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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 18, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> rationing in regimen leaves to people dead and another injured. >> an officer involved shooting over the weekend, we will tell you what is planned for today. >> picketing today in support of deshon marman. but first a quick look at whether. >> gale look on the golden gate bridge showing us a clear, blue
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skies. very thin cloud cover. all in all, a beautiful morning. we are following a system to the north. as this continues to track to the east we stand a chance of seen rain showers in of personal accounting. 20 percent chance of showers. the rest of us will partly sunny skies and mild temperatures. more on that coming up. >> we are tracking the bay bridge as a hot spot. we had a stalled vehicle in the middle of the incline, it can still be out there and we are seeing big delays now stretching through the foot of the mes. we are
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calling the bainbridge a house of this morning. other than that we are pretty accident free. >> the time is 7 02 a.m.. a developing story in richmond, they are following stories that left two people dead and one person in the hospital in critical condition. the shootings happened late last night on abyssal ave. knopf will tran is live on the scene. was this a gang-related or a targeted hit? >> at this point it is too early to tell. there are no arrests that have been made. no witnesses have stepped forward. o'clock here here is video from the scene. this happened about nine hours ago a man and woman
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died. there are standing in front of an apartment complex when someone shot them. they died on the scene. another woman there was also shot and it is in critical condition. 30 minutes before the shooting did was another shooting that involved a 23 year-old man hook. the spokesperson for the original police department spoke with us. she believes the shootings might be connected. >> only because we have had problems in the past with central richmond and north of richmond, the shooting a couple weeks ago we believe was between those two parties. obviously they have to look into the possibility that these are related. >> any chance the victims might
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have been randomly shot? >> it is too early to tell whether this was a random are a target of attack. >> when they are still hoping to talk to the neighborhood when >> today a news conference will be held by activist groups in regards to the deadly officer involved shooting, officers were conducting an inspection on saturday afternoon when a 19 year-old man was stopped by hospitalofficers. he allegedly d out a handgun and shot at
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officers. one of the officers returned fire and wounded the suspect who was later pronounced dead. for thi >> oakland police have identified a personal interest in the killing of a young mother whose body was dumped and set on fire last week. and the name of the person suspected of killing monica rodas has not been released. how the mother of a one-year-old son was killed somewhere else and then her body was dumped where it was discovered on thursday. >> this afternoon the naacp and
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other community groups plan to pick a u.s. airways after the recent arrest of a 20 year-old deshon marman. he was arrested in june at sfo trying to get on an airplane and they said that his pants were too low showing his underwear, they ask him to pull up his pants, they said that he replied no, they called police and arrested them for various small charges. the charges were dropped because the district attorney decided that he was not going to press any charges. that was last week, the san mateo county d.a. said no new charges would be filed. deshon marman says he is planning a loss against the airline. >> the time is 7 07 a.m.. most of the country is dealing with extreme heat, not here in the bay area. >> let us take a look at san
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jose, temperatures this morning are looking okay. a lot of sunshine. the currently 57 and this slowly warming into the south bay. we will continue to do so until this afternoon. 79 is a high this afternoon. that is a great shot out of san jose. relatively clear skies. a lot of sun coming down. here is a quick look at temperatures and where they stand. but with are still in the mid-60s roughly around the bay. faugh hot rods.
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>> temperatures will spike on wednesday. hot he ... london and
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would-be date him >> >> we will be right back.
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>> it came down to the penalty kicks in the women's world cup
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soccer finals. after the united states missed their three shots, japan won. they were the underdogs. the u.s. was the no. 1 pick. it was pretty incredible and emotional, especially after the tsunami, they were the world darlings. this is the first women's world cup title for japan. thousands of fans watched during the san francisco's civic center. >> from this review, you can see how many people watched the game from the civic center. thousands of fans sat on the ground and kept their eyes on the big screen. most of the people were cheering for the american women's team. you can hear the excitement of the team scored eight goals. it was this kit that made japan the world cup champions. colin these
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ladies cannot want any more. they called it a tough loss. despite the loss, fans in san francisco were excited to see this many people watching the game. >> we can believe in god to this level. now we're here in downtown san francisco what with all these people. >> the time is 714 a m. we will take a break and come back with more leather, news and traffic. a pretty shot of the mountains this morning.
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>> people in the midwest are planning for another day and dripping sweat. there are heat advisories and warnings in 40 states today with temperatures reaching well into the triple digits. this is the worst heat wave in years. it is not just
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the sizzling temperatures, it is the extreme humidity that is making people miserable. swelter conditions are not expecting to let up anytime soon. >> through the entire midsection of the country, triple digit weather. again, this is the temperature of the thermometer. as they said, the humidity will increase that he index and it will feel hotter on your skin. fifth of the hot temperatures will slowly migrate to the east. hot
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>> on the span traffic is moving well but the metering lights have been put on and cycling at a very slow rate.
