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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 15, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a lot of people at the beach today, along the shoreline in san francisco, why not. we were waiting for the hot weather to come and boy did we get it!on the map. >> it will stay hot leaving temperatures rarely warm. >> later things will change? >> as we head into tomorrow, we will not see nineties like today. 94 antioch, 94 concord, 90s in the north bay. 90 in apple, and 91 in los gatos. it is one--90 in napa and 91 in los gatos. the only place that it is cooler is along the coastline. here is what you can expect, clear and mild this evening. very similar to what we saw last night as we head into tomorrow morning, mild temperatures expected. the
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afternoon will not warm up as much, we will see it much of the '80s and the part of the bay area. the temperatures will drop to about 15 degrees tomorrow. we will take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood in a little bit. >> and san jose middle school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a young girl student. san jose police say that 28 years old kollek of los gatos committed a lewd acts with a student. >> according to her attorney, the 28 year old school teacher, kollek phelps shown in photos from her my space page is deeply embarrassed by her arrest and the charges against her. >> this is a very difficult time for her, she is very distraught over the whole situation. >> she has been a teacher for the past five years at this private middle school in san jose. the police are
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saying that she is accused of 2 in the accounts of molesting a young student aid 14, or 15. they would not say if the student was a boy, or girl, where the abuse took place. he says his client is a well respected teacher. >> there is no past history of any relevance in this case, we invite the district attorney's office to investigate further if they feel that is necessary. she is a longtime worker and a respected member of the community. she has worked with young people in her career, and that is something that is very important her. >> in a statement, sherry adams said as soon as the school received word of her arrest she was suspended and has been terminated from her job. she is expected to deliver a plea on july 8th. >> kimberly has a look at what collet phelps has on
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her my spaced pages and what it reveals about her. >> we want to look at some of the pictures that she posted online, the albums were posted on myspace. it looked as though she is at some sort of outside concert. now others think this may be her bachelorette party, she is married to james phelps. a friend commented on this photograph and asked if this was from their honeymoon. now the last time that she locked into her my space page was in may. now this about me section fills a little more about her. she says she is a teacher that loves to eat the rebels. she owns a home in san jose with her husband james and her brother drew. she said she could go on but a girl needs a little mystery. now this page does not have as much information as hurt my age, but on her facebook we learn that she
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was a music specialty teachers and studied music at chapman university. >> on how a man accused of robbing and sexually assaulting an oakland woman that captured him on video with her cellphone is now in custody. deion mcdaniel of oakland was arrested late last night after the police received tips from the public. they say he broke into the woman's home last week and sexually assaulted her and left with some of her electronics after she confronted him and videotape him as he was walking out. four people were robbed at gunpoint during 2 separate yvette's and hayward. they say it all happen here in south hayward at the bart station. 2 teenage girls robbed of their personal belongings and a short time later a man was shot during a robbery while walking with his wife in the same area. hazzig
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manyud takes a closer look at where the crimes occurred. >> the husband and wife got off here at the train station around 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. they made their way down the parking lot to a stairwell that leads to tipton boulevard. as the couple made their way down the stairs, they were leaving one of the best light sources for this dimly lit area behind them. that is the light right there. when they reached the bottom of the stairs, there is no light pole. the next nearest street light is right here as you reach the underpass. people here say that this is not provide much alive at all, and all that is here is the bushes and grass and the underpass is very dark at night. hayward police say it is in this area with a crime occurred. there is a light fixture attached to the second column, but once again people say that this light does not provide much like in this area. in fact some people tell me that
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this went often does not work at all. >> new tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will find that the city of hayward has any plans on improving the street lighting in that area. the arraignment of an accused killer of a baby has been delayed again. fabians' there goes the--zaragoza is accused of opening fire are on a 3 month old killing him and their mother and father and their three year-old. they learned that at least 15 shots were fired into the family's car. >> and other tough day for the family members of isaac garcia the young 3 model that was shot and killed as his family left a baby shower. his mother ivonne garcia lopez was in court today. she tried to save her three month ago when the two men opened fire on her family. she was shot, isaacs' father was shot as well. she showed us a picture of isaac today the
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one that she kissed in the courtroom upon hearing that the rain it would be delayed again. meeting that we will have to wait one month to see if the suspect will plead guilty or not guilty. >> i want to say thank you to everyone has helped us, to the police and everybody. there are no words to describe how i am filling. but i want to thank everybody. >> these are friends of fabian the 17 year-old suspect in this case. one of them even had a fabian shirt on to show her support of the 17 year-old who was accused of murder. i talk with some of yvonne's family members about what it has been like in the courthouse. you will hear what they have to say in my 6:00 story. reporting in san mateo county, j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> at 5:10 p.m., speaking out a form of adult actors shares her story about congressman anthony wiener. at 5:15 p.m., lunging prices
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a big drop in the bay area and the one place that home sales are still hot. at 5:35 p.m., yosemite falls, the hot weather and melting snow makes for some beautiful sights. we will have a look coming up. 3ç hey marcel, watch this!
