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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 7, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> the top stories we are following, in jail time for casey anthony, sentencing the floor a mother who was found not guilty of killing her two year- old daughter, but found guilty of lying. the search has been extended for several bay area fishermen whose boat capsized near baja california. >> big traffic problems in san francisco, a hot spot on 101. george has an update. >> highway 880101 in san francisco, northbound lanes are blocked at the central split.
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chris chp, we have a live picture. this the agency reports one lane is blocked by eight disabled tractor-trailer rig. when initial conversations indicate that this will likely be out there for a while and may require a freeway closures, at least a northbound closure to clear this big rig that was tellintowing a mobile home whena trailer lost a wheel. right now, traffic is backed up beyond the 280 split, to 80 is your best bet into the city. >> a quick check on north water and whether as we look at the san mateo bridge. let's walk you through what weather is going to be like today. morning coastal fog and clouds, cooler temperatures this afternoon. the cool down really takes to hold today, especially inland. highs
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will drop well below normal as we head into next week. the 7 day forecast is coming up in a little bit. >> 7 02 a m, casey anthony has been sentenced to four years in prison on four counts of lying to investigators, who were looking into the death of her two year-old daughter caylee in 2080. anthony will get credit for time served which is three years. when they calculate everything else which they have not done yet, the judge says she should be released sometime by the end of this month or in early august. here is what happens in the courtroom when the sentence was announced. >> i will sentence you bonds to one year in orange county jail, imposing a $1,000 fine per each
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all four counts are to run consecutive giving it credit for the time that you have previously served. >> the judge did not accept the defense's argument, they tried at the last minute to have those for lying convictions combined into one of events which would have meant less jail time. the judge said, therefore individual accounts. -- they were four separate accounts. casey anthony could be released by the end of this month or early august. >> what we are getting live pictures outside of the orange county jail in orlando were casey anthony just had her sentencing, even though the picture is showing as a parking lot right now, quokkthere is a e group of people who have gathered outside the courthouse, many of them are holding signs that say justice for caylee
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leather. there are police officers on the scene. what they're waiting for our for some of the attorneys or maybe the prosecutors to come out of the court room for some sort of response. we will continue to follow these live pictures and bringing new information as soon as it comes in. for now, a check on weather. >> some of the comments are pretty harsh, people are getting heated over the sentencing. here is what some are saying. [reading] her
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>> if you what to do to this discussion, go to our space-bar fan page, we will be reading them all morning. >> all right fit horse with a time is 7:05 a.m., let's take a look at this hot spot, george. >> a clean block on 101 a northbound leading into san this area right here was 101 northbound but is now interstate 8 eastbound. it is behind this lamp that a big rig was tractor- trailer is blocking lane # 2 per, the second lane from the left. it is likely to take some time to clear. the trailer lost
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a the freeway lanes may have to be close down northbound in order to clear it. the backup region to be on the 280 interchange. make no mistake, this will back up traffic on the 280 extension as far as ocean drive. it is also going to affect the right onto a the northbound. when traffic comes up 101 it will try to get out here. it will also affect traffic on third street, a city street, they sure and they're opposed to as people try to bail off of 101 north down to avoid the delays. major snarls. a lot of traffic in the early morning hours is a truck traffic trying to get to a lower deck of the bay bridge just driving through
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san francisco in rig to the east bay. all of that traffic is going to be >> it like an easy ride on the bay bridge. a metering lights are activated in the last 20 minutes or so. in easy ride this morning westbound on the bay bridge than the typically easy commute out of san francisco. over to the weather center, it looks a little gray. let's check with james fletcher. >> a live look from our roof camera. low clouds and fog. prison currently 53 in the city getting up to 63 at noon, 66 by this afternoon. pat here is a quick check on temperatures or elsewhere around the
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temperatures will warm up quite a bit but cooler than yesterday. reporthalfby this evening thingl off, 70's return to the east bay, 70's on the coast. -- 60's on the coast. next week is one to be pretty cool. pretty crazy whether for july. we are back with more in a minute.
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>> casey anthony sentenced on her four counts of lying to police. found not guilty of murder. will tran has a mobile reaction from walnut creek. >> scale lot of people started spewing of facts about what is going on. we told them up for that she could be out of jail within a month or so, here is their reaction. >> and not guilty, a lot of people are mad about that. i feel like i agree with them letting her go, i have my own
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prejudiced, but she is still to come she has to live with that for the rest of her life. it is something i did nothing that anyone would want to >> carry> it does not seem quite fair. >> why do you say that? >> from what i read, the evidence seemed to be overwhelming that she was guilty. from route i read from some of the jurors yesterday in the papers, it is just not fair. it is not right. >> , that gentleman is in the minority, a lot of people and, critics say the verdict is the verdict. that is the american justice system and of 12 jurors said she was not guilty than they are good with that. nonetheless no matter how they feel, she still has to live in society. a court of public opinion has already chimed in. some people i shall feel sorry for her. -- some people
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actually feel sorry for her. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> it is still quite early for the commune. the communes is effective for traffic heading to san francisco and to downtown or towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. road crews are at work and have been for a while with two lanes of traffic block. in terms of alternate routes, the 280 extension is your best bet. it is going to get heavier and heavier and city streets we are already getting reports are being backed up.
