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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 27, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning not baggy for watching the kron 4 morning news this for a m we are following out developing story aired a matter is in critical condition after a matter has been shot several times. the video you're looking at is from last night the victim is a 21 year-old male he was found in the front yard of his town. the man was treated by
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paramedics on at the scene and was transported to a hospital where he is currently in surgery. the description of the suspect is not available. two previous homicide's have happened at this is sacked a dresdner in the past. >> yes there were two homicides at this address. >> a killer and that the september case is now in custody. we will continue coverage as more news comes
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available. was issued out of market street. the suspected shoes are now in the custody this is an amateur video taken right after it happened. >> the downtown streets of san francisco where pact. these poachers were posted on this man's name was not released he was shot in all left leg. >> he was crying or anything he was just in shock. >> the victims where innocent bystanders and they also treated this man and is gunshot wound was minor. one
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of the vagueness adams was a 45 year-old man and visiting from england and a 17 year- old lloyd from less sterile. this happened at 615 saturday evening about seven shots rang out said the what nesses >> one of the suspects you see here was arrested. they are saying that is gang- related and none nothing to do with the gay pride celebration. >> let's talk weather now what is the latest. >> starting of this white morning we are starting out with pretense fog and we
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will have partly cloudy and breezy conditions later on in the afternoon rain and thunderstorms expected for tomorrow this is a satellite look of where the fog is currently located. we are seeing patchy fog in the east bay area. temperatures are in the '50s political are in santa rosa where they are currently at 50 degrees. your afternoon highs will be similar to what we had yesterday 80 in napa the and 62 degrees half moon bay.
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this is a seven day forecast to show the change that is happening starting tomorrow then we warm up for the weekend. >> it's monday no hotspots to report at this time. if you're heading over the bay bridge. no accidents to tell you about nice and easy and no delays to tell you about traffic is light in both directions. and you're good to go on the southbound lane of the golden gate bridge.
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>> this city of san francisco was bursting with pride in this weekend parade officials that more than a million people showed up for the parade. participants had a lot to be brought about this year. >> this is steadily the biggest and best pride festival late in history. this is where pride really matters >> they do in england did not quite this large. >> to fill love going down this street is the best in this is 10 times better than i could ever of imagine. >> does in a make any
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difference what you are they all came together. >> everything is accepted and everything is beautiful and this could probably be the same. >> there is so much to celebrate. >> i was standing next to the president when he signed the appeal bill. now i know it's a done deal. i >> a margin for my daughters they didn't get married in the next year to we're keeping our fingers crossed >> to see how far we came it is called the see all the young people and people so
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involved. >> he would release a see i told you see yourself come out. >> thousands of people hit the streets in chicago and you can see people gathered. the governor showed up. and in new york thousands came out from all over the world to celebrate. the parade was more significant because they just passed the same sex marriages. this is pictures of governor
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cuomo's signing the bill. >> i'm from new york it shows that marriage equality is moving across the nation this is actually a civil-rights that's we're talking about. >> i think we will continue to fight for our rights and they are calling for their freedom to barry barry >> they are shopping quick in front of the civic center in san francisco south are opening del that passed in new york will sweep the nation. some people are thinking of traveling to new york to make it legal
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>> i am living with my partner right now and the cab would consider it. >> were going to canada and all over we have our commitment set dividend and we are telling our friends it doesn't make a difference. >> much more i had on the kron 4 morning news and we will be talking more about the amtrak train crash and take a peek at walnut creek. and you could see the sun has not come out yet it is now for 10:00 a.m. and we'll be back and in just a few minutes.
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record roller levels have been reached >> thousands of people were forced to evacuate it topped record levels when it crested on saturday. >> we will continued to be it this hybris level for the next several days >> the national weather service is optimistic and it will slowly recede. >> this is great news. >> for flooding evacuation some are eligible for fee my assistants. >> it is this is the feeling warehouses almost a hundred years old. it is
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just beginning fervor surrounding communities >> or what have more and more weather forecast on the other side of the break. there's a few people out there on the road and we will keep you posted.
