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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 9, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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will be released from a loss and a still on monday, the jury convicted the officer last year of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant on in oakland train station platform new year's day 2009. kron4 dan kerman has more on his release and what is to follow. >> johannes mehserle will be released from the l.a. county jail on monday june 13th although we do not know the exact time. we can also tell you that a hearing has been scheduled in the l.a. superior court for a 30 monday morning. at this point, the court is telling us that is the time that the judge will tell mehserle is that he has to check in with a parole officer as soon as he is released. but the attorneys involved in the case say that this hearing will not take place. protests have also been scheduled in oakland and los angeles. the las angeles protests will take place on monday, the day that he is
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released. the oakland protest will begin here at the bart station and that will take place sunday afternoon. the oakland police indicate that they will add additional officers, and they will try to facilitate any peaceful protest. officials and the mayor have not commented on this at this time. >> in the meantime, grants uncle says that the family is outrage over his early release. >> he served actually a little less than half of this sentence, for the judge, judge perry to throw the meeting of our sentencing out which was the gun enhancement, and giving him the right to give him this is double time credit for a day served, was really a slap in the face. >> his uncle says that his nephew supporters will hold rallies and protests in los angeles and oakland this weekend prior to his release. back here in the
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bay area, there are local plans for rallies on sunday. businesses are getting ready to deal with that reality. >> in oakland, businesses are already making plans in response to johannes misery's release. here and the espresso cafe located down the block from city hall on thursday always pleasant. the lunch crowd begins to show up. but when the riots hit, like this video, is a much different scene. the cafe that has been here for nearly two decades was severely vandalized. coming up on kron4, the owner shares her thoughts on the upcoming rally in response to johannes mehserle being released from jail and what actions she as well as other business owners plan to take. that is tonight at 6:00 p.m.. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the release of johannes mehserle coming up at 5:30 p.m. legal and this--legal analyst
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talks about why he will be out of jail serving less than one year. now the latest on the fall in san francisco fire fighters, after a feeling last night there will be a vigil this evening and tomorrow the funeral services. we are live in st. mary's cathedral for what you need to know ahead of tomorrow's massive funeral service. >> if today was any indication, there will certainly be a lot of traffic and fanfare. i will step out of the way, you can see the limousines and two of their purses. about a limousines are rolled up behind these two hearses carried the bodies of the attentive vincent perez and firefighter tony valerio. there you can see the family and friends getting out of the limo kind of hunting and gathering. the bottom line tomorrow, if you are trying to drive anywhere in the san francisco area if you better get ready for some serious traffic delays. >> after the funeral service inns, the procession
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that is expected to be massive will take this route to holy cross cemetery, it will head south on gulf, right on market and left on valencia, right on 15th, left on delores, and there they will merge onto san jose avenue. if you think that will impact traffic, consider this, the procession will then head south on 280. >> it will be shut down from 101 going south that will put additional vehicles on the 1 01 they need to travel on the peninsula, so if you need to avoid the area into the east bay route, even better but if you have to be there, you will be delayed. >> they will get off of 281 the seller monteux exit, they will merge and then make a right and then continue until they reach holy cross cemetery. although the sign says that to 80 will be close from 3 to 7, it is hard to predict how long the fuel tank and how long the procession will be. >> if the service goes
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wrong is, we will be ready- to-if it goes longer we will be ready. but if we have to shut it down to expedite the flow of the procession, then we will. we ask the participation of the public. >> we are back live in st. mary's cathedral, the body of one of the firefighters is being taken out of the hearse, the pallbearers, looks like eight of them are carrying the body. this is just the beginning of a very emotional couple of days for the senses the firefighters, the firefighters around the state, the country and the world. tonight is the vigil, tomorrow night at 12:30 p.m. is the funeral after that they will head to the cemetery and that is why so much traffic is expected. we will have more is 6:00 p.m., for now reporting live, actually we will stay with this picture. the family
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follows the casket of one of the firefighters in to st. mary's cathedral. [pause] >> see the firefighters alluding, there is a large police presence as well. it is one family. if you are a service member in this city or anywhere in the world, fire, paramedic, police, you are one family together. now they are opening the back of the other hearst. since the caskets are draped in the american flag. vincent perez and tony valerio obviously dying from their injuries in the diamond heights fire last thursday. [pause]
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[please excuse the break in
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captioning due to technical difficulties] whammo we watch as the firefighters greet each other, we want to remind you that kron4 will bring live coverage of the funeral tomorrow. that begins on friday, at 12:30 p.m. right here. we will also be live streaming of the funeral on our web site at we will take a break and be right back. california should be proud.
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>> and three month low was shot and sunday as their parents for getting into the car after a baby shower in east palo alto. j.r. stone is live with more.
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>> it has been a very difficult week for family members of isaac garcia, the three month old that was shot early sunday morning, today the rosary service for him is being held at this funeral home directly behind me. i want to go to the deal because i was here with his mom and dad arrived--i want to go to the video because when his mom and dad arrived, who do you see in the video, his dad was also here, there were very broken up and it went to the funeral home today. this is the family that was leaving a baby shower early sunday morning and two men ran to their car and opened fire killing the three months old. since that time, the suspect has been arrested and was in court yesterday but still a very difficult week. i'll hear the funeral home, not much going on outside because so many family members are inside. i talked with one of izack's
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locals and what the family is dealing with right now. j.r. stone kron4 news. >> the suspect is a 17 year-old who has been charged as an adult in the murder. investigators believe that varagoza and another person fired shots at the family after mistaking them for gang members who have been up him and redwood city on may 31st. >> taking a look to the temperatures for the next few days, we have mid-70s for santa rosa, we will have their full forecast coming up the first we take a quick break.
