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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 5, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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was filled with seals instead of sharks. with the help of a ramp the deer eventually esca . live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. a historic day on wast. the dow jones industrial average was down 512.61 points 11,383.61., and it has already been a roller coaster year. the datest set back upset investors and anybody with a 401k. kron 4's terisa estacio reports on why the market fell so hard so fast. >> traded. >> after 30 years of dealing with wall street steve seen a lot and on this day where the tvs are blaring bad news, he explains why this is happening now. >> we had a lead up over the last few days caused by a
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series of weak economic reports about our u.s. economy. but what happens -- what happened today was the move to europe, as debt traded to a yield above 6%. now on top of greece, portugal ireland, that with the other data, all kind of came together as one event today. the market didn't like it. >> reporter: he says when something like this occurs it makes people very nervous but it doesn't have to be that way. >> people have to be down 500 day, wake up and say pay attention to your money. that's something you should do all of the time. you will feel more comfort when you read about it, you know you got a real good strategy in place. >> reporter: kron 4 news.
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>> despite the market plunge analysts are telling investors not to panic. kron 4's dan kerman continues our coverage with that part of the story. >> we are not in a dasterous situation. -- disastrous situation. >> reporter: he says the market's plunge on thursday is no reason to panic and pull money utof the market. >> time after time after time people who are consistent in their approach and stick with it and willing to deal with it come out ahead of those people who try to time the market. >> this is the dow over the last three years. in march of 2009 it plunges to a low of 6594. investors who got out there missed the run up and the opportunity to double their money because as you see even with this most recent drop the dow remains above 11,000
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market. over the long term this spiral will also reverse itself. >> there are at least as many reasons to believe the economy is healthy and on the verge of getting better. >> reporter: consumers have been paying down debt, and corporations have set aside billions dollars, which is also ready tee be spent. >> not going to all happen tomorrow but that demand is starting to build and i am positive about it. >> the bottom line is, when the market does this on any day, don't panic. remember, you are in it for the long term. always have some cash on hand, in case of a rainy day. dan kerman, kron 4 news. 100 people joined oakland police in a march to stop prostitution. they want to send a message to prostitute and their customers,
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not on our streets. we explain how they are trying to set an example. >> reporter: the mess subject plain and simple, safe streets, safe kids. neighbors carried signs like this one. she joined the march because she is tired of seeing prostitutes in her neighborhood. >> embarrassing. i see girls every day walking down the street, inappropriate clothes and the kids are looking at this. >> reporter: last may they held another march around hot spots. the chief says they will continue to make arrests but it will be a long fight. >> you have to make an arrest and address it and treat these young ones as victims and you provide social services to teach them how to survive. >> reporter: two new billboards
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on international street. the hope is johns will make a change. kron 4 news. violent crime is down over all for the year but it has spiked this summer. the mayer mayer and police chief held a meeting to tell the community what they are trying to doubts it. kron 4's jeff bush was there. >> reporter: he believes most of the crimes in east palo alto has been the work of gang members. he says fidel silva and jaime cardenas are responsible for a murder. he said they left for colorado. the chief said that they came back and committed two more murders. >> the murder of hugo chavez and we expect him. we have three people that we
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tie to two maybe three murders. the community has been providing police are more information and that has been a big part of solving crimes and they identified hot spots in the city and increased patrol. they enhanced investigations but also contacted gang members and let them know about city programs to get them out of gangs and they are trying to get closer to the community and get feed back. >> we want to hear from the community what we are doing right and what might help them. >> reporter: information that will get criminals off the street. jeff bush, kron 4 news. temperatures were cooler today thanks to the fog and drizzle. fog close to the coast line kept temperatures down low 60s. big change was inland valleys.