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we have new details that there are still five passengers and unaccounted for on the amtrak train crash. this happened 70 mi. outside of renown when a semi truck collided with an amtrak train. that truck driver error, conductor and others where killed. the train smashed as dad over 200 passengers. there were
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at least two dozen people on account for. >> also the driver has not been identified at dead crashed into a nursing home. you can see the tire tracks on no one the ground. investigators think she may have missed a look the accelerator for the break. another patient has died from her injuries of from that crash. >> of for year-old boy is on life support after his mother ran him over with a car. >> unc the small truck in the driveway martinez blaze
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out for your little boy had surgery and is in critical condition. according to police investigation the mother pulled out of the driver to give and another car a jumper she did not notice that there for year- old son had left at the front yard and came on the driveway. >> i spoke to a woman that was a neighboring how could not hold yourself back when she was describing the screams that were coming from the mother. >> it hit wait to close to home for may all six is a couple of seconds and if you don't pay attention it did happen in seconds. >> or at top weather now as we focus on next weekend.
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before the july weekend looks pretty good. >> we can start complaining about the rain starting tomorrow. downtown san francisco has fog and the golden gate bridge or temperatures are sitting in the '50s this morning that temperatures will remain a like we had yesterday. 60 degrees in antioch and as we head into the afternoon you're gonna see a mixture of '70s and '80s. antioch 84. we do have a chance of simmering this is a radar
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view of the re not moving into our area to marron. we have a better chance to bring in the rain into the area tomorrow afternoon. with the most part it will be a light rain we will keep a chance of rain a round of for wednesday. this is all local are seven day forecast we are listing rain for tuesday and wednesday start drying out on thursday and then start warming up for the weekend. your for the july weekend looks very nice. and now quick check on traffic >> were off to a great start for your morning commute no
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hot spots or major accidents easy conditions no matter where you are going from. the median lot lights are currently east golden e bridge southbound 101 you might have to deal with some fog out there. and then the east shore freeway is very good this is one of our slow spots you'll not encounter any delays easy conditions. >> coming up after the break will be talking sports and
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we will leave you with all look of the golden gate bridge you concede a note traffic problems out there only the fog
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in the morning if you use an google as a search engine. our recent contacts been turned as seven year-old boy into an artist. >> almost everyone has been in use and marveled at the artwork gogol's home page. he has generated nationwide attention >> that she is for the board
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keeping out of the year. >> a is taking us his answer n.y. >> they said it this is what everybody has been waiting for data my mom just screamed >> i never imagine him being a national letter which >> she was really excited and not was about to cry. >> the also had an appearance on the today show >> i met let matt lauer >> they are getting a $25,000 technology grant. we'll be able to buy a brand new computers for than new school year. >> it all be what ever
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college talent go to you. >> his display is currently on display at the the san francisco museum of art. >> he is listed with one of the renowned artist of the world. >> yes in my picture is in the cafeteria >> time now the talk about sports. the left-hander had a record and strike out and did a sweep of the cleveland indians. the giants won 3-1 on a sunday night this is their fifth win in arose
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perry >> a's lost a filly three- one oakland stars is three games series with the marlins. nascar enthusiasm or odd in force in sonoma. this is a 350 km race. auto race was won by it barred bush carried.
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>> coming up on a kron 4 morning news has i'll look a weather and traffic. this is a picture from our roof camera. trust me the sun a picture from our roof camera. trust me the sun well, to mark the today
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it for 30 1:00 a.m. we will we looking at our top stories and we may have drained by record temperatures also. >> it is going to fill all lot warmer, the weekend. right now this morning we are starting out with coastal fog and sunshine later on in the afternoon. mostly cloudy conditions around the bay area temperatures are in the '50s and around the bay right now. by the afternoon we will have a mixture of '70s and '80s. temperatures in attic gawk could climb to 84 degrees. hall local late
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tonight early in to our morning watch this regard slide through the area. the showers will be more widespread in the late afternoon. we are going to continue to keep those rain chance is a round up until wednesday. this is all looks your seven day forecast will be warming up and drying out on thursday and then not warming up for the for the july weekend. we may get into the triple digits by saturday
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>> traffic is moving along quite well now major accidents our hot spots to report if you're heading out to the bay bridge west bound 80 is look looks good the metering lights have been cycled off. those heading over the san mateo bridge plays an easy conditions and the golden gate bridge southbound 101 a little fog. and this is look of a downtown san jose or not tracking any delays whatsoever.
