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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it may be a degree are to cooler. now on a quick check on traffic >> we are still looking at a very good ride throughout the bay area we are not tracking any hotspots bridges all look good just a few cars awaiting in the cash lanes at the toll both we have been incident free on the upper deck of the bridge >> 6 01 a.m. new details
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police have now arrested the 16 year-old man that amber alert had been issued for the day before now police say that he was involved with the robbery >> apparently fest up after eight hours of the amber lured been issued it turns out he was not in danger at all he talked to investigators quickly talked to the owner the owner always thought of him as a brother and now he feels he does not want to believe his friend would be behind this they also of resident 23 year-old man believed to be the gunman burst into the
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barber shop and demanded the money they also find the sawed-off shotgun the suspect was sitting in the back seat plane with a sawed-off shotgun hopefully will get an all interview with the owner and see what he has to say about this herein the 23 year-old son name is eric walker he is the one and had a sawed-off shotgun used in or are >> time now 6 03 a.m. residents of the bay area are are asking a u.s. air ways to apologize for the arrest of this man buried the sampras's coach chapter of the naacp is going to
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deliver over 4000 signatures to the ticket counter of u.s. air ways. he was arrested and jailed on june 15th when he refused to palapa's sagging pants charges against the the 20 year-old were dropped later dropped. >> we will be watching for the opening bell on wall street the dow was up 827. there is week a economic news coming out this week s&p dropped even tell
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lawmakers have reached this agreement with the debt ceiling it is lowering its outlook on at the united states. we'll wait and see what the as and he does today the 12 member bipartisan committee wall have to come up with 1.2 trillion dollars worth of cuts by banks giving failure to approve the cuts well let the gop hookups to things like the poor. backup to grow larger in the next in years reducing the deficit by 917 trillion. government
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services may be scaled back including special deterrent in tracking and education programs for kids search as sturdy and medicare will not see any cuts the first ground perr. >> the white house is releasing new strategy in the home grown terror they are asking local communities and local leaders to come up with their own solutions the strategy also points out the activities of criminal james >> this into the kron 4 news from that bomb in australian as an explosive device is strapped to an 18
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year-old girl's body we are getting new video into the news room men entered the home earlier and put the bomb on the woman's body a ransom note was attached to the girl she is related to the richest family in ascending the team is absolutely petrified bomb technicians and negotiators are in the home right now there are other parts of the area that are cordoned off. we will continue to fall this situation. >> we'll be right back when the kron 4 morning news
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continues this look outside of san jose.
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a live look outside for more james of like a camera there beyond hard to what we were yesterday currently 56 degrees will be 67 degrees later on this afternoon in san francisco. oakland is back weather to be the same the as yesterday. the meat weather check coming up >> new this morning casey anthony attorney is saying that she would be in danger if she has to return to
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florida i also want to show you the first pictures of casey anthony hot that have emerged a legislative from mt tam is saying she is wearing an ohio state university baseball cap this was shot at an old navy store it is unclear why she is an ohio. anthony was released from an orlando jail last month when she was acquitted of charges of killing her two year-old daughter. @p@po'
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blank of clouds and fog this is from our mt. tam camera once the fog clears out of here we will have a nice day. the fog is getting its extensive in the north bay area. these bay shoreline is dealing with the fog. this is a look of temperatures right now. 59 in hayward 59 in antioch. we will drop of degree or two later on this afternoon we are expected
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'70s and '80s. we will have a mx mostly cloudy skies as for thursday it all changes we have an ocean breeze coming in and dropping temperatures and on the
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seven day forecast will hold on to that mild weather pattern into the weekend may be by wednesday we will get up to where we should be >> we are still enjoying a pretty good ride now hotspot. we're a start of bridge checkpoints still know backups for the west bound riledwe. we will see a slowdown to the approach. a
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look of the san mateo bridge traffic is getting heavier but no problems or delays to report i one of a large u2 a potential hotspot in the north, on 680 this is at south mission on the northbound side it could affect the southbound commute >> the family of bryan stowe he went and for a ct can't stand and an mri because of his blood clots he is not absorbing fluid in his body he has been
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extremely sleepy and a slow response to commands >> we have new video today about philip garrido as state senator wants to change legislation. we have newly released documents and video that they felt to keep accurate reports on his whereabouts we're going to show you knew of videos one of the deal is blurred a it shows a five year-old girl being video tapes by toledo's wife nancy they
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were lowered into his van and videotaped by his wife. hoppe >> the da cat said the system was a failure as a whole including the psychiatrist herein
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>> one person has died from salmonella poisoning and it could be related to ground turkey there has been for other cases nationwide 76 people poll in 26 states have been stricken by the salmonella and it is all related to ground turkey they are reminding everyone to cook the meat thoroughly. a live look outside from mt. tam cam little breezy we are expecting another nice day.