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>> we have another hot spot where there is a major injury accident blocking a lane. traffic is blocked up towards highway 880237. already affecting the ride on 85 northbound. this will likely affect the right coming off of 237 and could affect the nimitz freeway as well. remember, 237 can next with 880 right here and often times when there are problems on 237 westbound 8 means make backups on the nimitz freeway. now on the bay bridge westbound, sinfully there are no real delays. a late start to the commute, the metering lights were not activated until shortly before 7:00 a.m.. james fletcher has a look at the weather. >> we have a look from mt. tam
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once more. a low cloud cover fog, blue skies and sunshine above. coastal communities will enjoy that after the fog burns away. 50s and 60s are the current target range. sunny and cool air this afternoon. inland temperatures will be cooler thanks to the marine layer. this evening mostly clear with temperatures falling back down into the 50s and 60s. a quick look at where temperatures will go this afternoon, we are starting in the '50s and '60s by noon, '70s and '80s working their way into the no. 8 in the east bay. by this afternoon, antioch may be low 90s, 91, maybe. perhaps '70s and '80s throughout most of the bay. by this evening, we will get rid of the 90's and 80's in dealing with 70's from that point on, it
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inland. we will cool down considerably as we head into the evening. here is a graphic to illustrate how much the weather will feel different. concord, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's, and the south bay, fremont and san jose, six degrees cooler. that is compared to yesterday afternoon. here is your 7 day forecast. the cooling trend will really grab ahold of thus beginning today and not let go. even into the middle of next week temperatures will gradually decline. here we are in the middle of july and in dealing with 78 as a high for inland spots. pretty wild. seven >> 20 2:00 a.m., our big story is the sentencing for casey anthony and what people are singing. we will have a live interview with a legal and is
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analyst. a we are back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>> for our big story, reaction pouring in after the sentences handed out for casey anthony who was found not guilty for the murder of her daughter but guilty for lying to police investigators. 46 years in jail is what her sentences, she will serve less than that with credit for time served. juror number three is speaking out saying that this was a heartbreaking decision but that the jury did not have enough proof to make a murder conviction. >> if you are going to charge someone with murder, don't you have to know why they killed or how? those are important questions. they were not
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>> to the bay bridge, six tall and heavy drizzle on the stand. we will be back with more in a moment. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> here is a look at the sky way. eastbound with. this
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traffic is headed south out of the city. this traffic is headed into downtown and to the lower deck of the bay bridge. that is where two of the four lanes are blocked by this a wide load that tint on to the ground when a wheel fell off. traffic is backed up all through san francisco. park traffic have already backed up and beyond america's of. -- mayor of tulsa -- mariposa. chp does
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not believe that this accident will be cleared for at least another hour. it is likely that it will take longer. that is not our only hot spot. in mountain view, 101 northbound and ring store, a major injury accident backing up to ride up from 437 on 101. the backup is starting to reach back towards the guadalupe parkway. perhaps if it joins with that slow traffic we could be looking at 4-5 mi. of almost stop and go traffic. it could the morning to think about using interstate
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here is what happens in the courtroom with casey anthony this morning. >> i will sentence you to one year in the orange county jail and imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all four counts to run consecutive to each other and giving you credit for time served. >> as the judge did not accept casey anthony as a defense argument that the four convictions should be combined into one offense. casey anthony
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may be released from jail late -- late july or early august. >> defazio is one of our legal analyst, he is going to provide some insight on this sentence. good morning. >> and good morning. >> it looks like they have calculations like we do in california, if you are sentenced to four years and served three, you get more credit than the day's served. >> that is exactly right. maximum punishment for a misdemeanor is one year in county jail and a $1,000 fine. that is exactly what the judge sentenced, the maximum that he could under law. >> the jury said there was not enough proof given work by the attorneys, by the prosecutors that she should be convicted in this case of murder. there as a former prosecutor, is there a lot of pressure on prosecutors in a case like this, to bring charges even though it is possible the evidence may not be
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there? >> there is always pressure. heart primes of this nature call out for a solution. people want to feel that someone has been arrested, apprehended and ultimately found guilty. obviously a prosecutor is held to a higher standard and should not proceed in the case unless he or she feels there is sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction. i am sure they did in this case but they were unsuccessful. >> bill, i do not know if you have seen outside the courthouse, right now in florida there are a lot of people gathering and more and more are coming out and holding signs. the jury was never privy to any of this. we are able to see the upward now, the jurors see it and casey anthony will see. where can she go, if
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anywhere when she does get out of jail? >> that is going to be a situation that she and her family will have to deal with. ultimately the system of race because you have a prosecutor, defense attorney and in individuals. the prosecutors failed to reach of the burden of truth forever -- the burden of proof for whatever reason. as this continues you will be able to interview more jurors. a consistent line is that the jurors felt they were unable to prove how she died or why she died and the circumstantial evidence was not sufficient >> get appears that the prosecution and a sheriff's department are going after casey anthony for money spent looking for caylee in this
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investigation. how unusual is that? >> i have not heard of that in this jurisdiction. pour her she was found not guilty. prosecutors a share new-line. >> after zero days and so was acquitted, and there was a civil trial. is there nothing that can be done in their, civilly to her? >> i do not know who would soon personally.