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>> volunteers are searching an undisclosed location for missing nursing student michele lee bass family has turned in donations and fund-raising by selling t- shirts that keep the ninth for michele going. >> every cent because in about at all the profits go to michele's case with. if that means making more t- shirts or whatever when they all go into a fund. we cannot describe how all important >> it >> michele has been missing for 29 days use surveillance video that shows the 1 month old baby that was taken. police
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believe that this video out of the car's hood driven by the mother of the vehicle was built described by a witness. the mother of the young man that had baggy pants team up with naacp. in this is involving an incident of about his sagging pants and in u.s. air ways flight. he was arrested for not listening to what was told to him and spent the night in jail. the group said merman and his family deserve an apology
4:36 am
especially after another video of a man scantily clad in which showed. >> members of the naacp and the mother of dijon mormon following an incident on u.s. air ways and his sagging pants. >> this young man was profiled and it is racial injustice and u.s. air owes gm with and his mother an apology >> they also believe the airline needs to conduct sensitivity training. this u2 video showed a man wearing a women's underwear. they let this young man with fly the plane, but not
4:37 am
pursue merman. >> we think what is good for the goose is good for the gander with barry report because merman was arrested with that same thing should have been done to this gentleman. >> she said it was very upsetting >> i was appalled that they would let this gentleman with a this choice of dressings board a plane. >> if you are a tweeter you're going to see some changes. they are going to try to introduce advertising. last year facebook earned $2 million
4:38 am
scary tops twitter is trying to figure out a make more money >> when it comes to social media sites of list is long with buried below will i go on and on. last year facebook made big bucks and twitter not so much. >> i can see them being accepted by the twitter community. >> it just another distraction i don't really care for ads >> they will interfere with my 23? >> you may soon find
4:39 am
advertisement on the right side of your page >> i want all the stupid ads on my account. >> it may be frustrating some people thought as long as it was done in moderation it would not be that bad >> i guess i would just have to deal with it >> you can even listen to pandora anymore because every few seconds there is another red berry >> a as the prevalence of may and what i like. >> a live look outside right now at san jose where the volume is starting to pick up political
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news have been around the nation right now wisconsin's governor resigned his controversial budget law. he slashes $800 million to public schools and also eliminated tax credits for poor people. he said that measures were not necessary to make up for the shortfall. thousands of people gathered in the alum alabama on a new immigration bill. law requires police to check the status on any person that debt is illegally in this state. this hundred and 30 year-old
4:43 am
picture was sold it is a picture of billy the kid and sold for $2.3 million. it was estimated that that the picture would bring in $400,000. a special see h.p. unit is being credited for saving two lives on the golden gate bridge he talked to to the officers that were involved. >> c h p a that patrols this bridge on bicycles. they aren't looking for terrorism but when they spot somebody that might be suicidal and
4:44 am
talk people off the ledge. he has encountered many this was suicide people on the bridge. people like this man that has tried to jump this past week. >> we cannot hear and top with if we see somebody that might need somebody to talk to >> we want a talk to them before they actually climb over the rail. >> it's unfortunate that that goes on a lot around here >> you didn't get along but personal with them. >> it can be upsetting and it also can be rewarding when you talk somebody back over the rail. >> it is always tough when they cannot talk somebody
4:45 am
off the bridge. >> time now for 40 5:00 a.m. and were looking at some rain that might be heading into the area and this is all look at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back
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one person was killed and six other people were injured when a will person drove a car in through a plate glass window in the nursing home. >> one person has died and other people were injured at that nursing facility. >> the car came right through and shards of glass
4:48 am
and parts of the wall were down and the car kept moving forward >> you does say that she tried to stop when she got inside by the tire tracks. >> she is a care giver for and in dividual, she is a hundred years old and they said her wheelchair was demolished and all she got was a scratch on her foot eye on how she did it. >> will wall and driving the car was not injured. >> you have your hands full with rain and heat. yes we have a mixed bag we have fog this morning and tomorrow we'll be talking about grain. temperatures in
4:49 am
oakland are in the '50s right now, i will be 71 degrees the satellite voters choose the fog moving into the area. the golden gate is experiencing quite a bit of the fog. temperatures in the '50s upper 50s in san jose. and your afternoon highs will bring as a mixture of '70s and 80. we will keep the temperatures still low to mid 70's. pretty nice into morgan hill that his current will be 84 degrees.
