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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 8, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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talk about a pig in a blanket. >> deborah: that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. live, this is kron4 news at 11:00 with a developing story. a developing story out of san francisco tonight. a fatal officer-involved shooting. it happened as you see on your map here on buina vista way. officers were attempting to arrest a known bank robber when the shooting occurred. the suspect was shot and died at the hospital. kron4's reggie kumar is live at the scene of the shooting with the late details. reggie? >> well, pam, investigators are still out here at the scene gathering evidence. authorities say the suspected bank robber that was killed was wanted by the fbi in southern california. >> reporter: san francisco investigators were alerted by the fbi tuesday afternoon that a suspected bank robber was in
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the city. detectives then located this car, a bmw. the robber is believed to have used it to steal cash from two banks onmay 17th. authorities also believe the robhair stolen the bmw a day earlier from a dealership in the same city. they immediately set up surveillance on the vehicle and when the suspect got into the car, investigators tried to pull it over. >> the robbery apprehension team tried to effect a traffic stop. the driver accelerated his vehicle in a dangerous fashion at the officers. the officers then discharged their weapons to protect themselves. >> reporter: two officers shot at the robbery suspect. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital where he tied from gunshot wounds. >> back out here live, none of the professors was hurt in the shooting. investigators have not released the name of the suspect. they also haven't said if he
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had a weapon. live in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. and another shooting in san francisco today. this one injuring a juvenile. it happened at about 4:30 at 5th and market streets, that's near the powell bart station and the westfield mall. after being shot, the victim was able to run to turk street where he was picked up by a good samaritan and driven to safety. no suspect description or motive has been released. the victim is expected to survive. the search for a missing nursing student now turned into a murder investigation as heyward police classified the disappearance of himself le as a -- michelle le as a homicide. kron4's dan kerman has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: >> the number one goal is the recovery of michelle. that's been from the very onset, that we have to find michelle. we are still doing everything humanly possible to recover michelle, dead or alive. >> reporter: heyward police
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say, despite the reclassification of the michelle le missing person to a murder investigation, they are not letting up in the search for her and her killer. >> interviewing more witnesses, analyzing again, the evidence that we have, working with the alameda county lab, the fbi and evaluating the evidence. >> reporter: police did confirm on tuesday that blood evidence was found in le's car. they also say a second vehicle may have been involved in the murder and that video from the parking garage where they believe le has been killed has been useful. >> any time you get a victim vehicle leaving the garage, it puts a time stamp on it. it has a basis for us, something to carry out from there. >> reporter: monday night for the second time, police did search the union city home of esteban, a norm friend of le's, but they refused to say she is
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the subject of the investigation. police have said le's cellphone was on for approximately 15 hours after she disappeared on friday, may 27th. previously, they indicated it pinged in three locations. now, they say they know where the phone was used last, but they refuse to identify the specific location, so as not to jeopardize the investigation. >> heyward police say they're also continuing to talk to the d.a.est office about several persons of interest. what we don't know is if this means they're getting close to making an arrest before they find the body. in heyward, dan kerman, kron4 news. also, today, le's father held a news conference. that was earlier. he wanted to talk about why the family rejects the police department's assumption that michelle is dead. >> to us, if you call something murder, you've got to have a body and we asked them and they
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said no body was found at this time. so we don't think that's a definite proof yet, even though michelle's case is under a different classification now by the heyward police department, and even though heyward police department has given up on finding michelle alive, our family and friends continue to maintain hope and faith in her return. until the heyward police department can offer conclusive and definite proof, otherwise we will continue to believe she is alive. michelle is still alive, and needs to be rescued. [ indiscernible ] >> meanwhile, heyward police have stopped searching these rural areas of the east bay for michelle le.
