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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight, troops drow dawn, we have the details on president obama address to the nation tonight, including how many troops are being pulled from afghanistan and when that will happen. but first, sex predator is a free man tonight and he is breaking his silence. what he told us about his fast and his future and why his neighbors should feel safe. >> he is back on the street after being released from a state mental hospital. the 40-year-old was convicted
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of sexually assaulting two teens and a homeless man 20 years ago. because of his history of sexual offenses he was force to attend a sexually violent predator program. he was released in 2004. he was arrested gen last february for violating one of the conditions set by the court. he lied about having what he called a friendship with a man. now only on kron 4, reggie kumar spoke to him. >> he says she is a changed man. he was 17 years old when he sult sexually sualed his first victim. those of us that are strong we pick urselve up and do better. a
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. he returned to his home where two lawyers are allowing him to live on a cottage on his property. >> i made a life for myself, friends and very spiritual
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person. i knew i could do well. >> i talked to neighborhood neighbors and people -- neighbors and people. i put those things behind me. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> he still have to check in with local law enforcement every 90 days. san francisco police say they know the identity of the man whose body was found in the bay, not far from a trail of blood in the marina district. they spent several hours in the bay where dennis knowlton of washington state was found. the man was stabbed numerous times in the chest before he died. but divers didn't find anything of their search of the water today. jr stone spoke with one of the last persons to see dennis
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knowlton alive. >> this is dennis knowlton's friend, one of the last people who ever talk to w him. >> enemies, none. >> reporter: monday night, he was hanging with dennis knowlton and his friend. he said the two men were living out of their car for the past month. he says they were hanging out monday night and he said something that startled him. >> he said i don't want to die tonight. to me there -- i don't know. i thought he was joking. >> reporter: police are unsure what happened, but whatever happened left a blood trail. >> i told him, hey, what about if he is serious. don't trip. >> reporter: officers haven't named any suspects in the case but he says he will never forget the sirens that went off
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when his body was found. >> i tell him, hey, you know, they found a body in the -- in the bay, let's see if it's dennis. we walked down and found his shirt. he picked it up and he couldn't believe it. and tears started coming down his eyes. >> police questioned him about this for several hours but he said after he was hanging with the guys he did what he does every night, went to collect cans. in all this, he lost a true friend. jr stone, kron 4 news. our team coverage continues as we learn more details about dennis knowlton. friends said he was only in san francisco for about a month. >> reporter: these are pictures of dennis knowlton from facebook and myspace.
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this one he posted earlier this month. he grew up in washington state and he came here to pursue singing. look at this. this is youtube video of him. he is in the driver's seat, rapping. dennis told him he was having fun but not working. friends have been flooding his facebook page. just like this one. and this one, you will never be forgotten. i spoke to his father on the phone today andleads it's been a very difficult time for the family. right now they have no plans to come to san francisco. kron 4 news. in dennis knowlton's home town, shocked and saddened friends spoke out today remembering the murder victim and hoping his killer is brought to justice. >> you know, he was --
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>> he was a very likable guy. >> such a gruesome way to have died. i hope it was painless but doesn't sound like it was. i hope the killer is found. >> people who know him say he had thoughts of joining the army but wanted to become a rapper. he was living out of his car with a friend from high school. during president obama's address to the nation, he announced a reduction of u.s. troops in that country. the president layed out his plan for pulling troops out while saying it is time to focus on nation building at home. >> this is the beginning but not the end of the effort. >> troops will get new ordersarve president obama's
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dress to the nation. troops will withdrawal by september 2012. 10,000 by the end of this year. >> our troops will continue coming home at a steady space. our mission will change from combat to support. the withdrawal pace is more aggressive than military leaders may have wanted. but some say it's time to redefine the mission. >> how long should we be there. let's go find the terrorists that have done us harm. >> reporter: recent cnn opinion research polling show 3/4 of americans supported troop draw down and that number was up 10% since osama bin laden's death. >> i am afraid we may have compromised two seasons when it
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wasn't necessary and time will tell. i hope i am wrong. >> under president obama's proposal 70,000 trooped with remain after 2012. the full u.s. combat mission is not expected to end till december of 2014. i am sure you felt the cool down today, the heat wave passed and the cooling trend kicked in. the inland spots gut relief. tomorrow's high-rise cooler than today. 60s along the coast. 70s in the bay. 80s inland and 80s for the south bay. seven-day forecast, the cooling trend will continue, it will kick in again, bringing temperatures inland into the low 80s. bay low 70s and mid-60s for the
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coast. in san francisco a pride flag raising ceremony. the mayor raised the flag today in front of city hall. city treasurer and supervisors also attended the event. this is the 41 anniversary of the pride parade. the dress code controversy for us airways intensifies. one man pulled off for wearing saggy pants, while another is allowed to fly wearing a woman's bikini. we review the regulations just ahead on kron 4 news. hey marcel, watch this!
