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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let go of whatever report coming up >> of fire as killed a woman in june another how this happens details repair >> mexico wildfires near a national laboratory as thousands of gallons of radioactive waste. the kron 4 morning news at 6 begins right now. >> good morning this thursday cut the last day of june. >> we will have a quick check of whether and we'll start with a heated >> it has been cold and wet and now it's been be hot this final day this is a look at walnut creek it is starting to brighten up the scenery around. this 78
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currently and morning up later on now traffic >> we now have the third stall this morning on the bay bridge it has had zero impact on the ride because of the light traffic flow. we should see the metering lights deactivated so far they have not been upon all hon. all of a complete traffic check, ups >> developing story era out a san jose or 70 police officers could be laid off today will trend is up front of the san as a police department >> reason he is blasting the mayor in the city the police
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officers have done everything possible they could save their jobs they have tried to keep the murder rate down this city is going ahead with the layoffs we did talk to a few officers as they were on their way to work very somber and some refused to even talk to me one said yes he understood today was the day for the layoffs. a refused comment and kept on going we didn't make a phone call to the policemen's union and were waiting to hear from them. they did wage benefits and costs government measures instead of heeding that advice is a mayor when an ad and ignored them put money aside perhaps millions of dollars that could gone her to the police
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officers' salaries. i also put a phone call in to the mayor's spokesman and are waiting to hear from them also. this story is developing to keep pier off for up to its parent >> else a rate of an elderly woman is dead and a man is injured it started was 630 last night firefighters had a hard time getting to the house because of the downed power lines it's not believed to be the cause of the fire a cost $70,000 damage the fire appears to be accidental and it could be possibly by candles. and now look at the >> as we look outside this is a look our roof camera at sunrise and we will enjoy that as we head out this morning. what you through
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what we expect today clear colas morning and this afternoon the sun is going to be held and our highs will be any we from 6 to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. we will continue this at a warming trend into the weekend. warmer across the bay in oakland we dropped a few degrees in north bay. napa is now 50. antioch is a warm spot at 61 all the players ipad all over the pacific temperatures getting in the temperature rang 80 in
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sonoma 77 n bolero. san mateo 71 degrees 74 in fremont 82 livermore. in the south bay opera '70s and '80s. as we head toward the weekend we have a greatly for the july weekend we will have that forecast in just a few minutes >> a good ride around the bay area a lot of sunshine and clear skies dry pavement and light traffic to go we're not tracking any hotspots we've had our third
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stall in the morning on the bridge was bound it is still a good ride at the toll plaza mitterrand lights have not been activated little slow after the town of. and the san mateo bridge looks good moderate volume not as heavy as usual and the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound played an easy ride. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning new-line at 630 how was a man able to sneak on a cross-country flight with an expired a boarding pass and fake id. i live look outside and at mt. tam.
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we're back at 60 9:00 a.m. hot will tell how warm temperatures will be today this is a look the difference in temperatures from the yesterday. you can see the increases in some places 13 degrees new details and a tragic story we brought you a year ago now contra costa county prosecutor was a grandfather to stand trial for murder of his two year-old grandson by pit bulls. there are real and that they should try for
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secondary murder they are saying that the pit bulls were dangerous and he did nothing to protect the child from the dogs. authorities say how the boy was attacked by at least three when he entered into the family garage. the attorney says the boy's father hadn't be at fault because he had not made arrangements for child- care buried >> and our facebook page is talking about the grandfathered been tried for second-degree murder because of his pit bulls here's some of the things they are saying lee said said how could be charged for murder he was even there for it wasn't there when the dog attacked and christina says the dogs belong to the grandfather and previously attacked another and will he
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should be charged to join or not the discussion go north facebook fan page please >> wildfires is going through new mexico and threatening a national lab with actor if radioactive threatening a national lab with actor if radioactive waste. yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
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and new mexico law fire is planning of all weapons laboratory and as burnt to honor and 25 ft. square miles they are trying to get this fire under control they're worried about the wind gusting go up as high as 45 mi. per hour they have been able toll hold a ipod
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against the less of laundry of the lab. thousands of people from their and our surrounding areas have been evacuated. >> this is a look outside at our beautiful start for a weekend >> will live look here at our maps there be warm today everywhere from three to 13 new degrees warmer sedating yesterday we are expecting conditions to get better and better as we head into the weekend we're seeing 85 is the average i and by saturday 98 and on sunday and a hundred degrees in land. '70s along the
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coast all in all is not to be that bad little we warming that up for the fourth of july weekend pretty warm in land and if you have plans to be along the waterfront so good so far. we're seeing conditions as sunrise is upon us with 50 degree weather starting a warming trend this afternoon is going to be absolutely beautiful temperatures doing good right now the we're in the mid-50s that is where we are right now it's going to warm-up nicely nothing but clear skies as far as the guys can say 60s along the
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water '70s and the media beg and '80s in the delta this is a quick look around the bay and this is what to expect this afternoon how's the traffic >> we're not tracking any of hotspots were starting with a bridge check this is bay bridge west bound traffic is starting to back up now that the metering lights have been activated it doesn't appear to bad we have had several incidents on the bridge this morning last of which may be causing some slowing conditions your ride
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to the san mateo bridge problem free as we move past the sixth black our and we will head over to the golden gate bridge southbound 101 no problem or delays. >> bart is changing their policy on a laser guns. there is showing tasters to all their officers. they also hired an independent police auditor. he will be a liaison between bart and the citizens' review board. he is tired and new police chief officers will now have to go with 40 hours of extra training instead of 25 hours of extra training every two
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years officers must report all uses of force here's a new board president glazing the procedure >> now it's mandatory to carry a taser every bart police officer will have one and they will be trained how to use said so they're much more familiar with a taser than a handgun it is required that you use the tater with the we cannot the strong hand. this is an increas this is in response said shooting hoops of oscar grant. >> also argive that we shot yesterday by undercover police officer he has been identified investigators
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have been searching for him it was wanted on a $75,000 warrant for resting up rest he is interested five time and he was placed on on and on revolt all parole they took an assault rifle and handgun from him. the officers were not injured. >> they have conducted served as the director of cal fire to look in the details to look into the death of the 50 tear year- old man and the response. after it came into affect
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that the firefighters stood along the shore while the man was in napa deepwater. the report is due in late september it is now 6:21 a.m. and a look outside are mt. tam cam as the sun is coming up over the city we will be right back .
