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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> we will tell you what the city of san francisco is doing
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to honor the fallen firefighters. kron 4 news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning and thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news, we want to get our eyes on the forecast, we will see temperatures increase slowly but surely. >> we definitely see a spike in temperatures especially by thursday. a gorgeous shot at san jose, there is no wet weather to speak up. currently 56 degrees getting up to 72 degrees cooling down by 8:00 p.m.. a full look at your forecast coming up. >> here is a look downtown. this is at san jose. right now we are not tracking any hot spots or delays. public transit in the south bay is on time as well. >> we are following the latest this morning in the disappearance of a nursing
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student. michele lee has not been seen since friday may 27th. now, her disappearance has changed from a search and now classified by police as a homicide. will tran is live in front of hayward police headquarters with the latest. >> police are saying that this attack on michele planned to do this, that it is not random. the key scene is kaiser hospital back on may 27th she told classmates, that she was taking a break, she was going to be back, she grabbed her cell phone and keys and went to the parking garage. the hayward police believe there was a confrontation that took place. or surveillance video from the grosz shows a wide as you the beating that area but they cannot say with certainty that michele lee was in fact the
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driver. her car was found several blocks away about one day as they had all investigators on the case, they called in the fbi. for 10 days and they have been searching and last night this case was changed from made missing persons case to a murder case. here is the captain of the police department to explain the change in classification. >> in the results of forensic investigation in a vehicle belonging to michele, information from multiple interviews including those of friends, family and persons of interest, an examination of evidence collected during the service of civil search warrants, the examination of the video evidence from the kaiser broad and other locations, or
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the examination of michelle's cell phone records before her phone went dead. >> per cell phone records they did not track until a day or so later, when they did triangulate the cellphone, there were messages to the, excuse me signals coming from fremont, union city, all over. then it went dead, either someone turned off the cell phone or or the phone went dead. michelle's family had offered a $65,000 reward for information leading to her coming back safely. they got the news late last night, they plan to issue a statement later today. hopefully we will hear from them as well as the hayward police department. >> to do you get any indication that police are close to making an arrest? >> they are not revealing all of their cars. they said forensic evidence and interviews, they have done more than 25
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interviews with family, friends and persons of interest. they are going to work with the district attorney. it sounds like they're getting pretty close for right now they are not saying that. maybe they are not close, but more importantly, who ever did this, they do not want that person to know that they're closing in. they have changed the classification and they will continue searching. they will not pull off any investigators, all six of them will continue working around the clock on this case and working with the fbi. >> 6 05 a.m., we are turning the page to another developing story. more on the shooting death of an infant in east palo alto. authorities say it was a case of mistaken identity that led to the shooting that killed this baby early sunday. the baby was riding with his parents in this car. conceivable is shattered the windows. a 17
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year-old boy has been arrested on murder charges in a 16 year- old arrested on weapons charges in this shooting. the shooting was apparently in retaliation for the 17 year-old who was beaten up at a fight between rival street gangs on may 31st and i thought that these people were responsible. authorities say the teen thought that they were involved in that fight and targeted at the people in this car and the baby was inside, so was another child, a three year- old. the mother shielded the three-year-old and the free world was unharmed. the mother and father were both wounded. the mother has a message for the parents of the suspects. >> i have to stick to their parents to pay attention to their other kids. be involved in their kids' lives. pay attention to them! give them love because it is they do not they will find it on the street and hang out with the
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wrong people and end up being killers. >> the death of the infant marks the second homicide in east palo alto for the year. >> the tower in san francisco will be to live up grand from tonight until friday to honor the two firefighters who died in the line of duty. vincent perez and r anthony valerio box died fighting a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. the giants game tonight will be dedicated to pereiras and valerio. the mayor will be thrown out the first funeral services in a joint sahara funeral service at st. mary's cathedral on friday. >> there is a will be the warmest day of the week.
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in the '70s for the inland areas. a quick look at satellite radar, dry conditions. we will enjoy some pleasant conditions around the bay. temperatures are right outside the door are in the '50s. as we move into the afternoon we will see plenty of 70's out there. hooks to the very similar to what we saw yesterday. temperatures mostly in the '70s, there is it will probably be the warmest day of the week.
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a warming trend on friday and then cooling down as we head towards the weekend. >> nothing to talk about in traffic this morning, here is a quick grin to check. the bay bridge westbound, all of the approaches look good. a nine minute drive time from the macarther maze. on the san mateo bridge, you're right on 92, 13 minutes across this on the golden gate bridge you are clear. we're going to just seen in the newsroom. across >> and about seven minutes, we are waiting on the grand reception for the visiting german chancellor, we will bring the event you live. we will let you know what the two will be
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talking about. that is straight ahead right here on the kron 4 morning news. we will be right back. ñjñjñj?
