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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the man was shot in west oakland last night. >> oakland police found a 35 year-old man and father of two young boys right and the street he was shot multiple times. been to a makeshift memorial. it is very shocking, that this happened on father's day. >> welcome to the family, are not doing well at all. >> the children are 4 years old, five years old. and the
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were visiting a friend in west oakland on saturday night. 10 pm, some shot and killed him. this is no police found him on the it and a block of this street. police have no idea who shot him or a motive. >> is difficult to understand or comprehend that he is gone. i am still in shock. >> he was shot in the back. and he was targeted. that he was not in trouble with anyone. >> whoever did that? it just does not make any sense. >> reporter: the killing of lionel clay is this fifth homicide of the year. there were 39 homicides this time last year. in oakland, da lin >> a hit-and-run killed a pedestrian in the mission district this morning. police found the victim was not been identified as 22
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hundred block of mission at st. to was in the closest line of parked cars not in an intersection rust to as a general died from his injuries. witnesses described the vehicle as a white chevrolet van. the suspect is in custody in a non-fatal stabbing it happened this afternoon are wrong to 3:30 at kerry street and van ness ave. eyehole police said that the suspects were in an argument that the escalated into an stabbing and the reason for the argument is still under investigation. the cut on the like was taken to san francisco general for treatment. below, the incident was after a snack stabbing in the market neighborhood. harrison /fourth street at 2:00 a.m., and rushed to hospital in critical condition. the suspect slush victim to the been arguing and that led to that stabbing. no arrests have been made.
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>> today, hundreds of volunteers ripped a three- svolunteers wrapped up a three-day search for a show almichelle le looking for any signs of remains around hayward. the latest >> -top american find something some clues, >> i am just hoping that we can find something. some clues. pam now there will not give up hope looking for his daughter who is been missing for three weeks. they teamed up with 450 volunteers to help scour 30 square miles around hayward including niles canyon. police traced her last cellphone calls. they believe that she is still alive despite bad they're calling this a homicide case. the hayward headquarters have picked up more fliers to pass out. it
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did not provide specifics of what they found in the last three days but they are making progress by helping hayward police. >> of oracle was to help the he would police is two-hour help out there was to help the would police. >> she is a family member. she is a club one. as we should, we will fight for her. >> our goal was to help of the hayward police. >> to search for all to these places from san diego. i just wish the issue is right here, right now with me. that would be the best father's day gift ever! >> in hayward, kron 4 news. >> with searching >> and volunteer search like
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this can have momentum to move forward. >> they can spend a certain amount of time with the family come organize the search, and show them how the is done, and a train how the search efforts continue with the momentum. that is the stage the we're in right now. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the missing persons to become a shel if michelle le. >> looking north towards santa clara, beautiful weather. perhaps it could be a bit hot and the san jose? mid '80s. tomorrow, we could be into the '90s! that is where were for much of the east bay concord, antioch, fairfield, and al and that th eighties with a significant warmth 10-20 degrees warmer than what we
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were, on saturday. saturday, a lot of fog to run the bay area with the sea breezes. what has changed for today and the pattern for the next couple of days with a wind coming out of the north. that will push the fog out over the ocean and clear things out in heat things up. fort, temperatures are going to be even more the market had come to the with the purse 70's for san francisco, and 90's in san jose, and 90's in santa rosa, and 90's in concord, and even warmer on tuesday with nearly 100 degrees! in some east bay locations, the heat with coming up. >> tonight to be one of the last few nights a burke a woman can spend in our home for 27 years. berkeley. >> for closure. maureen kelly. it is to be the second time-will be ejected from the same home. >> and not leaving. i refuse this is my house. >> tiny dennis has already technically lost this house you can see her tanya
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dennis. she fell behind in payments and 2009 after an illness kept her from working for 18 months. she is gone into foreclosure and was evicted in december but she did not stay out for a long. >> i could not take it anymore and upper pelops and repossessed my home. >> issues to achieve broke the locks--and she says that wells fargo sold her investment they do not have the right to throw her out. >> will move if they have my notes. but it won't because they don't. >> she is been trying to gadwalls mofar go but so far, t3 year-old teacher does not qualify. >> i have been in this district for 25 years now why i continue to do it? let me worry about their debt ratio? that is all they want is their money. >> as a latclast-ditch effort,
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the want to try to make a deal with the they want to try to make a deal. >> and she is ready for the police. >> i am not going to leave. and the right to use they will probably arrest me. >> and she does? she would to a stripper censor house all over again, maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> issues is going to-- repossess her house all over again. that is our plan. >> a pair of wild fires in arizona coupled with higher fires and wind on the border of new mexico.