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it >> this just in, a caltrain just kidding killed a person. the person was hit on the tracks not too far from the station
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north of that area. expect rain delays of about one hour, this happened about 4:30 p.m.. it was southbound train 362. we have a crew on the way. we will give you more information we get it. but expect about an hour of delays after a train at the station hit and killed a person. >> it has been nearly two weeks since michelle le was last seen at kaiser hospital in hayward. in that timeframe, the police say they found evidence that change the missing person case to a homicide investigation. a former friend of michelle le, giselle as bonn has also been named as a person of interest today, giselle neighbor talked with kron4. >> i spoke with giselle estabon neighbor who both live in that complex behind me. he said of the last time
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he saw her, she was quickly loading personal items and boxes into her car and that was over a week ago. see something else, he told me that he found was peculiar, a man showed up knocking on her door claiming to be her roommate. her next-door neighbor said he thought she lived there all alone and that he had never seen the guy before. as far as giselle was as a neighbor, her next-door neighbor said that she was nice and quiet in fact he said when he found out that her name was in the news connected to the michelle le disappearance case as a person of inches he told me that he could not believe that this was his next-door neighbor. in union city, causing its menu kron4 news. >> her family is holding a vigil tonight at 7:30 p.m.. you can watch our live coverage of the van join us during the 8:00 p.m. newscast. in the meantime, stay with us for continuing
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coverage of the missing is shooting case. you can also but the very latest anytime >> the time is 5:21 p.m.. we're taking a look at the golden gate bridge, overcast conditions, patchy fog overnight. we will have only the '70s tomorrow and then increasing cloud cover tomorrow night. it is also when the out there. wind speeds making it up to 20 mi. per hour, 17 for oakland, 16 for mountain view. tomorrow we will not see the '80s on the board, mostly 67, 76 in santa rosa, 64 san francisco, 77 for napa and fairfield, 68 oakland, los '70's in the peninsula and 76 for morgan hill. take a look at the seven day around the bay, we will continue to see the morning fog but take a look, a warming trend next week. temperatures back in the 80's, low '70s for the bay,
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and upper 60 for the coast. more weather and news right after this break.
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>> the oakland athletics' current nine game losing streak has led to the firing of the manager bob, here's a look at what is ahead for the team. >> let us be frank, billy did not want to fire bob kerrey. their friends, they brought him in, but the losing--bob gary--bob garin was let go, the writing was on the wall. this has been going on for quite some time. be a is with the last in the league in scoring runs, the defense was atrocious. snow with they
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get and bob melvin, who is a super positive side, he has managed a couple of times he is a bay area wide, he will come in hopefully doing all the right things. >> he as a great reputation. you know, that is important in today's game there's no question about it, those are the 25 guys you will live with every day. >> it is my job to deflect off that and get back to what they do very well, of course, they have good pitching and athletes, we will try to play the game that we are suited to play, will probably not sit around and play for everyone-- played to three will run homers. >> we will have more on this and the 6:00 p.m. hour.
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the a's are playing in chicago right now. i talked to tom earlier today he says usually we make a change like that, the team starts winning right away, we will see if that changes the culture of the clubhouse.
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>> johannes mehserle will be released from a las angeles county jail on monday, a jury convicted the ex bay area rapid transit officer last year of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant on an open trade new year's day 2009. of course the cellphone video played a big
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factor in the case, he testified that he meant to use his stun gun instead of his handgun. michael joins us to take a look at all of this bear is a lot of outrage of his early release, 11 months of the two year sentence, is that our raid justified? >> let us talk about this, either got a four year sentence, he is supposed to serve two years. he is getting out early, should people be upset? some should. i'm telling you, in this case use either on kahane's misery side, or the oscar grant side, people say four years is not even enough for what he did. other people say law enforcement, he is a cop out there doing a tough job, he should not even got that much time. but it depends is he getting out too soon in my opinion yes. should he ever got more time in my opinion, yes. but that is not how it is working out what what boggles my mind is that they notice wyatt said
5:32 pm
the community this lake. he got a minimum sentence, let him serve the whole thing. should they be outraged, they should, but lawfully. >> also house the decision made to release someone 11 months out of a two-year sentence. >> the jail usually controls that, they decide who they put out the backdoor remember this is l.a.. you have the movie stars they go in for 90 days are six months, they serve one day or two days and they are out. the get a guy like mehserle, and people say he will not recommend another crime like this he will be a model prisoner. so when you have jail overcrowding who you should out of the back door, the people with the most trouble or the least. the fact that he was a police officer.. >> does that play a role in the decision? >> unfortunately i think it does. should it? nope. >> so what happens he gets out? that process is over?