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, representative wiener is admitting that this would account was not have, that he posted lewd pictures of himself. >> to be clear, the picture was from me. i send it. i deeply apologize for with this has caused to my friends, family, constituents, supporters and staff. i am deeply regretting what i have done and i am not resigning. i have made it clear
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that i have accepted responsibility for this, people who her want to draw conclusions of the are free to do so. >> nancy pelosi and other members of the democratic leadership are urging an in- house committee to launch an investigation. >> 6:15 a.m.. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. father's day is around the corner. what are you getting for dad? kron 4 once you to have a chance to get a great gift for dad. it is the magellan road mate. we have 10 of those to give away. we also have 2, 50 inch 3-d televisions. go to our facebook fan page. we have all of the instructions and you could win a present for your dad. we will be right back.
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>> one of the worst wildfires in arizona history. it is now threatening neighborhood in mexico. it has canceled flights and interfering with air quality. people in low enough, new mexico are being told to leave. more than 3000 people evacuating in arizona. it began on may 29th and has burned more than 233,000 >> a significant breach in the levy on the missouri river pier would send thousands of waters.
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>> check out this surveillance camera from that tornado in springfield, missouri. cars are almost lifted off the ground. this was on the south end of the city late last wednesday. >> to we have a much calmer weather, our skies are pretty clear. sunshine and a little bit of a warm up starting today. >> we will definitely see a warm-up as we head into the week. plenty of sunshine around the bay area. as we take a look at the weather headlines, we are dried to date. sunshine by this afternoon, especially for warmer inland areas. the warming trend is in store for the rest of the week. i will have more on that it would your extended forecasts. in the '50s all
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around the bay area. as we head into the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. we will warm up considerably compared to what we saw yesterday. upper 60s-mid-70s. the giants game tonight @ at&t part. we will remain dry throughout the game. i first hit 54 degrees, cooling down one degree by 9:00 p.m.. your 7 day around the bay forecast, we will see a string of sunny weather and drought the bay area. we will not see any wet weather in the forecast. it partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days but we will see a warming trend as we head into
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thursday and friday. >> no hot spots or congestion. on the bay bridge and they have not yet activated the metering lights. on the san mateo bridge the right side still looks good, no delays over towards foster city or 101. on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound in from marin county, smooth and trouble-free. let's head to san francisco as we pick up the ride on the inbound central freeway. there are no delays as you head south toward the peninsula. a very good ride heading down 1 01 even as far as paul also. >> 6:21 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we have a programming note to tell you about. we have a new newscast. if you have not checked it out, it is a great
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time. maybe you cannot watch the news at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.. we have a prime-time newscast. it is brand new. the kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m.. let's take a live look from our mt. tam cam and you can see the clouds clearing out, the sun in the distance, that is what we are in for the next seven days. we will be right back.
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>> i am justine waldman, this is what is just in our newsroom. in washington d.c., a grand reception is planned for the german chancellor hot angela merkle. there she is with president obama. they have a grand ceremony planned for her today. there will be a 19 gun salute and then a formal accord dinner tonight were merkle will
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get the presidential medal of freeman. they have a lot of business to get to as well. talking about a wide range of policy issues such as an aid operations in afghanistan and libya and the middle east peace process and what is happening there and of course the world economy. >> an industry group is unveiling plans for airport security aimed at reducing check-in times. it will feature iris scanners to match the passengers eyes to their passports and information chips inside of those passports to identify passengers who could pose as a security risk. passengers could be subject to different degrees of searches depending on level of risk. that should be in place within the next five years. >> the california ethics board has rejected a request from the las angeles democrats or to investigate whether
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schwarzenegger violated state laws during the affair that he had with his housekeeper. during their relationship he fathered a child with her that he kept secret from his wife maria. the board says the information provided was insufficient to establish whether or not campaign money was used to carry out that a fair. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we will have the opening bell on wall street coming up after the brakes on what looks to be a turnaround day hopefully on this tuesday. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is like if you are using fastrak. a little bit of a wait for the cash
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>> 4 c 0 bringing the opening
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bell. an increase in the doubt after five weeks of losses. as we get to our top stories, they area weather and traffic. sunshine today, finally? >> plenty of sunshine expected for the next seven days, especially for thursday and friday. we will see a brief warming trend but we will cool things back down for the weekend. a look at the forecast straight ahead. >> me during lights are activated on the bay bridge. there are still no hot spots to track for the morning commute. a complete update straight ahead. >> the search for a missing
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hayward nursing student, michele le has shifted to a recovery effort to find her body. police believe that she was killed. the 26 year-old has not been seen since friday may 27th when she took a break from her clinical rotation shift at kaiser medical center. will tran is live at the hayward police department following the latest on the investigation. explain to us why this has shifted to a homicide investigation. >> because of forensic tests and interviews, they also noticed that there was no forced entry, and perhaps under a vehicle. they have spoken to more than 25 people, with all those things including surveillance video, all of those things now has been thinking this is not a missing persons case, it has shifted to a murder investigation. let's talk about kaiser hospital. on may 27th she told classmates she