4:50 am
. and now look at the rate are showing the showers moving into the area and we will see that chance of rain as it moves southward morro. a low bid your seven day all around the bay forecast. whittle dryout on thursday and then the warm up before the weekend. >> we have no hotspots or major accidents to report if you are just getting out the door we are seeing more company at the toll plaza. same story and condition absent the san mateo bridge.
4:51 am
and southbound 101 golden gate bridge is still very light at this hour you will have to contend with some fog. southbound 680 in walnut creek no delays is usually one of our hot spots to report easy enough conditions. >> lead take everyone live to kissimmee florida this is near disney we're looking at live her pictures of for alarm hotel 5 barry this fire broke out on sunday night and cruiser on the scene right now they're trying to spray water on to
4:52 am
the hotel. there is still tons of flame and smoke coming out of this building. it is a very scary situation there even showing pictures of a car on fire in the parking lot. this is a vacation law judge and it's not very far from gentle. it is a mile away go out from the disney park it was a form hundred and 30 room hotel the live pictures are just coming into our newsroom. what >> i was his city-wide that ordinance explains on the
4:53 am
ebola behaving badly >> this a sign reads my wife has been kidnapped i $98 cents gets our back. he is waiting for a bus video he is violating this city-wide said lie along. first off let me show you some real life examples it means you cannot sit down anywhere outside. sitting at a bus out with off your feet is a violation of this set lie law. also if you get up and
4:54 am
moved it could be considered a violation of law and if you stand motionless then the you are considered a st. paul former but if you are flat out sleeping on the side walk this is a violation of the set's lied law. that explains set lie in a nutshell. >> if you got a story idea you could always e-mail stanley had people behaving badly on
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we're showing live pictures in this is up for alarm hotel fire in kissimmee florida. this is a resort hotel and the fire caused the roof to collapse it started on sunday night and is still burning right now. people have been treated for smoke inhalation. different counties have responded to this resort lodge hotel owner. officials in florida the fire started in one hotel room and spread to at least five others you can also see cars in the party lie how have been caught on fire. we will have more on
4:58 am
this story as more comes into our newsroom when we return from the break [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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more news wrote on the kron 4 morning news a shooting and the police have been to this house on numerous occasions >> so we have new-line video go inside the no dodgers stadium we believe it is a video of bryan stowe when he was beaten. >> and all sell more information on the amtrak train crash. >> more on this then i would
5:01 am
looks like we have some rain coming in. >> we have more fought today than yesterday then rain sets in tomorrow we will have more on the details on that coming ups >> and early local traffic barrier morning commute no delays on the approach all eyes on the man toll plaza of the see of the metering lights local rate a problem. law have more information on traffic coming up. >> a man is in critical condition after he was shot multiple times at the some the shooting happened around 830 last night when the victim is a 21 year-old man was found in the front yard of the some was treated by paramedics medics and was
5:02 am
transported to the hospital for surgery the suspect would was seen running away from whipple road. two previous homicide's have happened if this same address in the last 10 months. >> we had a homicide of that occurred at that address in the last month. why >> last september a stepson and killed as the father in the driveway with. the suspect is in custody the we are not sure if he is connected to this incident bleary >> this is a new video of bryan stowe taken on the day he was being shortly after the game started got this
5:03 am
cell phone and video arguing with someone else during the game this is not sure what time did he your this was taken. he is arguing whether dodger fan. commander he is argument with is not suspected to be involved in the the beating. he still remains in critical condition maybe this video will shed some light. >> new details on the deadly crash that happened 70 mi. outside every now when a tractor-trailer truck collided with an amtrak train. federal records have reviewed that john that it does not tracking was under scrutiny and had been
5:04 am