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rehung >> some freshmen will be living in the area hotels. >> the and will be full this
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semester. students will have to find themselves swimming in nearby hotels. there is a surge in attendance. there are 4000 first-time freshmen. that is up from 2701 year ago. all first- time freshmen for more than 30 mi. away are required to live on campus. two of 45 will use a hotel rooms -- 245 of them will share hotel ballroomsrooms >> an update from space, the shuttle atlantis have attached a huge storage bin from the international space station.
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>> the time is 7:23 a.m., we are back with more and a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside and san francisco. a lot of sunshine.
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of with it you what what a
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billion thabears him rorer canada and hair wha
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>> on the time is 726 a m. washington is now back to business current to settle the debate. greg black explains. >> today's a buzz words out of washington are cut to, cathy and
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imbalance. house republicans are expected to pass because, caps and balance bill as a prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling. >> that gets us out of debt over a long period of time and a balanced budget so that we can stay out of debt. that is one to be the republican position. >> cuts would slash federal spending and bringing down the deficit. a cap would mean that limiting its federal spending to 18 percent of the gross domestic product in the balance would come by way of a constitutional balanced budget amendment. none of that is likely to happen at of august 2nd deadline. the senate is not likely to approve its own bill. lawmakers are heading into another week of talks. >> there are substantial discussions going on in the senate to make sure that at a minimum congress has a way to take action and avoid default on
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u.s. debt. it is critical. >> i cannot think of another president who would avoihave ded that much time to that issue with both parties. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a look at top stories, weather and traffic on the other side of the breed. if
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>> the time is 7328 am. a man and woman found dead outside an apartment complex in north richmond. police are investigating after finding two bodies on the side of this 0 avenue and another woman suffering from gunshot wounds. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police think the shooting was connected to another shooting that occurred a few miles away. a 23 year-old man was suffering from gunshot wounds on courtroom ave. he was also taken to hospital but no arrests have been made in either shooting. police have not released any suspects. >> tensions are running high in the bayview district after an officer involved shooting leaves a 19 year-old man dead. police are now making their presence felt in that area. maureen kelly has the latest on the investigation. >> we saw the whole thing. he did not have a gun. it >> your bond dixon was there on
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saturday when shots plane out. >> i saw the police then a man down. >> the police tell a different story, saying that the suspect was stopped by to end of the uniformed officers hot. they say the man ran off and it was during a foot pursuit of the suspect pulled a gun and fired on officers. >> at this point we believe the suspect fired at the officers, the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> and initially there was no gun found the police say they now believe they've found the web and. a person who0 riposted >> it's the person who posted this video people say that0000
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act the gun was taken >> san jose firefighters and back on the job. >> , the 225 of the firefighters who lost their jobs last year, things are coming full circle. they are reported to the training center to resume their careers. most were laid off not long after being on her original training. the federal
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grant from the federal emergency management agency is paying for the rehiring. no firefighter can be laid off again with in the first years of rehiring. attorneys >> those returning will have to weeks of training before hitting the streets again. >> 70 5:00 a.m., here is james fletcher with a look at the forecasts. most of the country is dealing with a heat wave. >> are starting this monday with spectacular conditions that will only get better as we head into the afternoon. there is one thing we need to mention, there is a system to the north that may potentially bring some light showers to northern sonoma county. right now the showers are confined to the north. we will keep our eyes on that and track it as it moves from west
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to east. temperatures are mild. this is where temperatures are going to go this afternoon. coffee ran been forced >> can this out a color temperatures are looking pretty good. we're convinced as well as
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a head into the weekend. >> interstate 80 where it meets highway 4, at last check was not a significant amount of slowing with speeds into the single digits, but they did manage to get s six vehicle crash out of the traffic lanes. right now is only causing some minor residual delays. he everything looks good on the bay bridge, the leading lights are cycles on. there are cycling at a slower rate after an earlier small vehicle was clear this morning. the 880 over crossing is probably your best bet. no significant delays on
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the san mateo bridge. traffic flowing it equally in both directions. a 50 minute drive time to 880 and 101. on the golden gate, a problem free throughout the morning. public transit still has some delays for a stream # five. that is about 11 minutes behind schedule. hogan
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>> the quarterly survey and the national association of business economists satisfactiosince foue following information. kit >> the time is 740 a m, we will
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take a break, here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. if she will have some world cup highlights when we come back.