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>> the parents of casey anthony and were for the prosecution and testified, as would this be unprecedented if the parents as grandparents came forward? >> that is possible, but my expertise is in criminal law, not civil law. perhaps if the father came out to an astute of the death of this child. per >> as far as criminally, there is nothing else that can be done for her? she is just going to be released and try to figure out how to 1/2 per life? >> she and her creator know, ultimately she has to live for that. she was responsible for the death of a child people.
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>> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. hop
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where >> i am justine waldman, the attorney for casey anthony may be celebrating her not guilty verdict in her pending release from jail that could happen later this month or in august as you heard her sentencing right here on kron 4. many people in florida and all over the country are stunned and outraged by this decision, so much so that people are sending death threats to increase parent and her attorney. >> but we are getting e-mail, phone calls, faxes. we are of value in them. if there are any better valid we will for them to law enforcement. >> what are they saying? >> people are unhappy with the verdict. they blame me, my
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clients, mr. baez. >> poughkeepsie here is new video into the kron 4 newsroom of georgia and cindy tweeting scored after their daughter was sentenced moments ago.
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>> to major hot spots, san francisco and mountain view. we also have a delay reported on
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march. let's get to our hot spot and san francisco. this is a wide load that was on a trailer. billowed slipped from the trailer and is almost on the ground. this was northbound 101 headed to the lower deck. blogging to of the three lanes. look at the back. backing up towards the candlestick causeway. it is solid from the 280 interchange. this is not likely to get cleared for release another 30 minutes at
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best. they have set for another trailer to deal with this problem. it is not expected to arrive back on seen until a 10- 15 minutes from now. if they are lucky it will be cleared by 830. if that is optimistic. continuing problems. not our only hot spot. near reingstorff, three lanes were blocked while they worked to clear a major injury accident. we let me show
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you the bay bridge westbound. a great commute. no delays or problems. again, delays on are reported in san francisco and towards sfo, 12-15 minutes out of the twelfth street station. >> a quick check on weather, this is the view from mt. tam, low cloud cover. we have been dealing with fog all week long. that is a part of the morning forecast with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. this afternoon the sun will come out but we will not be as warm as it is today. today is a cooler day than yesterday. we are watching a cool down take hold mostly through this evening. 50s and 60s. here are your highs for the
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day. low 80s near redwood city and paul wellstone. -- paul also. san jose will top out at 86. the cooling trend will continue as we head into the weekends.
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>> jail time for casey anthony, a florida mother found not guilty of killing her two year- old daughter that in 2008, today the judge says she will spend a year in jail for each of the four house that she was convicted of. with time already served anthony could be released later this month or early august. >> some of the comments are pretty harsh this morning coming into our facebook fan page. here is what a spokesman are saying about a lot of people talking. one person says this entire case is a joke. this was a trial by judge instead of jury she would have been convicted. people are easily rig manipulated and this jury is no exception. hook one woman says, at least the judge is trying to dictate to the maximum that he can. a blind man concede that she did it. the baby did not receive any justice. hawker car another, and
7:52 am
says she got off with a murder just like o.j.. another person said, the prosecution has so much to work with and did not make a good case. the real world is even more cruel than the criminal justice system and casey anthony will find that out first hand. go to our facebook fan page, like us and post a comment. >> 752 a m, all we are back with more and a couple of minutes. we will continue our live coverage of the hot spot in traffic, this accident on 101, where talking about a huge reach in the effect of the commute. an update from george in a couple of minutes.
