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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 20, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> 93 degrees and a san rafael, and upper 90s for the inland valleys. also 90's in the south bay. 98 in los gatos and 98 and san jose. the difference in the last 24 hours, with 14 degrees warmer in hayward, 12 degrees warmer in fremont. and even warmer and at los gatos 10 degrees warmer along the coast. we will continue to see warmer conditions into tomorrow. tomorrow with fog and mild to the south. afternoon temperatures are going to
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be very warm even to the 80s. the 90's and even triple digits. taking a look at neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a bit. >>pam: charles is live in ocean beach. >> yes it is beautiful. >> the north and near balboa it is about 65 degrees and beautiful. it peaked at 78 degrees around 1:00 p.m. what is nice is that there is no wind it is absolutely beautiful. who will stay all day bringing you live pictures. . >>pam: new details in the case with a crime suspect in the beating of brian stowe. g of money foiovanni ramirez hat been charged but he is still being held. kron4's grant
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lotus explains all the latest developments. >> ramirez will stay at least the next 10 months in jail but is not been charged for his role in the beating of a brian stow. ramirez remains the main suspect in the that the assault. the parole hearing, on a los angeles of liviakis violated his parole because he is convicted felon. -p is a convicted felon, and they found a gun while arresting him. they're still gathering evidence against him. this new 10-month prison sentence means that officials can continue to take their time gathering evidence. now, the lawyers of ramirez also policed this video. they believe that it proves his innocence releasing-- releasing this video. four weeks before the incident.
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the attorney towels kron 4 that the attorney-tells kron 4 that the maid attacker was bald. however, the video surveillance shows that ramirez has hair. also the neck to get to. there will help prove that ramirez with that nec ted the tattoo on the neck, his attorneys have said dozens of people can confirm his alibi. that he was not of the giants /dodgers came when brian stow was beaten. >> meanwhile, a giants fan, brian stow remains at a san francisco general hospital. he was transferred after several weeks of care at a los angeles hospital. he is still in critical condition but stable. >>pam: the family michelle le have mixed emotions of
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last week's mass of the search efforts. 450 volunteers standing over the east bay, including niles canyon in a rural area. any signs. hayward police were called but they cannot believe that anything was found was a significant. >> i would like to a found evidence that lead to war but now i am kind of glad that we did not that would lead us to our test--roving that if we are hoping-test of research once? we would find her. so, it is difficult to not think negatively. perhaps maybe somebody dumped the body here, there? at the same time, she is not found yet. they have not found her. and i would be a terrible brother if i
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wrote her off. missing persons cases can lolast long and usually they do not have a good outcome. however, i still want to know that i did everything that i could. >> the family is doing another search next weekend. in other news around the bay the dark a driver got confused ended up a gas main break complex in san leandro. the alameda county fires department said of the s u v was parked. skept rolling she stepped in, and hit the gas pedal, and some of the break with seven buildings were evacuated. she hit the gas pedal, instead of the brake pedal. >>pam: 82-alarm fire to a somerville apartment complex. a two-alarm fire.
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at the kelly and tod--caleinte t complexes. redwood city, protesting nurses for the county health system. cuts are being discussed today about the board of supervisors with the 2011- 2012 budget hearing. >>pam: at 5:10 discrimination one decade legal battle against the nation's largest retailer is now over. 5:15, fire danger. fire across the nation and new concerns right here in the bay area. keeping your cool is more difficult than one bay area community. where there was a shark sighting.
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>>catherine: the supreme court has rejected a class- action lawsuit from a female
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wal-mart employees. the claimed that there were not paid promoted. >> betty duke was a cashier/breeder in pittsburgh and she also had difficulty having a smile on her face. >> i have suffered. degrees. me and my co-workers have unclaimed. >> me and my co-workers are angered. >> they filed a lawsuit in federal court in san francisco accusing the retailer of discriminating against female employees. paying them less than men and giving them a few more promotions. a few years later they were able to expand a lawsuit with 1.5 1 million women that work for walmart's in the u.s.. since december, 1998. walmart's appealed to the supreme court.
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>> the wind too far on the other side. >> today, the decision was 4-5, for in favor of wal- mart. however, that the duke can take her own claim. >> it does not say that supreme court does not say that one or does not discriminated. all they said was that the structure of this case could potentially with 1 million plaintiffs was simply too big under the rule for class action. >>catherine: it was seen as a victory for wal-mart. not only for just wal-mart but other large companies. >>pam: the duke spoke out. >> that the duke. >> i was disappointed when i
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heard the news. after an up hill continued battle that it was divided. >>pam: from 8:00 p.m., more from that tthatbette duke. >>jacqueline: pretty hot. with a one degrees in oakland. it is even going to get warmer tomorrow at 81 degrees in oakland. >>pam: the golden gate bridge. the left side is going towards san francisco and a backup at the toll plaza. the rights had is moving better. we will be back. side
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>>jacqueline: a live look from our roof cam with a sunny skies and warm temperatures our current conditions are pretty hot out there. temperatures certainly feeling like summer with 98 i in antioch.
