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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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further in land that it has. and this evening a mostly clear and the temperatures will be dropping back down to the '50s and '60s. we will have a look of the weather for the weekend when we return now traffic >> no hotspots for your drive around the bay area and nice and easy ride at the bay bridge no backup delay for the west bound ride >> thank you now back live to orlando florida waiting to see the sentencing of casey anthony she was found not guilty of the charges of murdering her two year-old daughter caylee she was found guilty of lying four counts to police officers. it could provide up to a
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year in prison on each count. this is life in the courtroom. maybe we do not have audio as they are talking to eat her lawyer before the sentencing she doesn't look too nervous or upset they been chatting we been monitoring this shot for the past five minutes waiting to see the possibilities of what would happen. >> they're not dealing want chatting help doesn't up posting on our facebook page discussing as expressing their feelings casey anthony being found not guilty in that murder of her two year-old daughter.
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join our fan page and join the discussion >> as we continue to look at this story and some of the reaction to it. we will continue to monitor this will live in pittsburgh or a shooting happen along a trail and the fog and the he is returning this afternoon and this is one of our shots from around the bay you can see have a cap of fog and we are also monitoring what is going on in florida and as soon as we know we will bring that information to you.
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there is a judge in the casey anthony trial and this is in florida >> your sentencing on
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account for five and six mr. baez you have any cool little problems why we cannot proceed previously filed motions. >> with the kids stayed at this time. >> with this they'd like to address any other matters at this time? >> yesterday i filed a motion to tax special cost
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the only reason i bring this up prior to the actual sentencing with the jurisdiction of the court when sen system posed if counsel pence to appeal the court would not be able to entertain a hearing until that matter is resolved and relates to cost of an investigation if and fact is their intent we asked the court in matters of punishment first and cost of investigation is not expect to be punitive and could be handled at a later point and time. so this can be closed
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as fast as possible that the only thing i want to bring up right now. >> baez? >> mr. mason they have not presented us with any invoice suspended and we will deal with the issue.
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>> mr. mason you may proceed circa we have how >> we have however >> before sentencing we like to address a double jeopardy on accounts 56 and 7 it arose during the july 16th interview all four counts of lying to enforcement officers as these all
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segments are double jeopardy. it the case from 2006 of 15 counts >> let me stop you for a second. >> i apologize her right gave that information to the clark.
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>> >> this test requires the court look as separation of time and place with the objective criteria criminal act of an intensive looking at that criteria if the defendant had time to pause and reflect and fighting off accounts 5 and 6 are double jeopardy pointed to the fact there was no break in the conversation so it does not warrant separate charges of false statement
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she made to the detective is from a single interview when 2080 there were no breaks it would suggest that at that offended had time to pause and reflect and not to run afoul of double jeopardy we have also provided the court with two other cases there'. double jeopardy
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was invoked five people in particular were left at the scene of an accident. double jeopardy was violated in this case. your honor we ask that ms. anthony b. since for only one count. they should also be read into the statute that you sir just >> one second.
