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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 29, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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we had a what they yesterday shigella ledbetter today will be cool this afternoon. >> we're starting out with new details bart has settled with the mother of oscar grant perry reggie clark talk to family the family settled for want $0.3 million against they had
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settled earlier with the daughter for 1.5 million arid >> oscar grant was wrongfully killed his civil- rights were violated. >> johannes mehserle was found guilty and served one year in prison oscar's mother said >> it still wouldn't bring oscar backup. there is not enough words to describe how my heart fills broken for the loss of my son that was unnecessary. you still feel
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that pain and daily use still think about your child, you like your job to be with you but he is not here >> the settlement was not even in the equation as far as we're concerned there are more battles on this front. >> they said had she not settled yet it would stay in the accord four years it would cost the grand, family lots of money. >> they're looking further to separate suspects they're looking for this one john walker is suspected of shooting someone last week.
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may malt authorities have found the bones of a of a missing woman that went missing in 1977. roger kiddie was convicted of her murder in 2009 he was convicted of six murders. san as a police are looking for a suspect they're looking for this man. not always pushed to a car was forced to the bank and was warned not to call police and then she was let go they may have committed a similar robberies in las vegas. >> we had a very rain yesterday when regan have today? >> we had little bit over
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three-quarters of an inch in downtown san francisco yesterday. this is a dry shot here this is albany there is a slight chance of thunderstorms throughout the day today. we're as a mostly dry throughout the day you still see activity up in the sierras. all salt to the north of us in the lake tahoe area temperatures now or in the '50s not much variety in your temperatures. by the afternoon it'll stay fairly cool upper 60s in santa
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rosa 71 in concord. the llama is not coming just yet but however as we head into weekend he will get warmer were keeping their rain out of the area. this is a look of your seven day forecast and it is possible we could reach triple digits saturday or sunday lots of sunshine. >> we're off to a great start in the traffic center we did have a problem southbound 101 a big rig was blocking out couple lanes but that has been clear from the road way. where are
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checking gold bay bridge toll puzzle. no delays and the san mateo bridge and very little traffic right now and southbound 101 golden gate bridge top speed reported. >> last night big california as semele approved a budget and will close the $9.6 billion deficit. this is some of the details the proposed projects that people take it checks will improve drivers will have to pay $12 more to register each vehicle. and there is
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gang task force cuts and cuts to the of universities and the course system. new new physical years start july 1st. >> that sentence is the proposal they are going to cap pension benefits, raise the retirement age and a greater worker contribution to their pension fund. the full board of supervisors are expected to vote on this proposal.
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the councilman's are working on the deficit and this is what they talked about this city faces a deficit in the coming year quebec that counsel had some good news employee unit is has agreed to concessions it will included $12 million savings in the coming year. that could mean that this city could rehire 40 police officers. and libraries will remain open. >> was so much going on in oakland there are places
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baking bell is a good place for people to go and adds to the quality of their lives. >> similar concerns were edward expressed at a hearing. >> i present and signatures to keep the libraries remaining open. >> each one had a different budget proposal only one proposal adds the police officers. >> time now for 09 a m a look outside at eds and dark lot creek more traffic weather and news when we return
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they are joining together for the victims. but the mass shooting 18 years ago left and nine at dead and six injured. severs his officials are pushing forward the ban of these weapons. the district attorney pointed out there is no practical use for these large magazines. >> when people that access to guns and taken far as
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many rounds is this machine has the capacity to use. we're talking about virginia tech, and tucson be shared. it is very tragic. there is no civilian application for this large magazine. >> it followed a the massacre in california. >> we have more straight ahead here on kron 4 morning news and as we look outside it gets better and better as we head towards the weekend of full list of the weekend coming up when we return.