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76 concord. 76 livermore. a change of 10 degrees for the inland valleys today. 12 degrees cooler in coun cord. 14 in livermore. 60 degrees in oakland. 5 in redwood city. and we will continue with this pattern through the next several days. fog and drizzle tomorrow morning. fog back to the coast at noon. warmer in to the afternoon, we will talk more about that in just a bit. next weekend's music festival is one of the hottest festivals in the country. general admission tickets, we have your covered. we are giving away two ticket packages. tickets to all three days to see the bands. also with your passes you will
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have access to the polo club, lounge seating, massage services and vip food
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. new details on the partial shut down of the faa. congress did reach a compromise to end the deal. that shut down cost the government $30 million a day in uncollected airline taxes. the deal finally reached. thousands
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. in news around the bay a string of robberies targeting asian-americans and people are on edge. police say five robberies happened in the last week. the suspects assault the victims, use physical force,
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investigators say the robbers might be driving a black four door sedan. a sex offender is accused of trying to abduct a woman. police say he pulled up next to a woman pushing a stroller. he offered the woman ride and grabbed her when she refused. the woman got away. he was arrested a short time later at his home. a teenager who triggered a amber alert faces criminal charges. the 16-year-old along with an adult suspect robbed this barbershop and faked a kidnapping. he took the boy by force but the teen later admitted to taking part in the crime. police looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 10-year-old
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girl. that's the sketch. police say a his manic man in his 30s tried to learn her into his car. she ran inside and told relative. the car is a white 90s honda two door with a white roof. as we head into the weekend the fog isn't going to lift. fog and drizzle into next week. tomorrow morning no different. fog and drizzle close to the coast line. temperatures inland warm. look that fog for tomorrow morning. widespread fog. not going to be a place where we are not going to see fog. later, 8:00, scale back to the bay shores. north bay and delta and back to san francisco by 11:00. coast line not seeing sun tomorrow. the sun probably not going to come out for the next few days
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along the coast. temperatures warm tomorrow because san jose, south bay, inland sees more sun. 83 los gatos. 78 san jose. 79 milpitas. tomorrow in the low 80s inland. 84 pleasanton. 82 concord. 60s for the east bay shores. 69 oakland. 75 fremont. 60s and 70s for the peninsula. 66 san francisco. 74 palo alto. cooler to the coast line. fog all day long and drizzle out there this morning. 2/10 of drizzle in pacifica. north bay tomorrow. 70s and 80s expected. here is a look at the 7 day forecast. >> known for their survival
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story. the 33 chilean minors are now suing the government. one of the minors said this isn't aimed about the president, he organized the rescue effort but against the state for allowing the conditions that led to the cave in. most of the men returned to the work in the mines. an american woman arrested for trying to smuggle ammunition into the country. look at this. she was taken into custody. they found 3500 rounds of high powered ammunition hidden in her clothes. the woman is held on charges of violating mexico's fire arms law. there is more evidence there might be water on mars. if you look that finger-like
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spots on these photos. they appear in warm months and fade during the winter. it is suggesting the possibility of flowing salty walter on the surface of mars. the 49ers land a big play wide receiver and one of the nfl's top tacklers in one day. gary has details ahead and the giants' run into one of the game's mñwñ
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. all right. good evening, everybody. philadelphia looked like baseball's best team tonight. another sell out. hunter pence off madison bumgarner. he made a couple mistakes. home run top two.
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four pitches later. john mayberry, jr., it's 2-0 philadelphia and that was all madison bumgarner gave up. eight innings. 9 strikeouts. real good but no. he couldn't touch this cliff lee tonight. look that defense here. polanco to rob, complete game. 106 pitches for that cliff lee. allowing 7 hits. struck out 7. 11-7. 3-0 phillies. giants lost 6 of their last 7. 49ers made noise. braylon edwards agreeing to a 3.5 million dollars one year contract. and you know what that means, one year. braylon edwards wants to look that 49ers. they want to look at him and see if they can dance long term. he is real good. came in as the number one draft choice of cleveland in 2005. had off the field problems. prayed well at times for the
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new york jets. give the 49ers a deep threat if he is in the mood and 49ers signing donte. braylon edwards, donte whitner are now san francisco 49ers. tiger woods not bad in his pga return. ohio. tiger woods strutting. here we go. his new caddy byron bell. if you read the mag gene articles he is a long-time friend. would invite friends up to the room, byron bell was the guy. >> he was the guy, you are right. >> if you believe the magazines. not bad. shot two under par. tied for 18th 18th.
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funny part, adam scott with the putting stroke, he is your leader and carrying his bag, stevey williams, tiger woods former caddy. let's hear what tiger woods has to say. >> feels great. as monday who has been off and injured, first time back, you know, it's nervous, see what happens. but, in this -- my practice sessions were good. no reason why i shouldn't be out there. let's see what happens. >> reporter: are you thinking about winning? >> winning going in. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> why would it? >> everybody, of course, looks at woods and say this guy always has an attitude. i ask you, you come off the kron set, done 17 shows, you said, you know, here is da lin 5 times and you had -- maybe
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had a bad day and somebody greets you, the third segment, what went wrong. >> he is just not real warm. >> think what he has gone through. i don't know why i am sticking up for him. i am imagining what he has gone through. everybody is looking at you like you are a phony. everybody is questions every move you make. >> wow! wow! >> i know. jackie doesn't resign. you beat a guy up for a year and then leave him alone. >> i am sure he wasn't -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am saying you would be a little like this if you had been getting -- >> he was always like that. you got to admit. >> didn't he smile? show me the bicycle kick. never seen a kick like that. in fact, i was looking into their eyes. look at this.
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