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>> look at the effect pass it
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and has had. there is no good alternate route to get into the city this morning because all of the surface streets are jammed. that is not our only hot spots, it is a problem in mountain view and delays on a barge from the twelfth street station in oakland, as much as 15 minutes. >> 6:56 a.m., our big story, casey anthony is not going to be leaving jail just yet but she will be pretty soon. this morning she was sentenced on four counts of lying to police. because she has already served as three years in jail she could be out of jail although she was sentenced to four years, as
7:57 am
early as the end of this month. although anthony was acquitted of murdering her two year-old daughter the judge to determine the 25 year-old deserved to spend more time it's beyond our next guest because of those other counts. he also sentenced her to pay a total of $4,000 in fines. her lawyers have 30 days to appeal the sentence. >> we are back with more on that story and other top stories in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. 101 northbound is jam packed on the 87 interchange. hot premier as
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it shore ahead 56
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>> of the chp x 7:21 a.m. said it would be a minimum of one hour before and this is clear. that is just a best guess. i think it will take longer for the roadway to be opened. in the south bay, mountain view, multiple lanes on the bayshore
8:02 am
freeway were blocked northbound as they were working to clear this a major injury accident. it is backed up westbound 237, northbound 85 and especially northbound 101. as i am going to bring up our san jose camera. the traffic back of that begins here actually reaches all the way up to reingstorff avenue. those that the seven disconnected. we want to show you the bay bridge commuters, it is one of the few bright spots in the morning right. no backups or delays although the metering lights are active for the westbound commute. if barton's is still recovering from early morning problems delayed trains as much as 15 minutes into san francisco and towards sfo coming from the twelfth street station. that is the downtown oakland station. they say the problems that caused the delays are clear residual backrubs
8:03 am
remain. passenger delays could be considerably longer. >> 8 02 a.m., the florida mother acquitted of murdering her two year-old daughter is sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators about the death of her daughter back in 2008. casey anthony is sentenced to four years it will get credit for the three years that she is already served behind bars awaiting for the trial and during the trial. she could be released as early as the end of this month or early august, here is what happens to live this morning in the courtroom. >> i will sentence you to one year and warned county jail house and imposing a $1,000 fine on each count. each count is to run consecutive giving it
8:04 am
credit for the time that you have previously served. >> the judge did not accept the defenses of argument asking to combine the convictions and to one offense. >> will tran is live in walnut creek with reaction. >> there is the court of public opinion. here is what they had to say. >> pocket is a very emotional topic. not a lot of facts, very much like the o.j. simpson
8:05 am
trial. very spectacular. >> you disagree with the verdict and the sentencing? >> i needed more detail. i would have to do more research in order to say how i truly felt. my first instinct is, i think she is guilty. >> trust in the legal system. if they found her to be in this sense i think we have to accept that. i am ok with it. >> one man said he thought she was guilty but then he said she probably will be sentenced for the rest of her life because even though she will be walking around society, everyone will look at her, she is a pariah and no community wants her. that, according to him will probably be her ultimate sentence. we will get more reaction from walnut creek. >> thanks for the update. we have another breaking news story. >> san francisco please have made an arrest in the theft of
8:06 am
the picasso sketch. we have been showing u.s. surveillance video of this man without shoes taking this priceless painting also walls in a san francisco art gallery and then walking down the union square. he has on no shoes as you see in this next piece of video. we do know this morning that san francisco police have arrested this man that you are looking at your on your screen. we do plan to have a crew at a press conference that is happening at 10:00 a.m.. we will let you know with san francisco police are saying about the man accused of stealing this picasso. hope it is worth several hundred thousand dollars. that is the latest news. >> the plan was to grab the painting and leaves. >> the time is 8 06 a.m.. james
8:07 am
is taking it look at the forecast. >> we are in a cool down pattern. tenders that you see on the board are cooler than yesterday. 53 in san francisco, 60 in napa, 63 in san jose. with temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday. when
8:08 am
>> one man was after a boat capsized, who really have a coast guard plane still searching, we will bring the updates as they come in.
8:09 am
>> 8:08 a.m., a live look outside above the clouds, you can see there is a pretty thick blanket. we're looking at a big cool down to date. we will be right back.
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>> leans blocked on the sky way, the two right lanes remain up
8:12 am
shutdown by a disabled trailer being hauled by a big rig. look at the back of leading is a san francisco. when 101 northbound is backed up to the candlestick causeway and the entire 280 extension is jams as well as all of the surface streets leading into san francisco. mountain view is a continuing hot spot that is continuing to jim travis in the south bay, 101 northbound is backed up to the 880, 101 interchange. >> more now on the jail time for casey anthony. sentenced to four years in prison. with time served she will be out the end of this month or early next month. a lot of reaction continues to pour in especially on our facebook fan page. >> the comments regarding her
8:13 am
sentence is letting our fan page. many people compare this to the o.j. simpson verdict. a lot of people feel that justice was not served. here is what one person said. >> here is what another person says. >> if you like to continue to the discussions, go to our facebook fan page. we will be talking about this all morning.
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>> > > 8:13 a.m., we are back in a couple of minutes with the world according to gary. we have a lot to talk about. her
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>> we are back with the world according to gary. i >> get have a big question for you pop. cahilto the canadian dr for tiger and a rod, he pled guilty to bringing and banned
8:18 am
drugs and growth hormones. what does that mean for these big athletes? >> he looks to school cannot be corrected. >> you look at him and say, i will have what he is having. option >> when i go to the doctor i want someone older than me who i think will not harm me in any way. >> does this do anything? >> it leaves suspicion. i believe where there is smoke there's fire. he might tell you, try this or that and so it is legal. when i go to the doctor, if i am in pain, to do we really
8:19 am
look at everything they give us? it is proven that this guy is shading and you keep going to him, it is on you. the first time around, you never know. >> just stick a little early today, i learned about planking. have you heard of it? >> it is a new sport. pathlaid n anywhere in and take a picture of yourself. >> then, but the online?
