelle lee. >> we have conclusively to homicide. >> the 26-year-old has not been seen since may 27th when she took a break from her shift from kaiser medical center. family and friends have handed out flyers, held vigils and posted billboards for lee. today the reward for information in the case increased to $65,000. >> we begin our coverage of tonight's developing story on michelle lee's homicide investigation with dan. >> dan. >> based on compelling evidence that we have recovered during the course throughout the week,
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the police department has now officially classifying this case as a homicide. >> reporter: tragic new from hayward police monday night they still haven't found michelle lee. they detailed in general terms numerous pieces of evidence that suggest the missing nursing student was murdered. >> the result of forensic examination of michelle's car in the area of the parking structure where it was parked, information gleaned from multiple interviews, including those of friends, family, and of persons of interest. examination of evidence collected during the service of several search warrants, examination of video evidence from the kaiser garage and from other locations, examination of michelle's cell phone records before her phone went dead last saturday. >> police say they believe lee was killed in this kaiser hospital parking garage when
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she went to her car during the break of friday may 27th. they also say her killing would not -- was not random. >> this is not a stranger incident to jump out of the bushes kind of thing that we can tell at all. this is -- the investigation is telling us that the person who did this intended to do this to michelle. >> police are also continuing to look at a number of persons of interest and discussing those people with the district attorney's office at the same time they say they're searching rural areas of the east bay not only for lee but other possible evidence. >> michelle lee's family briefly spoke to the media tonight after they were briefed by police. here is what they had to say. >> you know, she's not found yet, so, you know, until we know otherwise. >> reporter: would you like to say anything at all? >> no, we will have a statement
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by tomorrow. thank you for all your support though, thank you. >> stay with kron4 and as we continue to follow the case of missing nursing student michelle lee. a grieving mother is speaking out tonight after her 3 month old baby was killed early sunday morning in east pal alto. police say they have arrested a juvenile suspect in the case who may face 4 attempted murder charges. jr stone has the latest. >> the gunshots rang out on sunday in this street directly behind me. however on monday police announce they caught their suspect just one block over. >> they destroyed my family. they killed my baby. >> reporter: a tearful mother describing her 3 month old baby isaac, who was shot and killed early sunday morning after the family left the baby shower.
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>> she was such a precious baby. he was my little angel. he was my everything. >> today police have announced they have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting, a 17-year-old teen who along with a teen walked up to this car and opened fire on yvonne garcia lopez, her husband and her two kids. >> i tried bpreto protect him w i heard the gun fire. i protected the 4-year-old with my body and i thought i had protected my baby in the car seat but one of the bullets went into his head. i started crying. i took him out of the car seat and he had a hole in his head. >> police say this suspect and another person were going after a gang member who beat him up last week in redwood city.
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officers, however, don't believe that person was in the car. now lopez is left without a son. >> i definitely have to say to their parents to pay attention to the other kids if they have any -- be involved in their kids' lives, pay attention to them, give them love. if they don't, they'll find it on the street and they'll hang out with the wrong people and they'll end up being killers. >> you saw that one suspect photo in that story. police believe they have their second guy behind bars, they're looking at this point to link him to the crime. jr stone, kron4 news. >> continuing coverage now, it is believed that gang retribution may have played a role in that 3-year-old baby an the attack on his parents. the homicide rate has significantly dropped in recent years, but police chief does acknowledge gang violence is
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still a big problem. >> east pal alto police chief ron david says his police force works hard to combat the city's gang problem and it shows. in 2005 the homicide rate was 15, five years later it dropped by more than half to just 4. this year with the murder of that 3 month number of homicide so far is at 2. david hopes the crime that happened over the weekend will scare you either way from joining a gang. >> shows you just how callus and how cowardly gangs can be. so you can see there's no -- there's that false sense of being part of something special is just that false. how can you be special when you can open fire. >> he credits the drastic cut in murders over the past years to community work his officers have done to try and turn gang members lives around for the better. >> we connect them, we offered them a way of services, drop
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training, some places job placement. you'll see it passed by the community, which is funding a lot of youth programs. >> reporter: the police department also received a grant from the governor's office for a program called operation cease fire. the funding allowed the force to join with other law enforcement agency to arrest dozens of gang members all over the city. this is video of officers arrested taliban gang members in march 2009. >> the chief tells me his city held the title for 2nd highest murder rate in the state 6 years ago but not any more. reggie, kron4 news. a cry at sunnyville neighborhood is on edge tonight that's after discovery of a woman's body stuffed in a trash bag. that body was found by resident. he spotted it in a neighbor's yard. he says he felt a bag, poked a hole in it and decided to call
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police. the cause of death and the woman's identity are still undetermined. >> we saw rainy chilly weekend, but warmer weather is finally on tap. we'll take a look at how
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last friday night i tweet add photograph of myself that i intended to send to the direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realize i had posted to twitter, i panicked, i took it down and said i had been hacked. i then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a usual regrettable mistake. >> new york democratic congressman anthony confessed today he did send inappropriate pictures of himself to a young woman. he said he would not resign, however, house minority leader
