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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 22, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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in a trail of blood were found in santa is the we will take a look at the latest to is. >> we are waiting for president obama to address the nation about his plans to bring home troops from afghanistan will have a preview coming up. >> we are watching the weather, a cloudy start over san francisco, with the cloud coverage means cooler weather. more on that any minute. >> the bay bridge back up is back, again it is a metering lights delay even though we have been incidents free on the upper deck, we are slow from west grand ave. i will have a complete traffic check coming up. >> 7:00 a.m. is the time, more trouble for your is airways apparently a baggy saggy look is not ok, but cross dressing is allowed. this is the latest controversy this is a man on youtube, he has taken numerous lives while cross dressing, there is one of his outfits, there is
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another when he was allowed to board a u.s. airways like in florida on june 9th, that was less than one week before and here at sfo that passenger was kicked off because he refused to block his pants that were showing his boxer shorts. this man, passengers complained about it, but he did not have to change before boarding. u.s. airways employees were asked to correct it, but they said they did not tell the guy to change because the airline does not have a dress code policy. but they did have a dress code policy they said when they ask the university of new mexico football player deshon marmen to pull up his pants and because his underwear were showing when he was wearing the saggy pajama pants. he refused and that caused a problem and he ended up being arrested because they say he was interfering with the flight crew and resisting arrest and causing problems at the airport so he was arrested
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this other passenger was allowed to fly the question is, was it a racial discrimination is it a double standard for some reason, when wilbur--will tran has been asking questions out there and what people have to say? it >> people agree with some of the naysayers including the attorney for deshon marmen, they believe it is a double standard, according to u.s. airways they said the cross dresser was not showing skin on his buttocks, so he did not violate any thing although he probably violated common decency and good taste. but a lot of people that i talked this morning said they would definitely look but not approach the pilot and tell him to talk with the man. in fact, here is some reaction that i got moments ago. >> oh definitely a double standard, you see women traveling with a lot more showing that mr. saggy pants and his boxers.
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[laughter] >> if you saw this man in women's underwear boarding your flight which is say something to the pilot or which you just look at him go about your life? >> i am just going right on with my life. it is not at all my business what people wear. i think that he clearly is not concealing anything dangerous dangerous [laughter] >> i would hate to be the person to do the pat down on that one. we talk with another passenger and she said you would hate to sit on the same seat after he got up, i will have more reaction coming up at 7:30 a.m., including an african- american man that says yes, this is racial discrimination. >> the question that we have been asking this morning is what is the dress code on u.s. airways. we actually founded on a website. we want to show it to everyone right now, they say, we require that all passengers traveling are to dress and casual business
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attire. u.s. airways gate agents are instructed to enforce this dress code and passengers who fail to dress appropriately may be denied boarding, this is right off the web site basically all i did was google u.s. airways and found it, the question now is what is casual business attire is and not pulling your pants up? or is it what that guy was wearing in the midriff top. >> i guess it depends on what business you're in. now president obama addressing the nation about his plan to bring the u.s. troops home by the end of next year. the president's plan is to withdraw 30,000 u.s. troops, roughly 10 down by the end of this year, that means 5000 this summer and another 5000 this winter. the remaining 20,000 come home next year, returning level troops in afghanistan to what was before the president announced the 2009 surge in afghanistan to control the rising violence.
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there are currently 100,000 american soldiers fighting in afghanistan. we will hear the president's speech in its and are here live at 5:00 this evening in on kron4 not calm, we will street live as well on the bay area weather and traffic, the up fog rolling back in. >> good morning mark, we have a quick look at temperatures right now we are starting things off on it cooler note, that is the good news. anywhere from two degrees to 6 degrees cooler this morning then we were yesterday. san francisco at 52, 60 in concord, the warmest temperature that we have on the map, that is still quite a little bit cooler than we had yesterday at this time. 61 down in san jose and as we take a look at the temperatures throughout the afternoon, we will see that in the low to mid 80's in the north bay, you can see that was said rosa coming in and a seven in napa at 82, san francisco and the mid-60s. maybe 64 and 65 in downtown but then cooler along the
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coast. it just depends on where you are 77 01, 81 for hayward and fremont, down in south bay it is a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's forecast. and then often these they, antioch, livermore and it still sounds hot but not as nearly half as the 100 degree weather that they had to endure yesterday. it looks as though the weather will continue to get better and better as we head towards the begin with the temperatures milling out day by day thursday and friday a few more degrees, by saturday and sunday inland locations will only one up into the low 80s, morning fog will only be with us for the next seven. how was traffic and george? >> still pretty slow, but if you're grabbing your keys at home and ready to head out the door, if you're wondering where is the hot spot? the good news that there are not any. the the back up is reaching all the way to west grand ave. even the 880 approach is slow. i cannot over emphasize that this is a metering light back up. there have been no
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incidents at the bay bridge. there is not enough traffic to warrant these kinds of delays. but there you are. your ride to the san mateo bridge, a much nicer alternate, no back up, no delay in no metering lights on the approach. 92 is an easy ride coming over from a 80. how's the golden gate bridge? it looks good coming across the span. you may even the windshield wipers at the center of the bridge, but it is an easy ride through and across the golden gate. as 7:07 a.m., kron4 news will take a break and not until i show you this. san francisco, it looks good on the ride through the city, no delays on the inbounds central, still in 18 minute drive time now break, and we will be right back. [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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>> welcome back, a live look at san jose pushing down to the south bay. the marine weather back it will cool things down here around the coast, but still high in the east bay. san jose is still 61 degrees looking for a more comfortable high, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday in the mid-80s around 4:00 p.m.. >> investigator to they will be back on the scene in san francisco trying to solve a murder mystery. the body was found floating in the water near fort mason. early yesterday it was important not only there was a body, but a trail of blood leading to it. the police are trying to piece together what happened. we spoke with
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a woman that lives in the area and she said she was concerned. >> when they wrapped the body and put them in the back of the van and off the wind. a lot police, a lot of yellow tape, this is scary. you know, concern, not knowing who was. >> the victim is described as a man in his 20s, he was fully clothed, his body was pulled from the one the police have not given any information about a motive or suspects or what they think would happen. >> a quick break as we continue with the news, and of a look at the golden gate were the fog is really ticked and visibility is down to a quarter mile.