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>> more trouble for anthony wiener, a former horn starr says that the congressman acts her to live out her communication with him. she also says he has messages with repeated sexual references that she says she never responded to. he's a congressman that likes to take his clothes off. she is a onetime adult movie actress that says that she is now more interested in politics. >> when i started interacting with anthony wiener, it was over politics. once the electronic communication began communicating on a fairly regular basis. >> she says that he contacted her after she mentioned him in her online
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blog. >> i did not sex anthony wiener. the time he would take our communication when sexual ways i did not communicate. >> according to her, he made frequent sexual references to his body. >> i have wardrobe's demands to, i need to highlight my package. all right, my package and i will not beg. you are not giving our package to do credit. >> she says that he mailed her after the photograph of his crothch--crotch was sent out on his twitter account. she says that she now no long it takes his device. >> i mean he should resign because he lied to the
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public and the press for more than a week. it might not have turned into this if he told the truth but kept line. if you like about this, i cannot have much faith in him about anything else. >> congressman weiner has been in seclusion, reportedly getting counseling his pregnant wife has been out of the country her traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton. she got home last night, some of its colleagues believes that she will convince him to quit. >> john edwards could be facing some serious charges that did not keep him from smiling in this month shot. he pleaded not--he pleaded not guilty to the fact that the money that he got for campaigning should have been put toward that and not his mistress. >> now as we head into tomorrow more cooler
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conditions i will have more details coming up in just a little bit.
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>> home prices are plummeting, the state average dropped more than 10 percent last month to $249,000. that is the sharpest drop in nearly two years in the bay area. the median price dropped from more than 9% last year down to $370,000. that is down from $410,000. making matters worse for the economy, experts to do not expect new construction to pick up anytime soon. carrel lotus shows us that many young professionals are choosing to live in the city instead of buying out in the suburbs. >> city living is a growing bay area trend, that is the new forecast from the ucla business school. many young professionals thing renting apartments or buying condos is a lot more appealing than buying the traditional single-family home in the suburbs and then commuting into work. the numbers show
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that california has one of the young this states and the country. in many of those people in the 20's and 30's would rather skip the bay bridge traffic or and rent or buy a condo in the city. in many cases, they have a beautiful rooftop deck view. it may cost more per month, but it limits the financial risk of buying a place where the market may not recover. plus if you are in this area you are closer to night life, shops, and restaurants. >> our financial analyst robert black is with us to talk about the housing trend. it looked like a silicon valley is not affected by the plunge in prices. let us talk, do you see them going down any more? >> one analyst predicted 24% on the downside. but that is aggressive because the down part has started to slow down. with that said,
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27 percent are foreclosures. so some are at rock-bottom prices and sell now. i think to have to pick the location. as the report said purchased near your job. >> young people moving towards the city because the city has more to offer a young family or a couple. >> absolutely, the cul-de- sac east bay, 10, 20, 30, or 40 mi. away from the big city were hurt the most. cities like stockton are devastated and not come back. home property best as i own property and i would buy if i plan on being in it for years. >> but you say real-estate is not your bank, people must remember that. now what is happening in silicon valley with the prices are up? >> i love what i am seeing. companies like twitter, facebook in all of the bay area companies are becoming public. you see others up
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12% to an average home over a million dollars. palo alto was up 20% year over year. i like that. >> that is a risky proposition. but that is people that like bite luxury purchases. they do not care if it is a--that is the people that like buying luxury purses it does not matter if it is a good or bad economy. >> all right, he will be back to talk about later financial issues. >> ticket look at outside a gorgeous picture book pretty hot in some spots. ticket the current conditions, to to deny this, also 90 in napa, los gatos. and '80s and the number of other places. temperature vocal down as we head into tomorrow. take a look at the trend over the next few days. the low 60s out there dammar, in san francisco it will stay pretty much the same but saturday, san jose has a big change, dipping
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down a few degrees in the low 80s in in the low '70's, santa rosa will cool down several degrees into tomorrow afternoon and continue that trend into the weekend. take a look of the temperature for tomorrow afternoon neighborhood by neighborhood. much cooler than today, five degrees to 15 degrees cooler. 82 in santa rosa, 64 and sent to cisco, 82 in concord, 86 and antioch. still pretty warm, but 58 along the coast, '70s for the bayshore and low 80's in the south bay. a look at the seven day around the day forecast, the cooling trend will continue to friday and saturday. more extensive of fog as well. we will warm back up as we head into sunday and next week. take a look at monday and tuesday, sunshine and temperatures are back in the '90s but we will cool down again as we head into wednesday. >> and national news, we know that the ready huge wildfire in arizona started by a campfire. it has
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destroyed 32 homes, 36 out buildings, more than 4700 firefighters and support workers are still out there. dry conditions in southern georgia, this is near the florida border, see the smoky conditions near the command center. there are a couple of fires that have merged into one. about 50 people in the area had to be evacuated from their homes. in new mexico, a 16,000 while fire right at the national park, in fact that park is shut down tonight. people are staying in nearby white city they had to be evacuated. some of the buildings in the park have been damaged, but the crews have been working hard to save the rest. in the work crews are very hard fighting the flooding along the missouri were for--missouri river. this is the view over nebraska. order is being emptied into a dam there.
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now crews are finishing up a makeshift levee that is protecting a small town. severe storms have been pounding oklahoma city you can see the bad weather including the heavy hail. strong will wind, rain and hail have brought trees and power lines down. thousands of people have lost electricity. >> wednesday on the golden gate bridge, it is quite sluggish on the left side of your screen coming into the city. north side on the ride is moving eddie in pace. we will be back with more news ahead. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t. >> internet reporter kimberleys here with today's edition of take a look at this. >> we want to start off with the storm video. a woman is blown away in wisconsin. this is the video her getting out of the car. she is trying to get out of her car and close the door
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but as she tries, the wind is too strong. now she stopped to the gas station to take shelter from the high winds and the hill when she tried to warn inside. the wind actually blue her into another car, the passengers let her inside of that car and all of them waited out the storm and made it out on harm. now a man traveling by hot air balloon was dangling from 4 hooks bed in his back. it was a feature about suspension are. this is a practice of hanging from hooks pierced through the body. whitmore and the film company spent about two years preparing and flew for about one hour and 15 minutes. take a look of this, this is helping one man through the recession. he was collecting items from zero restaurants, theme parks and movie sets for about 30 years. his main
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business is building materials but as the construction industry has fallen on hard times he has found himself living off of the money that he made from his collection, some pieces going for as much as $650. stay with us, more news after this.
