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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 20, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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helping you buy better. the >>pam: the bay area is heating up! kron4's team coverage how people are coping with the warmer weather. san francisco's old ocean beach to walnut creek in the east bay. and stinson beach lifeguards are not letting people into the water. plus, >> is taking a look a your extended forecast the heat. >>pam: the increasing temperatures are bad news for firefighters. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m. of the hot weather. this is a live picture from san francisco is ocean beach. earlier today, the crowd it on to the beach and it is still pretty warm around the bay area. it was excellent
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hot! jackson was herjacqueline s here. >>jacqueline: yes, with a mild evening and we are going to see a mild morning. with a hot day tomorrow. temperatures nearly in the triple digits. 99 in antioch. 98 in fairfield. the ease with the north bay. 96 and the san jose with 98 and 90's and the north bay. '70s and happen bay, and even 80s inland. temperatures compared to yesterday where up quite a bit. up 14 degrees and 10 degrees warmer in the south bay. we will continue to see this hot weather into tomorrow. it will be mild tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the 60s to start. low 70's. a quick warm up by noon. 90's! and very hot
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again tomorrow. the 70's on the coast with triple digits and the indications. where are we going to sue the warmest locations? and how long this heat wave will last. we were going to see --the warmest. >>pam: police from three different departments and two different states are tried to get to the bottom of a bizarre story that started in the louisiana and ended up in san francisco. a woman said the issue was kidnapped last week when she was found last night. the woman said that she was kidnapped. with minor head injuries perhaps she was drought. j.r. stone talked to a security guard. she had-been drunk. >> that the druged >> he found this woman at the plaza on the sunday night. he is a security guard making his rounds. >> as i was crossing the
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street i saw this lady sitting on the bench. my heart told me that she was in some type of trouble. >>reporter: trouble, indeed. the 51 year-old was in a popular san francisco spot. the last thing she knew was to going to go to the laundromat last wednesday and monroe, louisiana! a laundromat over two dozen miles away. >> she asked what city. and i said san francisco. she said it is a beautiful city. >> police are treating this as a kidnapping they found the woman's 27 ford fusion nearby. with louisiana tax and no signs of suspects. we >> -license text of the 20 07 fourth fusion. they found her hysterical. and she was
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crazy. her ford fusion. >>reporter: he could not get the woman out of vermont. >> i told my wife and she said to-the woman out of my mind-- >> the security guard had our own cellphone when he came across her sitting on this bench. he looked at the cellphone and all of the numbers had been deleted. in the san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: the family michelle le has mixed emotions about this weekend's massive search effort. 450 volunteers in world areas of the east bay including niles canyon. looking for any signs. hayward police for looking to collect items but the family does not believe the the found anything, significant. >> i would like to a found evidence that led me to wear but i am glad. because now,
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they're still a chance. the only thing people are " looking fo a deceased body. however, if it takes it? we will continue to search all day. wherever we need to go. it is difficult to think about these things negatively. perhaps of the body is over here? there? in a lake? at the same time, she is not found yet. and i do not want to write her off. i love her so much. and even now, statistically missing people cases that last this long are not a good outcome. you never know. i will not ever to be able to live with myself and not knowing that i did not do everything that i absolutely could. >>pam: another search for next weekend. stay with kron 4 for our continuing coverage michelle le
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>>pam: the u.s. supreme court has rejected an anti discrimination lawsuit by a female worker s from wal- mart they claimed that they paid less, and did not promote women as quickly as men. >>catherine: betty duke was a tour and cashier and a greateeeter three other women assault lawsui in san francisco. paying them less than men, and given him your promotions. court has rejected a class-action
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lawsuit from a female wal- mart employees. the claimed that there were not>> betty duke was a cashier/greeter in her face. me and my co-workers have unclaimed. >> me and my co-workers are angered. >> they filed a lawsuit in federal court in san francisco accusing the retailer of discriminating against female employees. paying them less than men and giving them a few more promotions. a few years later they were able to expand a lawsuit with 1.5 1 million women that work for walmart's in the u.s.. since december, 1998. walmart's appealed to the supreme they went>> today, the decision was 4-5, for in favor of wal-mart. however, that the duke can take her own claim. >> it does not say that supreme court does not say that one or does not discriminated. all they said was that the structure of this case could potentially with 1 million plaintiffs was simply too big under the rule for class action. >>pam: this was a victory
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for wal-mart but also for a larger businesses in the u.s. it was also pending class actions against costco and others. the plaintive, betty duke we spoke to her reaction and what is next for her. >> we will proceed forward and we will continue to bring this case with merits to be judged upon. the supreme court has muddied the waters for civil-rights class action lawsuit. not just involving women. but also involving a man. and what it does this say? not just women at wal-mart but women, in general that are in the work force in america. do not let this ruling today discourage you to seek that your voice will not be heard. >>pam: today's ruling did