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>> new image is out of with chicago--out of chicago. tornadoes were ripping through chicago, 75 mi. per hour winds brought down trees and power lines. the power company said 300,000 customers lost power overnight, and commuters were stranded on trains yesterday afternoon. it could be days before the power is restored. this also will result in bad weather at the airport. passengers were sleeping on cots at
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chicago o'hare. 350 flights were cancelled, at one point, airport personnel had to take passengers down to the lower baggage area after a tornado is a threat was to sweep through. even joe biden had to wait for his claimed to be: delayed. now thousands are facing in evening deadline to leave their home as the waters continue to increase at a rapid rate. they're told to leave by 6:00 p.m. this evening, they will sound warning sirens if the waters were to spill over the levees earlier. >> now we do not have any water inside, we're done with that and we're on to the sunshine. >> this is the cloud coverage over sentences for right now, someone the problems over the sea area,
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interestingly enough, there is a flood of advisory not because of the storm, but the high temperatures has caused a enough of the snow to melt up there that they're worried about the rivers of overflowing. now we are dealing with the cooler temperatures this morning. we will deal with the cloud coverage through out most of the morning, maybe it will burn off enough the san francisco will see some good sunshine. sunny and warm this 98 afternoon, not nearly as high as yesterday. we will get that fog back into the mix tomorrow morning. that will be a fixture in our forecast for a little while. now talking about the temperatures that we see outside, mainly in the '50s and '60s, 525 as go, 54 oakland, 66 antioch, have not see much movement in the numbers and maybe that is because of the layer of cloud coverage that we have over is not letting the morning sun starts to warm the earth just yet, but it will happen and we will start to see the temperatures rise. about
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2:00 or 3:00 we should reach these temperatures, 82 napa, fairfield to talk out and 93 degrees which is nowhere near the 100 that we had yesterday so some relief. 77 oakland, 81 in hayward, fremont and san jose coming in at 85, 90 degree weather in los gatos. if you plan on traveling near the livermore valley or out of the delta, you are looking to mid to low 90s it rather than the upper 90s that we had a day ago. now we are a key for the cooling trend to continue dropping the temperatures down by saturday and sunday. the inland spots lose 10 degrees. it will be holding steady for the bay and the coastline. los '70's and low 60s respectively, house traffic george? >> not doing too bad james. we are looking at some delays especially at the bay bridge. we have been incidents free at the bay bridge, but it is back up
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again. the north bound 80 commute backed up almost all the way over the toll plaza and 580 west bound is back up to west grand ave. i would not be surprised if this back up starts to reach the macarthur maze. again, confirming with the chp, there have been no incidents at the bay bridge this morning to account for the backup. this is nothing more than a metering lights be laid on what should be a light and easy ride based on the volume to the bay bridge. but if he keeps on like this, it could become a hot spot because you are not expecting to waste this much time at the bay bridge toll plaza costing u.s. lead in extra 20 to 25 minutes right now. how is the san mateo bridge right? not bad off. take a look at this, no delays on 92, it isn't easy ride in a good alternate if you have the option. the golden gate bridge drive, 1 01 south bound, fog all you
7:19 am
have to deal with carried you may need to use the wind chill wipers for the drizzle. now the 680 traffic is slow in the southbound direction. there have been no problems reported, but it is not unusual to see delays like this for the southbound interstate 680 ride. remember, that is what qualifies a hot spot as an unusual delay, or a slowdown for your commute, or for some major incident that is tying up traffic. again, that is what the bay bridge may become at the back up continues to grow. >> thanks a lot, as 719 a m. we are expected for an update on the giants san bryan stow, they're supposed to hold a press conference at 10:00 a.m. this morning. just a couple hours this morning before we find out about bryan stow he was beaten at the giants stadium. he remains at the hospital and the chief of neurosurgery will speak this
7:20 am
morning. the doctors have been lowering his seizure medication but he remains in critical but stable condition. >> without saying whether they plan on retrying barry bonds, federal prosecutors asked a u.s. judge in santa is going to postpone the next hearing in this case until august 26th. the former santa school giants slugger is accused of lying to a federal grand jury back in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids or a human growth hormone, the jury convicted him in april on one count of giving testimony, but another count of perjury. they will possibly set a retrial on the charges. >> the time now 7:20 a.m., san jose officials have now set up a relief fund for the 28 students that were displaced by a fire that happen at a fraternity house early yesterday morning. we cover this live on the kron4 morning news with pictures of the house on fire, it is a two-story building. the
7:21 am
cap the sigma fraternity house on south 11th street. one of the claims that 3:30 a.m., you see all the guys outside, the all out ok. but now they have to find in --find another place to live. neighboring houses are helping out in the university is helping finding housing for the students. the damage is estimated at $1.7 million. >> news happening around the bay today, a lawsuit will be filed asking to remove a proposition seeking to ban circumcisions in san francisco. reports say that the local chapters of the jewish relations council and the entire debt mason league want to take the ban off the ballot, the lawsuit is expected to be filed this morning and it argues that circumcision is a common procedure regulated by the state and should not be decided by the voters. of course we will let you know what happens. >> 7:21 a.m., we will be
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back with more in a couple of minutes, let us take a live look outside. some of that fog is trying to clear out. we're looking at a nicer day to day especially along the coast. we will be right back.
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>> a shocking crime, police arrested a woman, they say she allegedly killed person to go baby by putting her in the microwave. >> just cannot imagine that. >> people are still trying to process with their young in quiet neighbor is accused of. >> i did not even know that she had a baby. >> back in march, 29 year- old ki yang claim that she had a seizure and drop her newborn on a heater. the neighbor said she had a short conversation. >> she came to me and said
7:26 am
i am depressed. >> the authorities said >yang's story did not add up. the victim was found a serious second, third and fourth degree burns from head to toe. the three month investigation eventually led to an expert in ohio the work on a similar case. >> the burns the ec on not the case in a microwave, are different than one that you would see from a child boiling water and to bring a pot of the stove. >> another doctor agreed that the burns were consistent with microwaves burning. >> this is a rare, and you do not have to have children to look at this as something horrific. >> i am sure that there were a lot of people that would've taken the baby. >> she is being held without bail, they said pass a fire that was left in the microwave was a key piece of evidence. >> the state comptroller announced that the state budget passed last week is not good enough. same portions of the democratic
7:27 am
package and is calculated hall or unfinished, so he will not pay the lawmakers. he is taking a rare step of halting their paychecks from going out to all of the 120 lawmakers. no checks, and it is expected that taxpayers will save more than $48,000 every day that the lawmakers cannot be paid, california still faces a nine and half billion dollar budget deficit. but caught the brown vetoed the budget that was passed last week he had this to say, the comptroller has made his determination and we should all work together to pass a solid budget. >> on the facebook fan page, we acts we've got out of california legislators not receiving their paychecks until a balanced budget is approved. here are some of the comments that we got this morning, one writes, amazing, when it was hard checks disappearing the layoffs, or furloughs it was too bad so sad from the politicians.
7:28 am
now that it is their turn we are supposed to fill sorry for them. melissa says i think it is sad that they're not kidding paid, but in the turnaround, they're not doing their jobs, so get it done. >> if you wanted a part in the discussion, below are facebook fan page, like us, and we may read it on here. we will be right back after this. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> 7:30 a.m. a live look at the golden gate bridge, we're dealing with the marine layer pushing its way through the golden gate, causing some drizzle here or there. cooler day today, it will still be born, but nowhere near the to the degree weather that we had yesterday. the cool down will continue on through out the remainder of this week into the weekend and even into next week. more on that in the forecast not a quick check of traffic. >> this item is to their free morning, the bay bridge is backed west grand avenue in the 880 approach, not as bad. slow only from the top
7:31 am
of the ramp as we head down to the toll plaza flats, i will have a complete traffic check coming up. >> and other controversies surrounding u.s. airways and the dress code, this time it involves a cross dressing man from fort lauderdale to phoenix, here is video of the man that we found from he is taking numerous flights while dressed like this or similarly. he was allowed to board a u.s. airways flight on june 9th wearing similar clothing that flight took off from florida, passengers complained to the airline employees about the man's appearance before boarding the they were ignored. u.s. airways says that the employees were correct not asking the man to cover himself because they said the airlines do not have a dress code policy. this happened just days before a university of mexico football player deshon marmen was yanked from a slight at sfo and was arrested for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. after repeated refusals from him to pull up his pants,
7:32 am
their reported it to the airline's capt. it was a disruption on the plane in the police were called in to assist, last week u.s. airways says they do not have a dress code but they ask people to dress and inappropriate manner to ensure the safety of all passengers. so is wearing sagging pants worse than what we saw the other gentleman wearing? some people are accusing u.s. airways of racial discrimination saying that the saggy pants incident was not about pants at all. with more reaction to this controversy, we are live at sfo. good morning. >> to answer your question, all the trouble was that i spoke with this morning said they would rather see sagging pants than the cross dressing man. apparently travelers at sfo are not very shocked. this is the picture that we to show on youtube is interesting and amusing as something that they would probably not approach the pilot on. i got some reactions from travelers this morning and this is what one man had to say after i showed him the picture.