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is 27% contained and sathe high wind and dry conditions are continuing to fuel the flames making fire fighting efforts harder. >> flames raced down the steep canyons and to temper and dry grass near sierra vista, arizona. 7000 rigresidents had to evacuate with what ever they could. >> i do not know if i am going to be able to come back here. >> firefighters, tom are wondering that if this is even feasible? the disastrous >> terrain is unbelievable! difficult to get fire response up there. it is a remote area. nearly difficult and as we're talking about more remote
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areas, trees, grassland. once this breaks out into that grassland there is really nothing that is going to stop it. >> 700 firefighters have come from all of the country to build a monument fire fanned battle monument fired near the mexico border, so far 47 homes and 20 construction areas have been destroyed. because of a fire, officials say that it is still under investigation but they think that know where and when the fire started. >> tonight more evacuation's are being ordered as crews battling wildfires in arizona and the mexico border with extremely high winds. the air pushing flames over containment lines and containment areas the new evacuation orders are for the southern city of sierra vista. >> huge plumes of smoke in the new mexico after a wild fire and take a look. these flames scorched the santa fe national forest north east
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of santa fe. try to put that out. no word on what sparked it. fell traffic l the several committees forcing them from their home, for two dozen acres burned. the second- largest while fire and accihistory. with 14,000 a. burned. currently, it is at only 20% contained. here, in california will take a look at the weather with the temperatures are going up. certainly, we're on fire alert? and certainly, with the humidity of the decrease and the temperatures from the increase. flip side to that is that we of supplies water to enjoy. with north beach, some nice temperatures to enjoy. on the flip side. outside
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festivities. with great festivals, and a great day in san francisco temperatures in the 70's. no fog, blue skies and you can see that white light out there. temperatures into the 80s! look at that twilight. with warm-summer-like with 84 degrees. pleasanton, 80 degrees, 70's for mountain view, san francisco is currently at 68 degrees. the futurecast for monday, the red as temperatures into the '90s plenty of 90's all of bombay. house for monday. plenty of 90's for all of the-bay area of--the bay area. and finally, would get some relief on wednesday. the sea breeze will trickle into the bay and stir to cool things back down. with that fog out of here, great weather for monday. sunny
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skies and temperatures are not incredibly warm but still not bad still in the 60s and low 70's. but today, up to 64 degrees. but the bay bodega bay will be 64 degrees. and upper 70's for san francisco. look for mid- upper 80s through san mateo, redwood city a sunny day, with no fog. will take that fog out of here. low-mid '80s for the mid shore. her home early high temperatures inland. look for mid-'90s in some spots, 95 in concord, walnut creek, 96 degrees in antioch. the south bay, we're going to start off into the 50s. top operatives, low 90s and here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay summer is tuesday morning and it is going to
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feel like summer! the hottest place and land. up to 100 degrees. but the high fire danger, the dry wind, with 80s on the bay on tuesday. notice, it is still going to be hot inland. that fog will return and everybody gets cooler by the end of the week. beckon to the mid '80s with 70's by the bay. also, coming back after this break family from [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: >> wahl, lucky me i take a look at these butts. and where does the sagging come from?