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>> the opening bell on wall street. we will see if wall street can continue winning
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ways. the dow is up over 250 points over the last three trading sessions. dow futures are of 35. we will bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the morning. >> from the roof camera, blue skies over san francisco. we had been dealing with low cloud cover in fog for how many days now? today we've returned to normal with inland temperatures into the 80s. san francisco is currently at 54. 74 behind. sunny and clear conditions. -- 70 for the high. a >> look at a ride on the bainbridge. a metering lights have been active for 15-16 minutes. a modest back up. -- a look at the ride on the bay
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bridge. i will have an update on any hot spots coming up. >> we have been following a developing story. 70 police officers are expected to be laid off today. will tran is joining us from the san as a police department, where the union is blasting the mayor and the city for letting this happen. >> the police union president is saying whatever happens is on the hands of the mayor. he says this is preventable. this is a change of shift. pilau of officers are arriving. one officer said the layoffs have been happening all week but today is the final days simply because tomorrow, july 1st is the beginning of the new fiscal
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it is very somber out here. ipolice officers have done cost- cutting measures, they have reduced wages, benefits, they have done everything it possibly could to keep police officers here but instead may your read has ignored that. he even stashed away millions of dollars her to have a ballot measure, for voters to decide as opposed to putting that money to the police officers to keep them on the job. this i am hoping to hear back from the union president to get his reaction. >> thanks for the update. >> and the national news, fbi officials say a man from nigeria is in custody after boarding a virgin american flight with an expired a boarding pass that along to someone else. a big story this morning. investigators say that the man
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boarded a flight at jfk international airport on june 24th. it was not until after the flight was airborne that flight attendants are realized an extra passenger was on board that did not have a boarding pass. the suspect told the crew that the pass was outdated because he had missed a flight earlier that day. the flight landed at los angeles and a national and he was taken into custody for questioning. the tsa is reviewing the matter. the man faces charges of being a stowaway aboard an aircraft. american airlines is looking to upgrade its fleet. the carrier is in talks to order at least 250 new aircraft worth about $15 billion. that will replace nearly 40 percent of the current fleet. officials say retiring older planes would cut maintenance costs and save fuel. the junta had to deal confirmed by the end of the summer with lower fuel costs. maybe that will mean lower
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ticket prices for us. james is here with a look at the heat. air-conditioning this weekend? >> yes. this weekend for short. especially if you are inland. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. blue skies up above. here is what we are looking for an hour forecast. mostly clear. the warm-up is starting this afternoon. a hot fourth of july contacton tap. bt temperatures right now are a little bit cooler than yesterday. temperatures in the
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low 70's-mid '80s. it will get warm in cupertino, all of those locations are expecting temperatures to top off in the low 80s. that will not be where it ends. as we head towards the weekend temperatures will jump another 10 degrees and get of
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into the 100 degree territory by sunday. a full look at your weekend forecast in holiday forecast with the fourth of july coming up. for now, the traffic department. >> the commute is going pretty well. it is shaping up nicely around the bay area. a very good commute under way. the meeting lights are still being settled at a good enough rate fell to keep this from backing up too badly. hot on the san mateo bridge westbound, heavier traffic but still no delays. the ride in from marin county looks good. the volume is finally
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picking up a bit. but to early for any backups heading down to pleasanton coming out of walnut creek on 680 southbound. >> of you shop at appeasoftcover expect some chan. chris steak has a new rule for online retailers to collect state tax. amazon says the measure is unconstitutional and counterproductive. it should bring in about 2 1 million to the state. the hope is to bring in more tax revenue. it >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a mud slide shut down a road and turns over cars. details after
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the break. how
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>> to the baseball forecasts for the holidays hosting marlins of -- oakland a's of hosting the florida marlins. 68 at the start of the morning to 71 by the ninth inning. a full check on the bay area forecast coming up in a little bit. >> national stories actually, international. in canada, a mudslide shutdown a major highway in vancouver. checkable all of mud that came flowing down the hillside. for the driver was actually caught in his vehicle in this mud slide. and the driver is ok. the mud covered the road, the railway crossing and stopped a freight train. officials are uncertain how long the highway will be
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closed. latest out of boston, james whitey boulder is back in court today. he spent nearly 20 years on the run facing 19 counts of murder, he has requested a public defender. they found $800,000 on cash when they caught him, they are saying he should be able to afford his own >> in the trial of casey anthony, the woman on the stand now is a woman who helped search for caylee anthony. casey
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anthony is bothered allegedly had an affair with a woman. yesterday, casey anthony sat motionless while her father broke down on the stand. he talked about an attempted suicide six weeks after his granddaughter's body was found. it is unknown whether or not case it will take the stand. defense attorneys say that caylee did not die at the hands of her mother, that she drowned in her grandparents pool and that her father helped cover it we will be right back.