7:33 am
>> do you see a double standard, or do you think that is okay? >> and you have to be fair with everybody. if that guy is wearing a bikini and the other guy is sagging his pants, that is the way it works. it is pretty exceptional to wear your pants pretty low now. it is pretty funny, but it definitely needs to be a double standard for everybody. >> if you saw that, would be disturbed? >> it is pretty normal in sanford's is go but i would be disturbed. >> 1 woman even joked about it, i do not even think she was joking, but she said it is the cross dressing man, you know that he is not concealing anything and another woman said she would rather not sit on a chair after he is done. i promise i will get more reaction from travelers dropped morning. >> thank you for the update, we have a lot of people talking about this story. justine has more. >> we've learned to know was the dress code for u.s. airways it was simple to
7:34 am
find, all i did was google u.s. airways dress code and it took me to the web site so here it is. "we require that all travelers are to dress in a casual business attire, the officials are to enforce this dress code and passengers that fail to dress appropriately may be denied boarding. "this is right off of their web sites of the question is what is proper attire? is a pajama bottom in jeans, or is it made rooftops? this is what we are discussing on our fan facebook page post a comment and we may read it on air. >> tonight president obama addresses the nation about his plan to bring home troops from afghanistan by the end of next year. his plan is to withdraw 30,000 troops. roughly 10,000 by
7:35 am
the end of this year, 5000 troops by the end of the summer and another 5000 by winter. the remaining 20,000 would come home next year, returning the level of troops in afghanistan to what was before the 2009 surge to control the rising balance there. it currently 100,000 american troops are still fighting in afghanistan. we will air the president's speech in its entirety at 5:00 p.m. tonight on kron4. we also will screen in live on our web site at >> and now we have at the area weather up, the fog is back thick, let us found out about where it will cool down. >> good morning, taking a quick look, we have been seen this in the morning shot all morning. sunny and warm this afternoon, the temperature in the '70's and 90's, this evening, we will remain kind of clear. then the cloud will rebuild, and of fog will come back into view. fog in the morning
7:36 am
will be a fixture here on kron4 news. here we are, low 60s down in san jose, out in the east bay, concord 60 antioch 66 at the moment. not bad especially considering where we were at this time yesterday when we are looking at sweltering temperatures. 87 santa rosa, as opposed to 95 that we had on the map yesterday morning, 62 to about 63, maybe upper 60s in san francisco. the tricky part is the fog if it hangs around a little too long, we will not get that afternoon warming that we like to see but if the birds off quicker, we will probably get temperatures up into the mid '70s. 91 down and pleasanton, the delta will be in the low 90s, mid '80s down in the south bay, san jose at 85, 9 via los gatos, mt. view and sunnyvale coming in at 77.
7:37 am
here is the seven day forecast, we are talking about cooling down rather than warming. thursday and friday the temperature will drop even more heading into saturday and sunday, the interval only get up into the low 80s. along the coast, we have the low 60s. early morning cloud coverage will be something that we will deal with for each day for the next seven days. >> good morning, we continue to track a hot spot for the commute this morning. no major incidents or unusual delays. except for what has become the unusually usual bay bridge west bound. that sounds a little confusing but i have been harping about this for over one week now. we have an unusually light summer traffic for the bay bridge yet we still manage to have been back ups. this morning we are still slow from west grand, in my judgment, this is a tragedy, this drive it should be an easy no back up traffic. it will be at the san mateo bridge, we have
7:38 am
the traffic that we deserve because there are no metering lights at the bridge. over the golden gate, 1 01 south bound is a ride through the fog as you head into marin county. a smooth move with no delays reported or even for the ride through marin county. at 7:30 a.m., we will take a quick break, we are with you until 11:00 a.m., excuse me until 10:00 a.m. and will be right back. [ beep ]
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>> now the first pitch should be at about 66 degrees. it may drop a few as we head towards the ninth inning. later in the 9:00 hour. that is the forecast at at&t park. >> thank you, we are watching the industrial average, it is down 10 points, the nasdaq is down 3 1/2. s&p 500 is down as well, everyone is waiting on the comments from been burning the waiting to see what the fed says about the
7:42 am
state of the u.s. economy. >> greece prime minister is breathing a sigh of relief after surviving a no- confidence bill in parliament. he received more than the absolute majority that he needed in the 300 number legislature. that vote comes amid widespread opposition to budget cuts that he says are needed to prevent a government default. but as you can see, there are not popular, a large core group of protesters in the street. >> a quick break, kron4 news continues, a programming note to tell about friday, will air nbc programming at 8:00 p.m. and then run two hours of the line that will be followed by a special edition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. ♪
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>> we continue our team coverage of the weather. yesterday we were frying out there even at the coast. but today we have cooled down. to get you more news faster, let us go to our reporter who is live in san francisco, how is it out there? >> very cool. when they said cool down there were not kidding. it is getting a little better. it is laying low on the waters instead of right here on the ground. as you can see, it is kind of still lingering around over there at alcatraz island. right there, you can see a lot of the fog and but the sun is starting to burn off a lot of the fog is warming up a little bit but quite a difference from yesterday. i would rather have yesterday than today. to >> but here is the beauty of the bay area, she can
7:47 am
still go in and. >> it will still be warm especially all the way out there on the other side oakland hills down to the valley. out into the delta and the livermore valley, he will be in the upper eighties to low 90s. but not the triple digit whether that is some good news. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, it is full of fog this morning. warming up to 60 incenses go by noon. maybe even a little warmer than that it depends on the fog if it sticks around, 62 is what we would deal with, it burns often we get some sunshine sooner rather than later, we may be even see some 70 degree weather will you know as the day goes on. as for the temperature right now, 64 in napa, 60 hayward, 63 down in san jose. you are starting to one of a little bit, 70 in antioch, the first 70 degree on the map out in the delta. that will be one of our warmer locations come this
7:48 am
afternoon. let us talk about how warm it will be first off in the north bay, 82 degrees in napa, or 875 a rosa. as you can tell is a little bit cooler. me to possibly upper 60s in san francisco, oakland is at 77. that is nice, we are forecasting the mid-90s yesterday. 77 is much better, and 85 down in san jose as for the east bay locations it will be in the low 90s this afternoon. your seven day forecast shows that we continue cooling as we head for the final three days of the week. wednesday, thursday and friday did cooler day by day. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon the inland hires only at the low 80s. people along the bay, will be in the low '70's, anyone at the coast, will deal with the low sixties for that matter. the lingering fog that will stick around a little longer true today. now--longueur through the day. now a check at our traffic.
7:49 am
>> traffic is backed up at the 880 approach all the way across the toll plaza, again, traffic is backed up to west grand ave. not as bad a day as yesterday, but no reason for it because we have had no incidents on the upper deck. if the san mateo bridge ride, westbound traffic is a little heavier than at other times this morning, but only a minor way to the toll plaza, no major problems. 92 is a good commute. no hot spots, that is good news. let us head over to the golden gate bridge, the only thing that you'll have to contend with is the fog and the southbound direction. the 1 01 ran ride still looks good. a few patches of slow and go traffic in northern iran. just head to san jose as in the to the ride to interstate 280. this is in the northbound direction. traffic starts to slow up right here. this is highway 17 and actually as it crosses interstate 280 goes
7:50 am
from 17 to 880. then it becomes the freeway heading north into oakland. of course traffic typically slows down practically heading out of downtown out toward the west valley and the cupertino ride. south bay traffic at this hour is much lighter than what it was yesterday for 281 01 north bound. >> part is hosting and other interactive seat lap to the public's feedback on the future train car designs. they're expected to hire a new train car builder this year to replace the oldest fleet of train cars in the nation. participants will be able to test different types of seats and sample different type of seeing material from 10 to 4:00 p.m.. now muni board of directors has approved a severance package for the executive director nathaniel for it. he announced last week that he will resign to a half years before his contract is up. seven directors tune and
7:51 am
is meant--unanimously passed and certified his resignation. there was a petition with more than 12 a under signatures that opposed forbe384 and thousand $7 is $387 severance package but it was passed. >> now scientists have found a possibly harmful fondest that grows inside of dishwashers. it is a black east, it loves the high temperatures and wind conditions inside of the dishwasher. the study is out of the thong goal biology, that is right, and it found--fungal biology and it found fungus in 62 percent of the dishwasher's it was found on the rubber band of the dishwasher door, the majority can possibly lead to disease, so it might make you sick. some suggestions to stop the black yeast from
7:52 am
growing, clean out your dishwasher focusing on that band, or washing the dishes by hand. >> 7:51 a.m., a major fire at the san jose fraternity house has left dubinsky of the pieces asking for help. and help is on the way. >> a day after a fire gutted this fraternity house at san jose state, the university is offering a relief fund to the 28 students forced out. as you see is one of this morning a security guard posted this on site. because the $1.7 million in damage, the school is offering temporary housing assistance, some students say they lost everything in the fire, much of the fire was on the second floor. everything was lost up there, more water damage did destroy the first floor. firefighter said was all gone in 45 minutes. students are pulling out anything that they can find, because of the fire is still under investigation. >> the time now is 7:52 a.m., will be back with more in a couple of minutes, today live look outside and
7:53 am
sense francisco, you have company and also sunshine. not too bad we will be right back.