previously cited for crashes and tires sobol that the vehicles at a be taken off the road. an amtrak spokesman said five passengers that were on the manifest are still not found. >> of for year-old boy is out of surgery after his mother exited league ran over him in the driveway of his home. his injuries are not a bad as they once suspected. a preliminary it investigation they had pulled in their car onto the street to give to a jump to another vehicle and without noticing her son had left the front yard and she ran
5:05 am
over him. investigation in fremont a decomposed body of a young man that was spotted by a passerby the young man has not identified and cause of death is not know at this time it is a suspicious death. >> we are going to continue to have the fog and then we will see clearing later on in the afternoon we are going to keep the breeze see what weather around into the evening hours. we're actually seeing all lot of fog right now. you can see the satellite picture of how it is hovering along the coast line. afternoon highs
5:06 am
expected to warm up into the '70s and '80s. 80 in napa and 84 in morgan hill. 77 in san jose barry ... future cast 4 late tonight we might experience some sprinkles or by tomorrow morning it will be the best chance to pick up sprint also and move up a sadly east throughout the day tomorrow. we do have a chance of thunderstorms and may be up to an inch of rain carried on we will see this
5:07 am
chance of rain into wednesday morning. it starts drying out on thursday and then warming up for the weekend. >> as we start off our traffic chat with a bridge check. no major incidents or delays to report very we are keeping a close eye what happens at the bay bridge. the metering lights were shot off very early on friday morning all. last word caltran is still working on this metering a light system. to the san mateo bridge it looks good
5:08 am
right side of the screen very light. and the golden gate bridge and you'll notice changes if you take the 19th avenue offer it it is a nice in the easy ride coming in from marin county. >> however take everybody back live at a huge hotel fire in kissimmee florida. you see this car burning in the parking lot. this is up for alarm hotel fire the fire started on sunday night and is still burning this morning is called the vacation lodge and is 1 mi. away from disney's animal kingdom. we are hearing that
5:09 am
the fire started in one hotel room and spread to five other rooms. because part of the roof to collapse and burned through on a weighing of the hotel. there is nothing but ashes on the ground as you can say and flames and smoke still pouring hot of rubble. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪
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president roh bar about is expect to repeat with congressional leaders concerning the debate. they want a focus on a expense
5:13 am
funding carried facing that august deadline and grazing that borrowing limit. there is a new ball out when and everyone is divided. 41 percent opposed to raising the limit and 38 percent are in favor. the crisis >> hundred here reinforced that point kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. these live pictures just the other kron 4 news is of fire in kissimmee florida on is a
5:17 am
for alarm fire and it it actually started sunday night in is still burning this morning it is 1 mi. away from disney's hmm animal candy.kingdom it is reported dead at the fire started in one hotel room and spread of five others. when it has burned through an entire wing of the hotel is going to take more than one knows the boy out this large fire. is strange to see this huge fire in florida areas of all wild fire that have passed thousands of people to evacuate in north of mexico who is threatening buildings and
5:18 am
power lines and gas lines. it is 1 mi. south of a government lab all the radioactive and hazardous material >> the water levels have just philae's review slowdown in my not north dakota has. and all over 4000 home have been flooded in the area one-quarter of the town has been evacuated and we saw play structures and other items as floating away. though war record at chanel's said the levies are being reinforced by plastic covers. the rising waters are getting closer to the
5:19 am
cooper nuclear you power plant now they are operating off of i secondary power source the power plant has been shut down since april. >> we have a weather forecast in the area what is going on? >> a lease or rent a get the rain during bill week instead of the weekend. this is a look at the fog on the golden gate bridge is currently 52 degrees in san francisco with a high of 66 later on this afternoon and then we go back down to 58 later on in evening. temperatures are starting to warm its curly 60 and then i ought by the afternoon we
5:20 am
will have an ample '70s and '80s. 68 degrees in richmond. we'll stay in the '70s clothes to 80 degrees in redwood city. this band of rain in starts in the north bay location late tonight and spread southward we will continue to see the rain wide spread. this is a look of your seven day forecast we're talking about rain tuesday and wednesday and we've dryout little on thursday and then start heating ups as we head into the weekend.