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>> in providing false information on law enforcement officer specifically what is alleged in account for >> on the 16th day of july 2008 but a in violation of statute pop-up there was a knowing and willful violation of giving false information to law enforcement officer that allegation when she was employed at universal studios had during the july 16th interview >> as a result of her telling the police she was employed it universal studios did the police have
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to take any resulting action for their investigation? >> yes they certainly did sir they would have to charge her with a crime on all four incidents were all part of the continuous act even though there were several farce statements >> and what caused? in >> that she'll left the child with this woman >> and did that require law enforcement to investigate >> the reaction based on a violation is not how we
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measured this there was one instance of criminal act we don't look at day resulting back of the police department we are looking at the act of ms. anthony and her statements. >> in count six what was she alleged to of dunn in count six >> during the same interview on the 16th when she talked to the detective allegation ms. anthony informing the detective she identified two people of the disappearance of her job we assert that there is a materiality issue this is out of the
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same instant the the of conduct >> and count seven question >> count seven your honor is the same interview this allegation is based on miss anthony saying she received of phone copper. >> just the second since you provided these cases to me let me read them out right quick and see if i have any additional questions before i hear from a state of florida. >> ra's so the judge it in this case is reading or some cases the defense is
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saying that four counts of her line should be involved in july 9th incident underlined with police while the judge reviews the other cases we will get at quick update on weather and traffic and we are also taking your comments on our facebook fan page. if anything happens we will go back to the the court room and is a quick check of weather and traffic >> quick look at temperatures this afternoon quite a bit cooler and you will see on this chart, such cooler. we'll be looking for fog to play a factor and
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infantry these bay area hopper the san ramon yelling much cooler temperatures this afternoon compared the yesterday we are still in the '50s and '60s in most areas seven day forecast temperatures once again to fall to not just more bad saturday and sunday and also into next leaked the badgers live in the next seven days how. keep it tune of up to kron 4 and we will walk through debris >> good morning still pride
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quiet no hot spots or delays and a bridge check at the toll plaza traffic still light we have not seen the metering lights activated at the san mateo bridge easy ride no delays in the west bound direction the golden gate bridge will be fog and it's getting a little thicker has not had much of an impact southbound no delays or problems there in >> now we want to go back live at the casey anthony trial in the wake of the verdict prisons in they are startling about the verdict right now they want a combined into one and go for less in jail time when
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people are already adding that up with time served we have the audio feed now one moment >> different quarter conduct their is a temporal break between each of the lies there are several not the ones charged these lies in three separate statements and they all occurred on july 16th should be no consequences ms. anthony davis' statements 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on july 16, 2008 each of the allies are pertaining to the issues
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each warrant were attended to send law-enforcement at the final statement indicated on a wild goose chase they're not agree variances are not a single criminal act we're not dealing with multiple punishment for a single act but we are dealing with whether or not as simple act can be broken up into four separate different episodes. and the issue is whether or not there was a break to convict four separate acts what the case law suggests. there is a sufficient break
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when a person has time to pause and reflect there were multiple statements given over 12 hours that the separate packs as separately do not violate. >> there site was three what page 1067 >> this is a situation where an individual was charged with two different counts for one act of shooting with the court like my copy? >> just second are you ready my dear this is get a
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ridiculou. when we read take a quick break in that we will get back to this information and the trial when we return.
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>> back to florida in the corps were more casey anthony is being sentenced. let's listen again. >> the court will make the following finding concerning the defense motion to bar imposition of sentence on these four state counts as violating double jeopardy. count four of the indictment providing false information to a law-enforcement officer basically dealt with the following conduct. " it is
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alleged that the defendant was employed at universal studios during the year 20008 pe. this information was given pursuant to an investigation for a missing person report. that information caused law- enforcement, in following up on that statement, to go to universal studios to expand law enforcement resources to determine that in fact ms. anthony did not in fact worked at universal studios. been count five, award casey anthony
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informed o47 authorities that se had left her child caylee marie anthony f. the sawgrass apartments with a babysitter. that cost law enforcement again, as a result of a missing persons report, to develop where and follow various leasds trying to locate this babysitter accounting sixth dealt with the fact that she had informed to employees of universal studios jeff hawkins and juliette lewis in of the and the disappearance
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of caving marie anthony. in count seven hope casey anthony indicated to law enforcement and all that she had received a phone call and spoke to caylee marine anthony. wh on july 15, 8 at approximately 12:00 p.m.. this caused law-enforcement to devote extensive resources. can as a result of those four separate and distinct lies, law enforcement extended a great deal of time, energy and manpower ring looking for young caylee marie anthony. but the
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search for her and went on from july-december. hfor several months, people were trying to find caylee murray anthony. four distinct, separate just as the jury spoke loud and clear on their verdict for counts 1, 2 and 3, that also spoke is clearly for the remaining counts a 4-7. whtheres no legal cause why this course should not impose a sentence.
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the court has previously adjudged you guilty counsel for- 7. i will sentence you to one year in the orange county jail and imposing a $1,000 fine on each count hot rick santorum. al four counts are to run consecutive we will give you credit for time served. when we will spend some time figuring out her credit for time served. it will take us probably
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about an hour to sort everything out this because the previous sentences prior, but a whiff good time and again in time -- but with a good time in the game time, with preliminary figures and, sometime in early august may be late july but i cannot say that until after i first determine york times served and then, the jail has to apply it, according to their figures, their good time in to gain time.