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>> it i have never seen and a berth filleting. for -- i have never seen what our anchors a planking. rock let her do the weather on her stomach pour red and he was the spike in the ratings. [laughter] >> >> she is in a traffic center
8:21 am
laughing. >> i speak to her? zack account prepared plastic louisa, did anyone suggest that you plant or did you jump on the desktop this morning? >> this was on her own free will. asked and what is the point? >> it is just a fun thing. fifth >> then, you put this on the internet? >> " yes. >> , do not get it. i
8:22 am
>> justin beiber, demi moore, chris brown, katie., they have planked. >> walked there you are. we
8:23 am
have one of you planking. i am posting that on face. >> you showed the back of my head. thank you. [laughter]
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>> in major hot spots in san francisco. just seconds ago up they tried moving this big rig off of the roadway, this trailer. they had some problems. has there were driving this rig of comet systems um -- -- movement of protests as they were driving this or rig, holland renigged tipped overit s
8:27 am
though they hit a snag in their efforts to clear the roadway. continuing delays in to san francisco, it has jammed up into the freeway is trying to get into downtown. the 280 extension is jammed, the southern freeway is jammed. 101 northbound is jammed of iraq to the causeway. fog >> a day. man is one of the four astronauts headed into space on the final trip of the space shuttle program, space shuttle when atlantis. current all-clear up in the bay area. the purpose of this final mission is to deliver supplies, logistics' and spare parts to the international space station. lunchtime is scheduled for 826 a m. we will
8:28 am
be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues, right after this break a live look from mt. tam above the clouds, the fog is starting to break up around the bay. hoesch all of the note
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> a = awareness, we are still tracking a hot spot and san francisco, nearly two hours if the alternative is to the city have been badly damaged. take a look at the problem. f it was this a wide load that got lost from its trailer northbound. here it had been part over here, this is where the incident occurred where it ran aground. some just about five minutes ago, looks kiss of both big rigs were trying to move this to the seventh street offramp. as they were driving the load shifted and on this corner hit the ground. how they have now
8:31 am
attached a nylon strap in order to try to pull this side down and raise this side of in order to get it off the ground so that they can continue with their operations. the crews are busy trying to manage this problem that occurred. whetraffic is jad into san francisco on all of the approaches from the south. to 80, look at this. an earlier occurring accident has left traffic snarled all around the south bay trying to get up into
8:32 am
mountain view. 101 northbound is backed up nearly to the 280 interchange. 237 is backed up onto the 880 westbound and into milpitas. it is a mess there as well. the bay bridge is an easy ride at westbound. there is no back up getting to the toll plaza. >> we are falling of the latest on florida mother casey anthony. she was sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators. the of the they will get credit for time served, that means she will be released from jail later this month or early august. here is what happens in the courtroom as the sentencing was announced. >> i will sentence you to one year and orange county jail. why will be imposing a $1,000 fine for each count. all four counts
8:33 am
are to run consecutive to each other and we will give you time for previously served. casey >> anthony may be out of jail later this month or in early august. >> continuing team coverage on the sentencing, will tran is joining us live with the local reaction. is there a general consensus or is there >> a split> pretty much shot over the verdict especially if you speak with mothers. people are nonetheless shocked. that is why the sentencing did not shock them because they believe in she is found not guilty then maybe she should not spend any time.
8:34 am
here is reaction to the sentencing. >> i think you have to understand our justice system. it is agreed that we have a jury that find you guilty or innocent but with all of the evidence, i read an analogy, if a child of rig something and they say, i did not break the lamp and then you go into the living room and the lamp was broken, are they lying? >> i was obviously very shocked. >> she will probably be looked down upon. would you welcome or in your neighborhood? >> of course not. >> that answer is pretty much
8:35 am
shared with everyone. >> that was an interesting question. we will continue on our facebook fan page, taking your opinions about this. >> breaking news, san francisco her police have arrested a suspect that stole that picasso sketch. here is a surveillance video hoo hook. there is the guy walking down the street. her
8:36 am
host that picasso sketch was made in 1965 -- 1865. san francisco police have made an arrest. they're holding a press conference to announce the details. we will bring everyone the latest on this breaking news story. >> to this search for seven bay area man in the gulf of california resumed today. their boat capsized sunday morning how that was about 96 hours ago in the sea of cortez. the search is still on for those missing fishermen. mexican authorities say 96 hours search is usually protocol but it has been extended and a specific ending.
8:37 am
is not known at this point. more than 1100 square miles has been scoured for clues and survivors. sahara and one man was found dead 19 fishermen and all crew members were rescued. >> let's get you caught up on whether. palo clouds and fog mainly along the coast. sunny and cool this afternoon. our afternoon highs will be cooler than yesterday planned mostly clear again this evening. that is how the next 24 hours will play out. temperatures at the moment 50s and 60s. hothe fall
8:38 am
will be with us for the foreseeable future. when pavin and highs in the north bay, about 80 degrees. maybe upper 60s in san francisco.