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>> at 5:30 p.m. the family of a missing student michelle le will lead a three day search for her. right now they're putting together a team of volunteers. the family is meeting with detectives today to discuss possible areas to target within the search. reggie kumar is live with more. >> the family just arrived about 45 minutes ago. the brother of michelle le tells me that he will speak to me after the meeting with the class foundation is over. that is an organization that helps to find missing kids and adults. take a look at the video, michelle le was last scene may 27th where
5:31 pm
she was taking nursing classes at the hospital and they have classified acase as a homicide. the family is still meeting right now to discuss researchers for friday, saturday and sunday. they gave the family a list of items to search for like her stethoscope. the investigators say they have never found it in her car or her home. at this point the investigators say they are not helping out in the search, it is only the class foundation suit and a family that will do the search. they are looking for volunteers. if you want to help out a kron4 bout, and then click on link--is linked. >> and all the people that were involved in an explosive crash escaped without injury. a flatbed
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truck carrying oxygen and burst into flames after it crashed into a wall. it happened about 10:30 a.m.. to eastbound lanes were shut down of the cars were being cleared away. housekeeper and tell me debt and the other counties will pay more for water. the east bay utility districdistrict agreed a 6% increase this year and then another the following year. that means someone may see their bill go from $38.66 per month, to $40.98 per month starting july 1st. july of 2012 that same amount of water will cost $43.45 per month. now how a cancer causing a chemical has seeped into the water. a chemical is created when the water is disinfected using chlorine. this is seen as a
5:33 pm
setback to the water plant use of the very same technical. now i plan to transform the face of treasure island is going forward. the santa to school board of supervisors unanimously approved a program on friday night. the--the project will take 20 years and 1.5 billion in public dollars to implement. it will include residential, commercial and office space. now turning to the state budget battle. democrats passed a series of bills in the senate that they say will balance the budget. the they have done so without republican support on the tax extension to that were sought by gov. jerry brown. the budget will impose a higher vehicle registration fee and a surcharge on the rural residence that depend on the state fire protection. now a larger sales tax hike is scheduled
5:34 pm
to disappear for next month. prepackage shut down a federal building in san francisco today. it was determined that the package was harmless. authorities evacuated the building about noon today. the package was deemed a suspicious while going through the mail room. during that time they sit in a robot and then gave and all clear about two hours later. >> a live look outside for our roof camera this afternoon, sunny skies and warm temperature not only for san francisco that is pretty mild, but warmth for the inland valleys. we will get up to 64 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures will cool down bay area wide. 95 and in the hot, 94 in concord, 92 fairfield. also caught up in the north bay. 87 santa rosa, these temperatures will cool down quite a bit, about five degrees to 15 degrees as we head into
5:35 pm
tomorrow. very little coastal fog tonight. it will be cooler, about five degrees to 15 degrees cooler as a matter of fact. cooler conditions will continue as we head into the weekend. i will have the extended forecast in just a little bit. >> flooding concerns in yosemite valley are over for now. all of the snow runoff is creating beautiful scenery. here is a look. >> at yosemite national park the waterfalls are spectacular. as the temperatures go up and the snow starts to melt, all of the waterfalls and the park are surging. this is a bridal veil falls, there is a trail to the bottom, but anyone that it's down there get to drench. across the way is cascade falls. >> it actually often dry in
5:36 pm
the late summer but because of the heavy snow this winter, it may be searching for quite a while. -- surging for quite a while. >> we have a programming change to tell you about a special edition of kron4 news tomorrow. at 9:30 p.m. we will have kron4 news tomorrow night right here, we will be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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[ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. >> protests increase turning violent. >> this is a similar
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situation in spain. dozens of people are injured, this was all happening outside of the parliament building. scuffles broke out when police tried to escort lawmakers to work. pakistan has reportedly arrested 5 informants that helped the u.s. and zero in on osama bin laden. this is the latest fallout from the fatal raid at the compound that thrilled americans but angered and embarrassed pakastani ins. the officials in pakistan denied the arrest and they will not expedite the entry of cia officers into the country despite agreeing to the joint, her protection project. now this is australia, ash spewing from the volcano in chile is causing a lot of flight cancellations. more than 70,000 passengers in australia and new zealand have been stranded since the weekend. the problem, the
5:41 pm
ash could damage the jet engines. now the first full day of the strike of air canada did not cause a major disruption, but there are concerns that things could get worse. service agents and staff went on strike after tuesday. pension and wages are the basic sticking point. it is not the only in labor problem that canada is dealing with. this morning, the postal people in canada suspended operations across the country. blocking out about 48,000 union employees. nearly two weeks ago workers began staging 24 hour strikes across canada. the company says that cost them nearly $100 million. >> of prince william and his new bride, the former cape milton--kate middleton
5:42 pm
are coming to the states. they will meet inner-city youth and military families while in las angeles. the july 8th through the tent a visit will be the duchess' first visit to the u.s. after that they head to canada. >> it is certainly a hot day again especially for the inland valleys in the north bay. the tentacles down as we head into tomorrow i will have details and a little bit. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
