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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 30, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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but thursday morning everyone is as chilling 30 s and we have a great picture from our roof cam will start up pretty nice for the weather is morning >> bart a shifting its security policies after the shooting in 2009 of oscar grant >> bart now has an
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independent what police auditor. and barred hallmark card austerity officers must report ala uses of force on wednesday barred reissued hazers after the devices were taken away for additional training. >> before the bart officers were cheered hazers they
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were check out there taser before the shift now it is mandatory that each officer carries his own at taser and is retrained on how to uses is not in your strop draw hand part part hugs to could equip all of its officers by the end of 2000 at 11 >> bart has settled with grant's family twice they settled with the mother for 1.3000001 0.5000004 the child's mother. >> there is a blanket of snow and lake follow. there will be key available for
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the july 4th weekend now checked for the weather forecast >> were talking about spinel and triple digits in the same sense starting off with mostly clear conditions not blocked by the foggy to see all the city lights. we could see temperatures increasing by 15 degrees compared to what we had yesterday this the look of the current temperatures right now. as we take it around noontime it will reach the '70s. as we head into the afternoon hours we
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may be in the high 80s by 8:00 p.m. hour will start cooling off once again. this is all look of your afternoon highs 66 degrees in san francisco antioch getting up to 85 degrees 84 in morgan hill. this is a look in your seven day forecast we could be in the upper 90s by saturday and don't forget the triple digits are possible on sunday. upper '70s around the bay and it is drying.
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>> correct bridge chec a quick e and light going into the toll plaza. san mateo bridge very little traffic and an easy ride on the golden gate bridge. >> we have seen the man a jump from the bridge after he abandoned his car. this is the other was taken. >> this bill and clean up
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forced a lot road closure year it is open once again this morning >> police say they haven't wanted men in custody after a shootout on the city streets in happened around 8:00 a.m. yesterday. when they approached the man's car he opened fire they returned fire in him he tried to take off in his car but crashed. and you can see here the automatic weapon that was removed from his vehicle. >> he lived off and on at the apartment complexes. they both laughed after pill this aspect of stole in the manager's wall. " he had a cache of guns in the
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building prior to wednesday issued ups he was arrested in san francisco led least five time on june 17th he failed to appear for trial on charges of vandalism and resisting arrest solar went out for his arrest he also served time in tracy in 2010 and he was on a non or a vocable parole for violations. the suspect is accused of firing an assault weapon are investigating the circumstances around it. >> the author of the market died of irregular heartbeat
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after his store was robbed in fairfield. >> a makeshift memorial sits in front of travis gary after hearing about tuesday's deadly rioting >> it was just a positive ban he will be greatly missed >> in her i come here all time and he's a cool guy >> mourners gathered in front of the convenience store and actually called him pawpaw he was a fixture in the neighborhood. >> tel little credit going on he would call me when i gave to my number is it ok for the kids to charge an hourly down there on friday to pay my bill he was a good man >> they are riding on the
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poster dedicated to mr. how he was a nice old man and he leaves behind a wife and son >> investigators are looking for three male suspects seen leaving in a brown or tan import vehicles. >> it happened on a 300 block of keyes street and in 2005 the victim remained unconscious and he died just last week he was never charged and now officers are reviewing the case he was deported to mexico >> a bank robbery on
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southampton road a description of the vehicle was given to officers and the suspects were arrested later. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news a look outside san jose doesn't look like a lot of people are out there yet this morning it for 10:00 a.m. and we will be right back.