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>> it is not over, he can go on parole from 3 to 10 years, keep in mind jaycee dugard, she went through all that, remember what happened to the parole and how they did not look into the back of the house. they have a tough job, but when they have model prisoners and i can also guarantee you that mr. li will be, they will not be paying a lot of attention to him, it will be a cakewalk for him, my guess is that he will move out of state and have some other state board take over and he's like let me out of here and i think they will be wise to do that. >> michael, thank you we will speak with you again. new details tonight in a shocking sexual assault, quick thinking from the victim of sexual assault in oakland, she used her cellphone as it video of her attacker. how this is what her roommate's says why she did not leave her home. >> take a look, this is a cellphone video of a man who
5:34 pm
raped a woman after stealing her roommate's laptop and mantra. he says yes before carrying the boxes and items outside, the same man came back into this home and sexually assaulting her. i asked her roommate why she did not leave and he said she--said she was in shock. the 28 year-old woman was home alone tuesday morning did not know the suspect to the video. her roommate said she thought he was a contractor. here's another look, he is in his early '40's, 5 ft. 9 in about 160 lbs.. if you recognize this man, call police. >> in the news around the bay, two men have been convicted of murdering the oakland journalist chauncey bailey. a jury has found yusuf bey iv the fourth and antoine mackey guilty in bailey's death and the death of two other men in 2007. this is police surveillance of >> catherine: --sit video of
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bey. >> the woman accused of kidnapping her four months old granddaughter pleaded not guilty. they believe that erica is nothing to her son's home, says the baby from the bed, and then headed back to her home in southern california. she remains in custody and her bail is set at $5 million. now a man that was accused of taking over a bank in a process of capitalism has been sentenced to seven months in jail. the judge also ordered 21 year-old anthony be to pay restitution for the cost that law enforcement agencies incurred for responding. now after operators overwhelmingly rejected a tentative deal, the muni management met with the arbitrator today, a day after, the officers voted
5:36 pm
against the deal. cameras may help to crack down on the bay area told cheaters. the 40 mi. expressway is the bay area's first toll l ane and they have plans to snapshots of those who illegally use the hov lane. >> cameras will be installed on i-680 to catch the toll lane cheaters. the hov lake is not for a single drivers. as you can see, if you are driving to mission and calaveras, the problem is solo drivers are not paying the toll. >> the current enforcement process that relies exclusively on the chp is a bit cumbersome, and they're not able to keep up with the number of violators. >> the bay area poll authority says that there
5:37 pm
are between 80 to 100 at peak times and the camera will help to identify those who are breaking the rules. >> it will read the license plates and determine where those folks are coming into and out of the lane. >> a total payment notice will be sent to them based on license with finds similar to fastrak penalties on the bridge, drivers can expect to see this along the 680 express lane later this year. >> an update a south bound caltrain hit and killed a person, it happened about 430, 4:40 p.m.. we're now being told that it happened near the san mateo station. . is on the map, the initial report says that it was closer to another station but now we know it is closer to the san mateo cal station. giants fans taking the train to the game they should make other main entrance. they said up to an
5:38 pm
hour but now sounds like it may be more than that. they are providing the services and employees out to help. just yesterday a man was killed on the tracks and burlington. we have a crew on the way and we will bring you any developments. [music] >> we felt the winds kicking of this afternoon and we see the condition sticking around. 20 in fairfield, 17 in oakland and 16 in mountain view, we will also have with us tomorrow. you will see the winds gusting up to 20 mph for fairfield 1907 to school and by about 11:20 p.m. 16 in redwood city and then they will pick up tomorrow afternoon, it will be a windy day. we will have their full weather forecast coming up to more news after this break. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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>> a $1 million federal grant will help to clean up tons of trash and i agree. it is being compounded by homeless encampments. kron4 ron fladeboe shows us the mess and how it is hoped that the money will help to solve two problems at once. >> the id. san jose is to turn part of the problem into part of the solution, much of the trash in the debris that come from coyote creek in inflows to the day comes from homeless encampments that i am about to show you. the homeless on that lives here not 20 ft. from the water's edge tells me that she gave this and uses this creek as a bathroom. there are piles of trash like this all along the creek. the city has removed more than 180 t of homeless generated trash in
5:43 pm
recent years would all come right back. beginning next month, a $1 million grant will be used to actually hired the homeless to help clean up the garbage and ultimately help them to find permanent housing. there will also be money for surveillance cameras and a crackdown on the legal creekside dumping like this, i saw furniture, household garbage, old construction materials and money to tackle stuff like this one, the trash is so thick, you cannot see the water or tell the this is a creek at all. just how chronic problem is, one of the goals is to relocate 1000 homeless people away from coyote creek. >> taking it that the temperature trends for the next few days, looked like mid-60's for san francisco, mid-70s for santa rosa and we will have more weather and news in just a few moments. ñjñjñj
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>> stocks are breaking a week-long slump. the dow jones was up 75 points closing at 12,00124 today. >> robb said ohh were you surprised? >> we knew statistically that it would not go down but saddam.. you knew, but maybe not the rest of us. the winners and losers? >> city groups said their credit cards have been hacked. at roughly 1 percent, over 200,000, this has happened before. tjx and sony play station network recently. my advice is every single year, get a new credit card. every year, data card i say i lost my did occur, purity issue me another one. >> you are not affecting your credit rating you are saying getting new car. if a >> yes, they'll lost or destroyed. but check your credit report three times per year, you are able to do
5:48 pm
that one time per year for free. anyway, i did as the deaf will happen to you eventually. >> they're saying that social credit members did not give pact, but a lot of information is out there. how >> but a hurricane, and they thought had to carry it as-got hacked. robert schiller says that home prices could drop another 20 percent. he said us take a look at japan and see how they came out of their slump. the one thing that he did mention was inflation. my home has not gone up in value in the last two years and three years but the inflation has gone up so any money that i have in my home, i have lost about 4% to 6 percent even though the home has not lost value. there are other ways to your home can lose you money through inflation, but he said another 25% off of the 33% of lost. can