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>> the obamas family was
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watching the world cup in the treaty room. secretary of state and hillary clinton had a wager, because the united states laws, she has to give japan new york apples, is the u.s. would have won, she would have gotten some japanese peers. >> the time is 7:44 a.m.. we will take a break. when we come back we will update you on more interesting things. rabat and
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well and fought room and boom dot 8 evidence to united-it shall data analyst johore fifth
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where whether at the end of staff you wouldn't, if it were
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some of the use of remember blonde problem live ammunition in the plot of bed and a deadly effect of wind up and of the vision of vision it noted that 48 of of what it will give what
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or get berlin >> soft the fall of state along the coastline for most of the -- day. the --the fog will stay along the coastline for most of the day. plenty of sunshine is
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after that. -- afternoon. we expect of the numbers decline northward. here are the temperatures around 3:00 p.m.. to the east and south, 80 degree weather. >> those are your highs, what to look at the weekend. we expect temperatures despite come one day -- we expect
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temperatures to spike come wednesday. let's get a check on traffic. >> which are still tracking the bay bridge as a hot spot. you're looking live after span. traffic is moving well but do not be fooled. 30 mi. per hour on average. interstate 80 as jam packed with hot spots. allowed
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extra to conduct for your usual drive or avoid it. traffic unusually heavy westbound. a 15- 60 minute drive time from one end to the other. how no delays, or is or snags on 101. in walnut creek, there are no accident. normal slow and go traffic. russ of 24 israeli delay free. -- westbound 24 is delay free. >> casey anthony start the second day as a free woman today. where is he living? even known parents did not know. she
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may be in columbus ohio. >> casey anthony left a florida jail sunday morning under the cover of darkness. she has not been seen in public since. >> for the protesters and her subsequent release from prison wrap there were noticeably quiet on sunday.
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>> harry potter and the deathly hollow part to set records of the box office. 168.6 million from friday-sunday. on opening day of may $92 million. in the number to spark transformer dark of the moon and i love this one, it is not for the kids but it is funny. horrible embosses was funny. a great cast. if you are easily offended, do not go. the time is 7:57 a.m., we are back with more than a couple of minutes. here is a look from the mt. tam cam. he concedes are plenty of clear spots. we will be right back.
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>> it is going to heat up in the bay area. >> here is a live look from san jose. a lot of blue skies and sunshine. " all and all that is going to be really nice. we have a wet weather pattern to the north. it 20 percent chance of
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sprinkles this afternoon. >> more on that coming up. >> the bainbridge is a hot spot this morning. interstate 80 is jammed with a slow and go traffic. metering lights are cycled at a slower pace. the back up is now stretching past the foot of the maze. we are following slow and go conditions in walnut creek, southbound 680. a full check on traffic coming up. >> the time is 8:01 a.m., a developing story out of richmond, to people are dead and another victim in the hospital this morning in critical condition. a shooting happened late last night in the 400 block of bissell ave. will tran is
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piecing this together in richmond with the latest details. >> so far there have been no arrest. there's no motive. here is a video that we got right after the shooting. this shooting happened at 10:00 p.m. last night on bezel ave. two people died, a man and woman in their thirties. they were simply standing in front of their apartment complex. another woman was shot, she is a woman in the hospital. 30 minutes before those shootings, a 23 year-old man was shot about 2 mi. away. how we did get a chance to speak with the return of police department. they believe both shootings could be related. >> only because we have had problems in the past with central richmond and north of richmond. the shooting that we had a couple weeks ago we believe was between those two parties. we are looking into the
8:03 am
possibility that these are related also. >> any chance that the victims were random or targeted? >> we do not know. it is difficult to tell at this point >> i will be sure to pass any new details along to you. >> a shooting in san jose has neighbors on edge. the area has seen a lot of violence before. craig skalar tells us this shooting has people considering somewhere else to live. >> police say that to indulge in one teenagers suffered serious injuries on jean avenue sunday night. they say the shooting took place around 11:00
8:04 am
p.m. in this apartment on the second floor. the woman inside had no comment. police are trying to determine if this is a gang-related. one resident says they heard the gunshot, there was another fatal shooting nine months ago and he is ready to move his daughter away. >> you will get? >> yes. >> police say the injuries to the victims are not life- threatening but they're still trying to figure out exactly why the shooting happened. details are still sketchy. craig skalar kron 4 news. >> new details as the 19 year- old man shot to death by san francisco police over the weekend in the bayview district, we are learning he was wanted for questioning in a washington state shooting. seattle police detectives who were seeking the man as a personal interest in the killing of a 19 year-old and her unborn child. this happens last week. the man had recently been released from prison after serving time from convictions
8:05 am
stemming from a sex offense. here is what happens. if the 19 year old were stopped by san francisco police officers while conducting a fair inspection at the unique platform on saturday afternoon. according to police this guy allegedly pulled out a hand gun and began shooting at officers. hong hot one of the officers returned fire wounding the suspect who later died at the >> the name of the person of interest suspected in the killing of 21 year-old monica rhoda's and of dumping her body, said it on fire was not
8:06 am
released. police believer body was dumped after being killed somewhere else. oakland's east lake ymca hosted a car wash to help with fuel costs. >> this afternoon the naacp and other community groups will picket u.s. airways after the recent arrest of 20 earle deshon marman. the man with a sagging pants. he was arrested in june at sfo because the airline said they told him multiple times to pull up his pants because his underwear were showing. and he did >> marman is planning to finance a lawsuit against the airlines. >> the numbers are down on wall street this morning. we will show you the numbers after the
8:07 am
break. here is a live look outside for the san jose camera.