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7:56 am
>> welcome back, a live looks from our news camera. incense and cisco, a much cooler start for the day, 52 degrees in san francisco, say goodbye to the mid to upper 80s, high in the low 60s. a cool down around the bay while the inland spot stay high. >> the morning buzzes burn in the latest in entertainment news, this morning arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver have not filed for divorce him just yet. but it looks like the two have already reached an agreement on child support. the specifics on how much ronald is paying has not been disclosed, but he is paying a significant amount including full private school for his two sons. and bristol palin memory are is in stores today, she dishes from everything from pregnancy to politics, she tells her unplanned teenage
7:57 am
pregnancy and her days on the 2008 campaign trail with the mccain family. she also discusses her rocky relationship with the father of her son trick. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes, a live look outside the golden gate bridge. weight difference a day makes. yesterday clear and hot at the coast, today it is what you expect. but the inland will cool down. traffic is kind of heavy on the golden gate, will be right back. ♪ let' out to thv
7:58 am
♪ it' that we'rmber foundred andee ♪ ♪ let♪e'll find elves a comfy se♪ ♪ and wasome showsand st♪ ♪'s follow lady the lapto♪ [ announcer you can wahit tv sho on laptop witherse onlin entertait with you ie nee
7:59 am
>> coming up at 8:00, the top stories that we are following, a clothing controversy after this man passes through the airport with no problem. >> a body in a trail of blood were found in the census is the marina district we will look for
8:00 am
clues. >> waiting to hear from the president, president obama addressing the nation this evening about plans to bring home troops from afghanistan. we will have a preview of his plan coming up. >> watching the weather taking a look at the seven day forecast, the conditions will be nice as we head into the weekend. temperatures are cooling off day-by-day getting into the low eighties for our inland highs on saturday and sunday. for a full check of whether any moment now i check of traffic. >> as we take another look at the bay bridge, a back up now with some is slow going through, it is your best way to its the bay bridge but not a great one. the toll plaza flats are backed up to west grand ave. i will have a complete check coming up. >> it is the time right now, a lot of people are calling it what is ok to slide in these days after u.s. airways had first of all said that a guy in baggy pants at sfo cannot get on a flight school because he did not pull them up. but now,
8:01 am
one week before that, a cross dresser was able to fly and he was wearing, let me show you some of the outfits that this man was seen wearing on youtube. he has taken numerous flights while cross dressing he was allowed to board a u.s. airways flight the same airline that had the controversy last time. it was a flight in florida on june 9th. he was wearing women's panties, mid high, high stockings and high heels. you can see what he wears. the passengers even complained. but they did not do anything about it, and u.s. airways at the time said we do not have a dress code. as long as someone is not showing their private parts, that is okay. apparently, it was not ok one week later when a black man, a new mexico football player deshon marmen was wearing pants that were sagging around his waist line and showing his boxers, his underwear and he refused to pull them up, they said he had to and he did not. he
8:02 am
was arrested because of his disruption and disobey the rules, or what they told him to do. now his lawyer says hold on a second, how come a white guy can wear women's underwear and a black man cannot wear baggy pants? that is the question this morning, what do you think? is in a double standard? if the discrimination? will is live at sfo this morning and you have been asking passengers all morning long with the they have to say? >> his attorney is getting a lot of support, and went around and talk with a lot of passengers. they believe that it is racial discrimination and one passenger said wait until the man comes out of his shell when he stops being shot. here is some reaction that i got moments ago. >> i would laugh. i would just hope that i was not sitting next to this guy. either probably be more disturbed that this man than the man that were the saggy pants. >> will do think if this man was on your flight? >> i would hope he would
8:03 am
not be sitting next to me. it will be nice if he covered up a little bit. >> would to complain to the pilot or will it be okay? >> hmm i and i think i would complain, but i would be very uncomfortable. >> interestingly, i have talked to about 10 people this morning on camera and off, and no one said that they would complain to the pilots. they obviously would look at him and feel very uncomfortable according to them, but as far as taking action into their own hands talking with the pilot and the authorities, the answer so far is that they will not do it. back to you. >> thanks a lot, we will continue to take your comments on facebook. >> tonight president obama will address the nation about his plans to bring the u.s. troops home by the end of next year. president's plan is to withdraw 30,000 troops, 10,000 this year, 5000 this summer and another 5000 i winter. as a
8:04 am
remaining 20,000 troops will come home next year. that will return the level of u.s. troops in afghanistan to what was before the president 2009 surge that was used to control the rising violence in afghanistan. currently there are 100,000 american soldiers fighting in afghanistan. we will hear the president's speech in its entirety and on kron4 at 5:00 p.m. this evening. we will screen it live on the web site at >> the time now's a 04 a.m., we want to take a look at the weather which is another big story. the we said that many records yesterday? >> i will have to double check on that. because concord and oakland were close to it. i will double check. it >> but the good news in the triple digits do we have that today? >> no we have sunshine. some parts are already starting to see blue skies as you start to look out east towards the water. other parts of the city still do with the low cloud coverage. just to give you
8:05 am
an idea of how much the weather can change in a short span of distance between the golden gate bridge in downtown san francisco. 525 as gold, 63 down in san jose, antioch we see 71 degrees currently, that is the warm spot on the map, this afternoon we will warm up, but nowhere near what it was yesterday. in fact in the north bay, we are only looking for the low to mid '80s for the most part across the north bay. that is a stark contrast. it was mid-90s that we projected yesterday. san francisco mid-60's, upper 60s opinion on how clear the sun comes out and how quick. oakland 77, and castro valley down in fremont you are looking for a 581. as we talk over the hills, 91 expected in pleasanton, 88 walnut creek, still dealing with 90 degree weather in livermore and out and the delta. but lease is the low 90s now 99 and 100 you saw yesterday. down in the south
8:06 am
bay, san jose 85, 77 for mt. view and sunnyvale. otherwise, we are looking okay, and now the day today than yesterday in. of course the temperatures will continue to cool down, as we head towards the weekend, we're in a cool down. that will last for the next seven days. we will talk about that in our next update. >> we may have a house by developing in hayward, south bound, the chp reports a motorcycle accident in the two left lanes. the worst news is that it appears that the driver was unconscious so that does not bode well. whenever there are injuries involved in a motorcycle accident, it could be a pretty serious problem especially with clearing because of the injuries involved. again, this is south bound in the middle of what was already some slow traffic we will keep an eye on that. the bay bridge back up is still pretty steady, it is about west
8:07 am
grand avenue about a foot or at the edge of the mac arthur maze. the backup has not grown here lately on the 880 approach. but as i have said all morning and this is nothing more than a meeting like the late. there have been no incidents on the bay bridge, there should be hardly any back up because the traffic volume is pretty light. if you want, you can take the san mateo bridge, that would save you some time even with the south bound ride. see also the conditions continue to deteriorate this may not be such an attractive alternative for people are coming from oakland. the golden gate bridge ride has been fog the and now it is getting a little heavier but still a pretty smooth commute. there are still no major delays through the county to 1 01 south bound. now let us go to the kron4 news room, justine has an update. >> they do so much, let us go live to orlando florida where there will only be at half a day at the casey anthony murder trial. here is what has happened so far this morning, the defense
8:08 am
team has called a forensic geologist and a forensic top --forensic toxicologist. now there is talk that casey may have stolen her alibi from a cell mate you know the whole thing about the baby drowning in a pool. this is coming from someone that she shared a cell with. she faces a possible death sentence if convicted, and she is already pleaded not guilty. >> we will be right back as a kron4 morning news continues after the break. live looks outside from censuses go, you can see the fog blowing the winds in and around the bay. a cool down near the bay and the coast.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> we will have a much cooler day, probably about 20 degrees cooler in san for its fiscal this afternoon about 10 degrees cooler around the bay, and about five to seven degrees cooler for the inland. >> developing news, investigators will be back on the scene of a murder mystery in sanford's ago after reporting live on the air this was unfolding yesterday morning on the kron4 morning news. it was near fort mason by the marina, a body was found floating in the water and then the police found a blood trail all the way up the street. they have cornered it off and are still investigating. they're trying to figure out what happened. we spoke with a woman that lives in the area and she says that she was