5:49 pm
>> but a friend says you did not lose anything less to sell it. >> that is funny. now a winner, president obama financial advisor, he came to the house and talk about some things that his grandmother says saving portion of every paycheck that is awesome. he is saving money for his kids college dance act--college plant for a 529, he bought a condo. he says do things a small and right. avery paycheck about 10% to 15%. >> and the u.s. open, tell us why that is a winner or loser? >> tiger woods will not be there, retail sales are down 20%. he is a dead star, cbs is a loser here, another player nikes' because they have a big investment in tiger woods. and espn there were to
5:50 pm
broadcast the first two rounds, so there are a loser due to ticket sales. >> time right now is 5 4:09 p.m.. we're taking a live look outside a san jose. there is, the camera in shaking around, it is windy, overnight, patchy fog the conditions, and afternoon the wind will start to pick up a lot to smile. currently dealing with wind speeds right now tomorrow, 20 in fairfield and about 16 for mountain view. tomorrow we will not see the '80s, we will talk out into the '60s and '70s, 76 percent rosa, 645 to cisco, 77 fairfield, 68 oakland, 75 antioch, low '70's in the peninsula. about 76 to morgan hill, and i looked at the seven day around the bay. we will see the morning fog into the weekend, monday will have 80
5:51 pm
and a warming trend for us. eighties in the inland, low '70s for the day, and upper 60s for the coast. >> do you have a phone, do you have facebook? you can get the latest news and weather updates on the kron4 facebook fan page. you will not have to reach for the remote or out of bed in the morning because the post video weather forecast. you can watch from your computer on mobile device. we know that you are always on the go, always check out our news headlines posted in the afternoon and evening giving you the stories during the day in one minute or less. go to the facebook fan page, click on like, and start watching. stay with us, more news after this.
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so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. no home phone service required. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> most of the east coast was under heat advisory today, triple temperatures spread from texas to maine. >> new york people know what to do when the mercury rises, fire hydrant provide relief to those passing by,
5:55 pm
public schools in several states sent students home early. cooling centers open in chicago, memphis and other cities as a refuge for those without air- conditioning. here's a look at the high temperatures recorded at 3:00 p.m. eastern. not only humans are suffering, this funeral in ohio is for a police dog that died of heat after being left in the back of a cruiser, the police chief said the canine debt has been hard on everyone in the department most of all on the dog's handler. >> tonight, high power demanded that is because of the heat, triggering a big power outage in detroit. stay think there will be a blackout for release 24 hours. >> how a museum moves to escape a flood waters and leaves chopped down a tree to still a bike. we are here with today's edition of take a look at this. >> take a look at this, a
5:56 pm
museum in cedar rapids i will moving to higher ground, the building was damaged in the eye or rivers flooding of 2008. it is being moved, slowly but surely, it will be raised another 60 once it is in place. it will sit above the crest level of the floods from three years ago. take a look at the surveillance video. ticket of the top, a group of men and brooklyn york topping chopping down a tree so that it is still the bike that was a change to it, as you can see they only rode the bike for a couple of seconds before leaving the bicycle and the tree line on the sidewalk for the walk away. now three days after tornadoes destroyed dozens of homes and oklahoma, one resident found this, a bird's nest. you can see right here, it was nestled in between his motorcycle. this side has become a tourist attraction with people coming to take a
5:57 pm
look that one home that did survive. since the tornado, life has gone on, the mother bird has laid four eggs in nests. not a bunny born near the chinese power plant has no years. the video has borne viral,--the japanese power plant, the video has gone viral and they fear that the radiation could called a genetic mutation.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> now, at 6:00 p.m. kron4 is following several big stores. san francisco is remembering 2 fallen firefighters. we will take you live for the vigil of vincent perez and anthony valerio + out tomorrow funeral route may impact your commute. the memorial service for a 3 month old baby that was killed by gunfire is tonight. we will
6:00 pm
take you live to this the emotional scene. but first, the former bart police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter of the shooting of one man on a bart or platform will soon be out of jail. kron4 has information about johannes messily and how the protesters are preparing. the official release date for johannes mehserle is this coming monday. supporters of oscar grant are promising a large protest. one on sunday in oakland, and then monday they will rally in los angeles where mr. lee has been serving time in jail. here are the top story details and reaction from protest organizers. >> the zero plan a rally will begin sunday at 3:00 p.m. here at the bart station where oscar grant was shot and killed. the rally will be brief, then those participating will march to city hall and hold a demonstration of 14th and broadway. organizers say
6:01 pm
that they're doing this for several reasons. >> one, the community needs an opportunity to speak out and say how fills, second we need to raise the awareness of police terrorists in our community and third we need to tell the powers that be that this is the beginning of a movement not the end of every time you execute one of us in cold blood, we will speak out until we change the system that has been terrorizing our neighborhood. >> and the past, the protests have been peaceful in the beginning and then turn filing with much destruction vandalism. organizers say they cannot condone that but they will not tell protesters what to do or what not to do in terms of expressing their anger. >> the oakland police say they will be adding additional officers to facilitate peaceful protests. meanwhile, many oakland businesses suffered significantly the last time rallies swept through the city in response to the death of oscar grant, has
6:02 pm
--as kron4 teresa shows as several businesses are taking action. >> they are open now, but this store said he is getting ready to shut down. this business owners says he is not taking any risk. listen to what happened last time as a rally turned into a right as you can see in the video taken just feet from the store. >> what happened last time? >> last time, they broke the front of the class, they broke the whole thing, but this time my brother says is close to the whole day better than anything. >> i do not want to close, but i hope if i have to. and >> next door, the owner of the cafe says that she's worried, she is on the place for nearly 20 years, during one of the rallies her window was shattered when someone rain in, grab the cash register and talked it through the window. >> if i close, i cannot pay my rent, i kidnap him