8:39 am
temperatures are slowly is i'll bring down. when >> , we are back with the latest news, a lot going on and we will continue to we will be right back.
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few her infant but "
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>> shall well, for illness. we are still tracking heehaws, francisco chavez crews are busy trying traffic is jammed on all
8:43 am
of the northbound approaches into san francisco. >> more on the casey anthony sentencing, one of the jurors is speaking out saying it is a heartbreaking decisions but the jury did not have enough proof to make a murder conviction. >> how did she die? if you charge someone with murder, you have to know how or why they killed someone. where, when, why, how? those were important questions that were not answered. quite a few people when we got back after the verdict was read, were in tears. people >> are getting heated over the sentencing. here is what some people are saying this morning.
8:44 am
like us on our facebook fan page and read a comment, we will be continuing to talk about this all morning. we will be right back why if and how bad boy of wouldn't
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> >> court officials are now saying that casey anthony will be released next wednesday, july 13th. she is getting credit for time served and good behavior. casey anthony will be a free woman next wednesday. >> + go back to traffic right
8:48 am
now, a hot spot in san francisco. >> over two hours we have been tracking the progress power of the clearing operations of this incident in where a wide load ended up on the ground after the trailer became disabled. crews actually tried to move this about 30 minutes ago. they managed to get it moved about 50-75 ft. above for the corner bois tick down on to the bay. then, they got busy trying to get picked up again. for some reason this does not seem to be switching over. the ride as it heads into san francisco is completely jammed.
8:49 am
the ride headed amount is jammed on all of the approaches and to san francisco. the surface streets are jammed as well. big delays continue. there is a look at a part of the back up. over to the weather center, here is an update from james fletcher. >> here is a look at current temperatures. 50s and 60s. if you degrees cooler than yesterday. " the fog comes
8:50 am
second during the evening bringing with it cooler air. santa rosa at azt -- here are our highs for today. box or as we look at the 7 day forecast of the cooling trend will not let up anytime soon.
8:51 am
>> those are the stories are falling. a california highway official 20 dead on driving arrests were up in the bay area over for the july with one fatality reported. 141 people arrested for drunk driving compared to 94 last year. 251 d was compared to 190 last year. statewide over 1500 people were arrested for drunken driving, 1400 arrested during independence day last year. >> city of richmond of issuing id cards for residents who do not have another form of id. you have to prove that you are a resident of the city. this will allow people about why these to
8:52 am
open a bank account or use city services. as a wild fire season is beginning, the contract was cut for the biggest fire fighting jet. this date cancelled a three-year contract because of budget cuts. >> sentencing was supposed to be today for the two men convicted in the murder of chauncey bailey but that has now been postponed. the judge in the case wants to look at a report that the prosecution's star witness lied on the stand. defense
8:53 am
lawyers are calling into question published comments, both face life in prison without >> we're back with more and a couple of minutes. let's take a level outside.
8:54 am
8:55 am
hmm a colored her
8:56 am
>> will combat serious run for >> by forbes magazine, angelina
8:57 am
chilly and sarah jessica parker. behind them were jennifer anniston and reese witherspoon. she is known as the champion of gay, lesbian and bisexual and transgendered rights, lady gaga says she is not just using the community. in an interview with the advocate the 25 year-old superstar says suggestions that she is trying to profit off of days fans is ridiculous. lady gaga says that she considers human rights causes to be among the top priorities in her >> we are back with more and a couple of minutes. the big news is a hot spot, it's a double trailer came undone. northbound 101 after the 280 extension, it
8:58 am
is having a huge fall of affect. whop
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
9:03 am
louisa >> we just found out casey anthony will be released from jail july 13th she was sentenced to four years for lying to investigators in the death of her two year- old daughter. but she was acquitted of the murder
9:04 am
charges she gets credit for time served which allows her to be released next week this is what happened live in the courtroom this morning >> i will send you one year in the orange county jail imposing you a $1,000 fine on each count of four counts run consecutive to each other and giving your credit report that time already served. >> defense attorney tried to combine all for charges into one. and we have just found out she will be released on wednesday that
9:05 am
is a lot of her parents' leaving the court room they left without making any comments and all. >> lot of people are commenting on our fan page. welch and has been live in walnut creek and has brought us a reaction from the crowds. >> it came through on any an irrational news as an emotional topic much like an o.j. simpson trial >> you disagree with this verdict and sentencing? >> i need more detail i would have to do more research to say how i really felt my first instinct i think she's guilty >> i trust the legal system
9:06 am
if they find her innocent we have to expect that >> this is reaction from our fan page >> of florida are complete has been made and because of an obscene gesture he made after she'd was. this is the picture he was giving the middle finger to the media. mason was in court today and has not yet commented on this complaint >> 9 06 a m police make an
9:07 am
arrest and the case of the stolen picasso sketch this is this-that was stolen from the art gallery on tuesday and they have security of video and there is this-right under his arm. the police impound a cab and now they have the guy and we will see what happens when and where this case goes they think they have the matter that took this sketch. it does get is worth at least two letters thousand dollars. >> other stories we're following this search for seven bay area man will continue why today the book capsized early sunday morning mexican authorities saying 96 our " search