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nancy by low see has sense called for -- since called for investigation into his actions. he hopes to find support with members of the tea party. in arizona smoke lingers above the 2,000 acres that have been scorched by the massive wild fire. 2200 people were evacuated from their homes, thousands more have been told to prepare to leave. look at this video from a surveillance camera, springfield massachusetts attaches frightening close up picture of churning into the south end of that city this was late last wednesday. we'll be ck [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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thursday night at 7:00. funeral services will be held on friday afternoon at 12:30. most events are at saint mary's cathedral in san francisco. meantime fire officials say the cause of that blaze does not appear to be suspicious. investigators were on the scene today searching for clues in the badly damaged home they say there is a possibility that the origin of the fire may never be discovered. stay with kron4 news for continuing coverage of the san francisco fire department tragedy, we have extended coverage on our web site including a place for you to leave your messages of condolences to the family. that's all on a look at satellite and radar this evening a weak system pushed down the california coastline. you can see it here, but it's increasing our sea breeze winds which in turn will bring us increased low cloud cover into tomorrow morning. tracker puts it well inland 6:00 hour, maybe a little bit
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aggressive it will be seeing those low kids into the 9:00 hour, they're sticking around and moving back to the coastline by 11. looks like those clouds could hug the coastline all the way through the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow are going to be warmer, we're going to see sunshine after that fog clears out. some mid and high level cloud are still possible. 70s for parts of the north bay and 74 in santa rosa. also 70s for the delta. warming up anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees out there tomorrow, the temperatures are going to be running below average. low 70s down in the south, 70 also in liver more but 59 along the coast, thanks to that fog. here is a look at the forecast, it is going to be warmer out there tomorrow, not a whole lot of changes we head into wednesday, few more degrees. saturday, stays on the mild side ahead into sunday and next week, temperatures start to cool down courtesy of the storm passing it, doesn't look like we're going to see any rain out
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of that, increased fog and those cooler temperatures. he gets a standing ovation as he takes the stage today at the annual worldwide developers conference of san francisco. he did appear to be center and weaker. he broke his medical leave today introduce new items for iphones, ipads and mac commuter. -- computer. >> reporter: he was walking slow today, he seemed frail, his voice sounded weak. here is a picture you can see how much weight he's lost in the last 6 years. on the left it was him in 2005 here is what he looks like now. we don't know his current medical condition. he has not made it public. he's on medical leave with no official ending. i think he wanted to be there today. he spent most of the time on stage talking about that. >> we're going to move the
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digital hub, the center of your digital life into the clouds. >> reporter: they unvailed i cloud, the way to store all your digital information and sync everything you do with your different devices. >> now icloud stores your contents in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. if i get something my on my iphone, it sends it to the cloud immediately, those pictures are in the cloud and they are now pushed down to my devices completely automatically, i make a new calendar event on my iphone. it's stored in the cloud and it's pushed to my other devices. >> your music can be accessed from anywhere, you don't have to connect your device to your computer to buy, add or remove songs. when you buy something on i tunes that new music or video will transfer to your other devices automatically. they're store all this data on
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giant servers so you don't have to fill up the hard drives on computer and devices. here are the pictures they have built to process the icloud. >> just to give you a feel for the size, those are two people right there. >> reporter: the apple service is free. you have to have apple mobile me account, which is free. the other icloud apps will role out this fall. exciting news for the cals baseball team. gary has highlights straight ahead. the giants always make it exciting tonight going extra with the nationals. gary has all ♪ ♪
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in basketball circles mark
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jackson spent 17 years as a player with the clippers, pacers, nuggets, toronto and utah and the houston rockets he ranked third in the nba all time assist list to stockton and jason kid. he brings the personnel, he's been a tv broadcaster, he's got a presence. that's apparently what he wanted. >> we don't consider it to be a leap of faith. we're in the situation where we evaluated from top to bottom what he had done throughout his career both as a player and as a broadcaster. >> yeah, mark jackson right now working for abc, nba finals between dallas and the miami heat. baseball amateur draft, sunny grays with the 18th choice taking short stop taking joe out of saint john. giants and washington don't want to go home. out to the ballpark, todd
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mcclelland watching lincecum get his 1,000 career strike out, 2nd to reach 1,000 only car' wood former of chicago cub fame. but lincecum, going to lead the game now 4-0, michael doubles, scores a couple of runners, five innings, five hits, four runs, on a night where he was not at his best. but bottom 8, the giants trailed 4-0 for most of the game and then come roaring back, delivering home, the tying run and that's how we stand now, 4-4, bottom of the 12th. barry the old rehab assignment for minor league san jose, 6 in 2 third. the story, the giants and the fashion les, by the way giants have sold out every game this season 41,180. it's 7 in a row and counting
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for the as. on the flip side, once upon a time that was the place to be just like the giants ballpark but only 10,005:56 to watch it kick it around tonight, kirk, before you know it baltimore is up 4-0. they hang on to win 4- 2. the as have now lost 7 straight games. three straight, the oakland athletics lose to the yankees at home, then three straight to boston they open a series on the road losing to geo gonzalez and company lose together the baltimore orioles. this is pretty cute. cal baseball on to the super regionals in the most dramatic fashion. the third, pitch, he scores, run the flip. he's safe. cannot believe it. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to guess that's a campus
12:57 am
broadcaster. terrific. they beat bailor despite fiver ors they advance to super regionals. they're going to face dallas baptist next. devin, the majority of the game. they come back to win it 9-8, as you heard the play by play broadcaster. all right, boston back in the stanley cup final series versus vancouver ugly hit. down goes erin rome -- or excuse me down goes horton after rome received a 5 minute penalty. horton ends up in the local hospital but was moving his extremities. hard to watch a game when you see a guy carried off like that. tim thomas had 40 saves. boston explored -- exploded to 8 goals. vancouver still leads the series 2 games to one. usc trojans are being force today give back their 2004
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