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>> mostly cloudy and cool for the giants vs. dodgers tonight. we will have a full check on bay area weather coming up and they will obey. hawks >> things are looking down on wall street. the dow is down 151
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europe and asia are also seeing a down day. just over two weeks before the deadline to reach the debt ceiling. if the tea party is taking a turn. they have a cut, and balance bill. let's take it look at their plant. this is set to pass in the house but stall in the senate. that means congress would be decimating budget cuts, they do not want that they say that it will make it harder to ninth pass tax increases on the wealthy. it >> according to a new survey, hiring is expected to pick up the rest of the year. the national association for business economists found that 40 percent of businesses will likely increase unemployment
8:12 am
when the next six months. that is the highest number in the year. here are the additional findings. >> goggle global uncertainties are playing a major role in the expectations. it >> 8:12 a.m.. we're back with more than a couple of minutes with gary radnich. ha heartbreak for " world cup win.
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>> to the time is 8:15 a.m.. gary, did you watch soccer? it was extremely exciting. when the u.s. kept missing a rolls. it was meant to be, i guess. >> the united states was so dominant in the first half. and, i was watching the violet and year-old. when you think about what the country has been trimmed, the earthquake and tsunami " hot and japan has
8:16 am
never been a united states until yesterday. >> it was incredible. >> it was terrific. when i was asked what is the biggest joke job, miami heat or usa? second- best in the world is still pretty good. >> it was incredible. how about a hole in one meanwhile for an nhl great? because >> to play for colorado. >> he did not even realize that
8:17 am
it went in. >> he 1 1 million and it goes to the lance armstrong foundation. >> look at out: he is. -- >> cool look at how cool he is. hon year-old came in second to jack wagner, the actor from melrose place. >> that is the second time he has one. prepare >> i bet he probably did not even know that you $1 million. >> in the british open, daring clark one, no one really knows who he is. he is not even in the top 100 golfers. pardon >> he looks like of the type of
8:18 am
guy you would root for. >> a good guy by all accounts. >> mcelroy run the u.s. open, he is from northern ireland, this guy is from northern ireland. >> here is the deal, his tiger is in the news because fortune magazine say he is in trouble financially. >> i would love to see how the detail that. h >> the detail everything saying it has a lot to do with the giant palatial house with the $54 million mortgage hot. ro100
8:19 am
million on top of that for eland. zealand is dating another person. >> he is the son of a billionaire. he used to date bridget one hand, he also used to date a princess from sweden. that is her new boyfriend. >> maybe tiger can get a loan from him. new-line [laughter] when >> apparently read to you to tell have to give back the money then she got from tiger. hockey hall now, she is suing gloria allred.
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headbange hard red haw
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>> can't get over the finger at tiger. meanwhile, these indians players average 4 million-5 million a year. how can they be sweating is in a few paychecks but you live life the way you are making. hi >> times are tough. hawk
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>> we will see you, gary. quebe
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>> the dow is down 146 points. european banking troubles and the united states and our will limit, that is what is driving down the markets in the united states, queens asia and europe. we will continue to watch what is happening. >> casey anthony is a free woman and has been for two days. we still do not know where she is living the tmz is reporting that she may be in columbus, ohio.