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gasoline these are on a running concord jack bush explains how bad this problem is becoming. >> get gas in copper is running 385 per gallon no wonder people are doing whatever they can to conserve but other people
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are stealing gasoline for cars to their parked on the road. the gas these are the top of the neighborhood >> i can understand times a tough people do still stuff in times of name >> is doing what he can to prevent his gas from being stolen >> of the my vehicles that locking gas caps >> it is also a matter of certain personal security >> there stilling gas of from your car right there of in the open >> his neighbors went out and bought up locking a gas cap also buried >> anyone driving a big rig or anyone with three axle is what have to pay higher
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tolls going across the bridges. it went from 1125 to $18. the golden gate toll when from 15 to $22. >> they should buy food and beverages throughout the california and their drivers cross the toll. >> it reflects about $25,000 annually and the tolls will be increased by 6% >> with the extra added expense does they will have to make the adjustments
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>> will become more efficient and choose which load they want to handle we may pass up other opportunities with the added expenses to justify itself >> they may have to increase shipping rates and pass it on to their clients and then it'll affect everyone. >> one of our larger customers recently did our request to line-item the bridge toll they know the increase is happening in this area. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 at a growth story about cocaine and you might
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well listen. this is look out at walnut creek and we will be right backpac.
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time now for 5:00 p.m. clear conditions out there and good news we are saying goodbye to that cloud cover and we are starting to kick off of that warming trend overnight we will see increasing clouds temperatures there sitting in the '50s rhinright now. this is an indication of how temperatures have increased from yesterday morning at this time. we're watching
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this temperatures start to climb throughout the day we are starting out with temperatures in the '50s and by the afternoon we will get into the upper seventies in santa rosa 66 in san francisco this is the look of your seven day forecast you see the numbers jump up by the weekend on monday for the july will be on hot one if you have activities planned outside the you will be dry with plenty of sunshine. >> then give will do a quick bridge check no hot spots out there to report right now hardly any traffic. the
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san mateo bridge bill problems and the final package dual gate light at this early hour. more traffic and weather in a minute now the news. >> cocaine at least with warming of medicine make cars your skin to rocks. >> these lesions on the body are due to cocaine and least was limassol taken show this scant writing disease. it has treated patients with flesh eating problems before the skin
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turns purple in the past two years her colleagues have treated seven patients it is tainted cocaine. in april the u.s. drug administration 82% of the cocaine unseasoned can tanis lammas all. >> below white cell count of the patients present >> this systems can be treated and these dark purple patches are an indication of what can happen. >> much more it news straight ahead and is a look outside it san francisco and we're looking at the traffic in and out of the city will
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be right back.
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here's more fervent maybe your ticket to the movies and we watched the sec report >> it is called movie past and is and have freer smart phone movie pastels' plans to the movie theaters. a lot of times a you save a lot of money especially if you go to a lot of movies. if you go more than four movies a month you are saving you go to their web site download the movie passes to your bond soon they will be you
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ruling out here dad plans when you want to catch up film you reserve yourself a ticket by your font that we do not have to wait in line all you do is and the tigert taker scant your phone. . the movie pass system only one movie today you cannot transfer a ticket to another person.
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>> who will will be moving into the world of social net work. >> bill: build its latest effort in a project called google plus. it is a great thing for advertisers. this is where the big bucks advertisers use. visitors viewed more on facebook than they did on google. users can group of their contacts in smaller categories. users can use an old an on-line
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chat and and note that there in the alps and available for chats. others need to be invited to use the service. >> this is a look outside at our mt. tam cam pretty clear out there and it is cool out there this morning
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we're back for 20 9:00 a.m. and all lunchtime a shootout and we brought this story to you live yesterday it took place on all got a street near alice and is is how it all unfolded >>. and see up a police
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evidence technician removing an assault rifle from a the suspect they'll arid he is a parole lead that they have been looking for a poor the past three days because he fired the same weapon in the area two undercover officers arrived here as they had information he had been living in the garage of this apartment building. they spotted the suspect driving of the apartment and day attempted to carry >> the suspect pulled and and and and down from the suspect. >> he fired one shot at the officers you conceive this shattered glass on at the unmarked police car officers had no choice but to return the fire.