5:21 am
>> we are an hour away before we see the metering lights and activated. caltran is continued to work on the problem of the metering lights. the traffic was so light they didn't have an opportunity to gather enough data to make the changes we will be keeping a close eye this morning. a look of your ride it the san mateo bridge lite traffic in both directions. on the golden gate bridge you're going to see some fog good commute coming in from marin more news will fog good commute coming in from marin more news will continue after this. yñsñkékékióç]s]s
5:22 am
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5:24 am
welcome back to the emperor
5:25 am
and kron 4 morning news riparian we're talking about rain in the forecast charting to mark and a chance of thunderstorms and lingering showers into wednesday. >> as prices are down our around the bay area you can see regular is at 379 this comes just in time with the holiday weekend coming up. under fourth box not back >> was not a lot of good news to report in the last few months. " we are starting to see the gas prices coming down-all average is $3.56. it is good
5:26 am
news for all those of when i take those summer trips. here in the state of state of california your we pay $3.92 when at the averages are around the bay area san francisco is allowed but higher than oakland and san jose. san jose is $3.83 a will continue to go down whirred the price of oil has gone down to $91 per barrel. all that combined d = law all but prices at the pump >> and force a delay did not help the stock market much.
5:27 am
>> stories where foreign severance is composed of of the pride we can officials say over a million people turned out for the parade. >> this is-the money in what best and biggest party in the world barry it is pride that really matters pair >> they do it in england but this is a much larger scale. >> to feel loved going down the street is the best thing ever in 10 times better than i could ever imagine. >> everyone came together. >> this is my first gay pride and i am amazed at the
5:28 am
diversity's sake. >> you see a lot of different groups here we celebrate them all. >> is fantastic is a lot to celebrate. >> i'm so excited to be marching here today. >> i'm marching for my daughter's hoping they didn't get married in the next year or two we are keeping our fingers crossed och peridot >> what is really called to see all the young people that are so involved and enthused. >> he proudly said cacique i
5:29 am
told you yourself and come out. >> laugh more on this and other news stories if you've tried to lose weight, you know it's hard to find a diet you can stick to. try jenny craig, and enjoy options that fit your lifestyle. choose to get motivating support at your local centre- and pick up the delicious food while you're there. or, have the food delivered... and get the same support on the phone. it's about choice: stephanie lost forty pounds on jenny craig. so try a weight- loss program that combines results with flexibility: call jenny craig at 1-800-94jenny today. helping you buy better.
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5:31 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we one give everyone adequate track of whether and traffic. >> were starting out with all little bit of august morning and reins morro and possibility of thunderstorms will have more information on this street and >> and this picture from the toll plaza we're waiting to see of the metering lights will create a problem and will back up like we had been seen in the past. >> a developing story we are following in that union and city a man is in critical condition after he was shot
5:32 am
with several times there were multiple lie want calls coming into that area. this is not the first time there has been a shooting at this summer. >> about home is right behind me and the victim was standing in the front yard when the suspect ran hot to them and shot him several times this is video of the we saw from last night. the officer said no. what arrests have been made after firing at the victim of the suspect walked off on foot or not sure if he can't donald running or jumping in a car is still at large to
5:33 am
murders in fact what happened last month and the other one in september and barely won a stepson and shot his stepfather as soon as we get more information and a description of the suspect we will pass along. >> we have new information go of new of video of giants fan on bryan stowe. this is video of still arguing with someone at the game. you can see stowe is what the one wearing a black t-shirt and arguing with the dodger fan appear in the man he is arguing with is not
5:34 am
the suspect. when police believe the one of his attackers is ramirez. half. oil we're also going back live to of for alarm fought a hotel fire in kissimmee florida it is 1 mi. away from disney's animal kingdom. the fire started sunday night and is continuing birding right now. firefighters are on scene. it is reported that the fire started in one hotel room and spread to several other room and has now taken over oddball whole wing of the hotel we also saw pictures of cars on fire in the party line this is a
5:35 am
major tourist hotel. there are 430 rooms at this hotel. all >> saw bay story here report where will be dealing with some rain coming >> will i be dealing with coastal fog and low clouds this morning and then a sunny and breezy in the afternoon. you cannot really see the fog at the golden gate bridge pitch could also see it in marin. you can see it on a satellite picture however hugs the coast and there is patchy fog along the delta. temperatures are
5:36 am
sitting in the '50s-0 will be similar to what they were yesterday. up to 79 degrees in red it would city. here's future cast 4 looking at their arraignment it'll be in the north bay location and spreading south more widespread as we head into the afternoon we could see pop up a thunderstorms and continue into the overnight hours into wednesday. have
5:37 am
to the rain we calmed down and then start warming up for the fourth of july weekend. >> were still tracking a pretty quiet commute to sell hot spots or major delays or incidents to report said. we're starting our bridge check. we are keeping an eye on the toll plaza to see if the metering lights are activated. the metering lights as have been run on a backup system and there have been tried problems with this system it has created big at backups last a week.