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. tonight's headlines a mother is under arrest after an investigation concluded her baby suffered from burns
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suffered in a microwave oven. ka yang was arrested on tuesday, three months after her daughter was found dead in the family home. the baby suffered termal injuries. japan hit by a 6.7 earthquake. a sue nonny warning was issued and canceled. no injuries are reported. the earthquake hit in the same area in march. >> reporter: the river is spilling over and thousands of homes and businesses will be swamped with water over the next week. an area where many air force families live. it could lead to the worst flooding there in decades. more news after the break. [ jerry ] look at this!
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now a look at other big stories covered by -- now a look at other big stories around the bay covered by our kron 4 news crews. >> reporter: at san francisco general hospital doctors upgraded the condition of bryan stow. he was attacked back in march. he is now breathing without a ventilator and opened his eyes. he has been able to follow some basic commands. he is still at risk for infection. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> reporter: another week, another controversy for us airways. less than six days before the saggy pants saga that took place last week, a flier took a picture of this guy, dressed in revealing women's clothe and that has some travelers calling the whole situation a double
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standard. grant lodes, kron 4 news. >> closer look at us airways contract. we couldn't find anything on a dress code and there is no specifics on what someone could or could not wear. there is a section called refusal of transport but that has to deal with making someone uncomfortable. we called us airways to get a clarification but they did not return our calls. in san francisco, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. second day of summer brought us a cool down. the heat wave passed, the cooling trend kicked in. lots of sunshine tomorrow but cooler temperatures and sunny into the weekend but the temperatures only into the 80s. we will still be sitting in the 60s along the coast.
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you can see the fog will push its way inland, but by the morning, partial clearing and then, 12:00 noon, lots of sunshine tomorrow. even though temperatures will be cooler. 81 santa rosa. 67 san francisco. 85 for concord. 70s along the peninsula. low 70s in the east bay shores. sky sixty three for half moon bay. 86 livermore and 85 expected for morgan hill. seven-day forecast, similar conditions into saturday but another coolerfriend hits us next week. temperatures down to the low 80inizeland. low 70s for the bay, mid-60s along the coast. the giants look to snap a 5 game losing streak while the a's try and extend a a six game winning streak. gary has highlights and all the sports, he is next.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the a's streak is over. tonight in new york city bob breaking out the gold jerseys again. a's undefeated when wearing those things. two outs, david ties the game at 2-2. extra innings. the a's hangs on. all right. they keep going. bottom 13. bases loaded. two outs. watch what happens. justin turner is hit and the a's announcers were griping saying the hitter turned into the pitch. that's why they say root for the -- route for the home team. 10:30 tomorrow. the giants streak is over.
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we are talking losses. tonight the ballpark, barry bonds came for a few innings. and eli, one of the poorest hitters in all of baseball comes through with a triple. second inning, the giants led 2- 0. whiteside struggling with the bat but came through tonight. ryan vogelsong, 7 inning, 3 hits, one run. foul territory, no. looks like he made the catch but -- somebody stuck out their hands. they warn everybody. kids, don't. giants win. they are not going to boo him. 5-1. giants snap a 5 game losing streak. and mark cuban said, if indeed the dodgers are not in such a mess that they can't be
11:26 pm
repaired he would be interested in buying the team. the mccourt, frank and his wife, didn't get the 100 million because of the major league ruling. they will fight this thing. but cuban said i would be interested. the u.s.a. reached reached the gold cup final. this is pretty bad. you will see honduras, man. first stint in two years. we have been running this all night but i can't get enough of the man getting off. just get off. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i have been listening to this all night. i get a kick out of it. just listen. that is good continuous screaming. all right the u.s.a.
11:27 pm
opponent on saturday night, the winner of mexico versus honduras. scoreless in overtime. something went wrong. mexico won, man. mexico won. kung fu kick celebration. something went wrong. mexico beat my honduras entry. >> they did. >> what do i owe you? how much? >> i am not going to say i told you so. >> i got 4 grand. >> you got about 4-quarters. >> you know what happened if you walked in with 4 grand? the general manager will beat you up and rob you. pay for the lights. mexico wins 2-0. they play the u.s.a. saturday night. real quick. so me an mvp in a suit. the hockey awards. logan they thought he would get
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