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>> the rain was heavy and now is gonna show you what was like. >> their wares of few sprinkles on highway 11 and has a we head into highway 17 it is a steady drizzle and has reached the summit of 17 great picks up again as we continue north over the summit there is water sheeting across the road now we shall wipers and headlights are on that now. the ride as we head into the valley the water and rain has tapered off. kopp not a
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good day for driving >> a large tree in san francisco's north beach collapsed a tree. >> a tree toppling over in san francisco's north beach this is on lombard street. crews are working to clear branches and other debris from that tree. this huge branch actually snapped off and fell to the ground bop's >> you can see this huge tree in just fell right from the trunk of the jury and fell onto parked vehicles. >> for vehicles were hit by a large tree. crews on site could not confirm it was because of the rain it would
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cost extra water away from the rain yesterday. >> and the latest on the weather. >> not talking about any more record rainfall today keeping that chance of thunderstorms today. it could get along but how cloudy and breezy later on in the evening. as we head into the moral big changes and nice warmup as we head into the fourth of july weekend. satellite and radar showed a cold front is still keeping little activity to the north the buzz we're
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going to keep that instability around today. not seem much to temperature change throughout the day. this is all look of temperatures around the area right now 57 in san jose and 54 in san raphael. later on this afternoon we will see it in upper 60s lower '70s. this is up seven day forecast look at the numbers how quickly they jump friday in the '90s and sunday we could see triple digits. the
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sun will be shining always thru tool tuesday. so if you have like norplant for the fourth it weather is looking very good. >> we are accident free and the traffic center during everything looks good including the toll plaza the meter in lights are still cycled off. the san mateo bridge no problems in either direction and you can see a lot of space between cars on the span. once you arrive at the golden gate bridge just a few cars to keep you company we have overnight
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construction at that dumbarton station in it will be in effect until 5:00 a.m. peridot >> time now is for 20 1:00 a.m. the caliban is claiming responsibility on the deadly trap attack on hotel and afghanistan. eight attackers are now dead. >> they stormed out hotel around 8:00 p.m. last night. the militants were locked in a fear fire fight. a journalist in cobble is the first hand experience. >> they are running it cars
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and corning guns at cars pulling them out of vehicles to have them searched. >> a third attacker detonated his explosives nato forces were able to take down the last attacker on the roof. on wednesday a press conference was to be held to announce the transition of power >> they are supposed to take over full responsibility for call. >> the galt hotel is frequented by a westerner's and reporters. >> we'll be back in two-
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three minutes quick look outside of from our roof camera. we might have the all chances of rain again today but it will be warming up for the grateful july 4th weekend.
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twitter has a new user and you can see right here it is the pope's. it was time to coincide of this 60th anniversary of him being a priest. >> changes are coming to next fleck's and we explained in this tech report copies
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>> those to streamline the ipad are smart phones would not let you adjust the quality of the content because the lower of the quality the last data use this will be held for for people that do not want to go over their data plans when. streams from net flags can reuse precious and data. here's how you can change your policy seat changing go into your account settings and code your de villa low- quality tab good quality uses 0.3 gb per hour better
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quality is 0.7 and best quality is one that gigabyte per. if you change this na what is in your account it will change the quality for all your devices you need to make sure in change it back to top-quality when you are watching the things in wifi and no data caps to worry about. >> or a talk about the weather will we come back with all that rain the came yesterday we'll find out what the forecast is for today and we will look ahead to the weekend when we return
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reserve play all cleaning up a diesel spelling lake merritt. >> people walking along the beach at lake merritt notices jean and the coast guard was sent to investigate >> and bagatelle was diesel fuel because of the pungent smell. firefighters >> deployed booms to contain this bill. >> we wanted to a weekend protect the ecosystem. >> the fire department expects the or raising it rather is what caused the spell. >> when the rains come with the amount we had today it may give pushed the days of fuel of into the areas we see today.