9:08 am
window is protocol all the water temperatures are in the mid '80s. more than 1100 stop square miles had been searched. 19 fishermen and 16 crew were arrested there i rescued. >> he already put in his paper work he was ready to retire and was going to august 5th after 30 years he was wearing a life jacket when he jumped then and a peek at wave came and separated them i understand the water is warm and not
9:09 am
concerned about hyperthermia but there are sharks out tax. i know he knows how to swim. >> they are flying down there today we have a crew on board that search plane and we will bring you an update as soon as it is available we will be back with a kron 4 morning news [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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for one of our guaranteed acceptance plans. if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon, you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. casey anthony will be released from jail july 13th she was sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators in the wake of the death of for two year- old daughter she gets credit for time already served and police of already said are arrested someone that stole the picasso painting off- the-wall and the search for seven bay area man will continue in the gulf of california. >> continued to track of
9:18 am
hotspot it is about three hours ago the call came into the california highway patrol arid this was a wide lead the was being driven through san francisco and did not make it a wheel came off the trailer and a corner of it hit the ground as cries tried to move it up and hour ago they had problems of dipping once again crews have been working on this side to get this side down and decide up off the pavement so they can and it continued to escorted off the freeway they have a big tow truck in the back and another one in the front pair in it looks like they are going to make another run of driving it slowly off the freeway
9:19 am
meanwhile it has jammed traffic. the 280 is jammed solid and 101 north brown backed up to the candlestick cause wake-u way. on the bay bre know backups. we had an injury accident that was over two hours ago and managed to let this back up and lay. busy traffic morning let's check the weather a .com forecast compared
9:20 am
to the traffic a clear shot of downtown sent to cisco the morning fog is fleeing to the coast temperature right now is 56 degrees and we will be in the '60s lead on this afternoon we are starting to warm up especially in the inland spots. 67 degrees in antioch at this current hour we're going to warm up into the '70s and that's where we're gonna stay for the peak of the day passe. 66 in sentences cut today redwood city 82. the cool down
9:21 am
continues throughout the work week and it will be a similar pattern almost every day morning fog afternoon sunshine >> the developing story we're following out of pittsburgh investigating a shooting a man was fault on a walking trail. it happened around 8:45 p.m. the injuries are not life threatening. police said a word increase patrols there and they do not have a suspect in this shooting.
9:22 am
the man and accused of raping women is now asking for an attorney yesterday told the judge he has limited his research. he has hour pled not guilty to all former murders >> the maid for that had reduced dominic strauss-kahn of rape. they believe that the prosecutor was behind the media on these charges still socked in on the fog and heavy drizzle on the bay area bridge we will be right
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
new talks about the budget and president barack obama are underway today they are casting the gop a as defenders of the tax reductions. >> the debt limit for our country with no changes we are spending american people money and i made it clear that we would not why the increase that debt limit without making drastic changes. >> if an agreement has not been reached by august 2nd day it will be at the fault. >> the space shuttle a lattice will be ready to go on its final mission tomorrow. a german from the
9:27 am
bay area will be on national he has a degree a and mechanical engineering. launch time weather permitting is 8:26 a.m. our time. >> live look outside at this is our hotspot for nl has been for the past several hours with what have more details in a couple of minutes. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
9:30 am
they manage to get about 50 yds and then down it went back down on a the roadway. pitt is part of a double wide trailer, it was a wide load it was being transported through the city and one of the wheels came off and it hit the pavement. they tried to get up on these two tow trucks one in the front and one in the back they moved at a short distance and then once again it shifted and went back up on the ground the back up that is still jammed into the city. all other routes into the city are jammed. all routes into the
9:31 am
city are backed up. it was a northbound accident in montvale and this is still residual backup. over to the weather center it and looks like a nicer day and traffic has been >> we have more easter from that fog once again it is a pattern the we have been dealing with the past couple
9:32 am
of days we're going to be cooler than we were yesterday this is look of your current temperatures. 71 for livermore right now. we will have more of the forecast coming up >> we found out this last our bet on casey anthony will be released from jail this coming wednesday july 13th she was asked to spend four years in prison for lying to investigators. she is getting credit for the three years as she is already served and also good behavior and she is eligible
9:33 am
to be released next week this is what happened when the sentence came down live this morning >> i will send you to one year in the orange county jail imposing a $1,000 fine porno on each count all four counts to run consecutive to each other and give you credit for the time that you previously served. >> the judge did not accept her defense of that all four should be put into one of funds. so casey anthony will be released this coming wednesday >> a lot of people have reaction to this. >> as the outrage continues
9:34 am