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>> my officers were fired upon they will shoot back >> you and see in this video how his passenger side window was blown out and you can see a bullet hole in his front windshield his car crashed into a parked car across the street it was in the hospital with the non- life threatening injuries be officers or on administrative leave. >> more on the 38 your old suspect >> he lived often own note accept a part complex residents say they both left after the suspect bunch of this poll in the wall outside of the managers human the suspect was arrested several times he had a cache of guns in the
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building was not well liked prior to wednesday's shootout he was arrested and sam this is going to lease five time on june 17th of this year a failed to appear for trial on charges of resisting arrest award was put out for his arrest. he also served time. he was put on on our route local toll parole for a weapons violation. >> shootings have been between 50 and market some say more needs to be done to keep the community se. save >> this is the line between
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the tourist then get out >> is as a separate action of town where a shooting a few weeks ago and a shooting up last saturday at market too busy areas two blocks from each other. >> it's over turf wars is over areas >> people in this area may not be too far off >> this is where the district the drugs and drug activity goes on all the time. >> they said the bank's the shooting was dongang-related. >> there has been a lot of police presence on market
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street in. >> there is allowed road ahead in making this a safe neighborhood >> they would take these young guys better seller used in and do something more useful with them. >> hot now it is gonna feel like summer we're and get the temperatures higher today. the warm-up slicks in napand today it'll be a hot one in some areas. we're 54 in san francisco currently by
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noontime we will have a i have full of '60s and '70s watch all the orange on your screen that is actually the '80s by 8:00 hour we will cool things back down low 83 degrees in fairfield temperatures stay in the '70s. this is the look your seven day forecast and easy the warming trend in the upper 90s by the weekend may
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have traveled did end of live inland spots it will absolutely be beach weather the cool down not in the evening on for the july. >> this is a bridge check few people are out there right now san mateo bridge no problems and the golden gate bridge as usual no one's out carpets.there. >> these are live pictures out of mexico at loss almost a that wildfire we
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will be right backer
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the tragic shooting of a three month old baby that was blamed on a gang warfare they are cracking down on gangs. >> probation officers tracked down known and suspected dimas members it is a send a message >> if you're hanging out and doing things you're not supposed to be done and be part of those gangs were in a stock picker therein >> the ongoing search and was prompted by the shooting of a three month old baby, earlier this month.
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>> they all care that fact someone else get shot it doesn't matter to them >> these children tried ride skateboards and hyoscine gone the guys come over here and beat them and teddy to them all lesson to shut their mouths and join us. >> they are looking for illegal weapons and contraband. >> they are urging kate gay members to put there are even outside.
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i am grateful to all the people that have helped. and these people they killed my baby i tried to protect him as i heard the bed fire i thought i had directed the baby in the car seat but the bullet went into his head >> the baby was laid to rest almost three weeks ago >> much more straight ahead and this is look at mt. tam cold temperatures to wake up
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march 25th year of this linen washed away in february we are finding out how far the crews are long in preparing this >> driving through this area you may be waiting for a while that headache is almost a thing of the past workers are adding the of the finishing touches the new guard role is simply is and you can see the new retainer wall it was after heavy rains washed out plane. it is expected to be done before the holiday
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weekend >> a look at our weather fault forecast in the bay area and we look forward to a very nice weekend >> this is a look of your warm-up compared the yesterday burie. about a 10 dege warm-up today in redwood city. this morning starting off with mostly cloudy conditions. this is a look at current temperatures right now we will finally warm-up to the '80s in some spots 83 degrees in
4:46 am
fairfield we will stay with in the 60s along the coast warming to the '70s is you headed oakland and low 80s in the san ramon valley carried you might want all enjoy because as we head into the weekend it will is going to get on. 84 degrees in morgan hill. this is not the end of it we will continue to climb in temperatures. this look of your seven day forecasting you conceive triple digits possible on sunday and nice couple of days as you head