8:12 am
concerned. >> the wrap the body and put him in the back of the van and off they went. a lot of police, a lot of yellow tape. it's just scary. you know, concerned, we did not know what was. >> the body was that of a young man in his 20s, fully clothed, the police have not said anything about the autopsy, the cause of death or what they think may have happened or a suspect in the case. >> a quick break, we will be back with gary and the world according to gary. we will show you a shot a day this week in a little less know. a live look from heavenly with beautiful weather. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
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just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> is is some kind of animal? is a lion? is a bird? is a woman giving birth? >> i remember about 10 years ago when all this grunting happened the intern's in the room with just sit there. i can tell the young kid, how exciting listen to him scream. >> yes, here's the thing, the reason that i am bringing it up is only because the head of one of
8:16 am
san and the international tennis federation is saying you know, we may ban grunting, and say that it is mostly the women that do it because it is distracting and others have said it is cheating, trying to psych out the other player but isn't it a little exciting? isn't it kind of fun? >> it is fun for 19 year old boys. >> but as a player? >> you know what has happened, i am almost positive that some pretty well people that go to the tennis matches and pay fiver dollars for a good seat in of that are saying this is really annoying. i have heard that consistently that some people just do not want to hear your you know, you are out to enjoy yourself and then you hear of this grunting. again, if you're a 19 year-old boy you think is funny, but i tell you, i cannot remember the last time i paid $500 for a tennessee. but i would not want to listen to that for 2
8:17 am
1/2 hours. >> that is the thing, tennis and then there's a god, they're the silence was, which decomposes when we do them, composed in the gallery. i just wonder if it is only like? is that really what is going on? >> i do not know if it is on leave like. if a guy did the same thing you're going to see a tennis match, and when the grunting becomes a bigger story than beforehand, you know i am saying? that stands out so much, and a big scope of things, big deal. but this is the idea if you're sitting there and listening to grunting for two and half hours and that is the highlight of your sport. >> but you'll watch them and go... >> i will not watch it, that is annoying. i was screaming at certain times but not when i'm watching tennis. >> got you, we will let that one go. >> i know i'm not alone on
8:18 am
this the bottom line is that too many people have complained and said, do you want to hear branting for to act showers? >> i have the decibels for you if people are wondering how big of a problem a lions wore---roar is 110, maria hers is 101 that is pretty loud. sirena grunts at 88.9. >> where did you did this? >> the grunt-o-meter. now let us talk baseball what is going on? >> it last night, it was right there with the worst pitching star of all times. eight straight hits off of it gardener by minnesota, he finally got a guy out, the only thing that i would say is i believe that he had 10 straight really good
8:19 am
performances it was not like he had been re lousy for a while, he was pretty good. but the only thing is zito is coming off the injured list, so they will see what they do with him. >> it it was really that, they pulled him after the first inning but funny at the very same time, zito is playing in fresno saying i am back, looked at me. >> the giants game was so bad last night at a few minutes to kill before i came back for kron, so i'm slipping around watching keith over in his new show --keith oberman his new show, and in the very next channel, there was zito pitching on one of the hometown channels. i watched a few minutes, it was 105 degrees in fresno, no one was there but the guy was really good.
8:20 am
>> may be people are not there for the a's, but they're consistently winning. they're looking good even though they're wearing the yellow jerseys. >> that is their new thing. they won six straight with those. >> like sports, they never take them off. >> we had someone there and i was talking with them and they said they will not wash them, i thought he was just plain. but i guess the kind of tweet a rule that i believed they said the home team decides who wears what but the a's decided to wear yellow again last night. >> but is that appropriate flying garb the giants for today in the wake of the baggy pants guy, remember? this is him, he could not fly on u.s. airways because he was showing his boxers, and he got arrested a kicked off a flight. this guy, one week earlier, u.s. airways, the same airline he is flying in all kinds of
8:21 am
women's undergarments, bras and panties, the passengers complained he was allowed to fly. >> it was amazing that i was able to take time out from his busy schedule to make a fashion statement. now this is before the baggy pants? >> it was before. so beforehand people are complaining about the guy, beforehand, the gate agent and the airline said sorry, we do not have a dress code as long as you're not showing your private parts your good, one week later the guy that happens to be black, and so now his attorney is like this is racial. >> here is the argument that i guess the airline will make sure your stomach is not like showing off your rear yen. >> i cannot get a rise out of people no matter what i do. gary, would you like to see my new facebook fan page? >> i am kind of sick looking at that guy. >> i have a fan page, i put everything on here, i even went so far as to put kim kardashian on there.
8:22 am
>> that was for you. i put the guy with the sagging pants, i put the cross dressing guy, i have everything on here. no one will say anything it is like i and yelling and grunting and no one... >> you use pandering to the lowest demographic? >> i am joining the people. >> what is the name of your page? >> by the way i have a picture of me and vern glossing and something i said he is never even met gary radnich. >> you mean vern glenn? the reason you put me next to him is because he's only got your taller with. >> you know what i would do i will put some pictures of you on there. just because i can. just go to facebook, is a fan page. >> oh my gosh! has anyone in this world thought maybe
8:23 am
i should work hard, take care of my family and not sure of myself down everyone's throat? >> i am putting you on it, but >> keep me off it. >> see you later we will be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable.
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8:26 am
>> we are getting pictures from chicago, severe weather moving through the area this car was crushed by the tree. there were severe thunderstorm internal warnings issued, 75 mi. per hour winds brought down trees and stranded some commuters on trains to yesterday. close to three and a thousand customers lost power overnight and they say could be days before the power is restored. here is a result of the bad weather at o'hare airport. rows of passengers are sleeping on cots at the airport at one point a tornado warning was issued in the took passengers waiting in the terminal down to the lore baggage area. flights were canceled about 350 of them, and some of them took off two hours late. even vice president joe biden was the late,
8:27 am
things are much better at the midway airport. at least 30 flights canceled their, to flooding in northern north dakota. here is video of the u.s. army corps of engineers checking the levy to make sure they're holding. just getting word from the mayor of minot saying that the dikes and the town are about to spread over. 11,000 residents have been told it out by 6:00 p.m., we're just getting word from the mayor of minot and that these levies and dikes in town will be over top with water. we will be right back as kron4 news continues. live looks as chances go, the waterways in the marina in the air. this is the spot where a body was found in the warriors today, we're expecting crews to go into the water to search for clues. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
8:28 am
8:29 am
come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
8:30 am
>> the time is 80 9:00 a.m., we're seeing sunshine out there, we will warm up this afternoon not as hot as it is today, we do have some morning fog particular editor golden gate bridge. it is a different story in the south bay. it will be one inland. the temperatures will not translate as far out into the east bay as we would like to buy tomorrow we should see more substantial cooling and that will continue down into the weekend. we will break this down and our full check of whether not a quick check of traffic. >> a quick update of traffic in hayward. a special traffic advisory, the two left lanes are blocked at whipple. surprisingly it has not backed up the traffic at 238 near the south bound ride. the potential will still exist for this to turn into a major the lay on a 80 south bound. a complete traffic check is coming up.