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in 97 in antioch. and also 90's in the north bay. tomorrow. we will continue to see warm weather, tomorrow. perhaps if you leave tomorrow? you may need a sweater as you go in the morning. with 60s however, 90's might launch tomorrow. livermore, and 92. 90's-for lunch tomorrow 90's, by lunch tomorrow. fairfield will reach troubled digits and the antioch. --will take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood with a tru posspossible triple digits. even 70's along the coast. even the fog pushing the coast
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along half moon bay. to the east bay, temperatures in the 80s, low 90s. also union city. you will also be warm inland valley for concord, pittsburgh, hitting 100 degrees in antioch. the '90s and the south bay. 92 in santa clara, 95 degrees in the san jose. 96 and morgan hill. taking a look of your extended forecast. 96 and morgan hill. triple digits inland. 96 anin morgan hill. as we go towards the weekend temperatures are going to be close to the average for this time of year. with next week, a warm up but not as warm as we are coming today. >>jacqueline: the danger of fire as the temperatures increase what could be ahead this summer.
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>> it did not take much longer for the hills around the sonoma iraq from lush green to that high yellow. remember that rainfall for the past couple of months? it was good for the drought conditions but bad for firefighters. according to the firefighters this grass might not have been as high if they did not get that much rain. sparking the growth of this grass. with this heat? the grass will continue to try out. >>pam: firefighters are battling a wildfire that is already burned feet square miles of grassland on the west the area near kern county oil field have a remote area. oil firefield structures have been destroyed. 5,068 a. started
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at 10:15 it is 20% contained. strong winds and the southwest have forced thousands to flee from several wildfires. the smoke filling the sky and the monument fire in the southern arizona. quickly, the wind was gusting up to 60 m.p.h. a new wild fire ignited and the north central portion of arizona. dozens over the state to texas including 15,000 a. and a trinity/polk county in texas when of the largest in east texas. >>catherine: stormy weather are still causing headaches! thousands of homeowners are bracing for more flooding and what is already hit their community. >>catherine: take a look those are fish crossing a road in missouri is no joke. they are flopping elongate
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two-lane street is part of the fallout after several of these began failing on sunday. they are not up to holding the surge of water from the dams. this is a levee in the north portion of the state. the water is rushing over the barrier. the nebraska/iowa state lines. not far away a partially submerged picture. dozens of badly homes with a submerged-church. troops from the national guard are on the scene but there's always some much that they can do. in st. louis, storms continue with lightning on sunday lighting up the sky bringing up more rain. flash floods parts of severe areas of indianapolis', rivers and streams or danger high levels. north-central illinois 6 in. of rain fall. families are cleaning up. there is a lot of home
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damage. most people do not have flood insurance. >> we have no power. it smells, really bad. i am not sure where we are going to live forestay, now. >>catherine: the stormy weather continues to have slow-moving tornado through missouri. >>pam: a programming note this friday kron will let nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. we will have two hours of datelined public of the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is friday, only on kron 4. we will be right back. i want to crush more cars.
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>> kimberlee: and the buzz, a disastrous concert and suburbserbia. >> take a look. anyone else,
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she is off key, she is staggering. amy winehouse she was booed out of distastout of this stage, and se recently spent time in a recap to get yourself ready for the door. tmz is claiming that he has the copyrights to mighike tyson, with warner brothers claiming the rights to that tattoo. >> the green lantern with a huge weekend. no. 1 but it was considered a disappointing opening. last week's super eight slipped to second place. bottommost anticipated families. mr. popper's penguins.
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>>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: and ocean. i have some bad news, the intersection of capital. this is capital that is right in the center of miramar and and faxon have red lights but capital has a stop sign in all directions. many drivers only see the red light. they get tunnel vision. like this cadillac. and this mini van and watch this chevrolet truck. you can see the completely ignored the stop sign. this is my favorite. not only to these drivers blocked traffic to exchange gifts, the driver in the back is
5:27 pm
also piggybacking and basically running the stop sign. for the record is not just cars and bikes the costs are just as guilty for not stopping. bicyclists--by cyclists and leaving community like real. however, they seemed to be stopping because they saw that i was shooting. committee like real. and hit some good news. the city has planned light rail against the city is wher i guess the cie of this, and if you have a tip from >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m we will be back. (music).