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not address weather wal-mart actually committed a sexual discrimination. in fact, women that worked for wal- mart since december 1998 can still file charges. >>pam: the kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. is still getting started white lifeguards are warning people not to get too far at one local beach. why lifeguard's---charles clifford--coming up on kron 4 news out live to one of the nicest spots, ocean beach. >>pam the absence is being noticed with the appearance of the city. >>pam: ramirez in front of the parole board. >> kimberlee: " under god " eliminated. >>gabe: big changes coming
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lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>pam: the 12 that dirtiest city in the nation according to travel and leisure magazine. they used to have a team of street sweepers attending to the trash but there were laid off because of budget caps. jeff bush shows you that their absence is being noticed. budget- cuts. >>reporter: 100 men were cleaning up from everything from candy wrappers, a cigarette butts. because of their departures? complaints. the mayor has been pushing to get them back onto the payroll. >> it is a search of trash blowing on the streets. merchants are responsible for the cleanliness of their property in front. and the sidewalks in front of their
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property. it that has not gone away but it is nice to with somebody up there helping them. and it is a job. >>reporter: the planet is not call for them to come back in full force it will be only 30 people. and any help will be located with the new plan--the new plan >> with the new commercial areas and want to attract businesses. when businesses are wanting to relocate to san francisco. if >>reporter: he feels confident that his peers will also want to see them out on the street soon. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>pam: the top slot for the dirtiest cities new orleans. philadelphia, and los angeles are not far behind. >>pam: a programming note this friday kron will air nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. we will have two hours of dateline followed by the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. that is friday, only on kron 4. we will be right back. on. it takes a cook.
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banffa driver got confused will parking for car ended up causing a gasping break at an apartment complex in san leandro. a gas main break. -- >> this woman thought that her s u v was in park. and when she try to get the brake pedal? she hit the gas pedal. seven buildings the 700 block of 143 avenue were evacuated for two
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hours. meyer. craig sklar talk to residents. 82-alarm fire >> at 2:00 a.m., the fire spreads rapidly, and at 8280 82 alarm fir sur thi the two alarm fire. this woman explains. >> i saw this man coming out and he was damaged and he said how bad? and i said i do not know. and i said to not worry about your stuff. you have burns on your arms, your head, your arms. >> he was morn warnin his neighbors and in the process, he got burned. >> he was injured. , from breaking up windows and yelling people to get out. >>reporter: this damage to these three apartments were completely burned out. later
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that morning, people were gathering belongings. >> yes, we've a lot of stuff in it there. and i hope that the will let us back in and there. we just grab what we could. >>reporter: was the apartment itself? >> there is this much water. >>reporter: firefighters say that it could've been worse. in sunnyvale, craig sklar, krkron 4 news. >> it was hot out there today and still hot. still 90 in antioch. and noquite warm in a number places, and the only place that it is not so bad is happen bay with 50s tomorrow. half moon bay the mild start. however, 94 and fairfield, the coast is right where you will find cooler temperatures. still, warm
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with a 77 in daly city, 77 ocean beach and '80s. the bayshore. after 91 in fremont, and 85 degrees in oakland. the inland valleys are going to be scorching. low-triple digits. 99 in pittsburgh, 100 expected in antioch. to the south bay, temperatures were also going to be into the '90s. 95 in san jose. how long is this hot weather going to stay with us? the answer coming up with your extended forecast. >> as we keep telling of the weather is hot and produce spectacular. this is a live picture from ocean beach. it is pretty spectacular. people are still out there enjoying that sky before the sun sets. charles clifford is out there, like. charles? >>reporter: it is a spectacular evening. at ocean beach the north end of ocean beach just below the
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cliff house. it is probably low 60s, and no wind! the spectacular. still quite a few people out there, waiting to that sunset. even surfers grabbing a couple of waves. it was even nicer, grolier.earlier. >> the temperatures were at 78 degrees. the calm winds and fog was nowhere to be found. a lot of people showed up to enjoy the weather. for most of the afternoon it was chilly. however, ocean beach looked like southern california with dogs, sunscreens, and even dogs. nearby, they covered up a friend with a sand. >> it is just like going to the beach. [laughter] it is just like san francisco, san francisco weather it is the best but it is still hot. >>reporter: it is still a
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very nice. in 15 minutes or less that the sun is going to be setting. and if you'd like to see the sun setting? come down to ocean beach. charles crawford, kron 4 news. >>pam: the great highway will have san t mobilsand remove will remove an estimated seven-10,000 cubic yards of sand. we will be right back with more news, ahead.