8:26 am
>> casey anthony left a florida jail on sunday morning under the cover of darkness. she has not been seen in public >> since> it is our strong suspicion that she is no longer in orlando. mr. baez said their intent was to leave or land immediately. i think that it would be safer for all involved. >> her parents did not know where she is, they have been told that she is safe. cindy anthony received a brief text from jose baez, but they want to hear from casey herself. >> we are asking publicly that mr. baez at least reach out to me and let me know what is going on. >> as for the protesters who expressed outrage over her acquittal on murder charges, they were noticeably quiet on sunday. a group walked silently between the anthony home and the place where her remains were
8:27 am
found in 2008. >> it does not matter any more, the verdict is read, it is over, what is done is done. someone else will take care of it in the end. >> casey anthony is walking free, but her legal troubles are not over yet. she is being sued for defamation of character and jehovah a texas company chios half -- a texas company is looking to recoup their fees for searching for caylee. we do not know she will change her identity or sell her story, with casey anthony it is difficult to predict. >> in reading this off of the wires, an attorney for casey anthony said that there were allegra plans to make sure that she stays save after her release from jail. a quick break but first, a programming note to
8:28 am
tell you about. tonight we will have nbc shows, starting at 8:00 p.m. kronvon bonds been
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>> >> a live look at the mt. tam cam. or deepening false and low clouds moving into san francisco. and we are back with a full update in just a quick second. we will talk about the warming trend for this week. >> more problems on the eight bridge ride this morning. the chp just cleared another problem on the incline. a two-part collision blocking the # five
8:31 am
lane. no longer or obstructing any lanes of traffic began a metering lights are being cycle very slowly. a complete check on this hot spots as well as any others coming up in a few >> a man and woman found dead outside an apartment complex in richmond this morning, the 400 block of bissell evidence. is this is the deal from the scene. another woman was found as suffering from a gunshot wound, she was taken to hospital and we are hearing that she is expected to survive her injuries. police are looking into whether or not the shooting was connected to another one that happened a few miles away. police found a 23 year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound on gertrude ave. he was also taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made in either shooting. police have not released any suspect information. >> we have a new details, a 19
8:32 am
year-old man shot to death by san francisco bullies over the weekend in the bayview district was wanted for questioning and a shooting that happened in washington state. seattle police detectives were looking for a man as a purchasrocks person of interest for killing a woman and her unborn child. the man had recently been released from prison after serving time for a sex offense. the 19 year-old had been stopped by san francisco police officers while conducting a fare inspection on the muni hopkins platform high. he ran and police say he pulled out a hand gun and began shooting in officers. at least one of the officers returned fire wounding a man who later died of a hospital. a news conference will be held today at noon calling for a change in the response to this shooting.
8:33 am
>> incoming students at san jose state university will be staying in unusual accommodations. craig skalar tells us a shortage of student housing means that some freshmen will be living in hotels. >> it is all full at the inn this semester. there are no vacancies in the student housing. students will be at nearby hotels. 4000 first-time freshmen this year, that is up from 2700 freshmen a year ago. there is a requirement that all first-time freshmen for more than 30 mi. away stay on
8:34 am
>> this was live coverage of that we brought you this morning as the atlantis crew said their goodbyes. this was the hatch closing ceremony, this is the last time that the shuttle atlantis or any shuttle, the shuttle program is over. atlantis will undock tomorrow leading touchdown on thursday and then it will be retired. this last shuttle flight in space, the shuttle atlantis will be on public display at the nasa launch site in florida. >> 8:35 a.m.. james fletcher is here with a look at the forecast. >> for most of the bay area we are starting to seek some
8:35 am
haziness in the horizon. " club covers working its way out there. -- low cloud cover working its way out there. a similar story down in san jose. the fog is beginning to. mild temperatures. sunny and nice. whicker the falk will hug the coast line. -- the fog will hug the coastline. by this evening, 6:00 p.m. is when we will see it working its way inland. a quick look at the temperatures. here are your current temperatures. remover
8:36 am
when dan -- tim polenti and better as we head towards a week. 837 a and, let's get a
8:37 am
check on traffic. >> in new hot spot in the south of direction of the nimitz freeway. faw and minor injuries to crash his hat on southdown's 80, no longer blocking in the traffic lanes. slow and go conditions through union city. even in oakland, speeds are well below average. 7 mi. per hour in some of the slowest spots. allow yourself a little bit of extra time in your committee this morning. hetraffic is moving we, hopefully you can make up for lost time. the metering lights are moving at a very slow rate. there is an accident on the incline blocking the number five lane. traffic is backed up on
8:38 am
interstate 80, wealth through the maze. the 880 approach is probably your best bet. you may want to consider taking the san mateo bridge as an alternate route. take a look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, traffic and its heavy. you will encounter some delays southbound 101 nearly -- near lincoln. speeds are averaging 40 mi. per hour. >> "carmageddon" turned out to be a bust. there was no traffic gridlock in southern california, just as a down of the 405 a loss and was, it has now reopened. it was reopened ahead of schedule. the crews finished demolition of that bridge hon, the barriers when or put up when they closed
8:39 am
to 10 mi. of a nation's busiest freeways. but the barriers were removed at noon on sunday, seven hours ahead of schedule. everything worked out. when >> everyone stayed home over the weekend. >> stocks are down almost 1 1/7 points right now, 166. that is not good. banking troubles in the debate of a click lifting and to the u.s. borrowing limit is dragging down stock markets in the united states, asia and europe. traders are keeping watch on negotiations in washington to raise the government's debt ceiling. we will have more on that story coming up after the break.
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>> today's buzzword out of washington are cut, cap and balance. >> that gets as other debt over a long period of time and have a balanced budget a requirement to stay out of debt. i think that is positioned. >> cuts would slash federal spending to bring down the 1.5 trillion dollar deficit expected this year. a cap would mean limiting federal spending to 18 percent of the gross domestic product and balance would come by way of a constitutional balanced budget amendment. none of that is likely to happen ahead of august 2nd deadline for raising the debt limit. the senate is not likely to approve its own ccd bill as lawmakers headed to another week of talks.