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>> 5:a 30, hot temperatures in walnut creek. temperatures reaching at 94 degrees. 94 >> 5:30, and a live look at ocean beach. still people looking at that beautiful sunshine with the waves pouring in. jacqueline, still areas of the '90s? >> yes. >>jacqueline: take a look, pamela. everything otheis hot. with 90's through livermore, fairfield, would not see 90's. that often however, 96 in los gatos, and 90's to the north bay. 93 degrees in santa rosa. 90's in napa. close to the coast, we are cooling. still warmer than the were, yesterday. the
5:31 pm
four degrees warmer, seven degrees in oakland. 10 degrees warmer and the word went this warmer weat will continue towards martyrs' the first day of summer. if you have plans? it is going to be mild with being the first day of summer--tomorrow morning will also be a mild start with upper 60s, low 70's. and as we progress towards 5:00 p.m., warm/hot. we will take a look of those temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood and one of local down. >>pam: stanton beach, water restrictions with a great white shark stanton beach from both the debate to big sur triangle because of the high number of great white shark sightings. to reseteresa estacio reports. >> take a look. let card is
5:32 pm
ordered people to come to shore on the stand and bea stinson beach. several sightings on sunday. >> my name is john i may supervising life cartcguartd at two different siding's confirmed yesterday of great white. >> i do not want to go out there. because of shark sightings. >> honestly, there's always going to be sharks he does cannot go out to for that is my opinion >>reporter: reporter they say to not go past your kneecap. your beyond kneecap. >> i did not hear that out. >>reporter: people pushing the limit, taking a risk was not worth it. >> mp 3 feet, 4 ft. but not 1 ft.. >> maybe 3 ft., because of those great white i did not want to hang with that. >> all knowe do not want to get
5:33 pm
into trouble. oh no. >>reporter: limited access will mature kneecap will remain until friday. pond stinson beach stanton beach - stinton beach. >>pam: sander mobile the annual program that relocates sand piles up along the great highway and ocean beach. stand-remote 07-10,000 cubic yards of sand. during the next week. also, the friday dog kidnapping was a mistaken identity. her chuluaua and chocolate pomeranian mixture was recovered by
5:34 pm
the new owner. >> today the announcement was a similar agreement reached on friday with other city workers. >>pam: san francisco could be tops when it comes to tourists, " to travel/leisure. it is the ninth favorite city. however, cleanliness? san francisco does not fare so well. it is that dwelt dirtiest city in the nation. the favorite to-12 the dirtiest city. los angeles was the only other california city. new orleans was first, philadelphia was second. jeff bush will give us a closer look at the problems in san francisco. >> at random street, fulton/ninth, this walgreen's bacg has a blue balloon, a rebel can. and there is a coffee cup lid and a can of empty bread
5:35 pm
bo--red bull it is the little things. at this stuff is everywhere! cigarette butts, plastic spoons, bottle caps. they do the best that they can do to try to keep the city clean but when people are careless. it is difficult to keep up. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>pam: bay bridge toll plaza westbound it is all lanes are moving well! no problems. however, what a difference to their walnut creek headlights = north. six 80/240 interchange national news ahead successor-20 interchange with national news, st. ahead. fifth
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>> the court ended early today. he has had enough of all this bickering back and forth. she is accused of killing her two year-old daughter. >>catherine: and amtrak train in the south carolina collided with a truck. near the border near north carolina veteran was on its way to new york. no passengers were injured. >>catherine: jackass star was killed in a fiery car crash early today. the 34 year-old was part of a multimillion-dollar television/will be p franchise that this specializes and stunts. he was driving in suburban philadelphia it flipped over a guard rail and burst into flames. the passenger was also killed and not been identified. he has been identified by his tattoo. >>catherine: forcing evacuations and a highway with firefighters were sent
5:40 pm
to the hospital although not seriously hurt. families are back into their homes with investigations try to figure out what happened on the explosion. >>catherine: in boston, dozens of people were hurt after a porch collapsed. the victim's fell two stories. some people were hurt seriously others were just bounce and bruises. >>catherine: the last shuttle launch after the repairs to the fuel tanks are okay. no cracks, the shuttle crew arrived at the kennedy space center early today. their mission will be to the international space center. >>pam: more kids than ever are being diagnosed used with food allergies. the new journal pediatrics is showing that 80 percent of children are allergic to at least one type of food. the most common food is milk,
5:41 pm
shellfish and they tend to be genetic. >> the most common is that if you suspect a food allergy? to speak to your doctor and get it confirmed. you do not want to be avoiding food the to not need to be avoiding. one study shows that there was a discrepancy there were people that were reported fairly significant sentence and a child but not had focused on the doctor to of the halogen confirmed. if your seen coughin, wheezi wheezing or hives? dr. doctor. >>pam: and joe been more severe allergic reactions as they get older. and minorities were more likely to have food allergies and more severe among boys and girls. >>jacqueline: , still hot! inland, and nearly triple digits. it will stay hot and
5:42 pm
how about tomorrow? your forecast, coming up.