8:31 am
>> and other controversies surrounding u.s. airways dress code, this time it involves a cross dressing man from a flight from fort lauderdale to phoenix. here is video of the man that would have found on youtube. he was allowed to board the u.s. airways flight in florida on june 9th wearing women's panties, mid high stockings and high heels. the passengers complained to the airline but the man's, about the man's appearance before they boarded, but they were ignored. u.s. airways says that employees were correct not tax the man to cover themselves because the airline does i have a dress code policy. but this has been just days before the and university of new mexico student deshon marmen was yanked off of the airline and was arrested for refusing to pulled his pants. after repeatedly refusing they alerted the airline captain about the disruption. last week u.s. airways said that although
8:32 am
they do not have a dress code they asked people to dress and inappropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort all of all the passengers. a lot of people are talking about this controversy. and now let us go live as at all with more. >> interesting he said the word comes because a lot of the passages that i talk with this morning said they would be very uncomfortable if he sat next to them. it said it was interesting and amusing, but something that they will not walk up to the pilot to let them know, but the pilot know that this guy is on the plane and you need to do something about it. but they would definitely hope that their flight would in very quickly. here is the reaction that i got from some passengers this morning. >> definitely a double standard, you see women traveling with a lot more showing that mr. sagging pants and his boxers. >> if you saw this man in women's underwear boarding your flight would you say something to the college, which is look in chemical about your life?
8:33 am
>> i think he really is not concealing anything dangerous. [laughter] in >> she can laugh about it now, let us see her reaction if he happens to be on her flight, i talked with other passengers and they cannot help but laugh about it as well. one passenger told me that i'd is hope i do not sit in that seat after he is off the plane. back to you. >> know better than sitting next to him may become a thing for the update. >> tonight president obama will address the nation about his plan to bring u.s. troops home by the end of next year. the president's plan is to withdraw 30,000 troops, roughly 10,000 by the end of this year. 5000 more by summer, and the other five cause a mild winter and the remaining 20,000 come home next year returning level of troops in afghanistan to what was before the surge. currently more than 100,000
8:34 am
american troops are still fighting in afghanistan. we will air the speech live in its entirety at 5:00 p.m. right here on kron4. you can catch it on our web site at as well. it is 8:33 a.m., we want to see how the temperatures are rising this morning, probably not eating as quickly as it did yesterday because we do have the fog. >> we have a couple of cameras to show the first off the golden gate bridge, cannot even make out the south tower of the golden gate bridge. you will definitely see the effects of that, cooler in the north bay and cooler in san francisco than we were yesterday. but here is the other shot, this is answers as to what the camera pointed toward city hall. more blue skies and sunshine. so just in the short span from the golden gate bridge to sans is go city hall. you go from fog to sunshine. that is how will be. the temperatures right now 525 a school, 56 oakland, mid-60's in napa.
8:35 am
as for the warmer spot on the map, right now the delta you already have 70 degree weather. did not worry, you will get into the 90s today, but not as near as hot as mr. de when we had records broken is today. turns out that hayward did in fact break there were record yesterday coming in at 84 degrees the world record was 83. not speaking of 83 sonoma is coming in at 83, much cooler than yesterday, senses the will be in the low to mid 60's but you could get into the upper 60s as well as the bidding on how much sunshine and how quickly the fog will move off of you. a little warmer in danville, 88 there, 89 in walnut creek. low nineties for pittsburg, antioch, pleasanton, livermore. and upper 80s and down in the south, the campbell, maybe 93 temperatures on the thermometer for those in los gatos. 77 in sunnyvale
8:36 am
expected about 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. here is the seven day around the forecast, cooling weather will continue thursday, friday into saturday and sunday looked like a mild weekend ahead. how is the right a 30 5:00 a.m.? >> still pretty slow for the bay bridge, will get there a moment, first want to track a hot spot 80. this in the southbound direction through hayward. the accident at whipple has not backed up the traffic more, actually much more than usual it is heavy still is from 2 to 38 down to a street, and that has taken some pressure off of fremont milpitas, and we will update this in our next report. let us take you to the bay bridge. it has been a tough ride for the last several days. there has been no problems at the bay bridge to account for how slowly the metering lights have been cycled. this is just a grind at the break
8:37 am
bridge--bridge. so coming from interstate 80, it will be slow after the berkeley curve, slow on the 585 over if that is your approach. but the 880 approach, it has been growing in the last 20 minutes. it is still not back up completely over the toll plaza, this is much slower than it needs to be. the san mateo bridge right, that is the cameras stopped, but not the traffic. from time to time at the golden gate bridge, they have been closing off one of the toll lanes. southbound lane number six, it has been backing up traffic throughout south anchorage, it is usually a temporary closure, so we will likely see this back up very quickly on the southbound side. now south bay san jose as we pick up our camera with typically slower traffic from the guadalupe parkway on 1 01 north bound. public transit has been
8:38 am
quiet all morning long. no delays, of the problems reported there. >> 8:37 a.m., verizon wireless users will not have the unlimited data plans much longer. starting next month, the company is moving towards a usage based model. people already under contract will not be affected by the change yet, but once rise in stocks is of limited data plans, it will be the only major carrier in the u.s. to offer customers that service. >> we are getting information about breast implants, complications from silicone breast implant lead about one in five women to have those implants removed in seven years. but the latest data shows that the implants are actually relatively safe. fda report issued today is the agency's first safety accessment of the implants since the regulators' return to the market in 2006. the breast augmentation remains
8:39 am
the most popular cosmetic surgery in the u.s. with nearly 300,000 women receiving saline, or silicone breast implants and just last year. >> we will be right back as a kron4 news continues just after the break. a live look outside of the fog we still have a lot of sunshine for the inland spots. if you look down the coast, you can see the thick fog that has been rolling in near the coast and around parts of the bay and throughout the morning. [music] the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
8:40 am
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8:41 am
what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
8:42 am
>> the state comptroller john chung said portions of the democratic package was miscalculated and
8:43 am
unfinished, leaving a $1.5 million deficit he has halted the paychecks that should be going out to all the 120 lawmakers it is expected that taxpayers will save a $148,000 every day that the lawmakers do not get paid, calif. still faces an $9.6 billion budget deficit. governor jerry vetoed the budget last week, he had this to say about the decision about the state comptroller, he is made his determination and we should all work together to pass a solid budget. >> it could break, a program reminder with changes on kron4 this friday night. nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m., we will have two hours of the line followed by a special addition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m..
