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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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off is still creating traffic troubles in the north bay. a gunman barricaded himself nane a hotel room, fired a shot towards 580, leaving the chp to close roads, he is still in the hotel tonight. kron 4's reggie kumar is live with the latest on the stand off. >> reporter: this is how it looked all day. i wantia to look at this scene. still very active. you can see s.w.a.t. officers outside the building. 14 hours authorities have been negotiating with the suspect to surrender but so far he refuses to come out or release his girlfriend. >> reporter: wednesday s.w.a.t. officers kept an eye on the suspect held up at the extended stay motel. more officers are on the roof of the building. they used this ladder to get up there. this is a picture of the
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suspect. he stabbed a store clerk on sunday and is responsible for steeling this car. >> we believe he has his girlfriend in there and the conversations are continuing and so like i told you, we are going to take our time and continue talking and hopefully resolve this. we are concerned for her safety and treatise this like a hostage situation. >> reporter: started wednesday morning after authorities tried to make contact with the suspect. the wanted man fired his gun across interstate 580. to protect drivers authorities shut down the richmond-san rafael bridge early wednesday morning for an hour. even though police reopened the bridge a portion of interstate 580 remained closed between sir
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francis drake and bellen boulevard. it could be closed again for the morning commute if the suspect doesn't surrender. >> people have had bad commutes. people ran out of gas and things like that. but realize it is for their safety the road is closed. when the gunman shot towards the freeway -- you know, we can't risk that someone would become a target. >> reporter: authorities do not know if this stand off will end overnight. they want drivers to anticipate that 580 will be closed again from sir francis drake to bellen boulevard and access the richmond-san rafael bridge drivers have to exit syphstive get on the -- sir francis drake to get on the bridge. >> police forced guest tease vacuate after he fired his
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weapon. one of those man from south carolina. >> there was at least, say, 7 officers trying to get into his room and three grabed me and escorted me down stairs. they were surunding me like the president or something. when i got down stairs i was the first out of the building and oh, my god, the whole place was surrounded by police cars, guns. >> the hotel helped the guests by finding rooms in other areas. bart has been hacked again. the second time in less than a week. the fbi is now involved just as plans for another protest against bart are in the works. "anonymous" called for a demonstration monday, protesting the decision to shut down cell phone service last
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week because of a rumored protest. kron 4's dan kerman has more. >> reporter: these are the names of 102 bart police officers as well as their home addresses, e-mail accounts and passwords. the information was posted to the web for all to see by a hacker who broke into the bart website. >> i hope they realize what they have done. they compromised the officers' safety and their family. their wife, children. maybe a parent. the link to the list was posted on the bart twitter account. protesting bart's decision last week to shut off cell service in anticipation of a rumored protest. the presidents of the bart police union said they are targeting the young people. >> i understand people have a right to be angry but that was
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not our decision. we as the police officers we do not make that decision. >> reporter: bart tweets it is not taking credit for the release of the information and says we don't condone this. in an internet chat link on the account someone who calls themselves fmg claims responsibility but says i am not a hacker. this is my first attack. this was the easiest thing. they had zero security. the person said they did it because they were angry with bart. now they are angry and met with the fbi and they are now investigating. in the mean time they scheduled another protest this one for monday afternoon. dan kerman, kron 4 news. this is the latest in a
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series of attacks. jr stone on why the attacks are happening and what can be done. >> reporter: a group that risen in popularity. "anonymous." no one person was named as a leader, hacking. in the last week it's been a roll coaster ride for those working with bay area rapid transit. officers have been busy at rallies like this one on monday. the bart website hacked by "anonymous." the database hacked by an unknown source. this cyber attack problem is only getting worse and will only get worse till government and businesses make security a priority. visa, master car and play station have all been hacked. the fbi arrested 14 individuals associated with "anonymous." all believed to have attacked
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the paypal website. some say the only major u.s. company pursuing online attackers is microsoft. till others to the same your information may be left vuninable. jr stone, kron 4 news. another warm day. temperatures in the low 90s inland. closer to the coast, temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. more comfortable for the bay shores, 70s as we head into tomorrow the same dose of fog that we saw today. close to the coast line and bay shores. warm inland valleys. friday, fog returns, so does cooler temperatures and we will keep that trend into the weekend. i will have more on the weekend forecast coming up and we will be back after the break. xwñ
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new details tonight, legislators introduced a new parole reform act of 2011
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today. inspired by the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. she was kidnapped by phillip garrido and nancy garrido. phillip garrido was on patrol that time. this is video of patrol officers searching the home while jaycee dugard was held captive in the backyard. it would make it tougher for prisoners to be released on patrol. the couple denies their involvement with another child abduction. police questioned them about a kidnapping. she was snaffled from a store parking lot in 1988. investigators say the disappearances have similar similarities. -- number of similarities. we will be back. more news after the break. turn left.