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>>catherine: rob black this year. tokyo the economic impact on greece. talking about the economic impact of the european union. >> rob: they're trying to contain this? for the country of greece? >> it is like they're asking money will for once, and perhaps the second time. it is like the alcoholic brother-in-law. asking for money all-time. support, greece.
5:46 pm
>>catherine: shares of apple? >> $250. will%. 7%, 3% of highest. " listen, we have to wait to see steve jobs. with to wait and see. there's talk of an iphone 5. perhaps december. ipad 3? competition is so real. the ipad 3 is rumored to have a screen six times better than the ipad to. >>catherine: competition! >> it is so much about earnings. they have so much cash. i would just be patient with apple. >>catherine: netflix.
5:47 pm
>> the country called plum, a genius concept. petite children clothing. but it is expensive. >> yes. those small fancy clothes. >> a monthly subscription instead of purchasing the close, you are renting the clothing. you can get seven items at $27 per month, that is one outfit. >> that is actually a very clever idea. >> clever. also renting to toys is another company. >> >>catherine: newo --finding nemo 2 merchandising and
5:48 pm
>> $868 million anuinb in finding nemo, this allowed for targeted marketing for the boy's only. it was very effective, and the second sequel could be just as more. >>pam: gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: the internet could be less cluttered and faster to use. the old " .com " domain name will not be the staple for the web. soon, websites url, will coucould endn
5:49 pm
anything could instead of just .edu. org, ocom, the icon, improved domain name changes for any combination. this means that there could be a . domain. . shop, taught kid. whatever domain name that they want to think up. it d >> .-- ki. it this should help with streamlining your searches. this surge of new domain names should help alleviate some of these of a lot of popular names. for example, dog ipad, would take products -thougs like .opa,
5:50 pm
.nike. coke.the application fee is $185,000 and $25,000 for each year. by spring it next year, we should see the new domain names sweeping the internet. >>jacqueline: ocean beach below the people out there. in joining us warmer weather. with extremely warmer temperatures for the inland valley. taking a look at the current almost 100!
5:51 pm
with a '70s in san francisco. also warm to the south. 93 and santa rosa is going to stay hot but we will start a sequel done by mid-week. taking a look at temperatures! midweek, we're still looking at warmer temperatures. a quebec down to the 60s on thursday. san jose was to the '90s again tomorrow. in a comfortable 80 degrees by thursday. will take a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood still the 90's in our no. relocations. triple digits in fairfield and along the coast temperatures are going to be warm with 70's. 72 in half moon bay, 70's in pacifica, 70's in ocean beach. 80s and low 90s of.
5:52 pm
and 90's in fremont, and inland valleys are going to be the hottest. nearly triple digits in antioch, pleasanton, pittsburgh, and also temperatures in the '90s. taking a look a your extended forecast another hot day. for the first day of summer and then a cool down on wednesday. temperatures close to average with fog returning. >>pam: of the diversity career fair for the san jose santa clara will be held on wednesday. if it will be held a holiday in the silicon valley from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. there will be dozens of employers with hundreds of jobs available. it's the best part is that it is all free!
5:53 pm for more information i want to crush more cars.
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$4.6 million was just paid for a dress a it was the one that marilyn monroe wore above the subway grate in the " the seven year itch " also, the singing in the rain star. abandoned her dream of collecting items. debbie reynold ans also a got into the act. with her dress from a " missing in the rain " >> kimberlee: a bus goes flying off into the street. take a look! the boss calls
5:57 pm
in this direction and 45 degrees look at this, that we'll! i speed is nearly kid that woman at the wheel of the bus. this is not the first incident. it was the seand in a new york. the second in the the empire state. 2014, in florida, the power plant had a terrible outcome. >> and also in japan, taking a look at the aftermath o. .
5:58 pm
so, take a look at this lightning striking that hour. this impressive display was on the debt thunderstorms moving throughout the city. >>pam: a programming note this friday kron will let nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. we will have two hours of dateline followed by the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is friday, only on kron 4. we will be right back.
