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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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paterson in jersey. many rivers are overflowing their banks. they have had record- setting rains for the month of august before the storm came. on the right-hand side video out of delaware. high winds ripped roofs off of homes. 50 homes damaged in that one area. 50 million homes and businesses still
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without " electricity. it could be a week or more before many people get their power back. >> live pictures into the kron 4 news room. in paterson in jersey pictures of live rescue's happening from people who have tried to weather out the storm inside their house. the street looks like water. history has a lot of water. ha ha sure cities are trying to get people out of their homes and into dry land. heck in paterson new jersey that are dealing with warning people to not go through salivhawks a flood wates in a vehicle or on foot. >> here is a look at
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whether. there is a big difference out there. it is a lot cooler. >> the fall this this this morning. a blanket of out covers over the bay. we will enjoy sunshine this afternoon but it will take longer for the fog and cloud cover to go back. the sea breeze is so strong. it is trying to push inland as the fog is trying to burn off. widespread cloud cover. cooler tempters this afternoon compared to yesterday but pleasant outside and warm in the delta. coastal communities will see highs in the mid- 60s. in lens, mid '80s as opposed to mid-90s like we saw yesterday. whoa visibility is slightly reduce a near santa rosa and petaluma. otherwise visibility is fairly clear of the rest of the day. we're dealing with overcast conditions in the east bay along the shore line. 52 in
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santa rosa, and 59 in oakland. the warmest spots are to the east and south. 61 in antioch. in san jose 59 with 60 been reported in mountain view. to buttress this afternoon will lay out like this. cooler along the coast. we'll have a thick fog and cloud cover hanging around the coast of peninsular most of the day. canadians and our enormous pots. maybe when we will approach 90. we're looking for mainly edie's as hot as temperature range today. it's a look at the national map and how hot it is in other areas. our weather here is looking pretty good compared to the rest of the country. here is your 7 day forecast. conditions on the cool side. a warm things up thursday and friday as we
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head towards what looks like to be a fantastic labor day holiday weekend. hot that is sure whether. now, traffic pirie in-house--canal traffic. >> since '84 olympic boulevard we are monitoring an injury accident involving a big rig first reported in the 4:00 a.m. hour. the left lane is still blocked. emergency crews are on the scene. the red and yellow develops before the split. seeds have dropped to under 25 mi. per hour. definitely be aware of that. we have a new injury accident was down 84 held top. it is an injury accident with two cars of blocking the carpool lane. we do not see too much in the way of the back of a as you make your way down the east shore freeway speeds drop to just 14 mi. per hour. these are not major hot spots just sit there definitely producing slowdowns for your ride around the bay. as we update
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your bridges, a small weight for some of those cash lanes of westbound. there are no major problems on the san mateo bridge. traffic is actually losing a bundle was the direction towards a foster city. easy-to-use dissidents and a lot of space between cars. expect 26 minutes out of navato in san francisco this morning. >> for the third monday in a row demonstrators took to the streets against the art but it did not affect the commute home from arch writers. the protest started outside the civic center are stationed at 5:00 p.m. today evening, in the heart of the rush hour. the protesters, about to give them when down market street. they briefly made their way inside the stations but they did not get into the fare gates or on the platform. horton not have to close down any trains and they ran on time. there was a huge police
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response. the group anonymous o began a protest after bar shut down so phone service during a separate protest after the shooting of a 45 year-old transient. >> look at the newgate greenspan eliminated. jackie sissel is live on treasure island with what is going on. it >> is still about two years away from completion but you are getting a look at what it will look like when it is finished. or new-line it's have been put on the catwalks. or previously used over at the carquinez to bridge. the catwalks will be used to strain the cable to the suspension tower that you see there. they will start work on that in a couple of weeks. this thing will suspension cable court is almost a mile long. it will use these 1/2 and topped tables. 5,000 mi. of cable ha. obviously this