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>> kimberlee: anybody buses nbc is wrong for removing " under god " from it was not part of the regional pledge it was added by congress in 1954. let us take another look. even though it was not part of the or regional. 211 people said yes, and the regiona the original to not have it--included. of " under god " stay with us.
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from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >>pam: a woman claiming to be kidnapped and louisiana was found in the san francisco. police say that
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she said that her kidnapper catook her from the laundromat, and she's being treated at a hospital. taken from a laundromat in louisiana, and a security guard pieced together the story in san francisco. >>pam: michelle le the family believes that she is still alive. even after a weekend of 450 volunteers looking through rural areas. court has rejected a class- wal-mart employees. the paid promoted. cashier/greeter in pittsburgh and she also had difficulty having a smile on her face. >> me and my co-workers are angered. federal court in san francisco accusing the retailer of discriminating paying them less than men promotions. a few years million women that work for
8:30 pm
walmart's in the u.s.. since >> the latest, top to bottom ramirez. let me show you that grant lotus-ret giovanni ramirez. dimaggio on their merits will state the nexspend the next 10 months in jail. ramirez and does remain at the main suspect in that assault. on monday, the parole hearing in los angeles was found that he violated the terms of his paroled because he was a convicted felon who had access to a weapon. l.a. police found a gun while arresting him for his role in the still beating. they're still gathering evidence. and the brand still beating--this new 10 month sentence in the price and still beatinthe beating of n stowe. there will be able to continue to gather
8:31 pm
evidence against them. also, the lawyers of a ramirez show that the picture shows ramirez has hair. also, that the main attacker was called for the beating of brian stowe. also difficult to say but the neck tattoo is were added after the incident. where brian stow was beaten but he did not get any new tattoo is to cover up old the tattoos. his attorney says that dozens of people can turconfirm his alibi. i am grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, a giants fan remains at san francisco general where he was
8:32 pm
transferred after he was treated for several weeks at a los angeles hospital. >> 94 degrees in walnut creek earlier. while there was a lot of the '90s are run the bay jacqueline is here to tell us what jacqueline-around the bay. even 80s! >>jacqueline: even upper 80s. antioch, and in napa. temperatures in the upper 80s, for portions of the north bay. fairfield, concord, and '80s in san jose. the only place we're seeing relatively cooler conditions in half moon bay. overnight temperatures are going to be quite mild. the futurecast is showing upper 60s, low 70's tomorrow morning. will warm up very quickly in some spots in fairfield, noon already 95
8:33 pm
degrees! 93 in livermore. and watch for the inland valleys with the pink indicating the temperatures in the triple digits. antioch will seek the triple digits with also fairfield. woolsey-triple digits. tomorrow-is going to see triple digits, and fairfield, antioch, and with the first day of summer. low 80s for the bayshore and continued cooling on friday. tolerable temperatures on friday and saturday. >>pam: people are going to wenget into the water, a great white siding in the stinton beach. from bodega bay to big sur as known as the red triangle because of the high number of white shark sightings. some people are not heeding the warnings to stay away. it
8:34 pm
>>reporter: take a look at this live card orderinlifeguardn liordering this lifeguard is ordering people to come closer to shore. >> my name is tom i am a supervisor lifeguard. trying to keep people at the waist deep with a great white sightings. >> which go out there even there is sharks? >> honestly, there were always going to be sure to cannot go out too far. that would be my opinion. >>reporter: they said to not go above your kneecap. you were definitely beyond that. >> i did not hear that. >>reporter: some people pushed the lead but the risk was not worth it. >> maybe 3 ft., 4 ft. but not even further because i do not want to take the risk or hang with a great white.