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6:00 pm
>>pam: at 6:00 p.m., the warm weather are coming to the end. when the cool down wheel,. >>pam: 10 months up behind bars for the man of police beating of the giants fan will stay in jail >>pam: a big one for walmart's. it the sex discrimination lawsuit. the supreme court dismissed the
6:01 pm
case. >>pam: fire, flood, fish swimming in the streets amazing weather pictures from across the country. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 6:00 p.m. >>pam: our big story at the 6:00 p.m. the warmer weather, hot in some spots. live pictures along the creek highway in ocean beach. many people have been out in the sun all day. still some people out with families gathering that sunshine before the sun sets and it is hot enough. >>jacqueline: yes! there would rather be there than inland where it is nearly 100 and the inland. even at this hour it is going to stay into the '90s. but if if you about your plans today or this evening it is going to be quite warm with 90's in fairfield, and also quite warm in the north bay with upper 90s. 90's into the south bay and even along
6:02 pm
the coast. 72 in half moon bay, 88 in san francisco, and a quick cool down expected. with 14 degrees warmer in san francisco. 13 degrees warmer in oakland. 10 degrees warmer in the south bay. this is where we sit right now still very warm, inland. still hit 99 in antioch, 97 in livermore, antiocand 60 degrees in half mon bay. 91 in san jose, and another hot day on tell tomorrow. mild conditions expected. temperatures warming very quickly into the 80s in the san francisco and nearly the '90s everywhere else. will take a look at the temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood, coming up. >>pam: new information with the prime suspect of a giants fan, brian stow.
6:03 pm
giovanni ramirez has been locked up and will stay that way even the we is not been charged in the beating of brian stowe. a new picture that shows the latest developments. >> gianna ramirez will stay at least 10 months in jail but he still not been charged for his role in the beating of brian stowe. giovanni ramirez is the main suspect in that assault. in monday, and a los angeles the parole heali it was decided that he convicted felon which violated his parole. they found a gun. they are still gathering evidence and building a case against giovanni ramirez of the beating of brian stowe. basically, these 10 months can continue to take their time gathering evidence.
6:04 pm
before they charge him in the still unsolved. now, the lawyers of ramirez have appeared-of the duke brian stow-attacked. >> this was taken four weeks before the incident the attorney tells kron 4 that the picture shows that ramirez had hair. also, that the main attacker was bald. it is difficult to see but the attorneys point out these next tattoo is on his neck. it will confirm that beating of brian stowe- dozens of people can confirm the alibi that he was not at the giants/doctor's game when brian stow was beaten the giants-dodgers game. >>pam: a man walks, brian
6:05 pm
stow is still at sfo where he was transferred- meanwhile. france still remains. families of the amish family if michelle le nothing was--the family of michelle le with nothing found. through niles canyon. she was last seen on may 27th. hayward police have evidence that leads them to leave the the 27 years old has been murdered. the missing nursing student that while the family is comforted that it did not find any evidence that not want to give up hope. search once? will find her. however, if it requires us to search more? whatever it takes us to find her. i know the other missing cases do not last this long and the longer? the up outcome
6:06 pm
cannot be good. however, i cannot live with myself if i did not to everything i could. >> of the family has another search for next weekend. >>pam: a woman who said the issue was kid that was found in san francisco 2,000 mi. from where the she said the issue was--taken kidnapped. monroe, louisiana you can see on our map. she said that she was driven to san francisco. j.r. stone. >>pam: a woman was found on this park bench. she was disoriented and did not remember much courthous thi securit guard found her fatal should remember was going to do her laundry at a laundromat in louisiana over 2,000 mi. from here. that was something that supposedly happened last wednesday. they are treating this as a kidnapping. at 8:00 p.m., you are going to meet the security guard and why he believes this woman's story. reporting in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron
6:07 pm
4 news. >>pam: a programming note this friday kron will lehave p.m. we will have two hours of dateline followed by the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is friday, only on kron 4. we will be right back.
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wiener resigned 16th the
6:12 pm
final flight of the nasa shuttle program. the atlantis pulled left off july 8th. going to the international space station. they arrived early today. nasa once a different look. the logo is showing the flag behaland 14 stores commemorating the atlantithe columbia, the shut the entire fleet, and the astronauts of lost lives. >>pam: parenting magazine look to the quality of schools, affordable housing in crimes, jobs and park. here is the top 10. no. 10, louisville ky. it is known as the city of parks. no. 9, seattle washington. the job market is fueled by companies like starbucks,
6:13 pm
and amazon also the love rest of this list as the next portion of news, continues.