4:47 am
to the beach by for the july we could cool off slightly. the sunshine is going to be a big part of your forecast. >> no hotspots to report in traffic we will give you a bridge check traffic moving well for the toll plaza and the san mateo bridge no problem and one last check easy commute coming out of marin county southbound 101 no problem. >> if you plan to stick around for the july 4th weekend war were initially will aware that the best places to watch fireworks. >> here 39 and fisherman's wharf there might be a
4:48 am
sparkler or two. on monday night we'll fly you down to south they at municipal stadium fireworks following big baseball game you can't park around the stadium and set up a couple shares and two east bay berkeley marina lot of festivities leading up to the firework display and the city of a level banks to private donations it will be co a fireworks show right there on the waterfront. and as we headed to north bay the best place to be is the marin county fair the show begins
4:49 am
at 9:38 p.m. and leave the far worse to the professionals and stay safe and do not shoot off any of your own fireworks. >> as you saw the weather all be perfect and this is a look from our roof camera will be right back
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you might want a better the center and cisco also what a jury of his new lady she is a siberian tiger they made some changes to the habitat
4:52 am
the grounds are now secured and tall glass walls martha weighs almost 300 lbs. she is very playful and laid- back she likes to snooze and she looks uncomfortable in her new compound >> she is adjusting fairly well she is a very confident that she was in quarantine for the past 30 days the idea that she is napping at this exhibit is a good sign she is sapping >> next is a lot of nebraska. it is one of saddam francisco popular places and this is about people badly.
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>> you are looking at of hypodermic needle i found out in the ground at a children's playground. , this is a stronger and alcoholic drink i found inside at the playground and is broken local bottled every morning park employees need to clean up the of needles and cans of out left overnight. the other problem is dogs and dogs are permitted in the park only on all leash. they're not permitted in the park when children are around but it is a role often broken. when
4:54 am
he returned your car there is a possible chance that your car was broken into they found their backpack in side at the men's room but was inside their car. i found this in some bushes include baby wipes and other things and once again it was also in a car. at golden gate park this stanley roberts. if you want a get in touch with stanley you an e-mail on ems people behaving badly at kron 4 dot com. also charlie sheen is said he did steroids for 68 would when he made this movie major-league. and
4:55 am
because he did steroids his pitch went from 79 to 85 mi. per hour. tracy martin is back in trouble again. he made a statement saying " women should not mess with those women that have retarded kids. warren lindsay lohan after serving 35 days for mr. maitre for violating her probation for the 2007 drought driving cases she is now free as she left house for the first-time >> it feels good.
4:56 am
>> she's not entirely free she still has to complete form hundred and 80 hours of community service these are terms of her this is video of that governor wallace signing the bill a group opposes same- sex marriages it will spend $2 million to oust those members to change their mind on this issue. that are obama address the issue of same-sex marriage he is politically opposed to this it is up to individual states to read
4:57 am
and i same-sex marriages his administration is eager going to stop the fighting at the marriage as between a man and a woman also obama used his harshest language ever during a press conference yesterday he has resisted any attack hot excuse me they have resisted any tax hikes. dan obamas said it get over >> it is time to make tough toward the choices >> obama mentioned that his children do their homework on time and congress should do the same. and refusing to include a balanced
4:58 am
budget. >> if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires to build a and corporate jet owners and we want that oil and gas companies that are making hundreds of billions of dollars that means we have to kids off from getting a college scholarship. we gotta stop funding for medical research and the food safety may be compromised. >> they are trying to blame the president for ways all spending. >> about these people the what a live off the federal government >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news in we will be right back.
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first of all we're awash with the warm-up and a full check on bay area weather looks like it's going to be about how one this weekend. >> this is a look from our roof cam run at the beautiful shot the rise and is certain to bring look all the clear sky is out there
5:02 am
that it will because of the cooler temperatures right now all the edta to resign. our inland temperatures aren't being anywhere from 6 to 13 degrees higher than we had yesterday. this is a look of the increase had degrees from yesterday 10 degrees more in fairfield this is what we are seeing here as temperatures in the north bay opera '70s. 80 and sonoma: along the coast.