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and play them back on any tv. ms. jones has u-verse! [ female announcer ] so call now to get three services starting at just 89 a month. switch today and get the hd-ready dvr included. and u-verse has more hd channels than cable, too. i want at&t. -me, too! -yeah! who wants to talk to a fireman? i do! [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. at&t. >> rob like this here he has some of the day's winners and losers. it >> the citizens of greece are in process. they're basically starting the fight with the police, teargas is going on and things along those lines. they're not happy. there were asked made promises that the government can no longer deliver. the government will have to replace their whole cabinet and form a new government. europe will not lend any
5:46 pm
more money to increase. there are in the fault of their debt. >> will that have huge ramifications for the rest of us? >> and none whatsoever. europe will bail them out even further. this is not another lehman brothers in the making. it is not good. >> but you are saying that it would not cripple the world. how about a winner, pandora, you call that a magical day. >> this is a company that is not making money, they're growing revenue ready fast. they have started talking about things they will do like getting into the car. that ties into the apple icloud situation. now the internet and the car? we will have the 4g services and the car. now pandora had a nice day, there were up 63% at one time. but it only ended up 16%. but it is a company that wall street is putting a lot of faith in although it has not earned a
5:47 pm
single penny. >> or a loser is the california senate. explain. >> it is crazy, it does not go far enough, the legislature and the democrats basically run a budget that tries to fix the deficit without raising taxes. one of the things that they did, they roll back taxes, they try to stay and keep some in also was possible to go away. as midnight there were not supposed to get their pay, they're taking money away from the school system, a cigarette program in her shifting that over. it jerry brown already suggested that before and it will not happen. this is a fantasy fairy tale make-believe but let us make sure that we can still get paid. it >> what you think about this? >> jerry brown may, or may not sign it. we are starting to address our issues, but we are not yet sober. >> you save winner was the u.s. open but you said it title woods was not there,
5:48 pm
so it could be a loser, why did you change your mind? >> i did not really change my mind, but the winner last year earned $1.3 million. it is a father's day type thing, people will still watch. tiger woods caddy is out a helping to stop. there are good stories about young golfers under the age of 30 her winning in the last couple of years. i like it because it gives me an excuse to lounge around on father's day in stay on the couch. >> now why are you calling charlie sheen a winner? >> he says that he is a deal with a tv company and it will be a meeting this series replacement type of show, it will be on tv at $5 million per episode. >> he says this? >> yes, and whatever he is smoking, i want some of it because his liability is too large. >> his lawsuit is that a private arbitrator. so that might be up near. >> but he is a winner!
5:49 pm
>> and gasoline prices are down again, that average i $3.96 per gallon. in san francisco, is more than $4 per gallon. in oakland and san jose, gas is now $3.91 on average. >> it certainly was a really hot day out there today. what better way to cool off from the heat to it than to enjoy the water park. these are pictures from waterworld. the place is packed, can you blame them? let us take a look, in the '90s and and in the inland valleys and upper 80s. upper 80s in the south bay. we will cool off as we head into tomorrow. a look at tomorrow. there is a little bit of fog on the coastline. but that will clear off. the temperatures are dropping from 5 to 15 degrees over what we saw
5:50 pm
today. take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. 79 in sonoma, 81 in vallejo, 88 in fairfield. along the coast, the temperatures are cooling. for the peninsula, the upper '70's for the most part. over the east bay, we will see mixtures of '60s and '70s. when oakland, the warm spot will be the inland valley location. still in the '80s for the most part tomorrow. 82 concord, 86 and antioch and warmer in the south bay. upper '70's and low 80s. a look at the kron4 seven day around the day forecast. the cooling will continue. we will see more extensive a fault on both days. --more fog on both days. as we head into next week, the conditions will warm up. aren't
5:51 pm
>> the center for disease control and prevention reported that the u.s. is saying it's the largest outbreak of the measles and 15 years. 118 cases of measles has been reported in the past four months. that is double the average of the past decade. the concern of the safety of vaccinations may be to blame. health officials say that about 90 percent of the measles patients in the u.s. have not been vaccinated. the trend toward smoking ban appears to be good for your heart. a new study shows that a number of people admitted to hospitals for heart attacks steadily decreased after smoking her bands or implemented. people without diabetes and women profited most from that. now last year, and birth rates fell 3%. the experts believe that the decline is due to the weak economy and. >> today's last day to enter the ultimate father's
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day sweepstakes that is taking place right now on the kron4 facebook fan page. you still have time to enter. as for the prize is, to help your father did around town, we are giving away 10 gp ...s to lose. and we are giving away 2 2 flat screen tvs. in order to enter you have to like us on it facebook. today is the last day to enter. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> this is what is left of it pg&e power pole. it is one of two that fell. when a minute, let me rephrase that. but this one failed, the other one was cut down by copper fields. and the
5:56 pm
photograph, you can see where they cleaned out the transformer and stole the precious metals. here is the saw they use. i am in antioch, this has reached an all new low. the way, it does not in there. apparently, the pg&e power poles have been hit over 300 times since january. it does not appear to be letting up. to give you an idea of how bad it is, last year there were less than 10 reported deaths. in fact what shooting this segment, a worker found a newly vandalize coal and copper was gone. this was just feed a few days ago, but a thief has stolen the wiring once again. it cost the company about $500 to fix the poll that had been vandalized but that leaves only get about $1. >> i think it is kind of stupid. one piece of that big for $1. it is crazy.
5:57 pm
>> what makes it worse is that the cost may trickle- down to the pg&e customers and that is not a whole. -- not cool. >> if you have a comment or story, e-mail us at people behaving badly >> downtown san francisco is sunny and hot but it will get cooler as we head into tomorrow. >> we have a programming note to tell you about, tomorrow we will air nbc programming and bring a special edition of kron4 news. you will see the community at a, 30 rock at 8:30 p.m., at 9:00 p.m. the office, and kron4 news at 9:30 p.m. we will be right back.