8:35 pm
>> i do not trust them lot >> i do not want to get into trouble, here. >>reporter: no swimming caused limited access it only appears that this will remain in effect until friday. at stinton beach, teresa estacio, kron 4 news. the >>pam: danger of fire. wheel outran at what could be a big trend for summer. will tran, >> that luscious screen to a high yellow. do you remember that high rainfall? that was good for the drought conditions. but according to firefighters, that grass could have even gotten higher than usual because of the rainfall. now that things are drying out. this grass fire is just more fuel. it will be that much more dry by the end of this week and a special that heat wave. reporting, will ltran,
8:36 pm
kron 4 >> already nearly eight square miles near a remote area of east county with five helicopters helping 337 firefighters. no injuries, and one structure has been destroyed. so far, 5,000 a. have burned since this fire started sunday morning. blaze is a mature to% contained. in arizona, the it is only-20% contained-- and arizona, new evacuation's from the monument fire. bringing this meantotal to 10,000 people, it started june 12th. and it also impacted 44 homes. yesterday, the conditions were so bad with ground crews and not allowed to fight fires. however,
8:37 pm
through arizona, new mexico, still very difficult fire fighting conditions. thousands of acres burned. this wild fire broke out on a saturday so far, no structures. today, fire crews are able to use water dropping helicopters, air tankers because of the wind was so much more calm. >> firefighters are battling a wildfire that is already burned feet square miles of grassland on the west the area near kern county oil field have a remote area. oil field structures have been destroyed. 5,068 a. started at 10:15 it is 20% contained. strong winds and the southwest have forced thousands to flee from several wildfires. the smoke monument fire in the southern arizona. quickly, the wind was gusting up to 60 m.p.h. a new wild fire central portion of arizona. texas including 15,000 a. and a trinity/polk county in east texas. >> take a look at this with homeowners new m flooding near more
8:38 pm
flooding-- >>catherine: take a close look. you are watching fish in missouri. there are flopping along a two-lane street it is part of this fall out after several love is in northern missouri failed to hold their not up to holding up that a surge of water from upstate dams. this is a levee in the northwest part of the state. water is rushing over the barrier. near the nebraska /iowa state lines. not far away, a partially submerged church are still causing headaches! thousands of homeowners are bracing for more flooding>>catherine: take a look those are fish crossing a national guard troops are on the scene but there's so much that they can do. in st. louis, >catherine: stormy weather are still causing headaches! thousands of homeowners are bracing for more flooding and what is already hit their community. flash floods pounding indianapolis with traffic problems rippers screens
8:39 pm
are at a dangerous high levels. west central illinois, storms brought 6 in. of rain fall. families are cleaning up there is a love of home damage. most locals say they do not have flood insurance. >> we have no power. the smells really bad. i am not sure we're going to live or stay. >>pam: this storm the extreme weather includes this scene in the nebraska. what appears to be a slow moving tornado. no injuries or major damage associated with this tornado. we will be back with much more news, choose to get motivating support at your local centre- and pick up the delicious food while you're there. or, have the food delivered... and get the same support on the phone. it's about choice: stephanie lost forty pounds on jenny craig. so try a weight- loss program that combines results with flexibility:
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>>pam: gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: big changes with streamlining the internet. easy, fast. the old .com domain name will not be the staple soon, websites
8:42 pm
addresses will and in a ., anything! until now, they had to use the the standards. limited choices. now, the board of the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers also known as the acronym as icon approves any combination of letters and numbers as the domain that name. as .shop, .kids, . they can just ask for approval. this should provide less clutter and easier to use with 94 million registered ., umbrella. plenty of overlap. with a similar companies having overlap. if this should help alleviate some of the overlap for for example, . ipad will take
8:43 pm