8:44 am
>> i cannot think of another president who would have devoted that much time and patience to bring both sides together what ultimately >> a compromise plan by senate minority leader that would allow president obama to raise the nation's borrowing limit. i am a great black reported. coming >> up on the kron 4 news, much more news, weather and traffic. here is a live look outside from our roof camera showing as a blue and sunny skies. we will be right back.
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>> key warnings in 40 states
8:48 am
today, this is the worst heat wave in years. temperatures reaching 3 digits. it is not just the heat, it is the humidity. the heat wave could last about a week. her to nothing like that here in the bay area. james fletcher is here will look at our cooler temperatures. >> a quick look at national maps, i wanted to point out that the temperatures we're showing our the actual temperature on the thermometer. when you factor in the humidity, the heat index pushes these numbers hire and it feels hotter than it actually is on the thermometer.
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>> a live look in san francisco, 59 degrees. a critical date -- a pretty cool day. we are headed for a midweek a warm-up. the weekend looks sunny and warm. >> a weekend will also be a rather beautiful, a major beauty pageant is coming to san francisco. 14 young women from across the country are competing in the miss national asi havea did. several are from here in the bay area. the contestants
8:57 am
have begun practicing their routines and received advice from last year's winner. similar to the miss america pageant, it will compete in the evening gown, talent and swimsuit segments. it also includes an ethnic costumes segment. >> the best thing that i can do this week is to be a guidance for them, go out there, be yourself, should it be really are. the judges alike you there is nothing else that really matters. just go out there, have fun and be yourself. >> even if you win or lose, being in the competition itself will give you confidence. >> the competition takes place at the palace of fine arts saturday night in front of a live audience. organizers expect more than 1000 people to attend. >> taking a look at the box office, harry pardo and a deftly
8:58 am
hallows 21 the weekend. -- harry potter and the deathly how low-tech part 2 as have the best opening day. pork $92 million on opening day. horrible bosses was hilarious. not for the kids pirie in-house not -- for the kids. >> the time now is 858 a m. we will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
wheel of folic of the forecast coming >> where is still falling your ride this morning the lights at are cycled on slowing the conditions. north, one in san jose or is still tied upper we will have a complete check of traffic coming ups i know 3:00 a.m. is the time in two people were
9:03 am
killed two were shot in richmond. this happened late last night will trend has been there when they had a press conference this morning >> they do not know very much if happened late last night no arrests have been made in the case this is video that we have two people died dec. standing out front of their apartment of another person was shot it was a woman and she is in critical condition a half-hour later another man was shot while he was standing out in front of his apartment. there has
9:04 am
been a lot of activity between central and northern richmond. no witnesses have stepped forward. it is still unfolding and hopefully we'll get more information as the morning progresses. >> new details on the 19 year-old man at that was involved in an officer shooting he was wanted for questioning in a washington state shooting. detectives were seeking ample in the shooting of a 19 year-old pregnant woman he had just been released from prison after serving time for a sex offense. this happened saturday afternoon when they stopped him about the affair
9:05 am
jack he pulled out a gun and started shooting at officers one of the officers returned fire there'll be a news conference held by an activist group later on this afternoon they are calling for changes then naacp and others were planning on taking u.s. air ways a very and this is all because of the sean martin when he was arrested on the u.s. airways flight it is because of his sagging pants were showing he was handcuffed and sent to jail. the district attorney's office is not pursuing the case but merman is going to file a civil lawsuit
9:06 am
the dow is off right now by a hundred and 73 points. we are seeing these numbers down we will see what is behind this apparent cell >> what is happening is that the debt ceiling? >> jennifer lopez and marc anthony split and a bank stressed that also came out late friday they're i. it tellse banks are struggling right
9:07 am
now so you're saying that things certain looking up instead of getting worse >> we have very light volume in trading i hate seeing stock drop from $14 a share to $10 per share the banks are struggling. >> we said the same thing about bp about a year ago scandals can be great bias.