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will be an all-day and all- night affair. you are starting to see what it will look like when it is completed. there will be like on the suspension cables themselves. or it is starting to take shape. >> kunis $6 million bridge is scheduled in an september 2013, just in time for the america's cup race. we will be right back has kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. we are cooling down for the next two days in an warming back up to the '90s. by labor day weekend is a clear decision. >> a live look as president obama the parts andrews air force base speaking with veterans in minneapolis. will follow the latest on
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the president's trip and we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> 6:15 a.m.. visibility is not too bad in walnut creek. concord and walnut creek are seeing cloudy skies. we should see some clearing this afternoon. antioch, 87 and sunday. concord, mostly sunny. you'll notice a not a simple 90 degrees on this list. today is much colder than yesterday. that is courtesy of the fall and the marine layer. we have a solid blanket covering the immediate bay and stretching as far inland as a walnut creek. let's take a look at our charts. visibility is still pretty good the area wide. santa rosa, nev. and-
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but, visibility is down to 8-9 mi.. we do expect the fog to build and sickened as we have dropped the morning. the fog will not pull back pass to the coast. today, partly cloudy skies with a decent sunbreaks. by 6:00 p.m. is when the push back begins. now, on to the temperatures. a fairly mild start. we are on par with where we have been for the past few days. here are the
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current bidders. this afternoon we will see things warm up considerably away cooler that yesterday. 68 in oakland. why can't the north bay, seven days in santa rosa, 74 for the above. here is what this 7 day forecast shows. a slight warming beginning thursday. let's get a check of a ride with erica. >> i have my eye on a hot
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spot along the east shore freeway. it's an injury accident that was blocking as many as two lanes. ha ha we see a lot of red and yellow building on the screen. the back of this strategy past the 84 interchange. her on the approach to the bay bridge looks good. no word on any leader in lights yet. southbound 101 of the golden gate bridge the drive time has not been affected. 26 minutes out of navato. road maps show top speeds for your entire right.
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>> one of the main roads into using the is no opened after being closed for five days because of a wildfire. officials say that the evacuation orders were lifted. when the fire burned over 4,700 a. in since last thursday. the fire started when a motor home, fire. >> in a lot of people felt that 2.9 for earthquake that hit near the san francisco zoo. that was very early this morning. house the quake shook 2 mi. southwest of the zoo. hon had a hit at 12:90 p.m.. her heart
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>> click police are looking for two suspects, following an armed carjacking in west oakland and an officer involved shooting yesterday after it. according to police the incident began when a man flagged down police record in west oakland and said he was carjacked by four men armed with guns. the suspects or between the ages of 18 and 25. they fled in opposite directions to down bancroft avenue. one of the suspects pointed a gun at officers and officers fired. two suspects of the arrested men and others are still lose. >> oakland police are looking for a person who shot and killed a father in front of his six year-old son. hoch still looks like it was a robbery color as
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the man was getting into his car. the man was with his six year-old son and local police say they're interviewing key witnesses about this but no one is in custody. >> these are the live pictures of the kron 4 news room. in paris to new jersey and other rescue operation happening. you can see people in a boat. people in new jersey have rescued 400- 500 people by boat. quill lot of people be rescued are small children, families and the elderly. hockey when
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>> and another one of the sons of muammar gaddafi has done killed in a battle. look for a " war he died after a battle rival forces. he was serving as a senior military commander under his father. he died from injuries at this hospital and was later buried. coffee is while liberal leader muammar gaddafi is of a run, his hometown is under scrutiny. cochran is sleeker score of pressure is to inspire an insurgency that last for years. his wife and three other children have fled to algeria. they want
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his family to be returned from algeria to be put on trial. >> and up, more news, weather and traffic. we will keep you posted on the forecast. we have more live pictures to show you in just a couple of minutes of a rescue that is happening in new jersey. take a look at this. there, you can see the rescue boat. we will have more in a couple of minutes.
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>> tweeting for the opening bell on wall street. here is a live look at the new york stock exchange. paul cui has and is about home prices. the index shows up for the third straight month there was a rise in home prices, up 3.6% from april-june.