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[music] >> at 6:00 p.m., a female
6:00 pm
teacher was accused of sex abuse with one first students. tonight we look charges against a woman and what her lawyer says about the allegations. also, the young suspect in the shooting of a three month old baby makes an appearance in court. tonight we talk to the frustrated family of the little victim who says justice is being delayed. but first, bay area sunshine. we have the forecast detail of how long that sunny warm weather was the crown. >> that in warm sunshine was out and so were the people. this was the scene earlier today at east beach on christie field. a lot people her to the vantage of the wonderful weather to get out and soak up the sun and have some fun. now we are here with a look at how long the beautiful weather will last considering it is 6:00 p.m. and we still have nine b disk. >> we saw temperatures in the '90s until like 8:00 yesterday. that will happen
6:01 pm
in places like antioch. it is really hot right now and will stay out this evening. crew through the rest of the week is a different story. the temperatures will cool down as we head into tomorrow. the temperatures will really be in effect friday and saturday. take a look, '80s down in the south, but we did hit the '90s in los gatos. 93 livermore, it is definitely out there. temperatures will probably be in the '80s where. overnight, the temperatures will cool down about 5 to 15 degrees tomorrow afternoon. we will take in the temperatures and talk about the cooling trend coming up and a little bit. >> an update on sexual assault case that we were telling about in oakland. the suspect was caught on video by the victims in her cellphone. here, this was taken shortly before the attack. oakland police say that man was under arrest.
6:02 pm
deion mcdaniel was arrested late last night after the police received tips from the public. they say he broke into the woman's home last week and sexually assaulted her then left with some of her electronics after she confronted him and shot video of him after he was walking out. more on this story tonight at 8:00 p.m.. the arraignment for a suspected her baby killer in east palo alto has been delayed again. fabian hasn't yet to enter a guilty or not guilty plea. kron4 was there as dozens of his friends left the courtroom. one of them wore a shirt that had fabian on the front and a picture of him on the back. no one wanted to talk about the case. we have been following this story since it broke, we learned today that 15 shots were fired into the car. >> ivonne garcia lopez was wheeled out of the san mateo county courthouse after hearing the arraignment of
6:03 pm
her son's accused killer will be delayed again. meaning no plea for the suspect. >> it is painful, there are no words to describe how i am feeling but i wanted to thank everybody. >> lopez has used a wheelchair to get around ever since the night for three months old isaac garcia was killed. that was the night that she tried to save him but was shot, along with her son's father who now has to wear a sling. it is frustrating as well for the family, those who love is it. >> another delay, the feelings are really bad. but we will have to wait until they decide what to do. >> as lopez left the courthouse she showed us a picture of her son, one that she takes with her everywhere she goes. as court ended wednesday, she fought back tears as she looked at the suspect. before leaving, she kissed her son's picture. >> the lawyer for fabian
6:04 pm
zaragoza just met him inside the courtroom today, they will have a month to decide if fabian will plead guilty or not guilty next month. >> a violent night in an east bay city, for people robbed at gunpoint during two separate incidents late tuesday night. both crimes happen here, this is near the south bart station. tonight we have learned the city of hayward is making steps to make that area less attractive to criminals. >> to teenage girls are robbed at gunpoint all walking here are around 11:00 p.m. to tonight. people here say at that hour, things get pretty dark. >> it is really dark, you cannot really see anything passing through. >> then another robbery, a short time later a man was walking his wife home through the same location.
6:05 pm
this time, the same suspects took a robbery a step further. >> on the second incident those victims complied entirely to save their own lives and naturally out of fear because they have a gun pointed at them and then they comply and the suspects still show them, well, they shot the male victim. >> the male victim was transported to the hospital with the non-life threatening gunshot wounds. the suspects got away. these recent crimes have put the spotlight on this location. over in the city hall, assistant city manager says the plans are in the work to improve lighting in the area. >> we are in the process of purchasing the street like right now and plan for construction to be ended by the summer. >> new details about the bay area home sales. a new report says that the rebound in home sales may be coming to an end. according to the
6:06 pm
realistic tracking firm could add a quick, home cells and may have been the slowest since they have been in 2008. last month, we fell nearly 28% below the typical may average. her we are about to see why many young professionals prefer to rent in the coastal city resident purchase in the suburbs. >> many young people want to be by the sea. >> i work right there on the north bay, there is a great community that i like to be a part of. >> ramon is like so many other young professionals in the bay area. he wants convenience and is not want to bother with such a volatile and real-estate market. it >> i saw close friends and family lose their home. that is almost scary. >> for now, the 27 year-old is living with family in berkeley but looking forward to moving to san francisco.