9:08 am
if rupert murdoch would step down from news corp. things would improve. >> congress is back to work today on the debt ceiling. >> the debt ceiling will be it reached if not we get the fall on our credit. we cannot default on our critical these are big lines drawn in the sand. >> hold on and are you saying things to get worse? >> i'm curious as to what banks are trying to tell us bankamerica went from 15 down to 950 per share will
9:09 am
did have to wait and see >> the main stage of the ottawa blues festival severus under stormless running for cover check out this video a cal, old and collapsed five people were injured the ban members did get off this stage safely cheap trick posted on their fan page that they were glad everyone was alive. we will fan page that they were glad everyone was alive. we will be right back
9:10 am
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it is history in the making and you saw live on the air when we saw the shuttle atlantis crew said the buying to the crew of the
9:13 am
international space station. they place the american flag on the door there in they will return on thursday this was the last shuttle to fly into space and that lead to shuttle will be on display in florida. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service
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9:17 am
hail. i thought planes were hardier that's something. >> are taking a look we have a storm system to the north of us and as it does it could yet northern sonoma coming. the blue skies are being replaced by low clouds partly cloudy this afternoon piccata the fog will burn off and mostly clear this evening. kapuwe are
9:18 am
in the 9:00 hour and fog is starting to move its way in on this fog tracker. this will also be what we wake up to tomorrow morning. this is how the temperatures will spread out throughout this afternoon if your ibm the ballpark for the giants came it is at 715 tonight mostly cloudy and cool tonight it'll be 61 degrees for the first packagpitch. our
9:19 am
inland temperatures paul on wednesday and we are definitely on a warming trend and we will have to send the skies on saturday and sunday. >> we have all hotspot to report cents at 6:30 a.m. no complaints for the west end of the bridge the muni lights are still cycled on the back up is stretched through the maze if you wanna take a detour take 80 you could always use the san mateo bridge as an alternate traffic is equal
9:20 am
in both directions. golden gate bridge and southbound 101 note delays. we are seeing unusual delays in nimitz freeway patches of red and yellow on your screen speeds averaging 28 mi. per hour. if you are taking public transportation not no delays to report >> l.a. or dodged at a big traffic bullet, again turned into nothing there in they warned everybody and scared
9:21 am
everybody off the road this is when they reopen that the for 05 it was a ton mile stretch that was closed in both directions they finish the demolition on the bridge a lot faster than they thought they would the road way open sunday at noon rather than later. shooting in san jose has neighbors on edge as deborah madden has seen danger in their neighborhood before >> police said two adults and one teenagers suffered serious injuries on sunday night the shooting took place about 11:00 p.m. last night police are trying to determine if it was a gang of related. he heard the shots he wants to move his
9:22 am
daughter away from here. >> are you going to move up? >> yes i am very scared they're in >> they have no idea why the shooting happened and not have any details. >> it is now 9:22 a.m. and we will take a look outside and check out a few more clouds on this is the mt. tam cam. everybody is quite a warm-up by wednesday. @p@po'
9:23 am
9:24 am
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today's was working out of washington and our cuts, capital, balanced. perhaps cut and balance to get us out of debt. >> this is outworks cuts would slash federal funding. a cap would be limiting federal spending and balance would be the balance a budget amendment. lawmakers head into another week of talks >> we have substantial talks
9:27 am
going on throughout the senate and congress has a way of taking action it is critical >> i can't think of another president that has spent this much time and patience to bring both sides together again this responsibility is ours >> it could be a compromise plan that way president barack obama could raise the rate. >> good news on the job front the national association of business owners said 43 percent of the businesses will increase imports employment is a sign as number we've seen all year 76% expect to grow 2% or more.
9:28 am
9:20 a.m. and a live look from our roof lots of sunshine now they're not a bad day, the warmest day the week we will be read backs
9:29 am
9:30 am
we're already in the '60s and it is now the and warming up kicks off on wednesday we will have a
9:31 am
full check of the weather in just a minute now let's look a traffic. >> the metering lights remained on interstate 80 is jammed up. traffic is moving well into san francisco northbound 101 in san jose. i will give you more traffic updates in my next report. >> a man and a woman were found dead standing out inside of their apartment the two bodies were found lying on the sidewalk on abyssal avenue another women suffered of gunshot rum and she is expected to survive they are looking to
9:32 am
see if the shootings are connected a 23 year-old man of few blocks away was shot also shot. they're not releasing any information on what these cases involve. police also said they have a person of interest in the death of monica ross she has a one-year-old son they are saying that she was killed somewhere else and then dumped and part set on fire the easily ymca of hosted a car wash to come up with money for the funeral cost
9:33 am
of coming at students at california state the freshmen will be living in hotels. >> course on campus have no vacancies. they have 4000 first-time freshmen. that was 2700 and last year any student that lives 30 mi. away must live on campus. to modern 45 of them was chair hotel rooms it will have the the same access to campus it ready. >> live in that kron news
9:34 am
from this is video of them made stage collapsed a severe thunderstorm made thousands of fans run for cover you conceive the estate collapse and then cave in five people were injured one seriously we believe he has a a broken leg witnesses said they were thronged to their feet there in that is a very late scary situation >> 934 a m and we have the question where in the world is casey anthony. her parents don't even know where she is. she was last
9:35 am
seen right there leaving jail and is a live look africa at our bay bridge we will be right back
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
we're back at 9:38 a.m. we'll i shall leave this storm that is what to the north there is a 20 percent chance it will hit the north. temperatures warm up very nicely. most of the bay area what have '60s and '70s if you're going to a baseball game tonight cool.