6:03 pm
utilities. i and-just i cannot pay my utilities how my eye closed three hours 04 hours that will affect us. in >> our coverage of his release and will continue to drop the hour. coming up to 6:30 p.m. our legal expert michael korda also joins us to talk about the early release. here are the pictures of lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio they died from injuries sustained during a house fire last week. the city of firefighters from around the bay area will pause for the funeral services to small. tonight a vigil is being held for the two men. we are joined live outside of st. mary's cathedral. it >> it is kind of hard to believe that fire in diamond heights did eventually claimed the lives of two
6:04 pm
firefighters, it happened a week ago today. we are right in the middle of a three day stretch that is emotionally taxing for the firefighters. the had a private viewing last night and here we are at st. mary's cathedral. just moments ago, the flags and draped caskets holding vincent perez and tony valerio were unloaded from the two hearses. manlimo's will followed, but does her vigil inside is expected to be more personal than tomorrow's funeral service, which is expected to be attended by 86,000 people. from what i am told, it may be like 10,000. firefighters are saying that companies are coming from all over the stage, some all of the country and they will be a part of the procession and that will shut down part of the bay area during tomorrow afternoon rush-hour traffic. >> after the funeral service inns, the procession that is expected to be massive will take this route
6:05 pm
to hold cross cemetery, south on golf, right on market, left on valencia and then right on 50, left on delores, from there they will merge onto san jose avenue. now consider this, the procession will then head south on 280. >> interstate 280 will be shut down from 1 01 going south. that will put additional vehicles on 1 01 if they meet to travel on the peninsula. if you can avoid the area and to ease their routes, even better. if you have to, you will be delayed. >> they will get off to 80 at the serra monteux exit, the merger on to college, right on el camino, continue to mention the road until it reaches it holy cross cemetery. but two firefighters worked at a station 26, some of them are expecting the turn out to be enormous. >> this has been huge, i have been to several firefighter funerals, but i think this will usually be
6:06 pm
nuts. we have not had a multiple deaths since 1986. so, this is, this hit us hard. >> back live outside of st. mary's cathedral, you are looking at a program for tomorrow's funeral services. vincent perez and tony valerio was wearing hawaiian shirts, friends say they love to wear hawaiian shirts and was preparing to retire to hawaii and about when you're so. obviously that is not going to happen. his colleagues are reading and morning, that funeral procession from st. mary's to the burial site is going to be unbelievably massive. i am told that by the time the first targets on to interstate 280 tomorrow the last car will probably not even have left. this is friday rush-hour traffic
6:07 pm
for a soviet vice that everyone is giving anyone that will listen is if you do not have to go out tomorrow afternoon, stay inside. because this city will be shut down for a few hours and they do not know when the few hours will be. it all depends on how long the services will go. if it will be a catholic out mass. we are live tonight outside of st. mary's cathedral. >> kron4 will bring live coverage of the firefighters funeral that begins on friday at 12:30 p.m. right here. we will be screaming the funeral services on our web site lies. that is set again, that is this friday at 12:30 p.m.. a somber scene tonight in redwood city as friends and family and the communities gathered to mourn the loss of a three month old baby who was killed in a shooting. is it isaac jesus jimenez garcia was shot on sunday he was with his family and the police call this a mistaken identity.
6:08 pm
tonight a memorial service is being held for baby is it. but we are joined live from where but sitting--we are joined live from redwood city what the family say tonight? >> they say it has been a difficult time for everyone they knew isaac, or heard the story. i want to get out of the whistle that you can see his family members their outside your the funeral home this evening remembering the three months old who lost his life on sunday morning. >> they still have the body inside, it is hard for them to stay right here right now. the emotion is terrible for her. i have no words to say how. i can't explain how she feels or he fills. they feel so bad. will losing their three month old baby eagle, her family, the whole family we are all destroyed. we feel
6:09 pm
so bad. today, there is a funeral today, and we will stay here for right now from 5:00 p.m. until. they say they need some more time, so we will sail later overnight. >> outside of the funeral home live right now, isaac has two uncles that are talking outside i asked them is a reassuring known as the main suspect in the case is behind bars and they said really does not bring three months old isaac garcia back. reporting live in redwood city, j.r. stone kron4 news. >> we are starting to see the fog rolling in along the coast. we will deal with patchy overnight fog as we head into tomorrow, mostly sunny conditions and sunnyfog will roll back into the evening. upper '70's mark, 76 and rosa, 77 napa
6:10 pm
and fairfield, a little cooler in sentences go about 64. lower '70's in the peninsula and upper '70's the four morgan hill, we will have more after this quick break. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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6:13 pm
>> it has been nearly two weeks since michelle le was last seen at kaiser hospital in hayward. the hayward police investigators say they have found evidence that change the missing persons case to a homicide investigation. as the search continues, kron4 has learned that michelle lee family wants to participate in the search. >> we want to find her, for me i want to go looking out right now. >> michelle le younger brother michael says despite the investigators reclassifying his sister disappearance as a homicide case, her family still believes there she is still alive and the family wants to actively get involved with searching for
6:14 pm
the 26 year-old nursing student that has been missing from the two weeks. michelle lees brother said that the hayward police told them to hold off for now. >> one of her friends wanted to organize a large- scale search party but they advised against it. they did not tell us much bathetic again the way of the investigations but they said there will be a time a large search, but now's not the time. >> how do you feel? >> i am that the police i do not know how to do their job, but for me we do not care by the successful prosecution, we just want to find her. >> her brother says until michelle is found, the family refused to give up hope of her being alive. >> right now, it is not time for us to give up hope for michelle, she is out there and we need to increase efforts to find her. >> her kron4 reggie kumar is live tonight in hayward at a vigil for michelle le.