6:07 pm
>> i want to live closer to work. i think it is more reliable that way than having to take transportation across the bridge, or driving from outlying areas. i plan on renting. for my life style worked a lot better than trying to find a house. i like the city, i want to live close to work right that i am car free. and i enjoy being car free. it >> ucla housing forecast is that many young working adults choose to rent or purchase condos closer to the coast rather than purchase that single-family home out in the suburbs and deal with the commute to the city. but according to bill forecast is a troubling trend, it says that the home construction will not pick up right. it shows that california is one of the and this takes in the country and experts say that this idea of renting in cities will continue for the
6:08 pm
foreseeable future. in san francisco, grant lotus with kron4 news. >> real estate agents said that although the new numbers show is called in the housing markets, there is some good news for purchasers. in some desirable areas homes that were once out of reach for many are now a possibility. >> this is a prime example of what we see in the market let us go inside. >> meet jim, he is showing me the four-bedroom 3 bath home, in 2005 this home was on the market for $1.2 million. now it is listed for $719,000. that is a 40% drop. >> they have made the selections as far as what they can install. the limestone like tile and the main part of the house. >> he says in the current market jaycee many homes at this quality once completely out of reach for so many
6:09 pm
people now it possibility. >> they have a television nook, a fireplace. and they have done a nice job with the upgrade. the did not go overboard. they did the granite counter tops. upstairs laundry rooms is a popular thing for families. three kid bed rooms. this one has a door out to the balcony. >> he says with this home in such a desirable neighborhood he would not be surprised if the offer started to roll in soon. >> this is it --a master bedroom with ceiling fans. this is typical to your homes. >> he said he is thin in the market for 20 years and has never seen anything like this. >> this is the most incredible buyer's market that i have ever seen. if anyone can beg, borrow, or still, this is the market to do it in.
6:10 pm
>> we have a programming note to tell you about, tomorrow we will air the nbc programming and renewed a special edition of kron4 news. community will come on at 8:00 p.m., 30 rocketing 30 p.m.. then we have the office, at 9:00 p.m. and then kron4 news at 9:30 p.m. that is tomorrow night. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
6:11 pm
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>> a san jose middle school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a young student. 28 year old felt committed a lewd act with into it. we have more on the charges of want the teacher's attorney says. >> according to her attorney, 20 year old collet phelps shown here from her my spaced pages her deeply embarrassed by her arrest and the charges. >> she is very distraught,
6:14 pm
this is a very difficult time for her. she is very distraught over this whole circumstance. >> she was a teacher for the past five years at this middle school in san jose. what the police only say that she is accused of two felony accounts of molesting a young student age 14 or 15. it would not say whether not this do it was a boy or girl or where the abuse took place. steve says that his client is a well respected teacher. >> there is no past history in this case, and we invite the district attorney's office to conduct further investigation if they think that is necessary. she is a and longtime resident and respected in the community. she has worked with young people in her career and that is something that is very important to her. >> in a statement, and strafford schools, this estimate they received word of her arrest, she was suspended and has since been
6:15 pm
terminated from her job. she is expected to enter a formal plea on july 8th. our >> and it is still pretty hot out there this hour. temperatures are in the 90's, 90's in san rafael. we will see cooler conditions tomorrow i will have details coming up in a little bit. [ jerry ] look at this!
6:16 pm
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>> we did communicate on a fairly regular basis however, i did not sexed anthony wiener. >> a former porn star comes clean about her communication with congressman anthony wiener. she says that he told her to lie about their online relationship. and she explains how she wanted to talk about politics but he wanted to talk about sex. >> when i started interacting with anthony wiener it was over politics. once the electronic
6:19 pm
communication began, we communicated on a fairly regular basis. >> she said she admired him for his support of planned parenthood and health reform. who contacted her after she mentioned him in her online blog but he did not just want to talk about real issues. according to her attorney, congressman weiner remade frequent sexual references. >> i have wardrobe's demands as well. i need to highlight my package, my package and i will not beg. if you are not giving my package, due credit. >> any time that he would take our communications and asexual direction i did not reciprocate. >> he said that--she says that the e-mail her after the photograph was sent out on his twitter account. on june 2nd he contact her by phone for the first time and told her to avoid the media.
6:20 pm
she now says the issue will no longer take his advice. >> i think that and the winner should resign because he lied to the public and the press for more than one week. it might have never turned into this if he told the truth, but he kept on- line. if he lied about this, i cannot have much faith in him about anything else. >> congressmen weiner reportedly is getting counseling, his pregnant wife huma was traveling outside of the country with secretary of state hillary clinton. she got home late last night in some of his congressman believe that she will help him--help to convince him to quit. >> these mulled shots of a smiling john edwards were released today. he is waiting for the outcome of a federal indictment for violating campaign finance laws. in the other case, his former mistress claims that sensitive materials were taken from her by john
6:21 pm
edwards at a league including asexual tape. now they're real difference has been released from the hospital in houston five months after being shot in the head a to sunnyvale document she will be moved to an home that her husband owns about 25 mi. from houston. she will still go to davy recap, but she will go home to her family in the evening. >> turning now to the state budget battle, today the democrats passed a series of bills and the state senate that they say will balance the budget. but they have done so without republican support. the budget bills will enclosed a higher vehicle registration fee and a surcharge on rural residents that depend on the state for fire protection. they also left the local sales tax increase in place. >> a live look outside front line 83 this afternoon, sunny skies and warm temperatures. the
6:22 pm
warming trend will come to an in tomorrow. it is starting to cool in the north bay and low 80's and then in south bay. as we head into the overnight hours, temperatures will stay pretty mild. again, we will not worn down nearly as much. by noon tomorrow, the temperatures reaching the '80s in fairfield, upper 80s in north bay. we will still see some 80 degree readings especially for the delta and places like fairfield, 88 degrees. let us take a look neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. 86 antioch, 82 concord, a mix of '70's and low eighties for the north bay. low 80s in the south bay, still pretty warm, but about five to 15 degrees cooler than what we saw today. it will not cooled down all that much, but we will get the sea breeze back and it will strengthen as