5:03 am
oakland all be about 71 degrees. walnut creek 81 in the south and the upper 70's low 80s. this is the look of your seven day forecast where are holding on to that warming trend saturday warmer still sunday actually hot and we had to the fourth of july holiday on monday 80 around the bay >> pretty quiet start out on the morning commute no hotspots 30 unusual delays. we will do a project we hope
5:04 am
to see a good commode we did see a a bay bridge back up yesterday once the incidents were gone of the backups were gone traffic is very light right now the san mateo bridge ryan no problems that is the west bound commute our cameras positioned just west of the toll plaza and a southbound 101 light commute all sold. >> an elderly woman is dead and a man is injured after a fire that started at 6:30 p.m. the out firefighters had trouble getting into the house because of a downed power line the cause
5:05 am
is still under investigation in it seems to be at said dental and it may have been caused by candles >> of former fire marshal as though look have heard the when intentional drawn in of a suicidal man. they're looking at the factors and how the city responded. the city leadership and policies after row fire rescue restored on the shore while east stood in neck deep water. due to and did your inquiry by the end of september. i can't talk roster officer wants a a grandfather tried
5:06 am
it for second degree murder he knew that is five pit bulls were dangerous and did not protect a little bored. it's already been charged with child abuse and this would be glad to say about the incident >> did it ever occur to you at any time after the july always did to get rid of the dog >> yes my wife told me to i love the dr. mudge i never is the birthplace of in the viciousness in the dog >> what is been like bob kasten had he been stopping and think it would you could downpipes where >> i have never been in jail
5:07 am
before i was in shock yesterday today is more marginal it is hard for me is sleeping knowing tax a two year-old boy was and my grandson and my life is ruined >> a story said the boy was set attacked by an array of pickles why he was playing in a grudge his attorney are it is fought by the child's father is to plan a will be arraigned on july 14th >> somebody is tapping into facebook. copper thieves had broken into the new facebook
5:08 am
headquarters. >> park police are stationed the only way into this place is a security guard said the thieves cut through some advancing big runs along a railroad track by the time they were over they took to thousand pounds of copper worth $80,000. >> will we right back when kron 4 morning news continues and this look outside at of san francisco a beautiful morning 70 degrees and temperatures returning hot for the weekend.
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we're waiting for the opening bell on his wall street we talked of three straight days of gains. we started them week below the 12,000 mark and now we are above it. and that the jobless claims and is about to come out from the government. we'll bring you those numbers when they come and we expect a modest decline in claims for benefits. less than two letter people have been injured what the rioting in greece. in our monetary the fund has threatened to freeze the
5:13 am
bailout money. the protesters say they will not be able to pay back those loans >> defense secretary mokpo dates for retired today he served during a obama and bush's presidency is he was clinton's white house chief of staff. general they would trails was head of the forces in afghanistan it is expected to be an easy confirmation >> kron 4 morning news continues until 10:00 a.m.