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was going to her car around 7:00 p.m.. police did not believe this was a random attack, that she was targeted. they believe whoever did this was planning to do this. that there was some sort of confrontation and a parking garage. they also say that her car left the parking garage, a white 2010 honda s u b, they cannot say with certainty or because the cameras are not zoomed in on the driver's side. quick when they found the white as you the three blocks away, a stone's throw from kaiser hospital, in a neighborhood that she has no friends or family. the next day, her family reported her missing. for the next 10 days we have been searching for
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her family was offering a $65,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. the police decided last night in conjunction with the fbi to reclassified this from a missing person case to a murder case. they say that they will continue doing this, all six detectives will remain on the case but now it will be searching remote areas of the east bay hoping to find her body. we will just have to wait and see. the family of michele le is shattered by this. devastated. her father flew from vietnam to be here to help with the search. they got the news late last night, they have been silent all night, grieving. sometime this morning they will issue a statement >> in this city of oakland today
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are rolling out a city-wide communication system that will be shared by police, firemen and paramedics. federal dollars have paid for a nearly $8 million radio system that the mayor says is necessary after recent communication problems officers were unable to communicate with each other. problems could come up again with this system is a situation arises when oakland it needs aid cut from neighboring systems, they would have to switch back to their old analog system to communicate with those other officers. the board of supervisors this mesaid to me t, this mockup will add residential units, commercial space and office space to treasure island. among the complaints opponents argue that the environmental review did not adequately addressed the impact of the project including increased congestion on the bay bridge and the islands vulnerability from flooding her.
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>> time is running out for german investigators to find a source of the world's deadliest coli outbreak. that is according to the world health organization. german officials are looking for the on break, weeks after it began. they wrongly accused spanish cucumbers and in german sprouts of sparking a crisis that has killed 22 people and infected 2400. but doctors at the world health organization say that if we do not learn the culprit within a week and may never know. a full check on whether >> a live look outside on the san francisco skyline, we are seeing cloud cover along the coast but most of that will lift off as we head into the afternoon. temperatures are on the rise as we head into the latter part of the
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as we head into the afternoon we will see bricks in sunshine. overnight, no rain and the forecast. mostly clear with tinters getting back down into the 50s. a quick look at temperatures right out the door. mid-upper 50s. by the afternoon plenty more '70s. we will remain cooler at the coast. we have low 70's in the south bay. a quick check on your around of a forecast, a string of sunshine on tap for the next couple of days. partly cloudy conditions. thursday will be the warmest day of the week.
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80's of for warmer inland areas. cloud cover for the weekend. the good news is what weather is definitely out of the forecast. >> in good weather news and traffic is. we are not tracking any hot spots syrian-controlle.s have been activated for 15 minutes on the bay bridge. -- metering lights have been activated for 15 minutes on the bay bridge. on the toll plaza you can see it is still lighter than usual in the commute to direction. your ride on the golden gate bridge in across, marin county is still problems free 101 southbound with no delays in the northbound direction either. bart is still a problem free. caltrain, there are no delays reported there. here is justine waldman in the newsroom.
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>> we are going live to washington d.c., president obama is welcoming the germans had chancellor angela merkle. it is a visit that combines policy part. she is the first european visit while a bomb is president. there is some historic significance. >>, our alliance at its core is a partnership between our people. the generations of german americans who helped to build a strong america, the americans who during a long cold war helped to defend a free german kirk and citizens of both our countries, on drawers, innovators, students, scientists and soldiers who work together and forge the future every day. >> " what you are watching the kron 4 morning news, we will be right back.
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>> yesterday and the dinner came clean and admitted that his twitter count had not been hacked as he had claimed, that he posted nude photos. the question is, how will this candle impact his career. >> with the evidence against anthony wiener, the democrat own up to his indiscretions on monday. >> to be clear, the picture was of me if i send it. i am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused to my wife, our family and my constituents, friends, supporters and staff. >> the u.s. congressman admitted inappropriate relationships to several women on line and on the phone in recent years. he sent this shirtless picture to a 26 year- old last month.
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>> he was eager to hear about if i wanted him or thought he was attractive. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics committee investigation to see if any house rules were violated. political experts say that the future for winner is uncertain. >> my general view on these kinds of things is, let the voters decide. >> they gave him the opportunity to do the right thing, he did not do it today, he is going to make it bad for the party. i say, hit the high road. >> the congressman said he is not going to step down. >> i accept responsibility for this, people who draw conclusions about me are free to do so. i have worked for the people in my district for 15 years and in politics for 20 years, i hope that they see fit to see this in the light that it is which is a deeply regrettable mistake. >> 6:43 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside.