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> let us live out to the marina where they found a body floating in the water yesterday now we have learned that the police and dies teams are going out to search the area. >> good morning, the police department just arrive about 10 minutes ago, they are accessing the conditions of the water here because they have to have the right conditions for the guide team to come in. they prefer low tide, no specific time when the team will come in, but in the meantime, you do have about four police officers here looking around uncertain, but what they're searching for we do not know. my only guess what is that it probably is a weapon, or whatever that hurt the victim of the body that was found today but they're not at liberty to tell us. but when i tell us what they're searching for or what they're looking for. but the process is starting to happen. as far as the body that was found yesterday, we have
8:48 am
confirmation of the person, it is a young man by the name of dennis milton from olympia washington and he was only 20 years old. >> the police are trying to figure out the circumstances of this body that was found floating in the water and a blood trail found on the adjacent streets. >> let us talk about the weather at 8:40 a.m., we have changes on the way. the temperatures are quite a bit cooler this morning than they were yesterday. 55 and senses, a couple degrees warmer in oakland in the north bay, 66 napa, 69 fairfield 74 degrees and antioch. 70 in livermore and down in san jose 66. i said that we are cooler right now than we were 24 hours ago, we have the numbers to show you just how much cooler, since this was 14 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, 11 degrees cooler in oakland, 11 in napa, 10 degrees cooler in los gatos. r. --
8:49 am
already off to a cooler start it will be warm, but not nearly as hot as this debate. 84 and navato, 93 fairfield, san francisco you are looking at temperatures in the '60s, possibly low '70's. 85 redwood city, 77 in oakland, in the south bay we have san jose at about 85 degrees with los gatos approaching 90 as it does morgan hill. east bay, antioch in livermore have seen the hundreds, today you will be in the low 90s although it is still fairly warm, it will be a lot better than it was yesterday, your seven day forecast will hold on, if you are going to the ballpark to the almost forgot to tell you that the giants are hosting the twins. it is partly sunny and cooler, 61 degrees at the start of the game, cooling off at about 58 by the end of the game. not to the seven day forecast. we're looking for the conditions to continue
8:50 am
trickle-down as we head towards the weekend. thursday and friday we continue to drop one degree or two degrees each day. by saturday and sunday, we will only get up to the low 80s. >> tracking some slowdown hot spots right now as we start with the right through hayward. 80 south bound is backed up to the a street, very slowly. and then back up to the boulevard beyond that to the south bound ride. we will switch to the maps from here, over to walnut creek. will show the ride on interstate 680 in the southbound direction, that is the next slide. you will see that this is backed up all the way into concord on 680 south. backed up to 242 and then to 42 is backed up through concord in the southbound direction. your ride from their into alamo is not too bad this morning, the bay bridge west bound has a very bad ride. again with no good reason, this is a meeting like the late. with volume as light as it has been, there should be no back up the bay
8:51 am
bridge. the san mateo bridge right is still a little heavy but no major delays on either of the approach or across the span and over the high rise. your golden gate bridge rise still looks good through marin county. slow from south anchorage through the toll plaza because one of the toll lanes has been shut down of the golden gate bridge. they did the same thing yesterday at about this time, it is just a temporary closure and likely a temporary delay for south bound 1 01. >> thanks a lot, 8:51 a.m. right now, a major fire at san jose state university at a fraternity house leaves the students picking up pieces and finding other places to live. but we know that help is on the weight. >> one day after a fire gutted the fraternity house in san jose state are the university is offering a relief fund, for the 28 students that were forced out. a security guard was posted on site this morning. it cost $1.7 million in damage, the schools offer to
8:52 am
rehousing assistance, some students say that they lost everything in the fire, much of it was on the second- floor everything was lost up there, water damage did the rest on the first floor. firefighters say it was all gone within 45 minutes. students are pulling out of it fine, because of the fire is still under investigation. >> the city of alameda has approved a new contract for firefighters that does not include pay cuts, it requires the firefighters to pay more into their pensions and for health insurance, this comes after the firefighters to criticize for watching a 52 year-old girl was idle men drown on memorial day. the firefighters claimed that they lack water rescue training after budget cuts forced the program to be discontinued. >> if you won a say in what bart new trains will look like you can go down to the interactive it seat lap and give feedback on the future of bart trains. there are expected to hire a new train car this year to replace the oldest fleets of
8:53 am
train cars in the nation, participants will be able to test different types of seats, and sample different types of material that is today from 10 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.. >> the muni board of directors have approved the severance package--the severance package. daniel ford said he will design to net--resigned to have your before his term ends. the board of directors unanimously passed that and even though office presented a petition with more than 1200 signatures that were opposed to the $384,000 severance package is still passed. >> a quick break as a kron4 news continues, the fog is beginning to left around the bay. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
8:54 am
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>> it is time for the morning bus, the latest in entertainment news, kobe mcgwire and elliott carter to capital been athletic and matt danon are among a dozen celebrities that were named participants in the legal gambling ring. although the fbi is not conducting any legal action against them, the young man that plagues our man is named that says the demand that played spider-man is named in a legal suit. now bristol palin her memoirs are in stores today. the 20 year old daughter of sarah palin dishes on everything from pregnancy to politics. she tells her unplanned pregnancy and her days on the 2008 presidential campaign that became family and she discusses her rocky relationship with the father of her baby boy trucks. will be back with more
8:58 am
news, weather and traffic in this a little bit.
8:59 am
9:00 am
big difference in the weather today then we had yesterday.
9:01 am
>> another controversy with usair wise and how you can dress on flights. in this case he was wearing panties stockings ups or like what you see here this happened six days before the university of mexico student was kicked off the plane because he would not pull up his pants. they want to know
9:02 am
if it is double standards or raise year-old discrimination. >> whether you agree with someone not they believe it is over the top when he did. this is something that they would not code to the pilot to talk about. you cannot ignore the racial element. yes it is unfair to what happened to the young gentleman last week. >> you see a double standard? >> you gotta be fair with everybody. it is part is acceptable to wear your pants low now this is pretty funny.
9:03 am
>> if you saw that would you be disturbed? >> if i saw an san francisco i would not be disturbed. >> that man is not showing any skin. but allegedly the man at last week was showing scant that is the difference. >> did u.s. airways have anything to say? >> know the bounds me up to corporate and of course they are not accepting any phone calls at this time. >> they have been properly bombarding the u.s. airwaves with phone calls across the nation. >> i will make a quick correction u.s. airways has
9:04 am
a dress code only for employees. this is their contract of carriage. under their refusal u.s. airways may refuse to transport or removed from any flight any passenger who may pose a threat to the comfort and or safety of the other passengers or employees those complaints were ignored by the laundryman and he was permitted to fly. meanwhile the other gentleman and to refuse to pull out his stance was charged with trespassing. they want to know why complaints were ignored for
9:05 am
the laundryman. >> president barack obama law announce the return of troops from afghanistan. 5000 troops by summer and then another 5000 troops by the winter of this year. there are over hundred thousand american troops fighting in afghanistan right now. the president will address the nation at 5:00 p.m. this evening we will carry it live on kron 4 and also we will be carrying it on our website. >> temperatures are climbing is it going to be like yesterday? >> you can see the bay right
9:06 am
here it is going to be a little bit cooler today than yesterday. the drizzle is to continue next couple of days. we're staying out of triple digit territory carried this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area now. in the south bay into the mid '60s. fairfield 93. san francisco what will stay in the '60s and then move out into this '70s possibly. in the san
9:07 am
ramon valley will warm up to the '80s and '90s. there is a vast mixture of temperatures around the bay area. a seven day forecast " we will be cooling off from nylon due to the patchy fog and cloud cover. >> we have cleared up a bit too hot spots we were dragging along 680. we will check with with the bridges. it is still backed up but we are seeing a little bit of relief. not because of any
9:08 am
problems this has been slow sidling of the metering lights. it's a little congested at the toll plaza on the golden gate bridge as one of the toll lanes was closed temporarily. you will encounter the fog as you travel across the golden gate bridge. the time now is 9:08 a.m. and we will be back with more news after this.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
the morning it is now 9:11 a.m. police are going to continue their investigation of the body they found in memory now yesterday. we're
9:12 am
going live to this scene in cedras is, what is the latest? >> it was around this area that the body was found. you is still see a little bit of police tape around the area. about 20 minutes ago there officers here on the scene and i do have video of them. it was them walking up and down the docks. made in the assessment when they can bring in a dive team. they want to go in and start searching. what they are searching for they were not at liberty to tell me. they are looking for clues who actually killed a person found in the bay. they were
9:13 am
here for about 20 minutes and then they left. they will be coming back here today. it is a 20 year-old young man in his name is dennis multan in these live from washington. is the area open to pedestrians? >> it is open right now but once the site team arrives it might be closed off once again. >> will have more on this in a couple of minutes.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
we're getting the pictures in from chicago look at the damage of this car when a tree snapped off. the wind ripped through the city at
9:17 am
75 m.p.h.. close to 300,000 customers lost power over nine and it could be days before it is restored. and as a result of the bad weather people at this late on cots at chicago l dare airport. 350 flights were canceled even that vice- president joe biden had his plane delayed. in texas there is still battling the wild fires. heavy rains are falling in the area up to 2 in. is expected to come. this fire has scorched 5,300 a.. they think it was started from a barbecue pit. we are having
9:18 am
record temperatures here very >> this is a shot of below cloud cover from our mt. tam cam. we're still talking about the fog on the golden gate bridge. sampras cisco is currently 55 degrees and he gets caught high as 62 later on this afternoon. 76 degrees for antioch. this is how much cooler temperatures are and what they were yesterday. 16 degrees cooler that in a model. in the afternoon we are only to state cooler note triple digits today. 93 degrees in
9:19 am
fairfield. 85 degrees in redwood city. 83 in castro valley. it still been a film. toasty out there a little bit of relief in temperatures. we will continue with this cool down into tomorrow. a look of your seven day forecast cooler over the weekend. >> we are still looking at
9:20 am
slow traffic at the toll plazas. this is one of the biggest delays we've had all morning we have been incident free this is nothing but a back up due to the metering lights. it is backed up all wait to west granite. san mateo bridge is in improving it is slow getting to would from a then nimitz parkway. it is still slow on the nimitz freeway. we head did see a temporary backups on the golden gate bridge as one of the toll booths was closed temporarily when everything
9:21 am
is back to normal right now. >> 9:20 a.m. saturday at university officials are setting up a relief fund for the 28 not man the were displays yesterday from their fraternity house. you concede pictures of all on fire as the firemen were inside putting out the fire. everyone made it out fine you can see them gathered there on the sidewalk all their stuff when up in smoke. they do have temporary housing from the university and nearby and fraternity houses are taking the man. it is over a million dollars' worth of damage. >> we're going have an update later on this afternoon up from the
9:22 am
doctors on a giants fan bryan stowe. he remains in san francisco general. the chief of the norris r.j. is going down avenues conference we will give you that information later on. he received weeks of care in l.a. and they have been reducing his seizure medication. >> without saying they're going to try a barry bonds he will is in court to postpone a i hearing into the case. he is accused of lying to a federal grand jury when he denied and knowingly taking steroids or human growth hormones. it is only found guilty of one count. but they were deadlocked on the other three counts perry. they
9:23 am
will decide what to do with those charters on friday parian. a programming note for this friday on kron 4 we are going to be airing to work hours of dateline 8:00 p.m. then the kron news will be on at 10:00 p.m. now will take look from our roof a little bit more robberies this morning that we had yesterday we will be right back. ♪
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9:27 am
63 digger raise and son was dead. starting next month verizon wireless is going to move to a usage based model. once a verizon stops with their unlimited usage level spread will be the only company caring that type of plan. the big difference between yesterday and today is the triple digits are gone. this is the look from mt. tam and looking down on to those at the thick of flog clouds.