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i will reserve jurisdiction for 60 days hot to determine the cost of prosecution and investigation. >> i have been advised a minimum of 30 days. any time after that is acceptable. >> whenever they can provide
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invoices so that we can check the validity of those and potentially conduct discovery. at least 30 days, depending on when she gives it to me. if she gives it to me on the twenty ninth day, that is not any good. >> they have indicated they can have all the documentation to me within the timeframe that i suggested and that should give mr. mason ample time to review the validity of the affidavits of the sheriff's office. which >> the week of august 15th i will not be around. the week of the twenty second i
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am involved in an evidenciary hearing on the case that is supposed to last three days. i have time on the twenty fifth and 26th. depending on how long you need and i can fit you in on the week of the twenty ninth, but i would have to because i will have to take over judge adams division. >> here, they're getting into scheduling because they have to figure out when it will come back to court and deal with the issue of how much was spent on research and investigation and if there will be some amount of bacon recouped from casey anthony. now, we learned sentence. how long will she be in jail? >> she has four consecutive one-
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year sentences for lying to police. she does have time served, it is somewhere between three and a half years of good credit, she will be going to jail until late july or early august. let's listen to the judge. >> you can have the twenty fifth and 26. that should give it enough time to get the information to mr. baez. thursday or friday? 25th or
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26th. >> thursday the twenty fifth is fine. that is acceptable to counsel. do they want to waive the appearance of miss anthony? >> the twenty fifth according to preliminary calculations, without going over double checking some things, she will not be there. >> will the corps require her attendance? it is not a punishment aspect. >> that is left up to her and her counsel. as far as i am concerned she can waive her parents. >> i would like to wave her parents, your honor. -- i
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would like to wave her appearance, your honor. >> i am also enclosing the statutory court costs. miss anthony, you have the right to appeal the judgment and sentence that i rendered in your case provided use file with a notice of appeal within 30 days. if you cannot afford the services of an attorney to assist you with an appeal, the court will appoint one to represent you. compare those rights in mind. after consulting with your attorney, do you wish to appeal? >> can we have a moment, your honor? >> you may. >> your honor, we would like to reserve a and our right to make that decision at another time. >> you have 30 days or, you for
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fit your right to appeal. did she have resources to pay for appellate counsel? >> she does not. >> if she decides to do that, please make sure that she fills out an affidavit with the clerk of the court hot to time we bring that matter also counsel can be appointed. as you know, if she does not file a timely notice of appeal, she will forfeit her right to appeal. if she decides to appeal and she was appointed counsel, it will be your defile per necessary
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appellate paperwork is that is the notice of appeal, the statement of judicial acts to be reviewed and designation to the court reporter. it would be your responsibility to before you are relieved of your responsibilities as far as this case, to have those documents filed. are there any other matters on behalf of the state of florida? >> nothing from the state your honor, thank you. >> any other matters on behalf of the defense? what >> know your honor. >> court is in recess. >> casey anthony does not get to walk free at this very moment, they have to calculate how much time she will serve in jail for this four year sentence. she has already been behind bars for three years, plus they calculate
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all of a good time credit, like in california, you get more than the actual time spent. the judge himself said she would be out either at the end of this month or sometime in august. >> judge perry looking from calculations from the sheriff's department and the district attorney on how much it has cost to prosecute this case as they will take the unusual step of going after casey anthony for the costs involved as she was convicted of four counts of lying to police. >> we put up our facebook fan page to remind people that they can weigh in on this. the four counts of lying has to do with the cost because she lied about getting a phone call from caylee, and that that sparked a big investigation and another surge. all of these lies cause to act more searching and investigation and all of that adds up. they want to recuperate the money. that is all the they can do of this point. >> the defense arguing that it
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was one continuous light, but the judge determines a it was in fact four distinct lines and gave her the maximum jail time for each allied. one year and each to be served consecutively. those four accounts at up to four years in prison. the early estimations are that casey anthony will be released for having served with counts as those for years, time served by late july, early >> i am wondering where her parents are. parked there were people outside chanting, hundreds of them who were upset about the verdict. now we will have to see if anyone is upset
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about the sentencing. had she will not walk free today, but she will definitely, as the judge said be freed by the end of this month or argoaugust. >> there is concern for casey anthony safety after she is released. or sever family members have received death threats. it is concerned as to where casey anthony could safely go when she does leave jail. not a lot of people are convinced that she is guilty of this crime. >> and not only is there concern on her and, where can she go the issue will not be noticed or in jeopardy? also, when there were words posted on logs and websites about the jurors. he giggle they have to be worried?