6:23 pm
we head into the weekend. called cool weather on tap into friday and saturday as well. saturday will be the coolest day of the weekend. fog and conditions will decrease as we head into sunday. but we will cool down as we head into wednesday. >> and new details about the google new phone. nintendo makes a surprising news about their new wii u i will have details coming up. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
6:24 pm
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are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t. >> what may be a sign of the times, do expect to be able to pop a cd not, or dvd into the wii u system. last year a research firm found between 2009 and 2014, the physical disk
6:27 pm
sales are expected to decline by $4.6 billion. videos will continue their significant decline. new details leaked about the new will phone. they say they have received exclusive information about what we will find in the device, an absolute beast. it will have a 1080 p h deals and the first chromo her books are now being sold at best buy on the devices we about 3.3 lbs., bear in a thick curtain in that book air. it the pricing starts around $380. they take lauber said that these books could change the world of computing. --qa--a tech
6:28 pm
blogger groups said this could change the world of computing.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> at 6:30 p.m., new details and a search for the missing nursing student michelle le. tonight, the family announced that they are planning on a new search this week. >> the meeting with mark klass from class kids foundation and michael lee, michelle le brother was just wrapped up. tickets that the video, she disappeared on may 27th from the kaiser hospital where she was taking nursing class's. the investigators have classified this case as a homicide despite the fact they have not found her body. the family held vigils encouraging people not to give up hope or the search for leave. they believe that
6:31 pm
the missing nursing student is still alive. michael lee tells us how the meeting with today. >> they gave as a few items to look for to do the search, but we cannot release that to the media. but basically, they give us an area to search, we are working with mark klass and his coordinator brad dennis. they have a very good and well organized strategy to search and rescue that will involve registering all of the volunteers. to brief them on how the dos and don'ts. hopefully we will find out there. >> the family will hold three searches of this weekend, friday, saturday, and sunday. they need volunteers. if you would like to help in the search, log onto and then click on and use it for more information. --and click on news more information.
6:32 pm
>> a 17 year old convicted of killing and babysat in this courtroom behind me. he has yet to enter a plea in this courtroom. but the mother was there holding a picture of her son isaac garcia. she fought back tears and at one point she kissed the picture. reporting in san mateo county, j.r. stone kron4 news. >> and hayward, the police are looking into robberies that left one man with gunshot wounds. both happen here under this dimly lit and overpass at around 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. hayward police said that the same suspects are responsible for both crimes. investigators say they have limited permission of their physical descriptions at this time. >> in san jose, a teachers under arrest in a sex abuse case. 28 year-old collet felt--phelps and middle
6:33 pm
school teacher here in san jose is charged with rude act against a 14 year old or 15 year-old. there have been no comments from her, but her attorney says that she will injure a formal plea next month but is extremely embarrassed about this. she was also terminated from her job here. >> throughout california and definitely here in the bay area there is a shift in housing californians are some of the youngest in the country and many of them are choosing to rent, or purchase condos near the coast. few of them want to purchase a house in the suburbs and they do not feel that buying out there is worth the financial risk. this is according to be forecasts put out by the ucla business school. >> here in san ramon, real- estate agents say that this home is a prime example of
6:34 pm
what they see in the current market. for example, in 2005 this home was on the market for $1.2 million. six years later in 2011, it is listed as $719,000. that is a 40% drop. in san ramon, teresa and stossel with kron4 news. >> here, the waterfalls or surgeon. the heavy winters have led to some spectacular views in the park. >> this is cascade falls from below and above. you can see bridal falls, ribbon falls, and yosemite falls. [music] >> it was another hot there around the bay. take a look, finally starting to cool down. into the low 80s along the coast. we have been pretty cool all day. fifties in half moon bay, 55 and san
6:35 pm
francisco's. we will cool down as we head into the midst of it is curious sense into will not be that much of a change. in one degree, or two degrees cooler tomorrow that will continue into friday and saturday. a much cooler conditions her, low 80s tomorrow, same things by friday. and the low 80s by friday tomorrow and then '70's into friday. take a look, the cooling trend will continue friday to saturday. more cloud cover and foggy conditions as a result of the sebring is picking that up. we will have sunnier skies later in warmer temperatures. >> today on our fan page, a lot of viewers were talking about barry bonds and his request to a judge to overturn his conviction. but as a check out our comments of the day from victor who has some harsh words. he says barry bonds and cannot
6:36 pm
do the time did not do the crime. and no we did, and i need to sit in the corner with your dunce hat. >> let us know what you think. >> we have a programming note, kron4 will air nbc programming and bring a special edition of kron4 news. community and a p.m.. then we will have 30 rocketing 30 p.m., then the office at 9:00 p.m. and kron4 news at 9:03 p.m. that is tomorrow night, we will be right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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6:39 pm
that a and great havin--the protests in greece have been getting violent. the prime minister says they he will switch up the cabinet. now a similar situation in spain about
6:40 pm
2000 demonstrators angry about planned cuts in education and health. they are crashing with police. dozens of people injured. scuffles broke out when police pushed the protesters back as they try to help lawmakers it to work. tens of thousands of air travelers beginning to wonder when if ever they will get back on schedule. this is australia, ash spewing from a volcano in chile is causing a lot of flight cancellations more than 70,000 passengers have been stranded since the weekend. now the year's first total eclipse of the moon will last an unusually long time about 100 minutes. that means that the earth will be positioned between the sun and moon and the moon in the earth's shadow. but the people in north america will not be able to see it. some groups are planning to compensate for that by with casting the eclipse live.