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>> it comes from slavery. the used ropes, and there was slavery? >> a data came from jail. >> now. >> i guess that it is just different levels of sacking. >> walk how are you setting? the mid-level. >> and i think that i have on a pair of drawers, and a pair of shorts. >> i think that it is a freedom of self expression. sagging pants is inappropriate. and it is indecent exposure. a
9:22 pm
crewman, pull your pants up. >> pursley, a groan-man. >> personally, i get that a groan-man, and why on earth would you think that anybody would want to see your drawers? a grown man? in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news >> henry:if you have a comment r stufstanley? feel free to e-mail us. >> temperatures in the 60s, and we will really heat up!
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>> losing weight takes a lot more than just a click of a button. perhaps an application can help? some high-tech ways of getting into shape and to stay in shape. >> if it is running, walking, you got? maybe your new work out person is closer than if thethen you thin
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>> the iphone applications are out there, there is walking barometers, to tracker progress what is your heart rate? is this helping you. >> in addition electronic retailers and number of applications can turn your smart phone into a pocket trainer. the daily burned ipad training keep track of your weight, exercise goals and what you were eating and has a collection of exercise videos. the cardio trainer for and right is the steps taken that you see your route on a map and race against previous tracks. compare yourself to previous user's key opponents for a successful workout routine. >> just like college, you get a report card. this in a fitness. if you are not able to track your progress? >> also, a nine week plan to get you up and running.
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>> through san francisco, run, jog, you can see that kron 4 will sit down with the dog owner what happened and find out the latest on the investigation. and the whereabouts of the dog. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> the latest on the recovery of this dog and the owner. >> she is holding her dog tied into not letting him on the the side any time soon. this is ken ossi, blog/kron pomeranian 20 max the both were walking on the san francisco street friday morning. the man got out and started yelling that is my dog. >> this man pushed me and took my dog. back. >> the suspect took the dog
9:30 pm
off the leash and started running down the street. and police were able to track down suspects and return the dog on saturday. >> she says the this is more than just the dog she legally adopted the dog back in october and turning it to become a therapy dog for her father who took a bad fall on father's day. she considered the possibility that perhaps the want the dog but but it never thought it would be something like this. >> i heard for him i imagine of calmed down. >> she told the she plans on having an alternative. in south san francisco, kron 4 news. >> fairfield police believe that a man responsible with two different expose of it if devices after a two-hour standoff of swat team and tear gas in a home where he was irritated. arrested on suspicion of something. a pipe bomb.. on under a
9:31 pm
parked vehicle. a father and two children are rescued from their capsized boat. over. their 19 ft. aluminum pole tipped over food. and all were taken to alameda hospital. 82 alarm brush fire and mission district near interstate-70. it spread across 2 a. and spread to several homes but no damage to the actual buildings and the cause is still under investigation. it was started near a door on near and on freeway on ramp. >> clear skies, no fog and our temperatures on the beach we got up into the upper 60s. we're going to of
9:32 pm
a couple of days of release my speech weather for tomorrow. and tuesday, and even wednesday. it is an outstanding evening with clear skies, and warm. out and about, 80s and the empty dock area. '70s and a san rafael. oakland is an upper 60s. and another view of san francisco from mt. tam. you can see all the way up to oakland hills. clear skies. warm temperatures. 60s. a sunny start. timanother hot day with mid-90s. even a war on tuesday with the chilly 100 degrees inland. with even warmer on to clusiu
9:33 pm
tuesstill hot inland, by thursday, for the coming cooler. i will let you know more about that coming up. >> preparations for digging the san francisco bay jeff bush shows us the plan and explains why it needs to be completed. >> just to the south of the dumbarton bridge, they're putting a larger digs machines will make a five- mile tunnel under the bay this machine came from japan and dozens of containers. huh yet to these our lord, there will be assembled and then the work will begin about these will be lowered, then assembled, and the work will begin, the kind words for the new water transmission upgrade. this upgrade will make the region water delivery system seismically safe. when this is all finished, it will be able to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. this provides water to more than