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comment fln suffer brain the homage has settled his lawsuit with the city he will receive $700,000.375000 are from the landlord of the shopping center where he fell he was as to check on a ventilator shaft he volunteered to go on to that roof >> muni is board of directors to increase tax affairs the rates are going up from 310 to 350 it goes into affect in 30 days in 90 days they will be 85 new taxis heading this street >> profits for international
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airlines up is way down this is or a report from the international airport transportation they are down from $42 billion in profits last year they are having fewer international travelers and the price of gasoline has slowed people buying tickets to fly a live look at wall street the opening bell will be happening in two minutes after the bloodbath that happened yesterday
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johnson grieving and the opening bell. they are concerned with the deals done in washington will not be enough. we'll bring you the numbers as the command. >> that teenager the was reported to be kidnapped turns out the police say he was involved and the teen has been arrested in antioch also people will rally at as have all in a protest of the arrest of a young man that refused to pull up his baggy pants and also we're watching wall street >> is a live look from our roof camera the fog is just
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taking over the city right now today is gonna be sunny and warm like yesterday once the fog pulls back tomorrow it'll be cooler and a bring as brazil and cooler temperatures the mild weather is expected to last through out the week we will have a closer look at the weather in just a moment >> the metering lights have been activated of few minutes ago we are starting to see the beginning of a backup we are also keeping our eyes on all hotspot in fremont the accident happened in the northbound direction and only a slight delays southbound so far not a hot spot. now to the news
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from >> still falling this new breaking story were officers in and australia where it is reported a explosive device is strapped to an 18 year-old body it is happening in i suburb of sydney. it is reported a man entered the home and put the bomb on of the teen-ager's body a ransom note was attached to the girl she is part of a sidney's or richest family it is called a color obama case negotiators have been in the house over six hours of
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technicians are also in the house it is a major operation. >> 633 this morning police have arrested i teenager who was reported as kidnap two- door robbery at a barber shop yesterday and a state wide amber alert was issued will tran has more details >> talk about a trail beyond our of the barbershop considered the 16 year-old boy i'll little brother a turnabout at the 60 new rules also part of the plan to rob a barbershop. on midnight on tuesday they
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found got a phone call that he was released from the kidnapper and he was fined the honor the barbershop pad is own suspicions it turns out of the 16 year-old confessed. he was arrested along with a 23 year old. the 23 year-old had a sawed- off shotgun pointed at the 16 year-old we're all going to >> to the barbershop owner later on this morning. >> on our facebook fan page they are surprised by this new development i have highlighted some of the responses. if you like to
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leave your own comments goethe facebook and like us and poster, inspec your comment >> >> >> >> they will deliver for the thousand signatures to u.s. air ways ticket counter after the young man was arrested for not pulling up his sagging pants charges were dropped by the dna
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>> a sigh of relief in washington have reached an agreement on the debt ceiling it makes some deep spending cuts this is only the beginning >> with hours to go before the august 2nd deadline president obamas signature put an end to the debt ceiling the final passage of the a agreement did not impress wall street it is down for the eighth straight day yesterday >> there rating agency are keeping us on watch everybody knows at the end of the day that we have not improve things we've only made them worse. >> it will be made up of 12
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lawmakers and will have to come up to long-term physical or foreign >> it is a smart way to go about this and is a big sword hanging over their heads. >> we need that to fix our entitlement and deal with the challenge and tax reform at a good outcome of for the country >> automatic cuts will kick in >> we're watching wall street after the to wonder + drops it is bouncing back like a brick in is still down four points positive news coming out this morning on the hiring front
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the dow is still drifting today after the huge drop yesterday we will be following the numbers from wall street a live look from our roof camera in sent to discuss ♪
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back at 6:41 a.m. a beautiful shots of san francisco clear skies up above sunshine this afternoon we will get one this afternoon and the fog
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will return later on in the evening temperatures right now or in the '50s to 60s later on this afternoon temperatures will be from 6286 >> debt negotiations put a dent in president obamas campaign funds. the debt limit talks medium cancel some campaign fundevents. president barack obama will turn 50 years old moratomorrow. >> dow jones is down 10 points right now we will be
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back in just amend
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authorities have a message stay out of the stifling heat dallas is been it especially hard of our of hundred degrees for more than a month. >> indexes warm of grasshoppers are invading the grass they have barely enough aid to feed the cattle lakes are evaporated playgrounds are silent high temperatures have baked taxes the summer of 2011 i has been a be down. it is a desperate time >> we are just asking for some relief here >> dallas-fort worth could
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break its all-time record of von hundred and 13 degrees in oklahoma there has been on 11 heat related despots. it has bought wildfires bacteria that thrive in water has turned the sleek red leaves are turning brown if the leaves through totally brown and it is done they are urging people to conserve power the t v reporters caught chocolate chip cookies in
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all cars in under three hours. a super hero is the ice cream man. the manager of this dallas furniture co. said of the ice-cream man saved the day our managers that maybe we should do something for our employees and get a hold of an ice-cream truck and take off an hour and just relaxed. >> this is look of the national maps' dallas is
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expected to be at all hundred 11 degrees today blistering heat for the self i hundred and 12 degrees in phoenix. bros not as backups fairly mild forecast. low fog and saying over the area once the fog moves back will have some sunshine. fog is keeping
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things cool in the bay area. all little warmer in the east bay area the current temperatures right now in the '50s and '60s and this is a look of where temperatures will go later on this afternoon. you will see 78 degrees later on this afternoon. for north bay we're looking at below 80 superb. there's a pattern
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changes cool ocean air will bring our temperatures down a one analyst for a couple days >> no hotspots to report to slow the southbound ride no concern there yet this is the look of a bridge check the material lights were activated at 6:19 a.m. your
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ride to the san mateo bridge we will check the camera at the toll plaza with pier are still no delays your ride to the golden gate bridge still problems feel free with light volume. >> more breaking news on the collar, a situation in that house near sydney australian a bomb was attached to an 18 year-old girl's body authorities are on the scene it is a wealthy neighborhood the technician is working to take the device off the girl they are not sure how long is going to take in this situation
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she is up one member of on multifamily in australia >> police continued to work and ensure the safety of hot young lady clearly what has transpired tonight is painstakingly delicate we still have yet to resolve the incident police officers did say they do not consider this an incident of self harm he would only say this is a very serious incident with the life of all lady is at stake there in >> we're also watching wall street down 15 points right
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>> the video's shares g matt making a delivery of the mount the concept is all low creeping and microsoft is in an upper. if you wanna watch the it entire city ipad have posted a link on our web page
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>> they feel that u.s. credit will be downgraded they have had eight straight losing days it has not had a streak like this since 1978.
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