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6:16 pm
(music) >> jacqueline: a live look from ocean beach. people are going to take off. still, that cooler weather along the coast as the sun is setting. currently, it is cooler along the coast and inland valleys are still in the mid-upper 90s! 98 in antioch. 95 in livermore. on the 66 in half moon bay. a warm day for the bay shores from with 96 in los gatos. we are going to of a mild evening. also, a mild morning with 60s and even low 70's. by 7:00 a.m. where will warm up, quickly. temperatures into the 90s in fairfield by noon. 95 and
6:17 pm
fairfield. 92 in the san jose and even warming up more later afternoon that pink is showing triple digits. fairfield, antioch, even mid-'90s. to the south bay, temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood with 90's to the north bay. again tomorrow, not to degrees in san rafael. triple digits in fairfield with 90 degrees in san rafael. '70s in half moon bay, and '80s in san francisco. 80s and low 90s for the east bay shores. 90 in hayward! and also union city. the inland valleys will still be the low warmest locations with nearly 100 degrees in pittsburgh. 99 in pleasanton and temperatures teetering on troubled this is inland. plenty of 90's to the south bay. 24 in moscow said 95 degrees in san jose. your kron 4 7 day around the bay
6:18 pm
hot weather tomorrow, in the first day of summer is going is the house, windy. as for good towards this weekend, it is going to stay hot-- windy. with a purse 60s for the bayshore. >>pam: extreme weather in many sections remarkable video of nebraska. it looks like a tornado for forming. there were turning the watches and warnings in the air with the video was shot. no injuries or major damage but this is just the beginning. emily schmidt reports i while five is making history. >>reporter: the result is monument fire is living up to its dream. an arizona. >> of the falling for over 30 ft. high and it was very scary, dark, hot the flames
6:19 pm
were 30 ft. high. dozens of homes threatened, and strong rhythm 1000 firefighters tried to stop it. stronger than the u.s. 1000 firefighters and stretched resources. >> a states extreme fire risk in trinity county, texas with eight states that risk with 8,000 a.. midwest, too much water a levee breach in the story. and indianapolis a downpour that caused flash flooding. people in jacksonville, ill. will already cleaning up from flooding. >> it was coming of the hell so fast. coming up the-hill fifth >>reporter: the impact will remain much longer. in washington, emily shred, kron 4 news. >>pam: of this video is out of commit missouiri, even
6:20 pm
fish swimming in the streets. levees have failed to hold back for rising missouri river. causing over poor fog surrounding neighborhoods. >> kimberlee: the latest tech talk. with another gaming, if sega they got away with some sensitive information. they said that personal information names, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and passwords were taken from a least 1.3 million customers here. the company emphasized that it is not hold any of confidential information such as credit card information but it is investigating the break-in. also, " beautiful people thought, " a 30,000 people ugly people. last month, the virus allowed to the maximum on the people into the elite site with having to go to the mandatory rating system. white applicants received an e-mail that said " sorry to inform you but you are not
6:21 pm
beautiful enough. after >> june is lpg t pride month and the showing committee by the rainbow next to its words such as they come a transsexual. the rainbow is not a hyperlink, it is a small move for a google that supports the lpg t employees in the committee, as a whole. . >> the best cities for families according to current a magazine. nebraska is no. 8. that is up from last year. parenting magazine said that omaha jess scene. honolulu is no. 7 come off-jazz scene in omaha, the lowest crime rate and hohonolulu office. we will be back. more to come. fat
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6:24 pm
>>pam: san francisco could be tops for tourism. the
6:25 pm
ninth favorite city but when it comes to cleanliness. san francisco is not so good. this city by the bay is the 12th dirty assassination. -12 dirtiest city. new orleans was first. philadelphia came in second. jeff bush gives us a closer look of the problems in the san francisco. >> san francisco does a pretty good job but you can see with travel and leisure is talking about. cigarette butts are everywhere which is common for a city deeper and gross water collected in pot holes. on the sidewalks and even an old toilet in a nob hill. garbage is everywhere. also a lesson of killing is not uncommon to see an entire side wall with old chewing gum. potato chips, bottle caps, and i will not even show you the
6:26 pm
worst. is lincecum a careless and what people do here for some reason? it is sleazy--it is careless. people think that this would be a nicer place to live and work if it was cleaner. >>pam: the best cities to raise a family according to parenting magazine madison, wisconsin. no. 6. that was third last year, parenting magazine says that madison wisconsin has the fourth drwith cultural activities. c'mon, i was is number five. the city's highlight-to mourn, iowa the morninthis morng desmoine, iowa. was number
6:27 pm
5. >> kimberlee: if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at your kron 4 7 day around the bay [ jerry ] look at this! you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby!
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now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: this very warm weather the we saw out there today. temperatures nearly in the triple digits for the inland valleys. and 99 in antioch and 90's in concord. 90's to the south bay. 91 in oakland! and temperatures were up from what we saw, yesterday even along the coast. with 8 degrees warmer in half moon bay. also 40 degrees warmer in hayward.