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take a live look gaudery our roof a looks like they're really clear day and >> we didn't of the light of cloud cover and we have temperatures in the '50s is morning mostly clear the son ahmad and this afternoon little bit warmer in. the clubs are rollwagen in the evening and we will cool off little bit this is where we are right now buried 53 in
5:18 am
napa right now 55 and san jose. by noontime was 60s around the media bay and some eighties out in the delta would '80s will take hold in the delta applied this is a look at what temperatures be like this afternoon. we're looking for
5:19 am
'70s around the mid bay area 78 in napa 84 morgan hill this is all look richer seven day forecast things look great we are on track with sonny's guys at and hot trend heading into next week. >> creek private in a traffic center no reason for an early departure no hotspots or unusual delays. there is a problem on the bridge and oust all and its early enough and traffic is light enough will will not have any impact on the west bound ride. they're clearing that stall as we >> . this a look at the toll
5:20 am
plaza. and you can see it is very light with all lanes open. san mateo bridge no problems. and over the golden gate bridge barry little traffic cop even for the fog o'clock or. >> update on breaking news story we brought you yesterday of what thoroughly that was shot after he fired at undercover officers he has been a debt of sent. he was on a 75 a
5:21 am
thousand dollar bond. and the shooting happened on a allison got he has served time in the past. officers are on paid an administration leave a year >> the transit agency has a new policy in place he will work as a liaison between art and the officers the board will also monitor. offers will receive additional training time and they must report all uses of
5:22 am
force this is the bart board president is playing >> it is not mandatory to carry a taser and every bart has their own that they have been retrained how to use said and done what circumstances do you said they want to be familiar with caring the terrorist is our it's not in your strong draw our draw hand but in your weaker hand. >> there will be more training for in the stations as well as all being on the trains. >> it right now in san jose it's 58 to great at new-line >> it right now in san jose it's 58 to great at new-line a 81 nice day of very hot
5:23 am
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and in mexico wall fire is approaching a loss almost firefighters are bracing for win custom of up to 45 m.p.h. crews have not been able told of the fence line are around the southern boundary of the plan. they are monitoring it for any type of radiation. surrounding areas that have been a factor >> and also the casey anthony trial. yesterday's anthony sat motionless as a father testified on his attempted suicide. it is
5:27 am
still on a clear case it will take the stand. defensed they didn't she did not die at pans of her mom but accidentally drowned and it was covered up. roger clemens will not have to go before supreme court threw out that defamation of character suit after the trainer said told investigators he injected the in the alley with steroids mcnamee is expected to be i government entranced. i >> federal judge does not want to second-guess the doctors that are trading jerry lot near his accused of stealing six people and he is in federal prison they
5:28 am
believe a lot here is a danger without the medication. defense attorneys said the laughter has been forcibly medicated since june 21st much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news and we will have more top stories on the other side of the break .
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this a shot from mt. tam and we see a beautiful sunrise in the making. nye's oranges, verizon already is gonna be a beautiful day today warm-up starting today high in the afternoon into the '80s. plenty of sunshine and it will be great to be in the water is cold and are temperatures once again were in the '50s 53 in santa rosa 46 1/2 monday everyone is looking
5:32 am
good eyes this afternoon we're looking at up for seven days in the north bay area 79 in santa rosa redwood city 78 degrees today. low 80s in the sand on belly all these temperatures will bomb up daily as we head into the weekend not to mar is a kind be hotter than today and sunday will be the
5:33 am
definition of hot with a triple digits. a check with our commutes >> morning pretty quiet in the traffic center now hot spots or delays are bridge check begins at the toll plaza traffic is flowing delinquents at the cash lanes metering lights have not been activated no delays coming out of the macarthur maze this is traffic on the approach to the toll plaza a you can see is still pretty light the right side of your screen is into foster city. and the
5:34 am
golden gate bridge won a one in bound traffic looks great even for the 5:00 hour all lot lighter than usual public transit problem free >> to market one driving a big drug raid go our telling a boats behind your car will be hit with the toll increases at the bay bridges. if you're telling about it'll go from six bucks up to 1050. perry they increase is for sisal fixes.
5:35 am
roger >> strapping gott items house should have food and beverage supplies and most of the route across the toll bridges. >> it reflects about $25,000 annually. >> the mount rogers and other pier companies wafted they will go up by 6%. and the added expense to us. >> will be tried to become more efficient are pick and choose the loads we wish to handle we may pass up opportunities at that normally would of taken with the added expense would not
5:36 am
justify itself. >> then it would have to increase shipping rates and passed on to their clients. >> he already has customers asking about the bridges >> one of our larger customers just recently did a request " for moscow for line item is the bridge toll it will not be affected in the alternate paperwork is being considered in their they know the increase is happening here in the bay area. >> it is cutting ties with a california online affiliate's. said the measure is counterproductive is expected to bring into million dollars a year.