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>> that she is covering 40-5 a.. >> we have to look to other agencies to see how we are going to clean and not get up. >> the remains of old woman reminiscent of 30 years ago have been found. roger cavies office was under construction when she came back for follow-up interview the next day she was never seen again. they found one of her bones in lake berryessa. >> roger one the title of
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will make a killing six women. he was dubbed at the i-5 at strangler. the killings took place between 1977 and 1987. they credited debt they bar lead going above and beyond because he researched county documents and height nearly 10 mi. are round the lake. he found a bone fragment and dna testing confirmed it was burghley's body. >> will get updated on the forecast and that range from yesterday what is in store for the rest of will we? >> we did set some records yesterday june is the second
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wettest month on record. we may have isolated thundershowers doors today. that is why we are keeping that slight thunderstorm chance to they buried. we're trying to have record eat this weekend. the low pressure system is still bringing weather in to our year reagan see a rally also bearish dollars in heavy rains in that area. we are seeing temperatures stay in the fifties. by the afternoon it'll stay cool 61
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high in san francisco 68 your greece in redwood city. morgan hill could be 75. partly cloudy conditions for tomorrow and temperatures spike up by the end of the week. temperatures climbing into 99 and into the travel digittriple digits. lots of sunshine as well we're going to keep that nice weather around at the beginning part
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of the week. >> i like commute out there no major hotspots or incidents to report. no problems to tell about traffic is still light in the area at the toll plaza san mateo bridge ride a little about that of volume on the west bound direction. and the golden gate bridge ec conditions as you wake up your way into san francisco wil. traffic is moving at top
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speeds across the area. >> to several murders in two separate bay area cities they're looking for one man the could be responsible. >> it scary he's a scary person >> she is talking about this guy john john mcmillin is suspected of a shooting her nephew last week. >> these are babies these are babies it is make you afraid your free to let your kids outside. >> he was a spire rapper taking classes in a junior college nearby. she watched her brother died the suspect john john has been on the run for some time. he could be responsible for this crime scene in the bay area
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>> of course we will fill lot better when he is arrested it is hard to know that he is still walking around one my nephew is not they are hoping that someone out there can't read this page >> it makes you want to cry out to the public bring it to an end. your job could be next >> he was killed and last thursday but officials are making headway in this case you can see a honda accord in these pictures but still no signs of john john. >> sent as a police arctic investigating for different robberies' that happened in
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a short amount of time. this is a map of the robber is that happened a in less than 24 hours they are trying to see if all these robberies are connected. >> to employees were about to make a deposit when a robber grabbed the bag and took off they would not say how much money was stolen in another part of town a purse snatcher. an elderly woman got of the car and her purse was stolen. the suspect got away 11:00 p.m. to suspects use the night she was robbed at knifepoint none of the victims were they are
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checking to see if there is similarities in these robberies but they said no connection has been made as of yet. >> we'll be back with more in just one moment
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this is for 40 1:00 a.m. and this is live pictures coming in from greece it triggered of fresh round of clashes in yesterday. between police officers and protesters it is a little bit, our right now they are drying to secure i huge bailout loan.
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>> it wasn't long before the stones started flying against riot police and stun grenades. as you can see there is quite a bit of fighting going on where being forced out of a wedding because it king of are around that corner. then we demonstrator guilt our cameraman to the floor and damaged him is named. the cameras rolling after grass pushed to the protesters back.
4:43 am
>> i promise that all the greeks will go up onto the street and it will be complete chaos. >> we need less violence from the police will not leave. >> the delays are asking to clear the square they have no right to demonstrate. >> traders this woman asked they filled politicians has failed dumping.
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following the with the weather fog of growing across the united states. it is a tense situation in nebraska there are two nuclear facilities in the flooding area. officials said they have nothing >> to worry > this is the fourth calendar plant in nebraska and historic flooding out what the missouri repair the main parts of the plan are not in danger it is well on the outside and on the inside the plant is been shut down since april. they have been
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opened of figwort regulators. people are speculating how say things aren't. there is absolutely no chance of a multan >> i am very confident we will not have an issue here we will fall are for serious pictures >> in north dakota meantime my not nearly one-fifth of the flood damage homes are in such bad shape demolition might be the only solution. 4100 homes have been damaged by the floodwaters. some homes are under 10 net feet of water. it will be at least a one week before it drops level.