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one of the biggest stories appear in this year. this has been going across on for years. 33 days of testimony in 400 pieces of testimony in 11 hours a to issue a verdict that cleared her of all of the >> murder >> found guilty on perjury charges. comments can coming in on our facebook fan page, we will share those comments out throughout the morning and we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> fax outside the court room, a breaking story, casey anthony sentenced to four years in prison, four separate counts of lying to police, the only accounts that she was acquitted of as she was acquitted of the murder of her two year-old daughter caylee. >> we are waiting to find out how long she will serve in jail. the judge said she would be out the end of july or by sometime in august. prosecutors >> are still figuring out the total cost in prosecuting this case and the investigation as they are making the decision to go after casey anthony to collect money from her, tried to collect money from her for the
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costs involved in the investigation while they were sent on wild goose chases because of her lies. >> court is adjourned and empty, on the right-hand side this is what is developing into this is what could build. this crowd has grown in the last 15 minutes outside the courthouse. they have a picket signs, they are upset. when we look at our facebook page comments, people are expressing anger. it is really one-sided. people are angry and saying, she got away with it, as if she were guilty, as we know, she was found not guilty. >> many of the jurors to live spoken out already are sickens by the verdict they handed down the they simply felt the prosecution did not prove their case, that casey was responsible for the murder of caylee. the verdict is in, a four year sentence most of which have already been served as anthony has been in jail during the time
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of this trial. again, her walk only another four-six weeks for caylee anthony. >> we are waiting to get a response from our legal panel less. we will continue live coverage as the story develops live in right now, a look at whether. >> the fog is beginning to reach in land. here is what we're looking like for today. '50s and '60s as you wake up this morning, sunny and clear this afternoon getting into the upper 80s in landland. mostly clear ts evening as temperatures fall back down to the '50s and '60s. that is a quick glance at the weather for today. as
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temperatures right now are mainly in the '50s and '60s. the morning sunshine is slowly starting to do its thing. we will eventually get to this, our highs this afternoon, the north they will be mainly in the upper 70's. upper 50s along the coast and warming as you head south on 101. warmer in the east bay wher. that is the way the hs will go today. noticeably cooler than yesterday. as we look towards the weekends, our
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temperatures are slowly declining day after day, ultimately getting cold next wednesday. inland ties only in the upper 70's. that is where for this time of that is sure whether, let's check on traffic. >> we have a major problem developing in san francisco, lanes are blocked on 101 northbound. there is a disabled big break right here near the central split. as it is tying up traffic into backing things up already beyond the 280 interchange into downtown san francisco and traffic headed to the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic is coming to a standstill northbound. take a look at the back up already reaching beyond the 280 interchange. what happens is a big grin that was telling half
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of a mobile home and broke down so " because a wheel came off. your best bet is to use the 280 extension although that will not work for much longer. no. l and 101 -- -- northbound 101 after 101 turns into the central freeway and head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. the camera is showing traffic trying to get to the lower deck will be backing up. there are no good alternates are ground this to get to the bridge except to take city streets. on the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, still an easy commute to happe.e
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metering lights have not been activated for your trip into san francisco. >> or the time now is 6:56 a.m., we are going back to breaking news out of a florida where this giant crowd, it is a growing crowd outside the courthouse where we just learned to live this morning that casey anthony has been sentenced to four years in jail or for the four counts of lying to police who were investigating the death of her two year-old daughter click for which she was acquitted of murder. they did not consider a mortar, the convicted her of lying. that came with far less in jail with time served she could be out by the end of july or august. people and lore are not
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happy, in fact across the nation, there are words coming in from facebook, twitter and everything else that people are upset about what is going on with this verdict. 6:57 a.m., we are back with more than a couple of minutes.
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