9:34 pm
2 million people on the peninsula and the san francisco this is digging machine was $10 million. when it is all put together? 600 ft. long. it will be able to advanced about 80 ft. per day. when it is in full swing there are going to be a lot of trucks taking a lot of dirt away. this is just part of the entire to lever system and with over $4.5 billion for the upgrade. and menlo park, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> and how can this be the first tunnel? it is because bart has a two. that is on top of the surface of the sea floor. >> for the first time, the children of brian stowe speak out. the attack happened almost three months ago and he remains hospitalized in san francisco. while he did not make it for father's day is >> here is really special
9:35 pm
and is not like any other debt. it is really weird not to have him by my side he is not like any other--father-- >> is the difficult part? >> yes. >> he does other things that of death would not do i spend a lot of time with him. and he does of the things that-----would not do. i spent a lot of time with him. >> dads the word dad i premier wins, it will be free man. despite these efforts officials to keep officials the percentage of children that action make up the city population continues to decline! that actually make the 6 sleep and is just 30% are younger than 18 years old. -bat exit make the city's population, just 13 percent. it is action is the smallest population in the country, tracking the public policy institute in california that declining
9:36 pm
number of cities that middle-class families are being squeezed out of the city. stanford university is receiving a major donation for toward the most impressive and where american art forms hal of 121 wr 86 o artists, are given personally donated to stanford university. the harry and mary anderson, the are ardent resists. over 50 years, the most renowned collection of post-world war two art pieces. they are renowned artist collectors. >> this is a collection of this great depth. >> nancy is the chair of art and art history at stanford she says of the collection will be an important teaching tool. >> she says that it will be an absolutely a game changer in teaching and in collaboration between various departments. >> in this all-important of
9:37 pm
the university has agreed to build a new museum on campus. the open to have this open by 2014. >> this has been one hoped for i think that it has spent the glimmer in the un of certain people in stanford for seven, eight years. >> in palo alto, charles crawford, kron 4 news. >> the galaxy 10 in. tablet is now available on production order at the best buy website and as hits the stores on friday. i will give you a sneak peek
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>> welcome back. there is a robbery gone wrong. a tense scene at rincon the airport with a poem on
9:41 pm
>> a tense scene at ronald reagan airport with a bomb on a united airlines flight. >> this to the misery is experiencing flooding the state of missouri is experiencing flooding with broken levees. >> gabrielle giffords his hom is home in houston. been a much warmer for the bay area. these temperatures will continue to soar. your
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>> if only it passes >> in international news, crews could get more bail out money. the country of greece. the more khadafy has found a new way for international intervention. moammar gaddafi caused civilian casualties. it called for a global ghihaad and the tsunami damage people had to wear protective gear and emergency and our equipment from a contractor. there was plans plant data from tokyo
9:46 pm
electric that they were extremely underqualified and unprepared. famous scientists say that 2 million people and displaced of flooding. a chinese news agency that torrential rains have left huge areas and provinces under water. thousands are inundated with thousands of businesses being forced to suspend operations. damages are at $772 million. with 107 people dead or missing. >> a final glimpse of the sun. a beautiful shot over the pacific ocean. when the sun returns tomorrow, it is even going to be hotter than today. i live look to the bay bridge toll plaza, blue skies and warm temperatures
9:47 pm