to build it is about 5015 now people are not only mad about the verdict and that she is going to be sentenced to six days in jail and that fact that her father was a former police officer and did not see this coming we got a lot of reaction from the people this morning. >> our justice system is a grave we have a jury did find you guilty are in a sense but with all the evidence. are they lying >> i was really shocked >> it shall be looked at
9:35 am
like o.j. is that and altman sons >> idyllwild it is just sad >> would you welcome are in your neighborhood? >> no not really a lot of people say that is the jury system and they're comfortable with that and then i would follow up by asking which allow our into your neighborhood and a majority answered no. we're all fascinated by this and now we're all going to be watching her next move. >> casey anthony's decelerating her not of guilty verdict a lot of
9:36 am
people in florida as well as here are stunned by it verdict. >> we're getting e-mail's and phone calls faxes in were evaluating them to see if they are actually valid these death threats that their getting. people are not happy with the verdict they are blaming me my clients the anthony's and mr. baez. >> this is video of her parents leaving the court room after she was sentenced we are also learning the state of florida is asking them to compensate them. also this
9:37 am
search team are trying to recoup the hundred and $12,000 a day used in searching for her daughter. >> 9:46 a.m. they think they caught the guy that stole the picasso painting. we showed you it security video of the guy that walked in and took the pain of the wall and walked down the street and took a cab and got away they impounded the cab as part of the investigation and now they have arrested the man and we have a crew that will be present during the press conference coming out. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues and hotspot is the james lick freeway as crews continue to work to remove
9:38 am
this wide load off a road way. hall
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news look out the walnut creek a little bit cooler today we have a cooling trend stretching into the weekend we will have a full look of your forecasts in his amendment >> california i would drop said that strong driving arrests were up during the july 4th weekend with one fatality. hear the numbers in santa clara county hundred and 41 d you irs.
9:42 am
state wide was 1005 and 62 were arrested for driving under the influence. city of richmond will be issuing identification card to residents who do not have other forms of photo id. they will have to prove that they were a resident of the city for 15 out of the past 30 days. these are used to use city services like libraries and city polls. and a wild fires he's and is starting to wrap up they had to cut the contract to the largest fire fighting a jet they read the dc-10 the tanker they canceled the
9:43 am
three year contract due to budget. it can carry 12,000 gal. of fire retardant. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues traffic moving smoothly now on 680.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
anthony will we reese least for michelle le july 13th that's next wednesday she gets credit for time already served and now want traffic are hotspot in san francisco is still continuing >> it is over three hours since this incident was first reported word that two lanes were blocked leading to the lower deck this is
9:47 am
just before seventh straight traffic is still jammed into san francisco. they are starting to move this are rig off one more time they just thought all the traffic and there you can see they are moving of what are so enchanted stop once again the last time they tried to do this and it was one-and-a-half hours ago they got about 50 ft. and had to stop once again as the trailer hit the ground is the look of the stopped traffic it most likely they were unsuccessful to get this thing cleared it is there a they stop the traffic while more time i will stay with
9:48 am
this shot for little while longer we have them on the shot for over three hours perhaps they are moving it one more time there it is rolling again and they haven't made it much further than last time that is where the problem has and they are trying to move it up to the seventh street off ramp we have been tracking it on at the website they are not even going to hazard a guess how long it will take they have tow trucks standing by and do not have fared ago to get to the off ramp and then ask the producer if he wants to say with this shot arid
9:49 am
we are trying to watch it diskette and clear from the lines all traffic is stopped. we will show you the backup they are still backed up to ocean in geneva. what a want ad in the north, is still backups there are no good alternate routes all the city's streets where they are all jammed as well there is not a good alternate into the city they had some movement as we showed you a few minutes ago looks like they're gonna release traffic once again unsuccessful once again to move this big red sorig.
9:50 am
>> we have coastal fog and it is now currently 56 degrees in san francisco i today will be 66 degrees then later on in the evening a will grow back down into the 50s around noontime we will have 86 we may have a few 90s in the afternoon highs pretty comfortable weather in santa rosa 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. seven day
9:51 am
forecast you conceive a cooling trend afternoon sunshine and we will continue with morning clouds and fog expect a much cooler forecast for the next week. >> members of the casey anthony jury might want to avoid want more than. but this sign was put up in a deli in clearwater pinellas county jurors not wellcome the honor to put up the sign to voice his own opinion the jurors could demand restaurants and he would not even know who they are.
9:52 am
strong a motion when it comes to restaurants.
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9:56 am
this just in to the kron 4 news from we now have the mob got shot of quebec guy
9:57 am
that was arrested for stealing that picasso painting off the wall police will be releasing more information on this in just a few minutes that is a look idiom. >> the california highway upper patrol were on and successful in their second attempt to get this it off the of road way they have reopened one lane this will be much longer. >> dr.phil talks to desperate parents on their out of control and daughter >> and we thank you for being with us on this busy day you have a great thinker
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