6:41 pm
>> this is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> look closely, do you see a car right here? but some people do because maybe it is invisible. for years, we have been taught to keep a safe distance when driving. and this is to avoid hitting the car in front of you. but apparently, this is not the same on the city streets, unless you are stopped at a red light. i will take you on a trip where the invisible cars have taken over the peninsula on the next addition of people behaving badly. >> kerry is up next with sports, he will be joined by give away newton that has a bird's eye view of the capsized on the day yesterday.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> good evening everybody to mr. barry bonds trial park, will combat. --trial talk welcome back. the july 1st hearing is to consider the latest motion to have an acquittal gives bonds. barry of course does not want felon on to record then why they're going back to court. now from general manager larry riley made the statement today that the team emphatically it is not looking to trade yet. agents rock things, general managers throughout things were a terrible world we live in when you cannot believe anyone. i guess that
6:46 pm
is our deal and the media to question everything. but it does bother me when someone puts out a release and then you say that is not true. i do not know about it, well jackie, probably tells the truth all the time, but those of us that have lived a little bit. none that you want to lie, but you kind of flood everything to make yourself look better?--fudge everything to make yourself look better? >> are you asking me that question? >> i am just saying, when you read that question that is what they told us today. >> now is that while last week when i said that announce the was no good. >> i was sitting right here when you said ew that college announcer. now people may not know that story. but anyway, the nfl talks continued. i did not
6:47 pm
know if i believe it either. yesterday smith was strutting around, then drew three said they look like the almost at dillon plays and now the word has come out that things caught so contentious today, jerry jones and the owners had to throw their are turning out of the room so they did not kill each other and throw it off. now the talks appeared to be back on track our guest. >> we are near july, there's a lot of work needs to be done, obviously we want a settlement in place and that is will we continue to work towards. >> there is, we are looking forward to this dynamite piece of video. julie newton found himself on the front page of the sports section in the chronicle. he had been brought here by larry ellison to get things rolling in for the oracle racing squad as they get ready for the america's cup,
6:48 pm
it will take place in 2013, unfortunately, joy briggs a photographer, do not shoot the back of my head. what is your name? >> i am george. >> nice to me, this is camera more--this is pam moore, and this is jackie they're probably dated someone in the america's cup. [laughter] >> we are doing the back story for the team, and you can follow us online. >> of forget all that, is there anything that you want to say negative about larry? >> no he is all good. >> ok nice to see you. now you know and our country the cameraman is on there now. >> is that right? >> yes, it is really sad. [laugh askedter] >> in 1992, bill clinton
6:49 pm
became president, the average price of gas was $1.50 and beat cal baseball team was a power hitting force one batter batted 379, they were talented in good, five players went on to the big leagues. the coaches team was quickly eliminated in their college run that year. after a nearly two decade absence, the bears are back in omaha. >> a great look back, game seven stanley cup final, often is leading two to zero. pam used to anchor in boston, why not admit it, used to root against boston vs. the sharks. >> no, no. >> would ever market you are in, that is what you are for. >> i am not saying anything except it is three to nothing. >> is that with the scoreboard said? why was preoccupied with a george.
6:50 pm
well, three to nothing, it is over. >> know, remember that when they came back from a five to nothing deficit. >> i do not remember. but when we return, and man that is front and center on a dramatic piece of video brought from australia to the united states, to the america's cup. the great joy is here next. dad, i was wondering if you've --
6:51 pm
what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right?
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it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t.
6:53 pm
>> noone and other members of this team introduced themselves to the bay area and a big way. joey newton and others were getting their feet wet it takes
6:54 pm
place in 2013, a dramatic moment, one of the 245 catamarans looked over-- over. or scuttled as what they call it. anyway, what happened plain and simple, how come you went down? >> we were pushing the buttons pretty hard. part of the reason that we're hearing is to go racing in the bay. we have strong winds here, we have not really seen the strong winds here before. we wanted to push it the boat, to see what the limits were. and that is what happened to go from 40 to 45 mph. >> anyone injured? >> the guy that fell off the back had three dislocated ribs, one guy he was a little shaken up but all right. >> when you heard a sense in to score was hosting the america's cup, your instant
6:55 pm
reaction was? >> awesome! san francisco is one of the places that we love to come. the advantage of san francisco is because it has great want and it blows hard every day. >> this is our base, this is where we will see. but tweet--it but we will be coming back and forth here. it >> but you want, you are part of the team last time. >> yes last february. >> what is larry ellison like? >> it is great to have an honor that is passionate about the sport. >> and he must really be driven. at this point in his life he has everything a man could want and he still wants to compete. i believe he is like 65 years old or
6:56 pm
66? >> yes, he loves competing comedy is a great seller. he's been selling for a grealong time. >> are you all favored to win? >> we will try as hard as we can. we like to think that we have a great team, a great base in san francisco. >> how did you get into this? >> it all started from a young age, crew up in central australia which is a weird place to start, but started to sell in the small junior class is and then progressed to the will of the class's. >> it is the oldest trophy in sports, the america's cup. one more shot, do you always travel with your own photographer? >> i tried. and >> and nice to meet you, and hopefully one pocket.
6:57 pm
like i said we have two years ago, i love your cameraman george. in fact, you look pretty good and can run. another quick look.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the hunt for the first tv interview with arnold's housekeeper and son. then weiner's wife returns home as an adult film star breaks her silence about the scandalous congressman and we have "green lantern" hunk ryan reynolds "backstory." i'm brooke anderson. now, from hollywood, "the insider" is on. >> new fallout over the arnold schwarzenegger scandal as the housekeeper breaks her silence. hi, everyone, welcome to the "insider," i'm brooke anderson. keven frazier is on assignment tonight. is patty baena about to do her first television interview? tonight's inside story is on. >> the mother of arnold schwarzenegger's love child broke her silence. >> she knelt with the woman and said it's okay? >> my gosh. >> maria is so compassionate and full of grace.


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