customers right to those products. we will still expect big companies taking advantage of this by branding their web sites with . and their name. . apple, . cold, . google, . the nike but it will be very expensive .-coke--these application fees will be $185,000. if it is granted? there will be 25 this and dollar $25,000 to maintain that for one your. if there are the same interests? a financial debate. gabe slate, kron 4. >> kimberlee: sega says
8:44 pm
personal information, names, dates, e-mail address was taken from 1.3 million customers it is at the emphasizing that there was not any credit card information. exclusive gating white " beautiful people has given the people 30 peopl 30,000 people exclusive gating website. one person said that sorry, you are not beautiful enough that dating website. >> kimberlee: a rainbow near several related keywords and on google. while it is not a hyperlink that is a small nod from google that is humbling expresses the support for lgbt employees
8:45 pm
>>pam: rory mcilroy had a great victory and the man who saw it all. he will break it down to rory mcilroy and hosting the next u.s. open. do not move. if
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> gary: good evening,
8:48 pm
everybody with a new keying. the youngest u.s. opens since bobby jones from 1923. rory mcilroy the largest since tiger woods come with 15 shots at pebble beach and wh2000, steven is the chairman of the olympic club. he will be hosting the u.s. open next year. >> could you feel the presence rory mcilroy? >> i think that people were ready for him to do something. he almost won the masters. he came first after three rounds in the blue up. he is a wonderful player i think people are expecting him. >> gary: 21 years of age is still a child or wise beyond his years. >> is still a kid but still a great guy, he won this on
8:49 pm
father's day it was a huge deal. for >> gary: everybody speaks about tiger woods. and with your hosts,,, 7 and next year. and the you keeping your fingers crossed that tiger woods is ready? >> absolutely! it is great to have him out there. >> gary: people might laugh at this but if he comes back and he might be bigger than ever! non-sports fans even like him, he tam, phil stofeel sorry for him. >> the opening was so much bickering that we had from 1998 because from dashed the opening was des -ash some much better-some much better
8:50 pm
>> gary: how much does the city make of this? >> the average economic impact, 150-170 million it is huge! and it is a big number. the >> gary: the u.s. open olympic club's san francisco one year from now. cal baseball was one more chance. they lost to virginia yesterday. davits team has to win tomorrow or the will be eliminated from the college world series john hicks broke up a scoreless game for virginia. the cavaliers are the number-one team of this event. if things base hit. that was about it virginia beat cal, 4-1, bears will play for texas in than to try to stay alive. >> we have them oratory want them and from here on out we are going to come off from a victory. everybody else is going to be coming from a loss.
8:51 pm
>> from here on out, we will have them where we want them. >> gary: was telling kimber--i was reporting on a twitter. love that i was only having eight followers, and going home for dinner. >>jacqueline: the data you are on twitter! [laughter] >> gary: and i am talking to people and i am talking about interaction. and question no. one. >> hey gary is the rate better story than the cal baseball team? >> gary: i will tell you that if they lose? that gut feeling is over. it is over! [laughter] and if they
8:52 pm
can get to the world series? i cannot think it matters. if there is eliminated? now, they're in the college world series. and i think that it would be better but also if they do not? it is okay. no. 2? >> hey gary, the a's are playing great. melvin? what is up with that are they a jets team. >> what a wild card to argue they just what the giants, 5 and a row and they're going on the road trip. plea the new york mets and the philadelphia phillies. it is going to be difficult. for the a's. and i'm good to stick to my gut that it is going to be a while. they will have never once in a world, something great will happen. but put it this way i would not predict anything great. let the synapsis this week. >> #3. >> hey gary
8:53 pm
>> --let us what happens this week. >> let us see what happens with mark jackson. i'm a little bit nervous. >> gary: i would say that the mark jackson for people that want to be nervous? he has no experience and to go out and throw things in the air. however, if you have been a player for 17 years in the league. let us see that you wanted to be the news director. you have no experience but to abandon news anchor for 20 years. so i would expect your opinion. >>jacqueline >>pam: ok. you could also be news director of you have been here even longer. >> gary: i do not want to miss dinner! [laughter] >> we will be back.
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