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at back where it migh >> which could reduce this morning, someone is stealing from facebook. over the past month, copper fees have broken into facebook headquarters on three different times. will tran tells us how the thieves did this. >> police are stationed at the front entrance of the new home
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for space-bar. this is the only way in, at least the only way to legally allowed. the security guard told me that feels cut into the tenzing that ran along the railroad tracks. by the time everything was over, they made off with at least 2,000 lbs. of copper worth $8,500. at this time, there are no a beautiful looking morning from mt. tam. >> it is really beautiful out there this morning. temperatures are getting back to where they ought to be this time of year. here are the current temperatures. we are pretty much on par 4 where we should be this time of year. we will be warm enouging up, low-made '80s. cler
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here are the expected highs for this afternoon. a great day to have lunch outside. we'll see temperatures 10-13 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. the warming trend is really kicking in. san jose this topic of at 78. morgan hill, 84. this is just a taste of what is to come. here is your 7 day
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forecast. every day that goes by, temperatures get warmer. sunday is when we expect possibly triple digits. fourth of july will be great. 95 in linz, 79 around the bay, 60's on the coast. that will continue into next week. let's check >> pretty light traffic. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. despite a stall, hardly any back up. but just moments ago a stall was reported right here on the incline section but traffic is moving pretty well up the ramp it. does not appear as though
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there is anything blocking malines currently. again, a very laid-back up on the bay bridge. that is good news for those of you heading out to now. on the san mateo bridge, no problems in either a quick look at the golden gate bridge shows an easy commute in from marin county. for marin county there are no problems reported for the southbound 101 commute. >> tomorrow, anyone driving a big break or a vehicle more than three axis will be hit with a toll increase when they crossed the bay area bridge. on most of the bridges the fares will rise from $11.25 to $18. on the golden gate bridge it goes from the $15 to $22. the toll authorities says that it needs the money to help pay for seismic retrofits. charles
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cliffords has more on what this increase could mean for >> businesses> rogers trucking company ships food supplies in beverages all over northern california. the company has 147 drivers. most of them work a route that crosses a toll bridge. >> 500 trips during the month of april to may. that reflects probably around $25,000 annually. >> starting friday, the amount but that trucking companies will pay goes up by 6 percent. >> it adds cost to the load and that extra added expense for us. >> to offset the increase, they will need to make adjustments. >> we will probably try to become more efficient or pick and choose the loads that we wish to handle. being a contract carrier, we can do that. we may pass up opportunities that we normally would have taken if we did not think that the added expense would justify itself.
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>> if all else fails, they may have to increase shipping rates, passing the cost on to clients. that could mean higher prices for everyone. rogers already has customers asking about the bridge toll. >> one of our larger customers recently did a request for quote from us. they did ask us to line item the bridge toll. it will not be reflected on the ultimate paperwork or the bill but it is being considered because they know the increase is happening. >> in san leandro, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> a lockout looks likely for the nba. the collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight. as usual, disagreements between players and owners are based on the money. hundreds of millions of dollars. lead owners and executives want to create a new system that feature a tighter salary cap and a larger share of income. players and wants to keep most of the benefits they have which includes longer
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contracts and a light salary- cap. the last lockout was a 98- 99 season. >> coming up, our entertainment was. here is a tease on some of the stories. well and take will be brought starting their trip to north america. guess who is bringing myspace back? justin timberlake who was in the facebook movie is now switching sides. more on that coming up in the buzz. fo
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>> here is this morning's entertainment was. canadians are preparing for a royal visit from the newlyweds a william indicate. they will be arriving in canada for a nine day tour. the new duke and duchess of cambridge will have quite a busy day when they arrive today. they will land to the national war memorial to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the
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couple will make stops in six other canadian cities including montreal and alberta before coming to southern california. they will be in las angeles. >> this guy is bringing myspace back. at least one person believes in the social networking site. that is justin timberlake. timbrel it purchased a big stake in the sinking ship of myspace. he has not revealed how much he invested in the company which sold yesterday for somewhere between a 30 million and $40 million. justin timberlake released his own statement. he said, there is a need for a place where fans can go to connect with othertheir favorite entertainers. myspace
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has potential. >> we will be right back.
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