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here is our roof camera on best avenue. -- van ness avenue. we will be right back. risk
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>> a quick look at top stories, hayward police have officially classified the across disappearance of bay area and nursing student michelle le as a homicide. she has not been seen since friday may 27th. after forensic examination of her car, video evidence and cell phone records, police believe she has been killed. detectives have questioned more than 25 people. >> authorities say it was mistaken identity that caused the shooting death of a baby in east palo alto. the baby was with his parents in this car when gunfire erupted. a 17 year- old arrested on murder charges and a 16 year-old on weapons charges for this shooting that killed a 3 month old and injured the parents. their other child
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was on injured. >> the coit tower in san francisco, a monument to firefighters will be without read it starting tonight and a blessing to friday to honor the two firefighters who died in the line of duty. vincent perez and anthony valerio died while fighting a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. tonight, the giants' game will be dedicated to the firefighters. mayor ed lee will throw out the first pitch. for >> we are expecting a pleasant conditions around the bay area. know what weather and a small spike in 70's in the warmer inland areas. we could see 80 degrees in places like antioch and fairfield. the radar shows clear and dry conditions around the
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bay area. currently 50s all around the bay area. by 3:00 p.m. today and we will see plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the '70s. a drastic comparison compared to yesterday. it looks like we will see high sixties around the in the bay area, remaining cool at the coast. a mixed bag of low 70's in the south bay. when a quick check quick with your 7 day around the bay forecast, plenty of sunshine for the next couple of days although you will wake up to some cloudy conditions until wednesday. thursday will be the warmest day
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of the week. temperatures could get into the 80s. a warming trend into friday and then cooling back down into the '70s by the weekend. 6:49 a.m., let's take a look at traffic. >> for no hot spots for the driver on the bay area. highway 8804 and interstate 580 are starting to get slower for the west work ride. it is still normal traffic for both of those roads. here is a look at your ride on the bay bridge. , east shore freeway, there are still no delays. volume building a brick on the san mateo bridge. on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound still looks good from marin county in distilled problem free 101 from the
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bottle. the ride on 101 northbound from guadalupe parkway to the montague expressway is a delay free. usually even at this hour a little slower, perhaps lighter than usual traffic on the no. 101 ride. >> 6:51 a.m., the city of vallejo is turning to technology to combat the world's oldest profession. maureen kelly are going to explain how police are going to use crime cameras a fight prostitution. >> this is a newly installed prime camera keeping a watchful eye from the street light purchase. hear, two of these cameras have gone in, one at the intersection of sonoma boulevard and tennessee street. the other and georgia and marin. these areas are currently hot spots for prostitution. vallejo police say a third camera will be going in, in the near future. any of the cameras can be moved
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in case pimps, hookers and john's migrate to new area. every camera represents a different angle that is being monitored. a live feed transmitted by internet back to the police station which is recorded. three of the different angles are fixed but there is a bottom lens that can pan, tilt and zoom. >> we can pick up plates, faces, distinctive characteristics. >> once the work out the bugs, patrol officers will be able to see these same video feeds from laptops inside of their squad >> >> they can be out of the immediate year to view the content but close enough to act with enforcement. >> there are meant to deter people from illegal acts in the first place, knowing that the police are watching from above. >> steve jobs unveiled a free service that lets you share calendar entries, songs and
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other files, your other devices more easily. icloud will make mac computers behave more like mobile devices. johns received a standing ovation as he appeared at the apple developers conference. this is his second major public appearance after going on medical leave in january. >> sony executives say that their new generation of portable game consoles is the company's biggest product launch since police station 3 five years ago. this is a play stations if vita at the electronic entertainment expo also called e #, motion sensitive hands gaming that outdoes of the work force psp, they say this device will also connect to why five hot spots in use networks to share information. >> 60 3:00 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>> there he is, the new coach of the warriors, mark jackson. he is the the new head coach. he has been a player, an analyst, although he has not been a coach, the figure he can do it. he was an analyst for abc, espn and nbc, 17 years in the nba as a point guard. a three-year $6 million contract with a team option for the fourth. >> they took attention away from university of southern california, u.s. seek appealed the sanctions that are placed against them. they have lost 30 scholarships over three seasons. the n.c.a.a. ruled that reggie bush received improper
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benefits totaling $300,000 during those seasons and was ineligible when he played in the national championship 6:58 a.m., we will be back with more including more on the missing nursing student from pay or the police think is killed. >> research has changed from a missing persons case to the murder investigation, coming up i will tell you why in a live report from the hayward police department.
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