9:39 am
now a quick check of traffic >> national news right now casey anthony as starting our second day being a free woman. even her own parents do not know where she is pentiums see as stating she is in a mile area >> casey anthony left the florida jail early sunday morning and has not been seen cents >> we have a strong suspicion she is no longer in an orlando mr. bias said that their intent was to get out of orlando. >> anthony's parents to do not know where their daughter is all they know is that she is safe. >> they want to hear from casey did cut themself we
9:40 am
are asking public pay for casey to reach out and dr. parents. protesters were noticeably quieter on saturday sundasunday. >> it doesn't matter anymore and the verdict was read it's done is done somebody else will take care of it in the and >> casey anthony as walking free and her troubles are not over yet she is being sued for defamation and also for the investigating company that search for caylee. well late she change her identity and summer
9:41 am
story >> 9:41 a.m. is the time and we want show you this as it was unfolding this is the crew from the plant is putting the flag on that match and saying goodbye to the national space station the shuttle will retire and be on display in florida. we'll be back with a few minutes wheel will be airing nbc programs once again. at 8:00 p.m. we have america's got talent 9:00 but law and
9:42 am
order and then 10:00 p.m. the kron 4 news.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
a colorado run is in trouble for groping at t.s. a agent a 61 year-old woman refused to go through the screening and was arguing with the agent then she grabbed one of the agents of breast. >> it is the terminal for twister bearing a 61 year- old woman is in jail she grabbed 80 as a's agents of breast
9:46 am
>> nothing really surprises me anymore >> in the age of body scans and pat downs and security measures pocket >> this is the first time we ever heard of a passenger turned the tables on the psa agent >> i think it's totally reasonable >> she admitted to doing the bus to grab a but not explain why. >> in the airport i guess it is best to keep your hands to yourself >> facebook groups are popping up in support of that passenger. >> time now 947
9:47 am
>> just one issue a we are warmer than we were in from the last update this storm is gonna slowly attracted east and we have 20 percent chance that the northern area will get a sprinkel. we will continue to have mild temperatures as for the fog in the 9:00 hour it is still haunting the coastline capital-letter as we advance the clock into the afternoon hours the fog and cloud cover will move and. i'll look of current temperatures right now. we will be
9:48 am
warmer this afternoon and we were yesterday. san francisco you will be in the mid-60s the further south you had the warmer it gets. warming to them low or mid 80's. this is look into seven day forecast the warming trend will take hold on wednesday. and we will have all warm and sunny weekend. that is sure
9:49 am
whether now let's look at traffic >> unfortunately the bay bridge is still law hotspot looks can be deceiving traffic is moving well you could make up for lost time the metering lights are still cycled on it is still backed up into the maze. give yourself extra time. at the san mateo bridge no problems to >> oof. on the san mateo bridge
9:50 am
you can see lots of space between cars same as is true on the golden gate >> >> we're learning what is next with the center cisco giants brock obama will open the white house to the team in otter of that 2010 net win of the world series. the white house steps they will recognize the team effort. so next monday the beard is going to the white house. >> everyone had their eyes on soccer over the weekend and it came down to penalty kicks barry the u.s. missed their first three shots they
9:51 am
while the world they never expected to make it this far. everyone was heartened because of the japanese when after all they have been gropingthrough. and there were watching at the white house there's a picture of the president with his family watching the game prepared. hillary clinton made an official at she bet on the u.s. and hoping that they would win she would have won japanese peers but now she it will have to give them lee york apples.
9:52 am
>> the dow is down arid the dow has been plummeting how are the gate. it is now 9:52 a.m. and this is look at our mt. tam cam the clouds are in the distance and we will all have some sunny skies today. should be a nice warm weekend we will be right back ]s
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
in the buzz now betty white has been invited to the marine corps ball 89 year- old actress was passed out by a sergeant read lewis he called are the all-around
9:56 am
perfect woman. kazan's and timber lake said they will both attend the marine corps ball. and it is official charlie sheen will be in a new sitcom nitpicked will be a new show called angkor management. we don't know when the production will start. at the box office it was all very potter he made of moderate and $68 million from friday alway through yesterday. just on friday it made $92 million. second place was transfer rest are of ammonia and a third was horrible bosses. you have to
9:57 am
laugh at a horrible bosses it is a very funny movie not suitable for children. before we leave wear and take a look of the seven day forecast pop up to a very warm 94 degrees on wednesday. the weekend will be warm sunny skies we will be keeping our eye on the dollar and stay tune to our later broadcast this is a big slide on wall street sure to be a big story later on we will see you back tomorrow morning starting at 4:00
9:58 am
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