6:15 pm
>> yes, that stars and about hour-and-a-half at mount eden park. the family is holding a support gathering to encourage people to continue the search for michelle le. take a look at the video, this was from the last one that was held last week. they believe a 26 year-old is still alive even though the hayward police have said they have found evidence to indicate that this is now a homicide investigation and they're now searching for michelle le body. they have interviewed more than 20 witnesses, including to sell--gisselle esteban on a former friend of michelle le and said that she hated the nursing student for stealing her boyfriend. back out alive, the reward has grown to $65,000 and that vigil will start here at 7:30 p.m.. >> stay with kron4 @ for continuing coverage of the missing nursing student michelle le. we will have more on the visual michelle the tonight
6:16 pm
at 8:00 p.m.. we will be right back with more news ahead. ñjñjñj
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6:18 pm
6:19 pm
>> new d. tells tonight, two men convicted of murdering a journalist chauncey bailey. they found yusuf bey iv the fourth and antoine mackey guilty and the death of daily and two other men in 2007. this is police surveillance footage of bay and the others, he was working on a new story about the bakery's finances as it descended toward bankruptcy. the man that confessed to killing bailey was the prosecutors key witness and testified that her bey ordered her murder. now this video was shot by the victim in this case, she was using her cellphone showing the alleged suspect in the case that police say burglarize the victim's house. she walked in and found the men still in her things. as you can see, his hands are full of items. she
6:20 pm
said demand came back later and raped her. we visited the neighborhood and our reactions from the residence. >> this cellphone video was taken moments before this man sexually assaulting a 28 year-old woman. she was alone tuesday morning inside of her home. a roommate told me that she thought he was a contractor. she asks him to leave as he was telling a laptop and mantra and then came back inside and raped her. wanda davis lives next door but did not hear anyone screaming into the police arrived. i showed her the video and she wonders why the victims did not run. >> if someone is in your house, the first thing you do especially the person did not care if you had a picture or not, wow that is what is scary. >> when i spoke with the victim's room may he told me that she did not leave because she was in shock she was treated at costa without--non-life threatening injuries if you
6:21 pm
recognize this man, call the oakland police. >> we still see some sunshine out there over the bay bridge. a lot of sunshine out there we will continue to see that into the next work week. we're set for 8:00. the fog will start to roll along the coastline pushing its way to the state in the overnight hours ahead by 5:00 a.m., spreading along the delta about 9:00, we will see some clearing and mostly clear by two in the afternoon. a little below the coastline here, afternoon high tomorrow getting into the upper '70's. no '80s, 76 and rosa, 64 san francisco, 77 napa and fairfield. los '70s down among the peninsula, 68 for oakland, 75 antioch and 76 degrees for morgan hill. years and seven they're around the bay showing that we will continue to see the morning fog for the next couple of days, but take a look at monday, a warming trend getting back into the
6:22 pm
80's, low '70s for the bay, upper 60s for the coast. >> the state of california has sent its largest tanker to arizona with the firefighters said they still have zero containment on a wildfire that has been raging for more than a week. the modified 747 was making a practice passes today. the flames destroyed several cabins overnight. >> through the mounds, every day brings new orders for residents to get out of the way. >> we can see it, the smoke is so close i never dreamed that i would ever be in an evacuation. never in my life. >> the wild fire has scored more than 500 square miles that is actually a revision of the 600 square miles from yesterday's estimate. but is so large, firefighters are not sure when the primer is. >> it will be a lot of word
6:23 pm
and fire crews here for a long time. high winds and dry grass has allowed this fire to move as well--as fast as 45 mph, today firefighters managed to keep the flames out of the nearby town of grear. nasa released this fire from space, it has disrupted air travel. in albuquerque new mexico and could trigger a power outages in texas. the flames are threatening electric lines that supply about 40 percent of el passel electric power. they say environmentalists are to blame for blocking loggers of clearing the forest. the environmentalists say that the problems have been to a building for years. >> father's day quickly approaching coming up after the break i will tell you how to win your father is a great present, a tv or a
6:24 pm
gps, you will not want to miss this.