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>> rain has moved on and now we're focusing on the heat >> we have one more day left with a potential of thunderstorms after that we see that temperatures sky rocket just-in-time for your july 4th weekend. after yet appeareyesterday's record rl teams will start to change. our radar is showing at the showers to our east. heavy rain in the high country. we are still keeping a things a
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little bit unstable and may have an isolated thunderstorm or two. this is a look of temperatures right now san francisco 54 as 57 san jose and is the look of the dive temperatures for later on this afternoon in the upper 60s lows '70s this is a look of your seven day forecast annual scene of the numbers change as we end of the workweek upper 90s by saturday and this weekend we could have a triple digit numbers. durinthis is the title whether you won and led to the beach. lots of sunshine
4:50 am
for the july 4th weekend. >> good news to report no hot spots on the road way nothing to report as you approach the toll plaza of her or see more cars on the roadways. and the san mateo bridge traffic is building in the west bound direction no accidents or incidents to report and the golden gate bridge looks a little bit fogging and no major delays. and a look of the crosstown freeways good conditions we
4:51 am
have overnight construction and is in effect until 6:30 a.m.. >> i judge will not dismiss the cannot case i'd against jason nasos. nasos is serving his own lawyer his fell they show probable cause wide to arrest him he murdered four women in the 1970's. >> san jose police are looking for kidnapping and robbery charges. this man use a writer approached a woman in the wal-mart parking lot was pushed into a vehicle driven to a bank
4:52 am
and was forced to remove money from our account. they may have committed a similar robert parade en las vegas. >> it's been seven years to fix up lake merritt maybe it got caught up in a traffic snarl. the changes will create more park space. >> it will all leave and a room for a three 8.5 a. park. make it safer for pedestrians and park users. we've been held to have a calmer and still. >> the mother of money is coming from deeds in from
4:53 am
2002. >> will we come back we'll take look of this addition of people behaving badly and is a look outside of from our roof camera you can sort of see the sun coming ups will be right back
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when rain and starts falling evidently people's ability to drive behind the wheel which is different this would stanley as our report >> back in the early 1950's because of the rain some drivers tell little bit confused so here's some things to remember they're just like when it is dryout
4:56 am
you cannot block that crosswalks even when it's raining people still want to cross the street and you are required to turn your headlights on whenever used at your when she wipers. it is not open talk on your cellphone without at handsfree cellphone. that doesn't excuse you even if you are confused a warrior going to be sure it did not drop off passengers before you pull over to the curb. there in be considering you're not the only car on the road after the light coming hawaii troubled water traffic seems to come to a virtual stops carried
4:57 am
in several cisco's sally roberts kron news. >> you can always contact stanley at people behaving badly at kron 4 dot com >> it was a weird warning in canada a prankster programmed out highway designed to warn drivers of doom and gloom because of a zombie invasion. what would you think it is all that driving down this street? actor they saw the sign they turned the sign-off. and i years elbows to kill the some breeze twice much more coming up on a kron 4 morning news we have lots to
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get to more weather news and traffic when we return.
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5:00 a.m. and the top stories we're following this morning people were rescued off of a ocean beach >> a cleanup is expected today after a diesel fuel was found in lake merritt >> and new video of bryan stowe right before he was beaten and that family is being up about this. >> i hope it'll be all warmer (and drier wednesday. >> live look at the golden gate bridge and we are dealing with some of the fog
5:01 am
and drizzle as you make you and your way around the bay area during this is a look at what we expect today there might be a chance of light sprinkle this morning just keep that in mind this afternoon will stay on the cool side piddled get drier. after the cold air exits we will be warming ups possibility of triple digits for the weekend. now quick check of traffic >> and we looked at the toll bridge plaza caltran is doing a pretty good job of keeping the metering lights off. i will have a complete check will we come right back >> developing story at a san
5:02 am
francisco three people were rescued ride off of ocean beach after the fishing boat they were in an overturned. here is a location where the boat overturned where brad take a live look at the cliff house. things are quiet read of the waters. this is video from overnight. they run as crab fishing boat. when it is not sciroccos card received the card but the boat was upside down and the water to a fisherman are in good condition others are suffering bombs and bruises we will have more coming from the scene later run >> they are cleaning up the diesel spell and lake merritt and oakland apartment confirmed it was
5:03 am
coming from a drainage pipe along the lake edge. they are putting up barriers to keep the from spreading in the area that she is covering for-5 a. >> bart has reached a settlement with oscar grant mother grant's family settled for $1.3 million in the wrongful death of grant. they had settled with grants daughter a year ago for $1.5 million this happened in january of 2009 grants mother said no amount of money to bring her son back >> a hundred million dollars
5:04 am
would still not bring him back my heart still breeze for my son there's not enough words to describe how my heart fails broken for the loss of my son it was unnecessary they say time fills all won't give feel that pain daily news still think about your child and you long for your child and yet he is not here. >> grads valley attorney said had they not settled it would been in the cards to four years and what of lost a lot of money. >> new video about bryan stowe it shows him hoisting up of beer and posing with his friends what i and friendly dodger fans and are holding up obscene hand gestures are not sure what
5:05 am