6:30 pm
14-degrees warmer in hayward. still 90's inland. 97 in antioch. . with 87-92 in antioch. with a few degrees warmer expected for tomorrow but will avoid to cool down as we go towards wednesday. temperatures to go back into the '90s inland and the bay shore could also see cooling for the rest of the week and even towards saturday. >>reporter: sightings of a great white that prompted officials to take action at stinton beach. they have close to the beach however, only kneecap access. while we were here people were swimming in the water. a live kurds were asking them to get closer to shore. the lifeguards were asking them to get closer to shore. in stinton beach, teresa
6:31 pm
estacio, kron 4 news. >>reporter: no significant reports were findings of michelle le 450 volunteers scanned niles canyon, and were disappointed to not find of the evidence. also, that they did not find anything? it will keep looking. another search his plan for this coming weekend. and maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> betty duke is disappointed but not surprised that this supreme court blocked a class action lawsuit against wal-mart. she is a current greeter at wal-mart. she filed this 10 years ago one of the teams to pay increases and other increases. she will continue to move forward with this case. wal-mart issued a statement that they believe the the court twitter decision. in berkeley, kron
6:32 pm
4 news. >> this just in, there are 1000 people in concord that are currently without power. pg&e cannot know the cause. and after jacqueline bennett, she said that perhaps 94 degrees are using that air-conditioning and they do not know when power is going to be restored. clayton road is impacted. open to boulevard. 1000 people, on the map, in concord. currently without power. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >>pam: gabe slate's tech report big changes coming to the internet. it that could help the internet less cluttered make it easier, faster to use. the old . com domain names will no longer be the staple of the web. soon, we could see website ending in dot anything, until now, they had to use
6:33 pm
.edu, and the others however, now the acronym known as icon, approve the name, .kids. and the ending could provide easier to use on the web. 90 million companies are under .com, with several companies have an overlap. sometimes it is difficult to find what you were looking for. this surge of new domain names in the future could alleviate some of this overlap of the popular names. for example? thought ipad would take people right to those products. .- ipad and they could brand their website
6:34 pm
like .apple. .verizon, coke, these will be used by large corporations because of the application fee is 185,000. a $25,000 maintenance fee. each year. a auction to the highest bidder. the will begin taking applications for unique domain names in january 2012. by spring, next year we could see those new domain names sweeping the internet. keep slate, kron 4. gabe slate-- >>pam: president obama will get on twitter. his first tweet to not come until 2010. the step is going to monitor the account of the present start typing tweets
6:35 pm
of his own. there will be there will signed b o. >> kimberlee: some viewers are wighing in, on the geobotany ramire giovanni ramird like to know what you think about the brian stow case. >>pam: back to the best cities according to parenting magazine. st. paul/minneapolis is no. 4. and the magazine says that that is where the lion king forced premier before it went to broadway. boston
6:36 pm
mass. is no. 3. $23,000 per student for the school system. the average is 9000 per student. also the diversity employment career day for the santa clara area that will be held on wednesday. it is that the holiday inn, silicon valley from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. if you would like to have more information? it is all free. and get more information. we will be right back. if ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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the jackass storstar is dead.