9:28 am
9:29 am
combat 9:29 a.m. another
9:30 am
controversy with u.s. airways. you remember the sagging pants guy that was kicked off of flight and arrested. apparently that was an ok but this was. i die cross dressing. we found this video of him on he was out from florida to phoenix. yes is high heels their and this is some of the clothing he wears on many flights and never has a problem this happened a week before the university of mexico's student was told to pick up is bans or leave. is it ok or is it discrimination or double standards?. we have tried to get a response from the airline we have had
9:31 am
plenty of reaction from people but nothing from a u.s. airways. >> this just in from the kron 4 newsroom we we got an e-mail from dijon merman there in at this moment dijon is back practicing with the team in and in mexico. it does seem that he was singled out by u.s. airways after scene these videos. this wawas sent by way of his attorney. this is a some of the reaction i received this morning. >> i would laugh i've just felt by one be sitting next
9:32 am
to this guy >> would you think you saw this man on your flight? >> i would hope he wasn't going to be sitting next to me now is that he covered up little bit. >> which you complain to the bilateral would be ok with you? >> i now think i would complain i would be very uncomfortable. >> and uncomfortable seems to be the word everyone is using. they would not want to sit in the seat after him. at least is not concealing anything. people be talking about him for quite some time. >> it is 9:32 a.m. and president, is expected to
9:33 am
one eye and it's a large troop what rolf from afghanistan. >> by the end of 2010 at 12 30,000 troops will no longer be serving in afghanistan. brock obama will be laying out the details in a speech tonight. >> what we're doing now is not sustainable. >> out sewing secretary gates said there should be above six small withdraw all party >> another 20,000 will be very home by 2012. american support to withdraw the troops.
9:34 am
>> it worries awards senator john mccain >> i worry about public opinion affecting a national security. i hope the president would take then a first and foremost our national security. >> we're asking him to withdraw from the mission in afghanistan. >> it would be better than of war on terror and that is lower fighting ran now. >> now reread take a look at the golden gate and is it is socked in. >> we consider the fog writing the coast big story today is the pull down from yesterday no more triple
9:35 am
digits. it'll still say warm inland but much cooler than yesterday. temperatures are beginning to warm up a little. a look of the temperatures around the bay error currently in. by the afternoon it will stay in the low 90s. note triple digits. 7447 tel will warm into the upper 80s and 90s it through the san ramon of ballevalley. tomorrow will be in
9:36 am
the mid-80s and right possibly the low 80s. we are getting back to the typical san francisco pattern. >> love that morning fog. we're attracting a new hotspot in the southbound 101. three of five car accident. it blocked three of the southbound lanes " backing up the ride latest in a commute. this was on
9:37 am
one all one near well. 92 has been slow southbound. still backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been a rough ride there is no reason for this backup. the valium has been liked last couple days it is just the media rind lights that are causing the back up. and a looked at the golden gate bridge as they reopened that told both. we have been tracking the a commute
9:38 am
on public transit and no delays or incidents to report. >> now live look from our roof cam plenty of sunshine while fog tubs the coastline we'll be back in one moment.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
california legislators are not going to get paid until they pass a budget. portion of the democratic package are mis calculated or not finished. so he has taken the step of holding the pay of lawmakers. it will save taxpayers 48,000 per day airing california still faces out $1.85 billion
9:42 am
deficit. he had this to say about not giving paychecks to the legislatures. >> and on our facebook page and cast what you thought about legislators not receiving a paycheck. >> if it says $48,000 a day that's let them not get paid for several wetbacks and filled bottles in the road wise. if you would like to take part at in our facebook will pull just like us and you can join in. ,
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
combat 9:45 a.m. arid
9:46 am
another controversy on u.s. and worries. it turns out a week before the guy with a baggy pants that was not allowed on the plane because as underwear were showing a week before that someone to clue from fort lauderdale to phoenix crest dressed like this. here's another route should betty wears when he travels. our lawmen that was on that flight from fort lauderdale to phoenix and told these pictures of him on a flight. and jill did you complain about p.m. on this flight? >> i didn't complain to the employees i thought people point their finger at him. i did not want to be the
9:47 am
number to complain. i called u.s. airways to complain >> and what did they say? >> one day the official spokeswoman from u.s. airways gave me a statement that i thought was out rages. fee pass me if anyone was offended. i said yes i was and other passengers were. she said to me " none " was he wearing has speedo u.s. airways has no dress code. as long as he is not a harassing anyone >> so jill when you heard
9:48 am
this a week later you alert about the baggy pants sky who is fully clothed and he was showing his boxers and then you thought what? >> i was thinking about like are you kidding me. they let it die board on my plane looking like that and then i guy that is not showing any flash is kicked off of flight i was outraged i called bouchon mormons people and told some of the footage and ipad. >> summerland attorney is saying white guy a lot on
9:49 am
the plane a black guy is not. what you think should be done? after looking at the pictures of the utility. >> i think there should be addressed code instituted. it is not like we are walking down the street. for the kids to see this guy dressed like this who is at naked it was i think the airline should be specific on a dress code. let people know what they are in far.
9:50 am
we will see if any thing happens from this. >> we thank you so much for taking the picture until and thanks for talking to us. >> that is new in to kron 4 news. merman was asked to pull out his sagging pants but they let the laundryman's stand up on board airing merman attorneys had. " while we had no specific reaction regarding the gentleman pictured it does seem to indicate that the sean was singled out by u.s. air waves in a manner that was
9:51 am
over the top and not to the best interest of the other passengers. >> has sounded off about the weather today but we are going to have a cool down and relieve. we are spot seeing the return of the fog. it is only along the coastline. we'll work our way up to 60 degrees in. this is the look of your current sent pitchers elsewhere. 73 degrees for fairfield. 75 in all livermore. we're staying
9:52 am
clear of the triple digits. and 87 degrees for santa rosa. temperatures staying in the 60s along the coast. we will say in the '70s and '80s. this is your seven day forecast you can see the cooling trend continues. we're down tender breeze from were we were yesterday at this time. >> and we are looking at a new problem on highway 24. in the west bound direction
9:53 am
there is a report of an accident it could be blocking several lanes of traffic in the west bound direction polic. 101 southbound were we had three lanes blocked it has blocked it up into not thought all and affecting the ride on 37. we will have a are rated corte delays on 1 all one carried. give yourself an extra 20 minutes for our ride across the bay bridge. golden gate bridge commute looks good.
9:54 am
we will take a break and we will be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we have news said george colony and his perot friend of two years have brought. the breakup is personal and we hope everyone will respect our privacy. the essay i designer firm toward the are all wall and could face prison time for those remarks he made hundred.
9:58 am
that's it for us today have a good day.
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