time during the game and this picture was taken. this is different than the video we saw that dmz had the man on this video said they exchanged words but he went back to his seat. >> there has been enough her for brian and his family and friends and especially as to children brian is not a violent pro person more >> on the weather forecast >> your other areas of the rain coming down we broke all kinds of records we will
5:06 am
tell you more about that coming up a live look outside from our roof camera we a clouds above love and clouds below and the possibility of showers still wishes it is a slender chance then yesterday this is all look of this satellite a lot of moisture is swirling around in the area serous are still dealing with some rain. they concede the yellows and greens out there. as you have are to follow you will be dealing with as reins. this is a look of the temperatures around here right now 57 in a word this
5:07 am
afternoon it'll still remain copal this is a look of the temperatures we expect later on this afternoon in the upper 60s lows seven days. that's as warm as it is going to gait should all be out of our system by tomorrow. >> good morning quiet start for the morning commute we expect with all holiday coming this weekend traffic would be lighter than usual and it seems to bear out here at the bay bridge. no
5:08 am
backups are delays to report. and your ride to the san mateo bridge and easy ride so far this morning the bridge is clear and as most commute golden gate bridge southbound 101 easy commute and a drier deck today the kron 4 morning news will take a break and we will be kron 4 morning news will take a break and we will be right back yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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mr. obama as expected to double its comments about the don't deficit today. if
5:12 am
the democrats and republicans cannot agree on settling the debt they could default. >> the board of supervisors approved of a charter amendment that could end up on the ballot in november it would cap pension benefits and raise the retirement age for city workers pinhead have and workers would have to contribute more to their health and retirement benefits. they could save up to a billion dollars in the next decade. they're expected to vote on a proposal in the next cup for a week's >> we will have more on and that overnight rescue. >> it was not a figment of your imagination and it
5:13 am
didn't rain a lot yesterday and smashed some records will have more on the weather will we return ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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three people rescued after their boat over toned and on the ocean beach we have the latest live from the same >> the fishermen are save and sign and the next that will be removed a 49 ft. vessel capsized at around midnight arid it is still dark it this time want to give the little bit lighter about 45 minutes from now they will have a helicopter taken aerial deal that 49 floyd provoked vessel was carrying 800 million gal. of diesel. we do not smollett and we will not notice until helicopter takes a closer look we will talk to the coast guard and find out what happened and what they
5:17 am
will have to do in the worst-case scenario if there is diesel in the water more in 15 minutes back to you. >> we want talk weather now what happened and yesterday were rained out wise. >> this is a live look at the roof cam it is bringing up the view ... it did rain in a quite a bit yesterday and we broke records in these locations and more that we could not fit on the list. this is a chart of the record highs the worry broken yesterday. it has been amazing in parentheses is a bit older records and
5:18 am
it shows how easily we smashed those records yesterday. this is a wider view from our satellite and heavier weather is around like all right now. we may have a pop-up thunderstorms later on in the afternoon 54 degrees and cedras is still right now 57 degrees from san jose where ride around a 55 degree mark this afternoon we're gonna warm up a just slightly. . this is a look a your seven day forecast it'll be sunny and
5:19 am
hot for the weekend. chance of triple digit weather in land. >> check on the commute so far so well we at the west bound accident in the macarthur maze that has already cleared. and the ride to the bay bridge is light heading in from other the macarthur maze. as long as the metering lights are cycle of we could get away with some minor back up. san mateo bridge ride traffic is building all little bit in the west bound direction no hot spots or major incidents or unusual problems to report 101 southbound across the golden gate it is not a
5:20 am
what ride like it was yesterday. traffic is very light. also dol incidents or delays to report from mass- transit there in >> and are least specialists was killed in afghanistan sunday partner he died from wounds after insurgents you'd small arms fire. he has numerous awards and decorations this is pictures out of after data is then. there were nine insurgence dead and most of the people dead in the attack or workers of the hotel tell bad and the
5:21 am
militant stormed about hotel and the battle in a suit for zero or four hours. the meeting was to be taken place in that hotel before the transfer of power military all captors killed a several on the roof. and there were six-eight suicide bombers carried >> and to egypt ride it in cairo and trying to keep protesters away they used tear gas. this is all because of the up rise in new mubarak and we are watching the writing in greece once again
5:22 am
in athens implement painful budget cuts prying rocks since that san setting fires the police center would hear god's or balms. the approval of this plan is essential to give them additional role of funds for bailout package. >> a senate panel of has decided to give the president limited authority at against libya. he has a one-year limit for u.s. ground forces perry house rejected a similar resolution >> as a kron 4 morning news continues in we're checking out the james lick freeway
5:23 am
and clouds is hang around from yesterday's storm. [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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waiting for the opening bell on wall street and one hour for now stocks were up again yesterday. they then and national association of realtors will issue their report and what prices are starting to move up again it is up to $80.93 pe barrel 93 bad dollars per barrel >> three years of massive losses might no-space is
5:27 am
expected to sell. bell like result will lay off half of the some 500 workers. is it is done is moving on to from twitter after five years he will work with the country not need many more succumb but his time will be used to get out of the way of the twitter crew. >> the campbell soup co. wall eliminate 770 jobs throughout and the country it will be completed by the end of next unpick campbell's soups as the main will save $60 million from next year.