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the xperia play by sony ericsson. only $99.99. . in news around the bay, copper thieves target schools
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in san francisco. a school on 12th avenue was struck four times within the last week. each time copper pipes were taken. also the french school. thieves removed copper rain gutters there. police added patrol and plane clothed officers in the area. no arrests have been made. budget issues could mean the end of a golf course. they are considering selling to developers in a move that could save millions of dollars. tonight the proposal was discussed. people say it is the only one they can afford. the city lost thousands of dollars operating the course last year. no final decision has been made. tomorrow is similar to what we saw today. fog on the coast lines and the bay shores. drills long the coast. noon hour fog pushes back and
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cooler than what we saw today. 65 san francisco. 72 hayward, 80 san jose. tomorrow morning the fog pushing in to the north bay and bay shores. edging towards the inland valleys. this is the 7:00 hour. pushing back to oakland and san francisco by 11:00 and coast line to the afternoon. temperatures slightly cooler in the 80s in the south bay. 90 in morgan hill. 79 in sunnyvale. 89 antioch. 86 pleasanton, 83 livermore. 67 oakland. 78 union city. 79 fremont. 60s for the peninsula. low 60s close to the coast line thanks to the fog and north bay 70s and 80. seven day around the bay forecast, still warm tomorrow
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for the inland locations. friday, saturday, sunday, more dense fog returns. we will see stronger sea breeze winds, cooler temperatures. next week less fog expected and we will warm up a little bit. scandful the university of miami's program, a former booster said he treated players to improper benefits, cars and cash and sex parties. the ncaa acknowledged it has been investigating for five months. as kron 4's catherine heenan has more. >> reporter: a bomb shell accusation. as the hurricanes took the field, the details were being discussed everywhere. nevin shapiro, now in prison for a ponzi scheme said he showered players with improper benefits. that's nevin shapiro on the right. in 100 hours of jail house
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interviews with yahoo! sports he said he gave the gifts to 72 football players and other athletes from 2002 to 2010. just a few examples, lots of cash, prostitutes, parties and on one occasion an abortion. he game team members bounties for on team plays in& injuries players. he entertained in his homes and he is describing a eight year run of ncaa rule breaking, claiming it was with the knowledge of 7 coaches. al golden getting ready for his first season said he is hearing about this for the first time. he said at practice he wants to know what happened. >> we have to make sure we have to prevent that from going forward. you get to the facts, to the
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truth. how did this guy, if he did, how did he get around the players like that. i want to know. >> reporter: nevin shapiro claims he paid out millions over the year. he handed over a check for $50,000 and said it was of ponzi scheme funds. all of the hurricanes took the field today even though the claims involve several current players. the coach said it's too soon to take action. >> whatever the number that is, you know, being interviewed or named right now, you know, that makes up less than 10% of the team. so it's important to understand that we have a lot of guys that do things the right way. >> reporter: catherine heenan, kron 4 news. the coast guard is searching for a man that went missing after his canoe overturned. three people were in the boat.
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two swam to shore and contacted the coast guard. that man is still missing. gary is up next with the giants and braves highlights plus the 49ers at a veteran quarterback and the a's and orioles. gary has all the sports details next. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the latest giants injury, brian wilson's injury not bad. should be able to pitch in a few days. tonight, giants fans all over, when you win a world series, even in atlanta the gear is shown. right now the giants jump on him, the all star pitcher. 2-1. whiteside, find anybody better? they can't. he is delivering here. 3-1 giants. matt cain struck out 9. didn't allow a run over eight.
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e.r.a down to 2.86. real good. in the 9th. two runs across. a two run double over cody ross' head. score is now 7-5. the giants bullpen squandering. brian the all star, sit down, jeremy affelt. giants win. arizona loses. san francisco 2.5 games back. kirk gibson's team. you look at the record, lineup and you say phillys. valdez makes it 4-2 philadelphia. they win 9-2. the giants 2.5 back in their division. 5 back of atlanta in the wildcard race. the a's, they keep playing.
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162 games. you can't quit in august when you are out. kurt suzuki against the orioles. hits a couple home runs. 4-2 oakland. kurt suzuki one more time. the pride of honolulu to make it 6-3 but the a's in the 9th inning, starts to sweat a little bit as baltimore coming through here and the actual tying run. everybody, okay, a's wins, kurt suzuki is a hero. he has to come up big one more time. ryan sweeney mysteries ball and the game ends. a's final of 6-5. 49ers have a new quarterback. you are not going to sweat. oh, my gosh. josh mccoun. game through the bay area with the raiders in 2007. 6'4". third round draft pick by
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arizona in 2002. last top, colonials. bottom line is, i guess culpeper can't play and he is the best available. don't expect him to start but the least let smith and him know there is somebody else there. barcelona. 87th minute. messy. world's best player. that's what the experts say. 3-2 barcelona as messy coming through. barcelona wins 3-2 and 5-4 on goals. the game ending bench clearing brawl. we say bench clearing brawl, pushing, shoving and that's it. barcelona and merid, i say this all the time, anytime you can show an international match-up jason feels like he is smarter
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than the average american. i heard pam talking, university of miami, that story has been covered earlier in the newscast, they got a guy in jail who is saying he got prostitutes for the kids, cars, money, all that stuff. pam and i are on the side of -- >> schools get the money. coaches get money. put money aside for the young people. >> and if you graduate you get it. and our pewter -- getting a scholarship. but when you spend 5-6 hours aday, that's a job. pam, it's you and men against the men you can't see. mike, he hates the kids. good night, everybody. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, it's easy
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