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in total, police combed through five rural areas, looking for evidence. assistanting in those searches, the alameda county service. the searches may resume if new information becomes available. stay with kron4 and for our continuing coverage of the missing student, michelle le. new at 11:00 tonight, a giants game dedicated to two san francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty. they duty. the two firefighters died from injuries sustained while they were battling a housefire. also, before the game, mayor lee offered a few special words to the men and women who serve the city as firefighters. >> to the men and women of station 26 and all of them with the san francisco fire department, to show our
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appreciation -- [ indiscernible ] >> also, tonight, coit tower, look at this, it's illuminated in red in honor of the fallen firefighters. the tower itself is actually built back in the 1930s as a tribute to the san francisco fire department. the red lighting will remain in effect through friday. services will be held later this week. there will be a vigil on thursday night at 7:00 p.m. funeral services will be friday afternoon at 12:30. both events will be held at st. mary's cathedral on golf street in san francisco. kron4 will bring you the friday service live and uninterrupted. the expected temperatures were warmer out there today, in the 70s in a number of places. 77 degrees in antioch, 74 in concord. 70 down in san jose, an
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improvement over yesterday's temperatures by several degrees. we saw temperatures up as much as 10 degrees in our inland valleys, 10 degrees warmer in napa, 11 degrees warmer in santa rosa, just a couple of degrees warmer down in the south bay. a look at our current conditions right now, pretty mild, temperatures still in the 60s in antioch. we're going to see pretty nice conditions as you head out the door tomorrow morning, although the fog will be present along the coastline and for our bay shores. that fog is going to push back to the coast by noon. as we head into the 4:00 hour, sunny and warmer conditions are expected. we'll take a look at how long the warmer conditions are going to stick around, coming up in just a bit. coming up, the first pictures of the three-month-old baby killed over the weekend. and thousands of fans swarm the oakland coliseum for the last leg of the big u2 concert tour. those stories and much more ahead.
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in national news tonight, the second-largest wildfire in arizona history is now beginning to threaten the state
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of new mexico. the thick smoke has diverted flights and prompted air quality alerts in new mexico. people in the town of luna have even been told to prepare to leave. more than 3,000 people have been evacuated in arizona and thousands more might also have to leave. officials are looking for a tipster to led them to believe that 20 bodies were buried on this property. deputies who swarmed the neighborhood found no evidence of even a single homicide. the sheriff's office had received two calls from a person claimed to be a psychic. demonstrators gathered outside of a south florida mosque today. they are demanding that the mosque be closed by the federal government. last month, the fbi arrested two imams and several of their family members, charging them with funneling money to terrorists in pakistan. a chicago woman was never
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really missing a little. her body was in the county morgue almost the entire time. her family credits the discovery to a new detective. in florida, a family snapped these photographs when a bear decided to take a tip in the hot tub. wildlife officials say this is a female with her cubs nearby. so far, they've been too
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to wreak havoc on your life. get the protection you need right now. call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: riskfree. plus you'll also get the $1 million service guarantee. but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. in news around the bay area, tomorrow the district attorney will announce the charges that a 17-year-old will face in connection with the murder of a 3-month-old baby. izack garcia was in his parents' car when east palo alto police say two suspects opened fire in what police say is a case of mistaken identity. the boy's mother and father were also struck by the bullets by they survived. there are two suspects but as of now, only one of them is linked to the shooting. prosecutors must decide if the teen will face murder charges and if he will be tried as an
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adult. in alameda, officials have approved a review of the actions of police and firefighters following a memorial day drowning. last month, a suicidal man waded into the bay and drowned while city rescuers stood by. alameda's acting fire chief said firefighters on the scene were not allowed in the water due to budget cuts. the mayor announced that the independent probe will begin. he announced that today. in sunny veil, a body found stuffed in a trash bag has been identified. police say the dead woman is 46- year-old maria oroczo of san jose. her body was found on sunday in a resident's yard. an autopsy yesterday revealed the cause of death was head trauma. a man was found stabbed to death at a storage facility. the body was discovered at all- american self-storage. police have not been able to identify the victim but say he appears to be in his 40s. authorities believe the victim
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was most likely targeting. and a former san francisco high school football player and star has died after being shot last month. 21-year-old david hinderson graduated from abraham lincoln high school. he was even gary radnich's guest in 2007 when he was named mvp of the turkey bowl. police say henderson was shot three times. there are no suspects in the shooting. it was warmer out there today and the warmer weather is going to continue into tomorrow. we're going to start the day with fog along the coast and in our bay shores. and also mild temperatures. that fog will push back to the coastline by noon and into the afternoon, sunny skies and temperatures just a little bit warmer than today,'s into the 70s in a number of locations. as a matter of fact, the warming trend's going to stick with us through the rest of the week. we'll see peak warming on thursday, 67 degrees for san francisco by thursday. in the upper 70s in san jose,
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and the low 80s in santa rosa by thursday. we're going to look at temperatures tomorrow neighborhood by neighborhood. a little bit warmer than today, 77 in santa rosa, 74 in napa, 77 in concord. upper 60s, low 70s for our bay shores and 70s also down in the south bay. temperatures are getting much closer to average for this time of year. let's take a look at the difference between tomorrow and the average temperature. 74 degrees in napa is just 1 degree shy of the average temperature. 75 in livermore, though, is several degrees shy of 82, which is where we should be for this time of year. 5 degrees below average in saf and 2 degrees below average in tomorrow in concord. a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, again, warmer weather through the rest of the week. welcome, after a cool and rainy day that we saw over the weekend. let's take a look at this next weekend, though, conditions cooling down a little bit as a storm passes us to the north.