5:28 am
>> it is for 20 7:00 a.m. we'll take a live look outside at ocean at beach where three people were rescued or their fishing boat capsized we will have a live report right after this break.
5:29 am
5:30 am
good morning it was a june 29th and more informations on yesterday's rain barry >> you and see the clouds above we still hold on to the chance of showers a particularly in the afternoon hours. not as strong as yesterday. it'll be cold again this afternoon. today and sunday
5:31 am
we could see temperatures jump 30 degrees. now quick check on traffic >> an easy commute with no problems. we are hotspot free more straight dead >> top story dramatic war as gil at ocean beach of fishing boat capsized off shore. this is the location of where that bullet turned over. we have an update on the rescue >> the men are safe and sound and now that the light is out the fishing vessel about a thousand feet off shore it is capsized and it
5:32 am
does not look like there is any diesel in the water this all happened avram midnight the water could have been chopper at the time sloppily they had a gps system and radio for about the rest years came and got a crew of the water. now the big question is what the deal with this boat. >> you are looking with them binoculars at the above and 800 gal. of diesel in the water >> there is as hard as a you don't even smaller and now there could be in a diesel in the water.
5:33 am
>> what happens once the sun comes up? >> at this time we're in contact with the honor and his insurance and see how he is going to eliminate the pollution threat. >> was carrying a boat load of crap? >> the as the information i received a at a full load of crap on board. >> they are waiting for the sun to come not and check and see if there is any diesel spill in the bay and just tell much. >> new this morning p.m. as he showed another picture of bryan stowe at the dodger game here is it shows the
5:34 am
zero holding up a beer stowe is the want more in the black giants jersey it is unknown at what point during the game this picture was taken the family said stowe is not an angry person. >> in the forecast we go from our extreme rain to extreme napa what's the weather looks like now? >> this is a live look of the bay bridge approached and you can see the clouds of above we're all holding on to the chance of thunderstorms for later on this afternoon in most of the rain we see are saying is well all over this sierras a little showers and
5:35 am
her around clear lake. light to moderate rain also is a misnomer showing up on our radar kind of interesting on this june 29th. and this is a look of the temperatures right now temperatures holding a tight range arid this look of the temperatures were wednesday afternoon antioch 71 and now
5:36 am
we've been see these temperatures expect what they will be like later on over the weekend it could be as high as our hundred and five in some areas. lotta's sunlight and found to be outside with the growth we are check with a commute >> looks good so far no hotspots reporter around the bay area knows slow traffic. we will get two of the expanded bridge check light traffic heading into the toll plaza metering lights are have been turned off they were turned off early yesterday and did not cause a backup from here we had to
5:37 am
the san mateo bridge no problems. the golden gate bridge your 101 southbound looks good very light traffic they have reconfigured the bridge in the southbound direction and this is bad a bridge check west bound ride very light. public transit no delays are problems. >> a private company is gonna have out today to clean up a diesel spills in lake merritt you conceive of bone that they set up to contain that this bill. >> one of the byproducts
5:38 am
ever yesterday's iran was a diesel spills at lake merritt the bones were put in pouring place yesterday that diesel came from the storm drains during the heavy rains a cover about a 4.5 a. area. trying to find out exactly where that diesel came from the oil boomers are ops and easy the ducks went around on the other side of the bone i can't really see the oil sheen officials will be coming out to be a finish cleaning >> you can see that these ducks looked confused it
5:39 am
could be an environmental hazard. >> they wanna make sure that all water file birds and fish that live in this water will not be affected. >> the kron 4 morning news will back. >
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
the fire is about 3 mi. from where a 55 gal. drums are stored with nuclear waste this fire has burned 93
5:43 am