80s in cambridge park at the coast it is a different story. 56 degrees in ocean beach. we have had that fog yesterday. this is just a typical pattern in the summertime. what is going to happen for tomorrow and for tuesday is that we're going to be getting winds of the north. that wind will pushed the fog out onto the ocean and the sea breezes will warm things up just about everywhere it was still keep things cool in the san francisco is going into the upper 70's. oakland, fremont, 80s, 90s on tap for san jose and 90's for santa rosa, concord. we will warm things up even more on tuesday. possibly 100
9:48 pm
degrees! into the sierras, porters to lake tahoe. upper 70's, low 80s with gorgeous temperatures-with a look at lake tahoe-- >> the south bay, the north bay, are going to stay warm. look at what happens on wednesday with the 70's beginning to trickle into the bay area when the sea breezes is cranking up. towards the end of the week, the sea breezes will be gaining strength. and after three consecutive heat days with 90's in the north bay. low 80s through san bruno. a sunny day, and a highs into the 80s for the east bay shore. oakland, another day into the 80s and more 90's for the east bay in the inland valleys. 95 unpleasant tent and a hot day and walnut creek of pleasanton. tomorrow is the
9:49 pm
last day of spring when spring starts on tuesday. to cupertino, morgan hell. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the hottest day of the next three days is going to be on the first day of summer so it is going to feel like summer with 100 degrees inland. eventually those potential becoming down. the fog with for readings back into the 60s. 80s, inland. >> gabe slate. >> the much-hyped samsung galler galaxy is pre-order on bt buy .com and will hit stores on friday. i got one early to give you a sneak peek it is exciting in the real google the can stand up to the ipad. first, the light and then it is, with a non- bahi android applications, and
9:50 pm
just as fast as the apple ipad. it is easy to operate. it offers a clean interface off with a two mega pixel on the front, a three mega pixel on the back, and a bright, crisp screen i loved the screen, very vibrant and the downside is the there is no connection port, no usb, no hdmi, note set as the card and it takes longer to get a full charge no sd card and a worthy competitor to the ipad of one of the best google tablets, yet. gabe slate tech report >> can the oakland a's switc sweep sweep
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the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> and lance armstrong, barry bonds, one of those athletes had chose and able
9:54 pm
to manufacture a natural steroid? there is a new system used by the military, nassau and even a lubbock athletes. --nasa and alan a leadalaa olympic. >> this is where the ball popped out. >> this is best for >> that is where the ball popped out. >> this is used to stimulate the brain. >> if you need this extra edge? it is a s systematic injury but this will help me get a contract. >> it looks like a standard gymnasium bicycle but she starts puddling on thi20 peddl u
9:55 pm
she starts puddling. >> i have not had any adverse conditions on my knees of, o and she gets pumped up without putting on any medications or steroids. >> what we're doing is based on nature is self regulating. >> the inventor of vaspar is lloking into it, for nasa and professional sports teams. >> you do not feel " wasted " afterwards. you are still full of energy. >> it is being tested in mountain view and the lactic acid is not to be that burning feeling the compression and cooling system that keeps the body
9:56 pm
core cool. will these faced off against the giants the final game of the bay bridge series. they scored the first run in the second and tied it in the sixth inning and the 8 with the home run. the defending champs lost 2- 1 with the these sweeping a three-game series. it is their fourth straight loss with the longest losing streak of the season. college baseball world series, virginia defeated cal. scoreless-tie the seventh inning, they never looked back. they prevented a shut out tonight. final score, 4-1 = virginia. there will go onto precut to and played the winner of the south carolina tech game. miilvoy has a 70 in all rounds. from northern ireland, to close this at shattering a u.s. open
9:57 pm
scoring record by check necklace, tiger woods. he finished with eight-under,- jack nicklaus-- >> and i went to the swimming pool today and it was so nice and a san francisco. >> how often? and how beautiful. >> , even more for the same tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, and we're starting off with readings into the 50s. and another great day with upper 70's, san francisco, 80s and 90s through san jose and the hot spot will be in the east bay. and even warmer for tuesday close to 100 degrees. cooler weather thursday and friday, that is more typical for a san francisco. cool fog and temperatures in the 60s. >> summer is on tuesday. >> we will see you at 11:00
9:58 pm
p.m. and hope to see you then, goodbye. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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