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despite the good news we are still seeing down futures lower >> . mahal we are following it many developing stories this morning. let's get to it. our big story out of south bay, a santa clara county. heyman said when deputies stopped him on cupertino's streak her he was confronted with armed men. he was not heard of the deputies stopped the pedestrian near the border of cupertino and san jose at about 9:00 p.m. last night. here is the deal from the scene. the man ran it and it is a turn around and fired at the deputy. the deputy returned fire striking the man. the suspect, his name has not been released. he was taken to the hospital and his condition has not been released either. >> another developing story, it has almost one year since
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the san bruno gas pipeline explosion. we could learn today because of the blast. the results of the year of investigation will be revealed today. eight people were killed on september 9th of last year and sent a fireball into the air. byrd for about an hour and a half before pg&e was able to shut off the flow gas and begin to contain the flames. today the ntsb hearings x begins any minute in washington d.c.. we will monitor that. for the third monday in a row protesters took to the streets to protest art. this time part commuters were not affected. hi there were about 50 protesters. they made their way down market street and stopped at the powell and montgomery street bart stations. the group
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anonymous began their protests at abortion down the cell phone service at several stations on a separate protest today to protest the shooting of a 45 year-old transient. when a developing story out of richmond, three people wounded by gunfire late last night. we will show you where the shootings took place in the richmond area. the first one took place around 10:30 p.m. at carlson boulevard and fifty fifth street. police say reports of gunshots at a gas station. they founded suv with dozens of rebel holes. the sec crashed into a natural gas life at a nearby hotel. two met with all holes or found nearby. there are expected to survive. with around the same time a woman was shot hon, that one happened at san pablo avenue home in at eastbound 80. this woman was shot on the freeway. she was able to pullover on san paolo additive. she is expected to survive. the victims in both
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of these shootings to the suspects are driving a small black car. police are thinking the shootings could be connected. >> let's get a look at the commute is marked with erica. >> we have a new hot spot on the east shore freeway at lionel valley road. we had an injury accident blocking as many as two lanes. take a look at the back up. 6 mi. per hour reported. the good news is the back of has not reached, quito's a bridge yet. you may want to add another 15 minutes of your drive time. another hot spot for in fairfield right at the airbase parkway. a major injury accident. as a result of emergency crews and the chp are on the scene. there is no estimated time of one that will reopen. i quickly want to show you the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the leader lights already been cycled on. it looks like the
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880 over crossing is probably your best bet. the time right now is 6:33 a.m.. james fletcher has the look of a forecast. >> here is the san mateo bridge shot once more. slight haziness. we really cannot make up the peninsula. you cannot see a lot. this is what we are expecting this afternoon. the fall will hang around the east shore for most of the day. oakland to 69 and partly cloudy. a word, 70 degrees and partly cloudy. much colder than yesterday. " the fog is heavy in the north bay with its ability being reduced to bear petaluma. other locations are seeing overcast conditions, not a lot in the way of fog at street level. temperatures this afternoon to look like this. expect cooler temperatures near the coast. 70's for most of the
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bay with warmer spots only getting into the mid '80s the staff. i will have your 7 day forecast and a fly around coming up and our next update. for now, back to you. >> are dealing with what is left from hurricane i read. we're talking about another storm forming. hoover this tropical storm is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane as we have through the weekend. the mall runs seemed to bring the storms far enough off the eastern seaboard that it will not pose a threat to, at least for now. it could possibly cause major problems for bermuda. we will keep a close eye on this developing storm as it is expected to become a major hurricane by the weekend. in the meantime, more damage video and flooding continued in the wake of hurricane irene. here is video of wilmington
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of vermont. you can see crumbled homes, our growth locally right now. hundreds remained cut off by impassable roads. the damage from my reading has caused 44 deaths. rescuers are still searching for some that remain missing. new pictures out of vermont, the roadway gave way on one of the main streets in the area into the street he did. residents are waiting for the flood waters to recede so that they can process. men the price tag to the damage books to be 2-3 billion. >> the hearing on what happened in san bruno, a pipeline explosion has started. but listen in. >> this accident represents
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a snapshot in time. we recognized that individuals work hard every day at pg&e, cpuc to keep our pipelines safe but good intentions and did not prevent this accident from happening. opportunities or misted that could have and should have prevented this tragedy. we've knowledge that in the intervening months much has been learned and the commitment to change has been made. we are here today to talk about the rupture on september 9, 2010. today you were going to hear some troubling revelations about a company that exploited weaknesses in a lax safety system and a system of oversight. government agencies placed a blind
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trust and operators to the detriment of public safety. we know now that this tragedy began years ago with pg&e 1956 installation of a woefully inadequate pie. >> are listening live to a hearing on the san bruno gaslight explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. big revelations are expected to come out today. when
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when knit when it and and and and did cool been
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popped been with >> a 66 era in seven of diane afghanistan so far this month. that makes this august the deadliest month for phorcys and a decade- long war. until now the
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deadliest month was july 2010 when 65 soldiers were killed. president obama announced last month that he would begin pulling out the 33,000 extra troops that he dispatched. >> 6:41 a.m.. we're getting closer to labour day weekend. only a few more days of work. here is a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. visibility is not too bad. no. we have a lot of fog. right here, not too bad. traffic is light and moving pretty well in both directions. we will be right back.