6:40 pm
just hours before, he tweeting himself drinking with his friends he just celebrated his birthday on saturday. after 3:00 a.m., his car spun smashed into a guardrail and burst into flames. it was fully engulfed by the time the right. this shows what was left after the fire was out. his body was identified through his tattoos. the passenger was also killed. that person has not been identified. >>catherine: six years ago, he had 80 why crash only 2 mi. away from this accident. court documents show that he successfully completed a program for a first-time offender. he had a dui crash earlier 2 mi. away from this accident six years ago. >>catherine: a morena house was booed off in a survey oa more in-hous amy winehouse,
6:41 pm
booed off the stage and serbia. $6.4 million was this address.dress part of a hue movie memorabilia collection from the actress, debbie reynolds. the 79 year-old gave up her dream of annexing that collection housed in a museum. >>pam: the best city to raise a magazine that do not mess with austin, texas. the live music capital of the world is also a mecca for tech innovators. and dell, google, facebook have been intaustin. washington d.c. is one of the best city for families parenting says
6:42 pm
tibet from eating out, it to the outdoors there are plenty of places and events and the nation's capital. everybody can enjoy. coming up, the future of the dodgers is in serious jeopardy. gary has the details and telephone a baseball is down but not out. cal baseball, gary and the sports coming up next. >>pam: a programming note this friday kron will air p.m. we will have two hours of dateline followed by the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is friday, only on kron 4. we will be right back. (music) the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. >> gary: good evening a robotic, the college world series. they got off on a rwrong foot. the cavalier giants broke up the game, at
6:46 pm
the seventh inning. virginia left at 2-0. more firepower from the, alma mater of vern glenn 4-1 texas a&m tomorrow facing elimination. >> we have them right where we want them. from here on out people are going to be coming off of a loss. we are going to be coming off of a victory. that is where we're going to be the best. i and convincing that to my guys. >> texas a&m tomorrow. >> the attorneys are not after the commissioner rejected the multibillion dollar contract. with a $3 billion if an agreement could be worked out between the dodgers and, sealy was worried that that would go
6:47 pm
for his personal issues. $100 million to his ex-wife. the felix says it was not in the best interest for the dodgers or major-league baseball. for a june 30th of payroll. from fox, but felix said no. albert will sit out for a while. he went down. the third time on the disabled list a fractured left wrist of to six weeks. currently tied for third in the major leagues. perhaps more important is that thif this will slow down his new contract aspirations. >> jack mckeon is 80 years of age in the new a manager of the florida marlins. six years after he retired after the manager the brought him
6:48 pm
back. he is flailing around and connie mack is the oldest manager. 87 when he managed the philadelphia a's in 1950. checking at 80 is second. larr jack mckeon is 80 at second. >> mt. ellis will be here. i am pretty sure. monterea ellis--it seems like people take a story and take a life of its own. >> venus williams at wimbledon the second round. all the talk about the back of our outfit. and they say that she had pretty much a backless of fi outfit toand thee
6:49 pm
go. venus. >> in the but of a fashion statement she can wear whatever she wants. >> carried walskerry walsh, wald her partner made a second place finish at the beach volleyball world championship. u.s. open is coming to san francisco's olympic club. rory mcilvoy the olympic club boss is next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
>> gary: the tournament from friday it is difficult to turn in your back on rory mcilroy from northern
6:53 pm
ireland. the youngest u.s. open championship since bobby jones in 1923. finished with the lowest u.s. score in history. 16 under par. breaking the previous record from tiger woods of 12 under. the chairman of the olympic club is here. you were here for the >> i was there for at least four, five rounds. the practice rounds also. >> great. >> gary: when you walk in there and do you tre prett whatu get treated pretty well because of san francisco? >> yes. with membership, size, we want to make sure that we're ready for next year. first time since 1998, could you feel the rory mcilroy presence? sometimes if we're not that familiar?
6:54 pm
what do think about this kid? >> people were ready to see him after he almost had victory of the master's. it blew up on the last but he is a wonderful player. i think that we can expect good things from him. >> gary: 22 years of age is still a cad? or wise beyond his years. >> he is still a kid speaks well. his father was there and it was a huge deal. >> gary: and you could not pay just to say happy father's day. it that " the dead, you can retire know what a great moment. -dead- you could retire now--and dad--you are hosting this event next year. do you think that tiger woods would
6:55 pm
be ready to go? >> yes. i think we expect him to be there but also rory mcilroy could be a good the championship to defend. certainly with irish members throughout the club. the natives from ireland want. >> gary: people might laugh at this point to people come back he might be bigger than ever. people will like him, he can, and do feel that way? >> absolutely he is good for the game. the openness a much bigger than it used to be. primarily because of tiger woods with more spectators, volunteers, more everything. if >> gary: his shot at 98. and honestly, can you tell me without spilling any secrets along do think that it is spent for san francisco?
6:56 pm
>> there are several clubs of like to have an opening to host an open, the u.s. open is a very selective the love the west coast. they like being in california because it is prime time for new york but there are some of the clubs about one to have this. zahn >> gary: you always hear that people are boasting how much would the city make? >> the average economic impact is somewhere between 150-170 million. it is huge! and it is a big number >> gary: hopefully we can see before the event. and any friend of yours is a friend of mine. >> john is a great guy. the
6:57 pm
olympic club in san francisco will be hosting the u.s. open. in the meantime, 8:00 p.m., we will see you for the p.m. news dad, i was wondering if you've --
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high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. jennifer lopez, exposed on live tv. what caused her complete wardrobe malfunction. and arnold with his son. mel with his daughter. how hollywood's embattled dads spent father's day. plus, is the "glee" cast getting replaced? and the most outrageous show. and we also sit down with sade. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm christina mclarty. now from hollywood, "the insider" is on. jennifer lopez's spectacle in spain and also, sade is speaks, she's back, behind the scenes of her first north american tour. hi, everybody, i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm christina mclarty.>>s fathers under fire. tonight's inside story is .


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