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>> congressman anthony weaver has told the new york post that he is not resigning. --congressman anthony wiener told the new york post and he is not resigning. colleagues on both sides of the aisle are calling for him to step down. >> as a woman, as a colleague of his, i think this violates his relationship with his constituents and i called his resignation. >> i do not condone his activity acting he should resign. >> his wife is traveling with the secretary of state hillary clinton as she is one of hillary clinton's most trusted aides. he claims that his wife wants him to stay in congress. >> one of the hottest technologies out there right now, three d television, very cutting edge. instead of paying $2,500 or more to
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6:30 pm
>> developing news is 6:30 p.m. the release of johannes michelle le, the former police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant on the bart platform new year's day 2009. he served just under one year of his two-year sentence. joining us now to talk about the case, our legal analyst attorney
6:31 pm
michael cardozo, a lot of people out raged about this are you surprised that it is only 11 months? >> i am surprised i would think that he would serve the whole time. this is the case that everyone looks at, and our judicial system is under scrutiny. so where did you get the a few words to say let us let him out a little early? he killed a human being, he got sentenced, he should serve two years but he served 11 months and everyone is watching. i think that people should be our rage, but it is how you temper that outrage. >> who makes this decision? >> did jail because they have the overcrowding, we read about that and heard about it on the news. it is in a humane and some of our prisons, so the courts are ordering people to get out. >> but is there a set of criteria that they must meet in order to be released early or is simply based on who is running the jail? >> work it is not. they
6:32 pm
look at the more violent people will not let them out, but the less violent, white-collar crimes, those, we will let them out because we are overcrowded. a lot of times, when i hear from the district attorney's or the judges, i am really tough to put the mall in prison, we do not take anything in this county. i am like wait a minute, you put all the people in the white collar crime and then out the back door, all of the violent people at times. >> so what happens next? >> he goes on parole for about three to 10 years. but it has been my experience with the parole officers, they should in usually to pay more attention to the violent type track of them. a person like mehserle, they will meet once a week for a while and is say i would you are once per month, maybe once every three months and then say i will not have to see that often anymore. >> a lot of people in the
6:33 pm
oakland police department are gearing up for the protest you think there are better prepared? her >> certainly the new communications system will help i thought they handle the last one as best they could i thought they did an outstanding job. rhino there were some problems, but the people that go out to commit these crimes are criminals. the people there really protests will they do it honestly and within the law. >> thank you. now we spoke with oscar grant's uncle, this is what he had to say about mehserle early release. >> i was not sure exactly how i would feel that i know how i feel today. i feel reenergize in a sense that i know there is a mission in a job that has to be done and that means to bring justice oscar grant. it is not over, it is just beginning, the community is standing with the family in this issue. they're tired is like we as a family are tired of being jerked around by the criminal-justice system in
6:34 pm
the sense of letting us know the exact date that you will be released. >> stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the story. we have more reaction of this release on our web site now, a look at other big stories covered by the news crews around the bay area today. >> and redwood city, a difficult day for everyone at the funeral home, in the distance, you can see family members of three month old isaac garcia, the young boy that was shot and killed on sunday morning. the suspect in the case was charged yesterday, but family members are morning his loss this evening. reporting in redwood city, j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> at the hayward police department, the brother of the missing nursing student michelle lee says they his family wants to organize a massive search effort for his sister, but the officials are discouraging the idea. >> one of her friends wants to organize the largest
6:35 pm
search party, but they advised against it saying it could implement the middle of their investigation there will be a time but now suppertime. that-but now is not the time. >> in san francisco, traffic on friday expected to be worse than normal because several streets will be close for the funeral procession for the firefighters. 280 will be closed from 1 01 until in the sierra model exit, chp has signs indicating from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., you will not want to be on the road. the funeral may go later than that, their best advice is to stay off the road. for a complete list of the streets closing, head to >> told leaders that are losing the 60 express could be paying hefty fines. they will install cameras along the plaza 10th to milpeadus
6:36 pm
they say every hour, there are about eight to 100 drivers in the lane that are not paying. it is time to enforce. >> and tech news, bonds and nobles new reader is selling on line, this and do nook is a lot different than the current model. the current is like a tablet, so many features it is hard to use it, but the truth nook wifi it is simple. just like the kindle. for more information law with kron4 news and look for my take page. >> we still see sun shine in san jose, overnight patchy fog, breezy conditions and afternoon and then the fog will roll back in in the evening. upper
6:37 pm
'70's tomorrow, we will not see eighties, 76 percent rosa, 77 for now but in fairfield. --napa in fairfield. we will be right back with more news. ♪ ♪ stay inside? nah.