5:38 am
and the rises san mateo bridge y i don't think this is fog it is just a's on land pretty clear ride. the golden gate bridge that is that life fog will there i. wile more on news and weather and traffic when we continue ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> michele bachman is given ms. romney a run for the gop candidates.
5:42 am
>> it is intended to give the candidates and the posters as a violates the first amendment. i could profoundly affect of fact up multimillion-dollar industry. federal judges have declared the law violates the first amendment and free speech. american households report or have one video with violence. >> and this is all look at our roof cam ryan san francisco and we are waiting for the rain tomorrow.
5:43 am
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but a matter remains in critical condition after being shot all told times on what will road. there were two other people gunned down at this exact same house in the past 10 months >> at&t got video of her bryan stowe arguing with someone at the game. so is the one in the black shirt the other man is in napa. >> also we're right have more news on this amtrak train crash that happened with the truck was in the path of the amtrak train.
5:47 am
five people that were on and on the train are still unaccounted for. >> we're also following these live pictures had a huge hotel fire in kissimmee florida ahead is a form hundred and 30 room hotel where it is called a vacation lodge it was evacuated on sunday. now there is a huge wall of smoke or you can still see the flames there and part of the building has collapsed the fire has burned through one that laying of the hotel where roads are even close in the area because of the smoke. >> and we are talking about raising. >> this is a shot from mt. tam the fog is pretty thick.
5:48 am
visibility could be a problem around the golden gate bridge. a little bit breezy as well. her we are calling for a wet whether extending into wednesday. this is our satellite view of the fog in the area hugging the coast. is a look a current temperatures right now 60 in antioch 6056 in her san jose. temperatures are gonna get into this '70s and '80s later on this afternoon current 84 and antioch and 84 in morgan hill we are watching the system on radar. rain is
5:49 am
expected to spread southward starting late this evening and looks like we will pick up showers in the morning hours. we may have potentials thunderstorms also. this look of the seven day forecast we are calling for rain also on wednesday and thursday drying out warming up for the weekend possible triple digits on sunday. >> as we continue to attract a commute her we are keeping a close eye at the bay bridge consists the of the metering lights are going to a federal arrest our traffic. the meter relays have not been activated as of this time. they are said to go off at 6:15 a.m. and
5:50 am
had so far so good examine their bridges cross on for a no delays and the golden gate bridge how you will see some changes not on the span all know what the 19th street off ramp construction on the reward has been reconfigured the lanes. and as we pick up our camera on 101 in san jose with the guadalupe park way it is very light traffic who as you said no. when into the peninsula all. mass-transit no delays or delays noi. >> we want talk about road
5:51 am
closure and at the santa clara between 9:00 a.m. and 141 lane along capitol expressway they are constructing new sidewalks and landscaping. also said erase or work. >> much more and had we have are morning bias and we will have our real little dose of entertainment fix. which is a look at our mt. tam cam in ec clouds conduct details when we come right back.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning and the latest in
5:55 am
entertainment news last week we told you about nba not changed his name they l.a. lakers are complying with that decision there is plenty of time to change his and jersey to world and also the passing of peter falk he was 83 years old. i will have more entertainment news for in the next hour >> now in sports medicine baumgartner is back. where the left-hander had a career high with strikeouts. in the giants a 0 and took a sweep of the plane in indians.
5:56 am
this was a giants the 3-1 win during >> and also law occurred bush one of the nascar race again; the and also there was a huge air show.
5:57 am
>> the top three movies that won at the box office
5:58 am
was cars to was 68 million a bad teacher 31 million and the green lantern 18.4 million >> will right back with kron 4 morning news one a moment
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