square miles the first atlantic hurricane has made an appearance this is a tropical storm arlene and is slowly organizing and strengthening in the gulf of mexico and is heading straight for mexico the winds are 40 mi. per hour the main threat to mexico will be back every run rain with flash floods. >> a federal judge has scheduled a day emergency hearing will be asked held to see if jeremy lot near is able to stop taking his medication. we're finding
5:44 am
out more information about his bizarre behavior behind bars. seven big couples to try and force new jersey to recognize their marriage hearing it has created an unconstitutional designation the couple said their dignity and finances have been report >> will we right back when the kron 4 morning news continues. and also at we will have a look athens as the country has to basically shut down and this protest is because of tax hikes and job cuts. we will have an update on the weather will we continue.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
18 people were dead as of the taliban took over the hotel. >> this six hour ordeal at this motel began late tuesday night and taliban suicide bombers penetrated of hotel security. >> one was at the front gate and ordered to let the other one's enter. they were engaged in an hour-long gunbattle >> my room started to shake i kept in the quarter of the room as i felt that was the safest place today >> they kill the caliban gunman they were to discuss
5:49 am
the transition of power announcement at this hotel. >> they can launch day's high level of a tax to end it quickly there is still a divide between afghan military forces and without calling on nato for help. >> this attack came the same day in nato was going to announce the transfer of power. >> a look at our roof weather forecast and nice rainy day yesterday and people did not to worry about watering their lawns l looks like rain and has
5:50 am
moved on and the sun is coming back out. >> don't worry will be warming things up for the july 4th holiday weekend cloudy overcast conditions right now is to be cloudy and brightest are whipping may have of a thunderstorm or two later on this afternoon and this evening a mostly cloudy once again temperatures dropping back down to the '50s. the warm- up against moral most of the rain that was associated is up in the sierra and you conceive that snow is falling in the area it is over this year we're seeing most of the activity renown
5:51 am
an easy ride to get up to lake tahoe and you will see sporadic showers in that area. the mid-50s is the general trend of the temperatures around the bay area currently our eyes this afternoon will be on the cool side like yesterday upper 60s and low '70s. we're looking for lows '70s out and antioch and this is a look of your seven day forecast we start warming up the starting tomorrow and the heat will be higher over the weekend. let's check the
5:52 am
traffic >> we are free of hotspots no delays to slow your ride therein we are checking with the bridges bay bridge was bound we had three did good days in a row as far as the metering lights have been concerned there had been a problem with the metering lights for about one weekend and have that's why there were so many backups last week. there has not been the case the last several days caltran will continue to improve conditions. next the san mateo bridge even though the volume is building know
5:53 am
backups or delays to report. at the golden gate bridge southbound problem free nothing wrong with the ride. >> a new chief deborah johnson walks act as the muni achieve. johnson has worked with muni respective for since 2007. ford announced his resignation two weeks ago he is leaving with a controversial severance package. a >> scary story then arrested a man at sacramento airport they found a loaded handgun and several rounds of ammunition in his backpack.
5:54 am
it was booked in the sand in jail with all loaded concealed firearm. i had on the kron 4 morning no and halley barry has a bone to pick with her ex we will have a entertainment headlines when we return and this look at our mt. tam cam is 5:54 a.m.. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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the very latest in entertainment news david the company and his wife have separated although there couple is still not sure if they pulled the bourse. a highly barry was in court yesterday he was charged
5:58 am
with violating the custody agreement. a hearing will take place later on in the month. time now is 5:57 a.m. we'll have more on the kron 4 morning news weather and traffic.
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