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>> today on the fan page, a lot of viewers talking about the news of the protest of johannes michelle le. james writes i hope that people can figure out how to deal with the situation without destroying the city or anyone else's personal property. let us try peace as moving for. if you want to leave a comment, visit the kron4 facebook fan page, click like in-store to leave her comment on of the stories that we post route the day. >> parking in santa is his goal has always been in a premium, some people are constantly looking for ways
6:41 pm
to park for free. in november of last year i walked the streets and showing you how the city employees for getting away with free parking by placing business cars and whatever else they could find in their windows. months later i decided to visit the hot spots to see if things had changed, i will show you what i found tonight on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. on the next edition of people behaving badly. coming up next. >> is the manager bob graves is out. and he is replaced by bob melvin. the break that down. coming up next in sports. we want to invite you to watch the prime-time newscast at 8:00 p.m. on kron4, we will be right back.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
art >> good evening everybody, not that he was fired, but when he was fired it
6:45 pm
surprise a few people today, bob garin the middle of a nine game losing streak let go. her only eight games behind the texas rangers and the american league west, the first time in 25 years to an a's manager was fired during a season. 27 wins, 36 losses, and bob melvin is the new guy. those of you with the memory, remember he shared the catching duties on some successful late '80s teams with bob brinley. a bay area kid, played at cal. >> he has a great reputation in the leaked from his former players. that is important in today's game--league with his former players. that is important in today's game. >> it is my job to get back to doing with this team does very well, great pitching, a
6:46 pm
good athlete, we will try to play the game that we are suited to play, we will probably not sit around and play for him 3 run homers, will play in a ballpark or that is conducive of being aggressive. >> here is a first look at melvyn in an a's uniform, hasn't worked? right now, they're trailing 6 to 1. the giants holes the reds in a few minutes, tom lasorda was asked about garin's exit. >> in the 20 years that i manage the dodgers, there were about 180 managers fired, that is positive proof that you have to win, if you did not win, you're gone. >> lasorda and other giants were part of the crew off competition by a local grocery store and process a
6:47 pm
foundation to help raise awareness. enroll, john dunstan, j.t. snow they were celebrity drillmasters, they gave the best real war to j.t. snow, vern glenn was they're sticking with the champion. >> i am humbled by the award, i am thrilled. here and >> all right, and the 49ers finally have an informal workout as the lockout continue to place a day. they gather the team together at spartan stadium in san jose. we have to laugh, but our friends said that alex the other day, i am not talking until thursday. then, he blew vern off, and then talk about michael crabtree, and that smith was still the quarterback. >> i am not even on the roster, and a free agent so if he's confused about the
6:48 pm
quarterback situation is the strangest thing in the world or for my opinion, and michael probably does not even read on this stuff. a lot of guys, you are so deep into in the season and you get into the off-season in the last thing you want to do is to get here and read what is going on, you have to get off a little bit in your head. so i am sure a lot of people are confu as to tracker the-confuse-as to what the hell is going on. through >> of montay ellis, the mint is about him going elsewhere are not going away. for, or five teams you're talking about date are saying they want to acquire him with a final runner and a andre agudala. now or last night, morin
6:49 pm
will lead, zack and competes in the boys 11 to 1250 r- breaststroke, watched is finished, is that makes up a ground and went on a photo finish. you know this is verns son. here is to zack glenn. it just barely ahead to win at 36.34 seconds in the 50 yd breaststroke. is a story that you will only see even comcast won't say exclusive, we have it. vernon glenn's son winning at the swim meet. we are backing--we are back connect. -we are back next.
6:50 pm
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>> garin surprise you that it was in the middle of the season? >> i think we all thought that billy would not fire his friend, he does not even care about his mentor, why would he fire a guy that he does not even hear about. but somehow they realized they needed to do something. and this is an organizing and that is so apathetic. lou ann fisher, but the money in their pocket from revenue sharing did not care if anyone is in the stands, they do not care if they're good or not. i'm glad that they did something. >> until they get a new stadium.. >> i do not buy that, i have grown up here and i have watch the a's be good. they have already decided that they do not care about being good unless they get a stadium. that is bothersome. >> what free agent would want to come here and play
6:54 pm
for that team? >> they have young the good pitching. we hear that about the giants, then they won the world series. with younger good pitching, you can do a lot we found out last year. >> now i think because he is older and more pension, or because i do not know, he was-just older and more patient, he was drafted, his findings have not been great but he has an ownership peace, so he is invested in the strategy of running the fans away. >> what happens if someone comes and says you have a piece of this, and we are going to, of course, and we tell you, bill and until we get a new stadium, do the best you can. when that take a little bit of your steam away? >> yes, but i want to point out that possibly is what is happening with him. i mean it is kind of embarrassing
6:55 pm
that movie will come out because it is opposed in with 20 wins and row, this could be 20 losses in a row. but i think that melvin is a good higher, believes the term credibility and well respected when describing him, you would never hear those terms about garin ever. >> i think that melvin will be slightly better than garin. >> it could not be worse. so i think he could be better. >> that is what i mean. >> i think he is a well likeed guy. you had to change something i'm glad they should develop. >> what you think about alex smith? >> i this is pretty apparent about what is going on with him is interesting, he is running this camp, apparently if you have seven offensive coordinators in
6:56 pm
seven years, you learn how to be an offensive coordinator and that is what he is doing. i applaud him for taking a leadership role i do not expect him to be that much better of a quarterback. >> but he is the best they can get? >> right, they cannot get anyone else, he will be their transition, no one knows what will happen a lot of free agency. >> call me divisive car, but bob is the voice of the warriors, which trade him if a good deal came along? >> i do not know five like that trade, but i would trade him, and if you read between the lines of what jerry west said in his introductory press conference he is willing to trade him and make a move. >> these guys are ready to do something, and if you bring them back is the same team. >> they think they're ready, being ready and thinking are two different things i think they have to improve the roster if they want mark jackson to have a
6:57 pm
chance. >> do you like him? >> it is interesting but how can i like him because he is never coached a game. >> he will be here tomorrow, so we will see. >> he is good on television i think.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
who's calling anthony weiner's wife purported pregnancy a publicity stunt? >> i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> i saw the new revelation this morning. >> they say huma is now ten weeks pregnant fact. >> weiner's rumored expect ant wife facing cameras. the man who obtained the x-rated shots -- >> you think they could be using the pregnancy to fight weiner's battle. >> create a protective lair that any time new information comes out. you are not attacking congressman weiner you're attacking the young family.


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