5:37 am
also police are investigating the theft in three incidents of copper wiring. over the house impalas of copper wiring has been stolen from of the future hot facebook office complex. the total value of of all as copper wire is $9,000 >> and we continue watching a beautiful morning across the banks will little inland fog looking for opera '70s by noontime
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5:41 am
the weekly jobless numbers and unemployment claims came in that recently 428,000 americans filed for unemployment that the for the first time last week perry companies have pulled back on hiring because of the higher gas prices. we will follow the reaction on wall street >> equipment is being shipped to libya's delays.
5:42 am
>> of 5.4 earthquake rattled japan yesterday it hit 100 fonder mile, trump tokyo. they are still recovering from the larger magnitude of earthquakes that happened earlier in the year. >> when regulators said it they were pressured not to report safety issues. they kept two sets of books won for officials and one for themselves the company wanted to keep it from scrutiny and continue coal production. >> a live look a walnut
5:43 am
creek where it is currently 54 degrees and a get up to 80 as i and down the 60 to nine its
5:44 am
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5:46 am
ortega elgar whether or as we headed to a holiday weekend we are enjoying clear skies in san francisco temperatures are in the '50s '70s and '80s will be the high temperature range. . and say a breakdown of the day clear this morning sunny this afternoon and cooling off in evening this a quick look at what we see on satellite we are not
5:47 am
seeing much of anything in the way of sunshine today. it'll be a touch cooler in the north bay area this is what we should be seeing at this time of year 3 4:00 a good mix of '70s and '80s the delta all get into the 80s perry everyone is getting a bump in temperatures today compared to yesterday. this is the look of your seven day forecast at for the july
5:48 am
weekend temperatures will increase look at saturday and sunday. now check on the ride >> pretty good ride around bay area we have not tracking any hotspots. this is our bridge check west bound approach to the bay bridge traffic very light now leader in lights and no problems and the ride to the san mateo bridge right side of your screen is very light no delays as you head over to foster city. no problems for the golden gate bridge southbound 101 very polite
5:49 am
and traffic even for the 5:00 a.m. our >> and 18 year-old man has pled not gate the to done related issues that injured five people. he was arrested after the shooting and they also arrested a 16 year-old boy who all five victims are expected to survive their injuries >> is one of the most important places in san francisco and this is a stanley talking about people behaving badly >> you're looking at of hypodermic needle i found have way of buried in the ground in the children's playground, this is a can
5:50 am
all local a few fadeaway from where children play and what about this broke and liquor bottle once again inside of the playground. every morning city workers have to remove this type of trash from the city playground. also problem is dogs and they are permitted in the park as long as they are in on a leash is our role is that is often ignored just walking your child and up through the work can be very challenging not to mention that when you returned your car there is a possible chance in have been broken into these people found their backpack in the men's room it was inside the car but wait they also found another backpack
5:51 am
>> founded in some bushes we >> it can take wives and other baby things and it was from another car when you go to the park it winds up costing you. >> is more coming up on the kron 4 morning news and this look of it mt. tam cam beautiful villa outside their and hope that warm weather is finally on its their and hope that warm weather is finally on its way here.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
i like bay bridge ride so far 53 degrees 71 to life later on this afternoon and watch in the seven day forecast oil temperatures start to jump on friday '70s
5:55 am
at the beaches and an near 100 degrees in land and we could be fought for in for fireworks on monday night. hot weather is on new-line >> canadians are purveying to walk for a royal visit arid today prince william and catherine the will be are arriving in canada for a nine day trip she will have quite a visit a day they will head into the national war memorial and to the tomb of the unknown soldier they will be going to montreal and alberta before they had to southern california. charlie sheen it set in l.a.
5:56 am
this is you that he took steroids during the filming of major-league he only took comfort this is a way her >> tracy morgan people should not mess with women that mallee retarded kids and compared mails to jim's factor drew fire with anti- gay slurs. an lindsay lohan has been released from house arrest. dmz caught up with the individual when she was leaving in the house for the first time how does it feel?
5:57 am
>> it feels great being out of low. >> she still has a complete former navy hours of community service. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we will be going live to our land over the casey anthony airing
5:58 am
5:59 am
today is the day '70s san jose


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