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we'll also see increased fogginess into sunday and monday. in world news tonight, libyan leader muammar qaddafi is still refusing to leave the country. that's despite the heaviestinata airstrikes yet. you can see black smoke moments after one of the 40 attacks. muammar qaddafi went on state television to say he would never surrender. we're getting some spectacular views of the volcano in chile that erupted on saturday. the plume of ash is so large it can be seen from space. heavy smoke and ash have grounded many flights in both chile and argentina. airborne ash can severely damage jet engines. roughly 4,000 people in the area have been evacuated. and legendary rock band u2 is in the bay area tonight. ♪[ music ]♪ >> this was the scene at the oakland coliseum. thousands of people came from all over to see u2 perform
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tonight. they started lining up early this morning. the concert was originally scheduled to take place last year but it was postponed but they had a good time tonight. well, the mavericks try to even the series with the heat in game 4 of the nba finals. and yet another one-run game for the giants as they battle the nationals at at&t park. gary has highlights and all the sports, he's next. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices.
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good evening everybody. weak hitting caught up to the giants tonight. cappernick, the 49ers's second- round draft choice, watching nate schierholtz take the giants to a 1-0 lead. cut again, you don't add on, you always run the risk of the opponent coming back and jordan zimmermann, jonathan sanchez not bad. gave up two runs over five
12:55 am
innings but he's going to lose it tonight. brandon crawford's going to make the nice running play here, oh, the rookie shortstop for the giants don't hit and they lose to washington, final of 2-1. when will the as' troubles end? buck showalter on the phone watching luke scott deliver here but the as are the story. they are really bad. they've lost eight in a row. they have not lost that many in 20 months, and that's it. they got one more in baltimore. their streak includes three to the red sox, two the orioles, as are really bad. heat and mavs, even at two. great game tonight, screen left, that's the new warriors coach mark jackson. back and forth they go, dwyane wade with miami up a point. this looked like again miami would have just too many guns at the end, wade was great this evening. throwing it down. he had 32 points. lebron james with only eight points, first time in his
12:56 am
playoff career. 70 games, he hasn't been in double figures. jason there at the other end to lay it in and nowitzki played with a 101-degree fever and boom in the clutch he delivers. 21 points, dallas wins at the finish. sary's even at two. they will go again thursday night in dallas. waiting for the lockout, most of the 49ers are doing an unofficial thing at san jose state. alex smith, they're even playing around call it camp alex. he said let's all get together and get ready for when this lockout ends just by organizing this camp. smith in a strange way is shredding some of the perception that he isn't a team leader. and that's not right either, says delany walker. >> what the fans don't see is what goes on on the meeting room and that's what hurts alex smith a little bit because they don't know. they actually blind on what actually goes on and for me being in the huddle and just to
12:57 am
talk, alex is the leader. >> all right. our floor director who likes to check out players he says man, his arms on alex smith, mike, good for you and again, they're in a lockout so you've got time to lift. four years ago he was the best prep player in america, today, pryor leaves ohio state, mvp of the 2009 rose bowl, mvp 2010 sugar bowl, but his announcement comes just eight days after thecoach's resignation as pryor involved in numerous violations. that's it. my line pam always if you're going to cheat, don't get caught. [ laughter ] >> i think most people would agree with that. >> it really is a good philosophy folks,. >> how about just don't cheat? >> how about that economy. >> well, excuse me. we'll have the girl scout
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