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>> we have a hot spot along the east shore freeway. westbound 80 there is an injury accident lost as many as too late. that accident is long gone but it looks like the damage is already done. their red and yellow of this great, always a building. speeds are in mystical digits down to 6 mi. per hour. this is backed up pass this by way create on to the cookie this break. add an extra 30 minutes with no alternate route to. as we take up conditions of the approach to the bay bridge i would expect easier conditions because most of the traffic is tied up on east shore freeway. the leader of whites are cycled on. the
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alternate would be the san mateo bridge. there are no delays in either direction across the span. the golden gate bridge southbound ones are what is still nice and easy with no delays out of our county. >> we are following a live pictures into the kron 4 newsroom out of washington d.c. where they're talking about the san bruno gaslight explosion. we are supposed to get some sort of answers as to what happened on that fatal day. they have gone over some introductions and played a video of houses in that neighborhood in san bruno as a way to set the tone. >> today, you will hear some troubling revelations about a company that exploited weaknesses in a black safety system and a system of
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oversight. government agencies place a blind trust and operators to the detriment of public safety. we know that this tragedy began years ago with the 1956 installation of a woefully inadequate pie. it was compounded over the years by a litany of failures included poor record keeping, and adequate inspection programs and integrity management programs without integrity. >> here it is happening live in washington d.c.. >> we represent pdt workers. the members of the san bruno investigation team, the investigators rock
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scene for nine days. initially investigators were added to the team as the investigation progressed. >> we will continue to monitor the situation on what caused the pipeline to ruptured, they will also talk about the human toll. we know that eight people died and the entire neighborhood basically destroyed. more on this throughout the morning. we are back with an update at 7:00 a.m.. >> 60 1:00 a.m.. the latest in the world views as a thai food slammed into a tie 1. we have the video were you conceive the water. about 20 in. of rain fell in the southern part of tie 1. there is no immediate word of casualties but we do know that 8000 people have been forced to evacuate because of the flooding. the storm
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weekend after pummeling the philippines where at least 60 people were killed. another eight or midget. the thai food is now headed to southeastern china. >> following the latest of a protest of syria. protesters were killed when forces opened fire to disperse protesters. activists say security forces fired at protesters, today is the first day of the three days of the holiday marking the end of ramadan. >> presidential hopeful michelle bachmann print campaign in south florida. she stopped at a bakery in the polls. so she said that she would consider drilling in the florida everglades
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where oil and natural gas. talk and has also said that she wants to get rid of the environmental protection agency. she describes them as a job killer. she is not leading in the latest polls. texas gov. rick perry is in the top spot. he has made big strides since enjoyed the race for the republican presidential nomination. a cnn poll gives of a substantial lead with 27 percent, in second place former governor of that from me. on humvees oliver
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recovered about it and when it hit when by when an not
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>> of a volatile oils to dissolve. the dow was up to 1054 yes is becoming the fourth largest rise of the at 11,005 and five. from
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hough a report coming out is expected to show that consumer confidence has dropped to its lowest level since october of last year. >> and let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we're losing to the temperature department. you'll notice cooler temperatures today. cooler that it has been. we are cooling down to 85 on sunday and it will stay that way for monday. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 mortis continues. we're following the latest out of washington.
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